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kokoroisbleeding · 11 months
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Don't bully Bruno! >:(((
Julieta just shoves arepas down their throat to heal then beat them up again to avoid suspicion and to get rid of evidence akajsjskfbkj
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wakandabiitch2 · 2 days
I watched Ms.Marvel today for the very first time.All six episodes within a span of 6 hrs and...
Tumblr media
She is my girl.Go argue with a stone (Marvel ISTG DONT EVEN THINK ABT IT-)
Idk if it's just me who hasn't seen many posts and tweets yet but why do I see nobody talking abt the show and HER?? Iman Vellani did a very good job ONG LIKE I WANNA PROTECC™ AND HUG HER ANY MOMENT I CAN
I know that representation has always mattered but I understood it on a very deep level today.The joy I felt everytime I heard the people in the show speaking in Hindi and Urdu...maaaann I literally teared up everytime!! "haan chalo beta"🥹🥹🥹 The way Iman portrays Kamala is sooo good and how proud Kamala's Ammi and Abbu were in the last episode GAWD I COULDNT STOP CRYING I'm not kidding ok??Proud best friends,proud brother I WANT AAMIR TO BE MY BROTHER TOO BYE- proud parents,proud community IT WAS SO NICE TO WATCH 😭 Iman is a bundle of cuteness and I will never get over her SHE HAS MY HEART and OMGGG THE WEDDING DANCE GEEZ I LITERALLY PLACED MY PHONE ON A TABLE AND DANCED ALONG TO THE MUSIC and the ILLUMIN-AUNTIES LMAOOOO 😭 and hearing Desi music which were included here and there in every episode MAN THE EMOTIONS AAAANNND TO TOP ALL OF THIS (for me)....
Tumblr media
I HAD TO PLACE MY DEVICE DOWN FOR A MINUTE TO PROCESS THIS and the other south indian languages too and OMGGGG THE SONG FROM LINGAA in the first episode I CAN TALK ABT THIS AND THIS ALONE FOR DAYS like I know it's just the title and just the beginning of the song BUT IT'S A WIN FOR ME and hey!!Mr.Farhan Akhtar looked dashing might I add....but Waleed,you will be missed.Thank you ❤️‍🩹
Kamala Khan rlly said "Your new comfort character coming right through" AAAAGGRHRHHHH I will give my life for her when it comes to it- and her powers are so beautiful to look at I MEAN THE VIBRANT COLOURS??!! 😩🤌✨️
And Sadie.KAREN.Deever.I WAS SO MAD WHENEVER SHE SHOWED UP Barging into a mosque JUST LIKE THAT??She was humbled very well at the end tho felt very satisfying😌
Yeah,no,nope.I'm not gonna leave this site without talking abt my boy and my tech wizard BRUNO ("Brian"😭💀) CARELLI you absolute cutie pie TEAM BRUNMAL FOREVER 😍🥰😘❤️✨️
omg what did I come up with -
Tumblr media
Look at his face...must protecc™ 🥺🤏
Almost shifted to team K&K (iykyk) and then Najma and the "Clandestines" showed up,everything went downhill and there we go - "Jalebi baby" playing in the bg when he came out of the pool and Nakia and Kamala going "Masha allah" I GIGGLED- ngl when he and Kamala held hands and their powers glowed together AAGHHHH😩🦋🦋 I was like KISS KISS KISS but Bruno showed up lmfaooo sorry I laughed -
NOT TO FORGET Hasan and Aisha OMFGG sunshine boy and grumpy girl at first sight SO TRUE 😭❤️ Hasan saying that he couldn't blame baby Sana for looking at Aisha like she was magic GOOSEBUMPS AND 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Nani,Ammi and my girl bonding 🥹🥹🥹
Ammi said "She's not short.The dress is too long" my heart was so happy and then AUNTIE RUBY came in and she said that she was short and ammi agreed to it too and I was like "Typical" 🙄😮‍💨 It's always the aunties lol
The scenes which showed the after-effects of the 'Partition'...I can't 💔💔💔
I could go on and on abt this show but I ranted too much already so - 😃✌️🚶🏽‍♀️🏃‍♀️
(Pics - from Pinterest)
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notpikaman · 10 hours
Tumblr media
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mothmansaysso · 1 year
Tumblr media
AAAAAAH LOOK AT THE RAT MAN!! Seriously Bruno is my absolute favourite and I can't stop my brain from Hsjskso I love h I m
Art is mine!
Instagram: Kitnoxis
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themountainsays · 7 months
Remember this post. . .
Tumblr media
bro omg dude i owe you my like ewf,mnfenjfads jdfs mnfsm fd
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pudimdosubmundo · 1 year
Brainstormed all of this in the car dont judge me jghjgjh Each person's magical track: Bruno: Oracle Pepa: Ilusions Julieta: Healing + Potions (mixes healing potions into food so they dont taste icky) Isabela: Plant Luisa: Construction Camilo: Ilusions Dolores: Bard (idk ok sounds) Antonio: Beast keeping Mirabel: no. (dad's genes) Félix + Agustín: humans lmao Palismen! Abuela: caterpillar/butterfly Bruno: Rat Pepa: Groundhog Julieta: Lioness (cuz protecc the child) Isabela: Ladybug Luisa: Construction Camilo: Chammelion Dolores: Bat (they hear well) Antonio: Jaguar
Story: In an attempt to escape from Belos in his early days, Abuela and Pedro, two wild witches, go to eclipse lake with their newborn children. The plan backfires and, while Abuela managed to get to earth, Pedro fell prey to fool's blood and died. The runaways had brought a palistram tree sapling with them and, when the triplets grew older, they learned magic and carved their own palismen, forming a family of witches among humans. FEEL FREE TO ADD ANYTHING :D
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thegamingmonk · 6 months
Fanfic/Headcanon Ideas that has my Heart in CLUTCHES
Dolores and Bruno (We love Cryptic Uncle-Niece duo)
Sick Mirabel Au (This shit always has me HURT, Mirabel still being strong despite her sickness and the family going 100% protecc)
Pepa and Baby Dolores (Jokes on the creators, Pepa's gift provides great ambiance for Dolores to sooth herself! HA! I need more content of them-)
Bruno bonding with any of his sobrinos (Listen. We all know how much we love this.)
Triplets content (L i s t e n.)
Dolores-centric (I'm guilty as hell for this, but yes, I'm playing favorites)
Pepa and Julieta being second mothers to their sobrinos (not counting the serious child stealing aus, but the joking/light-hearted kind of aus)
Cool Sisters just goofing off and being... Sisters! (It is a crime how much reading content of these 3 are lacking)
Mirabel bonding with anyone (Listen I know Mirabel and Bruno or Mirabel and Camilo are the wave, but I wanna see her bond with EVERYONE ELSE)
The dads. (They're underrated as hell bru)
Why did I make this post? I dunno. Definitely not to ask y'all to send any fics/headcanons my way
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moontheoretist · 6 months
Ms Marvel EP 1 <3
Introduction? Splendid! 10/10, No. 100/10. The music, the little video Kamala made, the whole “I am an aspiring YouTuber”? She is doing it like a pro, and of course algorithm is a bitch and doesn’t make her instantly famous.
Driving lesson. OMG. OMG. I laughed. I am sorry Kamala, but I laughed so hard. That is like a splendid bad luck to hit INSTRUCTOR’S car xD
Is Kamala autistic or has ADHD? Because doodling during class? So relatable. It helps you focus! And is super nice for bored brain.
Oh yeah, the gossiping older women. Marriage, the most important thing in woman’s life. Hobbies? Nope. Hobbies baaad. Like goddammit.
Zuzu is better than Siri. Please make more.
One: I didn’t know Kamala has an older brother. Two: It is so true that sons can do everything, but daughters? Oh no, we parent must protecc, because strangers attacc. Protect your sons too, damn. Or give equality.
Aamir! I love you for supporting Kamala, but EXCUSE YOU I am 28, and I have TONS of plushies in my room! They’re nice!
I love how they used the town and the gizmos in Kamala room to show her and Bruno texting. That was so clever!
If anybody is cringe in this series, it’s Kamala’s parents xD Why the Hulk?
I feel so much for Kamala feeling that everybody treats her hobbies as something for kids, too childish which she should abandon. I am not Pakistani. I am slavic, and in my country? Everything cool. Games, Cosplay, Anime and Manga, is treated like something childish and not something we should be interested in. They don’t get it. They, meaning all the adults older than me in my parents age group, are acting as if they had no hobbies, only work and future, work and future, and alcoholic libations and weddings. Nothing more beyond that, so Kamala’s pain is so relatable. She just wants her family to accept her as she is, but they don’t want to.
So... Kamala got her powers from some stuff they got from a family member in this universe? Did that person who sent it KNEW about this? And what was that whole “you know what happens to people like that” as if there was some weird family history related to Nani?
Tumblr media
Tony T.T
Bruno landed the role of a guy in a chair / tech sidekick :D
But I must say there was a split moment when Kamala’s eyes changed color to red even before she put the bracelet on, so it may be that the bracelet just unlocks and supports the already existing powers Kamala had? Though I still prefer her original powers. She is an Inhuman which can embiggen herself, but of course Marvel won’t introduce Inhumans, because it would be too much work to add Terrigen Myst and stuff even though they already had Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD. (They’re ignoring that show I suppose lol).
Also who is bringing Kamala in for what?! Who are those guys?! SHIELD? SWORD? NYPD? WHO ARE YOU?
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just-kinda-bored-blog · 11 months
I have not watched Encanto as of yet, but I already know I'm willing to fight anyone that wants to hurt Bruno, he seems so sweet, I just want to protecc 🥺
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gucci-giogio · 1 year
Tumblr media
I posted 2,621 times in 2021
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For every post I created, I reblogged 13.2 posts.
I added 5,263 tags in 2021
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#i did not read your first of second response as an attack but i do see there was miscommunication seeing as the tone wasn’t perceived well
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Behold my fictional crushes
Well, since I love to talk about them and need to post more for the sake of not turning my blog into pure reblogging, please have and I hope you appreciate:
A list of all the fictional characters I have and had a crush on because I love these girls!
Dela from Ojamajo Doremi (she's just a greedy witch but wow she's beautiful and she sings so well)
Tumblr media
Seki from Ojamajo Doremi (best teacher in the history of teachers, she's just so beautiful and understanding! :'))
Tumblr media
Mire from Majo Minarai o Sagashite/Looking for Witch Apprentices (She's stunning, strong, determined to help her friends and to not let herself be brought down by the men who work with her, i fell in love in less than 1 hour of the movie what can i say)
Tumblr media
Elle from Crush Crush (She's adorable af and I want to protecc her!! and that's all I'm going to comment on)
Tumblr media
Bonnibel from Crush Crush (she owns a pastry, is incredibly nice and her voice is so cute!!)
Tumblr media
Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club (she's so nice and friendly despite everything and the protagonist helping her with her problems is just adorable and I want to protect her with my life)
Tumblr media
Chloe from Detroit: Become Human (Pretty woman, if I played I would give her freedom the moment she asked, she doesn't deserve to have to deal with the dumbass who created androids whose name I don't even feel like searching up)
Tumblr media
Karui from Naruto (beautiful and gorgeous, I love her strong personality and determination, she deserves much more love and screentime)
Tumblr media
Kurenai from Naruto (I fell in love at first sight (literally), she's beautiful, she's strong, I wish we could have seen much more from her abilities and more of her and she's an adorable mom)
Tumblr media
Bayonetta from Bayonetta (pretty, pretty, pretty woman, really love her voice, she’s sassy af and witches are the best!)
Tumblr media
Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village (the way I forgot about her at first-, she’s pretty, i love her voice too, that’s all I’ll say)
Tumblr media
Lisa from Genshin Impact (I actually forget about her too no idea how but omg, she’s so adorable, she treats the traveler well, she’s powerful, she’s so beautiful and I love her voice as well, please marry me Lisa, sorry I forgot about you my beloved :( ) 
Tumblr media
Dolores from Encanto (Do I need to say much? She looks Stunning and so adorable, I love her bow and her personality, she deserved more screentime and her part in “We don’t talk about Bruno”? damn her singing is beautiful too)
Tumblr media
These ones are mostly older fictional crushes of mine from childhood (my lesbianism hadn't come out yet so I didn't consider them fictional crushes at the time but now i do and me from the past just has to deal with that) they’re all stunning, beautiful, smart, sweet and powerful women, they deserve the world and I need to rewatch the shows they star in again ASAP:
Aelita from Code Lyoko
Tumblr media
Raven from Teen Titans
Tumblr media
Princess Sheherazade from Princess Sheherazade 
Tumblr media
Sam from Totally Spies 
Tumblr media
(I also had a fictional crush on William Dunbar from Code Lyoko before but we don't talk about that dark part of my past, tho I'll put a picture of him because he's still adorable)
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie, I probably forgot some but if anything I’ll just add them later, but feel free to talk about fictional crushes of yours too!!!
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stonerjesusbaby · 2 years
JJBA characters based on if I would commit a crime for them.
starting this since I just started part 5. 
Phantom Blood: Jonathan Joestar: Yes but I know he wouldn’t condone it.  Dio Brando: yes.  Robert E. Speedwagon: lmao yes. The lengths I would go for him is immeasurable  Erina Pendleton: I love her but no.  Will A. Zeppeli: no.  Battle Tendency:  Joseph Joestar: we all know that he is perfectly capable of doing it himself.  Caesar Zeppeli: yes, yes, yes, 110% yes Rudol Von Stroheim: he can do it himself.  Kars: no.  Esidisi: no.  Wamuu: no.  Stardust Crusaders: Jotaro Kujo: I would commit so many crimes for this man, its unreasonable Old Joseph: He is fully capable of doing it himself.  Mohammad Avdol: yes. I would commit so many crimes for him.  Noriaki Kakyoin: I will start crying if I start to describe how many crimes I would commit for this man. Jean Pierre Polnareff: I love him but no.  DIO: jesus, do it yourself.  Holly Kujo: Don’t mean to sound like Kakyoin but there’s just something about her smile that just... yes.  Diamond is Unbreakable:  Josuke Higashikata: YES.  Koichi Hirose: the only crime from me to him is me yeeting his arse across a football field.  Okuyasu Nijimura: there’s only one answer that is correct and it is yes.  Rohan Kishibe: I wouldn’t say no. Yukako Yamagishi: is there a reason I should say no? Tomoko Higashikata: the same thing with Holly. There’s something about her that i just. yes.  Yoshikage Kira: HAHA YES Golden Wind:  Giorno Giovanna: yes but he can do it himself.  Bruno Bucciarati: he told me no :( Guido Mista: probably. Leone Abbachio: king. Stan him. But no. Narancia Ghirga: YES 100% BONUS POINTS IF THE CRIME WAS COMMITTED TO PROTECC Pannacotta Fugo: No.  Trish Una: yes.  Diavolo: do it yourself. Doppio: .... YES
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zeifellt · 1 year
FEH Book I OCs brainrot hours
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themountainsays · 8 months
You mentioned Luisa and Isabella detaching themselves from Mira in the papa Bruno AU, but I also offer this idea: one (or both) of them ends up falling in love with Mirabel, and once they're past the initial denial, they start to rationalize it by going "well, she's not our real sister" because surely the fact that they're half siblings instead of full siblings makes it better, right?
But this leads to them kind of being less open about acknowledging her as a sister and separating themselves from her, treating her like an outsider in her own family, which obviously leads to Mirabel thinking they've grown to despise her even though that couldn't be further from the truth <\3
Anon said: for dad!bruno incest AU: I think there's a perfect way to let Agustin love Mirabel (as makes sense for his character) and still have infinite angst: make it so that he can't stand Julieta's treatment of Mirabel and that's driving the two of them apart in a way the actual adultery didn't. Even when Mirabel is loved, she's still ruining things by existing. :) (would this AU have any Isamira in it, btw? normally I'd be 100% for it, but I'm just a bit uncertain of it in this AU for some reason)
Answering these two together because they touch on similar points!
Ahh I think that, realistically, Agustín would love Mirabel unconditionally, and might even act more as a parent than her own mother at times if we want to push Julieta to her limits and let her show her ugliest side - I made character analysis post some time back discussing their different parenting styles and why I think Julieta isn't nearly as perfect as she may initially seem. Agustín would be a safe haven for Mirabel, because - okay, her biological father doesn't want her, the rest of the family treats her like a pariah, her mother may or may not see her as her greatest mistake, and here comes Agustín, certified Good Dad, adopting her in an instant because he know she's a little girl who needs help and did nothing wrong to end up in this shit situation. If she's in shaky ground with everyone as to whether or not they count as family, Agustíns sweeps in, takes her in, and tells her she's 100% his daughter in every way that matters, and she can call him dad, and biology is not a necessary requirement to be family. So he could give her that safety and certainty that I imagine she may need (are her sisters her sisters? or are they cousins? Because she's their uncle's daughter but also their mother's but they say they're nothing, and her dad is her uncle and her mom is her aunt and her abuela says she shouldn't be in the house at all and her mom doesn't want her etc etc etc).
...Which is why I lowkey want him to not want her either, because part of the fun with this AU is that she's not Agustín's daughter, but Bruno's, and while you can realistically build this AU towards a direction in which Mirabel and Agustín are closer than ever, part of the AU's raison d’être is to make her less of Agustín's daughter and more of Bruno's daughter, not because I have any personal agenda against Agustín's character, in fact I think he'd be a much better father than Bruno, in this scenario, but I want to shake things up for the sake of conflict and drama, and Agustín's Good Dad Energy stabilizes things a bit too much, it brings it back to the tonic note, it makes the AU "less different" from canon when the idea is to explore how it diverts from it. And having everyone but Agustín sorta hate Mirabel and letting him be her only safe haven is... a surprisingly small diversion ;-; now she has... one person who actually likes her as opposed to... mmm... two, maybe three if we count Luisa... if anything, the bigger change would be Mirabel and Agustín's relationship with Julieta (like Anon mentioned), but I don't think Julieta would be a bad mother to Mirabel even in this scenario, I just think things would be rocky and difficult for them because she's not handling everything very well. She may hurt Mirabel a lot in the beginning, and I'm sure that would lead to a lot of fights with Agustín, but Julieta is a naturally compassionate and loving person, and I think she would try. Having Agustín acting as a mediator and helping them would make things much easier. Which is what I don't want. I want things to be difficult and horrible.
Which is why I'm a bit more inclined to making Agustín reject Mirabel in one way or another. That way, he doesn't entirely replace Bruno as her unconditional father figure and Mirabel stays in the limbo, alone, confused, not sure how she's related to everyone around her or how she's supposed to act. If Agustín rejects her, after five years of being a great father to her, she'd be utterly devastated and may try to seek Bruno out, who avoids her out of fear. I'm sure he still loves her, but he's convinced he's such a bad presence, that he doesn't want to be in her life at all. He already hurt her just by letting her exist. I imagine that's a way of seeing things that hurts Mirabel a lot, because she loves being alive lmao, and she loves her family, and having everyone tell her that they would all be better off if she didn't exist, including herself, is gonna fuck her up in the brain pretty badly. And again, I really don't want it to look like I'm pushing Agustín aside to make space for Bruno, but I do think that having Agustín reject Mirabel would give Bruno room to play a bigger role, be a larger presence in the narrative. I don't know. It would depend on how one handles it, but I think I like this approach better. And you could say that Agustín wouldn't reject Mirabel, that it's ooc, but tbh I don't think it's particularly in-character for Bruno and Julieta to fuck either, so I believe we can allow ourselves some creative freedoms. In this case, I think he may be being pressured by Alma, perhaps, to not try to defend the child and to "think of his other daughters' wellbeing". She may remind him that Mirabel isn't his and that it's not his place to intervene. So he steps aside, because this is suddenly a "family matter", and he's not part of the family, not really. If anything, I can see him having a bit of a character arc later on in which he learns to stand up for Mirabel and accept her. Dad Bruno AU Good Ending is essentially Mirabel having one mom and two dads imo so why not. But until then I want PAIN.
Nowwwwww as for siscon Mira:
Initially I thought it'd be interesting to keep this an essentially gen AU. Gen Encant0 fandom would never buy it lmao but Bruno and Julieta aren't really involved in the story. They had something going on during their late twenties and early thirties, they made a mistake, they droped everything, possibly fell out of love and now they need to face the consequences together, but the romantic aspect of their relationship has pretty much faded. It would be different from what I usually do since the focus is Mirabel's relationship with her three parents and her half-sisters-half-cousins, Isabela and Luisa. And everyone else.
AT THE SAME TIME I shall be the captain of the Isamira ship, I eat drink and breathe Isamira, I couldn't stop thinking "well what IF there's some Isamira as well?" So yeah anon(s) (both of you) I love how you think. MMmm so let's say Isabela falls in love with Mirabel. She's understandably horrified, even more so than in any other scenario, because the family already has a precedent of sisterfucking and it went horribly (though later on she may become a romantic sap and come to see it as "beautiful" because it means Mirabel exists and Mirabel existing is an undeniably Good Thing). She obviously feels guilty, gross etc she may resent her mother and see it as something "inheriting her illness". She may believe it's some weird genetical pheromonal phenomenom that makes whatever weird fucked up hyper-concentrated genes that Mirabel has drive her insane. Maybe she had it coming for not seeing or treating her as a "real" sister that she ended up tricking her brain into thinking she's fair game. In reality, Mirabel is just so impossibly endearing and beautiful, that Isabela would have never stood a chance. Detaching herself from Mirabel to the point she treats her as a complete outsider to cope with her feelings would take some wild mental gymnastics, because in this AU Mirabel is not only her sister but also her cousin, and she wouldn't bang Dolores or Camilo, because ew cousins, so of course even though she's more closely related to Mirabel than to them, to see her as being even further away would take lots and lots of denial. Which I can see her trying to do. I can see her trying to "fake it til she makes it". I can see her excluding her in an attempt to push her away, to comfort herself. And obviously Mirabel my love my poor baby only ends up hurt. Srly Mirabel in this AU has such a shit time TT_TT
And obviously all she ever wanted was to be part of the family properly and be loved and she feels that Isabela's treatment is so cruel and unfair that she breaks eventually. Isabela may or may not find her crying in a corner after saying some pretty awful things during dinner. Or idk all the grandkids were hanging out her room and she kicked Mirabel out when she asked to join. It doesn't matter literally anything that would make Mirabel feel hated and rejected. And idk somehow Mirabel expresses just how bad she's making her feel, like verbally tells her what she wants (to be loved and part of the family), and maybe we're reaching such a desperate point in the plot that Isabela tells her the truth about her feelings, because she can't stand to see her like this.
Now in any other scenario I think that, if Mirabel didn't return Isbela's feelings, her reaction would be something like "that's fucking weird, but let's talk about it. You clearly need some therapy and I'm the best next thing in this family". She'd be concerned and maybe a bit grossed out but not outright scared. She would want to help Isabela, because those feelings can't be easy to handle - she wouldn't yell at her or run. But this one scenario has the particularity that... Mirabel has a pretty big trauma with incest. It scares her. It ruined her life (after all, she was never supposed to exist). She knows her mama and papa did something very very bad together and she spent her entire life trying to redeem herself for their crime, to prove herself worthy despite her filthy origins, to be better to be good to earn her family's love and now... this? It terrifies her. This Mirabel doesn't want anything to do with it. She doesn't want to see Isabela at all. She runs from her. She hides. She avoids her. She's ruining everything again. At this point, incest feels like a curse that haunts her.
Especially if her reaction was only exacerbated by her own improper feelings for her sister.
And of course Isabela feels horribly guilty, she wants to take everything back but she knows she can't. She's spooked her little sister so much, that she feels like a big scary predator threatening her safety. She has to accept that no self-convincing will erase the fact that they're related by blood in one way or another. That they share a mother. At this point her biggest fear is Mirabel telling someone else, but she doesn't, and eventually she finds out it's because Mira doesn't want to ruin her image or make other people mistreat her. She's hiding a secret that scares her to protect her.
I'm not sure how things evolve from here, I just know that, at some point, they need to have a talk in which Mirabel lets Isabela know that all she wants it for them to be sisters. She doesn't want any other kind of relationship. She doesn't want to be less family, she doesn't want to be anyone's daughter-in-law, she wants to be a daughter. She wants her sisters to accept her as one of them. And Isabela understands. She's not some fuckboi she's not gonna stop being friends with someone she likes in the moment they "friendzone" her. She loves Mirabel, and the details on how can be just details. She fucked up and hurt her and wants to make up for it. So she becomes the first person to stand up for her, she tries to help integrate her with the rest of the grandkids, she talks to Luisa about it (she talks with Luisa a lot at this point, never quite revealing the most risky details of how she feels but ngl some of the things she says are very sus)... she starts treating Mirabel as a sister, nothing more and nothing less, and she's nice to her and defends her when she can (which isn't always because she's still terrified of Alma), and this is possibly the happiest Mirabel has ever been. Which is why it scares her so much when her feelings continue to grow.
If they ever do end up together, I can imagine insecure lil Mirabel waking up Isabela in the middle of the night to ask her if they're still sisters, to which Isabela responds to by pulling her into her arms and mumbling a sleepy "yes......." and idk giving her a very sisterly kiss in the mouth. To comfort her. It makes Mira happy uwu.
At this point the story diverts a little from the Dad!Bruno part of the Dad Bruno AU so I'm still not sure, but it's an interesting alternative.
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