bixels · 2 days
Man I hope everyone playing with that new AI art app for funny memes and jokes doesn’t accidentally normalize the production of AI art and desensitize people into becoming users!
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emotion-deluxe · 3 days
Is..... is that Sarasaland
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gaylactic-fire · 21 hours
I think my favourite thing currently about the LU fandom is our ability to completely, purposefully ignore the actually important parts of updates. Twilight is dying? Lol but he has his titty out. Wild is lamenting deeply to himself about his fears? Shut up boy, look at that frog! Time is thinking about his future child? But has anyone tucked Hyrule into bed yet?
"It's annoying when you guys focus on the meme stuff." Actually it's funny af. Keep up the good work everyone.
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ritterdoodles · 1 day
Sometimes when I’m sleeping, I like to pretend I’m a cat
Like this:
Tumblr media
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grogusmom89 · 2 days
Women are worth being friends with without the possibility of sex as an incentive and quite frankly we are deserving of genuine platonic relationships. I wish men agreed.
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fandom-phantomm · 2 days
I've binged most of Danny Phantom (currently halfway-ish through season 2, I think) over the past three days, I'm still kind of reeling from the implications of the episode The Fright Before Christmas and the amount of power the Ghostwriter had over reality. Not just in the human realm or in The Ghost Zone, but in both locations, over what I'm assuming is every inhabitant residing there.
Danny and the other ghosts (mostly) breaking free of the spell by pure chance, because the Ghostwriter couldn't think of anything that rhymes with orange in that moment...
Dude just genuinely scares me with the level of power he has.
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sepublic · 3 days
This is so silly, but does it ever give you second-hand embarrassment and apologetic shame when someone with an icon from a fandom you love gives a bad take? And you can’t help but want to say to the general community “On behalf of the actual fandom we apologize, this person does not speak for us and they do not deserve their pfp; Likewise, that character would NOT say that”. It’s so dumb and yet...!
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esthara · 2 days
SO I was thinking about the Atreus/Loki name thing and I've kinda realized something. It's not just a plot twist element.
Faye wanted to name her kid Loki but then, guessing from what God of War 2018 last scene said, Kratos proposed the name Atreus and they stick with that one. Now we also know Faye already knew about the prophecy of both Kratos and her son before leaving the giants, and she also destroyed the last piece of Kratos and Loki's prophecy. Why? Well at the end of Ragnarok we're told its because she didn't want them to know, she wanted them both to make their own path in hopes for a better one.
She knew about Loki's prophecy but she was hoping her son would find his own path. So I think when Kratos proposed the name Atreus she was more than happy to go with it. Because she knew they would eventually see the murals in Jötunheim and if her son just saw his name up on the wall it'll be easier for him to simply just follow the prophecy. It's his name on the wall, it's him, that's what he's supposed to do so he'll just do it. But he's not Loki, he's Atreus. The wall says Loki but that's not him, he's Atreus so he can forge his own destiny cause the one written isn't exactly about him. He can choose to be Loki but he's not the Loki that's written about, he's his own version of Loki/Atreus.
Naming her son something that wasn't already written would encourage him to do everything his own way. Besides proving that not everything is as foretold, a little revelry of her own to fight fate.
Hope my bad wording doesn't ruin this and it sort of makes sense.
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dandymaximilian · 1 day
What does the "DHMIS purgatory theory" mean for Todney and Lily? Why can they both travel between the different "bubbles of reality" or "doll houses", without teaching a proper lesson? What do these children really hunger for?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As shown in their scrapbook, the twins have certain expectations when it comes to family. They have an immature way of perceiving the concept, but it's all they've ever known.
Tumblr media
Bunk beds, swings, chicken dinners, friends, advice, haircuts, etc. are what the twins are missing in their new life. These are things that made them feel connected to their old family, and they desperately want this back.
Tumblr media
I think what the twins really crave is a sense of normalcy and safety in their life again. They most likely died when they were young, and since they still look like children, very recently.
Therefore, their idea of what family means is determined by their past experiences, rather than a nuanced definition in any sense.
Tumblr media
And the only thing the twins have left? Each other, and their devotion.
Tumblr media
But what about the twin's current family? Why are they so zombie-like? Why are there "dead" family members in purgatory? And most importantly, where is their mother?
Tumblr media
I think everyone in their family tree has moved on to the afterlife, hence the X over top of their portrait. Meanwhile, the family members left are rotting away, most likely due to their bodies not being "replaced" like Duck or the teachers. They are dead in every sense of the word.
Tumblr media
Heck, the other family members might not even be the twin's biological family, since the twins seem keen on kidnapping other lost souls to fufill their idea of a proper family. So, the twins make up board games, tea recipes, traditions, and home videos to cling onto their ideals.
Tumblr media
The only person the twins know will complete their family, and the only person that can take control as the matriarch is the only biological member they truly remember and know.
Their lost mother.
Tumblr media
Their mother has either moved on without reaching purgatory, or is a lost soul as well. Until the twins find her, they will be stuck endlessly searching for her, until they forget everything they have ever known, or give up.
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rottingcompost · 2 days
So it looks like even with insurance my cat's stay at the animal hospital is going to be pretty expensive, so im just going to do a quick interest check: would people be interested if I did pay what you want comissions starting at $5, and would people share a post where I take those comissions around? Because at this current moment the estimate of what I have to pay, not including the ammount that the insurance covers, is almost 10 000kr, or about $1000.
My cat has stayed at the animal hospital since thursday, and will stay there until at least tomorrow, and even then I dont know entirely how much longer he will be there for if he keeps having to stay more.
So i guess if you're interested in cheap comissions please share this post around. The best place to find my art is on toyhouse, my username there is RottingCompost.
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fruiitlins · 1 day
the variations of mob’s name is so funny to me like mobbert mobble MOP i love him. the boy of all time
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nibeul · 2 days
anyway, a big reason why kingdom is so good (aside from the fact that it was obviously a very skilled team working on this + the cast is some of the best casting I’ve seen a while) is that it's a TV show that was shot as a movie. the seasons are pretty short for k drama standard because of how meticulously it was filmed and prepared for. on top of that, it's essentially six two hours movies back to back; each two episodes go together in terms of plot/main conflicts and the conflicts that come from the current "movie" are wrapped up by the beginning of the next "movie". at the same time, each episode flows nicely into the next, so it doesn't really feel like a long, dragging film, but rather a cohesive story that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.
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emotion-deluxe · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Whatever the fuck this archetype is >>>>>
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gaylactic-fire · 23 hours
"Finally Hyrule gets to rest after carrying this entire comic on his shoulders" -GF
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Tumblr media
This promo image is doing Things to my brain
Idek how to explain it
The lighting
The way he looks off into the distance
His tribe behind him, the unknown in front of him
The fucking sky being so beautiful
Printing Walker Independence in portrait instead of landscape
His hair blowing in the wind
This is it. This is the perfect image. WIndy marketing can go home for the day now they can just use this one forever
Good job everyone who had a hand in this. I hope they all get a raise and a box of chocolates.
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salandersan · 2 days
Ok a seperate post
Tumblr media
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