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Video Store Troubles
Billy Loomis & Stu Macher x Male reader
!! DNI non mlm/nblm !!
Summary: You and Randy are working at the video store the day the curfew is implemented. Your shift starts off ordinary until his friends show up
Word count: 1,492
Wᴀʀɴɪɴɢ﹕ ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ɪs ᴋɪɴᴅᴀ ᴍᴇᴀɴ
Tumblr media
You couldn’t recall the last time the video store was this packed. With the curfew set in place due to the recent murders, the citizens of Woodsboro flocked to the establishment. It wasn’t all that surprising that they sought video entertainment, but it sure was sudden. 
Since the store’s daily crowd was sparse, the only active employees were you and Randy. Of course, there was your boss who hired you, but she was always busy with higher-up matters. With such a small town like Woodsboro, you didn’t think this many people would show up all at once. 
Luckily, you and Randy had shortened shifts in light of the curfew, so all you had to do was make it through this rush hour. He spent his time restocking the videos in their rightful place while you handled purchases at the register. 
Customer after customer, you rang people up at a rapid pace. From time to time, you would peer over at Randy, and he would be dicking around like driving the rolling cart like a maniac. You could only continue to work with clenched teeth. You would much rather be working on the floor than being the cashier, but you weren’t sure that kid even knew how to count. Not only that, but you had heard Randy getting scolded for ringing people up wrong a handful of times. Your boss trusted you substantially more than him, considering the fact he’d been fired twice. The store was dreadfully understaffed to not accept him back each time. 
You began to notice that more and more customers were leaving the store empty-handed. You swore if Randy had anything to do with that you were going to pummel him. At least the rush was dying down. 
Finally getting a moment of peace, you decide to confront Randy about his recklessness. You had enough of his disregard for the safety of customers after having witnessed him nearly crash the rolling cart into a couple. On top of that, his friend, who you’ve come to know as Stu Macher, came up behind him and knocked all the videos out of his hands. Despite that, the ginger made no attempts to reprimand his friend for his negligence. 
With a deep breath in, you approach your lax co-worker, “Randall.”
“Oh, boy,” Stu firmly pats his friend’s shoulder, silently wishing him the best of luck. 
Randy mutters something incoherent, preparing himself for a scolding.
You roll your eyes, thinking to yourself, ‘I don’t want to have this conversation just as much as you do.’
“Listen, dude, I’m not trying to be on your back or anything. I get the store busier than usual, but you can’t ride the cart around with no spatial awareness. The boss is gonna kill you if she finds out you almost hurt some of the customers, and she’s gonna be riding my ass about it, asking why I’m not a better influence on you. Just get your shit together, okay?”
Wanting to avoid conflict, Randy kept his head down as he restocked the shelves and nodded along to whatever you were going on about. 
Stu nudges your elbow, “Charming as always, Y/N,” He winks, shooting you a grin. 
“And while you’re at it, could you tell your friend here not to damage the merchandise?” You jest, ignoring him.
Stu pouts, “Aw, come on. I was just messing around. You think lil’ ol’ me could do that?” He bats his eyelashes at you in feigned innocence. 
“I don’t care what you do, but you break it, you buy it, Macher,” You huff.
“Uh-huh, sure. Hey, you’re off early ‘cause of the curfew, right? You should come to my party,” The lanky teen extends an invitation to you. 
You stare at him, baffled, “A party at your house? In the middle of nowhere? Where your nearest neighbor is like 10 miles away? While there’s a killer on the loose? No chance, man.”
Randy scoffs, “Don’t be such a party-pooper. You’re less likely to die in a house crowded with people. Besides, if Tatum’s coming, Dewey’s bound to be around somewhere.”
 “How comforting,” You remark, deadpan.
Stu hooks his arm around your shoulders, “Don’t listen to him, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve got your back, bro,” He flexes his other arm to prove himself.
“My hero,” You reply sarcastically, shrugging his arm off and making your way back to the register. 
After your talk with Randy, you expected the rest of your shift to go off without a hitch. Maybe it’s time you lowered your expectations when it comes to Randy because the next thing you know, he’s shouting at Stu.
“His body will come popping up in the last reel somewhere. Eyes gouged out, fingers cut off, teeth knocked out!”
Stu glances at you before looking back at Randy, signaling him to quiet down. “Man!” He warns him through clenched teeth. 
Randy pays him no mind, continuing his rant without caution. He frantically waves the movies in his hands, spewing nonsense. You catch the tail end of his spiel that causes the store to fall silent, “There’s a formula to it, a very simple formula! Everybody’s a suspect!”
The customer you’re ringing up pauses, their hand hovering next to yours as you were handing them their bag. 
You straighten up, clearing your throat, “Sorry about him, he’s a new hire,” You lie, giving your best customer service smile.
They nod, buying into your excuse, and scurry out the door. 
You allow your face to relax when they exit your line of sight.
The rest of the store recovers from its sudden hush as the customers resume their chattering.
Looking over at Randy, you see him trapped between Stu and another one of his friends, Billy Loomis. Sighing, you pinch your nose bridge, “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”
Movies clatter onto the floor following Billy’s decision to slap them out of Randy’s hands. “Maybe your movie-freaked mind lost its reality button. You ever think of that?” He sneers at the frightened teen, keeping a tight grip on the collar of his shirt.
Randy wishes he could take back his accusation of Billy being the killer, or at least that Billy hadn’t heard him. “You’re absolutely right, I’m the first to admit it. If this were a scary movie, I’d be the prime suspect,” He responds, truthfully.
Stu messed with Randy’s ear-lobe, “And what would be–”
“Excuse me?” You interrupt, breaking off whatever weird staring contest Stu and Billy were having. “Gentlemen,” Your use of the word is quite lenient, “if you could step away and stop harassing my co-worker, that would be greatly appreciated.” The grin plastered on your face is tight-knit, juxtaposed to your brash tone.
Billy unfurls his fist, letting go of Randy’s shirt as Stu detaches himself from the shorter teen. Randy breathes a sigh of relief, thankful you stepped in and came to his rescue. 
“And you,” Your focus is entirely on the ginger,” you’re not off the hook yet. What did I say about damaging the merchandise?” Your foot taps impatiently next to the pile of video tapes on the ground. 
“I didn’t d–” Randy stops once you raise your pointer finger at him.
“Oh, I’m not done yet. Don’t even get me started on your little rant that freaked everyone out. What were you thinking? Who am I kidding? Of course, you weren’t thinking, because who scares away customers during our busiest day!” You laugh, bewildered at the sheer audacity of his actions.
Randy’s lips purse into a straight line while he picks up the tapes. There were times when your nagging reminded him so much of his mother; This was one of those times. 
You briefly look towards the cash register where a line began to form as customers waited to pay for their things. Some checked their watches, antsy to get home before the appointed curfew.
Randy goes to place the movies back on the cart when you pluck them out of his hands, “Go work the register since it takes you ten hours to put these away.”
“Yes, captain,” He retorts, saluting you before walking away.
With Randy out of your way, all that was left were the two misfits. 
“What are you two morons staring at? Are you just gonna stand there?”
Billy shakes his head, “Nope, just admiring your hard work.”
“Yeah, man, you’re always so serious. Which is why you should come and chill out at the party,” Stu tries to convince you.
You grab the cart full of returned movies, prepared to decline when Stu catches your hand, “What’s it gonna take for you to come?”
You tap your chin in thought, “Hm, can I pick the movie we watch?”
Stu nods his head furiously, “You name it, baby, and I’ll buy it.”
You sigh, resigning yourself to their idea of fun, “Alright, what time does it start?”
Billy and Stu look at each other knowingly.
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Tumblr media
NEVE CAMPBELL has announced that she will not be returning for the next movie in the SCREAM franchise, making the sixth installment the first one without Sidney Prescott. Campbell cited a pay dispute as the reason, which prompted former costars MATTHEW LILLARD and JAMIE KENNEDY to express their opinions on the matter. Lillard compared Campbell to TOM CRUISE returning for the recent TOP GUN sequel, while Kennedy pointed to the fact that the franchise has changed hands: "It's crazy that the people behind the scenes are not paying the money to literally the face of the franchise. It's people who weren't involved from the get-go. This is everything that's wrong with the business." Kennedy added: "Neve is the final girl".
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Tumblr media
(gif isn’t mine)
He gets a fucking thrill out of pissing off your parents
after a very awkward dinner with your family, he’ll take you upstairs and fuck the shit out of you.
wanting your parents to hear the slut they raised
sneaking into your window
when he wants to take you out on a date you have to sneak out always
your parents do not like him
they see him as a boy who is not responsible and will never succeed in life
they wanted their daughter/son to date a man who will be a doctor or a lawyer
you eventually got tired of them talking bad about your soulmate so you ran away
you lived with stu for about two months before you were forced to come home
your parents made you break up with him but that didn’t stop him from seeing you
you guys stayed in a secret relationship
once the killings started he started not giving a fuck and put your parents on the kill list
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Stu Macher with a girlfriend who has big boobs
(big boobs? chile anyways)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i’m such a slut for mati bye
Well, it’s not a secret that Stu Macher is a boob guy. Like 80% of his screen time he’s talking about boobs.
It was a joke a first, your guys’ relationship. It wasn’t meant to get to serious dating just some jokes about what a “nice set of lines” you had & grouping on Stus end.
Of course, you didn’t mind it. It was never anything to extreme, for example if you were at the end of a party with him & you two found yourself sleepy on the couch he’d grab at them for comfort.
“Mmm that feels good.” Your sleepy voice rang. “Yeah?” “Yeah, I like it.” “Hm that’s good baby.” As he continues to massage them, occasionally tugging at your nipples.
One time while playing truth or dare with your group, Randy dared you to let Stu suck them (things got weird that night ok) & you did it.
Stu payed Randy $20 to dare you
Anyways, you guys officially started dating a few weeks after that night.
He started to sexualize you a lot less and became a lot more romantic
Bringing you flowers after class
Using & teaching you his secret language (pig latin)
He’d rub your back whenever you’d say it hurts from a day of carrying those things around (Lolol)
He’d massage them to soothe the muscle pain.
But don’t get me wrong he’d still slut you out and i mean
titty fucking
spitting on them
bitting so rough that sometimes it’ll draw blood
he’d keep you safe from billy though, i genuinely believe for the right girl stu would save her.
he’d take you shopping for new bras because the wires liked the come out of yours 🙄
if theres a dress you like & it fits kind of weird because of you boobs, he’d paid to have it tailored
of course you’d have to do a fashion show for him
he loves the silhouette of your body in his over sized sweaters
he’s bottom for you ngl
that is all, bye 
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7 minutes in heaven | stu macher x fem!reader
Tumblr media
a/n: a little feedback would be appreciated! please feel free to comment!
scream masterlist
warnings : drinking, smut, p in v, light fingering, grinding, language, slight dub-con elements 18+ mentions of being a prude, very slight degradation, infidelity (?) breeding kink (?) unprotected sex.
word count: 3852
by clicking forward you agree that you are of age, and have read the warnings, i am not responsible for your media consumption!
randy and stu had planned a get together for the group. that consisting of themselves, billy, tatum, sidney, and of course you. it wasn't supposed to be anything crazy just a couple of beers and flicks. but as the alcohol coursed it's way through the groups systems- everyone began growing restless.
"c'mon man, i'm fucking bored. let's jazz up this snooze fest," stu said throwing his hand in the air annoyed at how things were currently going, everything was quiet and a bit awkward, the group of friends gawked around at the walls and decor as the ending credits to nightmare on elm street played on the tv.
"i got an idea," randy quipped before taking a fairly large swig of beer, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
"that's what i'm talking about lay it on me freak," stu said clapping his hands, before rubbing them together
"what about 7 minutes in heaven," randy said grinning as he shrugged, a cheeky look upon his face.
"the only ones single here are you and y/n dill weed," tatum said as she glared at randy with a disapproving look.
"i mean as long as everyone consents it could be some good fun," randy said raising his hands beside his shoulders as he shrugged.
"yeah i'm game," stu said with a sardonic grin etched on his face.
"i don't know guys..." sidney said sheepishly, biting at her lip. "what if someone gets jealous? is this really smart?"
"sid, we're all friends here loosen up," billy said nudging her teasingly. "plus no one would go too far. like randy said, as long as everyone consents."
"yeah, right. plus no one's gonna get down and dirty with the person they're dating in the other room. we'll keep it tv-14," randy stated placing his empty beer on the table.
"y/n what do you think?" tatum asked as she crossed her arms, putting you in the limelight, something you always dreaded.
"oh well, uh. i don't care really, i'm down if you and sid are," you said shrugging, you didn't want to seem so excited to feel up your friends' boyfriends while locked in a closet, but you also didn't want to be a prude. sidney and tatum exchanged looks before glancing at their grinning boyfriends. sid nodded her head shyly.
"what the hell i guess. let's play," tatum said before finishing her drink in hand.
"how are we gonna do this," billy asked, looking in randy's direction.
"well we'll spin the bottle, the person who spun, and the person it lands on get locked in the closet for 7 minutes. quite simple," randy said with a sly grin.
"sounds easy," sidney said as everyone began to shuffle around to even out the angles of which the bottle would spin. you were sitting between tatum and randy, across from sidney, billy, and stu.
"whose going first?" you asked, silently hoping it wasn't you, you weren't exactly ready to be shoved into a dark closet with one of your dear friends.
"i'll do it. just know, what happens in the closet, stays in the closet," randy said, practically pouncing at the chance to get one of you guys alone. he eagerly spun the bottle, you all eyed it in anticipation as it began to slow down, your heart rate started to pick up each time it neared you. but thankfully, it didn't land on you, it landed on tatum. you saw a disgruntled look flash across stu's face but it left as quickly as it appeared, replaced with an all too knowing grin. tatum rolled her eyes as she stood up and outstretched her hand to randy helping him up.
everyone at this point got up to watch tatum and randy be ushered in the closet. it wasn't too spacious and there were plenty of coats on the coat rack, and a few boxes on the shelf, your mind wandered to what would you could even do in there with that little space, but that wasn't for you to worry about right now. you were drawn out of your thoughts as you heard the lock turn on the closet door.
"have fun kids. don't do anything i wouldn't do," stu said speaking to the pair through the door.
"what are we gonna do while we wait?" sidney said as we all made our way back to the table.
"a little bit of truth or dare?" stu said in the form of a question as he set the timer down on the table. no one protested stu's idea, which seemed to inflate his ego as his face beamed with maniacal joy.
"okay, y/n truth or dare?" stu asked you as he eyed you up and down, you decided to try and play it safe and say truth, which you should've known was a mistake.
"truth," you said flashing him a small smile, sipping your beer.
"which one of us would you rather fuck?" stu asked so casually, causing you to do a spit take, choking on your beer.
"uh.. actually, dare," you said as you gathered your breath.
"tsk tsk tsk.. that isn't how it works y/n," stu said sucking his teeth, grinning at you, making your cheeks heat up.
"no it's fine, i have a dare for her," billy said smiling, his eyes not once leaving your face as his arm was strewn around sidney's shoulder.
"looks like you're off the hook this time." stu scoffed, before laughing briefly.
"i dare you to sit on stu's lap until the next round," billy said before his eyes skipped from you to stu's, it's as if they were communicating through glances.
"uhm. sid. help me." you mouthed to her, she shrugged causing you to glare at her. you wanted her to scold her boyfriend for putting you in that position.
"billy give her another dare. i'm sure tatum wouldn't appreciate having someone on her boyfriends lap," sidney said elbowing billy lightly
"c'mon don't be a prude, we're all friends here. we're just having fun. plus, i'm sure she's in there doing god knows what, probably getting finger blasted by randy- right now." billy shrugged
"i-" before you could even get your words out stu picked you up placing you in his lap, throwing a arm around your waist, almost possessively, but you didn't dare move, you were shocked to say the least.
"sidney, your turn to ask," stu said. you decided to try and get comfortable, you did have another 5 minutes till the next round. you tried to lift yourself a bit to adjust on his lap, but you were met with something prodding at your ass.
"uhm stu, can you move your flashlight, or whatever the hell that is," you whispered wiggling trying to make yourself comfortable.
"what flashlight?" he chuckled pulling you impossibly closer to him, making sure you felt it against you, and there was no doubt you were mistaken, that definitely wasn't a flashlight, you felt him throb against you, his sweats and your leggings not providing enough of a barrier between the two of you.
"i- i uh." you felt yourself growing hot, as your face grew flushed bashfully, you didn't know what to do with yourself, you felt arousal pooling at your core, you cursed yourself for feeling this way about him. you were dragged out of your self deprecation as stu shook you, the group staring at you.
"what-?" you asked as you looked at sidney.
"are you okay y/n? you look a little flustered." sidney asked looking you over
"yeah i'm fine why?" you asked hoping sidney was oblivious to the internal conflict you were dealing with.
"well you kinda dozed off, it's your turn to ask," sidney said shrugging
"oh, uhm okay. sid i dare you to take a shot of ever clear," you said with a smirk
"ever clear?! are you trying to kill me? that shits 190 proof," she said her eyes wide.
"you'll live," you said with a wink. "i'll pour it for you," you said attempting to excusing yourself, pushing off stu by his hips, but your attempt was futile.
"billy's got it," stu said with a chuckle, thrusting his hips up into you as he pulled you back against him, but no one seemed to pay it any mind. you felt his erection prodding at your core. you swallowed thickly as you suppressed your instincts to moan at the feeling of him pressed against you. you watched as billy ushered sidney out the room as he grinned at stu. you weren't sure what that was about, if was he aware of what stu's lewd shenanigans.
"i know you feel how bricked i am," stu said his hands gripping your hips holding you in place, your breathing hitched, you weren't quite sure how to respond, you felt like a slut for allowing this to go on as long as it has, your eyes drifted to the timer, three minutes still left on the clock.
"shit," you moaned out as stu began to slowly rock you back and forth against his length, it was all you could muster. the feeling of his cock pressing against your clit a bit too euphoric for it to be something so erroneous.
"this could all be yours if you want it," stu said, pressing you against him harder, using more pressure as he grinds against you, you could feel your arousal trickling through your folds, you prayed silently that it wouldn't leak through onto stu's grey sweats.
"mm, stu thi- this is wrong," you moaned out lowly, stu slid his right hand between your legs, fondling your folds trough the dampened fabric, your legs spreading a little wider, not by your own volition, it's as if stu had you in a lust induced trance
"your pussy seems to disagree, you're fucking soaked kitten," stu groaned into your ear. as his fingers pinched at your clit with just enough pressure to send you reeling. his other hand slipped under your shirt as he groped at your chest, still rutting himself against you with no restrain
"fucking hell," you moaned, reveling in the feeling of his cock pressing against you in all the places it mattered, stu rubbed slow pressure filled circles against your clit, teasing you as he continued to rock you against him. you heard him groan, clearly he was indulging in this just as much as you were if not even more. much to your dismay, stu pulled his hands away from your breast, and clit returning them to your hips, you sighed with a whimper as your back arched craving more of his touch. but stu stilled all movements and you were pulled from your pleasure drunk state as you heard sidney's giggles nearing the two of you. you did your best to pull yourself together, straightening your shirt and closing your legs.
"god y/n that was literally disgusting," sidney said as she plopped in the couch in front of you guys.
the timer began buzzing erratically, the alarm blaring you shot up from stu's lap. he grabbed a pillow cushion of the couch and pulled it over his lap, hiding his otherwise very noticeable erection.
"times up, we should go let them out. yeah? yeah," you said practically stumbling over your own two feet, making your way this the linen closet, unlocking the door, you opened it a bit too keenly. you saw randy fumbling with his belt.
tatum slipped past you out the closet, keeping her eyes low, making her way back to the group. you turned around leaving randy in the closet to finish straightening his belt. seeing them caught in the middle of whatever has transpired made you feel somewhat relieved, maybe you didn't need to feel so guilty for what took place between you and stu.
you made your way to the group, you saw tatum sitting what you found now to be annoyingly close to stu, you weren't sure why it bothered you so much now, after all, that is her boyfriend, not yours. something you shouldn't need to remind yourself. you found yourself sitting next to billy. you crossed your arms as you grimaced at the couple, however you did realize stu wasn't returning her affections, which you liked a bit more than you should have.
"trouble in paradise?" billy whispered in your ear slyly, as he leaned toward you eying the couple, it made you chuckle. a few moments later, randy had returned, the order had officially changed, it was now sidney billy, then you, across from randy tatum and stu.
"who's spinning next?" randy asked a jubilant grin on his face.
"i'll go." you spoke, volunteering all to quickly, which unbeknownst to you caught stu's attention. you reached for the bottle and spun it with a little oomph. you watched the bottle as it twirled and twirled, it began slowing down,
"oh my god guys! what's that?!" billy shouted pointing towards the window, everyone looked in the direction of the window, searching for any sign of what billy was referring too.
"damn, false alarm." he said chuckling, he pulled sidney closer to him laying a kiss atop of her forehead. you rolled your eyes at his stupid antics.
you looked back to the bottle and the neck of it was pointed to no one other than stu. you felt your cheeks heat up, you looked at billy he shrugged at you nonchalantly before giving you a subtle wink. which could only mean one thing- this was his doing.
"looks like it's me and you kitten," stu said as he stood up walking over to you, before you could protest- not that you were, he grabbed you by your waist before lifting you over his shoulder carrying you to the closet.
"stu i can walk you ass-hat," you said patting at his back to which he just chuckled setting you down once you reached the closet stu placed you back on your feet.
"what i can't carry you and be a gentleman," he asked, faux hurt crossing his face as he held his chest. there was a thickness in the air, maybe it was all in your imagination but it seemed like everyone sensed it maybe not randy, he was too enveloped in his excitement from whatever happened between him and tatum.
"that was more caveman style, but hey! can't blame you for getting confused." randy said shrugging before he leaned against the side table mainly used for decor.
"shut up ass-wipe." stu pinched randy's nose between his index and middle fingers.
you rolled your eyes at their banter as you opened the closet door, you looked at stu with a raised eyebrow.
"you coming?" you asked, your voice a little lower and richer than you intended
"tuh, fuck yeah," stu said under his breath, but it didn't seem to slip past tatum ears as she scoffed and turned on her hills back toward the living room.
you walked in the small linen closet stu right on your heels. soon as the door closed with a click, stu's lips were planted on yours as he began making quick work of your button up blouse.
"seven minutes isn't much, but we can make it work can't we?" stu said as he began pressing his lips to your neck kissing and sucking, it definitely seemed as if he were marking you, there would be dark maroon hickeys in a few moments.
his hand slipped into your panties as he chuckled feeling what a mess you made earlier while you were seated on his lap.
"what a little slut you are, look at how fucking wet you are for my cock, hmm?" stu said, slipping two fingers in causing you to moan, your head pressed against the wall as you bit your lip. he was curling his fingers in an attempt to open you up, but he didn't need to do much as his hand was flooded by a river of your arousal. "my dick isn't even in you yet and you're whimpering like a bitch in heat."
you opened your eyes once again when you felt him slip his hand out of your panties. he turned you around, the only noise heard was the click of his belt as he unbuckled it. you pulled down your panties and leggings all in one go, feeling a bit embarrassed at how eager you were.
"i don't have a condom." stu groaned, you chuckled a bit you never pegged him for the safe sex type, but that was a good thing.
"i'm on the pill, so as long as your clean-" you started before you were cutoff.
"fuck yeah i'm clean." stu grabbed your hip with one hand as he began teasing his dick through your folds with his other hand. you whimpered as he prodded at your core, he slid his tip in just a smidge before sliding back and doing it again, teasing you.
"i wanna hear you beg for my cock," he said lightly nibbling at your ear slightly,fisting his cock, making sure to spread the precum, you froze slightly, still unsure if you even wanted to give in.
"stu-" you began in an apathetic response, which wasn't what he wanted to hear.
his hand reached your hair pulling your head back a little bit so his mouth would be directly over your ear, before he whispered sharply.
and that was all you needed to hear before you were begging like a puppy.
"fuck stu please just fuck me," you moaned, pushing back just enough for his tip to slip fully inside you.
"fuck, doll," stu groaned as he sank you back on him inch by inch, watching as his length slowly disappear into you. he began thrusting shallowly as he tried to find a rhythm that would please you both, he bit his lip from a combination of the pleasure and concentration.
"how much time do you think we have left babe?" stu asked grunting almost to him self as he thrusted into you, uttering a few fucks under his breath. he struggled to keep his breathing steady as he took in the feeling of your pussy gripping his cock. your walls were wet and warm as your pussy welcomed him deeper inside you.
"s'probably five minutes," you rasped out, closing your eyes as he found your spot, making you arch your back, your ass curving against him, pushing him into places you're not even sure have been reached before. his hands were on your hips as his grip progressively got tighter. your warm walls, enveloped his dick, pulsing around him, making him groan as he continued to split you open.
"so fucking tight for me huh doll?" stu questioned, continuing to drag you back and for on his length. it caused the most obscene noise, your pussy squelching as he drove his cock into you with vigor. your sopping wet cunt stretching around him. the feeling he gave you, like you'd seen a little slice of heaven. your eyes were shut tightly as your mouth hung agape.
stu's brutal pace kept your words locked in your throat from the pleasure you were receiving. you felt every vein as his cock passed through your velvet channel. a warmth started to build in your stomach, you felt slightly embarrassed that stu was able to elicit an approaching orgasam so fast.
"how we doin doll?" stu questioned, a soft pant leaving his mouth as he let his head fall back in pleasure. you hummed in response, too cock drunk to answer properly. stu paused before pulling out.
"stuu," you whined, not caring how needy you sounded, your pussy pulsed around nothing as it leaked your slick. you pushed your ass back, feeling his cock slip past your folds as you tried to entice him. his cock just barely caught on your entrance before you heard him in your ear.
"be a good cockslut and answer me when i'm talking to you," stu gritted as he snapped his hips forward, you were filled to the hilt as you felt him grind his strokes into you.
"fuck-! stu-" stu placed his hand over your mouth, silencing you as he drove his hips into you faster.
"shh you can't be too loud." he chuckled. "we wouldn't want them knowing what a little slut you are for me huh?"
you had one hand on top of stu's, the hand he was using to keep you quiet. your other hand on the wall to keep your balance as stu plowed into you from behind. you felt his cock twitch as it dragged past your walls. you were getting close, and stu could feel your walls contracting around him, his dick throbbing faster. it felt euphoric as you mewled into his hand.
"you gonna be a good girl and stay quiet if i move my hand?" stu asked, you hummed as you nodded "good."
"i'm gonna cum soon doll, tell me where you want it huh? want me to fill your cunt with my seed, hmm?" stu grunted as he slipped his hand between your thighs toying with your clit.
"fuck-! yess, stu yes!" you whisper-shouted, trying to remain quiet as he rearranged your whole thought process let alone your guts.
"want me to send you out there dripping my cum?" his fingers circling your clit faster causing you to gasp as you struggled to form a sentence. you settled for a nod, the only thing leaving your mouth were soft moans and whimper.
a final harsh thrust of stu's hips sent you reeling, your cum covering his cock as your walls rapidly squeezed around him, gripping his cock like a vice, stu spilled his seed into you. he held you flush against him as he grinded into you, doing his best to prolong the feeling of your highs. thick white ropes of his cum painted your walls, you could feel it as it started to seep out of your pussy, and down your legs.
the sound of the timer could be heard in the distance. stu took his time pulling out before he reached down and pulled your panties and leggings up, helping you stand up straight. the foot steps grew closer, to the door, but stu still hasn’t even tucked himself away yet.
“stu!” you whisper-shouted, grabbing his dick and tucking it in his boxers quickly before rushing to get the belt through the buckle, zipping him up before the door flew open at the hands of a very gleeful randy. your face flushed as you felt you’d been caught in the act.
billy let out a cat-calling whistle before he clicked his tongue twice. abashedly you dropped your hands from stu’s zipper, walking out the closet, stu grabbed your hand before you could get two far from him, ducking down to whisper in your ear.
“next time you grab my dick like that, you better be doing more than tucking it away.”
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hoppercroakington3 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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cvasquez · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Best year ever?
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slimylizalfosman · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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polyghostfacehours · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Based on science.
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billys-lover · 7 months ago
billy x reader imagine where stu outs your feelings for each other and it forces you guys to finally admit it? 🤍
bad liar (b.l x fem!reader)
AN: i’m finally posting!!! i’m so sorry i’ve been so inactive. i’m trying to get to ships and requests so hopefully those will slowly come out within the next little bit!
Tumblr media
warnings: swear words and.. i think that's it!
word count: 818
Tumblr media
“i’m sorry jackass, maybe next time ask me for more than one bag of popcorn.” y/n pouted, shoving stu in the shoulder playfully.
it was movie night for the woodsboro trio, but due to the fact that stu didn’t quite like waiting for billy, who was almost always late, he had started eating and half the bag of popcorn was already gone.
“look maybe if your boyfriend would get here quickly then we wouldn’t be in this predicament!” stu said, flicking the girl in the hip.
“he’s not my boyfriend dumbass, let’s not jump to conclusions.” she said, her face turning a pretty pink.
the taller man laughed, about to make a joke about the blush that had set onto her face but the door pounded, the both of them knowing it was billy.
the two looked at each other, mentally challenging each other to see who could get to the door first and with that, they both made a b-line to the door, stu winning.
“asshole i was supposed to get here first!” she whined, but the man next to her laughed as he opened the door.
billy was unfazed, sending a glare towards stu snd a smile towards the girl beside him. “next time try to be a bit more quiet, could hear the two of you through the door.” he teased, pushing past stu to get into the living room.
with the three of them in the living room, y/n laid down on the both of them, more specifically her head in billy’s lap and her feet in stu’s, and with that, the movie started.
they had settled on night of the living dead. well, stu had settled on night of the living dead, the other two not really having a choice.
about half way through the taller man cleared his throat and spoke, not letting his words register into his brain before he started, “you know if you two would actually date and just admit you love one another instead of coming to me and telling me how you feel, i think you'd guys would be a lot like barbara and ben if they worked-”
mid way through the sentence, he had realized what he said. “i’m.. um” stu stuttered, turning back to the tv and hoping they hadn't heard what he just said.
but of course they had.
“what'd you just say?” billy asked, perking up from his slouching position.
y/n though, went pale. a cold, clammy pale.
stu internally cringed and got up from the couch. “i’m gonna go grab some snacks. you two can talk!”
and with that he left, leaving billy and y/n alone.
it was silent, but the boy spoke up. “you really feel that way about me, sweetheart?” he asked, slightly nudging her shoulder, the girl still beyond embarrassed.
she got up, sitting beside him with her hands in her lap.
“i do. i really, really like you and i have for god knows how long,” she started, her fingers picking at her leggings before continuing. “but i don’t want to ruin this friendship if you don’t feel the same way. look, if this is one-sided, please lets just forget about this. i’m-”
but her sentence was cut short, billy’s lips finding their way to hers. it was weird, a feeling she had been longing for taking over every emotion. her body went hot, her hands flying to his hair, trying to grasp onto the fact that he was here, she was here, and this was finally happening.
after days and nights of literally dreaming about this moment, it was happening.
just not in the context that she thought.
never in a million years did they think that stu slipping up would land them in this position.
they pulled away for a breath, a smile finding its way onto y/n’s face.
“didn't think a pretty girl like you actually had the hots for me.” billy teased, running his thumb over her cheekbone softly.
“you're such a fuckrag,” she laughed, placing another kiss onto his lips before continuing, “i don’t know about you but i always thought i was a bit obvious with my feelings towards you.”
he hummed, a smirk forming on his face, a laugh ripping through his form.
“my god, never in my life did i think i’d be confessing my feelings towards you in stu macher’s living room.”
she smiled, placing one last kiss on his lips before stu came back.
“wanna quit sucking face now that im back?” he teased, placing three bottles of water onto the coffee table.
y/n and billy parted, laughing at stu and his comment.
the movie continued, y/n back in her original position on the two boys, billys hand now in her hair, twirling the ends of her tresses.
“by the way guys, my mom and dad’s room is free if you guys wanna have fun.” he said.
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justsparklingwords · 8 months ago
How do you think reader would react to her boyfriends Billy and Stu telling her they have to kill one of her friends?
This is how I would imagine it would go:
Billy’s holding you from behind while you hold onto his arms for support. What he just told you makes you want to faint.
“Kill Randy?” Repeating his words tasted like vile. “But...but Randy is my best friend! Does he have to die?”
“Shhh it’s okay, sweetheart, don’t cry,” Stu wipes the tears from your flushed cheeks.
“He has to die, he’s too smart and will figure us out. He’ll turn us in to the cops and we’ll be separated from each other. You don’t want that to happen, do you, baby? You don’t want to be away from us, right?”
You had a blank look on your face. Of course you didn’t want your boyfriends to get taken away from you, just the thought of it made you sick. But you also didn’t want Randy to die. You and him had been friends since elementary school and did everything together. Hell, he’s the one who introduced you to Billy and Stu.
Someone had to go, though. And it won’t be the loves of your life.
“No, no you’re right. He has to die.”
Stu and Billy give each other knowing, shit eating grins. “That’s our good girl.”
Sorry for killing your boyfriend @thirsting4slashers but it had to be done. It hurt me, too.
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geekforhorror · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i’m not fucking ok rn bc of the original ending of Scream 1996 like i really wanted Randy to get the girl so now i’m just sobbing ☹️
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daisytachi · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"You fucking hit me with the phone, DICK!"
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mrsnancywheeler · 6 months ago
what's your favorite scary movie? || stu macher
stu macher x reader
warnings: ghostface call, threats, fear, toxic relationship (stu has a weird thing for playing hero to reader and wants to see how much she trusts him), mention of violent murder, blood, knives, established relationship, angst, hurt/comfort, reader thinks it's randy at first, stu is kinda the worst but we love him, slut shaming of casey becker by stu , reader is called a final girl but not really gender specific besides that
not proofread
please leave feedback and hope you enjoy, it's been a while! 💋
Tumblr media
"Fuck!" You exclaim as the glass shatters on the floor. Water spilling across the kitchen tiles with shards of glass spreading across it. You'd been out getting snacks for movie night and finally ready for a break and some hydration, but now this. You groaned to yourself as you grabbed the paper towels and the broom.
Ring! Ring! Ring!
You jumped, hand pushing onto one of the shards. The sharp sting made you bite your lip as you got up to answer the phone.
"Hello." A sultry voice was on the other end, the artificialness almost made you shiver.
"Who is this?" You studied the cut on your hand, the blood dripping down your palm.
"Who are you?"
"God, Randy, is this one of those stupid prank calls. If I told Sid about it, she'd kill you."
"It's not a prank, I want to know who I'm talking to."
"The person who you called, dumbass." You rolled your eyes.
"So you're alone in the house."
"Yes Randy, what are you gonna do? Gut me?" You laughed, but there was no sound on the other end.
"I'm not Randy."
"Sure you're not. You're a crazy murderer coming to stab me for having sex with my boyfriend. I'm so terrified." You pressed your lips to the cut as it began to sting more, hoping the pressure would make the blood stop before rubbing your palm down your pants.
"Do you have a boyfriend?" The voice sounded genuinely curious.
"Wow, Randy, I had no idea you were such an actor. Stu and I literally were picking out videos a few hours ago."
"His name is Stu?"
"Give it up, Randy! I'm hanging up!" Before he could reply you hung up, putting the phone down. You turned to grab the paper towels and the ringing started again. You sighed as you grabbed it.
"Randy stop it, I'm gonna tell Stu about this and he'll beat your ass."
"I'm not Randy! Hang up on me again and I'll string you up like Casey Becker!" The voice was venemous. You froze, that definitely wasn't Randy.
"W-what?" Your forced it out.
"C'mon, you heard me Y/N. You don't want me to hurt your boyfriend do you?"
You shook your head, regardless of him not being able to see you. You were pissed at yourself, you'd told him Stu's name, what if he got gutted like Steven Orth? And how did he know yours?
"What do you want?" Your voice shook, fuck him, fuck this.
"To play a game, that simple." You could hear him smiling.
"What kind of game?"
"Good girl. Do you like scary movies?"
You bit your lip, you needed a plan. You took a deep breath, "Yes."
"What's your favorite scary movie?"
Fuck it. "The one where the killer calls the poor girl, alone in her house and then she stabs him with her stilleto. Then her boyfriend shows up, sees the killer, and hangs him up like Casey Becker." You slammed the phone down. Fuck your own life, you needed to check on Stu.
You paced the kitchen floor as the phone rang, hoping it was just because he was on his way. "Shit!" You slammed your hand on the counter when he didn't pick up.
The phone rang in your hands and you screamed, slipping on the water. Hissing as your arm hit the class tears bubbling up.
"Fuck you!" You screamed as you answered.
"I told you not to hang up, Y/N."
"Look, my boyfriend's a lot stronger than Steven Orth and I swear to god, he'll fucking murder you!"
"I just want to play a game, be good and I won't rip out your intestines, baby." He almost sounded sympathetic, you were messing up his game, and he wanted it back on track.
"I'll call the police! Please, just leave me alone!" You sobbed as you tried to scramble out of the mess of glass and water. Falling back down and screaming when the pain mixed with the anxiety.
"You're so much more entertaining than Casey was, Y/N. All she did was 'No. No. No' She was a liar and a slut. You're so loyal, maybe you should be the final girl." He mocked Casey's voice, he was mocking you. Finally you pulled yourself up, wincing at the tiny pins of glass covering you. Your arms scratched and bleeding. You grabbed a knife from the drawer.
"You're sick! I'm not scared of you."
He tutted, "Don't start lying now, baby, I know you're trembling. You look so pretty scared." Once again you froze before running to pulls the blinds and curtains on all the windows and check the locks.
"I swear he'll kill you!" You yelled and then the doorbells rang, causing you to scream louder. Tears blurring your vision as you held the knife in front of you. Holding the phone to your chest as you slowly opened the door, peeking around the crack.
"Y/N?" A voice asked, a voice that instantly comforted you. You dropped the knife and swung open the door.
"Stu!" You sobbed as you ran to hug him. Before pushing away, hitting his chest. "Fuck you!"
"For what?" He was so confused, yet there was something in his eyes that you didn't understand, that unsettled you.
"I called and you didn't fucking answer!" You hit his chest again, smudging your blood on it as you cried.
"I'm sorry, baby!" His lanky frame shrugged, "I brought beer?" He had some sort of smile that usually would make you laugh, but now it only pissed you off.
"Cause that's obviously what I fucking care about!" You yelled, thrusting the phone at him.
"No, of course not. Y/N you're bleeding." He grabbed your hand instead, observing it. He looked mad, but not at you.
"I-I dropped a glass, but Stu the fucking killer called me!" You forced the phone into his hand. "He kept threatning to kill you just like Steve and you weren't picking up!" You felt fresh tears coming and turned around.
Stu held the phone to his ear, only getting a busy signal. "I'm sorry." His tone was so different, but it felt odd, not like the usual concerned Stu. He gently grabbed you and guided you inside, setting the phone down and noticing the knife on the floor. "What, were you gonna gut Ghostface?" His joking demeanor was back, but at least he sounded like he cared.
"Since you weren't here when I needed you, yeah." You spat, pulling away. You grabbed the knife from him and walked into the kitchen to put it away. He caught up to you, pulling on your arm causing you to hiss.
"You're hurt." He pulled his hand away, it was a lot more than he expected. "Y/N, I'm sorry. I'm here." He lifted you to put on the counter.
Your stubbormes made you avoid his eyes, his hand on your chin. He pressed a kiss one of the cuts and took the knife away from you again.
"I'm gonna take care of you, baby. Like I was supposed to do earlier." And you fell into it, his attention and validation, took away the feeling his lack of tact and callousness.
"As long as you clean up." You let a smile force out as you quickly kiss him.
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enbybookgeek · 6 months ago
Scream 1996 Headcanons(SFW)
includes sidney, billy, tatum, stu, randy and dewey. reader's gender is not specified so gender neutral:)
pretty short headcanons. Mainly because I��m lazy
Warning: Slight NSFW mentions(not extreme) and obsession.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Would 100% be protective of you, due to past experiences of losing loved ones under "mysterious" circumstances, aka ghostface.
-She would be very soft to her s/o, so very much a cuddly type of girl.
-Jealousy rate is 3/10, she definitely trusts you, so i feel like she wouldn't get jealous. But of course, can get a tiny bit jealous if some flirts with you.
-Sidney might be slow with trusting you after Billy fooled her, but she would end up trusting her s/o, knowing you were different.
-This girl loves affection, but not entirely PDA, maybe hand-holding at the most?
-Sidney is pretty insecure, but not for reasons people might assume, so she would kinda assume sometimes you don't truly love her, but you assure her every single time you do.
-Sidney has intimacy issues so it would take her a while to be intimate with you but you’re pretty patient:)
-She tries to be there for you as much as possible and tries to keep you safe if a ghostface is in town. It really depends though if her s/o listens or not.
-in private she’s a pretty affection person and would rather spend her free time with you than anyone else:)
-Sidney would be in-between little spoon and big spoon, she would like cuddling but again she would have to be in a serious relationship for any of that, not a one-night stand type of girl.
-If her s/o is taller than her, she would like it because height doesn’t matter same thing if her s/o was short, height isn’t the biggest thing in a relationship.
-you two would probably have been very close best friends before dating, She doesn’t really date random people that she’s known for not that long.
Tumblr media
-what can I say besides the fact that this man is completely fluffy? or is he really?
-in some situations, Stu can be manipulative towards you when he wants to be. For someone who Is always cheery he has a dark side.
-of course Stu stalks his s/o, mainly as ghostface so he won't get noticed.
-he’s a very cuddly person and also a big spoon, but sometimes he can be the little spoon, I really depends.
-Stu’s a very clingy person which is canon-? Idk for sure but it seems to be. His parents are never really home so having no parental figure he’s clingy and attentive.
-if you’re small, he loves it, sometimes teases you about it, but not all the time.
-if his s/o is taller, he also loves it, a tall partner is a win-win.
-as for your intimate life, he’s kind of on board with that and loves fucking, dom/sub it doesn’t matter to him:)
-Stu still is ghostface though so he does kill for you. Sometimes tries to scare you because he thinks it’s hot when you don’t enjoy it.
-I would say jealousy scale is a 7/10, you wouldn’t know that though by the looks of it but he is. Once again a very attentive and clingy person if anyone touches what is his then it’s over for them.
- he does get jealous of Billy occasionally, but he trusts his partner in crime.
-unlike Sidney I don’t think it matters to him if he’s known you his entire life or only a week, He could fall for you instantly.
Tumblr media
-He’s a bit more complicated than Sidney and Stu just in the way he is a psycho but I’ll try.
-not really a big fan of affection, at least publicly and it depends on his mood. He’s got mommy issues so he does love affection if he’s in the mood.
-Jealousy scale is 100000/10, this man will not think twice about killing for you, at least as ghostface. He can contain his jealousy at like school or in public.
-tbh you were going to be his victim until he fell for you. He normally wouldn’t fall for someone so fast but you were different.
-so he kinda got obsessed with you, possessive as well. You’re his and his only, nobody else’s.
-sometimes Stu will help Billy kill people close to you or people who’ve wronged you in his eyes, delusional? Maybe.
-this might be Yandere? Idk, this is canon considering Billy’s a psycho. his possessiveness does bother you sometimes.
-despite falling for you fast he would have to have known you for a while, just like Sidney. He’s a hopeless romantic like Stu.
-Possessiveness is like 1000000000/10, He is a killer, after all.
-very manipulative, convincing you to date him in the first place.
-Like Stu, he would stalk you and get to know you before you became his s/o.
-guarantee that your life changes forever<3
Tumblr media
-she’s a cool and chill person, so She would convince her s/o to do crazy shit, like getting high or going to parties.
-very confident and tries to boost your self-confident a lot, if her s/o is self-conscious:)
-I don’t think Tatum is a very jealous person so her jealousy scale would be 1/10? That’s the lowest so she trusts you a lot. -being her s/o, you would join the friend group and maybe get along with everyone? it depends. if you're shy then maybe not.
-If her s/o is confident, then you would get along with her friends. You both would go well together<3
-Tatum would be intimate with you as soon as possible, with consent and would be soft with you.
-You would join her on her wild shit:)
-Being Tatum's s/o, you would get invited to the cool parties and sometimes get drunk with your gf<3
-She would be there for you in your darkest times and just in general, always supporting you and defending you.
Tumblr media
-Randy is a huge softie, so guarantee he would be fluffy with you and cuddle you whenever possible<3
-You would watch a ton of horror movies, even though he could be very into them and go a little crazy.
-He is more protective than jealous? I could see that but i would give his jealousy a 3/10, i guess?
-If his s/o was a horror geek too, he would be pretty happy someone shared the same interest as him.
-Like Sidney, He would have had been close friends for a while before falling for you, just because he would know you pretty well, so dating you would be pretty easy.
-He would be very understanding and also your #1 supporter besides your parents if you had a good relationship with them.
-You sometimes visit him working at the movie star, kind of mess with him but not too often, you don't want to get him fired.
-Both of you are total dorks, but that is what makes you compatible:)
Tumblr media
-Like Randy, is a TOTAL Softie, but a bit insecure because he thinks you could do a lot better. But you assure him several times that he is good enough for you.
-Dewey is a bit shy so if his s/o was outgoing and an extrovert, he would be a bit overwhelmed but would love you anyways.
-sometimes, he is the big spoon, but could be the little spoon occasionally.
-Jealousy scale would be 5/10, but not extreme and is mainly due to insecurity and regret.
-He tries to protect you as much as possible because he couldn't save his little sister <3
-Very supportive and caring towards his s/o, comforting you whenever you need him.
-If Ghostface returns and you two are dating, he would try and keep you out of it, for your safety.
-So in general, Dewey is a pretty good bf:)
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