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etakeh · a year ago
OKAY listen up, this is a thread for all my cold friends out there who aren't used to severe cold. HOW TO LAYER, A GUIDE TO STAYING WARM, USING ONLY CLOTHING YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE, NO FANCY SILK UNDERWEAR OR WHATEVER.
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(link provided)(but I’m sure she won’t mind if you donate to whomever you feel like helping, if you are in a position to do so)
(transcript in read more)
OKAY listen up, this is a thread for all my cold friends out there who aren't used to severe cold. HOW TO LAYER, A GUIDE TO STAYING WARM, USING ONLY CLOTHING YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE, NO FANCY SILK UNDERWEAR OR WHATEVER.
1)YOUR FEET. Wear at least two pairs of socks: one tighter, thinner pair, and one looser, thicker pair. If you can do three, do a thinner pair, then midweight, then thick. Below: dress, midweight, and thick socks in the order you should put them on.
2) YOUR LEGS: wear whatever your preferred underwear is. Now put on a more fitted long sleeve shirt and more fitted tights, leggings, athletic pants, bike shorts, compression pants, whatever you've got.
Over these, put a narrow pant that is a little loose around the inner layer. Depending on how you typically wear them, jeans, sweatpants, yoga pants, or even dress/work slacks can work for this.
If you can, put a THIRD layer over these that are your biggest pants. Generally pajama pants, sweatpants, yoga pants are going to be the best for this layer. But whatever fits in whatever order is your best bet!
TOP: again, wear the underwear you are typically most comfortable in: bra, undershirt, whatever. Now add a fitted long sleeve shirt. Tee shirt, turtleneck, compression shirt, waffle weave, henley, whatever.
Pick another long sleeve shirt that is a little looser than this one to put on over it. A fitted sweater, sweatshirt, or looser tee shirt, buttondown, or henley is good for this stage.
Now (and since I know you're smart you probably guessed) get a bigger, looser shirt to put over this. A big sweater or sweatshirt is best!
HEAD: A lot of heat escapes through your head so KEEP IT COVERED! Keep a hat on at all times! The best kind of hat to wear is a thick, knitted cap that is not too tight, or a loose one over a tight one. If you have something lined, even better!
Hats with EAR FLAPS are awesome, as are earmuffs. If you don't have earmuffs, you can use big noise cancelling headphones in a pinch.
HANDS: Hands are super complicated because you want them free to do stuff but also it is very easy for your fingers to get too cold/frostbitten so you've gotta protect them! I recommend a fitted pair of gloves with a looser, thicker pair of gloves or mittens over them.
YES you can use gardening gloves or work gloves for one of these layers if that's all you've got. RUBBER gloves, on the other hand, are not good insulators.
If you really need your fingers free for using devices or work or whatever, get fingerless gloves or cut the fingers off a pair of gloves or mittens you don't care about, then wear these under your bigger mittens/gloves.
Protip: if you don't have a pair of gloves you can mangle to make fingerless gloves, cut holes in an old sock you've lost the mate to!
Now that you're covered head to toe, here are a few more tips:
-You can keep adding layers for as long as you have clothes! Just don't make them too tight: you want to trap air between the layers because it adds extra insulation.
-Wear a scarf or two! You can wrap your head in a scarf if you don't have a hat or need extra warmth.
-If you don't have s scarf or run out or scarves, a pair of sweatpants or flannel pajama pants will do in a pinch.
-It's okay to suspend a no shoes in the house rule during extreme cold. I am one of those people who thinks wearing shoes in the house is gross but they will keep your feet, which are susceptible to frostbite, warmer if you run out of options.
-Pockets are AWESOME and will actually keep your hands warmer, especially pockets close to your belly or butt! Your butt gives off more heat than you think!
-DON'T GET WET if you can help it. If you do, dry off and change out of wet garments.
-IF you don't have boots, thick socks pulled up over the bottom of your pants will keep cold air from getting to your legs. If it's wet out, plastic shopping bags inside your shoes can help.
-Be forgiving of yourself if it's too cold to change your clothes! Stay warm, even if it means dropping hygiene a little. If you need to change clothes, you can sit under a blanket until it warms up and then change under the blanket.
-You can also change out of many of your bottom layers inside your outer layers if your outer layers are loose enough and you are dextrous enough. Otherwise, do the blanket trick.
-Use chapstick on EVERYTHING. Your nose and fingers and toes and ears can get chapped too. If they feel chapped, put whatever balm/ointment/stick you have on them!
-Your eyes can get too cold! If you go out, put on sunglasses or safety goggles-- whatever you have to protect them!
-And finally, just remember that staying warm is more important than looking good. Go to the store in a blanket cape if you have to (a thing I've done). Wear the embarrassing sweater your great aunt gave you.
Take care, stay warm, and feel free to ask your friends from the North for specific advice if you need it! And hey, if you like this thread, please consider giving to Austin Echo or other area organizations helping homeless people right now.  https://www.austinecho.org/get-involved/donate/
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PRO-014 Pro Tips How To Build A Custom Theme
Understanding meta tags is the first step to making custom themes. Theme designers create custom themes using HTML and CSS. They add meta tags so people can edit theme styles from the customization panel without having to edit the code.
Meta tags control powerful style elements like background, layout, and navigation. If you’ve ever edited the HTML in a theme, you may have seen something like this in the <head>.
Tumblr media
This line adds the change background color option to the customization panel.
Tumblr media
But Tumblr still needs to know what element of your blog this option controls.
Further down in <style>, there’s a line that assigns this option to your blog’s background color.
Tumblr media
This line tells Tumblr to use the Background color you choose in the panel as the blog’s background color.
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How to Clean as an Adult
*** For more tips on how to *adult,* subscribe to https://www.projectadulthood.com/, a weekly newsletter on growing up. Think of it as your instruction manual to adulting :) 
Growing up, Sundays were the days when my whole family cleaned. Everyone had chores they had to get through. Mine were dusting and cleaning the bathrooms. If I was really unlucky, I also had to water the plants and clean the windows.
Although the whole thing took two hours max, it ruined my day. On the bright side, our house was always spotless. However, when I moved away from home for college, I often avoided going home for weekends. Why? Because I did not want to spend my Sunday morning cleaning.
Having shared my living quarters with quite a few slobs since I can finally appreciate my parents' cleanliness. While I'm nowhere near as tidy as they are (and, let's be honest, never will be), I'd like to think that I do have a solid cleaning routine going -- which you'll find below.
I also want to share a few tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning. Turns out, the average American spends almost one full day cleaning a month. Hopefully, the advice below will help you cut down on the amount of housework you actually have to do.
How to clean
You don't need to clean so long that you turn into a skeleton. Instead, here's a handy checklist.
Tumblr media
Make the bed
Wash the dishes
Wipe down kitchen counters, table, sink, and stove
Sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor
Every other day
Change towels
Take out the trash.
Change bed sheets
Dust (tables, windowsills, etc.)
Mop the floor
Water the plants
Do laundry
Clean mirrors
Wipe down the microwave, coffee maker, etc.
Get rid of old food in the fridge.
Vacuum the mattress, by the ceiling (watch out for spiderwebs!), etc.
Clean the shower/tub.
A few times a year
Empty and clean the fridge and freezer
Clean the vacuum cleaner
Scrub tile grout in the bathroom
Clean the oven
Clean all the hard-to-reach places like behind the stove, fridge, etc.
Clean windows
Clean fixtures, like lamps and ceiling fans
Once a year
Get rid of expired meds
Organize the kitchen cabinets
Clean out drawers and closets
Defrost and clean freezer
Clean the baseboards
Wash your duvet, pillows, spreads, etc.
Cleaning hacks
Tumblr media
Power clean 15 minutes each day. This will prevent clutter. Ideally, you want to designate a "home" for everything you own so that you can put everything back in its proper place during the day (and, most importantly, at the end of the day). Speaking of putting things back, clean in such a way that doesn't require you to make an even bigger mess, i.e., piles of clothes. Always think: if I stopped in the middle of cleaning, would the room be cleaner or messier?
Clean up as you cook. Wipe the countertop, do the dishes, sweep up... That way, you won't have to deal with a pile of dirty dishes after dinner. Besides, most of the time, all you have to do when making dinner is stir (depending on the dish, of course), so you can save a lot of time this way. By the way, if you wipe down the stove after every time you use it, you'll never really need to clean it.
Layer two trash bags in the bin. When you take out the trash, the next bag will already be there. Your future self will thank you.
Use a sink strainer. Or get one immediately if your sink doesn't have one.A clogged-up sink is no way to start your morning. Also, invest in a suction cup sponge holder -- you don't want your kitchen sponge sitting in gross food water.
Microwave a lemon in water (in a microwave-safe bowl) for up to 5 mins to clean your microwave. Remove the bowl with oven gloves and clean the inside of the microwave. DO NOT microwave water on its own unless you want your microwave to explode.
Keep an open box of soda in the fridge. It'll absorb any nasty smells from old foods. Remember to change it out once in a while, though.
Boil half a lemon with some vinegar and water in your kettle. This will get rid of at least some of the buildup and freshen the kettle.
Simplify your laundry. For example, if you only have 20 pairs of black socks that are all the same, you won’t ever have to match them. Dumping them in your sock drawer is as far as you'll have to go when sorting clothes. When folding laundry, fold the largest items first, leaving socks, underwear, and other small items for the very end. That way, it’ll feel like you’re done with laundry faster.
*** For more tips on how to *adult,* subscribe to https://www.projectadulthood.com/, a weekly newsletter on growing up. Think of it as your instruction manual to adulting :)
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pro tip
i forgot
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englishmajorhumor · a year ago
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beads are 50% off at michaels btw
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fairygrunge · 2 months ago
I don’t ever talk about this on here bc Tumblr gets doing bitch shit like deleting my account, but I’m gonna take my chances tonight. I know a lot of us are chasing pretty or perfect or acceptance or control or whatever the hell it is that makes us do this. I have been in denial that I have a real problem bc I had yet for anything to actually ‘happen’ to me. My little sister had her first child last night. I was in the delivery room, and as this is happening, I fainted. And why? Bc I had not eaten or had water in far too long. I’ve had a fear of fainting in public for years, so I’m always good about my water intake if I know I’m gonna leave the house and don’t intend to eat. However, I was so busy the other day that I genuinely just forgot. I had had no food and no water and bc she was in labor I was awake for too long. I was moving around a lot. I try to keep physical activity to a minute when I know I’m not eating anything. In fact, I try stay in bed and not even leave the house. Bc if I faint in my bed, no has done, right? Well, I got caught lackin’ yesterday. Thankfully, I spoke up when I got the weird feeling. The nurses told me to sit down. I didn’t want to, so they told me to stand against the wall. Not even ten seconds later, I was sinking down to the floor. Of course, I don’t remember sinking to the floor. I genuinely thought I sat down. However, thanks to my mom’s lovely reenactment, I know that’s not what happened. Embarrassing, but at least I wasn’t injured. Lucky for me my sister is a good sport and my mom is a goof, plus, the baby overshadowed it, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. However, I just wanted to address this. This illness is inconvenient. If you can still get out, GET OUT.
And just in case it helps anyone, before I fainted, I got really hot all of a sudden, so I had to take off my hoodie. Then I had tinnitus (ringing in my ears). After that, my head kinda felt like there was static in it and it hurt a little. Sound got kinda muffled. So if you experience any of that in public or even just in your house, sit down IMMEDIATELY.
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posthumanwanderings · 10 months ago
"make-a me worry, ah? you go talk to her, OK?"
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goingthruphases · a year ago
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thisisjustanormalplace · 8 months ago
Ever sense I joined tumblr, I've gone to hell five times, joined old fandoms I never thought I'd ever visit again, fell in love with the movie Encanto and all this shit has happened in just under a month.
What the hell.
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weight-less150 · 2 days ago
Binge Bowl 🍲
I struggle daily with the thought of food or eating or anything food related, I want almost all the food I see. I visit the fridge frequently just to slam the door closed out of frustration cause I KNOW IM NOT HUNGRY, I’m just being greedy and lacking discipline. But I had the best idea and it’s worrrkinngg for me! A A”BINGE BOWL” especially if you live with parents or family or anyone that makes eating “healthy” or low calorie impossible because of the “garbage” they put in the fridge. (Not to say food or supplement is garbage.not at all. Just to someone with my mentality, it’s hard to not see it as an evil thing)
What I’ve been doing is using
Prepare salad kit BEFORE a binge. Check the calories and the servings, calculate it all ofc, and dump it all in one bowl. The WHOLE bowl is around 500 calories MAX (fix bowl calories to your liking) and then I stick it in the fridge. When the Binge monster comes around I only allow myself to go after this bowl. It gives me a sense of control even when I can’t stop digging into it. After I’ve satiated my monster, I usually don’t finish the bowl! 🥗😀😀 ANDDD even if I do, it’s basically binging a big meal, if that. It’s still practically healthy! I’ve been OBSESSED! I really recommend this if you have a hard time with controlling your hunger, or the binge beast!
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tips · 3 months ago
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PRO-009 Pro Tips Stop Stealing My Art!
Everyone has their own definition of art theft. For some people, it’s only when you screenshot art and repost it without credit. While other people consider using their art as a header without permission theft.
There’s no guaranteed way to prevent people from stealing your art. But there are ways to deter people.
Put a notice in your bio
Putting a simple line in your bio asking people not to repost without credit goes a long way. People may not know it’s your original art and assume it’s okay to repost. While it won’t stop everyone, it lets people know where you stand.
Turn on asks
An open line of communication makes it easier for people to message you about using your work. You may be more inclined to let someone use your art if it’s just for an avatar or a header.
Source your posts.
Sourcing your work tells people it’s your original content. It also shows up as a link to your blog if your post is embedded to other sites.
Watermark your posts
It’s tricky to do a watermark well without ruining your art. However, placing it somewhere close to the center at a low opacity makes cropping it out harder for thieves. Consider using “yourblog.tumblr.com” or “@yourusername”.
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projectadulthood · a year ago
How to Make Small Talk as an Adult
*** For more tips on how to *adult,* subscribe to https://www.projectadulthood.com/, a weekly newsletter on growing up. Think of it as your instruction manual to adulting :)
While no one likes small talk, pretty much everyone likes friendships. But to make deeper connections with others, you need to start with small talk. Here's how.
Where do I start?
Tumblr media
Stop putting pressure on yourself. 
Not every conversation you will have will be, nor should it, engrossing. Small talk isn’t necessarily about the information you exchange with the other person(s). Rather, it’s about building rapport, comfort, and trust.
Remember that quote by Maya Angelou, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”? 
This is especially true when it comes to small talk.
Just remember: You’re trying to establish an emotional connection, not get an A+ on your small talk skills.
Tip: Hate small talk? You may want to move to Sweden. Just kidding. But seriously, as Allie Edwardsson in the BBC Reel “How Sweden survives without small talk” says, “[a conversation] has a meaning even if you’re talking about the weather. But the meaning is not the weather. [...] The meaning is, let’s have a little connection.”
Okay, so how do I actually start a conversation with someone?
Tumblr media
There are many ways to open up a conversation. Ideally, you want to find common ground with the person you’re approaching. Try:
Commenting on the situation/environment around you. For example, “This cafe has the best coffee in town, hasn’t it?”
Giving a compliment. For example, “I love your coat. Do you mind me asking where you got it?”
Mentioning a common interest/person/similar background. For example, “Have you seen the latest episode of X?”
Asking for advice/opinion. For example, “Do you know the best place to get lunch in town?”
Talking about a shared experience. For example, “I really enjoyed today’s class. The new teacher is great, isn’t she?”
Tip: Check out the F.O.R.D framework, avoid R.A.P.E (religion, abortion, politics, and economics), and don't get too personal (the other person doesn’t need to know about that weird spot on your tongue). Above all, read the room and change the subject if the other person looks uncomfortable.
But what if they hate me/think I’m stupid or boring/don’t want to talk to me?
Tumblr media
Whether you have a tendency to talk too much or are too afraid to say anything in fear of being judged, you’re probably a victim of something known as the spotlight effect — a phenomenon where people think others pay more attention to them than they actually do. 
Tip: Studies show that more frequent small talk makes people — even introverts — happier.
Yeah, but what if they’re boring?
Tumblr media
You can always learn something new from speaking to someone, but you need to ask the right questions.  
To quote the self-help guru James Altucher, “Whenever I am on someone else’s podcast, I ask questions. If I learn one thing, then it’s a win for me. Whenever I am meeting someone for the first time, I ask questions. I am more confident asking questions and learning than I am answering them. Because of the math: there are more questions than answers in the world.”
So, what are the “right” questions? Basically, anything you want to know an answer to, anything you’re curious about.
If you ask questions just for the sake of asking them or to be polite, it’ll show (if you’re bored, chances are the other person is also bored), and the conversation will inevitably stall. Worse, you won’t succeed in establishing a connection with the other person.
Tip: To see how James Altucher does it, listen to his podcasts.
So all I have to do is ask questions?
Tumblr media
Definitely not. While being a good listener and asking relevant questions is important, if you don’t share anything about yourself, the other person won’t be able to ask you any questions in return, and the interaction will feel one-sided at best.
It’s those awkward silences, man. They kill me.
Even if the person you’re talking to brings up a topic you have no interest in/have nothing to say about, there are still plenty of ways to continue the conversation.
Say an acquaintance starts talking about the TV series The Wire. You’ve never seen The Wire, so you can’t discuss it. But you can:
Ask them about it & why they like it so much.
Talk about other TV shows you’ve seen & ask them if they’ve seen them too.
Bring up TV shows and films about to come out this year that you are excited to see.
Ask them if they’ve ever been to Baltimore (which is where The Wire is set — you’ll know this if you ask them what the TV show is about), and do they like to travel?
Ask them about their pastimes — what else do they enjoy doing besides watching TV shows? 
Since the show is about police officers, ask them if they ever wanted to be a policeman. Then, segway into general career topics or ask them what they would like to do if they weren't doing X.
Tip: Don’t just bombard the other person with questions and your own opinions. If you want the conversation to be more natural, give the other person a chance to think about what you just said and answer you. You don’t have to fill every silence.
Not everyone wants to talk, though.
Tumblr media
True. Not everyone will want to engage with you, and that’s okay. If the person you’re trying to talk to is giving one-word answers and/or isn’t making eye contact, drop the conversation and move on.
It’s important to remember that their lack of interest is in no way a reflection on you. Maybe they’re having a bad day. Perhaps they have something else on their mind. Don’t give it a second thought.
Speaking of body language, watch your own. Don’t cross your arms, make sure you maintain eye contact (but don’t be creepy) and smile. If looking at the other person directly makes you anxious, gaze at their eyebrows instead — they won’t know the difference.
Tip: Put down your phone. On top of just being good manners, research shows that not using/having your phone out visibly improves the overall quality of conversations.
What if I have enough and want to leave?
Tumblr media
If you feel like the conversation is dwindling, and you’ve no interest in reviving it or if you've simply had enough social interaction that day, end the conversation politely by saying something like, “I have to go now, but it was really nice meeting you.”
That seems pretty doable.
Tumblr media
Told you!
Tip: If you need more help, check out Dale Carnegie's classic, "How to Win Friends & Influence People." Here's a free PDF version of the book, and here's a quick summary.
*** For more tips on how to *adult,* subscribe to https://www.projectadulthood.com/, a weekly newsletter on growing up. Think of it as your instruction manual to adulting :)
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herbalist-witch · a year ago
10 Tips for Young Artists from an Old Artist: Encouragement and Advice for Practicing Traditional (Non-Digital) Art
Now, this is not another “old person yells at children for doing things differently” type of post. I love digital art as much as anyone else does, and I’m always impressed with what people can do with just a computer, some skill, and some time. I can’t use a tablet half as well as most of you can! 
I just want to provide some tips and an exercise you can try below, because if you are feeling down, feeling stiff, feeling mentally exhausted-- Take a break from screen time. Set your tablet aside for a second. And don’t worry about “wasting time”, because developing your skills and knowledge in a fun and relaxing way is never, ever a waste of your time.
Here’s what you do for some helpful, guilt-free beneficial artist stress relief which will help you develop traditional medium skills:
1) Pull out any paper. Doesn’t have to be a sketchbook; A lot of us artists who taught ourselves to draw before tablets and art software were available on the non-business consumer level used nothing but lined paper, grid paper, or anything else around. I often drew on cardboard from food packaging. Using  marked paper or other types of paper can help you “feel out” the dimensional space or proportions on the page, and can help limit your stress when drawing. Switch to unlined paper when you feel ready.
If you really struggle with traditional mediums, try getting a cheap Seyes lined notebook and using that to draw in. The particular lined ruling of Seyes style paper can be great for digital artists to acclimate to paper medium, as the lines can mimic grids in some drawing software programs.
Tumblr media
Seyes ruling is sometimes called French Ruling, if you can’t find it otherwise. 
2) Use a pencil or pen; Start with basic materials only and don’t try to plan out a whole big idea just yet. Don’t try to do any colouring unless you end up getting into it and want to go for it, don’t worry about materials too much, just stick to basic stuff. Pen and/or pencil. If you have a particular tool that you enjoy using, like a water brush, see if you can find a pen that has water soluble ink and use the water pen to create effects on the page. But don’t get too complicated if you don’t want to. 
This is not homework, this is not a lesson, it is an exercise. The point is to learn in a relaxed and beneficial way for you, so you don’t have to follow anything I’m saying to the letter. You’re creative, so be creative! Some people struggle to get started, and sometimes materials limits or suggestions can help with that, which is why I’m saying if that applies to you, just use a plain old pencil and pen. Any ones will do, and try not to overthink getting started. You can develop it as far as you want from there, but getting started is always the biggest hurdle! 
3) Don’t belittle yourself. Now, every artist knows this is hard! If you’re more familiar with digital mediums, of course traditional is going to be a very different experience for you. But the real goal of these tips and exercises is to learn to take a break from your comfort zone without any pressure or obligations to yourself or anyone else. 
If it looks bad, that’s fine! If I could show you my old sketchbooks, trust me, you’d be amazed I ever got into art school. 
But you will get better. I got better. Everyone who practices gets better, no matter what your starting point is. 
Here are some example of quick pocket size sketches of mine that took me under 10 minutes: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Note that they’re not really all that complex, technically speaking. I used a water soluble ballpoint pen, a water pen, and a pencil. The above landscape study was fountain pen ink on semi-transparent layout paper.
You aren’t obligated to make a masterpiece, or even anything you’re particularly satisfied with, because this is all about practice. Use economy of line to create shapes and texture, like in the top sketch example. Use basic shading like in the lower example to create depth and visual interest in fairly straightforward line drawings. 
Remember that this practice is stress-free; If you don’t like a sketch, get another piece of paper and put the last one out of your mind! Just keep going, no matter what you make or how you do it or what it looks like, you are still making something, and that is always good. 
4) Look up some inspiration from non-digital artists. If you have a favourite series that might be a long-runner, look up any available character models or concept art from the 70s, 80s, or 90s when traditional mediums were getting increasingly experimental and stylised.
You may also want to look at old comic books from the 1930s to the 1960s to see how comic books used to be manually assembled on draft pages before digital processes were available, especially the more creative pages such as this Fantastic Four spread below by Jack Kirby: 
Tumblr media
Now, the way he made this is by collaging magazine photos, wallpaper, patterned craft paper. He used a mug to create the circular shapes, and enlarged a rivet from a jacket to create the photo-realistic metallic circle in the middle right of the page.
He then drew Reed Richards on another sheet of paper, cut it out with a scalpel, and overlaid it on top of the flat collage. The speech bubble was cut out and lettering applied, then also overlaid onto the collage. 
This type of technique is what inspired the Layers function in Photoshop.
Look at some old shows you like that were animated before digital animation. Find art books, cels, or other pre-digital content that you can still recognise and enjoy, but stuff that looks different from what you’re more familiar with, and try to figure out how it was made. 
5) Look up old animation or illustration tutorials. When I was a kid, I loved the Behind the Scenes episodes they used to make. 
If you like animation, here’s Slimer Won’t Do That: The Making of the Real Ghostbusters, on YouTube in full. 
Here’s How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made, an animation process tutorial from 1938! 
6) Look up old arts and crafts tutorial shows! There are several of these, and most are intended for kids, but they’re often very informative, fun, and relaxing. 
I recommend Art Attack, which you can find all over YouTube. 
7) Look up old drawing guides. Infamously, anything by Andrew Loomis is going to be your best bet, and I myself taught myself how to draw from Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth and his other tutorial books. 
But he’s not the only traditional artist of note with good tutorials out there, so start Googling! I recommend going by decade or art style, then finding out popular artists from that era, and seeing if they have any sketchbooks or tutorials available out there. 
8) Practice figure drawing and materials techniques/visual textures from fashion illustration. This is a real pro-tip. Fashion illustration is based around figure, form, and silhouette. All of these are important for you to learn, especially if you are interested in character design! 
I recommend looking at Antonio Lopez, who has portfolios from 1960-1990. Below are two of his magazine illustration spreads: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Both are great examples of styles emblematic of their decades, 60s and 80s, and have great figure and texture elements. 
9) Let yourself make mistakes. Now, this is what artists struggle the most with, especially young artists. I know how you feel, believe me. The pressure of starting a new sketchbook, the frustration of messing something up, the fear of messing something up, the disappointment when something doesn’t look quite right, the sadness when a new idea or material doesn’t work out. 
But the thing is, I know you don’t feel like it, but you are a good artist. 
Please read this out loud, or at least mouth the words: “I am a good artist.” 
Write that in the upper left hand corner of the inside cover of any notebook or sketchbook you have. Even just in pencil. But write it down: “I am a good artist.” 
Because it’s true. And from here, with every mistake you make, you are getting better and better. Every mistake you make is one less mistake you’ll make in the future. 
And it never feels like that’s true, but I guarantee you, it’s true. Every sketch you hate gets you closer and closer to the sketch that you will love. 
Never give up! Never surrender! 
10) Look at old zines. Now, I used to make zines by the dozen, I still do occasionally, and this is the bread and butter of old school underground, subculture, and fandom art. 
You can find endless fan zines all over the internet. I recommend you look up any long-runner franchises or one hit wonder shows you like, and see what the old school fandom made. 
You can also find tons of old subculture zines, including one I used to read as a kid all the time whenever I could find it, Cometbus. 
Tumblr media
I hope this thread is helpful, and I know it’s long, but please share this for any young artists struggling with either traditional art practice or just generally with their creative self-esteem. 
If any young artists want to ask me anything about art stuff, you are welcome to! While I have an Enhanced DBS check (government background check) and have worked in education and social care, please keep in mind that I am middle aged, and if you are uncomfortable talking to adults online I fully respect that. I don’t want you to do anything that might make you feel awkward or unsafe. 
Feel free to reblog this post with or without any interaction, or if you would like, comment or add tags, whichever you prefer! I hope it helps someone.
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burnt-toast-life · a month ago
Honestly IM the one who’d start an ask with “hi,,,,” like IM the comma guy., impersonate me instead you’d be better off
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iamyouknow-yours · a month ago
Hey so I didn't know about this tool and I think everyone who has POTS should because it's really useful!
You put in the amount of salt and it tells you how much sodium in mg that is. And then you can put how much you get from your diet and it tells you how much leftover in teaspoons you still need.
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