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hungry-tummy · 1 year
| Takoyaki
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Garlic Bread by siynemgultekin
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missazura · 2 months
the nightmare before christmas is my favourite thing since i was a small kid and its so funny finding out that my mom HATED that i rewatched it so much that its practically ingrained in my brain. she basically banned it at some point and refused to rent it so i’d forget it, but it showed up on cable when i was 12 or so and i REJOICED that the nightmarish visions in my head were an actual thing 
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sprinket · 1 year
Cooking in real life : 😡
Cooking in animal crossing:
Tumblr media
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beholdthemem · 10 days
I am not 100% confident in this pie, but I can at least say that I am pretty sure the pork shoulder will be good.
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cyberblushing · 14 days
i think it's hilarious that after i "gave up" on my ed was when I actually got physically sicker 😭 as opposed to when i was deeper in it, i was scared of getting sick, so i tried to eat healthy and watch macros...
#comes and goes#ed#honestly idk if it was ever bad enough to be considered an ed... but the obsession with food and weight always comes and goes#except this year... i just keep forgetting abt it#im not suddenly ok with my body nor anything like that#idk it's like I've been so tired and I had been in that ed loop for ages always trying and failing to control my food intake and weight#and always failing miserably 😭 and last year it made me soso stressed on top of other things in my head#it became a factor into dropping out of uni and i ended up not losing weight too lmfao#so i just finally realised that i was never going to actually be in control and lose weight if i kept that up... it completely backfires#i decided to just take it slow and not obsess over calories and who's seeing me eating and i look and how much im eating and how full i am#ofc that only works bc my disordered eating and mindset come and go... calling it mindset sounds like im choosing it 😭#I don't i just fall into it when the self hatred gets bad enough again idk#anyway i lost abt 4 kg this year and didn't gain them back and it just shows me how i do sm better when i don't stress sm over food#that and bc im too depressed to have real meals is why im physical worse but it's not my ed...#even when i almost get back to the disordered eating im so tired that I can't do it 😭 like counting cals is a nightmare#specially without a scale#and cooking and cleaning dishes afterwards like all of it is a chore and i end up unable to stop thinking abt food and when im going to eat#and what and it's the worst i hate it#the depression is fighting against the ed for once... normally when the ed comes back the depression goes away 🤨 not anymore#my eating habits aren't sm disorder anymore as they are... just bad they're bad#i don't think the thing fits any ed so I dont think calling it an ed is fair but at the same time the other behaviours fit#so idk#ig#i used to think it was an actual ed for a time that's why i keep calling it that but since I don't know anymore i feel bad using that... ah#I don't want to rewrite the tags though ider what they say anymore
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its-v-mineblr · 10 months
listening to Here's A Health to the Company by the Longest Johns (somehow for the first time with my raycons, gods DAMN this is high quality sound) and now I'm thinking about working songs echoing in the dripstone copper mines of New Pixandria
(this is directly related to my previous post. I am trying so hard not to start another wip rn—)
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bugpov · 2 months
hm i keep getting random tastes of delicious food just out of nowhere when im not even eating anything, this never happened before
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mdotjpeg · 7 months
why do i have to have the most feminine interests in the world apparently
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sailorsun546 · 1 year
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heartyearning · 1 year
in my little new place. had my little dinner. now i crave footeballe.
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hungry-tummy · 8 months
| Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese
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Sourdough Bread by theboywhobakes
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tenshindon · 2 years
tien cant cook for shit We Know This but in the universe-b-ass timeline where he can he would absolutely be the kind of mfer to never use modern tools ever and would insist on only using ingredients that he can grow from home
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waka-chan-out · 1 year
my brother and i watched 2.5 hours of fmab and the first two berserk movies last night and my dumbass is still sitting here thinking to myself “damn i feel like i haven’t watched anime in forever”
bitch you just have memory problems watch your burning kabaddi and go to sleep
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lol that feeling when you’re the only one that ships that random rarepair and you get to create the shipname
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