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pepsiwatermelon · a day ago
Hey, me again, please reblog. Opening emergency commissions because this job is. So bad.
Im the food buyer of my five person household and the new job I was so excited for is actually unbearable in practice. If anyone wants to help out, I've got commissions open, or donos if you don't want me to draw you something.
$10 "surprise me" Peices, basically where you don't have an idea and you let me decide, full body and colored, which I haven't added to the commission sheet yet.
More info here:
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rosemairebelikova · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rhian Blundell for Big Issue North
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uwuplasmiusuwu · 2 months ago
I just remembered my second Pride, where I made different flag themed daisy chain bracelets/necklaces to hand out. I need folks to understand something:
They were free.
They were fucking free.
They were maybe ¢60 of acrylic yarn each at the most, and the whole ziploc bag of them took 2 hours max.
Three people gave me sad eyes until I took their money.
Someone who was clearly the mom friend of their group made me take a $5 and gave a 10 minute pep talk.
At least four more people insisted on getting change to pay for the, once again, free bracelets.
In spite of all these shenanigans, the absolute best was this one person who I can only describe as, “queer surfer dude who looks like a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend.” I can remember nothing of the outfit, only the impeccable vibes. I did the same thing I did with everyone else, explaining the bracelets were free, and they nodded along as they took the last 6 strand rainbow bracelet. As soon as they had it on their wrist, they pointed at something over my shoulder and, like a fool, I looked.
Next thing I know, they’re running off cackling, yelling, “YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME!” and I’m holding a fucking $20. I had to stop at least two people from chasing them, cause they thought the person stole something, and then they tried to give me money cause they thought it was funny seeing me flail over people being Too Nice.
That was the year I got reverse-robbed at Pride. I hope everyone out there is having a good time and, in particular, that queer surfer dude is out there still causing benevolent chaos.
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dailyhistoryposts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The Original Rainbow Pride Flag (1978) by Gilbert Baker.
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smallblueblondie · 2 months ago
Trans men and transmascs and butches and masculine gnc folks and masc gays show the world that masculinity can absolutely be beautiful and freeing and fun and is an important part of the queer community and experience and I wanna personally thank all y'all for that. You're not less queer or toxic or gross or bad for being masculine and I love you so so so much
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arodabi · 4 months ago
Fun, cool and free things to do this pride month:
include aros
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icanteven01 · 6 months ago
We really, as a society, need to stop treating sex like a rite of passage. It hurts me so much to see people (especially high schoolers) embarrassed to say they haven't had sex.
For some people it may take time, for others that time never comes, or they simply aren't interested. Stop pushing your values or expectations on other people, especially those who are developing into adulthood. Stop shaming people over something that's not your business.
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hellbrainspeaks · 3 months ago
You do not owe your partner(s) sex. I mostly see this passed around in the asexual community, and it absolutely needs emphasis there, but this applies to anyone of any orientation. You never owe your partner(s) sex under any circumstance.
If your sex drive or libido is lower than your partner’s, you may feel obligated to “keep up” with them to make them happy. But you have a right to say no, or not be in the mood, or be too tired, or just not want to right now. Your partner(s) should respect your right to say no and your bodily autonomy.
If your partner(s) try to harass, manipulate, or coerce you into having sex when you say no, they’re an asshole. Having said yes in the past does not mean you can never say no. It is not your responsibility or obligation to provide sex. You do not need to violate your own boundaries to make someone else happy. Your partner(s) should respect your right to say no, and if they don’t, they don’t deserve you.
Your body belongs to you, and you decide what’s best for your sexual health. Happy Pride
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magentagalaxies · 15 days ago
concept i just thought of: i wanna get a jacket and just absolutely cover it in pronoun pins. all different sets of pronouns, he/him they/them she/her she/they he/they they/she ze/zir xe/hir etc etc etc literally any pronouns i can find. and all different types too like the mass produced ones and some homemade ones from bottle caps. so i want a pronoun jacket like that and then i'll wear it around and whenever a young queer kid is like "hey i like your jacket" i'll give them one of my many pronoun buttons for free bc i have more at home. i'll become the pronoun fairy. very excited to see this vision come to life
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leecanread · a month ago
When I mentioned my (apparently hot) take that I believe self-diagnosed people are valid, I got a handful of (my first!!!) hate comments.
So I thought I'd elaborate.
People who are self-diagnosed with anything might just end up being default settings. That's okay. What's not okay is denying someone aid on the basis that they don't have a diagnosis.
I always carry earplugs because a bunch of my friends have auditory sensory issues. None of them are diagnosed with anything, but I've helped them through panic attacks nonetheless.
If a stranger came up to me at a loud event and, seeing I have earplugs, asked for a pair, I wouldn't hesitate to give them. Don't bother giving them back, I buy in bulk.
Maybe that person was a neurotypical with sensitive ears, or maybe they were an autistic person with auditory sensory issues. I'll never know. But if my response was, "Do you have autism?" that would just make me a jerk. If their response was "Yes," and I then demanded paperwork as proof of their autism and therefore eligibility for ear plugs? That would mean I'm violating their privacy.
One of my friends had a panic attack at a loud event where she was working, and someone took her shift without question when they asked if she was okay and she said she wasn't. That's being a cool person. Saying "Well, you're not diagnosed with autism," and refusing to help her on that basis while she is clearly in distress is not cool. Even if she is neurotypical, anyone in distress merits help. Just because someone can swim doesn't mean they need breaks to keep from drowning, and refusing them a lifesaver on those grounds is just being a jerk, especially if there's no one else who could use the metaphorical lifesaver.
One of the main reasons I'm pursuing being a psychiatrist is so I can give my friends the diagnoses that I know would make their lives easier. I have the privilege to be diagnosed. They do not. I want to help give people free therapy and diagnoses since, at least in the United States, money is a huge barrier keeping people from diagnoses.
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that-monochrome-rainbow · 2 months ago
Queer culture is someone in the friend group coming out and starting a chain reaction until you realise 90% of the people you know are also queer
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terminallytwee · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
get a sticker here! i'd really appreciate it bcus i'm trying to grind to afford my big gay wedding this october. commissions will be open by the end of the week so keep an eye out for that.
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chaotic-queer-disaster · a month ago
i love you closeted queer people, i love you queer people who are afraid to "look queer", i love you queer people who hate getting told things like "you ping my gaydar" because that's scary, i love you queer people who are terrified of being outed, i love you queer people who don't fit the narrow tiktok/tumblr idea of what queer looks like (ESPECIALLY if you're disabled and/or a poc and that's part of why you don't), i love you queer people who rely on queerphobic family to survive, i love you queer people who find it hard to joke about their sexuality/gender, i love you queer people with a complicated relationship to being queer
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intersexfairy · 4 months ago
it's okay if the phrase "born this way" doesn't resonate with you. it doesn't have to. if you're trans and you were your assigned gender at some point, if your orientation is related to trauma, if you just don't care if you were born this way or not... etc. etc. that's all fine and good. we all have different stories and different ways of identifying ourselves. your queerness is just as meaningful and important and true as those who were born this way.
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dooffirmations · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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opossums-in-a-trenchcoat · 4 months ago
So… people actually like making out??? This is a real thing????? You want tongues in mouths??????????
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