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robotpussy · 2 days ago
I know I have said before that I don't want to hear white people's critiques on black art, but I have just had enough of this thing that is going on right now between the violence portrayed on screen towards black people and people of colour and the white response to it
This film about Emmett Till is being labelled as "historically inaccurate" because there are no scenes that recount the series of racist events before he died and they didn't show him getting killed.
This review infuriates me so much. I am very confident in knowing that white people do indulge in seeing violence towards black people.
I've always known this, but with the recent series about Jeffery Dahmer and how many white people were coming out to say they were not phased by any of the violence the people of colour on that show faced I can definitely say there is some truth to this
I would like to say I wish I didn't understand why Kate Erbland (the writer of this review) doesn't understand why this entire movie was so hard for Mamie (Emmett Till's mother), as she didn't want to relive thosr events, but I can't say that is the truth for me.
I truly believe it is part of the lack of empathy white people have when it comes to discussing racism and the violence black people face, or when they do feel any kind of sympathy it is only when they are included in the narrative or they take what is being said personally,
and the context of this being, the reason for Till's death was because he was falsely accused by a white woman of whistling at her, and the thing most insidious about this is Emmett Till was a CHILD (14 years old) when this happened, so to see a white woman disregard a film because we are not show the death of a teenager makes this so much worse.
And also proves that white people will truly only have empathy when they see black people get brutalized otherwise there is no sympathy at all or they are completely unphased by it because they view lack of humanity in us.
and the fact that this review was written by a white woman shows there is a chance that Erbland feels more sympathy for Carolyn Bryant because white people tend to feel more sympathy for a white person who are the perpetrators of or are complacent in the violence and especially when it is a white woman
(e.g. when challenging the idea that white women were simply passive bystanders to the slave economy in the US and instead demonstrated their active participation in its structures of brutality and exploitation, it is sometimes met with people, notably white women who call it a act of misogyny to point it out)
But I can't make too many assumptions but it is so tiring and infuriating to continue to see white people see the deaths of black people as commodities and entertainment.
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theconcealedweapon · 23 hours ago
Someone gets injured in a car crash and is given a bandaid for their injuries.
You see this and you're outraged. But instead of being outraged that all they're getting is a bandaid when that's clearly not enough to treat their injuries, you're outraged that you, who were not in the car crash and are not injured, didn't get a bandaid also.
That's what "straight pride" or "white lives matter" is.
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aftabkaran · 2 days ago
The fact that some “leftists” on this website have the audacity to give themselves permission to tell me that Iranians should stay quiet and bear their pain in silence tells me that you fuckers only look at non-white people as a tool in your narrative. You don’t give a fuck about the people anymore than right-wing imperialists do.
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crazycatsiren · 2 days ago
Ableism and white supremacy go hand in discriminatory hand.
Because disabled people are perceived as "other", therefore "less than".
Because minorities don't deserve to be considered, since it doesn't necessarily benefit the majority.
Disabled people are often thought to be drains on resources, burdens on the system, mooching off of the economy.
Disabled people of color are taken even less seriously than disabled white people, and have access to even less accommodations and resources.
By fighting ableism, we are also fighting white supremacy.
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alwaysbewoke · a day ago
Tumblr media
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mysharona1987 · 19 hours ago
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chaos-in-one · 20 hours ago
Trying to use picrew as a person of color be like:
"Oh my God have they ever seen a black person in their life? Their skin isn't fucking GREY"
" Oh wow! This picrew has FOUR variations of a button nose instead of two! Such diversity!"
" Well it took forever but hey I finally found a picrew with an eye shape that isn't either east asian or eurocentric!"
"Oh my God why do all the curly hair texture options look like birds nests that's not what it actually looks like???"
" Why is this picrew so detailed yet they still couldn't manage to make the palms lighter for darker skin tones"
"Oh wow, 5 different jawline shape options and yet still none of them are mine!"
"Ffs a Pastel color pallette does not excuse washing down darker skin tones, people with darker skin can have a Pastel aesthetic too"
"Nose complaint part 2: why are there never options for noses that stick out more at the top jfc some people have higher nose bridges"
" The only skin tones in the world are not pale, tan, and ashy brown, people"
"Oh wow! Scars and freckles and other facial features just do not work right on anything but the lightest skin tones! Isn't that fun?"
"Why are the only lip shape options paper thin ass white person lips and large round lips for fucks sake"
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spaceshipsandpurpledrank · 2 days ago
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grupaok · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Norman Lewis, Untitled, 1943—via Michael Lobel
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theconcealedweapon · 8 hours ago
Human trafficking of black people was once legal in this country.
At this time, every single police officer had to be evil and racist enough to kidnap terrified trafficking victims and return them to their traffickers. Every single police officer had to be evil and racist enough to jail anyone who tried to rescue trafficking victims. Not some. Not a lot. Not even most. Every. Single. Fucking. One.
And even after human trafficking finally became illegal, the police officers who upheld it kept their jobs. Every single person who wanted to become a police officer had to be evil and racist enough to accept being trained by police officers who upheld the trafficking of black people. Again, every single fucking one.
Do you really think two human lifetimes is enough time for the police to go from being 100% the most evil type of monsters to being the good guys? If so, there had to be some kind of enormous miracle.
So why don't supporters of the police ever talk about what that enormous miracle was?
Could it be because such a miracle never happened? Could it be because the police are still evil monsters? I wonder.
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allthecanadianpolitics · 17 hours ago
The federal government has filed a court motion calling on a judge to dismiss a class-action lawsuit filed by Black civil service employees on jurisdictional grounds.
The proposed class action — launched in December 2020 — accuses the federal government of systemic racism, discrimination and employee exclusion. It alleges that, since the 1970s, roughly 30,000 Black civil services employees have lost out on "opportunities and benefits afforded to others based on their race."
The statement of claim says the lawsuit is seeking damages to compensate Black federal employees for their mental and economic hardships. Plaintiffs also are asking for a plan to diversify the federal labour force and eliminate barriers that employment equity laws have been unable to remove.
But a motion filed on behalf of the federal government this week says the court doesn't have jurisdiction over the case and the claim should instead be pursued through labour grievances.
Continue Reading.
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odinsblog · 6 hours ago
Just in case anyone is wondering how the ultra-conservative Roberts Court will rule on the latest challenge to the Voting Rights Act (Alabama’s Merrill v. Milligan), this article from February 27, 2013 laid it out a long time ago.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
From the article: “When he was in his late 20s, John Roberts was a foot soldier in the Reagan administration’s crusade against the Voting Rights Act. Now, as chief justice of the Supreme Court, he will help determine whether a key part of the law survives a constitutional challenge.
Memos that Roberts wrote as a lawyer in President Reagan’s Justice Department during the 1980s show that he was deeply involved in efforts to curtail the effectiveness of the Voting Rights Act, the hard-won landmark 1965 law that is intended to ensure all Americans can vote. Roberts’ anti-VRA efforts during the 1980s ultimately failed. But on Wednesday, when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Shelby County v. Holder, he’ll get another chance to gut the law. Roberts’ history suggests a crucial part of the VRA may not survive the rematch.” (source)
Racial gerrymandering will have the effect of fundamentally changing the composition of federal, state and local governments - making them even more disproportionately white and conservative than they already are.
What SCOTUS is doing in plain sight is nothing less than resetting legalized Apartheid, white nationalism and a return to Jim Crow. And John Roberts has been pivotal in systematically dismantling the VRA for the last 40 years.
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asthevermincrawls · 2 days ago
as a white fan I'm sure there's someone who could say this better, but whatever your views on rpf I think it warrants being discussed how ray is characterized in fanfiction. this isn't about the ethics of rpf existing in the first place, this is specifically about fandom racism and how its reflected in fanfiction. whether you like it or not, rpf not going anywhere, and as long as its here its important to discuss the implications of how different people are written about
the way ray, and especially his hair, is described often downright boarders on caricature. this was more of a problem in the earlier days of bandom, but racism is still present in more recent fanfiction. in my experience, it just takes on a more insidious form. sure, there's far fewer descriptions comparing his hair to an afro or treating him like some kind of lovable idiot left to follow his white bandmates around like a puppy, but he's still often only in the fic to support narratives that only centre around his white bandmates. in and out of itself this isn't necessarily a problem, but when ray is consistently under characterized as a side character and underrepresented as a main character, it begins to paint a picture of how this fandom sees him.
rpf isn't reality, but it is based on it. the way people write about celebrities is directly based on their perceptions of them, and is both indicative and influential to the general fandom culture. reading the way ray is described in some of these fics is uncomfortable enough as a white fan. I cant imagine what its like for a fan of colour, especially if they happen to share the features that are being made fun of.
all I ask of white fanfic readers and writers is to use your critical thinking skills and above all be compassionate. to any people of colour in the fandom, feel free to correct me, add on, or share your experiences
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frannie-finch · 2 days ago
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