cass-a-rollie · 2 days ago
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old comic of maid in a suit! <3 still pretty proud of this
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riotb0nes · 22 hours ago
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it takes a village to raise a child
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kimothyart · a day ago
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Jazz AU Alcina Dimitrescu because I love her 🥹🫶🏻✨🎤
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nwarrior777 · a day ago
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 capcom you fucking cowards
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dimitrescutie · 2 days ago
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doublelsatan · a day ago
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I present you, Lord Mark Dimitrescu with a vanity chair. This is the funniest but most terrifying thing I’ve created this year. Absolute genius and op af.
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acousticmalta · a day ago
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Sketch I rescued of my RE8 maid oc looking highly unprofessional
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loneghostwolf · a day ago
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Heisenberg pointing at all his simps out there
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ctitan98 · 2 days ago
Alcina flirts with reader but is already in a committed relationship angst part 2 Minors DNI 18+
Something about the change in Y/N's behavior after their exchange with Alcina at the end of the last part made me curious. I want to explore their new dark motivations in this one. Y/N is not a good person in this and it's pretty graphic, so discretion when reading this is advised. Read the first part here !
CW/TW: Explicit sex scenes, voyeurism, a whole lot of angst, and Y/N using people just to get what they want
You awake in immense pain and are sweating. You feel yourself being placed, rather gently, on the dirty dungeon floor. You groan in agony from the gash Cassandra inflicted on the back of your left leg.
The dark-haired woman in question leans over you and gives you a devious smirk. "What did you do to piss off mother so much?" She asks gleefully. Seeing her mother so outraged made her want to laugh. She had a... Complicated relationship with Alcina.
Cassandra was actually the favorite, but for all the wrong reasons. It was expected for her to be an apex predator ever since she was created. She always had the strongest prey drive out of her sisters and Alcina rode her hard.
Both she and Alcina took so much pride in her abilities, but... She wasn't encouraged to pursue outside interests like her sisters. Her mother loved her, at least she tried to, but Cassandra was not dumb. She saw the way her mother interacted with Daniela and Bela... It was different than it was with her. Cassandra knew her mother only cared about what she could do for her.
You huff at Cassandra's question, but feel a great satisfaction as you remember the tortured look Alcina gave you when you told her she would only ever be a disappointment. What happened to you? You had never delighted in bringing others pain, but... This castle had really changed you.
Something in you... Snapped back there. You can't find it in yourself to even care. You're empathy is now completely gone. It's freeing in a way.
This is who you are now and you want to wreak as much havoc on Alcina's life as possible.
You begin thinking through your options. Your best bet of getting out of here and exacting your revenge is to get Cassandra to let her guard down. You were going to have to smooth talk her a bit.
Meanwhile, as you're thinking, Cassandra kneels down to your level, still so eager to hear what happened. "Well...?" She prompts.
"It's kind of a long story." You say and grin up at the brunette.
Cassandra feels herself blush as you give her your most charming smile.
Cassandra had always been your favorite sister. She didn't bug you like Daniela or nag you like Bela. She mostly kept to herself. And... She was drop-dead gorgeous.
Cassandra had actually been trying to get over her embarrassing attraction to you ever since you came to work at the castle. She has had a few one night stands before, but she's never been infatuated with anybody. You are her first crush. You never complain, you are a very hard worker... And your eyes. They captivate her. For someone as on the go as she is, something about you makes her want to sit and just admire you for a bit.
"Hey... I know you have to do what your mom says, but... For what it's worth... You have always been my favorite Dimitrescu." You say, tugging her heartstrings a bit. It's not a lie (Except for these last few weeks when you had been foolishly attracted to that ridiculous giantess), but you also really lay on the sugar as you say this. You know you should feel bad, but Cassandra is just a pawn in your rapidly evolving plan to royally fuck Alcina.
Cassandra lets out a shocked gasp at your confession. She can't believe you liked her the most. "Really? T-thank you." She says in surprise. Her need to be valued by someone is quickly overshadowing her sense of urgency to follow Alcina's commands. She is supposed to torture you and kill you, but... She really just wants to spend some time with you.
Oh, poor baby. This was going to be a lot easier than you thought.
You gently grab Cassandra's hand and give her knuckles a kiss.
Cassandra shudders and gasps in pleasure. She has never felt so warm and... Needy.
Suddenly, a thought hits you. Wouldn't it be funny to sleep with Cassandra and piss Alcina off even more? She would be absolutely livid. Yes... Alright, new game plan.
You start placing even more kisses up the length of her arm, nipping a bit at her flesh as you go.
Cassandra whimpers in anticipation at the mind-numbing ecstasy you are causing.
You growl lustfully. You carefully stand up, trying not to hurt your injured leg, and pull the brunette up with you. Your wound is bleeding heavily, but you couldn't care less about that right now. You have a job to do. "Hey, is there a table or a bench around here somewhere?" You ask in a husky voice.
Cassandra is beet red, but hurriedly leads you to an old examination table in one of the nasty cells.
It's gross, but it will have to do.
You put your hands on Cassandra's ass and grope roughly. Damn, she was hot. Maybe in another life you two could have been something...
Cassandra gasps at your sudden grip and feels herself coming undone. A new devotion in her mind and heart has just formed. A new allegiance. Not to Alcina... But to you. She is now completely under your spell.
You lift Cassandra up on the table and begin making out with her. You shove your tongue in her mouth and quickly begin to unzip her dress.
Cassandra softly whines at how eager you are. It makes her happy that you want her so much.
You finally get her dress off and begin pulling her panties down... The little vixen. She was wearing a black g-string and it was already soaked in her arousal.
You kiss your way down Cassandra's stomach and begin prodding at her lower lips with your tongue. "So wet for me... Thank you, babe. I take that as a compliment." You rasp out.
Cassandra throws her head back in pleasure as you penetrate her pussy with your fingers and begin rubbing her engorged clit with your thumb. "Yes, Y/N! Please take me!" She whispers loudly.
You finally begin thrusting into her with your hand and the delicious friction Cassandra is experiencing makes her feel like she's on fire.
Her walls begin clenching around your fingers and you know she's close. "Okay, babe. You can come." You say, inching closer and closer to your plan. This was going to be good.
Cassandra suddenly shrieks and wails in pleasure as she comes all over your fingers. She's a squirter... That's actually pretty hot.
You grin. You had just bedded one of Alcina's daughters. Alcina had been angered by your lack of reverence to her earlier, but... How's this for disrespect, cow?
Your thoughts are brought back to the present by the beautiful woman in front of you.
Cassandra's breathing is heavy as she wipes some sweaty hair out of her face. She looks at you with utter love and adoration. You have just become her entire world. "Y/N... Let's get out of here. Let's run away together... Just you and me, darling. Please, I can't live here another minute..." She begs.
Your eyes widen at how quickly Cassandra has fallen for you. Damn, she is just as broken as you are.
You decide to capitalize on the progress you've just made with her. "Yeah, let's get out of here." You say, thinking of any other ways you can tear Alcina down.
Cassandra smiles and wraps her arms around you. "I knew you'd say yes! We're going to be together forever!" She says, unaware of your dark intentions.
You roll your eyes at Cassandra's misguided affection and awkwardly pat her back. "Yes, together forever." You say, desperately trying not to let your sarcasm show.
"Actually... Before we go, would you mind getting my stuff from the servant's quarters? You should grab the things you want to take as well. We're never coming back here again." You say.
Cassandra quickly nods and kisses you before swarming off.
This will make for a good distraction. You want to confront Alcina one last time and let her know what you've done. Honestly... You've realized that you don't care if you die anymore. You just want to make her suffer by any means necessary. It was truly too good to look back and see how you had rattled her earlier. Shit, maybe you've always been a bad person? This is wicked.
You climb the staircase out of the dungeon and hobble through the castle to complete your mission. You just want to see the rage on Alcina's face. It was going to be perfect.
You get odd looks from the other staff due to your disheveled appearance. The lady of the castle always demanded that staff be clean and presentable. Well, fuck her about that too.
You finally make it to the office that she and her nasty little tart were in earlier. The door is closed now, but you lean in close to the keyhole to listen for voices.
What you don't expect is to hear lustful groans and sexually charged sighs. Are they fucking? That pervert probably got off on sending you to your "Death".
You gently open the door and walk in quietly.
The scene before you makes you want to laugh. The head maid has her face pitifully shoved up against Alcina's muff and is eating her out. She's apparently not even a good lover judging by how Alcina needed to also plunge two fingers into her own vagina to get herself off.
You watch for a moment. The two don't even know you're here. You smile deviously.
Alcina reaches her climax and moans loudly in pleasure. She is smiling in satisfaction as her large chest heaves deeply. However, she turns her head to the side and finally spots you. Her eyes widen in shock.
You just smile and wave. "Hello." You say quietly, having seen everything.
Note: Fuck that was the darkest thing I've ever written. I have an idea for part 3, but again this is really graphic and Y/N is a bad person. Just making sure that you know I don't condone any of Y/N's actions in this. Also, a small tidbit and behind-the-scenes look, I purposefully referred to Cass by her full name in this. My usual lighthearted/good-person narration, and the nickname I call her by, just didn't make sense with the subject matter in this. Let me know if you'd like another part!
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cookiekitten91 · 17 hours ago
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This is the worst thing I’ve made all month, please enjoy
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midnoob · 19 hours ago
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Devil on your shoulder 😈❤
Based on @crumb-crumblet-s-crumbington 's devil/angel au!
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greenstairs · 2 days ago
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He's just a tired dad in a dangerous world.
Tumblr media
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mrmllde · 2 days ago
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two deadmen walking (their pets)
anyway i DID return to tmblr just to scream about re8 x outlast fusion we've made up with my bestie for daily serotonin so might as well start posting now
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grannanna · a day ago
Headcannons for the Lords in the DLC
Ok so after playing the dlc, and rewatching a playthrough I have some headcanons about the Lords post their deaths 
Obviously Miranda was right about the megamycete cataloguing everyone and their memories, hence ethan being in there and Miranda and Eveline and blah blah blah but as obvious from many peoples there was one major question 
My thoughts/headcannons are that they are in fact in there, but had enough of Miranda’s BS 
Karl was already making that army, but Lady D was promised power and ended up dying, Donna was promised safety (i guess I think she was just nabbed into it like Karl) and she died with Angie in her own home, and Moreau still had mommy issues when he died 
So they all wake up in this place where Miranda is no longer technically in charge of them, they can do whatever they want, and be with those who they cared about within the megamycete? Why on EARTH would they continue working with her?!
So lady d gets to be with her daughters in her own copy of the castle (not the duke on cause i like the theory that he’s a copy of the OG duke and therefore the castle is a copy too for the duke by miranda) 
Bella donna and cassandra get to go outside for the first time ever 
They lay in the warm sun together and have victorian picnics together!
Donna gets to be with her family again and has angie and they get to be happy and Donna slowly redevelops her confidence 
And also i think you could appear however you want in the megamycete so like she could be confident in her own face again 
Moreau would try to work with Miranda but I like the idea that she blows up at him 
I mean I don’t like her blowing up at fish baby but ya know 
Have to break it to him somehow 
I think he’d slowly come to realize after that that he doesn’t need her and he’s great on his own and now is in his old human form fishing peacefully with long dead fisherman friends 
Karl tho 
Karl would be a little upset at first? 
Like yeah MIranda’s dead 
But he’s not alive 
So even now that she’s dead he still might have to deal with her
But he can do one thing 
He gets to kill her over and over again until he gets bored of it 
And when he does? He’ll retreat to maybe some cabin he made in the mind of the megamycete, like a memory of his childhood homebefore the factory and just spend eternity tinkering there 
I also like the idea that Ethan has the copy of his home from the game like we see in the dlc and like eventually he became friends with the lords like “eh when you’re not trying to kill me it’s not so bad” 
Also i just like the idea of Karl and ethan sitting on the front porch like dad shooting the breeze with beer
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nwarrior777 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: everything i know about resident evil is 7 minutes long video with The Duke moments compilation. But it's enough for me to be The Duke fan! Why did they put him in this creepy game, i want him in a date sim... 
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dimitrescutie · 2 days ago
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the duke yelled "Countess!" but she heard Cuntest and ran with it 💅
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