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queenangella · 7 months ago
obsessed with sokka’s name kinda popping up everywhere in school books years after atla. like yeah ur learning history about the end of the hundred year war? oh right with the avatars amazing team and some non bender named sokka who probably wasn’t all that important. on to gym class where u learn different fighting styles, did you know btw that the first guy to ever train with the kyoshi warriors was some random guy named sokka? oh well. can’t be late for physics where we learn about the invention of the air balloon and the submarine by … sokka? huh okay I guess, on to politics where we learn about all these important decrees over all the different nations which were first proposed by.. ah man, sokka? again? anyway art class now, here look at these paintings made by sokka
#‘well at least this fucking dude won’t come back in my favourite class spirits and mythology where we will read how princess yue became the#moon spirit with one last kiss to fucking sokka again I guess. anyway here’s a list of the very little people who ever managed to go into#the spirit world and come back guess who’s on there too’#‘aw man I’m still so mad about the loss of the spirit library imagine all that knowledge. the only thing we have left is a description of#one of the last people who visited the library. guess fucking who again’#like obviously all the names of the gaang will be remembered but everyone else’s#name when u first learn about them u know you need to remember them bc of course they will be important to history. like of course you’re#gonna remember avatar aangs name bc you know his name will surely come back. of course you remember firelord zuko who led the fire nation#into an era of peace. meanwhile sokka’s name is kinda a side note like yeah this guy was also#here you might need to remember this random detail for a test#except then he keeps coming back in every single class and by the end of your school career you’re just like ‘oh this test is asking me for#the name of whoever invented this or did that? well if I just answer sokka there’s like a 50% chance it’ll be correct do’#obviously then it becomes a meme#if tumblr exists 200 years after atla someone would make a post with a screenshot of some show with the text ‘ah they really invented love’#and someone also will reblog with ‘nice try but I think we all know who really invented love’ and then it’s one of those long posts in which#everyone reblogs with ‘sokka’ probably in a bunch of different fonts#atla.#sokka#mine.
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frogsinajar · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy 413 (or 413 eve) everyone!
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happyheidi · 28 days ago
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aartyom · 6 months ago
dni if you: sleep on your sides, don't drink coffee, are a only child, don't own any kind of stuffed animal, don't collect anything specific or weird, have an iphone, were born after the 2000, can't drive, like any kind of citrus fruit, own airpods, prefer summer over any other season, are blonde, put basil in your food, are american, drink water regularly, don't eat the crust of pizza, speak only english, don't like snakes, have a neat handwriting, pay for disney+, use tiktok, never had a friendship bracelet, listen to audiobooks, can't swim, have lactose intolerance, have tumblr.
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unnonexistence · a year ago
hot take maybe but i hate when people use afab/amab as shorthand for anything to do with someone's body, or thoughtlessly uses it as a replacement for gendered language.
like for example if you have a scientific study that says "we found women are at higher risk for xyz than men" you CANNOT just turn around and say "hey guys this study says afab people are at higher risk for xyz than amab people" because you DON'T KNOW!
like, did the study include trans participants? no? then it doesn't tell you SHIT ALL about how someone's assigned gender affects things, because it's not comparing afab people and amab people of various genders, it's comparing cis men and cis women.
oh, and even if it's a medical study you STILL can't jump to conclusions! "cis women are at higher risk for xyz" does not translate to "afab people are at higher risk for xyz" because there are afab and amab people with all sorts of bodies. for example, if cis women are at higher risk for whatever because of estrogen levels, a trans man on testosterone might have a risk level more comparable to cis men, and a trans woman on estrogen might have a risk level more comparable to cis women.
if the study doesn't conclude anything about WHY cis women were at higher risk, or you're not sure if trans participants were included, you might have to say something like "it is unclear how this applies to trans people."
TLDR if you want to replace gendered language with something more inclusive you HAVE to think about what it is you're actually talking about and what assumptions you're making.
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sweatermuppet · 10 months ago
Do you have poetry recommendations for beginners
collected maya angelou
madness by sam sax
the tradition by jericho brown
nature poem by tommy pico
eyes bottle dark with a mouthful of flowers by jake skeets
when my brother was an aztec by natalie diaz
new american best friend by olivia gatwood
outlaw bible of american poetry (various)
don't call us dead by danez smith
prelude to bruise by saeed jones
soft science by franny choi
howl & other poems by allen ginsberg
dreamland by matthew dickman
this way to sugar by hieu minh nguyen
brute by emily skaja
when i grow up i want to be a list of further possibilities by chen chen
hum by jamaal may
look by solmaz sharif
night sky with exit wounds by ocean vuong
crush by richard siken
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wuntrum · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hosting a draw this in your style to celebrate my comic SIGNALS coming out next month!!! winners will get a free copy--all you have to do is draw your take on one of these images, post it, and tag me in it by the end of october :)
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nooelgallagher · 7 months ago
Regarding Louis saying he feels "protected"
Friends, I don't know what it was like to see that update come through but hearing it in person... I legitimately almost fell over.
I think we as a crowd took a full 1.5 seconds to register what he'd said. Not his typical feeling supported and invincible speech, but PROTECTED. And not just "on stage" but "in this environment."
What a loaded adjective to use. From Louis, who speaks about putting himself out there and allowing himself to be vulnerable. Who spent years fighting to get to where he is, with voices telling him over and over to act a certain way and talk a certain way and don't do that and don't say that and being made to feel like simply being himself was not okay. Like people would turn on him.
In a crowd with a sea of rainbow flags, Louis said he feels protected.
Seeing him in person, Louis absolutely SHINES. We've seen it every night of tour so far but he gets a little bit better, a little more confident. The quirky, fun, charismatic person we've all loved for so long is really, truly glowing every single night.
If you watch footage or if you're fortunate to see him live, you can see him pause to just take it all in. When he lets the crowd take over singing and lets it wash over him, it's like he's in awe. Everybody is there for him, just him. Everyone has stuck it out for this long and is so fiercely loyal.
For fans, I think it's pretty cathartic for us to experience this after so much waiting.
But I will say that I don't think it's even simply cathartic for him. I think it's healing. It's like every show, every time the crowd is singing back every single word to his songs, every rainbow flag that's waved, is healing a little bit of him that was hurt over the years.
So yeah, I think protected is a pretty powerful choice of words. What a very CODED choice of words. And based on the energy in that room tonight, I don't think there's any doubt his fans would go to the mats for him.
I'm so intensely grateful to have been there to hear him express just how we make him feel, because I think it goes without saying he makes us feel that way too.
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whoreadsnowadays · 26 days ago
hi 👁👁 first i just wanna say that u are so awesome. and like the other person said, u have great vibes💪 ur blog feels very home-y if that makes sense 😨
ANYWAYS. if i may… can i request a rottmnt leo x reader where leo is yk super flirty with them all the time (and they’re just like 😒) but one day reader says like a super good pick up line to him and he’s like 😳😳😳 LMFAOSBDKSN sorry i just love seeing blushy leo it’s like my fav thing ever
also i hope u have a great day/night!!!
:0.. dude that's so sweet I'm flattered !!!! I'm glad my blog has a homey feel to it, it's good to hear people enjoy my stuff and my vibes :]
and of course- YESSSSS YES YES YES BLUSHY LEO <3<3 I adore him sm
Honestly I had to edit this a bunch to get it to where it is, bc I just couldn't get the story to feel the way I wanted, but I'm quite happy with it now :) so hopefully you enjoy it too!
( Romantic ) Rise! Leo x Gender Neutral Reader (they/them pronouns used in fic)
Warnings: curse words, nothing else that I can think of
Fluster The Flirt
Leo knows plenty of things, even if Donnie likes to disagree. He can make plans, charm his way out of most trouble, and he's pretty confident in his ability to play medic. One thing he doesn't know, surprisingly, is romance.
So when he fell for you (and he fell /hard/) he had absolutely no idea what to do. So.. he did the only thing he really knew /how/ to do. Flirt. Badly Flirt.
Of course you had to catch on eventually. And fortunately for him, eventually would be sooner than he thought.
You were hanging in the arcade with the boys one saturday afternoon, when suddenly Leo was leaning himself against your back, and grinning that dumb fucking grin of his.
So you sighed, turning your head a bit to give Leo the attention he so obviously desired.
"Hello my wonderful and brilliant friend. How are we on this fine evening?" He asked, moving his arms to rest over your shoulders, just barely stopping himself from cuddling up to you entirely.
Raph gave him an odd look from across the room. "Leo, it's noon."
You watched as Leo's expression quickly shifted to a glare in Raph's direction. "Hush. Let them answer." And in an instant his attention was back on you, blinking up at you with his big puppy eyes.
You hummed, reaching up to gently pat Leo's arm, your silent request for him to remove himself from your shoulders. "I'm fine Leo. Just watching Mikey and Don play.. whatever they're playing? Honestly I haven't been paying attention."
"Well to fill you in!" Donnie cut in, right as Leo (a bit reluctantly) detangled himself from you, "Mikey is currently being beaten to a pulp by yours truly!"
"Not for long!" Mikey exclaimed, before pressing some long sequence of buttons, resulting in Donnie letting out a long string of indignant bird like noises.
You smiled and rolled your eyes at them, before turning back to Leo. "Yeah, that's what I'm up to. Barely paying attention to Dee's annoyed squawks."
Leo hummed and nodded, both of you ignoring Donnie's offended exclamation.
"So.. what I'm hearing is, you're free to hang out?" He asked, leaning a bit more into your personal space.
You smiled and hummed, crossing your arms and tilting your head at him.
"I guess I am. Why? You wanna ask me out?" You didn't even realize what you were saying until it had already come out of your mouth. And instantly your heart dropped to your stomach, dread filling the empty space.
But then Leo's smile wobbled, and so did he. He almost fell forward, but quickly pulled himself back up to his feet, and if you weren't mistaken, you could've sworn you'd seen a blush on his face.
"Uh well, uhm, if you- uh-" he stumbled over his words, silently cursing himself as he tried to get out even a single sentence.
You blinked, watching as he averted his gaze to the floor between the both of you. And as he continued to stumble over himself, you came to a sudden realization.
He liked you. He liked you just as much, if not more, than you liked him.
You smiled as Leo finally pulled himself together enough to look at you again, a more nervous version of his usual grin on his face.
"Well.. yknow uh, it could be.. a.." he trailed off, and you hummed.
He blinked, looking at you with wide eyes. "..seriously?"
"Mhm. Sure. How does tonight sound?" You asked, watching as he slowly bobbed his head in a nod.
"Uh yeah- Yeah! Yeah sure! That's cool, great even, awesome!" He grinned, balling his hands into fists at his sides, just barely keeping his excitement in check.
"Cool, uhm.." you glanced over at the others, noting that they were all crowded around the arcade game, paying no mind to the two of you.
You smiled and turned back to Leo, "Meet me at the park by the library." You hummed and quickly grabbed one of Leo's fists, pressing a quick kiss to the back of his hand before turning and quickly making your way out of the lair.
You were too embarrassed to stick around, so you rushed home as quick as you could. But in your haste, you missed the way Leo gaped at his hand after you kissed it, the wide lovestruck stare he gave you as you scurried off, and the way he jumped and squealed and celebrated as soon as he was in the comfort of his room.
Surely the date you hastily planned would be one to remember, but for now you could both simply relish in the excitement and anxiety that new love brought.
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charlottesharlottes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
puppy paul
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nerdy-as-heck · a month ago
Having this as my phone background rn brings me so much serotonin everytime I see it
Tumblr media
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yooniesim · a month ago
psa for those that don't know: don't pledge to anyone's patreon at the end of the month! you basically only get 1-2 days access before you'll be charged again when the month turns over! You can turn this feature off, but either way, you essentially only get a very small period of time for your money. Always check the date before pledging to determine if you find it worth it. Many creators post cc right before the end of the month in hopes that you'll get charged twice over. Don't let them get away with it!
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kalofi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
acesan rapunzel au doodles from insta
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adriancatrin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hug from behind hug from behind hug from behind hug from
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jars-artcollection · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
blame astrozure on twitter for this (said with love)
id: The meme of two girls doing each other's makeup redrawn as Corazon and Izou from One Piece. Cora is straddling Izou and is entirely focused on doing his left eyebrow, while Izou is staring up at him with love in his eyes. /end id.
reblogs are appreciated but do not repost
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sleepypurplepandas · 3 months ago
it still doesnt feel real... like this man i spent the last two years of my life watching is just gone. and it feels like any moment now he'll show up on someone elses stream, someone will mention a nice message he sent them, he'll tweet about his merch... but he wont. and its so much harder with so much of him preserved on the internet. like what do you mean hes gone, hes right here, playing a stupid game with skeppy and roleplaying in the dsmp and coaching his teammates in mcc!
even when i was watching the video last night, i kept expecting it to be a joke in the first half, that he would walk out, do his face reveal, his elbow reveal, hold up evidence of his accomplishments and then shut off the camera.
i really hope that wherever he is hes happy and able to do whatever it is he wanted to do, as niche or ridiculous as it could be. i dont believe in an afterlife, but i wish there is one so one day we could see him again.
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musingsofmyown · 3 months ago
  "Sherlock," John locked eyes with the detective,"you are bloody gorgeous."
  A very prominent blush crept up the other's neck,"I-I erm…"
  "And adorable, look at that,"He leaned forward and smiled. John knew for a fact that he was one of the few people who existed that could actually catch him off guard, and by god this had to be the best way to get those gears in the detective’s head to stop.
  Sherlock broke eye contact and tapped nervously on the table,"You're getting too direct with your flirting."
  "So you've noticed?"
  He nodded and looked around the room, still refusing to look at John,"So- uh, what,” Sherlock cleared his throat, the telltale signs of embarrassment peeking through,”what brought this up?"
  "It's just been eating me up for a bit,"He propped his head up on his hands,"And I'd… I’d like to kiss you."
  Those few words caused Sherlock's entire system to malfunction, a small sound of shock barely escaped his lips. For a moment, John found it rather endearing that his friend was an actual blushing virgin, but as soon as the spell broke, he wondered what the consultant's response would be,"Me..?"
  "Yes, you."
  "I have to confess that I do not possess much experience in this area-" 
  What had once been a quiet morning in the kitchen of 221b ultimately transformed into… this. Not that either of them were complaining, they were finally clearing the tension that held strong between them for years, however… jolting it felt.
  "You're a fast learner," His tongue swiped along his bottom lip,"I don't think it would take long for you to pick it up."
  "Is that an offer to teach me, Dr. Watson?" he whispered, not trusting himself to keep a steady stream of words in his current state. Said “state” could be summed up as "confused, turned on, and extremely giddy".
  The quiet flirt back made John more than happy,"Of course, I'll even do it for free 'cause you're being so cute about it."
  The detective huffed, crossing his arms and slumping in his seat,"I am not cute."
  "You're proving my point right now. Pouting with those sinful lips of yours."
  "I-" at this point, his mind may as well be fried because it felt absolutely useless. Not a single deduction could be made by John's smiling face, only the word 'mine' over and over,"I-I give you… permission."
  "Yes," with a bit more confidence,"I know you're a man of morals, and you wouldn't do anything without explicit consent- so I consent to you."
  John stood, making sure not to move too fast, he didn’t want to frighten Sherlock in this exposed mindset,"And you are aware that you can take that consent away at any time?"
  A slight nod,"I know."
  "Alright," He brought a hand to cup Sherlock's jaw, lifting his thumb to run across his bottom lip,"I have watched these lips for years," John dipped his head down a bit, milimetres away from Sherlock's face,"I always wondered how they would feel on mine."
  "Care to find out?" his breath ghosting along John's skin.
  "God yes."
  Sherlock closed the small gap, lips barely pressed together. It was his first time being so close to someone he loved, and understanding that this was all new to Sherlock, John let him control the pace. It was soft, tentative, tender, they reveled in the intimate contact. They had been craving this for years, and now here they were. The spark that had lingered became a roaring fire, all from a small, genuine kiss. 
  After a moment, John pulled back, realising that the detective had ceased all effort to function,”Breathe.”
  His eyes remained closed as he sucked in a lungful of air,”More please,” Sherlock blinked a few times before sending John the most desperate look he could muster.
  “How could I say no to my brilliant detective?”
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I finally got round to making an actual list for my lil random fics, so please please let me know if you wanna be added/removed because I don't wanna be a pain-
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