whatareyoureallyafraidof · 4 hours ago
Abortion, Republicans, and Changed Minds
  I’ve been meaning to write a piece about the Republican effort “to moderate their position on abortion.”    The thing is, most of them are lying; trying to fool people into thinking they’ve changed their views. But, the truth is, even if some have really changed their beliefs, that won’t carry over to Washington. You might think, “No, not my Senator/Representative.”    But, when they get to D.C. they’ll be forced to toe the Republican Party line, or they won’t get support (monetary and otherwise) from the party, and the party will just find someone else to support in the next election.    I’m not saying the Democrats are perfect; far from it: see especially Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. But, they’re closer to what the people want; closer to the rights the people deserve.   We’re not going to achieve things in one giant step; that’s the simple truth. But, even taking baby steps adds up. Adding two more Democratic Senators, and increasing the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, will make achieving progress easier.
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unimatrix-420 · 3 months ago
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perplexedhedgehog · 5 months ago
Hey, I've seen a lot of people saying that you should support smaller-scale abortion facilities instead of spending on Planned Parenthood because, according to them, PP already has plenty of money.
While I totally support donating to local abortion care facilities, I think it's really dangerous to be spreading around misinformation about Planned Parenthood, so here are a list of reasons that Planned Parenthood is a really worthwhile resource right about now:
Planned Parenthood has a large legal fund and they know how to use it. Not only will they work on-the-ground to provide reproductive health services, they will work on the legislative level in every state to fight the legal battles that are about to become very fucking necessary. Donate directly to abortion services, yes - but if you want to protect the legality of abortion and the right to privacy in the doctor's office, Planned Parenthood's legal team will fight in the places where you, as an individual, cannot.
I've heard some people saying that Planned Parenthood actually does damage to the reproductive justice community because they "take up all the talking space" and then they'll say "well, abortion is only a small amount of what Planned Parenthood does" thus stigmatizing abortion. While I can't speak for every PP facility, in my experience during my volunteer trainings, THIS IS MISINFORMATION. Outside supporters of PP will say this ABOUT Planned Parenthood, but at my volunteer trainings the workers actually had us do spoken activities to de-stigmatize abortion for anyone who needed it. We were given multiple "abortion is good, actually" talks.
On that note, the things PP does aside from abortion are actually very important. One thing they do is distribute INFORMATION on a widespread scale. This information will often focus on important things to know about pregnancy health, when abortion might be needed, and communicative campaigns to spread abortion stories with specific participants' consent in order to de-stigmatize abortion and spread awareness.
A number of smaller "Pregnancy Crisis Centers" disguise themselves as abortion providers, but are really fundamentalist Christian centers in disguise. These centers will abuse and psychologically torture people who were planning on coming in for abortions. However, a Planned Parenthood is always what it says it will be. I support Planned Parenthood because I know exactly what my money is going to when I make donations.
If you do know of a smaller abortion facility that needs funding, by all means, donate! (Also if you go on PP's website you can choose a PP facility to fund directly, if you don't want your donation to go into their large legal fund.) But if you're supporting a smaller center, do make sure that they really are a legitimate abortion provider before you donate.
Let's not spread misinformation or be divisive, people! That will only hurt reproductive justice, in the end. If you want to support small-scale abortion care centers, absolutely do that. It will be very much needed in the coming months. But you can do that without dunking on Planned Parenthood and all that they do for reproductive rights, justice, and healthcare. It is entirely possible to be supportive of both.
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reasonandempathy · 3 months ago
"You chose to have a kid"
A key point in framing is that almost every anti-choice idiot says, is that they always frame it as "the choice to have a kid". Specifically, in this case:
"You chose to have sex, so you have to deal with the kid"
Let's just...side-step the puritanical root of punishing people for having sex, and the actual, sincere belief that humans Not Having Sex is something we can actually achieve, which is stupid.
People explicitly make choices to not have kids when they have sex, too.
There are whole swaths of things that men and women do, hopefully overlapping, to not have kids.
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None of them are 100% effective. Even Female and Male sterilization aren't 100% effective, other than a full blown hysterectomy.
Literally, a man and a woman can both go to a doctor, have actual surgeries performed so they don't have kids, have sex with one another, and still wind up pregnant. Especially if it's in the first few years after their surgeries are performed. Surgeries which have weeks to months of recovery time, planning, and costing thousands of dollars each.
I choose to go to work every day; punishing me for getting hit by a cab as a "potential outcome" of going to work is fucking ludicrous. People smoking are more likely to get a cancer, but we still treat them in hospitals. Getting AIDS from donating blood is a thing that can happen, but you're damn well going to sue the hospital or agency that gave you AIDS. I can play the lottery every day and eventually win a million dollars, but it's still "the stupid tax" and actually thinking it will happen is the literal Gold Standard for "not gonna happen".
Nowhere else in society do we accept bullshit like that except when we're talking about controlling women and their sex lives for doing things you don't want them to. And it's always, always from the same people who want the woman to deliver the baby (which itself has a high risk of just killing the mom outright, especially in the US) who don't want to feed the baby when it's delivered, who don't want to give it a home or clothes or healthcare.
Again, that's before we even get to:
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cishetsbeingcishet · a year ago
in light of the texas abortion ban here’s a reminder to stop debating what counts as a human, baby, or life with pro-lifers because that is not a debate you can win. you can not win a philosophical debate about what counts as a person, and you will not change their minds.
what can be proven is that in no situation under united states law is an individual legally obligated to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life. 
4.5 million people each year are in need of blood transfusion, the entire process of donating blood takes a little over an hour, it’s free, and a single pint of blood can save up to 3 peoples lives, but there is no legal obligation or requirement to donate blood in place. 
it is illegal to take organs from deceased peoples’ bodies without permission. CORPSES. bodily integrity is prioritized by law, even after death.
it doesn’t fucking matter whether a fetus is a person, whether a fetus is alive, whether a fetus has a soul. it literally doesn’t matter. pro-lifers set up the argument through that lens (hence their name) to evoke empathy and pity and take the focus away from the actual process of pregnancy, which changes a person’s body FOREVER. that is not an exaggeration. whether the pregnancy is complicated and high-risk or totally smooth sailing, the birthing person will physically never be the same. if they’re lucky, they’ll come out of it with weight gain, differently shaped breasts, and changes to the cervix/vagina. if they aren’t, there’s a fucking laundry list of potential complications that could arise, that may eventually fix themselves, need surgical or therapeutic intervention, or never go away, like varicose veins, separation of the abdominal muscles, incontinence, prolapse, diabetes, postpartum depression, and chronic pain, just off the top of my head. and this makes no mention of the very real possibility of income disruption, as well as the financial cost of giving birth, and the chance of fucking death, which is even higher for underserved communities like black women.
there is no basis for a governing body forcing an individual to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life. that is the argument. period the end.
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fire-plug · a year ago
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You can think abortion is a sin without forcing everyone else to 
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ozymalek · 3 months ago
americans, in dire times like this, please learn from the mistakes of poland.
in 2020, the constitutional tribunal of poland (similar to the supreme court) ruled that abortion in the case of fetal abnormalities is unconstitutional, effectively banning 98% of legal abortions in our country. poland already had the strictest laws in europe (save for malta), where abortion was only allowed in the case of rape/incest, fetal abnormalities or risk to mother’s life. this caused probably the biggest protests since 1989. even tiny, conservative towns marched in defense of abortion rights. at one point there was an estimated one hundred thousand people in warsaw protesting. police was beating people up on the streets, they broke a teenage girls’ hand. fascist nationalists used tear gas on people. this lasted for WEEKS.
back then it felt like maybe we are finally witnessing some change we hoped for for years, but it all fell apart. the leaders of this protest were generic liberals who were allied with the neoliberal center-right opposition and were riding off the wave of anti-government sentiments. soon it was became less about reproductive health and more about how we need to put the opposition back in power. mind you, the opposition and its supporters were largely for keeping this bogus “compromise” and went as far as silence anyone who wanted full liberalization as “too radical”. anything stronger than peaceful marches was discouraged as well - even the very famous chant “wypierdalać” (”fuck off”) was often considered too far.
soon these protests were completely changed into anti-government protests and while it was good to hate the ruling party, but it was conveniently used as a tool of the neoliberal center-right opposition. several months later they put that ban into place. the wave was already dying. there were some protests but all people did was yell in the streets for a bit and go home, because it was ~wrong~ to destroy property and say naughty words. soon a 30 year old woman died because she was denied abortion. doctors would not risk aborting her deformed fetus even if it was risking her life, even if it was technically legal - they were scared of going to jail on the basis of aborting a fetus with abnormalities. there were very little protests after that, even though we should have burned down the entire country for her. death of savita halappanavar, a very similar case, eventually caused the change of abortion law in ireland. in poland nothing happened after izabela died. on the anniversary of the protests, barely anyone attended. just yesterday a project of putting a 12 week abortion law in place was rejected.
all i’m saying, this is very very similar to the situation in america right now. democrats will try to tell you that they have their hands tied, that they can’t do anything, that you just have to vote harder. they will make roe vs wade about republicans vs democrats, about their petty struggle for power, while pregnant people will be dying in horrific suffering. they are liars. all they care about is staying in power. they hold every branch of the government but did nothing to codify roe vs wade. they are not your friends. do not let them do what polish opposition did here. don’t rely on them. don’t stop until they put roe vs wade back and codify it. destroy shit. make those supreme court cunts and other fuckers afraid.
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charlesoberonn · 3 months ago
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"average American female has 3 abortions per year" factoid just statistical error. average american female has 0 abortions per year. Abortions Georgiana, who lives in a cave & has 1,000,000 a day, is an outlier adn should have not been counted.
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whatareyoureallyafraidof · 2 months ago
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drthrvn · 3 months ago
Polish Minister of Health approved the creation of pregnancy register which means that doctors will be gathering data about their pregnant patients.
not only legal abortion in Poland is basically impossible, now it'll be extremely difficult to get abortion abroad or to perform it yourself using meds (basically: there will be proof that a person was pregnant and no longer is, which could be used against them).
Polish government really does hate women.
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insomniac-ships · 3 months ago
I feel like now is a good time to make this perfectly clear: I am unapologetically pro-choice. If you don't like that, block me.
Y'know what? If you're anti-abortion/pro-forced birth? Please block me. Stay far away from me. Kindly go away.
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fem-fatalist · a year ago
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Figured I’d share this for anyone struggling in Texas right now, or anyone who needs abortion help. 
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thingstrumperssay · 5 months ago
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