girlgerard · 2 days ago
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goh my goodness +
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woundgallery · a day ago
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Mary Oliver
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jaqobis · a day ago
can i talk about how much i appreciate rand v money for a second here like
he’s really out here to eat the rich so hard. fuck you he WILL pass laws to take unfair protections away from nobles and protect the poor and make taxation fairer
the way he’s also like, it's disgusting that he's technically rich actually. please take his money. use it for schools and paying off people to train with him and stuff just DO NOT keep it in his coffers he DOES NOT want or need coffers of cash NO THANK YOU
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vhscorp · a day ago
Sans câlins, la vie ne vaut rien...
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maileesque · a day ago
okok same person who asked for ur fav mailee fics what about top 5 mailee fics!!!
you’re getting 6 because I can’t choose but here are, in no particular order:
teach myself how to die by sinkburrito
such a good exploration of mai & ty lee’s own relationship and theirs with azula, really nails the concept of secret feelings that fits mailee so well. sharp and aching
headaches by zukkadads
just sososo beautiful. a look at mai & ty lee both in the present and the past. it’s about tenderness & secrecy & characterisation that shows through the subtle lines and little things!!!
hyacinths that come back every year by nobamakii
running away together is Thee mailee theme and I just. love this so much. sweet and tender but also raw and emotional. complicated and confusing thoughts and feelings and trying to work through those together <3
never say what you mean. by sokkaesque
in mai and ty lee’s shared cell after the events of the boiling rock. it’s about the Implications! about Subtlety! about knowing what the other means even if they don’t *say* it!!
of all the stars, the fairest by GallifreyanFairytale
long but sososo worth it. their relationship is messy in a very realistic way and I love how it portrays the complicated relationship between mai and her family. also it’s fake dating. need I say more
The World Falls Away For You by ayyna
the mailee longfic of ur dreams indeed!!! a trip through canon that focuses on mai & ty lee’s relationship but also them as characters themselves. the characterisation is top notch and the writing is gorgeous
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russellius · 8 hours ago
shhh, he's about to address the nation
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retro-plasma · a day ago
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a trip to the fertility clinic leads to some difficult conversations.
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oakiyo · 2 hours ago
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Aubree is not a fan on this statue, and she isn’t even trying to hide it on her face lmao
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randomwpsd · 2 days ago
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thelunchbox2013 · 28 days ago
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steelycunt · a month ago
a man so. so very boobless and assless that you could. you could probably use him as a bookmark even. if you so desired
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girlgerard · 4 hours ago
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19 years
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piratechaos · a month ago
i love you cane users
i like seeing you out and about. your colorful canes your wooden canes your metal canes your plain canes your foldy canes your u-shaped canes your chair canes your patterned canes your canes with stickers. love you
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acepunks · 7 months ago
we are in the kitchen together. I love you I want to give you everything. come stand in the kitchen while I cook for you. no you cannot help cook. this is an act of love. I am making you dinner. I am giving you food because I cannot give you my heart because I cannot give you the world. come sit at the counter and tell me stories while I chop vegetables. I care about you. I care I care. I am making us something to eat. food is love. it is special. deliberate. we are in my kitchen together and I love you
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vhscorp · 2 hours ago
Il y a parfois tant de maux dans nos silences...
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exit4utopia · 7 months ago
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train line i get to work
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tortus-blog · 11 months ago
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A common snapping turtle coming out of hibernation creating this recognizable image. -- https://ift.tt/2ZHwwA4
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