nextinline-if · 2 days ago
How would the ROs James and Viv react if they heard screaming. When they checked all the see is MC/ROs kid riding Fluffy the lion through the halls with a wooden sword pointed up yelling "Come Fluffy, we must liberate the kitchen of all it's cookies!"
By this point, everyone must be desensitized about the whole lion as a pet thing lmao
James: “I’m just glad that’s not my child.”
Vivian: *tries not to smile* “Hurry! The kitchen staff are dwindling the cookie numbers.”
Constantine: “Hey!” *Fluffy and child turn to look.* “Get me a cookie, too, please.”
Felix: “I have to witness this disaster.” *Eagerly watches as the kitchen staff run screaming.*
F: *eyes wide* “Yep, definitely a job for your other parent.”
Margaret: *giggles* “Hold your sword higher, darling.”
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morganiafglamorous · 2 days ago
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rohypenol · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
here’s some cat memes i made bc i’m upsetti
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jaubaius · 7 months ago
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Batman: *adopts Robin*
Every sane person:
Tumblr media
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akigumidrb · 3 months ago
lucifer | satan | asmodeus | beelzebub reacting to you accidentally saying you love them at the end of a phonecall
originally written on: 26/03/20
my kofi <3
kinda a part 2 to this post
it’ll catch him off guard for like a MILLISECOND 
you won’t even realise it because you’re too busy trying to die from the shock and embarrassment
so it SOUNDS like he’s just being all suave and chill when he replies, “love you, too.” before he hangs up 
it’s only after that will Lucifer allow himself to panic in the privacy of his office or room 
????????? he was supposed to be the one to confess to you first!! :( 
he even wanted to plan it out and everything 
but he doesn’t dwell on it too much because there’s a bigger issue at stake: finding you and making sure you’re not already digging your own grave 
surprise no. 2 of the day is when he finds you outside his door, ready to knock, face like a tomato 
surprise no. 3 is when you ask, “did you mean it?”
suddenly Lucifer’s face is all red and hot, too
“Of course I did.”
he’ll just reply as per usual, saying “bye” before hanging up and returning to his book or something 
his mind very desperately wants to be convinced that it really was just a slip of your tongue and that you didn’t mean anything by it 
because it’s easier to be ignorant and unhurt 
unbeknownst to him, you’re on the other end, wondering why he didn’t seem to show any sign of even hearing you say those three words
you kinda assume that he legitimately didn’t hear you, which is disappointing 
gradually though, your respective thoughts start to occupy your minds to the point where you’re all each other can think about 
right as you’re about to call him to ask if he actually did hear you the first time, he calls you first 
without saying hello, Satan just goes, “I love you. Do you… really love me?” 
even if you hang up, Asmodeus WILL keep calling you 
you think he’s just being annoying but on his end, he’s blushing like crazy, rolling around on his bed like a madlad
sure, he’s gotten tons of confessions before and has heard like a million “I love you”s but yours is SPECIAL 
he wants to savour it as much as possible 
after you block his number, now a flustered, nervous mess, he’ll pop by your room (he literally teleports to your room) and attack you with cuddles
“Ne~ say it again, please?” 
he becomes a lot more gentle and tries to coax it out of you 
once you give in, Asmodeus will hug you so tightly and press kisses all over your face 
he’s been waiting so long for his precious human to say those three words to him :’)
he wants to slap himself for replying like a dumbass but that’s legit his instinctive response lol
neither of you will hang up (since you’re still in shock) so you just end up hearing him chew over the phone for like a minute straight 
“What’d you say? I didn’t hear it.”
he’s a goddamn liar and you know it 
but he’s also too cute for you to not repeat yourself 
“I said that I love you.” 
“… Really?” 
“Where are you now?”
“My room.” 
he hangs up 
before you can even process anything, Beel’s at your door 
once you open it, he stares down at you intensely for several seconds, internally trying to pull himself together because his heart is racing like mad
“I also love you.” 
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end-hyphen · 15 days ago
7:09 PM | lhs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: heeseung x female reader
word count: 554
warnings: MDNI!!! 18+!!!! NSFW!!!! explicit language, vaginal penetration, protected sex, doggy style, rough sex, hate sex, porn with no plot that might be a plot idk yet, and heeseung is a lil shit
“I — hate — you!” Heeseung voices out as he thrusts deep inside your tight and wet cunt. “Fucking — hate you — so much!”
Your eyes were rolling to the back of your head, as Heeseung pounds you from behind. “Lee — shit!”
You and Heeseung both hate each other. Hate each other to the max! So much so that both of your friends know, yet, your History teacher doesn’t know and doesn’t really care. He paired you both up as partners, expecting a presentation next week. 
However, you and Heeseung started arguing in his bedroom when you went over to get the research paper done, and you ended up on his bed half naked from the waist down.
“You’re clenching — really tight — around my dick,” Heeseung whispers in your right ear when he slumps over. “Gonna cum?”
“Never—” You were interrupted by a hard thrust when your enemy sits up again, and you let out a whimper. One hand moved down to grope your left ass cheek, and he pushes inside you deeper. “Fuck!”
On his knees at this point, Heeseung grabs you to sit up against him, your red ass from the spanks sitting on his thighs. You start riding him as Heeseung moves his slender fingers to draw figure eights on your clit. 
“Hee — oh my god!” You moan out a cry. “Heeseung!”
Heeseung smirks with success when you came all over his dick from his harsh rubbing. You’re gonna feel sore but fuck it. At least this orgasm is real, even though it just had to be caused by stupid Lee Heeseung.
He pushes you back down on the bed, slipping out of you, and flips you over onto your back. He positions himself on top again, swiftly pushing himself inside your leaking hole. 
“You just came, yet you’re still so fucking tight,” Heeseung murmurs, hiding his face into the crook of your neck.
“Maybe — you have to fuck me — harder,” you argue in return, your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms around his neck.
“Oh baby, I’m just getting started,” your enemy replies, as he picks up his movements.
He rips your arms off of him and sits up. Pushing your legs forward to bend you, Heeseung pounds inside you harder, your voice going quiet with your eyes rolling back once again. How the fuck is he so good? How does he still have so much fucking energy? You tighten around him again and he curses, his thrusts finally slowing down and getting sloppy.
“Gonna cum,” Heeseung utters, both hands grabbing onto both of your boobs. He lets out a guttural groan, cumming inside the condom and milking his dick as he slowly thrusts in and out of your slick hole.
“I still hate you,” you whisper tiredly, panting heavily from the hate sex. 
Your enemy smirks when he pulls out of your wet pussy. He takes off the condom and tosses it inside the trash bin next to his computer desk. You were about to sit up and search for your discarded pants, but Heeseung pushes you back down.
“Who said I was done?” It wasn’t much of a question, as Heeseung stares at you with lust still burning in his eyes.
“Heeseung, what the fuck—” Before you could protest, Heeseung licks your wet folds and mouths at your clit.
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wonwoosthetic · 3 months ago
making out with svt?
😫 yes… let‘s go
< Seventeen Masterlist
Tumblr media
S.Coups: If there's one thing that Cheol is, it's passionate. I have so many videos to prove that, omg - so just imagine how making out with him would be. Both of his hands cradling your face, his kisses deep... so deep, you'd actually get lost and would probably even forget your name at that moment.
There's one position that he just LOVES to have you in: him sitting on the couch with you on top of him, your legs around his hips, being as close to him as you could possibly be. Your fingers would be clinging onto the collar of his shirt or around his neck, slightly tugging on his hair. He loves that.
A make out session with Seungcheol would get heated pretty quickly, soon enough just being the two of you rubbing against each other, moaning into your mouths while gripping onto each other. Hot hot hot.
Jeonghan: little shit... He would be that type to constantly tickle your sides while making out or pinch you or just poke your hips with his fingers. Just annoying you. He just melts whenever he hears your laughs or you trying to hold them back to continue kissing him. The perfect position for that would be both of you laying down on the bed, either you underneath him or you two next to each other.
Either way, he doesn't care, he would even chase you around the apartment to finish what you had started, which may or may not have happened quite a few times before whenever you got too annoyed with him and decided to tease him by just standing up and walking away.
You were literally just trying to start a good make out session but he wouldn’t stop.
“Jeonghan!” Was something he heard more than once throughout that scene. Once he didn’t seem fazed by it anymore, you decided to give up, standing up and walking away from him, only for him to stand up and as soon as you heard that, you started a little jog around the apartment, giggles tumbling from both of your lips.
Joshua: I feel like there are two sides to him. The other half of the evil duo (the first being Jeonghan), doing similar things just to hear you whine for him to stop, making him chuckle, OR he'd give your face little pecks. Your forehead, sides of your face, cheeks, nose, jawline, anywhere BUT your lips, so you'd pout and he'd wait for you to ask him to make out with you properly. And once he starts kissing your lips... good luck not getting lost in those passionate kisses.
His soft lips moving against yours before his tongue tried to snake its way to yours before both of yours started brushing against each other gently.
With those passionate ass kisses of his, most of the time they led to more than just a make out session. I mean, how could you say no once you started feeling his hand underneath your shirt and his kisses down your neck. He knew what he was doing.
Jun: he‘d be someone you would have to initiate a make out session with. Jun was on his phone the entire time, talking to you about his day and getting distracted by the game he was playing. Once you had sat down next to him, your head on his shoulder, your arm wrapped around his, he‘d start explaining what he was doing in the game because he thought that that‘s why you had gotten so close to him - what he didn’t know was that you had been incredibly needy for his touch for quite some time now and weren’t going to wait any longer now. You started running your fingers up and down his thigh, but he was much more invested in his game… With his continuous talking and him not realising what you were trying to do, you got frustrated, took his phone out of his hands, sat on his lap and grabbed his face to start a make out session with him.
This would catch him completely off guard and wonder, “what are you doing? I was playing.”
“And I’m needy so shut up,” before leaning back in to kiss him, but his chuckle stopped you.
He places his hands on your ass, “You could’ve just said that,” and placed his lips on yours. You finally got what you wanted.
Hoshi: oh my god, imagine: he had had this choreography in his head for a while and wanted to finally try it with you. He’d make you stand up from the couch and show you what he was thinking of, but pretty quickly into it, you were perfectly aligned to give his lips a quick peck, which you obviously did, catching him off guard. He didn’t expect that. But there was no going back now. He pressed his lips against yours by pulling you even closer by your hips.
The way to the bedroom would be too far, so expect to just continue this little session on your back on the couch, or against the wall - fully depends on his mood. But I could imagine this being more of a playful make out session with him interrupting it every now and then, commenting things like, “I swear, that wasn’t my intention.”
“But I’m definitely not complaining.”
You’d get frustrated at some point, “Then shut up, Hoshi.” Making both of you chuckle.
Wonwoo: I could imagine this starting off as something really intimate, yet casual and romantic.
Both of you were laying on the bed, you sitting between his legs while he was reading a book. You had gotten into this position after coming home and immediately got comfortable. He started reading out loud - well, whispering, but still. Your head was resting against his shoulder and just listening to his deep voice against your ear made you feel things. You’d take his hand, that was resting on your leg, up to your lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of it. He would catch on pretty quickly, freeing his hand from your grip, moving it up to your jaw to tilt your head back, making it easier to reach your lips with his. You’d stay in this position for a while until you felt his tongue brush against your lips, making you turn around and wrap your arms around his neck, the book now king forgotten somewhere on the bed.
Woozi: this is so cliché, I KNOW😫 but I just love the concept of Woozi in the studio. Just watching him work hard and being so focused must be the hottest thing ever. After a while of your eyes just following his every move, you tried distracting yourself with your phone which didn’t really help much, so you decided to do what anyone else in your position would do. You got up from your seat and made your way over to your boyfriend. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders while staying behind him, your face hurried into the space between his neck and shoulder.
“What are you doing?” He wondered, a smirk on his lips as he already kind of knew where this was going.
You hummed, not really wanting to give an answer, but when he just hummed back, you spoke up, “Don’t you want to take a little break?”
His grin grew wider and he took his hands off the keyboard, patting his thighs, “And do what?” You accepted the invitation without wasting another second and got into your favourite position.
“I don’t know,” you mumbled, looking at him with your lips pressed together, trying to hide your smile. His hands ran down the sides of your upper body before resting on your lower back, pressing you closer to him to place a kiss on your lips.
“Mm,” he let himself enjoy this moment, “Good thing that I know what we could do,” before he went into a full on passionate kiss with your arms around his shoulders to get even closer. You found yourself in this position more than enough but every time was a different experience and you knew neither one of you could ever get enough of this.
After a long day, the two of you were laying on the bed, each of you done with getting ready for bed and just enjoying each others’ company while doing separate things. He was focused on the new book he had gotten while you had already closed your eyes, relaxing and trying to drift off to sleep, which turned out to be harder than you expected. After a few minutes of not getting any closer to falling asleep, you turned around, now facing Minghao and scooted closer to him. He noticed your action and chuckled, wondering what you were doing. When you told him that you were getting frustrated that you couldn’t fall asleep, he took that as his sign to put the book away, laying down properly and placing your head over his stretched out arm. In this position, he was able to pull your head closer towards him, placing a kiss on your forehead, slowly moving to your nose, and pecking your lips for a third kiss. Neither one of you had any plan of stopping and just continued. A few seconds in, you would also throw your leg around his, just to be that little bit closer to his body.
Dokyeom: He’d be someone that would see you doing the most humane thing and just immediately get captivated by you.
He has just come home and you were in the bedroom, folding the laundry you had washed before and separating your clothing from his, making different piles on top of the bed. Dokyeom was leaning on the doorframe, watching you for a good minute before walking up to you, surprising you with his hands around your waist. You’d obviously be surprised, but very very pleasantly once you felt his lips on your shoulder, greeting you in the best way possible. With one swift move, he’d have you facing him, reflecting the same bright smile that he had on his lips.
It would start off with a casual conversation, letting Dokyeom interrupt it with kisses and pecks every now and then until he couldn’t wait anymore and just threw you onto the bed, making you squeal and complain about him ruining your perfect piles of clothing, but he couldn’t care less. He held himself up above you with his hands on the mattress on each side next to your head, lowering himself down to continue what he had started. Him working out had proven to become more rewarding than he imagined. After a short bit, your legs would wrap around his waist, trying to turn him around so you’d be on top. He would chuckle, finding your attempt cute but giving in eventually so you’d be happy and could continue your session like this.
Mingyu: Mingyu. Kitchen. Everything. I don’t care what it is, you’ll be doing it in the kitchen with Mingyu. His height is PERFECT for counters and I’m just a sucker for that.
He’d be preparing a nice dinner for the two of you while you were sitting on the counter, focused on what he was doing, watching him cut the vegetables and everything else. Like other evenings and days before, you’d have a casual conversation, telling him about your day while he was telling you about his.
(Don’t cringe now, alright? It’s the most romcom cliché things but let me be😂) Imagine you’d be stealing little pieces of the vegetables he had chopped up and anytime he’d turn around, you’d reach out to take another one, until the one time when he turned back to face you earlier than you had expected and he caught you with the food in your hands. He’d fake gasp, taking it out of your hands, scolding you for eating and then not being hungry anymore for what he was preparing for you, but ending his ment with a loving kiss. After you separated, he would start again, explaining how hard he had been working and you better still eat everything off your plate- only for you to cut him off by pulling him in by his belt, shutting him up with another kiss. That was a vile move because before you knew it, you were full on making out with him between your legs.
Seungkwan: why do I want to imagine like make up make out session with him?🫢👀 like, the two of you truly went head to head with each other, just frustrated because both of your weeks had been stressful and neither one was going to give in and say sorry for starting the argument that both of you forgot what it was actually about, but now it was already too late to stop.
You decided to be done with the conversation and just decided to walk away because you were definitely not going to give in and suddenly excuse yourself. But Seungkwan did not like that one bit. He was quick on your heels, grasping your wrists to turn you around and push you up against the wall, knocking the air out of your lungs.
“Where the hell do you think you’re going? You’re not just gonna walk away from me like that.” He warned but damn… the tone of his voice turned you in and before you could hold yourself back, your wrapped your hands around his neck, smashing your lips onto his to stop him from continuing. Let’s say… things got heated pretty quickly and casual make out sessions that don’t lead to more hardly ever happen
Vernon: very casual make out sessions. Lazy, sloppy, but still passionate and loving.
Both of you were laying on the couch, him behind you, his arm wrapped around your waist while both of your eyes were focused on what was happening on the screen. We know Vernon and his love for movies and watching them passionately, not wanting to get interrupted by anything. Well… anything but you. His finger were just casually playing with the hem of your shirt, him not thinking too much of it and if the main characters of the movie hadn’t just moved to the bed in their room, you probably also wouldn’t have cared, but you did notice it and turned around with a smirk.
While his eyes continued to be fixed on the TV, you chuckled at the frown on his face, that he did whenever he was focusing on something, and tilted your head up to place a kiss on his jawline. He turned his head towards you and was just about to ask what you were doing but you cut him off with another kiss, this time on his lips. Vernon, still not fully focused on you, pointed to the screen,
“You’re missing half of the movie,” obviously exaggerating with his comment, but it made you smile.
“That’s okay,” you whispered and turned his head to face you properly, your lips back on his within a second. He couldn’t help but to give in, placing his hand on your hip before moving lower, helping you to raise your leg, wrapping it around his. He’ll let you distract him this time… and every other time you’ll do it like that…
Dino: with Dino I could imagine something really sweet. Like you’d be sitting or laying on his bedroom floor, frustrated bc of your uni work while he was on the bed just scrolling through his phone. Once he’d hear you grown, he’d immediately be up, wondering what was wrong and asking you a million questions. Explaining to him only did so much, but he offered to help you study and (again, cliché but idc, I’m sometimes a romantic) reward you with a kiss every time you’d get an answer right. The proposal made you giggle but you accepted it, your face showing how clearly tired you already were.
It started off normal, it started off well, until you were 20 minutes in and begged him to stop the questioning because you couldn’t think straight anymore. Information just wasn’t going into your brain anymore. He understood your frustration and put the book to the side, sitting down next to you with both of your backs against the bed, while still on the floor. To comfort you as well as he possibly could, he wrapped one arm around your shoulders, letting you rest your head on him, but you didn’t stay in this position for long, raising your head to find his kind eyes gazing at you while you kept on ranting about the shithole you had to call university. Seeing you like this made him smile slightly as he saw the passion in your eyes but also felt bad for how much of your energy it was taking from you, so he thought about what he could do to make you feel better and just decided to lean in for a kiss.
It did made you feel better, especially once he had laid you down on your back, hovering above you with your lips still intertwined, moving passionately against each other.
Tumblr media
This turned out to be longer than I thought this would be… oops
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mysticdragon3md3 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can confirm. Switching between English and other languages mid sentence is not only normal at my house, but also really convenient when the English word for things is too long.
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slasherlouvre · 5 months ago
Sinclair boys reacting to you showing them what your crush looks like but when you hand them your phone it's just the front facing camera on them 🙈💛
Sinclair boys x gn! Reader (separate)
Just smth sappy I was thinking about bc it's always Sinclair brainrot hrs
Tumblr media
Bo Sinclair
- were his hands this sweaty before you handed him your phone??
- looks like he wants to kiss you and throw up at the same time tbh
- starts thinking you only did it to get a reaction out of him since he often enjoyed 'baselessly' flirting with you
- "...You ain’t funin' me just t’get back at me for all them times I...teased you?"
- "No, it's the truth", you reassure him with a playful roll of your eyes
- he's going to act cocky and lay the charm on thick after that if Lester and Vincent are in the same room
- "hell darlin', knew it was only a matter o'time till you couldn't go on without me in your arms"
- he'll keep a hold on you one way or another for a while in order to convince himself this isn't one of his hopeful dreams about you
- do not bother trying to get him to admit he had been scared out of his mind you liked one of his brothers instead
- because he wasn't
- at all 😐
- if they aren't around, you'll get a much softer Bo
- kisses your forehead meaningfully before wrapping you in his arms and setting his chin on your head in comfortable silence
- you know he's no good with his words in times like these, (y/n)..
- his racing heartbeat against your ear is enough to tell you he feels the same
- he always had
- and he always will
- you'll have to watch out for Lester when he teases Bo too far about 'going soft' now that he's with you
- "That's right, y'better run!!"
- "Bo!"
- "(y/n) won't be able to save your ass every time, Les!!"
- "BO!!"
- Vincent's just glad there's less yelling in the house now that you keep him occupied with your affection 🙄
Tumblr media
Vincent Sinclair
- you wanted to do it when he was unmasked so you promised to turn around and cover your eyes before slipping him the phone
- he really didn't understand why he needed to be unmasked in order to see your crush, but he trusted you
- he was sure you'd be showing a photo of Bo or Lester
- It'd be painful, but he was prepared to set himself aside and support you
- this would be his closure
- "Alright, tap on my back when you're ready"
- he sets his mask down on the candlelit worktable he's sitting at and does as you tell him
- you keep your eyes closed with one hand before slipping your phone to him from around your back
- there's a loud clack when Vincent drops your phone after a few seconds
- there's no way his heart could have prepared him for that
- "Vin-?"
- shaky artist hands grip your sides as he desperately presses his forehead into your back
- you'll feel him carefully run his hands up as he moves to stand
- now leaning into your smaller form to tightly hug you from behind
- "It could never be anyone but you", you softly sigh already knowing what he was thinking
- please let him hold you for a while longer, (y/n)
- at least till his tears dry 🥺
- eventually, his hands will reach up to yours that are still covering your eyes in order to pull them down and gently turn you around
- you think he put his mask back on, but when you open your eyes it's your real Vincent
- there's no wax to hide his visage from you
- he's beautiful
- 'Are you still sure?', he signs looking down
- "If you'll have me"
- of course he'll have you
- there could never be anyone but you for him either
- you feel his lips both for the first and hundredth time that night
- "When the hell d'this happen??"
- You had accidentally fallen asleep in Vincent's arms and it just so happened Bo needed to speak to him that morning
- "Mind your business, Bo Sinclair!", you say tossing your pillow at his face
- Lester gets a HUGE kick out of embarrassing his older brother after he finds out
- "I expect Bo t'do somethin' like that on the first night- but you Vin??" 😞
"For the last time Lester, we slept together, we didn't SLEEP together"
- your poor Vincent's mask doesn't completely hide his flushed skin and Lester can't help his boisterous laughter by this point
Tumblr media
Lester Sinclair
- “uh, (y/n), ‘think I pressed somethin’- your camera’s on me”
- "……”
- it was a cute attempt to confess (y/n), but unfortunately it just goes completely over his head
- he’s waiting for you take your phone back to ‘fix’ what he messed up
- why are you staring at him like that? 😶
- “Les, it’s supposed to be on the camera..”
- If the twins are around to witness it, Vincent will be looking at his brother in complete disbelief
- Lester's a smart man, but when it comes to flirting? Completely oblivious
- his brothers still can't believe he's gone this long without realizing you feel the same way about him
- you made it pretty obvious, but Lester just thinks your affection stems entirely from your good-natured personality
- it never occured to him you'd actually like him back
- and as long as you stayed by his side in some capacity, he'd be happy even if you never ended up feeling the same
- Bo is two seconds away from having one of his blood vessels burst before he starts shouting, “Lester, it’s you, y’dumbass!!”
- Lester.exe has stopped working 🤯
- “M-Me!?”
- he almost drops your phone in a panic
- Lester’s a huge blusher so his face, ears, and neck are all going to be varying shades of pink and red till the revelation completely settles in his head
- it's going to take a while though, bear with him
- “Of course it’s you! Who else would it be?”, you laugh
- he’s definitely blinking back a few tears at this point
- he feels the same!!
- Lester just never actually expected you to pick him when Bo and Vincent were options
- “Can I…kiss you?”
- “Please do”
- he gives you his signature toothy grin and boyishly vibrant eyes before gently cupping your face in his hands and claiming your lips with his own
- it's your first kiss of many more to come
- he'd make sure of it
- “‘Bout damn time!”, Bo huffs leaving the room
- Vincent supportively signs Lester a small, 'happy for you' before excusing himself as well
- by the end of the week Bo is going to want to duct tape Lester's bright lovestruck expression he can't seem to wipe off
- he won't admit it, but he's more than happy his younger brother has you
- damn, if it wasn't annoying having you both be so lovey dovey around him though
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ilikeit-art · 2 months ago
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ssaakuraaa · 29 days ago
stray kids reaction !
stray kids reaction to seeing your ex in public
a/n : i have returned lovies !! i watched the black phone & now i’m obsessed😭 i’ve been rly obsessed w/ the actor who plays bruce (tristan pravong)- also thinking abt adding more groups 2 this blog !! lemme know :))
songs to listened to / listen to these songs while reading : moon - dosii,, moon - gidle,, moonlight - neonpunch,, oxygen - twice,, pado - bibi,, pale blue dot - loona,, palette - iu
Tumblr media
— C H A N :
puts his arms around your shoulders as you walk past
kisses your head, cheeks, etc to let them know that you’re his
Tumblr media
— M I N H O :
protection mode : activated
keeps you close as possible
arm around your waist as you walk past them
won’t hesitate to give you a couple of kisses in front of them
Tumblr media
— C H A N G B I N :
gives them dirty looks
wants them to know you’re his, so he leaves a few kisses on your head, cheeks & maybe your neck
Tumblr media
— H Y U N J I N :
kinda pouty
watches them as you guys walk past
relaxed when he noticed that they didn’t see you
Tumblr media
— J I S U N G :
confidently walks past them with his arm around you
still kinda nervous, he just doesn’t show it or tell you
Tumblr media
— F E L I X :
makes eye contact with them
holding your hand
Tumblr media
— S E U N G M I N :
holds your hand
doesn’t even really notice💀
Tumblr media
— J E O N G I N :
making sure they know that you’re much happier now
Tumblr media Tumblr media
enjoy a adorable cat <33
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jaubaius · a year ago
Cat does some trust falls.
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Battinson!Bruce: Okay. I'm going to go up and order. You want chicken nuggets, right?
Baby!Dick: Maybe this time you tell me what you want and I'll order?
Battinson!Bruce: Why would we do that?
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yoiseul · a month ago
how txt will react to your touches
[I want to tell you right away: English is not my native language; I don't claim to conform to the canon, it's just my view of our boys^^ Enjoy your reading!!!]
˚.𖦹 yeonjun At first I was surprised by this show of affection because it was the first time. he would quietly say "waaaah, that feels good" and smile like foxy (baby)^^ say a few flirty phrases like "from this angle you are even more adorable".
˚.𖦹 soobin it took quite a while to get to the point, unlike the others and his chubby lips stretched into an "o" expressing it. but later his cheeks will definitely have lovely dimples!!! he loved it madly! he seems to have fallen in love with you all over again~
˚.𖦹 beomgyu he smiles playfully and asks "what are you up to"). he just dissolves into your hands. he is really happy and smiles at you all the time!!! he sure did pierce your heart with his arrow of love~ someday he will squeeze your face too♡
˚.𖦹 taehyun you have an incredible connection. you literally see the universe in each other's eyes. surprisingly, no one is confused by eye contact. you just enjoy each other… he feels that in this moment you are really close and you do not need words.
˚.𖦹 hueningkai God, that kid…he's all red. ALL over. can't keep his eyes on you, even though you seem to have gotten over the embarrassment of hugs and kisses on the cheek. he really fell in love with that touch . will ask you to do it again.
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akigumidrb · 3 months ago
mammon | belphegor | leviathan reacting to you accidentally saying you love them at the end of a phonecall
originally written on: 12/03/20
he’ll suddenly go silent with his face turning the warmest it’s ever been his entire life
still clutching the phone to his ear, Mammon will legit start rolling all over the place
doesn’t matter if he was standing in the kitchen, making himself a snack, he will drop to the ground and start rolling 
but he’s still super quiet the entire time, so much so that you suspect he’s hung up the phone already and then you check and??? the call is still ongoing??? 
that’s when YOU start to panic and worry over having said the wrong thing until you hear a very soft voice go, “love you, too.” right before he actually hangs up
two seconds later you hear him knocking on your bedroom door 
he would be too tired to realise it before you end the call
dumbass even says “bye” back without noticing the way you seem to have choked up in surprise at your own words 
so you suspect he doesn’t really care that you said it which kind of sucks but at the same time you’re glad he isn’t making a big deal out of it?… but fuck who’re you kidding? 
you wished he said it back, even though you two were technically just friends
on Belphie’s end, he’s about to fall asleep for real before your final words echo in his head
“Love you…”
he will SPRINT to your room, internally yelling at himself to ruining the moment 
logically he knows it was a slip of your tongue but wtf why didn’t he say it back???
standing outside your door, Belphie will make sure he says it back this time in person to make up for it 
he says it back super casually, kind of like how you’d say it to your mother or something
since it was done purely on instinct, he doesn’t realise what he’s said until you reply, “really?” in a joking manner, the tinge of happiness in your voice a sign of what you hope his response will be
Levi, however, doesn’t catch the sign and instead starts to panic, spluttering out excuses like, “wait! no, I didn’t—I mean… I, wait! I—shit, fuck—”
embarrassed beyond compare, you’ll quickly say, “Oh, shit, sorry, I was just kidding haha.” and hang up the phone without listening to what he has to say next
while you’re mentally planning your escape from the Devildom, Levi bursts into your room all red and flustered
then he leaves to hide for the rest of his life 
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myflagmeanspirate · 4 months ago
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