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Nobody but me can touch you ....
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shinsources · 2 days
REBLOG IF YOU'RE STUCK USING THE BETA TEXT EDITOR. i feel like reblogging this will help spread awareness on how serious the situation is for everyone in the rpc because we're unable to edit posts edited in LTE. here are some posts that'll help you get a better understanding on everything as well as teaching you on how to use BTE ( and yes i recommend you looking at all of them ):
why LTE + BTE don't mesh well together
mobile tutorial for BTE
desktop tutorial for BTE + update
recommended addons for xkit rewritten
suggestion for those stuck with BTE
how to add color to your text in BTE
BTE + tagging system
BTE + widgets
and if you guys have any posts / tutorials that you'd like to be added to this then, by all means, go for it.
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xfgxxx · 2 days
I don't know how else to ask... Please help
I don't even know where to start this and I have nowhere else to turn.
I live with my partner and mother in law and until very recently wed only had a few monetary blips. We managed to sort them out over time. Now because of how we sorted them our credit scores are a complete mess.
I am self employed but I'm disabled both mentally and physically.
My partner V has terrible anxiety and can't go out by herself, she has regular anxiety attacks. She is type 2 diabetic and it is all diet controlled however we can't currently afford the healthy food she needs so her blood sugars are between 19-27 on any given day.
My MiL is 63 and worked up until COVID struck at which point her health declined. She has c-ptsd and physical disabilities.
Working a "normal" 9-5 is not an option for any of us.
We each claim disability and Universal Credit. Because we live together this is taken in to account and our amount is adjusted.
We have overdrafts (V has the highest at £500), mine is £100 which is all I could get and my MiL isn't entitled to one at all. Nor can she get a credit card. V has a CC with a limit of £300 and it's maxed, mine is £1500 and maxed. None of us can get a loan.
We have pets and they are taken care of before us; they're insured and fed and have plenty of toys. If we have any vet expenses that are unforseen our vet does a payment plan.
This year we had to buy a new car after trying to fix our previous (which was new to us - we'd had it 8 months) and then discovering it was a lost cause because upon further inspection it threw up every single error, and having to scrap it for only £300. That was a total of £15,000 (yes, fifteen thousand) we were very much not expecting. The car was in warranty however the garage refused to honour the warranty and instead placed all the blame on us. We could only take them to court and we didn't have the money for that.
We are currently living on toast and porridge, the odd packet of noodles, V's diabetes is out of control even on medication and we're very aware of the dangers.
We can't fill the car with gas to get to any of our health appointments or to get any shopping with what little we can scrape together.
Our weekly shop of essentials only has gone from £30 to upwards of £50 because of the price increases. Our local food bank cannot guarantee the food we receive will be okay for dietary requirements (diabetes, dairy intolerance).
We no longer know what to do or where to go, please if you can spare any amount, we will be so grateful or hell sub to my content for a gift that keeps on giving!
This is my PayPal.me link
Thank you for your time.
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Here is the fifth version of my Dizzy Isy Save File. I have fixed all the photos and painted animals. It took me forever which is why the French version is not finished. I just don’t have the energy to do it all again. 
Tumblr media
Moonwood Mill and Copperdale are now renovated, complete with new lots and families with their own storylines/relationships. Some of the new lots and sims can be seen below. In addition to the new residents, I tried to make sure that the students in Copperdale were populated with well-known teens from my previous versions.
Tumblr media
♥ What do you get? ♥
195 custom clubs and icons (+11 than v.4) with points/rivalries and custom activities.
Lots of details of custom books to find, interesting tombstones, photos with past histories and mysteries etc.
Tumblr media
♥ When you enter the save♥
There are 2 empty lots.
There are 17 empty houses (10 starters, 6 under 100k, 1 under 120k).
There are 16 rentals in holiday destinations.
There are 2 free apartments.
Secret lots in Mt. Komerebi renovated.
Selvadorada and Strangerville adventure/mystery unplayed.
Conservation efforts not completed in Sulani.
Evergreen Harbor has many community project opportunities.
Neighbourhood Stories disactivated
It is a busy save file with many lots filled to stop random spawning of townies but the empty lots will soon quickly fill up with townie families if you don’t use them.
The townies are clearly marked in the unplayed tab with the #townies so you know who is meant to have a lot and who isn’t.
♥ What do you need? ♥
❥  ALL THE PACKS apart from Journey to Batuu
❥  Kits used: Fashion Street kit, Incheon Arrivals kit, Desert Luxe and Carnival Streetwear kit
-You can still download this save file without all these packs or kits but some items might be replaced by substitutes, and we all know how those pan out.
❥ 128 MB of free space for this save file.
❥  Zerbu’s More Club Icons Mod (PLEASE DOWNLOAD FIRST!)
(If unavailable to you please download from here)
❥  Rex’s Custom Club Activities Mod (PLEASE ALSO DOWNLOAD BEFORE THE SAVE!)
♥ Recommendations ♥
❥ MC Command Center by Deaderpool.  
❥ No Random Townies by Zero.    
❥ Assign NPCs Roles by Zero to reassign roles if necessary.
Tumblr media
♥ How to install? ♥
Make a backup of your Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves folder
Download the file, unzip, and place files in Electronic Arts/The Sims4/Saves.
Open your game, enter the save. It is named “Dizzy Isy Save File By Isleroux and you should see Averie Cromwell who is at high school and it is the beginning of summer. 
Don’t worry, there is no chance of suffering or reliving painful high school memories as Averie is super popular, a cheerleader, loved up with a cute football player and rich. Like old money rich! She even has a bowling alley in her basement. Have fun! If you feel like taking smug little Averie down, feel free to play it that way too :)
Tumblr media
**Finally, please, if you enjoy the save and want to support me and future updates,  please consider buying me a coffee ☕
I don’t put my save files behind any kind of paywall even though this is now YEARS of work. I hope to continue like that.
I really appreciate those who have already supported me. I see you. I know who you are. You are the kind of person who bothers to read this far down. So thank you.**
Happy simming!  ~isy~ ツ  
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shippyprincess · 13 hours
Can anyone spare a few bucks?
I found out I'm suddenly $100 overdrawn in my bank >_<
I have PayPal and Venmo both are [email protected] / shippyprincess
Any little bit helps ;-;
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When you realize he's getting hard 🥰
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The meteor shower depicted in this photo the 2022 Leonids which peaked in early November, and the view is from Hainan, China looking out over the South China Sea. Meteor streaks captured over a few hours were isolated and added to a foreground image recorded earlier. From this place and time, Leonid meteors that trace back to the constellation of Leo were seen streaking across other constellations including Orion. The bright red planet Mars appears near the top of the image.
The best way to watch a meteor shower is to find a comfy place that you can monitor a large area of the night sky!
Image Credit & Copyright: Luo Hongyang
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Miss me??
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💕 Ref • anime “ sakura “ version sims (Exclusive)
🙇🏻‍♀️ anyway. I would like to thank all the creators of CC . Your work is great !
@soloriya @mmsims @obscurus-sims @goppolsme @333cutie @eunosims @kotehoksims @simsonico @rimings
🌈✨ if you like my sims Please Supporthing my sims on Patreon thank you 💕
🧸 • SimsTray - CC list
🙇🏻‍♀️ Thank you very much for the support my work
Tumblr media Tumblr media
▶️ Sample Sims in Cas Mode
‼️ Click Here for youtube
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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i felt the need to finally make a legend of sorts explaining what each of the widgets do in beta text editor due to the vast differences between BTE and LTE. so with that being said, look no further than down below on what each thing does. i will throw everything under a READ MORE for simplicity's sake because it's gonna get long.
Tumblr media
this is what the legend looks like when you highlight any / all of your text in BTE.
Tumblr media
keeping it on Regular means that your text is ... well ... plain. normal. vanilla. whatever descriptive word you want to use. however! you can click on the arrow right beside it to have this pop up instead.
Tumblr media
Indented ( aka blockquote ).
Bulleted list.
Numbered list.
Tumblr media
strikethrough | bold | italics | small text | hyperlink | text color
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boss · 1 month
。゚゚ ・ 。 ・゚゚ 。 ゚。November will be good for ur mental health.  ゚・。・゚
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fatliberation · 4 months
Time to act!
The FAA will finally obey an old mandate to set a minimum seat size for airlines, and beginning next week, they’ll be opening a 90-day public feedback period. Let’s give them an EARFUL.
Please spread this post!
The feedback portal, once it’s activated, can be accessed here:
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The person who reblogged this from you is rooting for your success.
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