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jollybone · 4 months ago
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Happy Birthday to my two main defenders :) shit lil drawing of the mad lads Smoke n Kapkan
click for better quality
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bunbungus · a month ago
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bl-beater · 6 months ago
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Cowboy Smoke & Mute for partiallystupds on twitter.
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chaotic-am · a year ago
R6's Smoke's response to reader asking him out on a date, like to a concert or something.
I can do that dearie
He totally wasn't going to ask you but whatever
If anyone asks he asked you out
So excited
Won't stop asking questions about the concert
Probably hasn't been to a concert in awhile
Like a few years
So hyped up
Most definitely is getting matching shirts for the concert
Checks up on you to see if you were joking or not
Picks you up instead of meeting up
Horrible and I made horrible jokes and puns the entire car ride
Jokes about telling you what's in the canister
I hope I did it the way you wanted it.
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dollarstorejager · a year ago
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takemetoasgard · 6 months ago
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"I know what you are thinking, what's in the canister?"
James "Smoke" Porter
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sparkling-opal · 7 months ago
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It wasn't suppose to be easy, you know.
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collinnmckinley · 7 months ago
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I genuinely thought they'd skip showing the face, but i was surprised they showed HIS FACE!!
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unis-trash-stash · a month ago
Me seeing James “Smoke” Porter after he left Rainbow and joined Nighthaven
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ghostiex0 · a month ago
catch me becoming a daily on this blog lol but if i may: how about some angst/comfort headcannons where Caviera, Lion, Rook, Doc, and Smoke have their memories of their S/O wiped, but they manage to recover them and seek their S/O out? i imagine it was out of the blue, so they werent warned of it beforehand, hope this makes sense!
I think I understand. I made the scenario that they lost their memory due to being in the field, hope that’s alright! I also included Smokes daughter for his and there are mentions of Lions son in his section.
- It was just supposed to be training. Which in Taina’s opinion made this all the worse. She didn’t even get hurt out in battle, but during training.
- Apparently if you hit your head with just enough force at just the right angle, it can seriously fuck you up. Thankfully, Gustave says she’s still functioning properly besides her memory.
- Seeing her in such a state, it was normal to worry was it not? She looked at you like it wasn’t.
- When Gustave pulled you aside and informed you she had some short term memory loss due to the impact, it all made more sense. It hurt a lot more too.
- It didn’t take long for you to head out after that. You had worked so hard to get Taina open to trust you and build an open and loving relationship. You didn’t know how you even did it, never mind do it all over again.
- You at least needed some time alone.
- … You didn’t mean this much. It’s been almost a month with barely any contact with Taina. Some bittersweet check ups that she was still so guarded about, even when you tried to explain that you loved her so.
- It was late. You were snuggled up in your couch, the bed feeling so uncomfortable ever since the thought that Taina might never lay in it again came up.
- But ever at this hour, there she was, at your door, dressed in a some lay around attire… but at your door. You hesitated, then opened it.
- “Coração, I’m sorry it’s taken me this long. I hope… we haven’t lost anything here.”
- James is always itching for excitement. He lives for the gunfire and smoke… and his weird chemicals he throws in.
- It finally came to stab him in the back.
- In the hospital bed of the clinic, his daughter and a woman, stress written across their faces, were sitting in the chairs along the wall.
- As soon as he shuffled, they were up on their feet, moving towards him, gently hugs and questions of “are you alright?”
- It took him a minute to fully process what was happening and why he’s ended up here. He then looked at his daughter then you, then his daughter, then you.
- “Heh… yeah I’m alright’.. I’m glad my daughter wasn’t alone during this but… who are ya?”
- Puzzled, you were looking over him for any signs of joking or teasing… but there were none. He genuinely didn’t know who you were anymore.
- His daughter seemed just as confused as you, looking at her dad before explaining that you two were together and of the such.
- You just needed to take a leave for a minute, patting her shoulder gently before you did so.
- his daughter was the one to smack some sense into him eventually. She knew her father needed to rest, but she knew that he’d also let someone good for him walk away.
- She would help him feel more himself again, then force him to go out and get you some pretty flowers and finally, send him your address. She would make sure you two at least stayed in each other’s lives.
- James would thank her later.
- Oliver didn’t have much family to visit him if he would ever fall ill or have a tragedy happen on the field. Apart of him doesn’t know if he’d even want them to visit him.
- But he has you and his son. He’s created a better life for himself and hopes to make it with you.
- Yet he had forgotten all about you. There were some missed phone calls from over a month ago in his phone. Only a few more recently. What had happened?
- Upon losing his memory, you got to see him a few times. He never remembered. He was skeptical, now in the same state he was before you two got together of feeling overwhelmed with his son, his job, his life, and struggles of his past. He didn’t believe he would add another thing on top of that.
- After eight visits it was just too painful and you decided for the better of yourself to keep contact minimal. Some calls here and there. Eventually another visit. Soon, it felt hopeless.
- Three months is how long it took for Olivier to show up at your door, holding his breath and biting his tongue. Just looking at you. You just looking at him, in utter shock.
- “I… I don’t even know what happened still.”
- Those were the first words he uttered to you. A desperation in his tone.
- How were you supposed to be mad at him when he was like this. So torn and confused about everything.
- You couldn’t help but just let the tears flow. He definitely teared up as well. Bringing him into your arms again felt like your world had finally been pieced back together again.
- Julien is one of the youngest and most optimistic operators on the team. His state made many on the force feel guilty in some capacity. Especially his fellow GIGN operators.
- It only got worse when they realized he forgot about the one he loved. Julien liked to talk about you quite a lot. He had many hopes of what his life could become with you. He even talked about getting married to you a few times with his coworkers.
- Now, Gustave had to talk to you as Dr.Kateb, it sucked.
- You took your time to mourn, sitting there in the clinical office chair. But none of it would make him remember you. Looking over at him and back to the floor. It was hard. Yet, you agreed and walked out.
- He was a solider before anything else wasn’t he? You had to respect that.
- You two had a small apartment in Tours together. You stayed there practically 24/7. It wasn’t the same anymore and it got to the point where you thought about moving. If he forgot everything you would just have to try to.
- Your phone rang out. It was too far away. You’d just call them back later.
- Your phone rang out again. Really? Calling again?
- Fine! You were getting up now!
- Going over to the phone, you snatched it off the counter, annoyed and ready to sassily tell them to leave a message next time,
- “But I missed you a lot.”
- You swear your whole stomach did a backflip. You started asking a million questions, getting answers felt like a weight off your chest finally.
- “I’m sorry, I didn’t know!… I finally remembered again though… what do you think about marriage?”
- One of the most valuable operators, fallen down with a type of memory loss wasn’t good at all.
- So though it sucks, it wasn’t that much of a surprise when Harry put some strict guidelines in place for how things would go with Gustave.
- You would be kept mostly in the dark.
- It was heartbreaking. It felt like you were leaving him when you could help him the most. You knew he would never leave you if you had suffered the same. It felt so wrong. But Harry assured you this needed to happen.
- Working on the frontlines is what he loved. He hated being tied to a desk and such. He had his passions and who were you to get in the way of that?
- You agreed. You wouldn’t have contact with Gustave while he was recovering. You could only hope he would remember again.
- Soon, he’d be on his feet in the field again, training or working from the sidelines as he got better.
- And at the dead of night before going to sleep,
- “Goodnight, mon ange.”
- He leaned down and closed his eyes without thinking, then registered what he had said and threw the covers off himself like a madman.
- Gustave had forgotten about you. How?! Oh god why?! At the speed of light he started looking for your number in his phone, he did, pressing call. It went straight to voicemail. He did it again. Straight to voicemail.
- Pissed, concerned and confused, he stomped his way up to Harry’s office.
- soon the office was filled with aggressive arguing (mainly from Gustave) and long sighs. Harry called you up himself, asking you if you’d like to come see Gustave. That he finally remembered.
- You didn’t need to be told twice and arrived as fast as you could. Practically running up to Harry’s office and slamming the door open to see your gorgeous lover again.
- “Mon ange.. oh I should’ve known, I should’ve remembered..”
- a few bittersweet laughs and kisses made it all better eventually. You’d find a way to work through this.
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fanta5yland · 5 months ago
SAS: Relationship Headcanons
Reader is G/N! Also this has SFW and NSFW
Mute (Mark Chandar)
Mute is not considered “quiet” for some but he doesn’t seem all that interested to talk with people at first, well he had an exception for you. Mark always tried to start up a conversation with you and got to know you more which eventually lead from one thing to another and now you’re with him.
He will make his unconditional love for you obvious at home, he will come behind you when you’re cooking and give you a huge hug while kissing your cheek and neck or kiss you randomly and keep you close to him during the nights even when it’s summer outside, which can get a little uncomfortable at times, especially when something more happened than cuddling. Also Mark loves spooning his partner, finds it so comfortable and welcoming to feel your frame up to his body while he has his arms wrapped around your waist.
In public he still shows his affection but not so much like he does at home, he will still hold your hand if he feels like it, or maybe give you a kiss on the cheek if nobody is paying attention, but Mark will always still talk you the same way as he does at home, full of love and his nicknames for you.
Speaking of nicknames, he makes random ones out of your actual name or just says actual loving names such as “darling” “baby” Simple but cute! You can’t even remember if he’s ever even called you by your real name since the moment you two got together, but hey you’re not complaining.
Oh boy, Mark is very kinky when it comes to sex and you the thought it might be related to stuff he did in the past, but Mark just likes to say that ‘it’s cause of the stuff ‘he watches’
Always makes sure sex is rough but passionate and the pleasure is set high for the both of you, also loves teasing so much just to see tears of frustration rolling down the soft skin of your cheeks and that is what makes him get into action with you.
Also makes a ton of dirty jokes, even in public he might sneak on in, hell even if he’s beside his friends and then Mark finds it adorable when you don’t get it. Also definitely has a thing for your ass, might get a good grab at home or even in public since he might not be all that affectionate outside, but that doesn’t say no to public sex ;))
After sex Mark is straight to sleep without any word he just heads off, I mean sex sessions can be long (unless if it’s a quickie or a public sex moment) so it really takes up all his energy but he can and will subconsciously pull you near him after he’s asleep. It’s adorable.
Smoke (James Porter)
Very cuddly he seriously won’t mind if he’s laying on the couch and you come towards him and just give him a large loving hug, in-fact he loves it and needs more, and will get more.
He’s the type to act all against physical close affection at first but then is the one to stick to you all over the place like, you are the magnet and he’s the magnetic material. Will give you a hug randomly and kiss your neck which is his favourite part to kiss.
When you two reunite after a long time, he loves bringing you up into his arms and giving you a huge kiss, but the rest happens at home. This just shows that he loves showing all his love to you, extremely thankful to be with a person like you and he makes that totally crystal clear so you understand.
Also doesn’t hide his love in public, will still act the same if not more like he does in public, and he really doesn’t care of what his fellow operators and CTU friends think, at this point It’s a fact that the operators and probably used to it judging by how he’s on you the entire them, they just accepted the fact that they won’t be free.
Very horny all the time, even the slightest thing can get him rock hard and then he’d being trailing behind you, wanting you right then and now. James can be a switch and usually doesn’t show a preference since the thought of completely dominating and ruining you and being submissive under your turns him on immensely
James mostly prefers being on top, and the thought of being bottom and submissive to you makes him red in embarrassment, although he does consider it at times, so he may not be totally against it. But still being top makes him feel all the power and control over you and he can’t help but love the sight of you underneath his muscular frame.
Loves making you suck him off, whenever he tells you to it’s not a question you have to do it, and he still has control of you weather it’s how deep you take him or how fast, he controls that
After sex he just becomes the complete opposite, he so cuddly and makes jokes and tells you stories not to mention him asking you over and over again if your okay or not, he does get too deep into his lust and pleasure at times so he makes sure you are doing your best after play time.
Sledge (Seamus Cowden)
Okay we all know how big of a goofball he is, he might be acting all scary and tough and first but let me tell you he is a biggest sweetheart once he opens up, always very caring and affectionate and in this case he is also touchy, which shouldn’t be minded.
He’s known to be very easy going and a good person to get to know, and this is true in your relationship he’s like the sunshine that towers over you and blows away the clouds, he really loves you and always makes sure you are doing fine mentally and physically. Especially if there’s something upsetting you Seamus is fast to notice even if you don’t even talk to him and he will do anything to make you feel better.
Loves picking you up, he knows he’s a big boy with a ton of strength and uses that to his advantage.
His affection doesn’t change even in public, he still treats you the same and finds it hilarious when you get all flustered and when his friends make remarks, annoyed or teasing. Will hold your hand and won’t let go of it, hug you and give you forehead kisses, a lot of forehead kisses.
Seamus can get very talkative at times, he just has so much in that head of his to tell you, stories of his missions or training like he won’t stop, but you listen because they can get funny or interesting to listen to. At first he may not be as talkative but like a mentioned he can once he warms up.
Top, no matter what top. He hates the fact of being bottom because Seamus feels like that he might not be able to take you seriously, especially if your smaller then him. Plus he is pretty big and being top just seems right.
Teases a ton, like 70% teasing at 30% actual sex, he will make sure your horny and desperate for him to the point that you will beg him to just take you and even then he might not be satisfied and continue. He also loves giving and receiving oral, but once he gets started he won’t stop tell you beg him to.
Daddy/Master kink definitely, he will make you feel so high that those sweet words will just automatically exit your mouth, the words that make him more spurred on to take you aggressively. Very rough and demanding and like I mentioned before touchy as well, he really does some things when he’s needy.
Makes you a total mess after, skin bruised, lips red and most importantly your insides sore, you didn’t even expect someone to be so sweet to become a complete destroyer in bed, but it feels good that you can’t help but want more out of it, you want him to destroy you complete and dominate you, taking you as his and only his.
Thatcher (Mike Baker
Acts a bit grumpy all the time, he’s just in a bad mood and totally done with his life but he tries to at least be less like that around you, infact you make him happy to be on this planet and to be alive with you by his side. He’s very peaceful if he’s in a good mood, especially in the mornings and gets a bit over-romantic if he feels like it.
Loves writing ever once in a while, he used to write in journals all the time to let his feels fall out but now he just talks to you about it, telling you his emotion in the form of interesting stories, that is one of things Mike likes about you, you sit and listen to him without butting in and give him advice at the end.
He isn’t super touchy, like not on you but he doesn’t avoid touching you, he prefers to show is love verbally but still hugs you along with small pecks on your lips, those small gestures are very memorable and precious, they just feel different
He isn’t very clear or verbal about what he prefers in sex, he’s just too lazy to care and just does what feels good for the both you, in this case bondage might be an exception but only when he’s top since he says if he’s below it won’t feel as “manly” very old fashioned.
Definitely not a fan of public sex or teasing he finds it “embarrassing” and “disturbing” to others, but the real reason is that he knows if he’s caught he will never hear the end to it. Mike is the fan of doing everything privately so there is no rush just the both of you taking your time feeling good.
He can’t get a bit rough, Mike wouldn’t have been so rough but he keeps his physical form in tip top shape so it can be very easy and effortless for him to get a bit off track at times.
He’s not that big into aftercare, he’s just too tired and goes to sleep immediately or else he starts feeling grumpy again
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jollybone · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
that Smoke-guy, am I right?
anyway a quick and bad Smoke doodle cuz he 😳
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bunbungus · 10 months ago
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bl-beater · 7 months ago
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Welcome to the family, Love
-click on the picture for better quality-
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vampsquerade · a month ago
besties, is it weird for me to say that i am genuinely more attracted to Smoke because of the way he yells when he’s been friendly fired or is patching up a downed operator
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dollarstorejager · a year ago
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The 3 images from the gif I created
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baileymel27 · 8 months ago
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Bri’ish man
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