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chocolate-guy-compilations · 2 months ago
I've never wanted to eat a radio so badly in my entire life...
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mymultifandomhell · 2 months ago
like yeah stede technically doesn’t say “no” when cj asks if him and ed are fucking but what stede absolutely does do after cj says he and ed had “dalliances”
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is check out the size of his d!ck zero (0) subtlety involved
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0-g-i · 2 months ago
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It’s punny
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arthurpendragonns · 2 months ago
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BBC MERLIN but what if they could say fuck? ➛ Season 5, Episode 08: “The Hollow Queen”
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soyalexnajera · 2 months ago
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thebibliosphere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"Nearby, a collection of the island’s residents, both mundane and supernatural, gathered at the teahouse for lunch under the guise of discussing the floral arrangements for the upcoming May Ball. But the true purpose of their early luncheon was to catch a glimpse of the new Guard Captain, rumored to have pointy ears, sharp fangs, and a fearsome set of claws that could tear a man apart.
For a populace well acquainted with vampires, this was less a point of concern, and secondary to the reports that he was tall, ruggedly handsome—and as far as the frantically churning rumor-mills of the island could yet determine, romantically unattached."
Meet the monster fuckers Floral Arranging Committee.
Hunger Pangs: True Love Bites by Joy Demorra, book one available now in two different editions.
Flirting with Fangs Edition Full of romance, lots of kissing, and all the steamy scenes for those who want them.  E-book(x), Paperback(x), Audiobook (x), or directly from my Payhip store where I earn the most money.
Fluff and Fangs edition. Full of romance, lots of kissing, and fade-to-black scenes for those who prefer not to read graphic depictions of sex.  E-book(x), Paperback(x), Audiobook (x), or directly from my Payhip store where I earn the most money.
Why are there two versions, and what’s the difference? Glad you asked!
Don’t forget to check out the listed content warnings and corresponding heat ratings on my website at www.joydemorra.com
Alt text is provided for screen readers, with another image ID under the cut due to length.
Image ID: A collage comprising 9 images, all overtly pink and floral. The top left depicts 3 pressed flowers, one orange, one red, and one purple, against a pink background. The top middle shows a feminine figure in lacy but inaccurate Victorian attire. The dress is slipping from their shoulder provocatively, and their hat conceals their face. The top right image depicts the outline of a wolf’s head against a pink background.
The left middle image is a picture of a cup of tea surrounded by many different flower cuttings. The center middle image is pink with the words “Hunger Pangs: True Love Bites by Joy Demorra” in ornate font. The middle right picture depicts mini-cupcakes decorated in pink buttercream, topped with whipped cream and strawberries.
The bottom left image depicts a vector image of two feminine figures having tea across a table, set against a pink background. The bottom center image shows a photograph of three feminine figures wearing pretty but inaccurate Victorian attire again. They are seated behind a table laden with cakes, drinking tea. Their faces are a mixture of interest, scorn, and scrutiny. The bottom right image depicts a pressed purple flower set against a pink background.
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14dayswithyou · 2 months ago
now i’m thinking MC being rammed silly by rens pierced dick—
this lives rent free in my brain😩😩😩
✦゜ANSWERED: I wrote this with [REDACTED] in mind because it's the only time he'd leave his jacob's ladder piercings in fsdfsgd
He has you pressed against the mirror in the staff bathroom as one hand presses down on your backside to keep you in place while the other spreads your cheeks apart to expose your lower regions to his hungry stare.
You're already dripping from when he went down on you moments before, which reminded Ren about your offhanded comment about wanting to "feel his tongue piercing down there". But unbeknownst to you, that comment gave him other, far more wicked ideas while he was tongue-deep inside your needy hole.
Specifically, ideas that included your alluring voice and his pierced dick.
So now here you were, fogging up the mirror with your desperate panting while Ren guides the tip of his leaking cock towards your entrance.
"Count them," Is all he says before he slowly pushes himself into your tight heat — and it doesn't take long before you can feel the cold sensation of his Jacob's ladder piercing scrape against your velvety walls as he shallowly thrusts his hips. "Did you hear me?"
"Louder." He presses closer to you this time, until he's practically enveloping your body and leaving searing kisses behind your earlobe. You can barely form coherent thoughts once he pushes himself in deeper — but the moment his second piercing brushes against that particular spot inside you, you had to try and stop yourself from crying out and clutching the sink for support.
"Ngh- Two..."
The dark-haired hacker wanted nothing more than to just shove himself inside of your needy little hole and see just how far he could reach, but he knew you were enjoying the feeling of slowly being stuffed full with his length — if the blissed-out look on your face was anything to go by.
And so, Ren indulges your wishes, but not before cupping your flushed cheek and guiding you to kiss him over your shoulder. But he wasn't kind enough to allow you a moment's respite after it, though, because he was already going back to languidly thrusting in and out of you once more.
"P-Please— That's... That's three—"
Content with your words, Ren gives you no other warning before he slams himself the rest of the way in, causing you to bite down on your arm or risk alerting someone of your current activity.
God, you'd never be able to show your face at work again if Elanor ever found out about what you'd been up to with a library patron.
"Hah~ Good job... You did so well, Angel." His words seemed too honey-smooth for such a debauched scene, and the hand that moves to brush the hair from your face felt far more gentle and kind than it should've been. "You took me so well. 'Think you've earned your reward, yeah?"
Before you can respond, Ren grinds his hips against yours once more, making sure to angle his cock deep enough so that his piercings would rub against your soft insides. "How many was that again?"
"Ren, please! Just fuck me already—"
"How many was that?"
You can barely make out his sadistic smile in the reflection of the mirror before he's leaning close and whispering filth into your ear once more.
"Then I want you to cum three more times for me before I even consider filling you up."
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gethprime · 2 months ago
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shirohyorin · 29 days ago
10:50 PM || Hitsugaya Tōshirō
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ A/N: Could not sleep. Thought about his hands. Here we are.
✧ Word Count: ~500
✧ CW/TW: reader gets called "wife", fluff, established relationship, marriage, one small spicy innuendo, just some comfort, not beta-read
Tumblr media
It's a very faint sound. One which you were only able to hear due to the complete silence that hangs in the air.
Said silence is heavy, but not in a suffocating way. It lays on top of you like a warm blanket, cradling you in a feeling of comfort and weighing down on you just enough so that it makes you feel drowsy and safe.
This quiet moment was just disturbed by the small clinking sound that grabs a firm hold of you and pulls you out of the clouds that were ready to carry you into dreamland. 
Tōshirō looks down at you after he notices your body shifting. His fingers slip between yours and squeeze them gently, before he murmurs, “Did I wake you?”
The culprit is wrapped around his ring finger, the white-gold gleam of it noticeable, even in the dark which is only illuminated by the soft light of the desk lamp. 
While the wedding band was the thing that initiated the small sound, the one that's wrapped around your own ring finger was the second culprit, the one who answered the first culprit's call. 
The sound of the rings hitting each other when Tōshirō decided to lay his left hand into your right one was what pulled you out of your drowsy state. 
A soft sigh leaves your lips and you adjust your position, still laying on your right side. Squeezing his fingers gently, you smile up at him, “No, don’t worry. I wasn't asleep.”
Tōshirō raises a brow at you before he closes the book he has been reading and puts it away on the nightstand. 
His now free hand moves to push your hair out of your face before he cups your cheek. Carefully, his thumb rubs over the skin at the corner of your eye and you close it, slightly tilting your face away from his touch.
“You have to rest,” Tōshirō tells you, a tinge of worry lacing his words. Leaning into his touch this time, you yawn.
“Only if you sleep with me,” you demand, and heat shoots up to his face, dusting the high points of his cheeks, as well as his ears a pretty red shade.
Settling underneath the blanket, he pulls you closer, still keeping your hand in his. Lowly he mumbles, his tone laced with embarrassment, “It’s too late at night for that. We have to wake up early tomorrow and you are tired. I don’t want to add to that.”
Only then does his embarrassed reaction properly make sense to you. Stifling a sleepy giggle, you cuddle into his arms, squeezing his hand as you answer, “I meant sleeping with me as in getting some sleep, not making love to me. Although you are always free to do that, dear Captain.”
Warmth has now flushed his face entirely and he coughs awkwardly. Your giggles tickle a fond sigh out of the man, as his embarrassment simmers down. 
Pulling your hand up so he can hold onto it in the little free space between your bodies, Tōshirō presses a gentle kiss on top of the ring that adorns your finger. You feel your heart squeeze at the action, even more so, when his eyes meet yours. 
“I'll keep that in mind, dear wife.” 
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fangirl-616 · 10 months ago
Here’s a several part text post meme bc it’s all from the same post lol-
Source: tumblr
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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urbigbadbro · 5 months ago
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Emmmmett brainrot
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a-snowpoff · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Opening 5 commission slots!
DM me to start the conversation, more details are below.
Tumblr media
May open additional slots depending on demand. Prices are subject to change. You can also check out my commission's page on Ko-Fi for the most up-to-date information. https://ko-fi.com/asnowpoff/commissions
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ssahotchnerr · 3 months ago
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labelledejouur · 5 months ago
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sakiima · a month ago
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𑄽୧ㅤ 𝟷 𝟷﹕𝟷 𝟷 ᥫ᭡ ʾʾ ᵎᵎ
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14dayswithyou · a month ago
I'm feral, I don't want to answer any questions about this...shhhhHHHHHH SAINT YOU DO NOT PERCEIVE ME....
Fun question, if [Redacted] had a quiet partner and finally got them to make noise how over the moon would he be? Just like, a small slip up, immediate blush and flustered and "wait I—" awkward stammering
(this can go for all characters too i just love edge boi)
:hehe: >:)
Note: MC is gender neutral with no specific parts (as always), so you can decide if you have a PP or a strap-on for Ren and Violet’s section.
Ren "D-Did you just—" With his cheeks flushed a deep shade of red, Ren looks up at you with so much overwhelming adoration in his eyes. He almost whines at the loss of contact from your hand on his cock, but he doesn't seem to complain when you push yourself deeper inside him instead. "Don't hold back, angel...! Y-You sound so cute! Let me hear your voice again? Please? Please pleasepleasepleasepl—"
[REDACTED] "...Oh?" Almost smugly, he detaches himself from your neck and shoots you a sly grin. He stills his thrusting until he's all but grinding his hips against yours. "I wonder what caused that pretty voice of yours t'come out... Was it this?" He slowly starts to thrust inside you again. "Or this?" Deeper, this time. "Or maybe this?" He throws your legs over his shoulders as he bullies his pierced cock all the way inside of your aching heat. "Be good f'me and tell me, angel. Or else I'll stop."
Violet "Don't hold back, petal." She shoots you a soft smile before kissing the inside of your thigh. Her strap-on stills inside you while she brushes loose strands of hair away from your face, and the smell of jasmine and honey flood your senses until the only thing you can focus on is Violet. "If I'm making you feel good, you should let me know!"
Elanor "Oh gosh!" Her face is hidden by her hands, though you could easily tell that Elanor was just as equally embarrassed with the way she squirms beneath you. "Did I do that? Am I making you feel good? Then... Please don't hold yourself back for me! Embarrassing as it is, I'm happy to know that I can make you feel this way…"
Moth "Haha— There it is!" With a soft smile, they pull you closer by your thighs and resume exploring your insides with their deft tongue. Their other hand moves to play with your sex, and the stimulation almost as you seeing stars. "Don't hold back now~ I've already gotten a taste of your voice, now I want to hear more."
Leon "It feels that good huh, darl'?" The twinkle in his eye would've made him seem cocky, but the way his hands come to lovingly cup your cheeks says otherwise. "Your voice is just as sweet as you are, so don't hold back on me, yeah? Let it aaaaall out— I'll apologise to your neighbours later."
Teo "Fuck. That was adorable." He shoots you a lazy smirk while his large hands guide you to bounce on his cock once more. He watches on with a satisfied glint in his eyes, and internally makes it his new goal to hear you make that sound again. "Don't worry, I'll have you crying on my dick in no time. What d'ya say to that, huh? What about a "Thank you Teo"? Can you say that for me, doll?"
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