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gayorb · a day ago
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Lesbian Pride Flag Colour Picked from Velma Dinkley in Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!
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everwizard · 2 days ago
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Trans flag picked from Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall.
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ryanyflags · 2 days ago
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Various trans flags, based off of the 4 stripe versions.
In order, they are:
transmasc | transfem transneutral (ver 1) | transneutral (ver 2) transneumasc | transneufem transoutherine | transaporine transandrogynous | transxenine transmascfem
Not all of them are edited (so they're the same as the originals), but some are.
Specifically, Transmasc and transfem are the same as the originals. Transneutral (both version 1 and 2) are very similar to the originals, but with edited/adjusted colors (plus I changed the bottom stripe to be grey, to match all the others). Transneumasc is a bit different (lighter colors than the original), and transneufem is pretty different (changed from bright red to a pastel peach/pink color). Transoutherine has slightly changed colors, transaporine was changed from bright red/orange to be more unsaturated and orange. Transandrogynous is slightly edited (bit different purple and changed the bottom stripe to grey), transxenine was changed from copper to pastel bluish purple. And last, is transmascfem, which is combo of transmasc's light blue and transfem's dark pink (there was no 4 stripe version of transmascfem that I found before I made this).
People are free to use the old ones, these, or any other version of these flags, they want for themselves. This is just something I did because I like the 4 stripe flags (and I like making things match).
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deathon1leg · 19 hours ago
spreading my noah schnapp in a long wig pic agenda with pride flag pfps. feel free to use! no need to credit me. (i will reblog with more :) and i’ll take requests if asked)
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nerdygaymormon · 3 months ago
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asklittlepip · a month ago
"We don't want to and won't argue this with you. We've now explained our stance and we won't be providing a platform for you to distort our position in order to feed an irrational and paranoid narrative. You can do that elsewhere, where we won't care enough to read it.”
Gotta love Nexus Mods’ post on this, which is the best kind of response!
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vainvex · 3 months ago
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sex and magic trans flag! ♡
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gender-luster · 5 months ago
new pride flag for the people who don't know how to respond when asked about their gender identity/pronouns
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morthern · 4 months ago
None, nada, zilch.
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souplover13 · 5 months ago
Hello, reader. Apologies for the deception. You clicked on a sentimental post about how one of Gilbert Baker’s last public actions before his death was to release a version of the pride flag with a ninth stripe. This lavender stripe stands for diversity. As a QPOC, it means a lot to me. 
Buckle in. This is going to be a long post. If you’re not willing to read the whole post, at least check out my preferred version of the post you clicked on and my post about the pride flag in relation to diversity.
Maybe you came from the version with no reblogged commentary. Was the list of colours and their meanings enough to pique your interest? It was a pretty bare post. 
Maybe you came from the version that blew up. The one with two self-reblogs. One of the self-reblogs is about further modifications to the pride flag in the name of diversity. The other one begins with a statement about pride month 2022 and is about remembering queer history.
Either way, you’re here now. This is no longer a sentimental, cutesy post about an LGBTQ+ icon.
I am so fucking angry about the whitewashing of queerness. I am so fucking angry about the easily marketable hyperwoke corporate monstrosity of buzzwords and aesthetics that we have made out of a demographic that used to be a community. People say “be gay, do crimes,” but then they joke about people being persecuted halfway across the world for their queer identity. They say “not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you,” and replace vowels with asterisks. This is a post about giving credit where credit is due, and learning how to sit down, shut up, and listen when you’re making something that’s supposed to be about somebody else. This is a post about respecting queer history. 
White gays love to assert their non-racism by repeating that a Black trans womans started the Stonewall Riot. It would be lovely if they fact-checked anything. 
Usually, the Black trans woman they’re referring to is Martha P. Johnson. They conveniently ignore that Martha considered herself to be a gay transvestite. She did not call herself a trans woman, and it is disrespectful to her memory to posthumously examine her gender identity under a microscope. 
Having gotten that out of the way, we must also address the fact that most historical records do not place the first punch to the hands of Martha P. Johnson. How many of you know that Stormé DeLarverie was a biracial butch lesbian, identified by herself and several eyewitnesses as the woman whose resistance started the Stonewall Revolution? I could go on and on about how her erasure from the queer zeitgeist is the first of many examples of the erasure of lesbians (and particularly butches) from popular queer culture in favour of gay men and feminine people. I’m not going to write paragraphs complaining about our unwillingness to immortalise a drag king because we’d rather analyse the gender identity of a drag queen. And I’m not going to mention the erasure of drag masculinity from pop culture as drag femininity finally gets celebrated in a bastardised, reality competition show format. 
Instead, I’m going to complain about the diversity pride flags. The various redesigns of the pride flag to emphasise diversity are not what we want. The black and brown stripes which are so prominent on all three diverse redesigns were first put there by a design agency. That should make you extremely uncomfortable. First, corporations take advantage of Gilbert Baker’s refusal to copyright the pride flag and plaster it on every product under the sun while giving him none of the profits. Now, they’re redesigning the pride flag?
A black stripe on a pride flag already had symbolism. It’s meant to be a memorial to those who were lost to the AIDS epidemic. Which means that not only have we let the AIDS epidemic slip from memory, we have let corporations redefine a powerful symbol of queer mourning so they can reduce QPOC to their skin colour. We are not just our skin. We are our culture and our experiences. 
Daniel Quasar tried to restore the meaning of the black stripe in xer redesign with a chevron and the trans flag, but the damage had been done by then. Valentino Vechietti did not keep this meaning, and the black stripe’s original meaning has been erased from the general consciousness. And still in all this mess we have yet to see a flag acknowledging disabled queer people. 
In the end, my friend Hasi (@hussyknee) said it best: if you tack us on after the rainbow it means we’re not represented by the rainbow. Oh, and white people and corporations? Please, for the love of all things holy, stop erasing queer history so you can speak over QPOC. 
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z0mb13-gutz · a year ago
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I saw people designing Halloween themed pride flags so I thought I'd try it too!! I also posted these to my Instagram @_und3ad :)
Plz give credit if ur going to use these :) <3
Plz see pinned post for info
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miaulogy · 4 months ago
if non-hispanics reblogged it would help a ton!
so, i've been noticing lately that english speakers that don't support neopronouns have been saying stuff like "neopronouns are for americans, no one else uses neopronouns in other languages! they're confusing to non-natives!" and it honestly upsets me SO MUCH, because that's simply not true! neopronouns exist all around the world, and i'm here to speak for hispanic neopronoun users as an argentine myself.
spanish has neopronouns, hispanics use neopronouns! it's not debatable!
spanish does not have an equivalent to they/them, "someone dropped their wallet, if i find them i'll give it back to them" would be "a alguien se le cayó su billetera, si lo encuentro se la devolveré" (someone dropped his wallet, if i find him i'll give it back to him).
so, since there's many non-binary people that felt like they needed a gender-neutral pronoun for themselves, elle/le was invented as opposed to él/lo.
as you may know, a neopronoun is a pronoun that is not official to a language (although some neopronouns may become official), and since elle/le is not official to spanish, it's a neopronoun to us.
and no, this isn't our only neopronoun.
we have others such as elli/li, ellu/lu, il/li, etc. that do not have a translation to english, kinda like how xe/xem, ze/zir, ae/aer, etc. do not have a translation to spanish.
and yes, these are actually used, and not only online: i've had many friends in my country that used these pronouns among nounself pronouns (a friend that used él/ella/elli/quack, another one that used elle/ella, etc.)
so, i've made an il/li/-i pronoun flag!
il/li are pronouns derived from italian, and they're one of the most common neopronouns around here!
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[ID: On the left, there's flag with 5 stripes all of the same size, the colors of these stripes from top to bottom are: mint green, turquoise, white, light purple, and brown. The image on the right is the same flag with the color-meanings of each stripe, and from top to bottom, these are the meanings: Mint green - italian origins of the pronouns, Turquoise - disabled and neurodivergent users, White - neopronouns around the world, Light purple - trans hispanics, and Brown - people of color hispanics. End ID]
this is the flag with its meanings, any hispanic / spanish-speaker that IDs with these pronouns is free to use it!
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vampire-meta-knight · 19 days ago
Sassy Pride Flags for when you’re done with Cishet Nonsense ™
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Feel free to save and use these if you like them!
Edit: Terfs, don’t even fucking look at my post. Keep your nasty little paws off it.
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nightsmudge · 3 months ago
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Part 1 of the birthday presents I drew for my younger sibling I love how cute and aesthetic this turned out, everything here represents a part of the lgbtq community heheheheh, gay alchemy
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galacticjonah · a year ago
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Happy Pride to everyone!
Now more than ever, as there are people trying to drive a wedge between us, we must stay strong together and support each other as much as we can. All our LGBTQIA+ siblings deserve love, safety and the same rights.
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spicedfish · a month ago
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i love her sm
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