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headspace-hotel · a month ago
My random unsubstantiated hypothesis of the day: the popularity of "stim" videos, fidget toys, and other things like that is a warning sign that something's Deeply Wrong with our world.
Don't freak out. I am autistic. These things are not bad. However, can we just...take a second to notice how weird it is that there are entire social media accounts full of 10-second videos of things making crunching noises, people squishing slime in their hands, and objects clacking together, and that enjoying them is mainstream and normal?
It seems that nowadays, almost everyone exhibits sensory-seeking behavior, when just a decade ago, the idea of anyone having "sensory needs" was mostly obscure. It is a mainstream Thing to "crave" certain textures or repetitive sounds.
What's even weirder, is that it's not just that "stim" content is mainstream; the way everything on the internet is filmed seems to look more like "stim" content. TikToks frequently have a sensory-detail-oriented style that is highly unusual in older online content, honing in on the tactile, visual and auditory characteristics of whatever it's showing, whether that's an eye shadow palette or a cabin in a forest.
When an "influencer" markets their makeup brand, they film videos that almost...highlight that it's a physical substance that can be smudged and smeared around. Online models don't just wear clothes they're advertising, they run their hands over them and make the fabric swish and ripple.
I think this can be seen as a symptom of something wrong with the physical world we live in. I think that almost everyone is chronically understimulated.
Spending time alone in the forest has convinced me of this. The sensory world of a forest is not only much richer than any indoor environment, it is abundant with the sorts of sensations that people seem to "crave" chronically, and the more I've noticed and specifically focused on this, the more I've noticed that the "modern" human's surroundings are incredibly flat in what they offer to the senses.
First of all, forests are constantly permeated with a very soft wash of background noise that is now often absent in the indoor world. The sound of wind through trees has a physiological effect you can FEEL. It's always been a Thing that people are relaxed by white noise, which leads to us being put at ease by the ambient hum of air conditioning units, refrigerators and fans. But now, technology has become much more silent, and it's not at all out of place to hypothesize that environments without "ambient" white noise are detrimental to us.
Furthermore, a forest's ambience is full of rhythmic and melodic elements, whereas "indoor" sounds are often harsh, flat and irregular.
Secondly: the crunch. This is actually one of the most notably missing aspects of the indoor sensory world. Humans, when given access to crunchable things, will crunch them. And in a forest, crunchy things are everywhere. Bark, twigs and dry leaves have crisp and brittle qualities that only a few man-made objects have, and they are different with every type of plant and tree.
Most humans aren't in a lot of contact with things that are "destroyable" either, things you can toy with and tear to little bits in your hands. I think virtually everyone has restlessly torn up a scrap of paper or split a blade of grass with their thumbnail; it's a cliche. And since fidget toys in classrooms are becoming a subject of debate, I think it pays to remember that the vast majority of your ancestors learned everything they knew with a thousand "fidget toys" within arm's reach.
And there is of course mud, and clay, and dirt, and wet sand. I'm 100% serious, squishing mud and clay is vital to the human brain. Why do you think Play-Doh is such a staple elementary school toy. Why do you think mud is the universal cliche thing kids play in for fun. It's such a common "stim" category for a reason.
I could go on and on. It's insane how unstimulating most environments humans spend time in are. And this definitely contributes to ecological illiteracy, because people aren't prepared to comprehend how detailed the natural world is. There are dozens of species of fireflies in the United States, and thousands of species of moths. If you don't put herbicides on your lawn, there are likely at least 20 species of plant in a single square meter of it. I've counted at least 15 species of grass alone in my yard.
Would it be overreach to suggest that some vital perceptive abilities are just not fully developing in today's human? Like. I had to TEACH myself to be able, literally able, to perceive details of living things that were below a certain size, even though my eyes could detect those details, because I just wasn't accustomed to paying attention to things that small. I think something...happens when almost all the objects you interact with daily are human-made.
The people that think ADHD is caused by kids' brains being exposed to "too much stuff" by Electronic Devices...do not go outside, because spending a few minutes in a natural environment has more stimuli in it than a few hours of That Damn Phone.
A patch of tree bark the size of my phone's screen has more going on than my phone can display. When you start photographing lots of living organisms, you run into the strange and brain-shifting reality that your electronic device literally cannot create and store images big enough to show everything you, in real life, may notice about that organism.
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bitesizedgremlin · 6 months ago
How Your Arcane S/O would (Lovingly) Annoy you
Oh, how the turns have tabled with this one >:)
- Whenever he wants you’re attention at home and you’re busy, he’ll go into the kitchen under the guise of “going to make dinner” and purposely bang the dishes around as loud as physically possible without breaking them
- Does it as long as it takes to get you away from whatever you’re working on
- Blows raspberries into your neck
- You’ll be laying on the couch together, your head on his lap
- He’s running his fingers through your hair, caressing the side of your face, all that soft shit
- And then out of fuckin’ NO WHERE, he leans down and blows the fattest raspberry into the crook of your neck.
- He laughs at you when you shriek and squirm and swear you’ll get him back cause he’s 99% sure you will not.
- Jokes on him, cause you definitely will at some point-
- Purposely leaves things on high shelves just so you’ll have to ask him to get them for you
Viktor, smirking like the absolute menace he is: Oh? Can you not reach, darling?
You, looking at him incredulously: You’re kidding, right? 😀
- He tickles you
- All.
- The fucking.
- Time.
- Randomizes the time between tickle attacks to give you a false sense of security
- Strikes when you least expect it
- Steals all the blankets so that you’ll have to snuggle up as close to him as possible to get underneath them.
- Doesn’t do a whole lot to annoy you on purpose, tbh.
- H o w e v e r
- He does move his things to your desk frequently
- Always leaves something behind when he comes into your office
- It’s like everything on his desk is slowly migrating to yours.
- Pokes your face to get your attention
- Pinches your cheeks while she tells you how adorable you are in the most overly dramatic babying voice she’s capable of producing
- Also honks your nose whenever she’s bored
- You could be hyper focused on whatever you’re doing and all of a sudden your nose is being squooshed with a high pitched “hONK” from your girlfriend
- it never fails to make you laugh, though
- I wholeheartedly believe she was a theatre kid.
- Belts show tunes at the top of her lungs 24/7
- Does it at the most inconvenient times, too.
- You’re working on something important with a tight deadline? Time for a live concert featuring your wonderful girlfriend, Jinx!
- Doodles on the pages in every single notebook you own.
- Makes sure to avoid doodling on whatever you’ve written, though
- She’s kinda petty, ngl
- Whenever you leave your laundry on the floor, she’ll do the same and “forget” about it until you find it and put it in the hamper
- Makeup e v e r y w h e r e
- Seriously. You found an eyeshadow palette under the kitchen sink once.
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hermesmusing · 6 months ago
                  𝒐𝒇 𝒂𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒔 ! ´ˎ˗
hi rpc ! i decided to make my very first masterlist, and i made this for random muse aesthetics, for that one little section in some apps that ask for aesthetics. i was a bit lost on how to approach this, but ultimately, i’ve decided to give aesthetics inspired by own muses. so please enjoy this little insight of my muses and i hope this helps / inspires some of you ! ♡
i still have many more muses, so i might make a part 2. 
ALEXANDER MORGAN bruised knuckles, chipped black nail polish, annotated books, a half empty bottle of alcohol, weirdly shaped mugs, winging life, a god complex, messy sneakers, cigarette butts, a boyish grin, smiley piercings, sarcastic comments, a modernized vintage car, dive bars, the song magnolia by gang of youths, sunglasses after a rough night, raising the middle finger as a response to everything, taking a punch with a grin, riling up a crowd, the sound of cheers, drumming fingers on tables, summer nights. 
ACHILLES HART video game music, long socks with patterns, a pot of black coffee, clicking of a keyboard, coding, all-nighter for work, all-nighter to finish a video game, a scowl that seems permanent, self-deprecating humor, a cracked relationship with a father, a beat up 60′s model car, red eyes from a screen, the song father of mine by everclear, lights reflecting on the street right after rain. 
JACK O’RILEY a small plant in every room of an apartment, a collection of vinyl records, a worn out journal, an acoustic guitar, calloused fingers, a black kitten, live music, jeff buckley’s voice, an empty record store, the color dark sage, a broken home, thunderstorms, black coffee, second-hand books, a walkman, long leather jackets, dirty boots.  
SUMMER DALTON tattoo sleeves, pink rolling paper, winged eyeliner, baggy pants, a habit of self-piercing and tattooing, clear lip gloss, lipstick stained cigarette butts, festering rage, balled fists, the song honey by halsey, a bluntness that can’t be helped, acting out, red heels, black crop tops, claw-shaped painted nails, fingers full of rings, mid-day summer.
DAXTON PASCUAL skateboards, scuffed shoes, bruises all along legs and arms, the sound of a bong when you take a hit, a drawer of rolling paper, the smell of freshly baked goods, golden retriever energy, counting in your head to ease anxiety, painted nails, dyed hair, impulsivity, innocence, oral fixation, the inability to focus on a single thing, romantic comedies, the smell of freshly cut grass. 
RONAN JEAN random sketches, a sketchbook, random band t-shirts, messy curls, dilf glasses, chewing at the end of a pencil, all-nighters, a spacious loft, industrial styles, honey whiskey, male manipulator music, sixties movies, finding peace in being alone, dark academia, hand-me-down clothes, dark colour palettes, an autumn night. 
ROSALIE BERG light academia, red lipstick, tote bags, long coats, hair clips, french nails, always holding a book, gold jewelry, kind to everyone, wandering in bookstores, walking everywhere, listening to podcasts, watching crime documentaries, neat handwriting, sticky notes everywhere, a little bit of sadness behind their eyes, natural makeup (or none at all), sweaters, a spring morning. 
FAIROZ MOUSA snake imagery, colourful jewelry, layered necklaces, a collection of crystals, tarot cards, incense, plants all over their apartment, sapphic literature, academia, chanting for a cause, dark coloured nails, tattooes all over their body, crop tops, long skirts, bandanas, braids, colourful eyeshadow, combat boots, feminist art, social justice social media, mood lighting, sunsets on the beach. 
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noisyquokka · 3 months ago
Get A Room!
pairing: Felix x Reader (Ft. Jisung)
genre: fluff, humor
length: 1.2k
warnings: Just a lil heated, but nothing too spicy 
Tumblr media
Anonymous asked: Hi, I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if I can get a fluffy Felix imagine where you decide you want to try a new makeup look on him (you end up sitting on his lap, but he keeps on moving, teasing, and flirting around with you instead of being still). you end up giving in to his smoothes. thank you 😊
This took way too long to finish due to my mental health absolutely tanking, but I hope you enjoy! And Thank you so much for enjoying my content, the support sustains me 😭💕
The random playlist Felix had chosen thumped through the speakers, filling the silence for the both of you. You narrowed your eyes at the blonde who sat beneath you on his bedroom floor, shooting you a knowing grin. His hands had found purchase on your waist moments before, goosebumps rising in their wake. Your fingers tightened around the makeup brush in your hand, pulling it away from his face.
"You're distracting me." You muttered, a small smile growing on your own lips.
"Well, that is what I do best." His fingers ghosted higher up either side of your torso, retracing their way back down soon after. You had applied the basics and were finishing up the highlights, giving his face that extra glow. You rolled your eyes, reaching for the eyeshadow palette on the desk.
"You know it's only been... ten minutes since we started. Pretty sure you just broke a new record on how quickly you could start teasing me." You said, checking the time on your phone. 8:47 pm. Felix pulled the device from your grip with a pout, lips quickly contorting into a mischievous grin.
"Can't I just enjoy spending time with my one and only?" He asked, arms enveloping your waist to pull you closer.
"Oh please. You're lucky you can turn the charm on so efficiently."
"That's not the only thing I can turn on so efficiently."
You snorted at his comeback, cocking your head slightly at his remark. The close proximity didn't help anything at all as you felt your neck heat up. Felix took note of your subtle reaction, leaning in, closer and closer. But you managed to compose yourself just enough, free hand pressed firmly against his chest, meeting his eyes for a brief moment. The corner of his mouth quirked up, glancing down at your lips. And then...
"Remind me to get you a gold star for that accomplishment." You breathed, a sly smirk settling on your face. Felix scoffed at your response, shaking his head in disbelief. Nevertheless, you moved on.
Deft fingers worked their magic - yours delicately blending away at the product you'd applied, Felix's drawing a number of shapes into your waistline or the skin of your thighs that straddled his own. It was silent for a few minutes as you worked, save for the music providing a comfortable ambiance. Every so often, the blonde would sneak a peek at you as you refilled the makeup brush, although his peeking was very obvious since you could feel his gaze boring into the side of your head. As you blended away, you noticed the grin slowly growing on his lips in your peripheral, causing his eyes to turn into those familiar little crescents.
"Felix..." Your tone was stern, like a parent scolding their child, and Felix just sat there grinning like an idiot. You couldn't help the exasperated sigh that left you, leaning back on your heels to catch the eyes of the lovable dork in front of you.
"I'm sorry!"
"I can't finish your eyeshadow when your dumb, beautiful eyes are all happy!" You exclaimed, cupping his face with your hands. Which only made his smile grow, a deep and lighthearted laugh reverberating through the air to accompany it. That same laugh that always brought on insane butterflies for you. It was your favorite sound.
Felix stayed quiet, clearing his throat and humming along to the song that played as you moved to search for the eyeliner. He observed as you moved things about the makeshift workspace that was his bedroom floor; chaotic yet skillful at the same time. He quirked a brow when you paused in your search, eventually catching sight of what you were looking for. You inhaled deep and exhaled, readjusting yourself in his lap.
"Now, behave unless you want an eye poked out!"
Felix shook his head at your empty threat, knowing full well that you would be careful and that he wouldn't mess with you in your moment of concentration. For the sake of his eyesight, of course. You brought one hand up to the side of his face, brushing the few stray hairs away as you started on the intricate design that would eventually frame the corners of his eyes. Each stroke of the liner was gentle and delicate as Felix felt the cool gel glide across his eyelid. You carefully outlined the design over the skin until it looked good enough for you to move on. Once you started on the other eye though, you were hyperaware as Felix's hands moved from your thighs to your hips.
You were pretty certain that he expected you to react, to say something snarky, or scold him like you had been since you started. But you didn't, staying focused on finishing up the design under his lower lash line. Of course, this meant that Felix only saw your silence as a means to keep going. He straightened up just enough to get closer to you, pursed lips hiding a smile from the fact that you hummed in disapproval of his readjustment. But as you pulled away, capping the eyeliner once again, Felix pulled you impossibly closer. And he knew you wouldn't be able to keep your thoughts to yourself any longer.
"Y'know," You began, glancing down at the boy who had been nothing if not persistent, "I've been going along with the original idea I had in my mind but redirecting to clown is very tempting." Your tone quickly lowered into a whisper as you spoke, pulling out some teasing jabs of your own. And Felix was relishing it. One hand ran up the curve of your back, the other weaving through your hair.
"I'd approve of court jester more if I'm honest." His voice took a deeper tone, leaning in until his lips were mere meters from yours. You caught the playful and daring glint in his eyes. So very close, you felt your heartbeat begin to thump erratically in your chest. You had yet to finish, but the moment was just a little too perfect for either of you guys to ruin. The moment would have been magic as well, if not for Felix's bedroom door swinging open.
"Jesus," Jisung stood in the doorway, covering his eyes in a show of mockery to how you two were basically tangled in one another. "get a room!" And then he was gone, the door left wide open.
"I- this is my room!" Felix called, shaking his head in disgust. You chuckled at that, leaning your head into his shoulder. Well, that happened...
"I guess that's my cue to finish up, huh." You murmured, bringing your attention back to the makeup beside you.
"Sure," Felix replied, pulling you back into his arms. "But first..." He trailed, leaning in for the umpteenth time to finally capture your lips in a deep kiss.
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pat-mcgrath · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just a random array of 2022 looks… not to toot my own horn but have been feeling more and more creative !
1. wanted to do a fluffed out, ephemeral feeling 80s inspired look…. blown out eyeshadow, glitter and some blush draping
2. was playing around with a dinstinctive liner shape… felt very mob-wifey and loved it! i feel like this liner shape really suits me
3. practice run of some delft pottery-type design. this was so tiring though & i wasn’t working with the best products for this type of thing. considering getting the mufe flash palette.
4. did a red-based look and then decided i wanted to add some fake blood to the eyeshadow look…. a common theme.
5. saw and instagram pic and really liked the eye makeup… i tend to lean towards eye looks that don’t require a heavy or really done-up base. i like to feel like my makeup can get oily and rub off a bit but it’ll still look good but it’ll still look cool and hardly noticeable bc of the eye
6. iconic blood look- i don’t rec putting fake blood in/around your eyes but another look that only looks cooler the more fucked up it gets
7. not a great quality pic- did this cool, thick, angular liner and liked the shape. i like this photo bc the eye look feels like it fits in and doesn’t feel forced/like it stands out
8. she’s crying! one of the first times i’ve done the exacerbated eye bag/high blush combo. i basically just put a shit ton of mascara and liner on my lower lids and waterline and then used eye drops and blinked furiously. cool result and it eventually dries down
9. wanted to use a really “lifting” shape but only use bruise tones. i actually super like the combo of those putrid green tones with the raw red/purple. something about the juxtaposition of a somewhat feline shape and the color tones of a bruise is fascinating.
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hobipost · 6 months ago
teaser: the seventh | sfw
Tumblr media
A white dress with puffed sleeves bigger than Princess Diana's. A bouquet of pink tulips. The wedding hall would be decorated with every single color on the Pantone pastel palette.
This is what your wedding would look like. Right, would. Past tense. Big Hit's love guru just completely ruined it all for you.
pairing: jimin x f. reader
genres/tropes: coworkers to lovers, rom-com, kdrama au, fluff
words: tba for the final work, 544 for this teaser
warnings: hinted smut but anything graphic in the final work; none for this teaser
realise date: tba
movie inspiration: What's Your Number? (2010)
Tumblr media
A/N: I didn't want to make a teaser for this one bc every time I do this I end with the biggest author's block, meh. But I'm halfway through the plot and it's already set, so I wanted to give you a little taste and announce I'll be making a taglist. So let's get this cheesecake 😉
Tumblr media
main masterlist
Tumblr media
"She dropped the cheesecake."
He really wants to wait until you're sober again to ask what the hell does that mean, or preferably when he's not piggybacking you up to your studio apartment. You're heavier than you look and he feels like his soul is leaving his body through his pores.
A hiccup. "She, as in I. I dropped the cheesecake. I ruined… everyth…rything." Another hiccup. He's so lucky your address was saved up on his GPS because he wouldn't ever trust you to tell him. "Do you know the refurence? I bet you don…ut."
To worsen the situation, your dress is riding up and he doesn't know what to do. Damnit. Couldn't you choose something a little longer than this pink mini dress? He's dreading that one of your neighbors might come out to check the noise, find this embarrassing situation, and think he's a pervert. If he knew the night would end like this, he wouldn't let you down five cans of soju like it was water. The last time he saw someone drinking like this, his friend ended making a promise to God to never drink again if his girlfriend wouldn't be pregnant.
When (finally!) he reaches your door, you're almost sleeping on his back.
"Yah, don't sleep! Open the door and sleep on your bed!"
"Hum…" You nuzzle your face in his neck. "You smell good."
Jimin shivers from your hot breath on his skin and almost drops you on the ground, but manages to get your locker code out of you and get you in bed as soon as he finds it, the little lamp beside it the only source of light. You're uttering random things when he takes your heels off for you, trying to touch you as little as possible.
"Alexa, play Wedding Dress by Taeyang." You kick his hands away and turn your back to him. Jimin scoffs, but even still you manage to get a little laugh from him.
"You're really something else…" He mumbles.
You're barely awake when Jimin turns around to go, but somehow, makeup a little smudged, disheveled hair and everything, you turn in bed in his direction, calling him Jomin with the smallest of voices. The music still plays softly in the background and the scene looks almost comic — never in a million years did he imagine the night would end like this. It looks like this thing you have going on with your exes will be more entertaining than he thought.
"Hm?" He turns to you again. You have both hands under your cheek, eyes somehow shining in the dark. Jimin replays the night in his mind up until this moment and mentally shakes his head, chuckling. He wonders if he should convince you to remove your makeup before you sleep since he knows it's bad for the skin, but mentally shakes his head. Just one time won't ruin your skin forever.
However he's distracted for a few seconds prying at what he can see of your small personal space, the moment you ask your question, Jimin feels like someone just hit him in his back with a baseball bat — and hits him hard. The air is sucked out of his lungs like he's slowly drowning, until it actually hurts to breathe in. That's the weight of memory.
"Do you ever wonder what it…s like to be… so…meone's first choice?"
Tumblr media
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shadamyheadcanons · 7 months ago
Headcanon #263
Cross-posted on AO3.
((Remember when I said “To make a long story short, they watched the finale” in that recent headcanon about the soap opera? This is that long story. It didn’t fit thematically and it was making that headcanon too long for what it was, but I really like it, so here it is!
Ever wonder how Shadow, who can only carry ONE (1) gun at a time, would react to Amy being a walking armory?))
Tumblr media
((Yeah. Me too.))
Shadow tried to regain his bearings. “You put our remote in hammerspace?!”
Rouge looked back to the TV, where the countdown had started ticking toward the start of the next episode. “Amy, if my TV’s going to be stuck playing nothing but soap opera for eternity, I swear to Chaos--”
“Don’t worry, I can find it!” Amy cut in, holding up her hands defensively. “Just a sec! Uhh...” She paused, closed her eyes, and let out a deep breath. “Got it.” She held out her right hand and waved it. A small puff of smoke appeared, then dissipated to make way for...a boxercise DVD case. She opened her eyes and groaned. “Damn it...” She tried again. This time, a cake tin appeared in her hand. Her face pinched. “Oh, I was afraid this would happen!”
They looked on in confusion as Amy summoned a notebook, a candy bar, and a checkbook, only getting more frustrated with each failure.
“Uh, Amy? What’s going on?” Shadow asked nervously. “I’ve never seen you lose anything in there.”
“I have a system,” she clarified, glaring down at the laptop she’d just conjured. She set it down carefully on the coffee table, in contrast to the other items she’d been tossing into a steadily-growing pile at her feet. “Normally, I give everything a kind of tag before I store it. I don’t know how to describe it, exactly...” She grumbled when an envelope appeared in her hand.
She looked up at his blunt command, then scratched her chin. “It’s kind of like...here.” She effortlessly summoned her hammer and gestured to it. “I put a kind of...intangible texture, kind of? On everything. My hammers and other weapons are ‘sharp.’ Do you know what I mean?”
“NO,” Omega and Rouge replied.
Shadow squinted, then held out his hand. “Can I see that for a second?”
“Knock yourself out.” She dropped it into his hands, and he struggled not to let out a grunt of exertion.
I’ll never get used to how goddamn heavy this thing is...
Shadow held the hammer and stared at it for quite some time. It doesn't feel like anything...
Then, he focused on it--really focused--and he felt it. His eyes bugged out. No way...
He whipped his head over to Amy, who was grumbling over the makeup palette and iPod she'd summoned while she waited. “Amy, is this what I think it is?!”
She paused. “What do you mean? It's just my hammer.”
“No, not that!” He shook his head insistently and pointed to it. “Why does this thing have a Chaos Signature on it?!”
“Is that what it is?” She cocked her head, then shrugged. “I just put them there to make it easier to categorize things.”
“You just put--” Shadow groaned and held a hand over his face. “That's not--how?!”
Rouge looked from the growing pile to Shadow's dramatic reaction. “Alright, I'll bite. What's a ‘Chaos Signature?’”
Shadow looked up. “Every living thing has a Chaos Signature. It's like a personal, invisible aura. You know my Chaos Spears? They have the same signature I do.” Rouge nodded thoughtfully. “But,” he added, holding up a finger for emphasis, “that's only for living things and energy, not inanimate objects, and they're innate qualities! You can't just put Chaos Signatures on random objects!”
“Why not? It's my stuff,” Amy protested, crossing her arms indignantly.
Shadow sighed and rubbed his temples. “No, I mean it breaks the laws of nature. It's physically impossible! You can't do that!”
“Sure I can!” Amy grinned. “See, the weapons are sharp, and I put this kind of smooth, metallic-feeling one on my electronics,” she explained, summoning her phone. “And I use a soft one for my clothes and accessories.” A pale green purse materialized in her hand. “See? Makes sense, right?”
She handed it to him. He looked back and forth between the bag and her sweet smile. He choked on air. “No, it doesn't! None of it--” He stopped and narrowed his eyes at the bag. “Amy?”
“Why do you own a purse?”
Amy set down the box of matches she'd accidentally conjured up and tilted her head. “Because it's cute. Why else?”
“No. I mean that you can carry all that with just your hammerspace,” he clarified, nodding to the mountain of items accumulating at her feet. “So why--the fuck--do you have a purse?!” he exclaimed, face incredulous as he held up the small bag.
She scoffed as if he were being silly. “A girl’s got to accessorize, y’know?”
Rouge made a noise of agreement. “That’s a good point.”
“Wha--no, it’s not!”
Amy beamed. “Right? Thank you, Omega!”
“Don’t encourage her.”
Rouge examined the steadily-growing pile and pursed her lips. “How come you hedgehogs get everything? It's so unfair! Super speed, super forms, chaos powers, teleportation, time travel, and now you guys get wormholes, too?! How come you never told me you can do this?”
“Because I can't,” Shadow snapped, gritting his teeth. “This is just Amy. The rest of us can only carry the essentials.”
“Essentials?” Amy asked absently as she set aside her car's owner's manual.
Shadow took out a wallet, a phone, and a small handgun. “This is all I can do. The basics.”
Rouge eyed the gun. “Why am I not surprised?” she muttered.
Amy half-smiled. “If it makes you feel any better, I don't have a super form.” She pulled out a cereal box, frowned, and added it to the pile.
Rouge leaned toward Shadow and murmured, “I think she got the better end of the deal.”
“Yeah. Sometimes I think so, too,” he grumbled, arms crossed as he compared the sizes of their piles.
“Are you okay, Shadow? You seem upset,” Amy asked, clearly concerned as she set aside a comic she’d recently drawn.
“I’m fine.”
His response was a little too quick and a little too grumpy. Rouge snickered. “It’s a lucky day, Amy! Thanks to you, we get to see Shadow look jealous! It’s a rare treat.”
“I’m not jealous!”
“I DO NOT EVEN NEED TO DETECT YOUR PULSE TO TELL YOU ARE LYING, SHADOW,” Omega bragged, his robotic voice somehow sounding smug. Shadow just glared at him and grumbled.
Amy looked perplexed. “Why are you--oh! Because of the hammerspace thing!” She grinned in realization. “Don’t worry, it’s not that great. It can get super cluttered in there.” She summoned a CD. “See? I haven’t had a CD player in years, and I don’t even listen to Nikki Gregoroff anymore! Have you ever listened to the lyrics for ‘My Sweet Passion?’ They’re super weird!” She laughed as she set the CD aside.
Shadow didn’t look placated, so she tried again. “Well...at least I didn’t lose your remote last Thursday! Sonic and Tails moved in together that day, so I just put all their stuff in my hammerspace, and they drove me to their new place instead of paying for a moving truck. I tagged everything properly, but it still took forever to take it all back out!”
Her giggles were met with complete silence for several seconds. Shadow stared at her blankly. “Amy. How much can you fit in there?”
She shrugged. “Don’t know. I’ve never hit any kind of limit.” She set aside the box of marble cake mix she’d just retrieved. “You should see how much is in there! I’m only checking the rectangles.”
While Shadow gaped at her, Rouge took a better look at the cake mix. Her face scrunched up. “Hun, you might want to do some spring cleaning. This cake mix expired three years ago! Do you want me to toss it for you?”
“No need!” Amy replied with a smile. “Time doesn’t pass in there for some reason, so food doesn’t go bad. I don’t make marble cake often, but when you need marble cake mix, nothing else will do!” Rouge made an impressed noise, so Amy reached out her hand. “Here...” She pulled out a candy bar and tossed it to Rouge.
Rouge caught it and gasped. “A white chocolate crunch bar?! I haven’t seen one of these in years!”
Amy beamed. “I heard they were being discontinued, so I bought a whole bunch of them. I knew they were your favorite, so I’ve been hanging onto them for you!”
Rouge gaped, eyes wide. She grinned down at the candy bar and held it close happily. “That’s so sweet!”
“Not what I meant.”
Shadow remained frozen. He was staring down at his hands, flabbergasted. “Time. Doesn’t. Pass?!” His head snapped back up. “How do you--you just use...?!”
Amy tilted her head, confused. “How do I use it? It’s not too complicated, I just send part of myself in there to find stuff. Not, like, an actual, tangible part, it’s like a psychic thing...?” She scratched her chin. “I’ve been teaching Silver how to do it. He says it’s...astro...projection...?”
“That’s not what I--!” Shadow rubbed his temples and tried to calm down. “You can astral project.”
She snapped her fingers. “Yeah, that’s it! That’s what he calls it!” Her grin made way for a sympathetic pout. “I’ve been trying to teach him, but it seems like it’s really hard for him, kind of like Chaos Control was for me.”
Shadow’s eyes narrowed. He pressed his lips into a thin line. “So you and Silver can both do it. Great.”
Amy tossed aside the book in her hands and crossed her arms. “What’s your problem, Shadow?”
He looked away and clenched his jaw. “I’ve been trying to astral project my whole life, and I can’t do it, but you two can.”
Amy huffed. “And I don’t have a super form. We’re all different! Don’t get mad at me just because you’re jealous!”
“I’m not!” he repeated. Amy flinched, so he lowered his volume. “You have the most incredible abilities I’ve ever seen...and all you use them for...is this!” he snapped in frustration, holding up the purse and the cake mix.
“Yeesh,” Rouge mumbled.
Amy half-smiled. “Don’t worry, he was like this when he found out I can predict the future, too.”
Rouge’s eyes bugged out.
“It’s great for predicting sales. I got that purse for $15 because I knew it’d be 40% off on clearance!”
“Wow, nice!” Rouge replied, clearly impressed. Shadow hid his face in his hands and groaned.
Omega carefully picked up the book Amy had discarded. “’ROSES BY NIGHTFALL.’ INTERESTING.”
“Omega! Put that down!” Amy hissed as Shadow and Rouge started to chuckle. Unfazed, he flipped the book over and started to read the summary.
“That’s enough!” Amy desperately snatched the book out of his hands. She glared at Rouge and Shadow, who were howling with laughter. She blushed brightly and held the book behind her back. “I-it’s a romance novel!”
“Is that so?” Rouge managed through her laughter. “’Dark, mysterious man,’ hm? He sounds familiar to me...what do you think, Shadow?”
Shadow scratched his chin. “You know, I think you’re right! He sounds kind of like Jack to me,” he said, smirking. Amy balked.
“Ehhh...” Rouge shrugged. “Close enough.”
Amy vanished the book. “I-I, uh...” She tried to ignore them by retrieving another item. “Hah!” she shouted in triumph. “Got it!” Amy pointed the remote in her hand toward the TV and pressed a button...and nothing happened. Everyone else went silent. She tried a few more buttons, then made a noise of confusion and curiously stroked her fingers along the length of the remote. She cringed, embarrassed. “Heh...this one has the smooth Chaos Signature. It’s my remote, not yours.”
Everyone sighed and glanced at the screen, where the intro was just ending. Rouge threw her hands up in defeat. “We might as well watch it at this rate. Besides,” she added, nodding at Shadow, Amy, and the pile of rectangles, “this is even better entertainment than soap opera anyway.” She smirked.
Amy sheepishly went back to work summoning items, and Shadow held a hand to his forehead, trying to hide how impressed he was.
((One of my favorite parts about writing these four is how even with an actual robot in the group, Shadow still manages to be the comedic Straight Man.))
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dreamcatcherrs · a year ago
what catches their eyes/attracts them?; mcyt x reader
+ this is in no way factual information, only my very weird and specific opinions :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
free-spirited people
someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind
confidence, to a certain extent
someone he can be loud with
someone who will wake up in the middle of the night with him to go on a car drive to nowhere
the colour blue (dnf👀)
clean and fresh-looking clothes
satin fabric
big height difference
the smell of citrus fruits
large smiles
silver jewellery
small hands
smart people who aren't afraid to show it
Tumblr media
calm, laid back people
someone quiet, but still able to have a laugh
very friendly vibes - even when first meeting them
the colour blue (literally the only interesting colour he's able to see lol)
bright eyes
lip gloss
flower print
slightly shy people who are actually easy to interact with once you start a conversation with them
pastel-coloured nails, not too long
pink-tinted lips
the smell of vanilla
puppy eyes
Tumblr media
energetic people
someone who can hype up their friends no matter the situation
the colour red
like, a bloody red
soft skin
full lips
loose shirts over skin-tight tops
when shoelaces have a different colour on each shoe
a very subtle scent of perfume
thigh highs
someone who just wants to enjoy life with the people they're surrounded by
Tumblr media
large, bright smiles that spread up to your eyes
button noses
rose-gold jewellery
french manicures
slightly shy people
genuinely sweet people
not the fake type that talks shit about people behind their backs and then will compliment them a few seconds after
someone who when they enter a room feels like a breath of fresh air to everyone else
someone completely selfless
the smell of lavender
shiny hair
Tumblr media
people who aren't afraid to take the lead
intellectual people
like, for example people who know a lot of random stuff from a bunch of different things that they're interested in
or also just book smart people
slightly clumsy people (finds it cute)
gold jewellery
someone with some mystery to them
refreshing scents, like clean laundry or shampoo
cat eyes (eyeliner)
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
long legs
shy people
someone who gets flustered easily
glasses + thin bangs
the colours brown and beige together
baggy, comfy clothes
the smell of newly baked cookies
the kind of person that makes him feel like he can always talk to them - someone he can feel safe with
birth marks
Tumblr media
smart people
the way they speak is just so clean without even noticing
fox eyes
people who aren't afraid to wear sweatpants in public
generally just someone who isn't afraid to do, say and wear whatever they want
someone who stands for what they think and have the balls to say it when needed
nose rings
simple yet flattering pieces of jewellery
long nails
someone who he can stay up all night with and never get tired of them
high heels
hip dips
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
fishnets, of course
someone who give 0 fucks about what everyone else thinks of them
unique people
wether that be physical features or straight up the personality, it draws him in
chunky, black sneakers or boots
someone who can make him happy without even trying
a positive aura for the most part
as in he doesn't want to be surrounded by someone who’s negative or dragging everyone else down with them
the colour yellow
rings - lots of them
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
a walking ray of sunshine, basically
tbh, karl has a couple of things in common with what corpse is attracted to;
positive energy, uniqueness and rings
a palette filled with bright colours
like, almost rave style colours
that could be clothes, makeup, hair, nails, accessories
chunky, white shoes
selfless people
someone who as each day goes by becomes more charming to him
he likes the smell of candles from bath and body works, as we all know
the colour purple
Tumblr media
big eyes
someone who’s able to make him laugh without even trying
tooth gaps
someone who has very playful, innocent vibes to them
and someone who can take jokes and pranks
people who walk confidently
the smell of strawberries
long eyelashes
someone who collects things others usually wouldn’t
someone who is very respectful to others
a mix between really comfy clothes and really feminine clothes
Tumblr media
someone who comes across as “different” than others
and don't you dare think of ✨I’m not like other girls✨ (I know you did -_-)
he just thinks people who think and act very different than others are very interesting
beauty marks
nicely shaped eyebrows
someone who finds mystical things interesting
fox eyeliner (yes, I put this in here because: furry)
someone who has unusual, yet surprisingly good taste in music
people who are constantly warm
red lips
the colour light brown, almost beige-like
Tumblr media
someone who gets his humour
someone like him, but more quiet and slightly shy
especially when on screen in front of an audience
sliver necklaces
the smell of flowers
dark, extreme eyeliner
loose clothes
someone who teases others and who can handle to be teased by others
the colour dark blue
Tumblr media
the colour grey
a fresh fashion sense
yet still very comfortable fits
messy buns
someone who he just knows will be a cool person before he even talks to them
someone who just has that kinda vibe, y’know?
glossy lips
independent people
someone responsible and caring to others
navel piercings
Tumblr media
cropped jackets
the colour neon green
hair put up in a bun
someone with a free nature
someone who is a complete wild card
like, someone who will jump over a fence just to get closer to a bunny they think they saw on the other side of it
loose strands of hair
clear nail polish
cargo pants
the smell of chocolate
Tumblr media
people who have comfort items
someone who knows random facts that no one else usually knows
people who have a unique way of thinking
passionate people
and when they talk about what they’re passionate about, they talk for hours
shorter hair
sweet and nutty scents
natural beauty
fluffy hair
honest people
but not brutally honest
the smell of coconut
Tumblr media
eye glitter/shimmer
silky clothes that shine in the moonlight
platform boots/heels
long, flowy dresses
someone who does whatever they want
and who doesn't like being told what to do by others
the colours pink and dark purple
the smell of the ocean
someone who already knows how to live their life
stretch marks
Tumblr media
low-cut jeans
someone very silly who knows how to have a good laugh
someone very supportive of their friends
curtain bangs
long-sleeved sweatshirts
someone who loves food
puppy eyes
straight, white teeth
someone who is willing to help others in need
someone who doesn't talk badly about others behind their back
someone who knows what they want
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
white, wide-legged pants
the colour light blue or just pure white
people who are very easy-going and fun to be around
someone who can fit into and understand anyones humour
an open-minded person who likes to hear from other people’s point of views when they have a different opinion than them
butterfly patterns
crop tops
oversized t-shirts
hair beads
Tumblr media
people who are just as loud as him
and at the same time knows when to be serious
the colours yellow and grey
people who are kind to everyone
creative eyeliner
fluffy hair
people who can get so lost in their own world, they almost forget about their surroundings
colourful accessories
someone who isn't afraid to be who they are
someone who has many passions and loves to talk about them
oversized hoodies
Tumblr media
hoodies layered over skirts or dresses
frilly socks
people who are very adventurous, and wants to make their life as interesting as possible!
someone who can help him overcome some of his fears
charm bracelets
cute habits
the colours yellow and orange
the smell of almond milk and honey
people who twirl their hair unknowingly when bored or unfocused
Tumblr media
someone who looks intimidating at first (he thinks people like that are cool as fuck)
but then is, like, the sweetest person he’s ever met
loves someone who can speak fluent sarcasm, just like him
he likes sass
glassy skin
fingerless gloves
people who act cocky for the fun of it
but actually don’t care about winning or losing or proving anything
simplistic earring placements
people who have hidden talents, and the more you get to know them, the more talents are revealed
people who don't gossip
Tumblr media
tag list✰
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lavandermin · 9 months ago
kiss & don’t tell | albedo
some soft albedo fluff bc I had a busy day. This was just wordvomit and not planned to be a full thing but here we are many words later ^^;
pairing | albedo/reader
genre | soft, fluff, developing relationship, dense idiots
Tumblr media
Consider Albedo who you always go to for help with makeup for very important events and dates. Albedo who humors you and just lets you rant and talk about your day as he delicately applies eyeshadow with shimmering accents that complement your outfits. Albedo who has slowly developed feelings for you with each makeup session and hangout and slowly loses his patience with each date you go on that results in nothing more than a night wasted.
“May I ask why you come to me for wardrobe matters?” he’ll ask as he sighs with a small smile, already setting up the palettes he’s chosen for this particular outfit you’ve shown up in. “What makes you think I’m the best suited for this?”
You just smile, always using the same reasoning. “As an artist, you have a keen eye for colors and style. It’s never too much or too little. As an alchemist, your hand is steadier than mine when it comes to applying eyeliner. You’re perfect for this Bedo.”
“Perfection is hardly attainable,” he chuckles, but turns your seat in the direction of the mirror behind you once he’s finished. “But I’ll make sure you’re nothing but the pinnacle of grace and perfection when I’m finished.”
“And that’s why you’re my number one makeup artist,” you tease with a beaming grin.
You thank his services by bringing him lunch when he’s too busy holed up in his lab back in the Favonius headquarters. Though he says the gesture isn’t necessary, there’s always a little glimmer of intrigue when the meal you bring him is something homemade by you.
The formal gala, an event at Angel’s Share, a random date here and there— Albedo was there for them all. The less recurring of the these was a date. He didn’t really show interest, not really. But the few times you showed up the next day disheartened or with visible signs of crying— well, suddenly the alchemist’s heart began to do confusing leaps.
“What’s the occasion this time,” Albedo asks with a sigh through his nose, turning you in the chair to face the mirror as he clipped your hair out of your face. He asks for formality’s sake but seeing the same lovely black satin dress and shimmering necklace adoring the loose dip of the bust— he already knew this one was another date.
You dutifully close your eyes as he begins dabbing some hydrating face cream on you. “Date night. Lisa set this one up.”
He lets out a chuckle. “You don’t sound very enthusiastic.”
It doesn’t take much to get you talking if it’ll fill the silence. Not that you minded some peaceful quiet. “Well, he’s a little boring but I should give this a chance.” The forced smile on your face is more so to convince yourself. “I’ve been around this guy before and… he puts me to sleep faster than the Acting Grandmaster’s paperwork.”
Albedo hums.
“What is your ideal outing, then?”
You pause to think as he finishes the skilled flicks of his wrist for your eyeliner. Albedo holds your face steady with a gentle crook of his finger under your chin, and suddenly you’re hyper aware of his quiet breathing and calculated hand movements. With closed eyes, your mind wonders what kind of concentrated expression he holds as he works on you.
“If I’m honest, the ideal would be— this. Hanging out like we do. They’re all too shy, too boring, too dull for my tastes. They hardly ever initiate anything.”
You sigh and open your eyes, watching as Albedo listens intently while picking the perfect shade of lipstick for you. Though you don’t have to, you close your eyes as he approaches to apply the lipgloss he’s decided on. It’s better than the nerves you get when staring into his eyes as he softly runs a thumb over your lips.
Before he starts, you get your final little complaint in, “It’s always me taking the lead, me asking sweetly for a kiss, me holding their hand. How frustrating that none of these men leave me—“ You’re cut short by the warm press of lips on your cheek. “—Guessing.”
When you open your eyes, Albedo is methodically applying lipgloss as if nothing happened. The smug look on his face only confirms that you aren’t imagining things as a warmth spreads across your cheeks.
“Was that unexpected enough for your liking?” he asks with a side glance as he packs up your supplies neatly into their bag.
You blink owlishly at him, eyes a little unfocused as your mind runs in too many directions at once.
He makes his way over to neatly sweep your hair over one shoulder, ignoring your loss of words. The brush of his fingers over your shoulder makes you audibly gulp in anticipation.
“Allow me to make a proposition,” Albedo begins, circling around you to idly fix up his desk. “And this is entirely up to your moral alignment. However, if I were to suggest standing up this arranged date of yours in favor of going out to Angel’s Share with me— what would be your answer?”
It takes you a moment to collect yourself, but you smile genuinely. It’s an answer enough in itself.
“I’d love nothing more.”
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mortanko-sims · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is my first ever CC piece! :')
Makeup and beauty is a big part of my life - I have bachelors degree in cosmetology and also am occasional MUA so it was inevitable. I wanted to try to make CC for the longest time and I finally can share my creation!
Btw, it's highly inspired by Too Faced Born This Way palette.
Please don't re-upload or claim as your own
Base game compatible
MM compatible
Custom thumbnail
Disallowed for random
Teen - Elder
Also, please don't forget to tag me @mortanko-sims if you use it, I'd be more than happy to see your sims rocking my stuff!
D O W N L O A D : SFS / Google Drive
Big thank you to other CC creators : @clumsyalienn @goppolsme @squea @andersimblr @sheabuttyr @julhaos @stretchskeleton @remussirion @mmsims @dangerouslyfreejellyfish @simandy @golyhawhaw @aladdin-the-simmer
@mmoutfitters @maxismatchccworld @maxismatch4sims @maxismatch @troublefind
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daenqyu · a year ago
— doing their eyeliner at 12AM
includes: bakugou, kaminari, kirishima, and hawks
warnings: suggestive (LOTS of making out)
a/n: did i write this just because i love doing my eyeliner and i really want to sit on a guy’s lap while i do his???? maybe. but that’s none of your business 🙄☝️
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
it’s canon that he wears eyeliner and even if it wasn’t,,, he’d still try it at least ONCE
in this case you had to ask him
well more like beg him 
“babe please, i promise i’ll make a good work!” 
“how? you suck at doing yours”
you scoff before punching his arm, making him let out a hiss as he glares at you
“i don’t you idiot, now can you shut up and stay still for a second?”
of course he ends up giving in bc come on, he’d do anything just to make you happy and if that meant letting you put makeup on him at 12AM because you thought he’d look ‘pretty’ then so be it
bakugou doesn’t voice out any of this though 
instead, he keeps complaining and even tickles your sides from time to time just to get on your nerves
“bakugou,” he frowns when his last name falls from your lips, not liking how it sounded at all. “stop fucking moving or i’ll stap your eye.”
“tch, stop telling me what to do, dumbass.”
but he does stop
after all, he didn’t really want you to get mad at him
he entertains himself by tapping his fingers against your thighs to the beat of the music playing from your speaker 
his touch makes butterflies flutter in your stomach, but you ignore them and continue to draw on his eyelids 
you decide to keep it simple; just a very defined line that’s not too thick, but enough so that it’s visible 
“okay, i’m done”
after you put the eyeliner down and notice bakugou’s eyes were focused on you, you completely forget how to breathe
the black makes his vermilion eyes look even brighter and in contrast with his blonde hair...he simply looks beautiful 
he takes your silence as a bad sign and thinks you probably did fuck up, but when he looks at himself in his phone camera, the makeup looks fine to him so,
why the heck weren’t you saying anything?
“what is it? do you not like it?”
didn’t like it? couldn’t he see you were practically salivating bc of him?
“uh no, you look really good actually,” you look away before continuing, not trusting yourself to look at him while you said the next words. “you look pretty”
bakugou is a little surprised by the compliment, but he wastes no time before teasing you
he leans in, and once he’s close enough, he takes your chin so you’re looking directly at him
a smirk takes over his lips when your eyes avoid his
“what’s got you so shy?” he teases
“i’m not”
“then look at me” 
you didn’t want him to know how big of an effect he had on you, so you turn your head around and face him, even tho you’re flustered beyond belief
his eyes slowly look down at your lips and then back to your eyes, making you a little anxious as to what could happen, but bakugou decides to drags it out
just to have some fun of his own
he places one of his hands on the back of your neck, gently pulling you forward until your noses are almost touching 
the other one caresses your cheek softly, then his fingers slowly trace out your jaw, eyes still stuck on your own 
it’s infuriating really
the way his fingers carefully touch your lips, applying a bit more pressure on his thumb that’s touching your lower lip so he can open your mouth ever so slightly 
the way he acts as if he has all the time in the world, as if he could do this all day
and you know he can
but you don’t 
so you lean in to close the distance with a deep kiss
it’s messy and sloppy; his tongue clashing with your own as his hands roam all over your body to feel you
you end up sitting on his lap, lips still connected and hands all over each other
you pull away, chest heaving as rough breaths leave your mouth and smirk when you notice bakugou is looking at you 
his hair is messy thanks to your gripping and the eyeliner fits him so nicely
for a moment you almost can’t believe he’s your boyfriend 
“have i ever told you how handsome i think you are?” you ask him with a goofy smile on your face, fingers playing with the ends of his hair
“hm, once or twice but you can always remind me again” 
“let me just show you”
he quirks an eyebrow at your implication, licking his lips as his eyes darken
“oh? bold, aren’t we now?”
“learned from the best”
“fuck yeah you did”
to keep it short, you guys didn’t sleep a lot that night 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
Tumblr media
kaminari denki
he was DEFINITELY the one that came up with the idea
something just tells me he probably spends 90% of his time scrolling through tiktok 
and if he feels like it, maybe he’ll even posts some of his own
so it’s no surprise that he’s caught up with all the trends and challenges
and even dances (which surprisingly, he’s damn good at)
i’m guessing you guys already know what i’m trying to get at
he had seen way too many tiktoks of couples doing their partner’s eyeliner and he thought it was the coolest thing ever
not only was he curious to see how the makeup would look on him, but he also just wanted an excuse to spend more time with you
he had been thinking about it for a few weeks now, but couldn’t seem to find the perfect moment to ask you
until one night you guys were having a sleepover on your dorm and a video of said trend pops up on his ‘fyp’
you’re cuddling, your head against his chest as his fingers trace random pattern on your back, when he brings it up
“hey babe?”
you hum in response, eyes fluttering open to look up at kaminari
he smiles before pecking your lips, thinking about how beautiful you look all cuddled up next to him
“do you think you could do my eyeliner real quick?”
the question takes you by surprise,
tho you’re used to yout boyfriend being quite spontaneous and random at times, so you don’t really question it
instead, you nod and move out of the bed to get the makeup product, which sits on your vanity
“where should i sit?”
he asks you once you walk over to him, but you simply smile before taking a seat on his lap
you position your legs on either side of his hips so you’re in a straddling position and kaminari almost forgets all about the makeup because of this
but can you really blame him?
you just look so perfect like this
he has to physically stop himself from flipping you over and kissing you all he wants
and you giggle when you notice a pout forming on his face
“what’s wrong?”
“you sure?”
“yeah, just hurry up and do it so i can kiss you”
you laugh, “yes sir”
when you start, he can’t help but giggle at the feeling and you have to hold his face in place so he would stop moving
he gets used to it after a while 
almost even falls asleep from how soft your other hand felt on his cheek
since you know kaminari likes to be a little extra, you attempt to draw a lighting bolt right below one of the lines
it’s not the best, but it looks decent enough so you decide to leave it there
but when you finish, you feel like something is missing; like it could be better
then you have the fantastic idea to use eyeshadow
kaminari feels you getting up from his lap and he whines 
“where are you going?”
“hold on, i’m feeling inspired right now”
he doesn’t understand what you mean at all, but he lets you be
you take a random eyeshadow palette and make sure it has a nice black color on it
then you reposition yourself on his lap
“open your eyes and look up”
he does as he’s told and you proceed to put some more black on his lower lash line and waterline (not too much)
when kaminari doesn’t feel your touch on his face anymore, he looks down at you with a smile, which inevitably makes you smile too
“how do i look?”
you chuckle lowly, examining his eyes once more 
he always looks gorgeous, but the eyeliner just...makes him hit different
and the fact he’s wearing one of his chokers doesn’t make it any better
he looks straight out of alt tiktok
“you, my beautiful boyfriend, look very attractive”
he smirks at your teasing tone, “oh? is that so?”
“i’m afraid it is” 
he doesn’t even bother looking in the mirror because all he could think about was kissing you
and that’s what he does
he holds your face with both of his hands before pulling you in to kiss you
his lips feel hot and so does your whole body when he grips your hips
after a few more kisses, he pulls away and looks at you with excited eyes
“can i do yours now?”
you chuckle at his cuteness before nodding and letting him draw on your face
it’s not perfect, but hey! baby tried his best and that’s all that matters
besides he looks so proud of himself, telling you how cute you look and how lucky he is to call you his
“you look soooo pretty! i mean you always do, of course, but you look even prettier which i didn’t know was humanly possible yet here you are”
he ends up going on a rant about all the things he loves about you and you’re pretty sure you have hearts in your eyes by the time he ends
“i love you”
“i love you too, my pretty girl”
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou:
this man has absolutely tried on eyeliner at least once in his life
has it been good? probably not
but he likes it and thinks it looks very cool
sometimes you do yours and kirishima lives for it
he likes the way it compliments the shape of your eyes and how happy you get when you get the line right from the first try
whenever you’re getting ready and he’s with you, he doesn’t take his eyes off you
a smile spreading across his lips when he sees you bite down on your lower lip in concentration, your fingers skillfully tracing the marker on your eyelids 
and that’s when the idea pops in his head
he ponders on it for a while tho, not sure how to bring it up or if you’d be up to do it
it takes him a few days before he asks you and when he does, he looks all nervous 
you’re both hanging out in his dorm cuddling as you just finished watching a movie
a yawn leaves your lips and you stretch your arms, looking at the time on your phone screen
it reads 12:33 AM 
you hum, moving your head up to look at kirishima from your place on his lap
he looks down at you and offers you a sweet smile before placing a quick kiss on your lips
“i should get going,” he pouts at your words, his hold on your waist tightening so you couldn’t stand up and you giggle, turning around completely so you’re facing him
you wrap your hands around his neck to pull him closer, just until your lips touch
you teasingly smirk at him before kissing his cheek and he frowns
“what? don’t you like my kisses?” you pout at him 
kirishima scoffs at your stupid question and grabs your jaw gently, looking you in the eyes
“stop being a tease”
you roll your eyes, “you’re so impatient”
nevertheless you comply and connect your lips with his, your hands now slightly massaging his nape
he hums against your mouth, prompting you to keep going
before things can go any further tho, you pull away 
he huffs childishly, not liking the way you kept leaving him hanging
“i seriously should get going,” you press one last peck on his lips. “don’t wanna risk getting caught here” 
“then just stay the night”
“baby i already did yesterday”
“uhh your point?”
you chuckle, “good try babe”
you attempt to stand up but once again your boyfriend stops you from doing so
you open your mouth to ask him what’s up 
but he beats you to it
“actually, i wanted to ask you something” he’s looking away from you and that makes you a little nervous, not having a clue about what he wanted to talk about 
you nod, silently telling him to keep going
“could you...do my eyeliner?” a blush creeps onto his neck, his eyes still not meeting yours and you think he looks adorable. before you can answer him, he talks again. “but i mean only if you want to cause’ i know it’s kinda hard so it’s okay if you don’t but i think i’d be really cool and-”
“oh my god eijirou it’s okay!” he finally shuts up and looks at you with big eyes
“it is?”
“hm, i’m more than happy to do it,” he lets out a sigh after hearing your comforting words and you kiss his nose. “besides you’ll look super manly”
if kirishima was already head over heels for you, then now he just wanted to straight up marry you
you got up and started to look around in kirishima’s bathroom drawer since sometimes you left some of your stuff behind just in case
luckily, the eyeliner was there
after you took it, you sat in front of kirishima once again, your legs crossed and you moved closer to him
he kept still and let you get comfortable, looking down at your lips briefly when you got a bit too close
“close your eyes”
and so he did
like i mentioned before, you’re a bit experienced with this since you practice on yourself quite a lot
so it doesn’t take you too much time
the line you drew was a bit thicker than normal but not too much
and instead of doing a straight line, you did it a bit more upwards
“and done!” you say happily while retracting your hand from kirishima’s face
he opens his eyes and offers you a grin
the action is small and meaningless, but it somehow makes you nervous
the makeup really suits him and you can’t help but admire him for a while 
by admiring i mean shamelessly checking him out
of course he notices it
and he teases you about it
“does it look good?”
“yeah,” you answer while looking away, trying to hide how flustered you are. “really good”
he hums before placing his hands on your waist and sitting you down on his lap, making you look at him with a surprised expression on your face
one of his hands stays on your waist while the other travels up to hold your face
you let out a heavy breath at his actions, feeling your heart thumping against your chest
his fingers caress your cheek softly and you lean in to his touch, loving the way he was always so gentle with you
without any warning, kirishima smashes his lips against your own
your eyes widen for a moment, not expecting this at all, but you close them when you feel his tongue touching your lower lip
you open your mouth and let him take the lead, a whimper coming out of you when you feel his hand wrap around your neck, pressing slightly
he pulls away with a smirk, both of your chests heaving from the lack of air
“still wanna leave?”
you sigh while moving your head, yet a smile was evident on your face, “i guess i can stay”
“atta girl”
Tumblr media
takami keigo (hawks):
another one who canonically wears eyeliner !!
unlike bakugou (who does his eyeliner to cover up the gap between his mask and eyes), keigo does his solemnly because he thinks it looks good on him
wait, let me rephrase that
he knows it looks good on him
it’s part of his morning routine, he does it every time before going to work
so sometimes while you’re both getting ready for the day, you see him doing it
you open the bathroom door sleepily, barely managing to keep your eyes open
you walk over to the sink next to keigo’s and splash water on your face to wake yourself up
beside you, keigo smiles at your antics
he thinks you look the cutest in the mornings, especially when you’re grumpy
feeling his eyes on your figure, you turn around to face him with a raised brow
“why are you looking at me like that?”
“like what?”
“like i have something on my face”
he laughs at your attitude and walks over to place a kiss on your cheek
his lips feel warm against your cheek and it makes you smile
“good morning to you too” his says teasingly
“morning birdy” your tone matches his and he rolls his eyes playfully before pulling away from you to finish doing his eye makeup
you brush your teeth quickly while thinking about what you were gonna have for breakfast, and whether keigo had time to eat with you or not
once you finish, you place your toothbrush on its place and look over to your right
only to be met with the number two hero doing his eyeliner
in one hand he holds a feather of his against his eyelid, as if to help him do a straight line, and with the other he holds the actual makeup product
he has a concentrated look on his face, his brows slightly furrowed
and you look at him with nothing but adoration in your eyes
he looks so effortlessly beautiful
his golden locks are messy, yet perfectly in place and his wings rest by his side
he has his hero costume on, except for his coat
meaning his muscular arms are in full display for you to see
you don’t realize you’re staring until keigo finally finishes the second eye, and puts down the eyeliner
he smirks at you through the mirror and you look away, embarrassment clear on your face 
“come on, i made us breakfast”
instead of teasing you, like you thought he would, he simply grabs your hand and leads you to the dining table
your heart swells for the man and you look at the two plates in awe, “you did this?”
“is it so hard to believe?”
you roll your eyes before turning around and kissing him, a soft “thank you” leaving your lips as you pull away
that morning you can’t help but keep stealing glances at your boyfriend’s flawless eyeliner
and later that night, when you’re both cuddled up in each other’s arms  watching a movie, you get the sudden brilliant idea
“hey babe, can i do your eyeliner?”
keigo doesn’t even question you, he just nods before pressing a kiss to your neck and you giggle happily
you stand up to get the eyeliner from your shared bathroom and once you return, you take a seat right in front of him
“do you even know what you’re doing?” 
“shut up, i do my makeup too, you know?”
keigo laughs, “i’m just teasing baby”
“you’re mean”
he leans in towards you, pulling you closer by your hips until his lips hover over yours
unconsciously, your eyes look down at his lips, wondering whether he was gonna kiss you or not
but being the little shit he is, keigo doesn’t 
“you should hurry up,” his lips are still inches away from yours, but he doesn’t plan on closing the gap any time soon. “i wanna finish the movie”
this fucker
you clear your throat and move away from him, enough so that you can actually do the makeup, but his hands stay on your hips
you try your best to do it the exact same way he does it
a sharp, straight line that covers part of his outer v and also a small portion of his inner corner
giving his eyes a cat like shaped form
to add your own touch, you draw two small hearts on both sides of his cheekbones 
“m’kay, you can open your eyes now”
and when he does, your breath literally hitches in your throat
of course it’s not the first time you’ve seen him wearing eyeliner
but your faces are still close and his amber eyes are stuck on yours and you just feel like you’re about to explode
your reaction doesn’t go unnoticed by keigo and he smirks 
“i take it you like how it looks?” his tone is flirty and it makes you snap from your trance
you smile at him, softly tracing the two hearts with your fingers, “hm, you look lovely”
“oh really?”
“not as lovely as you, i bet”
and before you can even disagree with him, he presses his lips against yours
you let out a soft moan when he moves you so you’re sitting on his lap and his tongue explores your mouth ever so passionately
keigo takes his sweet time kissing you, taking in every little sound you make and the way your hips slowly move against his thigh
when you pull away, your lips are swollen and you have some spit coating them
which is enough to make keigo go crazy, but before actually doing something, he takes the eyeliner on his hand
you furrow your eyebrows at his action
“what are you doing?”
“well it’s my turn now”
“why do you oh so suddenly want to do my eyeliner?”
he smiles, leaning down to whisper in your ear, “because i wanna see how it’ll look when i make you cry it off”
your eyes widen at his words, but you make no attempt to stop him
keigo kept his promise and he indeed made you cry all of your eyeliner off 😁👍🏼
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pyrrhiccomedy · a year ago
Hello! you mentioned in your character artbreeder post that you welcomed asks about the program! If you have the time, could you please drop some tips for creating characters in artbreeder! It's definitely an interesting program and has helped me visualise my OCs but I would love to get more out of it! I hope you have a good week!
you know what, I’ve gotten a few of these very broad ‘please just show me how to do Artbreeder’ questions, so sure, let’s do a 
Tumblr media
buckle in.
Okay, so I’m going to create a portrait for a character of mine from a past Call of Cthulhu campaign, Tonya. I'm picturing Tonya as an unconventionally attractive woman of color; she’s from southeastern Siberia, so I want her to look like her family has some Mongolian blood. She’s in her late twenties, she works as a librarian at the Moscow University library, and she’s the leader of a dark cult. I want her to be pretty enough that you don’t mind her flirting with you, but not so pretty that you’re likely to take her up on it. I’d like to get some kind of little flaw into her face: maybe a bent nose or a lopsided smile.
That’s our mission. Let’s do it.
Go to Artbreeder.com, create a new portrait, and choose the ‘breed’ option. I’m going to pick some faces to breed together to get us started, so I click ‘select parents,’ and go to the ‘Random’ tag. I like this one:
Tumblr media
She’s sort of pointy, I like her thin mouth and her eyebrows, and the shape of her face is kind of interesting.
This one appeals to me too:
Tumblr media
Another sort of perky nose here. We’re not worried about the fact that none of these women have the right ethnicity; we’ll fix that with sliders later on.
I like this guy, too:
Tumblr media
He just looks like he’ll bring something interesting to the mix. Gender is another thing we don’t care about right now. That’s all sliders. The only thing I care about right now is bone structure.
I hit refresh a few times, and I end up with a couple options I like:
Tumblr media
All of these have kind of a Tonya-ish vibe. I think I like the second one best. Let’s move forward with her.
Tumblr media
Things I like: the bags under her eyes; her thin mouth; her sort of square jaw & flat chin. There’s something interesting to work with here.
But girl. Too white. Also, too much makeup, and maybe a little too old? Let’s make some tweaks.
Makeup: -1.23
Asian: 0.1
Black: 0.2
White: -0.4
Age: -0.3
Art: -0.29 & Sharpness: 0.17. <- This is just to restore a photorealistic look when the engine started to drift towards a more ‘painted’ vibe.
And we get:
Tumblr media
Better! But wow, this lighting fucking sucks. She looks very flat. & everything is weirdly brown now? 
Let’s get to a palette I like better.
Red: -0.45
Green: 0.1
Blue: 0.5
Saturation: 0.2
Brightness: -0.5
Makeup: -0.2 <- her skin was starting to drift too pretty. That’s not what I’m going for. I like her skin looking just a little bit bad. It’s a good vibe for the character.
And Facial Hair: -0.1 because it started giving her the slightest moustache for some reason.
Tumblr media
WAY better. It’s too dark now, but that’s fine. I love the tones I’m getting in her skin; I like the purple under her eyes and the slight green tinge to her skin. This is a cultist in a horror game: I want the colors to be just a little unsettling. At the same time, I like that there’s a certain gentleness in her eyes. This is somebody you want to trust when you first meet her, after all.
Time to fix the lighting by adding some new light sources. We’re also gonna do something with her hair. This is not a haircut anyone actually has. What’s with the one single secition of bangs, and the weird bits sticking out the sides? We can do better.
Time to crack into some custom genes. These are community-made special genes that can help you really hone in on what you’re looking for. Go to the bottom of the big matrix of genes, and click ‘Add Gene.’
You can now just search for stuff, like ‘short hair’ or ‘rim light’ or ‘highlights.’ I added:
3d.Model.Archive’s Short Hair: 0.5
Samraatjg’s Baldness: -0.1 <- Why did I do a -.1 to baldness if I’m making her hair shorter? Because this gene when moved to the negative makes hair look fuller. Shorter hair, bigger floof. It’s all about finding a balance.
Avuel’s Haha Lighting Go Brr: -0.6 <-This is a strong underlighting effect. When you move it to negative, it becomes a strong top-down lighting effect. Versatile!
Torridgristle’s Top-Down Lighting V2: -0.65 <- “Pyrrhic if you’re doing a top-down light, why are you adding another top-down light and setting it to negative? Are you drunk” These two top-down lights work in different ways! Avuel’s is more like a spotlight effect; Torridgristle’s is softer and subtler. So I’m using the negative side of Torridgristle’s gene to add subtle underlighting effects to Avuel’s much more powerful top-down light.
And back to the normal genes, to correct for weird little alterations that entered the picture when I was using the custom genes:
Yaw: -0.4
Asian: -0.2
White: -0.2
Eyesopen: -0.3
And we get:
Tumblr media
Get. Ting. There. I like this little smirk that’s entered the picture. I could massage the expression sliders to get rid of it if I didn’t want it, but I’m into it.
Okay, let’s save this and go over to the ‘Children’ tab. This is what I do when I get it to a point where I have no specific complaints, but I know it’s not done yet. Children with ‘Similar->Different’ set to about 40% down the bar (so closer to the ‘similar’ side) will let the AI just kinda like, do some jazz with the face you’ve made.
A warning here: it’s going to keep trying to give you hotter versions of the face you’ve got. Resist the urge. The worst thing about Artbreeder is that it gives everyone influencer-face if you let it.
I spend a minute clicking refresh, and find a few I like:
Tumblr media
I don’t care about hair length and stuff, we can always go back and fix that with genes. I think I like that one on the end the most. There’s a focus in her eyes I like, and a fullness to her face that’s kind of interesting.
Tumblr media
All right. Now we’re going into Crossbreeding. And there’s no other way to say it: we’re trying to fuck our girl up a little. Open your mind to change. Open your heart to the unexpected. Stay away from the ‘trending’ category, it’s full of generic-looking hot people. Hit up the ‘random’ category. That’s where the freaks are at.
Tumblr media
Turning the ‘style’ slider almost all the way towards the original portrait, and the ‘face’ slider about 40% towards our new, freak-face, I get this:
Tumblr media
Why this step, you ask? Because I want her face to have something distinctive about it! That long nose with the thin mouth makes her more interesting. Once I get her back in the gene editor, I make a few adjustments:
Natharch’s Short Hair: 1.1
Lauron8′s Side Hair 1: -0.1
Width: 0.6
Angry: -0.2
Then I have this:
Tumblr media
And I’m really happy with this! This is what I wanted for Tonya. She’s on the pretty side, but odd-looking. Her hair is done up modestly, befitting a librarian. Her pallor is a little suspect. She doesn’t look like she sleeps much. And she has just that little edge of a lopsided smile. 
Welcome to the world, Tonya. & that’s how you use Artbreeder to create a unique character portrait that conveys personality and mood.
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eustassslut · 4 months ago
What do you think lolita gf and kid's room would look like?
i got to go on a pinterest deep dive for this ask, thanks anon.
as i mentioned in this lolita gf post, Kid's room is originally very his style so it would be full of red furniture, skulls and posters for his favourite bands. i can see his room originally looking like it belongs to a stereotype of a vampire.
Tumblr media
his bed would be quite large and cozy, but with a very red and black (which obviously changes if lolita wants to change the sheets/the bed-frame).
Tumblr media
meanwhile i can see lolita gf wanting a room that looks like this, with lots of lace and pastels. they'd also want a lot of shelves in the room to put their plushies/shoes/accessories on, which Kid would make and paint for them. Kid's clothes and various creations would go on these shelves but he avoids putting anything dirty or sharp (his weapons/tools) anywhere near lolita gf's belongings.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
obviously neither of them really care about how weird their style preferences look together, they're just happy to live together. for example, lolita gf doesn't care that Kid's red velvet pillows are on their pink bed or that his dirty black boots sit on the shoe shelf next to their collection of pastel mary jane shoes. Kid also doesn't care that his wardrobe is full of lolita gf's lace coord sets or that his black gothic dresser is covered in ribbons and pastel makeup palettes. their room in the end is just a blend of the 2 styles and looks a little random since the colour palette varies depending on where you look, but both of them love it.
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mysnis · a year ago
From Thrift to Designer
Was supposed to be part of Saturday 4 works random upload, but I then got busy. So I'll continue it today, with one more work to post.
Marinette had been having a horrible class trip but a good break from Paris.
On the class trip she had been forgotten at the hotel (more like Lila said she was on the bus when she wasn't), dealt with an awkward class that felt stiff and suffocating with all the tension. Their week of being at Gotham Academy was stifling as it seemed most students were rich and if not they were really smart, like her host family Jon. She had Lila accuse her of stealing her wallet that was later found in Lila's homeroom (thank god for Tikki, taking out of her bag and placing it on the floor of the classroom) and repeated behaviour from the lying Italian. However, for the holiday, when she was free to go and do what she wanted instead of class stuff.
She managed to avoid the stuffy school students and stick to Jon who would show her his favourite places, even taking her and Alya to Gotham to see the shopping district where Marinette found some great fabric at an amazing price that she snagged. She then at a local park, bumped into Steph. And Steph had made her exchange class trip amazing. The blonde had told her off for wandering alone (she lost track of Jon and Alya, mostly because Alya found a rogue attack was happening and Jon took after her to try and stop Alya from getting into danger) and escorted her back to the train station to go back to Metropolis. She also then continued to appear and spend time making Marinette smile and chatting, and avoiding Lila. She was truly like an older sister to Marinette.
Steph promised a night on the town that was safe for them both to do, which Marinette's friends decided as a group would be a great activity. The two then went shopping, Steph insisting on some amazing clothes to wear for it. Marinette insisted on not blowing a huge portion of money. They compromised and spent time in a thrift store and let Marinette give the clothes added flair. And tonight, she had finished the flair for her own dress, with Steph's already finished and given to the girl, just for tonight to go on the town.
She had come up from dinner to the room she had to see a complete disaster. Clothes thrown everywhere, ripped and torn. Her makeup completely ruined and destroyed. Any shoes cobbled or to the point of unwearable. And the dress she had been working on to make a fantastic piece of art, was ripped and shredded to no longer be wearable without receiving a ticket from a police officer.
Strangely, only her stuff was ruined. Looks like Lila had gotten into the room. Somehow. Marinette remembered the girl came over to do a school project with Jon apparently.
With a sigh she pulled her phone out and shot a message to Steph over Facebook. She sent a message to say to not look for her and to enjoy her night out with her other sister figure. A knock came at the door and opening it revealed a lot of her girl friends with Lois.
And Lila.
"Hey Marinette, get dress so we can go out tonight, girls night, remember?" Alya said with a bright smile. Marinette sighed and opened the door. "Oh my god!"
"What the heck?"
"What could have happened?" Lois raised an eyebrow.
"Oh no! Marinette!" Marinette studied Lila and the rest. Mylene looked really upset over it, and the rest looked shocked and saddened while Lila gave a smirk.
"Oh Marinette did you not listen? I told you all sorts of creatures will come in with the window left open and ruin everything!"
"Funny that. The window was shut. So no creature could get in. And this supposed animal also had a knack for only my belongings in a spare room at someone else's house. Weird." Marinette shook her head and felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.
"Just go on and have fun without me. I'll be alright."
"You sure Marinette?" Alya asked.
"Yeah. By the looks of it, I have to sew together some of my things to be able to go to the airport at the very least. It will take a while. You go have fun." She herded them out, refusing to react to Lila. She pulled her phone out to see Steph send question marks as a response. Marinette snapped a pic of the room showing the disaster of the room and clothes. With a sigh, she opened her suitcase, the only thing to not be ruined of hers, and started moving all her things into it to help tidy up the room.
She finished packing up with a sigh when her phone chimed and she glanced at the notification before opening her phone to see that Alya had posted a pic on her blog. It was the group standing outside somewhere, and Marinette could read the caption to see that apparently Lila was friends with a heap of the stars and famous people that were attending the Wayne gala tonight, and that they would be on the side hoping to try and get a last minute invite in. Marinette snorted.
That was so unlikely, and that Lila seemed more intent on having a night seeing famous people than actually a night of fun. But hey, she guessed seeing famous people could still be fun. The girls looked to be enjoying themselves in the photo at least. Marinette hoped they would have fun and not get thrown out. She started sketching out basic t shirts and shorts to put together from what she did have when a knock came from the door. With a light frown, she approached and opened it to reveal Steph with a raised eyebrow again.
"Hey Marinette!" She gave a grin while Marinette frowned.
"I...I told you that I couldn't come."
"Because your clothes are ruined, I know. But I have a solution. Thanks Lois, I promise we'll be quick." Steph zipped the bag up and looked over the room.
"Yeah, but, Steph, I don't have any clothes to wear?"
"No issues, oh, I love this makeup, great palette choice. This can be fixed up easy peasy. Now I spoke to Tim, you know my ex boyfriend turned actual guy bestie, said I had an emergency of fashion and he gave me a card with the limit of 250. Now I figured that wasn't enough, so I went to his older brother Dick who is kind of like an older brother figure to me as well, and he gave me a look, and handed me another card and went 'I understand. 300. Make sure you look amazing. I'll get Tim to apologize for the limit'." She gave a grin. "So I hope you are prepared."
"You spent 550 dollars of someone else's money on clothes for me to wear?!" Marinette's eyes bugged. She did not want to put that much on Steph to return.
"Uh. No? That would offend Dick. I spent 550 million as the two limits combined gave me the right to. It's totally fine." Marinette turned white, and the bag Steph had was opened to reveal the biggest wardrobe Marinette had ever seen shoved into a bag. Lois then also brought in seven of those black bags with hangers. There was a second bag filled with shoes and bags of every kind. Designer names were on a heap, though some more casual pieces were not designer made Marinette feel better. It was still a heap of money.
"Now, this should be enough for the rest of the week. I know your size from the shopping trip, so everything is in your size, but I don't really know your style. So there's a bit of everything here. If you don't like something, put it on the bed and I'll return it tomorrow back to the stores. You can keep the rest." Marinette turned to her.
"You're kidding. I can't repay for this. Any of it."
"Sweetie, that's fine. It's not a loan of money. I'm, well technically Tim and Dick, gifting it to you. You need clothes." Steph was trying to make her feel better. But from the shake of Marinette's head, it was having the opposite effect. Steph did not mind, she liked Marinette because she was nice and didn't want to cause issues for others, and was respectful about money. If it was Lila rather than Marinette, well, the girl would have cleared out the credit card multiple times before even thinking of stopping. But Steph pulled out one of the more common and nameless shirts first.
"Come on, you can at least pick out a few small things. I think this jacket would look amazing on you. And you can wear it with nearly everything. So you'll get a lot of wear out of it." Marinette looked the jacket offered to her looking it over. Steph was at least one with a good eye for not just fashion but also style and fabric wear. She looked at the other racks and thought about all her other friends. Out having fun. Seeing all the amazing outfits. Singing and dancing as they had planned. A small smile tugged on her lips.
"I guess a few small pieces won't be that big of a dent in the accounts. And you will return all that I say no to back tomorrow?"
"Promise." Steph nodded solemnly, before breaking into a grin. The two looked at the racks and dove in while Lois left them to it. So much to look at, so little time.
Marinette had to say, Steph really had a good eye. It was hard to say no to a lot of the clothes due to quality and style. But, she had managed to get it down to 3 pairs of shoes, 3 jackets, 2 skirts, 4 t shirts, 3 long sleeves including one turtle neck in pink that was absolutely adorable, 2 pairs of Capris pants, a jumper and a really warm coat, a pair of short overalls, 2 extra tops and a dress only descripable as a spring dress. But now, they were looking at the evening fancy wear and Marinette could not decide which she liked best. They were all so pretty. And Steph kept pulling more off the rack to show her that instead of narrowing her options, it was just expanding them.
But finally, finally, it was narrowed down to two options a striking red dress with a heap of light fabric sure to flow behind her as she walked, or a more fun look, with a black dress covered in slightly blue stars that hid in the dress. It was a sweetheart neckline and shoulder straps to hold up and flared from her waist with a v hem so that it ended at her knees with the sides going down to mid shin. She could pair it with a light jacket in white that held an Edna Mode logo inside the jacket, and a pair of white strappy sandal like heels and a thin white leather belt. She really liked the overall look, and while not as elegant as the red dress really felt more like herself and style. Steph gave her a grin and applause.
"You're wearing that. It won't even need to be tailored to you it fits so well. Now, I just need to do your hair and you need to choose makeup and jewellery. I advise black, or maybe white. And smokey eyes. I'll be in the bathroom, getting changed. I need to look good too." Steph grabbed a black bag and locked the bathroom door behind her. Marinette came out as Steph stood in a bright green powersuit, a gold belt around her natural waist with simple black stilettos.
"This is absolutely stunning Marinette! I do not even understand how it was the same billowy dress you saw in the store. And it fits perfectly. Come on now, we are so behind schedule." Steph pulled Marinette to sit in front of the mirror, instantly pulling make up and hair products.
"I'm thinking curls for you. Go with the sweet rebel look we got here." Marinette watched as Steph worked and truly smiled over the look Steph put together. Steph quickly pulled together a look with leaving her hair dead straight.
"Now we are killer looking, let's go. You need to meet one of my not sisters." Marinette nodded Clark and Lois goodbye, apparently Jon was out with a friend. The pair left and grabbed a train back to Gotham.
The first place they ended up was a dance club for teens. Marinette met Cassandra, wearing a black long sleeve knit dress with tights and ankle boots, a blue belt sat at her waist.
"Come on, the night is young, and we have a lot to see and do." Steph cheered as she led the charge.
Marinette had a blast. They were all under the American legal limit, so they had to pick more teen friendly scenes. But the spaces they did check out were fun. Then they were walking to check out some local's rich party that Steph and Cass scored invites to when they ran into a slight problem.
Or rather, a large problem. 4 men weilding knifes, guns and makeshift weapons sort of problem. The pair huddled Marinette behind them, eyeing each of the guys off.
"Hand over the bags, and any jewelry. We'll then let you go." Marinette watched as the three seemed to convey a whole conversation with a few looks as the panic raised inside her. Tikki was in her bag. She had her earrings on. This was not going to end well.
"No." Steph said, standing directly in front as Cass took a pace behind Marinette glaring at the other two that trapped them. There was a moment before the men were grabbed. Marinette watched as the girls fought and lashed out. That was surprisingly. Especially when Cass took on two at once while Steph kept moving so that only one was able to fight her, while Marinette was also protected. In a matter of moments, all fours were on the ground groaning.
"That was neat! How did you not rip your clothes?" Marinette smiled brightly.
Steph shrugged. "You get used to Gotham. I don't know that one, I try to ensure my outfit is movement friendly."
Marinette thought about it before nodding and the 3 girls continued to walk. Marinette was surprised to see the long line waiting to get in.
"Are you sure we can go there? Seems like a long wait." Marinette glanced to see how long it was.
"Oh, no wait for us, with the daughter of Bruce Wayne here." Steph nudged Cass who smiled politely.
"The name opens a heap of doors." She explained as they approached.
"Marinette?!" A voice called out. Marinette and the three sister figures stopped and looked. Lila stood with her jaw hanging while the other girls all beamed at her.
"Girl, you look amazing!" Alya said. Marinette smiled.
"Thanks! It's Steph and her family friends that deserve the compliments though. As soon as Steph heard about the ruins, she went and bought me some clothes to replace what I lost."
"Yeah, well it was no trouble at all. I love any excuse to spend Tim's money." Steph shrugged.
"I hope Marinette didn't cause any issues then! I told her to keep her window shut to avoid creatures ruining her things but she didn't listen." Lila piped up, moving out of the line to join the 4.
"I don't know why that would help, her floor was so high up, and the only creatures to worry about are thiefs looking to steal rather than ruin." Steph raised an eyebrow.
"And how would you know that?" Lila frowned.
"It's called being local. Being from Gotham helps to know the shady type of life. And there's no way an animal got in to do that sort of damage, especially only with Marinette's belongings." Steph grinned. Lila paused.
"Maybe we can join you guys?" Rose asked, the rest quickly nodding as Lila froze with a smile.
Steph gave a frown. "I'm not sure, it's not exactly right, we don't really know each other that well, and I've only got permission to look out for Marinette."
Cass shrugged. "I would only be able to get two people in with skipping the line. It wouldn't be fair."
"Oh you can do that?" Alya asked.
"Only if you are famous or high society or know the right people do you get to skip the line. This is a gala for the more elite side of town to show off wealth and status."
"Lila was telling us before she knew Bruce Wayne! That would get us in!" Mylene said causing all girls to turn and look at her. Lila weakly stepped back.
"But you heard her," she pointed to Cass, "only 3 of us would get in, that's not fair exactly on anyone."
"I'm sure he would make an exception for you Lila, you saved his dog from running out onto the road before right?" Rose chattered as Lila paled as Cass frowned
"That's right, but it was a long time ago,"
"Come on, let's go and see about entry." Alya grabbed Lila and the group with looks shared between Marinette and Steph approached the door.
"Lila Rossi." Alya said to the guy asking about names.
"Not on the list. Back of the line." The guy said. Cass streamed pass with Steph and Marinette without a second glance. Marinette listened as the girls argued and the security sent them packing with real facts causing the girls to turn on Lila. Marinette kept walking, feeling a slight smirk cross her features. This was going to be a night to remember.
Marinette was having an absolute blast of a time, dancing with the girls and gossiping while nibbling snacks and cooling off with water or alcohol when Marinette explained Lila. And complained about school life with the girl.
"And you are here on an exchange program the whole time. How terrible that you can't escape it." Steph wrinkled her nose. Marinette frowned in thought. A flash of a familiar dress crossed her vision.
"Excuse me." She walked away and grinned.
"Clara! Hi, I didn't expect to see you."
Clara spun around and grinned.
"Lovely to see you. Now, I should warn you, there's someone looking to get something special and lucky, but they also seem to be aware of your identity." Marinette grinned.
"No worries, I just wanted to say hi, enjoy your night."
"And to you as well."
Marinette gave a laugh before she was forcefully turned around to see another familiar face.
"Marinette! I thought it was you! Meet my best friend Damian. He gets forced along to these things. Apparently I need to suffer with him."
"Kent..." The dark haired individual growled out. Marinette held in a giggle.
"Nice to meet you. Jon talks a lot about you." Damian narrowed his eyes.
"Likewise." Marinette gave a grin.
"So, what sort of thing do you do for entertainment around here?" She asked.
"Generally avoid and ditch at the first opportunity." Jon answered. Marinette grinned.
"Then you do not know how to enjoy yourselves at these. There's more to them then dancing and socialising." Damian raised an uninterested eyebrow.
"Okay. I bet you can't steal 3 silver knives from the guy with a bushy moustache table over there." Damian glanced. 5 people were around the table.
"Tt. Easy." Marinette grinned.
"Oh really? You might want to take a closer look. There's already a thief at that table." Damian frowned but looked. He raised an eyebrow. Cobblepot somehow was here? And as Marinette stated, was stealing the silver cutlery. With a growl he strode over, aware of his ticking time. Marinette giggled.
"He really has to be right all the time huh?" She asked Jon.
"Yep." He answered. "But I think you'll find that he generally is." Steph and Cass snorted. "Still, good job for not being a person to run away screaming."
Marinette raised an eyebrow but Damian returned cutting off the conversation and holding three knives.
"tt. As I said easy. Hardly a challenge." He looked very smug.
"Well, what's your bet then?" Marinette asked with a raised eyebrow.
"I bet...you can not keep the guy over there from always knowing where I am." He pointed to a guy in a suit. Marinette glanced them over and gave a frown.
"Why do I get the feeling I'll be helping you escape this place?"
"Because you would be." Damian responded. Marinette shrugged.
"Cool. See you back home Jon." She strode over.
"Excuse me monsieur? Do you know where the bathroom is? I'm afraid my friends have lost me and I do not know my way around here."
The guy was very happy to help, and seemed glad when Steph and Cass came over, proclaiming she was their friend and leaving to get Marinette home. She watched as his eyes went over the room before frowning. She took that to mean the two boys made their escape. She did not expect to see them outside.
"Well this is a surprise."
"...you did well. Grayson is not an easy one to distract." He grumbled. Marinette beamed.
"Sure, but whatever you two do now, at least stay safe. See you later." She walked away.
Later that night when Jon came home Marinette asked him.
"Who exactly is Damian that going to such events is normal and he wants to leave?"
"....Damian Wayne."
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nanabrainrot · 6 months ago
2. Love, Bruce
Summary: In which Bruce loves your birthday more than you do.
Mutual pining & oblivious idiots in love
Part 2 of “Love, Bruce”
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe I’m already 23!” You bellyached again. You had known Bruce way too long; you could feel your youth depleting as the days pass and withering in front of him. These past few years of Bruce being your only friend in Gotham was a hardship as you aged, climbing the ladder to 25, and wondered if saving yourself for Bruce was becoming a fool’s task.
That’s about 2? 3 birthdays with him? But every birthday, though you no longer had parents to get gifts from, you would always get one from Bruce and a secret admirer. 2 and a half years of wanton waiting and watching, carefully curated and expensive gifts at your building’s front desk was a bit odd and almost cause of considering a restraining order but… these gifts were always so thoughtful.
“So what did you wish for?” Bruce asked from opposite your counter… which also happened to be in your living room and bedroom due to your absurd studio’s size but it was the only reasonable rent in Gotham. You smiled a weak one at him; if you told him, you’d spill your guts and look stupid all the while. You aren’t sure if this friendship with Bruce was a collection of you misunderstanding his nature or genuinely a connection. This in mind you decide to lie: “A promotion, obviously.”
He smiles and looks down, like finding his will to say something, and then not saying it. Instead, he takes a breath and asks, “Why don’t you open your gifts then?” You grin at the concept. Bruce had a lot more money than you and often gave you something you’d really had your eye on, sometimes earrings, a perfume, a makeup palette, or some fancy designer’s two piece set for the office whose name you always butchered. “A giiiiffttt? For me from you?” you slyly counter, not trying to hide your excitement, “don’t mind if I do, sweet stuff.”
You wink, saunter past the threshold that offered barely any separation from your kitchen to the main room, and sat on the futon’s arm just behind the stools at your “counter” (otherwise known as the pathetic ledge above your stove that gave you a luxurious view of your futon and piece of shit console table that doubled as a your office). “Lay it on me, Brucie! Don’t forget the price limit was $40. If you went over, I’m throwing you out,” you smiled half-heartedly. Truthfully, you always tried to give him a price cap that he never followed through. Whenever his birthday rolled around, you’d be forced to pop out a sewing machine or show up at some shithole pottery place to craft some random attempt at a gift. The rent was ever-raising and your wage stayed the same; you wondered if you should get a second job to get him something nice.
His hands are so big, calloused and sometimes littered with cuts or bruises, to which he always says he took up woodworking with a short laugh. But they’re so gentle, handing a small box with a delicate bow and brown tag that reads, “Happy Birthday to the Best Friend of All, (y/n).” Despite the sincere affection you feel, you barely beat back the tears at the sight of the word “best friend.” But it’s your birthday, a day more exciting for him than you; you couldn’t care less if he showed up at the lobby with a smooshed clearance cake if it meant he’d come. “Can I open it, Bruce?” You question lowly, staring at the handiwork tenderly. The bow was knotted weirdly, probably from him struggling to tie it himself with his meathead fingers, but a part of you want to save it so badly and to never know what’s inside of it. Just keep a memory of him in your “desk” forevermore.
“Well you open gifts, don’t you? That’s the whole point.”
“Fuck you, Bruce,” you laughed, struggling to unknot and trying desperately to conceal the fact you were trying to keep the tag intact to lock away to stare at later. The little bow, all crinkled, sits on the sofa as you open the little box. A simple heart necklace. Your heart blossoms at the sight, his birthstone in the gem of the heart, glistening brightly. Something tells you he went over budget, but something claws in your throat and makes you want to cry.
You feels like he knows you like him, feels like he’s teasing you, staking little claims on you, but never telling you he loves you. He loves you as a best friend. Who lets nearly 3 years fly without saying something like that? Your eyes feel wet, but you grin at him across from you. “This is so beautiful, thank you.” You lift it out, leaning with it in hand to place the little box on your desk, before you start trying to put it on, struggling a little with the clasp. Fiddling with it still, you laugh a little embarrassed at it and mumble, “Ah I think it’s cause I grew my nails a bit too long. I’ll just put it on tomorrow -“
“No, let me help you.” Your eyes follow him as he stands, gliding across the small space to sit on the futon behind where you sat on the futon’s arm. His hand is a bit cold when he moves your hair to one shoulder, brushing your skin to smoothly it makes heat rise to you face and your heart thump so hard you fear he’ll point it out. His pale face ghosts close to your neck, grunting as he tries to make use of his thick fingers on the delicate clasp, breathing hot breaths on your neck. The clasp clicks in place, but the necklace doesn’t drop once he’s done. He smooths it across the nape of your neck then moves your hair back to where it was at your neck.
You think you’re gonna fucking pass out.
“I clasped it for you,” he says in a low voice behind you, his breath sounding a little shallow.
“Really? I’d never have noticed,” you start sarcastically, softer than usual, still looking forward as you try to steady your breath and command your heart to just go back to normal. You don’t even want God to know the thoughts racing in your head at the potentials that could’ve unfolded.
It’s too quiet after his, the sound of both your shallow breathe and the honking of the cabs, the yelling of teens on the corner outside, your upstairs neighbor’s kids running here and there and the couple next door laughing with their in-laws are the only noises. Even with all that, his breath sounds short and shallow, before he gulps.
“Did that admirer send you stuff this year too?” He coughs, trying to make some conversation to fill the incredibly heavy air of your quietly loud studio. “My admirer? Surprisingly, yes! You’d think after like 3 years or something he’d give up but no; I didn’t open it yet because I always feel bad opening it,” you chuckle at the thought of past presences, all the gifts were so expensive the first year you were speechless for like ten minutes groping at the expensive linens set.
“Feels bad?” Bruce countered, almost sounding a little to worried. You would wonder what that was about if you weren’t wondering so hard about the admirer. “Yeah,” you shrug, “I could never afford that stuff if he never sent me the gift. I guess I feel bad I can’t say thank you for it, but I don’t think I’d be able to face the admirer honestly.”
“Why’s that?” Bruce asks hesitantly.
“Huh? Oh, uh, I uh am kind of interested in someone specific,” you start laughing out of anxiety. Specific? If he asked who you think you would just full on piss yourself.
“Specific -“
“Actually, let me see what he sent me this year haha!” You frantically changed, jumping up despite enjoying his brief closeness and scurrying to the kitchen where a neatly wrapped box sat with a letter. You gulped, desperately praying to every God he just shut up about it as you unraveled the bow and picked off the letter.
“Wait (y/n) what do you mean someone -“
Shut up shut up shut up! you internally cried at your own stupidity, frantically searching for a way out, some escape route from the topic before settling on tearing open the letter to read aloud. “Dear (y/n)! Happy birthday, I sent you this gift to celebrate another year of you being alive. Even if you don’t know who I am, you don’t need to. You don’t owe me anything for these gifts; I just need to show you how deeply I love and care for you. Enjoy your birthday, have a beautiful day… your secret admirer,” you trail off at the end, staring at the scribbled text and feel sad. You aren’t even happy at the notes, at the gift, knowing that some guy out there is stuck in the same position as you, just wistfully staring and yearning for someone out of reach. But your heart still blooms at the idea of someone wanting you so badly.
“This admirer really likes you, huh?” Bruce smiles from the threshold of your tiny kitchen. Your lips twitch into a small smile as you set down the letter and debate throwing the letter away, but at the same time wanting it to keep it to remind you someone liked you. A moment passes before Bruce asks, “Are you gonna open the gift?”
You snap back into reality after that teenage moody adjacent behavior possesses you to sulk over Bruce and the admirer, before you muster a grin to him. “Yeah! I wonder what he got me this year,” you laugh back, trying to muster the energy to look happy at the gift but really growing continuously frustrated at the presence of Bruce who you aren’t sure if he likes you, loves you, platonically or whatever is going on in his head. You push aside the box top like you push your thoughts aside and staring into the cottony plush surrounding a Dior perfume. You remembered sniffing it in a department store you were roaming around with Bruce a few months ago and your heart flips at the chance maybe maybe it’s Bruce, maybe it’s him. Your heart flips, then falls.
God, you’re getting so fucking delusional.
“I love this scent! I’ve been putting money aside to get it, but now I can save a hundred bucks!” you giggle, partially cheered up and partially about to sink to the floor and weep. Dior perfume was a luxury for many in Gotham, rent too high to spare it for something at this price tag. “Ah, if I ever met my admirer I’d have to at least kiss him to show my thanks,” you laugh absentmindedly as you turn over the bottle and admire all its text and coloration, oblivious to the blushing man by you.
Bruce feels a stir of jealousy as he watches your fingers turn over the bottle, watches your other hand still hold the paper with a certain gentleness and appreciation. What am I thinking? I’m the one who got her it anyway, he shakes his head at his irrationality, trying to shoo away his thoughts of you crooning and cooing at some guy claiming to be your admirer. “It’s getting late, (y/n), I’ll get out of your hair now,” he coughs, stepping back to your coat rack and going to slip on his shoes. You glance at your clock beside the stove. Oh. It was late. You smile a weak one, desperate to have him stay the night, but knew the implications with just a futon to stay on. “I’m sorry I kept you so late, Bruce -“
“Y’know I’d do anything for the birthday girl right?” He smiles, way too charming, slipping on his coat and shoes as you feel your face turn twenty shades of red in a minute. “Th-thank you,” you giggle stupidly at him, “I’ll see you next week?”
“Sure,” he replies shortly as he stood by your door. You shuffle to approach him, mustering your confidence and courage, and use it to make something count: you kiss Bruce Wayne on the cheek and pull back in one swift movement. This happens within a second and if both your faces were photographed in this one second time frame, you would both make it into Guiness World Records books to be named “Most Surprised Dunces in the History of Gotham.” Before he can question you, your hand moves it its own past him, flying to open the door and usher him out before you literally burst into tears. Pushing and batting at him to leave you cry out, “Thank you, okay bye I’ll see you next week or not no pressure it’s cool if you don’t wanna see me if you don’t wanna you don’t have to stay safe call me when you get home say hi to Alfred okay bye Bruce -“
You close the door hot and hard. His footsteps pause as he paces down your hall and you fear he’ll return, but he keeps going until his steps vanish. You lock all your 5 locks, shut off all your lights, and sit on your futon. The tag from his box stares at you with cold eyes and you… you put it on your desk. The couple next door is saying goodnight to their in-laws, and retreat to their lives of loving each other so blissfully. You sit there in the dark, in a simple top and a pair of shorts, and wonder if the world is fair.
You aren’t sure. You go to sleep anyway and have 364 days until you turn 24.
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