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:) this is fine.
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thequeeranachronism · 23 hours
I think it’s important for people to understand that while antisemitism isn’t the same as racism it’s so closely linked that to truly understand the two you need to understand the other. That’s why racist Jews and antisemitic bipoc are just hurting themselves. I’m not the most knowledge on the subjects so I’m absolutely sure others have said it better I just think it’s something important to think about
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feasibilities · 2 days
yt latinos saying tenoch huerta’s words promote resentment and division like they don’t actively participate in the disenfranchisement of darker and afro-latinos & indigenous peoples…
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theconcealedweapon · 2 days
A child goes to school and learns about the history of slavery.
They learn that when people protested against slavery, many people were more angry about the protests against slavery than about slavery itself.
Now, when their parents are more angry about protests against police brutality than about police brutality itself, because of what they learned in school, they know that their parents are following the exact same patterns that racists used in order to uphold slavery.
And their parents don't like that. So their parents label it as "critical race theory" and demand it be banned.
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sassysambucky · 14 hours
Fandom Racism
If you don’t want to read this, unfollow me and anyone else who is black. I’m not playing with y’all.
I’m tired of nonblack people writing Sam Wilson in predatory roles and minimizing his trauma and need for healing and therapy like everyone else - especially given that he is a black man first, veteran second, and these are canon-based fics. If you don’t understand that nuance, literally don’t write him until you can.
Yes, I just read some shit that said Sam’s pain was okay because it wasn’t worse than Bucky’s and that Zemo is some kind of generous white martyr (mind you, he used Bucky and Sam the whole show, felt no remorse for killing the black king of a black nation, and is based off of Nazi comic material). And this isn’t an uncommon occurrence.
Black and brown fans don’t have an escape because we have to experience racist bias in real life just to then read it and writers want to cry, “It’s just fiction!” instead of doing the anti-racism work on themselves. Art includes the manifestation of real thoughts and systemic biases. Art is not an excuse.
This fandom has a lot of work to do. It’s not enough to have ‘good intentions’ when you’re still putting biases back into the world that are harmful. You’re different from your grandparents, cousins, uncles? PROVE IT instead of whining when black readers are tired of dehumanization of blackness.
PS. anti-racism is a life-long journey, not reading an article and a book and calling it a day. This also extends to POC who engage in anti-blackness. Do better and check your cousins. I should not have to.
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The census’s main findings are that we’ve had an increase in people defining themselves as not religious and a linked decrease in people identifying as Christian. Small increases in the number of people who identify as Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist have also been registered.
On ethnicity, the percentage of people categorising themselves as white has gone from 86% to 82%. Leicester and Birmingham are the first two cities in the country where ethnic minorities make up a majority of the residents. Seventy-three other cities remain solidly white majority.
But newspapers and politicians have distorted this data – either deliberately or unintentionally stoking anxieties of a ‘demographic crisis’ and that the days of a White Christian nation are over.
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It's really fucking annoying how an Eurocentric standard of beauty is used as the universal measure. In non-European/United States movies, you will be hard-pressed to find a cast that doesn't fit the mold as closely as possible, which, if you don't know, looks something like this:
Tumblr media
What makes it more disgusting is that this face, this mold, is based off of the "golden ratio" of facial features. Notice how not a single one of these features is non-white.
The nose is long and straight with small nostrils. The lips are low, with a decidously larger lower lip, and extend past the nose. The eyes are completely straight, with a prominantly arching brow.
There aren't a lot of non-white individuals who would come close to fitting this mold naturally, and the fact that it is the norm despite being widely unachievable and rooted in racism just shows how far we still are from destroying the unfortunate white supremecy mindset.
When I said this is annoying, I understated it. It's really fucking disgusting.
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crazycatsiren · 3 days
Isn't it just another day when white gentile vegans are not only calling indigenous people savages but also comparing Jewish people to animals.
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jerseydeanne · 3 days
Royal journalist Ingrid Seward suggests the Lady Hussey race row could have been a bit of a set up.
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speaking as a black woman in the process of converting here:
kanye west and all these “black israelite” types really fucking annoy me because?? the way antisemitism and antiblackness blend together is so fucking uncanny, these things are genuinely almost identical, that this is how you know these people have fucking worms for brains
it’s like? we’re literally both groups that have been getting oppressed and genocided since day 1 for just existing
and historically the solidarity between us has been unbreakable
and some dumbass with a little bit of melanin calls himself enlightened because he found the 14 words
And "X Israelism" isn't a new or unique ideology. There's British Israelism. Mormonism. Messianic "Judaism". The list goes on.
What makes Black Hebrew Israelite ideology even worse and upsetting is that it's not white people who think they're special. It's marginalized people misdirecting their anger at an easy scapegoat: Jews.
Jews have always been an easy scapegoat, all throughout history. Whether it's the plague, wars, capitalism, socialism, communism, you name it- it's easy to blame the Jews.
Because it's easier to blame a group of people who've been the natural scapegoat throughout history than it is to acknowledge and fight systematic white supremacy.
And if you decide that actual Jews aren't "real" Jews, and you instead are the "real Jews", well, then, you don't even have to feel guilty about being antisemitic. ('You' as in a BHI person, not you, anon)
And the way BHI and other similar groups fall so easily in with literal Nazis......if they didn't cause real world harm to my people I'd feel bad for them. Because at the end of the day if the white supremacists BHIs align themselves with G-d forbid achieve their goal of enacting genocide against the Jews, those white supremacists will immediately turn on the BHIs next.
Many marginalized groups have this issue, of people "selling out" and tokenizing themselves in order to appease the white supremacist, patriarchal dominant class. It's horrible.
Antiblackness and antisemitism are the pillars of white supremacy. White supremacists thrive when we don't unite against them.
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vermillionquinn · 1 day
“The niece of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was reportedly kicked off of an airplane after she accused a Latino family of being ‘drug mules.’
The Times-Picayune reports that Christie's niece, 25-year-old Shannon Epstein, confronted the family after boarding her flight going from New Orleans to New Jersey on Thanksgiving Day.
According to law enforcement officials, Epstein asked the family if they were ‘smuggling cocaine’ and then became increasingly irate to the point where airline workers asked her to leave the plane.
Epstein refused, which led to the airline workers calling up Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies to have her removed.
At this point, reports the Times-Picayune, Epstein became physically violent.
‘In the scuffle, she injured six deputies, biting one of the arm and breaking the skin, and kicking another in the groin,’ the newspaper writes. ‘Seven deputies were needed to handcuff Epstein to a wheelchair, so that she could be moved to the airport security office... She continued to shout vulgarities and try to bite deputies.’
Epstein was subsequently arrested and charged with six counts of battery on a police officer, three counts of disturbing the peace, one count of resisting arrest by force, and one of remaining on an airplane after being ordered to depart.”
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high-quality-tiktoks · 10 hours
Can you imagine saying something so heinous that ALEX JONES has to attempt to reel you in???
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theconcealedweapon · 2 days
Racists are always saying that black people who want to avoid police brutality should just obey the law.
Imagine if they got their wish. Every black person driving in front of them now drives as if they're taking their driving test. They not only drive the speed limit but drive a few miles per hour under in order to not exceed it even once by accident. They never turn right on red.
You know there'd be massive road rage.
They don't actually want more obedience to the law. They just want a convenient excuse to believe that a black person deserved to die.
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mysharona1987 · 2 days
Tumblr media
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radiofreederry · 5 hours
Why did they kill Gary Rasor?
This anon is referring to an 82-year old man who died of injuries sustained after he was shoved to the ground by a man committing larceny at the Home Depot where he worked. The implication of the message is that because the thief was Black, and Rasor was white, it was a racially-motivated murder (note the use of "they" as if there was some kind of conspiracy).
In reality, of course, Rasor was simply an old man who unfortunately died because sometimes that happens when old men are injured.
Racists obsess over news stories like this. The death of Gary Rasor is a wholly local issue - yet this anon assumes a familiarity with the story because they seemingly cannot grasp that not everyone else is an obsessive who trawls the "Black Crime" sections of far-right news outlets day in and day out.
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