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i'll tear down the sky
Tumblr media
pairing(s): vampire!eddie munson x fem!reader
summary: when eddie comes back dustin hides him but after steve tells eddie that you don't want to see him eddie can't handle. he needs you and he's gonna get you by any means necessary. view part two here.
warning(s): kinda mean!dark!eddie, slight angst, eddie being a lil villian and unedited work.
a/n: a lil vampire eddie wanting his girl back fic. i hope you enjoy and feel free to request.
Tumblr media
When Eddie died it had changed the trajectory of your life. The years you had planned with him were all gone and you had nothing.
You didn't know why you stood in this town, you had every option to leave but you still felt the need to stay there. This town had ruined everything that you ever had but still for some unknown reason you felt like if you left you were leaving a piece of you behind.
It had been a year now since everything and for the first time in a long time you felt like yourself again. You were learning to live without Eddie and it was working.
You worked as a local waitress, it wasn't horrible for the most part but it did take up a lot of you time which is why you hadn't been hanging with Dustin lately.
You used to do movie nights with him especially since Steve and Robin were often busy these days and his friends were busy with their own things but eventually you got busy too.
If you did hang out with him, you probably would've known the secret that Dustin was hiding in Robin's basement. Well, maybe you wouldn't Dustin would never put you in a position like this.
You see Eddie was dead, yeah but Eddie wasn't dead. Dustin had actually found him with blood on his lips still in the same outfit he had watched him bleed out in. He was scared at first and he ran all the way home but it wasn't long when Eddie caught up with him.
"Hey! Hey! Henderson I'm not gonna hurt you!" He told him standing in front of him with a soft smile, a smile that flashed his fangs and Dustin was ready to start screaming but when he looked at Eddie.
He looked like Eddie and he talked like Eddie, sure there were minor differences but it seemed like Eddie. He wanted to be scared but all he saw was his best friend and that started Dustin's lie.
He had been hiding Eddie in Robin's basement. Steve didn't trust it but he knew how much this mattered to Dustin.
Eddie sat on the old mattress that Robin threw on the floor when he caught sight of the stack of polaroids laying on a box.
He took them into his hand looking at them.
The first one was Steve and Dustin in front of a car, the second one was Steve shoving Dustin's head and then he flipped to the next one before stiffening. There you sat in a pretty sundress on a blanket, Robin laid behind you but he could hardly focus on the rest of the picture.
He wanted you...his girl.
He faint smile on his lips as his finger ran over your face in the photo. Just as beautiful as the day he left you, he started to wonder if you missed him. He wondered how broken you were when Dustin broke the news, the idea of you crying saddened him.
He couldn't let you hurt anymore.
"Here" he looked up when Robin shoved a blood bag in his hand with a grossed out look on her face "I don't know if you're hungry but Dustin stole this from the hospital. " She shrugged and Eddie nodded placing it on the bed beside him.
"And Here's a new Hellfire shirt, Dustin made it just for you and here's your vest back" Steve rolled his eyes throwing both of the things at Eddie earning a glare from Robin.
"Where's Y/N?"
"Y/N? Why the hell do you wanna know where Y/N is?" Steve scoffed, Eddie barely spared Steve a glance "I wanna see her"
"You're not going to" Steve crossed his arms over his chest walking forward "You're not going anywhere near her, look Dustin trusts you but this" he gestures to Eddie's appearance "I don't what this is or what's wrong with you or even if you're actually Eddie so until we figure this out. She's not coming." Eddie glared at Steve.
How could he keep him away from you? Eddie needed to see you.
"I need to see her"
"You don't need to do anything, Y/N doesn't want to see you" Eddie's eyebrows furrowed a glint of sadness in his eyes. Why wouldn't you want to see him?
Did you think he was some hideous monster? Did you think he was going to hurt you? Because he would never hurt you, you were everything to him.
He didn't want you to be afraid of him, he'd never ever want that.
Robin gave Eddie a sad smile before turning towards the stairs, the two of them going back up. "You could've been nicer" Robin told Steve shutting the basement door.
"Nicer Robin? This whole thing is freaking me out!" Steve huffed running his fingers through his hair pulling on the ends lightly. "Dustin trusts him but I'm not so sure we can, he found him covered in blood! Dustin's pretty sure he might be a fucking vampire!"
"I get it but it isn't such a good idea to antagonize the vampire." Just as Robin said that a loud crash was heard from the basement, the two of them glancing at each other before running down the stairs to where the window was now broken and Eddie was gone.
"My mom's gonna kill me!" Robin huffed burying her face in her hands. "We have bigger problems! He's probably going after Y/N, we have to call Dustin."
Steve made his way back up the stairs "That's what you get for antagonizing the vampire Steve!"
Eddie walked through the empty streets of Hawkins looking up at the night sky. He remembered when you said you were gonna try and count the stars, you'd always lose count because you said he was distracting you but he couldn't help it you were so lovely.
His boots hit the concrete as he sucked the blood from the almost empty blood bag. Some of it leaking from his mouth and dribbling down his chin.
He dropped the bag once he got to his destination. He stood in front of your house a smile on his face until he noticed the 'FOR SALE' sign on the lawn.
His eyebrows furrowed "No" he whispered walking towards the house. Did you leave? Were you long gone and probably forgot about him?
He tried to open the lock door but it was no use so he simply kicked down the door. The house was empty, the silence eating away at him as he stepped in further.
He used dream about stepping into the house, you waiting there for him to get home and you'd smile and say "Hi Eddie" and he'd smile back and press a kiss to your lips.
Instead he was in an empty fucking house alone.
He couldn't be alone, no.
He needed you. He was going to find you.
"Eddie?" He snapped his head to the side to see Lucas and Max standing behind him "Where is she?" His nails dug into his palms "She's not here" Max told him.
"I can fucking see that" He huffed turning towards them "Where is she?" He asked again this time with a dangerous look in his eyes.
The young couple looked at each other subtly talking without actually saying anything. Max shook her head telling Lucas to not tell him "Tell me where she is, Sinclair, I don't want to hurt anybody but I will if you don't start talking." He pointed at Lucas stepping closer to them and they stepped back.
"Eddie we don't want to do this" Lucas gripped the stake in his hand and Eddie rolled his eyes "That's going to hurt me? Well let's see what's going to hurt you" In a split second he had his arm wrapped around Max's neck, Max dropping the stake in her hand in surprise.
"Let me go!" She kicked in his arms but he was too strong "Tell me where she is!" Lucas stood still trying to weigh his options. Eddie flashed his fangs leaning closer to Max's neck "Tell me where she is Sinclair or little red is gonna get a little bloody"
"She moved into some house by the Video Store!" Lucas said quickly.
"Shut up Lucas!" Max's yelled but Eddie covered her mouth "What house?"
"I dont know! She said it was her dream house, she told Max she used to talk to you about it!" Eddie stopped before a smile spread across his face.
"It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I'd love to let her go but me and Max still have some work to be done."
You huffed when you heard insistent banging on your door, you had finally had gotten to sit down after a hard day at work.
"I'm coming!" You yelled stomping over to the door pulling it open only for Robin, Steve and Dustin to push their way inside your home.
"Lock the doors" Steve ordered Dustin who quickly locked the door, your eyebrows furrowed once you caught the sight of what they had in their hands.
"Why do you have stakes? Actually who the hell made these?" You poked the stake that Robin was holding "I did they're pretty cool right" Steve smiled and you nodded in response.
"Steve!" Dustin huffed
"Can someone please tell me what's happening?"
"We're kinda having a problem" Robin started "You see when Dustin watched Eddie die last year, Eddie didn't die, He's a vampire and Dustin hid him in my basement and Steve decided to fucking tell him you didn't want to see him so now he's looking for you." Robin quickly said and your eyes widened as all this information was piled onto you.
"Eddie's alive?"
"Well dead but kinda alive you can say that"
"And He's a vampire like blood thirsty vampire?"
"Well Eddie isn't like that, he drinks blood yeah but he isn't biting people's necks." Dustin defended him "Unlike 5 minutes ago when Lucas told us he tried to eat Max!" Steve yelled checking the windows.
"You hid him in Robin's basement" You gave Dustin a disappointed look "Please don't be mad" he begged before all of you freezing once they heard banging on the door.
Silence filled the area "She's not here Eddie!" Steve decided to yell earning a shove from Dustin. Eddie's laugh could be heard through the door "She's not here?"
"Yeah!" Dustin decided to go along with it the three standing in front of you to protect you.
The sound of Eddie's voice had your heart racing. You knew you should be scared that you dead boyfriend was now a vampire but you weren't.
"I've been real patient with you guys, I just want to see my girl" The door knob twisted "Let me see my girl" he pulled on the door but not hard enough to break it.
He didn't want to break anything that belonged to his love unless it was absolutely necessary.
"I'd hate to draw some blood in her house"
"She's not here Eddie! We're telling the truth" Dustin lied clutching the stake in his hand. He didn't want to hurt Eddie but he'd do anything to protect you.
"You telling the truth huh....if she's not in there then why can I smell her perfume?" Everyone in the room stiffened before turning to you and you shrugged. Curse you for still buying the perfume that Eddie loved on you.
"I know you're in there sweetheart" Eddie leaned his head on the door, more focused on you than anyone else in the room. "I'm not gonna hurt you angel just let me in"
None of you said anything and he huffed.
"I have someone here who says you should open the door sweetheart"
"Don't open the door!" You heard Max yell and you gasped covering your mouth "I have to go help her."
"I don't want to drain her of her blood Y/N so could you please open the door for me honey?" You moved forward and Steve stopped you "You can't actually think about going out there, we don't know if he's being serious."
"I can't let him hurt Max, he said hes not gonna hurt me."
"And you believe him?" Steve was right, you should be thinking twice about it but Max was out there.
"I don't want him to hurt you guys" was your excuse but you didn't care if Eddie killed you once you went out there because at least you'd get to see him one more time.
You realized now that you'd never gotten over his death, you just pretended too to make everyone feel a little better.
Steve sighed looking at the other two who nodded and he let moved letting you walk towards the door. You gulp when your hands touch the knob "You're not gonna hurt me right? You promise?" A smile spread across Eddie's face at your voice.
"Scout's Honor" he replied covering Max's mouth when she tried to beg you to stay inside.
You looked back at the group before unlocking the door. Your hand wrapping around the knob twisting it, the anticipation making goosebumps erupt on your skin before you opened the door.
You felt like your breath was taken away.
There he was.
The man you had lost.
He looked different but like himself if that made sense.
"Honey I'm home" he smiled flashing his fangs at you dropping Max the second you were fully outside and you grabbed the younger girl pushing her behind you into your house where she ran to Steve.
You always looked a dream to Eddie, you were the prettiest girl he's ever seen and he never quite understood how he got you in the first place.
A tear slipped from your eye "Don't cry" he reached out to wipe your tear but you flinched away from him "Oh no, no I'm not going hurt you sweetheart, I would never hurt you. You know that right?" You didn't know that but still you nodded slowly staring up at him this time letting him reach out and touch your cheek.
"I would never hurt you, I'd tear down the sky if it meant to make you happy angel"
His thumb caressing your soft skin "So beautiful, so gorgeous. I missed you" It's when you glanced behind Eddie you noticed Lucas standing behind him with a stake in his hand. He pressed a finger to his lips.
Eddie noticed your straying eyes and went to turn but you cupped his face "I missed you too" you finally responded back to him.
Still now you didn't want to hurt Eddie, you knew that they thought he was a monster and maybe he was but he still was your Eddie but then again...you were doing what was best for everyone else.
It didn't matter what you thought was best for you.
"I love you" you looked in his eyes hoping he knew how much you meant it "I love you so much" his eyebrows furrowed at your tone but he nuzzled into your palm.
For the first time since he came back alive, he felt alive like really alive.
"I love you too" he leaned forward his lips brushing against yours, he felt like it was his first kiss again while you felt like you were losing yourself all over again when he gasped before his lips could touch yours.
Lucas had got him.
You took a step back as he stiffened "Fuck" he groaned before he dropped into your arms. You let out a shaky soft cry as you placed Eddie on the ground.
You stared at his body as everyone ran over, Max hugging Lucas as he made sure she was okay. Robin looked at you "You okay?"
You wanted to say no that you just relived your boyfriend's death but instead you did what you always did and lied for the sake of others.
"I'm good"
"So what are we gonna do about the dead vampire on the floor?" Lucas asked as you stepped into the kitchen Robin following still wanting to make sure you were fine as you grabbed a cup serving yourself some water trying to calm down.
"OH SHIT!" you began to hear yelling from the living room and you and Robin ran into the kitchen to see Steve knocked out on the floor while the kids stood over him and most of all Eddie's body was missinh
"WHAT HAPPENED!?" Robin shouted the kids looking at the two of you.
"Dustin woke him up" Lucas pointed at him "What? He's the one who missed his whole heart but he sure did make sure to get his fucking shoulder blade!"
"Oh screw you"
You couldn't help it as you glanced through the open door, the little bit of happiness in your chest.
Eddie was out there and he was safe.
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Through all of intergalactic space, humans were the only intelligent species that were taught violence as children.
Whether it be through comics, or books, or actual real life experiences, this was something unique to humans, and humans alone.
It was common for those on other planets to only teach violence to those who had matured.
And, perhaps, it was a fortunate thing.
Their ships were easily seen from our atmosphere, and when they had landed, they mercilessly murdered everyone who was considered mature, regardless of who they were as people, because they firmly believed that their culture was shared among the galaxy.
And oh, how wrong they were.
Because while they had done research, they hadn't done enough.
After the mass genocide, the aliens left the planet, their broadcast displayed on radios and news channels, that they would come back in 5 years.
And 5 years was enough time.
Of course, there were those we were grateful that the adults had been massacred. We knew there were horrible people that had existed, and we respected their opinions. They had a right to be happy that their abusers were killed.
But many of us had lost people that we loved.
The oldest of us, all who were 18 and 19 at that time, took charge of the towns and cities we lived in. They cared for the younger children, for those who couldn't do anything without assistance, and taught us essential skills.
For once, perhaps, the remains of the human race was at peace.
And then the preperations began.
We played our games, as usual. Hide and seek, paintball, and the like. All games designed to simulate the hunter and the hunted.
The smartest were in charge of weaponizing our toys. The foam bullets of nerf guns and paintballs were among those, as well as baseballs and tennis balls and whatever could be thrown.
The child prodigies helped design a way for everyone to communicate across the world, helped keep our electricity and internet running. They devised ways for us to keep living the life we had known after the genocide, even with the adults gone.
The most creative of us, the artists and musicians and writers and actors made sure we knew how to work with whatever we had on hand, even if it was just a few rotten tomatoes or a handful of books.
Being children, of course, resources were eventually bound to run out, but after a year of genocide, we saw parachutes falling down from the sky.
Packages from the invaders, filled with seeds and foods and basic needs required for survival. They wern't completely heartless, after all.
We repurposed skyscrapers and buildings, survived through the natural disasters that ravaged the Earth, created ways to travel across continents and waters despite the lack of gas to fuel cars, planes and ships.
And when the aliens came back, we were prepared.
They had come unarmed and defenseless, ready to integrate human children into the universe like we were flocks of mindless sheep. They welcomed us with open arms, like they hadn't been the ones to massacre our parents, our caretakers, our educators. Like they expected us to forget the genocide of the adults of our planet.
But we never forgot.
When they came, we hid in the ruins of skyscrapers, in the natural wildlife.
Humans, after all, are exceedingly brilliant at making their presence unknown. And we were lucky that none of the ambassadors sent could read minds or see thermal energy.
We captured them, took over their ship, and tied them up like the bad guys did to the hero in movies. It didn't take long to figure out the mechanics of their ships, and pretty soon, we had started a broadcast across multiple planets.
Their leaders were pissed, and rightfully so, but they couldn't ignore our demands. Here we were, mere children and teenagers, willingly kidnapping and threatening some of the most important people of their planets.
Naturally, they conceeded. Their leaders agreed to meet on our planet, to negotiate terms.
Needless to say, that was a defining point in intergalactic history that marked humans as one of the strongest races.
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Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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Enhypen hyung line: when you wake them up by dry humping
+18 content read at your own discretion, please scroll if you’re uncomfortable with.
Pairing: Enhypen hyung line x gn! Reader
Genre: Smut
A/n: For the cute anon <3, I hope you like it :3
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Tumblr media
Heeseung — the one ready to please you
Heeseung, your beloved boyfriend was having a wet dream next to you and it wasn't helping with your pent up sexual frustration in the middle of the night. It was 2 am and there you were, masturbating carefully to the pretty moans of his, trying your best not to wake him up. But for some reason, your fingers didn't seem to be enough for you. Thinking what else you could use to relieve yourself, you turned to his side and your eyes glistened at the sight of the bulge in his pants. He was hard, hard enough to fuck you, but you didn't have time for that. So you moved quickly and got your spot on top of him. You sat on his crotch—almost moaning at the feeling of his hardness beneath you, and began to move, slowly grinding on him. You were chewing on the pillow that you had in your hold to muffle up your moans when you felt his hands on your waist, pressing you more on his cock as you moved. He took the pillow away and tossed it somewhere on the floor, "You don't have to be quiet baby." He said, helping you move faster. You apologized with embarrassment and try to get off of him, but he stopped you by pulling you down on himself and flipping you on the bed. Now you were at the bottom while he was on top, as he continued to grind his hardness to your clothed core. He removed his shirt swiftly and leaned down to give you a wet kiss on the lips. "Never apologize for using my body." He spoke, hands reaching to get rid of your panties. "Now tell me, do you want my cock or my mouth.." He licked his lips, "..Which one was my baby craving?"
Tumblr media
Jay — the one that makes you finish what you started
You were a horny person, yes. Thinking how hot your boyfriend Jay was, it could be considered normal that you always craved him in a sexual way, whether it's his cock or his hands, and sometimes his mouth as well. But how the fuck were you still horny after having him fuck the living shit out of you for the half of the night? After your last round in the shower he basically passed out on the bed, currently letting out calm noises of sleep next to you, while you were busy masturbating. He was completely naked, a part of his pretty cock peaking under the silky sheets of his bed. The sight was enough to make you say fuck it as you crawled to him, removing the sheets off of him completely. You leaned to lick the full length of his cock, getting him wet for the plan you had in mind. Jay was a deep sleeper, so you thought it'd be okay for you to use his cock to get some friction that your hands couldn't provide. You knew he'd get upset if you'd fuck him in his sleep, cause you'd be having fun without him. Honestly you wanted nothing more than to have his thick shaft ruining your insides, but you knew the consequences would be terrible for you. So instead, you sat on top of him, supporting yourself by holding onto his legs, and started grinding back and forth on his length. Since you were already so close reaching your high thanks to your hands, it didn't take you long to finally orgasm, leaking your arousal all over his crotch. Just when you tried to move from on top of him in an attempt to get a clean towel for the mess you caused, a pair of strong hands stopped you. "Where do you think you're going without finishing me off?"
Tumblr media
Jake — the oblivious one
When you called Jake over to have a movie night, you didn't mean it in a literal fucking way. It was just a cheap excuse to fuck, and you really overestimated your boyfriend in your eyes to think he was gonna catch a hint. But well, he didn't. He was asleep beneath you, arms wrapped around your waist as he was cuddling you. It was all cute if you had to admit, but there was only one thing you could focus—his bulge that you felt on the small of your back. This wasn't gonna do it, you had to do something about it. You gently removed his arms from you, getting off of him only to sit back on his lap—right on his cock, but facing him this time. Yes, you were gonna dry hump on your boyfriend while he was sleeping, so what? Could he really blame you, you really gave him all the signs that you wanted to be fuck, but he decided to be blind today. You began to move, honestly not caring too much about waking him up. You couldn't lie, you really wanted to be dicked down tonight. Therefore you might have pressed yourself a little too hard on his cock as you swayed your hips on top of his, making him open his eyes with a moan. His hands grabbed you by the hips as a reflex although he wasnt fully awake, he let out a deep groan at the feeling of having you on top of his cock like that. "Fuck, what did I miss?" He asked, pressing 2 of his fingers on your clit over your clothes, helping you out with a grin on his face. "Nothing much, just every hint I dropped today."
Tumblr media
Sunghoon — the one who punishes you
Honestly Sunghoon knew exactly why you insisted on spending the night together, from the way you acted more clingy than ever to the way you looked at him. But honestly, tonight he didn't feel like getting hints and straight up give you what you were asking for, but instead he wanted you to come take it from him, using your words and asking for it nicely. He wanted you to be the one to take the first step this time, no matter how long it'd take, he was gonna wait. But unfortunately his eyelids betrayed him after a really tiring day at the studio, and he fell asleep on your bed whlist you were making plans on how to get him to fuck you in your kitchen. You entered your room with two glasses of his favorite drink in your hands, wine. You thought it could help setting the right mood for your purposes but you were too late, sunghoon was already in the dreamland. You put the glasses to the side, taking a deep breath you removed your shorts, leaving your panties on as you climbed on top of him. You were feeling guilty for using his body even under these conditions but the way he looked so buffed lately was driving you crazy, and you had to do something to release yourself from this horny state of yours. So you sat on him, moaning softly when you felt his hard on. You didn't realize he was hard before, but you weren't complaining. You were grinding on him, hands all over his arms since he was wearing one of those sleeveless shirts again. You leaned to pepper down kisses on his neck and clavicle, yelping when you felt a hand pulling you by your hair roughly. "I've been waiting for you to make a move for hours.." Sunghoon grabbed your jaw and landed a wet kiss on your lips. "..but you choose to do it when I'm asleep?" He pushed you on the bed and hovered over you, "You deserve a punishment for that, don't you think?"
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[4] In the soop | JK
Tumblr media
welcome to domestic, soft boyfriend, mini or not so mini jungkook in the soop episodes! ft bam
ㅡsince my mind can't stop spinning with every episode + jungkook's finery,,, I decided to do this! I'll be updating this once in a while so don't be afraid to come and check from time to time ♡.
ㅡI'm not sure how many scenarios I'll write since it really depends, this doesn't have a specific end because I can still write in the future but n-e-ways!! hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think on my lovely ask~
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader
word count: 4.2k
warnings: smut, stand up doggy, peepee slaps pusay, it gets sticky and lowkey messy *wink wink*, creampie?😳 jungkooks so cute :( bam my beloved <3
[more episodes]
Tumblr media
EPISODE 4. "fuck, listen to me. I wouldn't like him to wake up."
Tumblr media
"ah.. I'm so hungry." jungkook sighed as he rubbed his naked stomach.
tattoos in full display at the very first hours of a saturday morning.
you were used to it.
finishing brushing your teeth, you meet jungkook who's now walking around the counter table cleaning up some trash from yesterday.
"Is bam sleeping now?" you murmur as you quickly approach him but not without affectionately wandering your hands around his back and waist first. It was a must.
"eung." he softly hums. turning his body around so he could have a better focus of your face as you're met with a very adorable puffy face, plump lips and a very messy hair. the way jungkook managed to still remain so pretty in the mornings was a total mystery to you but.. now that you're thinking about it, maybe he's just that gifted. sighs. he must really be, once again, the universe's favorite.
well, he doesn't have whole galaxies in his eyes for nothing, am I right?
"really, that easily?" astonished, soft horizontal wrinkles paint into your forehead as you place your chin upon his chest. "no crying this time?" you ask while pressing your fingers towards each side of his waist, thumbs caressing his skin.
..to shed some light into why you're asking these questions, jungkook doesn't like when bam wakes up earlier. if not, at the same time as him.
jungkook has been waking up extra early these days just to get everything ready for bam as soon as he wakes up. you know, being the good dad that he is. but the thing is.. that whenever he does, bam also does and it's a problem because each time bam follows him, it completely ruins his natural sleeping schedule. not only that but it also makes him develop hunger at such random hours of the night and that's... well, not very convenient for jungkook or.. you.
so like every good dad, he wants bam to rest and wake up at his designed hour. but... with the random times he gets to wake up at night, it's either because he wants to play or go to the bathroom. - jungkook and you were confused at first. asking why was the cause of this but after giving it some thought, you both realized It was because of him waking up at the same time you both did. his schedule was getting so messed up that he even started waking up alone at three or four of the morning. like how crazy is that?! - it was getting hard for the both of you because of course you also wanted to sleep well...
so because of this; you've been trying to help your boyfriend into getting bam his old sleeping schedule's back. but the process of that, mostly consisted on something like this;
jungkook putting all of his super gentle and caring energy into him, only for bam to take advantage of that, giving him those pretty light brown pleading eyes that make jungkook's heart crash every time, but because he knows he can't let his very handsome son to keep living like this collecting these bad habits, with all of his will, he needs to ignore bam's super adorable powers. - but then, that's when he starts crying and jungkook doesn't know another way other than to pretend to sleep just so he could do it too. It worked most of the time but as time passes, bam gets smarter and so he wasn't buying it as much anymore. turns out, bam just loves his dad so much he wants to be with him 24/7 so yeah.. it was also getting hard for jungkook to come up with new ideas but honestly... can you blame him?
so that's why everytime jungkook's plan or yours worked, you both always tried to stay as quiet as possible and it usually worked so it wasn't something very hard to keep butㅡthere were still some days like today where things could get a little.. let's say, complicated.
"mhm.. well," he lowly chuckles. "not that easy. I had to promise him to give him lots of snacks as soon as he wakes up this time." with a silly smile on his face.
poking fun at what he said, you take your chin off his firm naked chest. "of course you said that." followed by a playful slap to his shoulders, turning away from him. or well, trying to because jungkook doesn't let you escape that easily as he tugs your body back into his.
"hm.. where are you going?" he says in undertones, face closer to yours.
"...out?" nonplussed, you proceed to ask him, "aren't we.. making breakfast?"
"eung, you could say so." he says blandly enough, nodding his head very brightly in a unbothered manner. "but first..." just to suddenly change his whole demeanour as he takes you by the waist, pulling your body closer to his. "let me do some things." with one hand traveling down your ass. very softly, very.. delicately.
oh god.
"ohh, hell no!" you scream-whisper, trying to get out of his trap as soon as you remember bam's sleeping.
but jungkook only smiles. wrapping his super strong arms around your waist. "why not?" mumbling with his head buried onto your neck and you can swear you feel him lick his lips.
"what do you mean why not?" you blink, muttering back at him with an expressionless face. "don't you see how hard it is to put bam back to sleep? like do you really want to get through all of that again and lose aaall of your hard work?" with your palms trying to push him away but you just keep on failing. miserably.
jungkook pauses for a few seconds, only to say. "..you know what else is hard?"
but you roll your eyes. "jungkook!" slapping his muscular chest. "weren't you super hungry?"
"super horny too.." he says.. quickly. way too quickly.
you fake cry. "you're insufferable."
jungkook chuckles at that. "come on babe.." with a low tone on his voice, murmuring against your neck once again. just this time leaving slow kisses as he speaks. "I'll make it fast. I can make it fast.. we can make it-"
and you closed your eyes. he was turning you on. not only by his kisses but his hands that were now palming your ass.. "jungkook.. I really don-"
"I know baby but we can keep quiet.." he purrs as he takes one of your legs up and when he has both of them, you're already straddling his waist and It inmediately makes you feel his growing bulge. you can't help but release a gasp that he catches to hear.
slowly grinning to himself, jungkook takes you back to the counter table placing you on top of it. opening your legs as he adjusts his body in betweenㅡmaking no room for you to close them.
his hands start roaming around your soft skin, going up and down your legs as he sensually starts kissing your neck, you're trying not to let any moans out but it's kinda hard when he's touching and teasing you like this.
"can you keep quiet for me, baby?" he purrs against your ear. "or you don't think you could take it.." kisses travelling alongside your lips now. "..is that It?"
with a whisper that lingered pass your lips, you could feel the way his increased breathing drubbed on your skin. he looks irresistible and so because of that, you can't help but take the nape of his neck, leading him in onto your lips. wanting to kiss him so bad, feel him so bad..
you've once again fell into your boyfriend's dangerous trap. fuck.
but he stops, just before you start doing anything.
"If you want to kiss me, I need you to say it." he pauses. "you know how once I get to kiss your pretty lips, this won't stop here."
he lowly says with lidded eyes and you know he's right. knowing him for many years, you know how much jungkook enjoys to just.. kiss. It is something he really loves as it is very intimate for him. It turns him on like no other because he has such a strong connection with you so when he feels it.. he really feels it. very strongly.
so with him not being able to control himself whenever this happened.. you immediately knew the right answer because, damn. you were also as much as a mess, if not the same, for this.
you look deeply into his eyes, taking your lips closer to his. "I want this." then pausing, smiling a little. "very badly." placing a quick peck into his lips.
and as soon as you say that, jungkook's mouth searches for your lips and so you both start kissing very deeply. tongues clashing against each others as they move in sync, jungkook's lips travels below your jaw painting butterfly kisses all over it as his kisses and hands get needier and you can't help but open your legs wide to give him more access and closeness into your body. his hands stroking your bare legs very softly yet so needy.. it's something you loved about him.
always touching you very gently yet deadly.. you swear those little moments always made you get wet so fast.. and you're pretty sure he knows it too by the way his hands slided up your legs the same time he gingerly bits onto your skin and shoulders. a smile always formed along jungkook's face everytime a little moan escaped from your lips and for the way you seemed to clutch your hands over his big body. it makes him know just how much you also want him.
softly touching the hem of your shirt, he takes a step back pulling it off from you as you put your hands up. skin totally bare, you're only left with a cute little white panty that it actually marked how wet you were, given to its (now) transparent fabric that helped expose yourself the more you opened your legs for him to see.
"fuck.." he exhales. "no bra and a soaked panty?" he mischievously stared at you. "you must like me a lot.." he teases.
"no shit, why do you think I've been with you this long?" you found the way to fight back. but that just makes jungkook's smirk grow even more.
"Is that so?" he bites his lips as he slowly moisturizes them with his tongue.
pulling your legs by your ass so you could feel how hard his evident growing dick felt like, he wanted to tease you. cause some sort of friction because oh yeah, he was enjoying this a lot. "you make me crazy, but it seems like you want me to really lose it." he groans between your lips.
but it doesn't last long as soon as he's already leaving traces of kisses to your collabones down to your chest. - finding your cute boobs, his lips meet your very erect nipples. warm lips closing around it; licking, pulling and flicking.. his tongue went crazy with it as one of his fingers played with your clothed, still very wet clit.
you couldn't help but want more from him so what you do isㅡstart swinging your hips back and forth every time his fingers moved.
you were getting desperate and so was he.
watching you move like that made jungkook wrap his teeth against his lower lip. wanting to kiss your pretty lips once again and so that's what he does.
feeling up his body while kissing, jungkook hands weren't any different from yoursㅡthe moment getting so intense, both of your breathings deteriorated by each passed second.
so just before you could say anything to your very horny boyfriend, he said. "turn around for me." with a very deep, raspy moan that resonated through your whole body the very moment his words reached your ears.
his soft steamy kisses, burning your skin as he says so, you feel like you could explode. feeling so wanted by him. - you inmediately knew what he wanted the moment he opened his pretty mouth and to be honest? you can't fucking wait.
"are you sure?" but first, you breathe while looking down on his swollen red lipsㅡyou still want to make sure because you know how messy or loud this could get.
but jungkook doesn't respond. decided into just taking action of his desires, he kisses you one more time before making his own way to manhandle you back into putting both your legs down to turn you around. ass exposed to him, god damn it he adored this view.
"if I say I want you to turn around, that's exactly what you do, princess." he deeply purrs into your ear. sliding a hand below the fabric, gripping your bare ass with a tiny, little slap on it with his hand still lingering beneath it so he wouldn't cause too much noise.
"your heard me, baby?" he pecks your neck and you naturally arch your back into him. slightly opening your legs.
god, you just wanted your panties off right now. the urge and ache on your clit getting unbearable. you just wanted him to touch you.
noticing your little movement, jungkook chuckles to himself. but no after you start rubbing your ass against his joggers. feeling his clothed dick that way, you were actually trying to take your panties off that way.
"if you want to take this.." jungkook starts speaking while pulling the soaked fabric aside. rapidly touching your folds with his bare middle finger to then close it back again. "..off," gifting you a little slap on it that makes you actually jumpㅡhe proceeds to hug your body with his dick pressed against your ass as his head lays to your side. "just say the words, baby." purring back again into your ear with a sensual tone this time.
"fuck me-" you moan, with a plead.
"uh-uh, angel.. does aren't the words I want."
trying to move your hips back at him so you could tease his dick and hopefully calm your very pulsating cunt, jungkook is in so deep close to you that is almost impossible to move. mostly because all you have in front of you right now is this stupid table.
little did you know jungkook could actually feel the way your cunt pulsated for him everytime...
defeated, you decide to answer. "take my panties off."
"hm.." jungkook hums. "see how it wasn't so hard?" smirking afterwards.
too bad you can't see.
"shut up" it's all you say and he chuckles.
the moment he removes your white panties, his mouth is left with a gasp as he narrowed his eyes with his eyebrows furrowed and the word 'O' forming on his lips. the sight making him want to destroy you here and there as he mentally cursed himself for not going to another place to fuck you properly but he was so horny and you were so wet that the moment he pulled it off, the thread of arousal was so visible it was hard to tell where did so much liquid came from. having a fight on which thin strand could get unattached first from the cotton fabric.
"fuck, all of this for me?" he croaked, Immediately taking off his black joggers aswell. he did not had anything under it so yeah, dick was jumping the moment he took it off.
teasing your entrance felt like heaven to him. your walls feeling so soft against his length, dick getting soaked so easily.. he swears he could die by how heavily turned on you make him feel. "my fucking demon is always so ready for me." he rasps, giving a few consecutive slaps to your clit with the tip of his bare dick. "guess you'll always want me as much as I always want you huh?" keeping sliding his hard dick between your folds, slowly. teasing to enter but it never does. he was insane.
"don't get too loud, okay?" he stated with a kiss to your neck.
grabbing your waist with one hand he squeezes you very gently to let you know he will penetrate your slit now.
the moment he does, you try hard not to moan letting out a loud sigh instead. legs already shaking, you were waiting for this so bad and like as if it wasn't possible, you also started to get more wet with strands of arousal dropping down your thighs and jungkook wasn't even fully in yet.
yeah, it's been 7 days of you without having sex. It was about time.
"agh- shit. relax baby, you're squeezing me so hard."
"eugn- s-sorry babe, I- I just-" you lean on the counter. chest plastered on it.
"I know angel. open your legs a little more for me hm? I promise I'll give it to you good." he murmurs while taking your ass back into him making you yelp.
"sshh baby, bam.." he warns you.
"I know-" you mutter back to him.
jungkook starts fucking you with slow strokes. noisy, wet strokes and you can't move for the way his hands are grasping into your hips. - pressing both your legs together now, jungkook thrusts into you as you feel him so full and deep inside of you. your back couldn't stop arching to him, your moans were slowly increasing the moment jungkook started heightening his speed. It wasn't much of him going fast, but more like going hard. the way your pussy sounded everytime he slammed his hips towards you turned you on even more, he feels so good, so hard, so big.. fuck. he was truly perfect.
"fuck- baby, can't you keep quiet?" he groans while taking your torso up to him, covering your neck with one of his hands, arching your back, placing your head onto his shoulders, perky nipples bouncing as he tries to play with them with his other hand and one of your legs resting on top of the counter as you could feel the way his balls slapped against your clit as he pounded into you.
"maybe if you weren't fucking me like this I'll wouldn't be making so much noise to wake up bam." you manage to say.
"as if you weren't loving it." he responds with a hard thrust and a mischievous look on his face.
"can't fucking deny It." you moan back at him. pushing your chest back into the counter so you could move with him.
jungkook's so horny he also moans but it's still not so loud for likeㅡto wake up bam and to be honest at this point, you just wished bam was having a good ass sleep given to how horny the both of you were because it was also getting harder and harder to keep quiet.
grabbing both your buttocks, jungkook opens them up just so he could watch the way your pussy swallowed his juicy dick and indeed, you were taking him so well..
"pussy so good, fuck. I'm in love with you." he exhales and that makes you breathlessly chuckle, he was just saying whatever at this point even thought that was.. very much true.
"fuck.." he hisses. "best fucking pussy in the world." too far too gone, jungkook whispers to himself.
"I'm gonna fucking cum if you keep fucking me back, princess." he forewarn you.
"then do it." but you love to dare him.
"hmm.." he groans. "I really don't want to." he cries.
"then why do you sound so desperate?" you tease, turning your head back glancing at him with a smug face when you know damn well you shouldn't because he can't do anything about it and because jungkook tends to get almost insane when you get like this.
so if you continued.. you're afraid bam will definitely wake up.
so for your.. pussy safesty and bam's sweet dreams, you stop your teasing games (for today) and start moving back for him. still wanting to make him cum.
"come on baby.. don't you want to cum inside of me? hm?" you moan with a very needy tone. the one that makes him weak.
"fuck. stop it right now." he pants.
"huh? you said this will be quick and I really can't stand being in silence anymore." you cry and this time you mean it as in youㅡnot trying to provoke him. "all I want is you cumming hard in me." you continue as your hips push back at him everytime he slammed back into you. "d-don't you want it?"
"you know well I fucking do."
and with that, jungkook takes your leg off the counter, pressing both your legs together again as your cunt tightens around his dick and suddenly your whole world started spinning.
fingers grasping the counter's edges, he pounded on you hard and messy, his big dick glistening, his mouth slightly biting your shoulders connected with sloppy kisses everytime he got closer to you. - your legs were almost floating above the counter with each one of his thrusts, one better than the other.. your stomach and core carrying all of the weight and it's all because of your tight grip.
your moans were starting to sound loud so jungkook wraps a hand around your mouth, shutting them off.
"I'm gounna cium." you mumble against his palm but jungkook surely understands. giving you just what you want.
"shit, shit-" jungkook starts hissing as soon as you do with your walls pulsating around his hard dick. he cums too and he cums hard.
his cum makes a mess round your hole as he keeps thrusting passing throught the euphoric feelings.
pulling out, a waterfall of cum falls down your thighs and jungkook lazily smiles to himself.
both feeling completely out of breath, go one by one in order to clean up. cringing at the sticky feeling once you both were cold enough. - when you're still on the bathroom, jungkook uses this moment to check up on bam, finding him soundly sleeping like the angel he is. jungkook endearingly smiles to himself.
"I can't believe we did it." jungkook whispers as soon as he approaches you.
"huh?" you hum, drying up your face. "what'd you said?"
"bam." jungkook smiles, taking you onto his arms. "he didn't wake up." pinching both of your cheeks very gently.
"really?" you gasp. "we.." then pause. "oh my god we are so good?" crunching your nose, you inmediately laugh. taking care of still not doing it so loud.
jungkook follows your laugh while rolling his eyes.
"you're so silly." he stated as he softy flicked your forehead.
"hey! why are you like this!"
"because I love you."
"ha! I know." you laugh. "you just fucked me before eating first. can you believe that?" you tease him. "like when in all occasions have you ever denied food over a good fuck?"
jungkook rolls his eyes once again, faking being annoyed as he searched for his sandals.
"for that exact same reason." he says. "you are that good fuck. my one and only." he grins, glancing up at your face as he signals you to follow him.
and you do. "you didn't had to get all cheesy now..." you bleat.
he laughs. "why? are you embarrased, huh?" sliding your arms around your chest as he back hugs you walking towards the glass door.
as you don't respond back, he leaves a quick peck to your cheek, before opening the door. "come on, let me make you something delicious." holding your hand.
"suddenly?" you say, entralacing fingers.
"eung." he quickly nods his head. "at the end of the day, you're still one of my best clients when it comes to my food." with a bright smile on his face.
"just one?" you tease, arching one eyebrow. "who's the other one?"
"myself." and he laughs to himself.
you swear you could never take him seriously. but even when he said lame things like these.. you still loved him very much and it's just.. that if he wasn't like this, you wouldnt think you'll be as in love as you are of him.
so that's why you punch his chest. "now you're the silly one."
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tornqdouuuu · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#i cant tell if i feel immensely happy or immensely bad but when its both at the same time i can tell its not happy so i think its bad#I think that i should start naming emotions other than angry or mad and i will start fucking now thanks. that will be good for me. i feel sa#d as hell. im living with my grandmother and father and they make me feel like SHIIIIIIT. not worse than my mom did yet but shes partly why#as in they trigger me pretty badly BECAUSE of her influence im so sensitive. like i start orientation tomorrow so my gramdmother was like ar#e you excited to start your job and i was like no not really. and she was like why. and in my head i was like wow am i about to cry right no#w but i didnt and i was BASICALLY like because im depressed but i didnt say that obviously and she was like ok heres why youre a stupid fuck#ing idiot you are literally pathetic. you annoy the fuck out of me. like why in the fat fuck would you sit there and ask me why i felt bad#about something and then ridicule the answer you THINK you got from me. i said because it kind of makes me sad. this woman does not give#me space to have negative emotions especially sadness like i realized i have a massive problem or conflict or uhh like. ignorance to depress#ion and sadness when i did my little heart thing that i discovered when i also discovered the reason why i draw all that happy shit and bro#am not ready to process sadness right now i cannot fucking handle that i think thats the one thing i really dont want to unpack like its big#you knwo what whayever lets do it. i dont even know what the roots are or why its such a prevalent thing for me but its something thats on#the discovery bucket list. what really IS my sad fixation. i really think if i unloaded i would ruin my life right now so part of me wants t#o wait until things are less fragile and the other part of me is frustrated that i have to and wants to fucking destroy everything anyway#see like im crying right now and fucking for what. nothing even happened. i jsut feelso bad about it where does it fucking come from#no ive just decided now not to touch it i feel really bad now but i will later maybe in a year or a few months when i can handle that#no but anyway. interactions with my grandmother remind me of why i stopped trying to get people to understand how i feel its so fucking exha#usting. like i feel like shit and then it makes someone else uncomfortable because suddenly im not the same and then i have to sit there and#CONVINCE them that its fucking okay for me to have emotions sometimes on top of them telling me im fucking worthless with them#i am emotional today its a rollercoaster i feel very very bad. continue to be emotional to spite people who hate me for it or suppress them#all over again to hypocritically feel better about things. ive made my decision i will wallow and i will reap my benefits later#i feel very alone#sometimes i wonder if i actually like genuinely SHOULD talk to someone ANYone but why should i pay money when i can literally sit here and t#alk to myself on fucking tumblr for almost free AND not worry about someone finding me annoying. unless kal sees these in which case fuckyou#the whole reason i got into psych was because i wasnt allowed to see anyone but now that i have the option toand know what professionals act#ually can do for me i really do not fucking want to. all doctors suck my fucking schlong anyway i dont even care#having newlywed psych info gave me insight which gave me clarification which allowed me to sort out my shitty behaviours and thoughts which#otivated me to start to believe that i have actual control over my lifes path and now that i actually have that control i feel both free and#really fucking misunderstood i believed all the wrong things about myself#but like underneath everything i still feel so fucking empty like there is nothing that could possibly give me meaning. and i know im suppos
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medium-rare-bimbo · 19 days ago
P♡RN LINK BTW (srry if you don’t wanna look, I understand) but when I seen this, I immediately thought of like stepdad!hopper with a size kink idk but I thought I should share since you have the best hopper ideas!! Sorry again if you don’t want to see it!! 🤍
I LOVE porn links !!!!!!!
God they make my brain go into overdrive <3<3<3<<3<3
may contain: stepcest, dubcon, age gap
♡ your mother hadnt been home as much as he wanted her to be meaning he had a lot of pent up needs that he needed to release :(( his hand wasnt soft enough to give him the feeling he wants, his rough callous hands would pump his cock for hours yet still be unsatisfied not to mention the playboy magazines didnt compare to a real womens body
♡ he would be lying if he said you didnt like you before the blue balls hit in fact he had these perverted thoughts as soon as his eyes laid upon you and your short dress and frilly socks, your doe eyes peering up at him as your mother introduced you both, the quiver of you lip as you watched him steal closer, taking in his entire form
♡ hed be lying if he said he didnt think about you when he slept with your mother. Hed be lying if he said he just saw you as a daughter. Hed be lying if he said he didnt listen to you touch yourself. Hed be a bigger liar if he said he didnt watch you through the gap in your door.
♡ he comes home, angry, a bad day with bad people, he sees you all cute and pretty wearing his favourite sundress and the pink frilly apron he got you. He cant help himself his instincts are practically howling at him to pick you up and force his cock inside you
♡ you turn to him, wide eyes a smile on your face as you grab the plate of cookies you had made earlier in the day, unsurprisingly your mother is nowhere to be found so it's just you and him in the house
♡ "hey kid where's your mom?"
"mom said she would be home late, something about work and paper, so I made dinner for us! I made cookies too but you can only have one right now, I dont want you to ruin your appetite"
♡ god how he loved you, always taking care of him like the good girl you are, making sure he eats, making sure he gets to work on time, checking up on him, asking how his day was. He adored you <3
"What are we having?"
♡ he pulls out a chair, ready to sit at the dinner table until you stop him
"We can sit in the living room! Mom isnt here so she cant tell us what to do OH! and we're having chicken alfredo"
♡ your eyes crease as you smile at him looking for approval as you peered up at you stepfather, he smiled back, a small smile but a smile nonetheless. He grabbed a cookie, muttering a thank you before popping it in his mouth as he walked to the living room
" you- um you can take a shower if youd like it-the food wont be done until later a-and you can be all clean before you eat"
♡ you meek voice called out to him shaking with nerves as you talk to him. He huffed out a laugh and nodded his head, turning to head up stairs behind him he heard your sigh in satisfaction as you watch the big man clamber up the stairs
♡ he groaned as the water hit the tensed muscles, the stress from his body leaving as the warm water came down I'm him. He was tempted to touched his cock but he feared that he wouldnt be able to control the noises that croaked out of him, despite all his fantasies he didnt want you to come into the bathroom thinking he was hurt only to see his cock out
♡ he dried himself before cursing realising he forgot his clothes. Hopper wrapped the towel around his waist before calling out to you
"Y/N! can you get me some clothes I forgot to grab them"
♡ he heard you shout in confirmation as he leaned back against the bathroom sink. Hearing you footsteps he trotted closer to the door prepared for you hand to shoot in with his clothes in hand instead the door opened and you stood there with his folded clothes. Your eyes widened and your mouth opened and closed trying to stutter out a response as your face heated up
"I- um- I okay"
♡ His giant body loomed over yours as you stood frozen in place, staring at this god of a man. Droplets of water dripped down from his neck to his chest going lower and lower until they hit the towel hanging low on his hips.
"Okay? Can I have my clothes now?"
"YES- I mean um yes here you go"
♡ you didnt walk away as you grabbed them though, you watched as he took them from you hands, his finger brushing over yours. He stared you down like prey wating for you to do something the moral part of him wanted you to leave but another part wanted you to act on the thoughts swirling around your head
"Are you going to leave?"
"Yeah I just um- yeah"
♡ you made no attempt to move too busy gawking at him to hear him properly.
"If you keep standing there you'll have to see things you wont be able to unsee"
♡ that seemed to snap you out of whatever daze you were stuck in, your eyes flicking up to his face as your pupils seemed to turn into black holes. You mouth trembled as you tried to blurt put anything that came to mind but the thoughts wer unholy and youd ruin your mother relationship if you spoke them
♡ he lurked closer to you letting you smell the musk of his newly fresh body, your thighs pressed together drawing his eyes toward them. Hopper stared down at you reaching his hand to your shoulder and placing it there.
"Are you going to be a good girl and leave?"
♡ You nodded yet still made no attempt to move, breathless and lust driven. He scoffed as you stood still, backing away and unfolding his clothes. Before you could process what was about to happen the towel dropped and in all its glory stood his semi hard cock, He pulled his boxers on and then his pants smiling to himself as your eyes continued to eat him.
♡ he went to grab his shirt when he heard a quivering breath leave you mouth to which he looked at you, staring at you as if asking you to repeat what you did.
♡ he shoves you against the wall slamming his lips into yours stopping any noise from exiting, his moustache scratched your face as you clawed your way at him look for something to steady yourself with, teeth, tongues and spit collided with eachother as he claimed your mouth. Your legs wrapping around his waist as he encased your body
♡ his hands inched their way between your thighs grazing up and down the soft skin, slowly but surely working his way to the pantie covered mound. Hopper circled the area where your erect clit lay, a single finger swirled around your most sensitive area.
♡ he let your hips jerk up for more stimulation (hed have to teach you some manners later) his bear like hands made their way to the middle of your panties feeling the wet spot your juices had left behind. He groaned into your mouth, an animal like snarl as he pried and groped at your most private part of you body
♡ his cock ground into your thigh the thickness of his manhood pressing against your skin and all though he was wearing pants the tight confines of the fabric didnt shy away from the intimidating size of it. Your head threw itself back as you released a pornagrpahic moan
♡ pulling you panties to the side he finally feels you skin to skin, he growls as his finger get sticky from you slick. his heavy finger eased itself into you stretching the tight hole to prepare for his cock. Despite your wetness dripping down and waiting his fingers you were still so tight compared to him.
♡ his finger swirled inside you getting a feel of the spongy walls he so desperately thought about. When he slipped his another fi ger inside of you it felt like a scolding knife and although the pain burned the pleasure burnt brighter, you collapsed into him head laying on his chest and arms curled up in his shirt
♡ his hand left your hole inching it's way to his pants pulling them down to release the throbbing member attached to his body. Hopper rubbed the swollen precum coated head along you cunt feeling you juices cling to him inviting him to enter you
♡ hopper forced himself into your tight hole, stretching you so much that you dont think any man will be able to fill you the same, you could feel every vein of his thick cock, the way it pulsed as it breached your hole, the way precum leaked out of the swollen head almost begging to enter your womb. You could feel all of him and at some points you felt as if you were going to rip in two from how big he was
"Thaaats it take it for daddy baby"
♡ his thrusts started out slow, tempered and gentle letting your now ruined cunt get used to the abuse he was putting it through, each vein caught on your walls making you fall limp against the wall however they picked up as time went on, he was a strong man but not strong enough to control himself around you
♡ your legs are pinned to your chest by his massive hands, your calves resting on his shoulders as he pounds his thick cock up into you, each thrust faulting as he reaches your cervix, youre jolting everytime his dick twitches, his hands forcing your body into itself pressing down on the bulge in your stomach.
♡ you dont know where to put your hands too overwhelmed with the appendage abusing your cunt, your slick and juices are dripping out of your newly damaged cunt and onto hoppers balls and down his thick hairy thighs.
♡ the house is filled with moans, groans, squeals and the sound of skin smacking together but neither of you care. His entire body is encapsulating yours, his frame hanging over you as he uses you for his own pleasure
"My good girl- my- my girl- fuck-"
"DA- daddy- plEAse please please please oh god- PLEASE gentle! Be gentle y'go-gonna break me cant- cant take this! S'too muuuuch"
♡ your sobs seem to fall on death ears as his instincts kick in
♡ his mouth made subtle marks on your neck the feral part of him wanted to mark you until you couldnt breath, until your neck collapses in on itself and you have no other choice but to show everyone who you belong to but,, he knows it wouldn't go over well with your mother, he knows that you would never tell her, he knows that youd lie and he knows your mother will pry pry and pry until she figures out that her husband was fucking her daughter.
"That's it baby doing so well for me- T-" he thrusts into you body harshly causing you to pathetically squeal  "TAking it so well"
♡ the noises coming from you were nothing but sounds, too cock drunk to form a sentence (not that he minded, he knew his little girl couldnt take him without getting dumb) whines and choked moans flowed out of you as he ruined you
♡ any steam from the shower didnt compare to the condensation on the mirrors, your bodies clouded the room filling it with sweat and the smell of sex. You clung to eachother like velcro, feeding off of eachothers pleasure
♡ his thumb pressed against your clit swelling it whole as he circled it like a shark. Your hips jolted as the stimulation became to much, you cried out as he picked up his pace clenching around him as you came on his cock, juices squirting onto his stomach and down his legs.
♡ hopper howled as he came short yet harsh thrusts continued ot plus out of him like an possessed as he tried to get his cum as deep in you as possible.
♡ you lay in eachothers brace, still held against the wall as you tried to regain feeling in you body and mind. Praises poured out of his mouth in whispers as you fell in and out of that post orgasm feeling
♡ the giggling of keys unfortunately broke you both out of your dream like state, hopper placed you down, pulling you underwear over you filled cunt before fully dressing himself. Your mother called out to the both of you but luckily she was too concerned on who left the oven on to come look for you. You steadied yourself on the wall as you walked like a doe to greet your mother (hoppers orders)
♡ you stayed the rest if the night eating the, thankfully, edible chicken alfredo, occasionally your leg would jerk up as you felt hoppers thick cum leak out of you, your mother was none the wiser yet he stared you down from across the table his foot playing with your ankle as you licked up the white sauce from the corners of you mouth.
Hehehe heres some porn links !!
Hopper stuffing you with cum after seeing you with your baby cousin, youd make such a great mommy <3
Hopper sneaking into your room while your mother is asleep to breed you !!!
Hopper making you sit on his lap while he smokes and watches tv <3<3
Hopper making his thick cock fit after you complain about being sore
Bear hopper/Hopper and his fairy/nymph/bunny fucking against a fallen tree
Hopper cumming inside you after seeing you with another boy
hopper fucking you on his and your mothers bed
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indouloureux · 2 months ago
First, thank you for writing Joseph fics being that there aren't many related to him other than just about Eddie, second, could you write a Joseph one where he and you are taking care of your 4 year old niece while your sister is out of town with her husband and she practically doesn't let go of him during that time to the point where you develop a baby fever from seeing them being cute together, and a while after that, he brings up the conversation of starting a family together
joseph with kids AT COMIC CON 🥹
Tumblr media
you can't believe he agreed to do this.
sitting in front of your niece with glitter all over his face, smudged purple eyeshadow over his eyes, a cute little tiara standing on his curls and holding a little fairy wand she gave him. joseph looks like he's in 'catherine the great' again.
she's "pouring" him a cup of tea, your boyfriend handing him the plastic cup. the last straw was the pinky he rose as a sign of formality. you take your phone and take a picture of them.
joseph whips his head around you, and it's just then you noticed his lips are too pink. "well why are you just standing there? have a cuppa!"
he raises his plastic pink cup before taking a sip of his non-existent tea. you shake your phone. "we gotta go, babe. my sibling's coming home."
like a disappointed child on a playdate, they both whine. joseph drops the wand, places the cup back in it's plastic saucer and wipes only the lipstick off his face. "can't we just stay for a bit longer?"
"yeah," your niece, small, can barely reach the sink, walks over beside joseph with a small pout on his face. "we're not done with our tea party."
"she promised she'd make me taste the brownies."
"i think you'll want to eat it next week,"
probably because she made them right after digging his hands in the dirt and didn't even wash her hands. also you're sure you saw a worm moving inside.
your niece is as stubborn as you, wrapping her arms around joseph's legs, resting her head on his thigh. and he's developed a soft spot for him because he silently coos and rubs her head, both giving you eyes so big and begging you feel like you're ruining a party.
"i'm sorry," you bend to kiss her forehead. "we can come back next week, though."
despite that, she lets out a small cheer. joseph smiles at you as if you'd told him the offer, rubbing your niece's hair. "alright, little one," he wraps his arms around her legs and helplessly carries her as if she weighs nothing. "let's brush our teeth."
your heart melts at the sight of him sitting her down on the counter and picking her toothbrush up for her, watching your niece silently brush her teeth while kicking her feet, joseph instructing her to brush every part so she wouldn't have any cavities.
when she runs back to the living room, joseph stops you by wrapping his arms around you in a gentle embrace, your hands placing on his forearms as he kisses your forehead.
"she's a bit hyper, isn't she?" he whispers, looking at your niece. "she said she thought i was iron man. i'm flattered, really."
"yeah, well, don't let it get into your head," you place your palms flat on his chest. "she definitely loves you. god, i remember when i was her favorite."
he laughs and shakes his head, eyes softening at the sight of you looking up at him all pretty and tired. "hey, what do you say we have one of our own?"
you furrow your eyebrows. "right now?"
"well not right now," he rubs your back. "soon."
with a quick glance to your niece who's doing a good job of cleaning her toys, you look back to joseph, and realize he's still got that make up on. you tug on your sleeve and wipe on his eyelids. "well, i'm not opposed to it but i'm not ready, either."
his face wrinkles, hands soft on your back as you rub the make off his face when he smiles. "it's okay. we don't have to do it now."
Tumblr media
reblogs and feedback are appreciated <3
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tteokdoroki · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
“you clean up pretty nicely fer someone who’s such a fuckin’ scrub.”
osamu loves his brother dearly, though his smile doesn’t quite reach his homey brown eyes as he fixes the pretty gold bow tie around his twin brother’s neck. instead of snarling back a playful response, atsumu only blinks at the reflection of himself in the mirror— sweat beading on his brow, Adam’s apple nervously bobbing up and down as he recites his words in his head.
“oi!” osamu snaps his fingers in front of his brother’s face, frown on his identical features while he grabs the lapels of atsumu’s tux. “whas’the matter with you, dickwad—?”
the blonde blinks— cutting the younger twin off. “ya think she’s ready f’me ‘samu?” the great atsumu miya, voted sexiest man in sport by Japan vogue, pride and joy of their national team, the better miya despite how brash and loud he can be…nervous. it hits osamu like a truck. “i mean like…’m a lot to deal with, she’s gonna have’ta deal with the shitty media, with shitty me and ‘m scared, ‘samu. what if she changes her mind about me?”
“don’t be stupid, she’s dealt with your dumbass f’this long. she loves you enough to want your last name.” osamu grunts, ruffling his brother’s perfectly styled hair and even though his ma will probably kill him, ‘tsumu somehow looks better than before. more like himself.
“will ya go and check on her?” the blonde half begs. “it’ll make me feel better.”
osamu obliges, heading straight to a dressing room further down the hall— knocking twice but not expecting to be whacked in the face by a lace garter.
“atsumu miya i told you not to come in here! it’s bad luck to see the bride before the—oh! osamu!”
you look like a bride, no, you’re prettier than most. the sweetheart necklace of your couture wedding gown looks perfect on you, the lacey bodice hugging your figure perfectly. you have that glow of someone who’s just about to be married, who’s going to be happy for the rest of her life— and it only shines brighter because of the sweet little gems accenting everything you wear. osamu miya’s heart nearly stops in its place.
“hope yer not confusing me with my stupid mug of a brother,” he finally says when he enters the room— hand held out to twirl you and watch your dress spin under the warm afternoon sun.
“you’re identical, osamu.”
“but he’s the uglier one,” the younger miya twin says pointedly, making you smile, melting at your gentle laugh while you politely cover your mouth with your manicured hand. “‘n stop calling me that, ‘m not your boss anymore and yer practically family now.”
still giggling, you nod cutely, looking up at osamu and he swears he might die. “sorry ‘samu, it’s a shame about ‘tsumu though; wouldn’t want him to ruin any wedding photos.”
“impossible,” the restaurant owner whispers without thinking. “you’ll be in ‘em, and you look so beautiful.” he twirls you again, as if watching your skirts spin in a brilliant flowing circle will turn back time. take osamu back to when he first met you; when you were meek and shy and looking for a part time job in onigiri miya to make ends meet.
he would have turned back time to a place in your lives where he would have taken you on dates instead of pushing you away the night you confessed to him in the back office. he would have stolen you away on a trip to his favourite ice cream parlour in his hometown to tell you he loved you before atsumu confessed his love to you at a big game in Tokyo with the whole world watching. he would have held your hand a little tighter instead of letting them brush softly while you worked together in the kitchens, he would have walked you home more often, danced with you around his shop after closing time, held your hands between his to warm them up in the cold winters.
he wouldn’t have fought his own twin brother in the onigiri miya staff car park for a chance to make you happy. he wouldn’t have let atsumu pin him down into the gravel, straddling his hips and shaking him by the collar with blood blossoming from the cut on his twin’s lower lip. “i can’t give her up b’fore i’ve even tried, ‘samu. i’m not like you.” atsumu wouldn’t have said, teary eyed in fear of betraying the person he loves most in the world.
then none of you would be here on your wedding day, engaged and soon to be married to the one and only atsumu miya.
then he wouldn’t be picturing you at the end of the makeshift aisle outside his family shrine hyogo, marrying osamu instead.
then osamu wouldn’t be hurting, living a life with only one regret.
“‘samu?” your voice penetrates his thoughts even while so quiet. “do you think he’s ready for me?”
funny how you’ve said the same thing as his twin, you’re both so alike and maybe that makes you perfect for one another. “of course he is, if he wasn’t i’d have to knock some sense into that empty skull of his.” osamu hums when you face him again, biting his tongue. he could have told you how much he had loved you all these years, he could have ruined everything but then he wouldn’t have been able to see that angelic smile grace your lips and watch the spark in your eyes nearly blind him.
“oh, thank you ‘samu…”
you’re about to say more, he’s about to do the same but your bridesmaids rush in shoo him out to add the finishing touches to your bridal look. the door closes in osamu’s face, and he sighs, because although he can’t go back and turn back time…part of him still wishes he fought back, to be then one that loves you now, instead.
Tumblr media
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swwanda · a month ago
Bad Idea
milf Wanda Maximoff x F reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re Wandas’ boys babysitter, and you go over for some time with her. 
word count: 1.8K
Warnings: SMUT 18+ MINORS DNI, milf Wanda, oral (r receiving), fingering (r receiving), hickeys, slight drinking, soft dom Wanda (?) ( i thiiiiink thats it)
an: I hope yall like this one!!
It was a bad idea, you knew this right when you picked up your phone and dialed her number asking if you could go over. You’d been feeling upset, getting rejected earlier this morning by a very pretty girl was not in the plans for the day, nor was the disgusted look she gave you. But what was the point in trying to even date anyone when you are very in love with your next door neighbor, also the mother of the kids you babysit AND also in a straight marriage, well they are getting a divorce but still. 
“You didn’t need to call honey, just walk over.” Wanda had said over the phone a couple minutes ago when you asked if you could go over for a bit, needing a distraction, but again, it was a bad idea when she’s the reason why you’re so lost. 
You make your way over, walking the small path to her front door, give a couple knocks and nervously wait. A couple seconds later the door swings open and Wanda smiles wide at you. 
“Y/N!” She opens her arms wide for a hug and you fall into them, the butterflies in your stomach making you sigh and squeeze her a little tighter than usual. 
“I’m sorry for coming over so late.” You apologize as you let her hug go. Feeling a blush creep up your face once she places her hand on the small of your back, gently pushing you into the house. It was those little things, those small touches, making you so confused, could she possibly be into you too? 
“Oh, don’t apologize sweetie, you can come over whenever you’d like.” She smiles sweetly as she closes the door, making her way into the living room. 
She looks beautiful, a grey sweater with red and blue stripes on the sleeves, a pair of blue jeans, and her brunette hair running down her back. You’d say she’s a bit dressed for the time, it was 10pm, you assume she just hadn’t gotten ready for bed yet. 
“I was just so bored.” You groan and slump onto the couch, taking your jacket off, adjusting your shirt that had risen up a little. 
Wanda clears her throat and sits next to you on the couch, “anything you want to do in particular? Want a drink? Glass of wine?” She raises her eyebrow and tiles her head your way with a delicious smile. 
You chuckle and nod, “wine sounds perfect. The boys asleep?” You say as you stand up and follow her into the kitchen. 
“No they’re not here! Vis came and picked them up, they’re staying over with him for the week.” She says pointedly and grabs a bottle of wine. You grab two glasses and make your way over to her. 
“Oh shit, tomorrow's Monday, are you sure it’s not too late for me to be here? You have work tomorrow.” You bite your lip, feeling bad at the thought of keeping her up. 
“Yep, tomorrow is Monday and don’t worry about my sleep, I’d much rather you have you here.” She gives you a wink, smiles and purses her lips as she brings the glass of wine up to her mouth, taking a small sip. 
You feel your blush getting warmer and break the intense eye contact you two were having. You take a drink of the wine and once you look back up, you notice she’s still staring at you, now with a questioning look. 
“I’m very attracted to you.” She suddenly says. You choke on the next sip of wine and cough out. You feel her hand on your back, gently soothing over it, “you good?” She laughs and you nod, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. “Oh no, you ruined your shirt.” She says furrowing her eyebrows. 
You look down and notice some wine that had spilled out of your mouth in your little gay panic episode is now on your shirt. “It’s fine.” You laugh and look away. 
“Here, honey.” Wanda hands you a couple napkins that you use to wipe your mouth, in the meantime she grabs a cloth and begins dabbing at your shirt, trying to soak up some of the liquid. 
“Thank you.” You mumble as you turn and throw the napkins away, your brain becoming foggy as she stops her movements, the hand with the cloth just resting over your heart. 
“Relax, Y/N.” Her eyes sparkle as she looks into yours. She licks her lips and you move down to look at them, the quiet wet noise of her lips and tongue makes you feel weak. 
“Wanda…” You quietly say, your breathing becoming heavier as she inches closer to you. Her free hand going up to your neck, gentle fingers pulling you closer to her. 
The moment your lips connect, you feel weak in the knees and have to grab onto the counter to steady yourself. A second later you feel her tongue brush against your lower lip, you quickly open your mouth and moan once she brushes her tongue against yours. You swore you saw stars when she pinned you against the counter, both of her hands now gripping your waist. 
Her hands slip under your shirt, up to the band of your bra and her fingers play with the material where the small hooks are at. She breaks the kiss, “darling, you’re so pretty it hurts.” She whispers and connects your lips again. 
You groan and buckle a little, she laughs and wraps her arms completely around you, pulling you back up. “You’re so- oh.” A small moan cuts you off as she connects her lips to your neck, gently nipping at your soft skin. 
You wrap your arms around her lean waist, your leg shifting between hers and pushing up into her center, you hear her kiss and she lets you go. Her hands land on her shoulders, she runs them down your arms and links your hands together, stepping back. She begins leading the way out of the kitchen. 
She was originally wanting to go to her room, but she looked over at you, your lips parted and swollen from the kisses, your eyes dark with lust and a growing hickey on your neck. The sight alone made her groan and she pushed you up against the wall, connecting your lips again, pushing her tongue in, leaving you breathless. 
“Are you ready for more?” She whispered with a rasp against your lips and you desperately nodded. She chuckles and quickly lifts your shirt over your head, her lips returning to your neck as she hooks her thumbs into your jeans, pulling them down and she sucks your soft skin, working on her second hickey. 
A minute later she picks you up and takes you over to the couch, throwing you on top of the soft fabric. 
“Wanda.” You moan and she quickly gets on top of you. 
“I’m here, honey.” She says breathlessly, “let me taste you, darling” she nods and you nod even faster. She smiles and grabs your thighs, putting one over her shoulder, she didn’t have time to take your panties off, she just pulled them to the side and dove right in. 
Your hands shot down to her hair, tangling with the soft strands. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as she sucks on your clit, your back arches and you gently pull on her hair. 
Your body is brought back down by her as she pushes you back down, her hands on your lower stomach holding you still. Her right hand reaches up and squeezes your boob which was still clothed by your bra. You quickly pull the fabric down to let her cold. fingers play with your nipple. You hold her wrist gently and become a mess of moans. 
You almost came right when she moved her other hand down, sticking two fingers into you. “Fuck me.” You groan deeply as you grip her hair and she chuckles into your folds. 
“That’s what I’m doing, honey.” She swallows, then returns her tongue to your cliff, sucking and licking as if her life depends on it. 
Honey, her voice is pure honey. You squeeze your eyes shut and a few more pumps of her fingers, a few more licks and a pinch on your nipple makes you cum. You moan out and grip onto her hair with both hands now, needing something to support you. 
She slows her movements, doesn’t stop, just gentle now as she lets you ride your orgasm out on her. The feeling is heavenly, but you need a break and put your hand on top of her head, gently pushing her away. 
She does one last lick through your folds, lifting her head and swallowing your taste. “You taste so good.” She smiles, her lips and chin glistening. 
“Fuck, Wanda.” You laugh and hide your face behind your hands. “You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed of this.” You laugh and she giggles, your hips jerk up as she places a kiss over her clit. 
“I’ve dreamed of this too.” She softly says as she leans up your body, trailing wet kisses on your skin until she gets to your lips.
You moan at your own taste, your hands running up and down her sides. You yawn and she laughs, “sleepy?” She bites her bottom lip and you nod. 
“After that, yes.” You giggle and she nods, a proud smirk on her face. Most of her weight was on top of you, you felt movement and noticed that she was squeezing her thighs together, eyes glued to yours. “It’s also a dream of mine to taste you, touch you.” You whisper against her lips and she smiles and breaks the distance to give you a kiss. 
“Next time, honey. You can barely keep your eyes open and I do have work in the morning.” She rubs her nose against yours sweetly and gets off of you, sitting up. She wipes her mouth and chin on her sleeve and you sit up, fixing your twisted underwear. “Would you like to stay the night? Maybe?” She whispers and you nod. 
“Of course.” 
She smiles and grabs your hand, wrapping an arm around your waist as she walks both of you up the stairs. Your hand slipps under her shirt, rubbing her back and she wasn’t sure if she would be going to sleep any time soon, or if she would even make it out of bed in the morning.
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sargeant-bxrnes · 8 months ago
fezco | nsfw alphabet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
࿐ ˚ . ✦ warning(s): definitely +18. this one is nasty. [my english is a warning on its own, as always]
requested: yes !! thank you anons ;)
my masterlist!
my requests are open
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they're like after sex)
Fez is the GOD of aftercare. He is so sweet, no matter what. If you want a bath, he'll get it ready for you, if you wanna eat, he'll order something and take it to you, so you don't have to move.
If all you want are cuddles, then he's down for it. He really loves to hold you in between his arms, caressing your skin and whispering how good you were and how much he loves you.
If he didn’t love the sex so much, aftercare would probably be his favorite part.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner's)
Ask him this and it will legit take him hours to answer. Fez wouldn't be able to choose just one thing about you because in his eyes you're flawless. Utterly gorgeous. He loves all of you.
His favorite part of himself... he'd have to say his hands. They bring you so much pleasure, and he uses them to keep you safe. It sounds odd, but it makes perfect sense to him.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically... I'm a disgusting person)
He is pretty responsible, let's state that. He knows that getting you pregnant is literally the last thing you two need at the moment, so normally he'd use a condom.
And even if you happen to be in the pill, he doesn't like to take much risks, he may cum inside you once or twice, but most of the time he does it on your chest, your thighs, your back, or your mouth. It’s hotter that way.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Since you two are really secretive about your affairs, he can't help but wonder how thrilling it would be to fuck in a place where you can get caught.
He’ll never admit that, though, he respects you too much to put you out in the open like that.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they're doing?)
Fez hasn't really had the time to go fucking around and having lots of sex, but he knows enough to have you moaning his name.
Still, he's a quick learner, it didn't take him long to pick up on what you liked and get really good on it.
Like really, really good at it. Fez has positively ruined you for other men.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying)
Any position that lets him look at your face while he fucks you, it feels more intimate, and yes, it does wonders for his dick to see your eyes rolling to the back of your head while he thrusts into you.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Fezco being Fezco will definitely say a funny thing or two, but wouldn't turn the whole thing into a joke though. He likes the intimacy of it, it's very important for him.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
Being honest, he doesn't really care. He'll trim it just so it won't bother you.
He has no problem with body hair. It's natural. He likes natural. So all it matters to him is that you’re comfortable.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect...)
Your lives can be pretty hectic at times, so when you are having sex is one of the few moments where you two are completely alone and able to enjoy each other's company. So it is a pretty big deal to both.
He's not sweet to the point you cringe, but he is sweet enough to have you blushing the entire time.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He's never had much time to do it. Before he met you he did it to blow off some steam and relax after a long day.
He doesn't do it so often now that he's with you, he knows that if he's ever in the mood, you'll welcome him with open arms. Or legs, for that matter.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Fez is kinky, but not too much, y’know? He doesn't consider himself a freak, but he does have some kinks he's afraid to voice in case you get too freaked out.
He's into praise, both giving and receiving. It makes him feel even better when he knows you like what he's doing to you.
And on a more... kinky side, he's slightly into overstimulation or orgasm denial, having complete control of your pleasure drives him crazy. Marking your body with hickeys, also a bit of bondage, but that one is reserved for when you've been teasing him for too long.
And for sure, he can really turn into a teasing bastard when he combines bondage with orgasm denial, to then switch to overstimulation.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
No matter what, his bedroom or yours will always be god tier to him, nothing compares to the comfort and privacy you have there; it allows him to truly do whatever he wants to you, to not hold back.
But if the urge presents, he's willing to fuck in other places too, like his car, a bathroom during a party, an empty room in the store if things are really heated. May Ash forgive him.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
It's not hard to turn Fez on. It goes from little things like biting your lip, to doing a whole show, like striptease.
Simple things get him going, like knowing you want him as badly as he does. Seeing you wearing his clothes.
Also, knee socks really do it for him, especially when you’re wearing nothing but his shirt and a pair of knee socks.
But truth? The one thing that will make him give in no matter the situation, is neck kisses. Fez lives for neck kisses, those are his kryptonite.
N = NO (Something they wouldn't do, turn offs)
Sharing. He really, really doesn't like to share, especially not you. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, the answer is still no. You’re all his, he’s all yours. That’s the end of it.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Fez loves to receive, but more than anything he loves to give. He's simply a giver and that's it.
If it were up to him, he'd spent the rest of his life between your thighs, making you cum again, and again, and again, until all that leaves your mouth is his name.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
It depends a lot of the mood and the type of sex.
If he's making love to you, then he'd be slow and deep, whispering softly how much he loves you and how good you make him feel, caressing your skin.
If it's jealous/angry sex, then he'd be rough most of the time, pounding you to the mattress or whatever surface you're on, while reminding you you're his and his only, marking your body with little love bites and hickeys.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He'd rather have his time with you to do things right, but if the opportunity presents, Fez will never turn down a quickie. At least not when it's on a decent moment.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He's willing to experiment as long as you're not at risk, if it involves harming you, he's not really down for it unless you promise you're completely okay with it.
And yeah, for you, he's willing to experiment. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover new kinks together.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last...)
Fez will last for two rounds, three when he's feeling restless. But do not worry, those two rounds will last a loooong time, rest assured, you'll be completely worn out & satisfied by the time he's done with you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He doesn't own any, but if you do, then he'd be down to use them only with the purpose of teasing the life out of you, but he'd never, ever let you cum because of them.
He'd tease you until you're begging for release, and he'd help you finish by burying himself deep inside you and finishing the job himself.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
As calm and innocent as Fez looks, he can be such a teasing little shit. He knows exactly what to say, where to touch you and what to do to get you turned on. And all while pretending to be oblivious to what he's doing to you.
If you're into that, then he can tease you until your begging for him to fuck you senseless.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He's not loud. But he'd whisper things in your ear, whether it's praise or dirty talk, and would often let out a groan.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Fezco has like... the dirtiest mouth ever. The first time he talked dirty to you, you genuinely let out a gasp, getting caught off guard.
And ever since that moment, Fez knew dirty talk got you going, and oh boy, doesn’t he enjoy making you blush and wet your panties left and right.
X = X-Ray (Let's see what's going on in those pants, picture or words)
He's a good 7.5 inches, which is really impressive. He doesn't really like to brag about it though, he's the type of guy that only smirks when asked.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
It's pretty high, there's no point in lying. There's days where he wakes up and the only thing he can think about is fucking you.
And even on normal days, the thought of having sex with you is on his mind at all times. After all, he's still young and his hormones are all over the place.
Z = ZZZ (... how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He never falls asleep before you do, he wants to make sure you're comfortable and happy before sleeping, and mostly, watching you asleep in between his arms—most of the times with your head against his chest—, is what eventually lulls him to sleep.
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halfway-happyyy · 2 months ago
leave the light on (rooster bradshaw)
AN: in which rooster marries his girl and mav makes sure goose and carole are a part of the big day ♡
warnings: none. just pure, unadulterated fluff and cotton candy clouds of soft feelings.
Tumblr media
“The next time we see each other, you’ll be a Bradshaw.”
The crackle of the phone connection makes her feel like he's on the moon, though they're really only separated by a few city blocks.
“How do you feel about that?” She asks.
There is silence on the other end before Rooster tells her he’s never wanted anything more in his life. And she doesn’t just believe him because they’re pretty words; she believes him because he works every single day to show her it’s how he truly feels.
“I should go.” She murmurs even though it’s the last thing she wants to do.
Rooster yawns. “Meet you at the altar, honey.”
She smiles. “Meet you there, Bradshaw.”
She wakens early the next morning to the sound of frenzied footsteps outside her bedroom door. She watches, mesmerized, as the sequins from her wedding dress on the back of the door cast colorful prisms on her arm as the sun rises to greet the gauzy material. Her phone vibrates and a text from Rooster appears on her screen which reads: good morning my love. only eight more hours before I get to call you my wife. love you. miss you. xx – B.
Her mother's voice rouses her from a reverie as she lets herself into the room. A happy smile blooms on her face as she carries in a tray of coffee, toast, and a mimosa, which she sets atop the dresser next to the door.
"Happy wedding day, my love."
Any semblance of peace that breakfast may have afforded her is entirely short-lived and the entire morning after that is an unending hive of activity. Every square inch of spare space in the house is occupied by a woman getting ready for the day. Around eleven-thirty, she and her mother retire to her bedroom where she helps her into her gown. They’re quiet for a moment as they regard each other in the gilded stand-up mirror. She grasps around for the right words to say to her- to thank her for helping her get to this stage in her life, but she can’t manage any of it without ruining her makeup so she tilts her head to the side and plants a kiss to the apple of her wrinkled cheek.
“I love you mom.” It’s not enough... will never be enough. But it’ll do for now.
Her mother swallows back the tears that pool in her kind eyes and forces a smile. Rubs the palms of her warm hands reassuringly over the rounded curve of her daughter's shoulders.
A soft knock sounds on the door. “It’s open.” She murmurs.
Maverick enters a second later, dressed head-to-toe in navy whites that fit like a glove, and which take the breath away from her at first glance. He closes the door behind him and steeples his hands against his lips, his viridescent eyes flood with tears as he drinks in the sight of her before him.
“My God, kid…” He trails off, emotion thick in the hollow of his throat, and shakes his head. “You look beautiful.”
Her mother pecks her cheek gently, squeezes her a final time, and exits the room to leave her and Maverick be.
He watches her a second longer before walking over and meeting her gaze in the mirror. “I have something for you.” Her eyes widen and her breath hitches as Maverick pulls out a rectangular, navy-blue jewelry box, and opens it to reveal a string of magnificent fresh-water pearls. He clears his throat and tells her that they were Carole’s.
The weight of his words hang heavy in the air between them. “Mav, I couldn’t-
He shakes his head. “Among many other things she had me promise her, this was one of them. And I cannot imagine them on anyone else. So please,” He takes the pearls from their velvet clutch and holds them in front of her neck. “May I?”
“Of course.” She whispers; unsure of how much longer she’ll be able to keep her tears from falling.
Fastening them around her, he swipes the pad of his thumb under his left eye to catch the stray tear before it falls, and stands back to admire her. “Breathtaking.”
“They’re beautiful.”
He smiles. “You cannot imagine how much she would have loved to be a part of this day. They both would…”
Tears prickle threateningly in the depths of her eyes as her gaze travels to his. “Mav?”
“Yeah, kid?”
She hooks a thumb over her shoulder. “Would you mind doing me the rest of the way up? My mom got sidetracked.”
His lips turn up into a toothy grin and he nods his head. They’re quiet as he focuses on the back of her dress until he suddenly whispers, “I almost forgot!” He pulls something out of his pocket that she doesn't see, and tucks it into the back of her dress. “Something blue.” Her murmurs, by way of explanation.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
There is more that they could say to each other but for once, the silence is enough. Maverick leans over and presses a kiss to the top of her head. “I’ll see you soon, hm? You look so beautiful, he’s not going to know what to do with himself.”
Her heart swells under the shared weight of the love both her and Rooster have for him, as she watches the elder aviator leave.
The rest of the morning passes by in a blur; it's almost like she blinks and then Maverick is helping her out of Penny’s Porsche at the beach.
“You ready?” He grins.
And though nerves prickle at her, she doesn’t think she’s ever felt more ready to embark on an adventure in her life. She nods. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” They walk the short distance to the sandy aisle where she watches her bridesmaids pave the way for her, smiles at the familiar faces in the crowd, and finally catches Rooster's gaze. She doesn’t get to see him in his Navy whites often but the sight of him beneath the flower-entwined wooden arch sends a pleasant shiver of anticipation down her spine.
Maverick laces his arm around hers, leans in and presses his lips to her ear so that she can hear him over the din of the chatter and her aisle music. “It goes without saying, but his parents would be incredibly proud of the man he's become with your love and support.”
She swipes at a stray tear and smiles at him. “Thank you for everything, Pete.”
Patting her hand, he guides her down the aisle to where Rooster’s stood. When he’s satisfied that he’s done his job, he presses a quick kiss to her cheek and hurries off to his seat in the front row beside Penny.
Taking her place in front of Rooster, she can’t help but be awestruck at the realization that this is all finally happening. An entire year’s worth of preparation and planning and the day is nearly half over. She gazes at him and it feels like seeing him for the first time all over again. Her eyes rake hungrily over his face; like if she doesn’t drink it all in immediately, everything might disappear like sand through her fingers and she’ll turn back into a pumpkin at the strike of the clock. His cheeks bear a rosy hue, the mustache above his full upper lip is trimmed to perfection and his burnt-umber orbs glitter merrily in the bright light from the sun above them.
“You look amazing.” He mouths, and reaches for her hands.
Her vows are short and sweet- “I vow to love you even when I don’t always like you, and I vow to always leave the light on for you.”
“Just promise me one thing, kid.” He had murmured to her on the eve of his first mission as her boyfriend.
He brushed back the hair from her face and kissed her temple. “Leave the light on for me. I’ll always find my way home.”
He clears his throat and wipes away a tear with the arm of his coat. “You ready for mine, kid?”
She nods, her vision distorted by tears.
He clears his throat. Gives his head a shake as if to say, here goes nothing... “Growing up, I had always kind of viewed love as a hard, cold thing. People really don’t talk enough about how difficult it is to love someone. Because in loving them- you risk losing everything.” He falters, swallows hard, doesn’t staunch the flow of tears that cascade freely down his face now. “But then I met you. And while I was terrified- still am if I’m honest,” This earns a couple of laughs from the mostly-sniffling crowd. “Loving you has been one of the easiest and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made and certainly worth every risk. And as long as you leave the light on, I'll find my way home honey.”
He squeezes her hand thrice.
“You may now kiss your bride.”
Rooster steps toward her, taking her face into the warmth of his hands and kisses her like his life depends on it. They pull apart a moment later to the cacophonous roar of applause and happy hollers around them; she glances toward the group of their closest friends and family and beams at them as Rooster peppers a series of kisses to her temple and cheek.
“We did it, kid.”
Evening descends upon them like a dream; they take a moment to themselves to watch the burnt-orange sun sink low over the pacific ocean, as their friends continue the party from the confines of the Hard Deck.
Rooster sways a little on the spot like a balloon hellbent for the sky, but her hand entwined in his is the string that keeps him grounded to their world.
“I’m happy I married you, Mr. Bradshaw.” The champagne in her bloodstream and his warmth as it flows into her, basks her in the most wondrous glow.
Rooster turns to her; gathers her in his arms and sways with her to the lulling sound of the waves crashing against the shore. “I’m happy you married me too, Mrs. Bradshaw.”
They stay pressed together like that for an unknowable amount of time until Bob wanders over and ushers them back to the warm familiarity of the bar to close out the evening with the best of the best by their side.
It's just gone two am by the time the two of them make it back home for the evening.
“Let me help you with your dress.” He insists, sleepily. His calloused fingertips as they brush down her back causes her to tremble violently and he smiles against the soft skin of her neck. “Relax, kid.”
“I’m exhausted.” She yawns.
He makes a non-committal noise in agreement and continues on with the buttons on her dress until his fingers falter and he murmurs, “what’s this?” He pulls a small piece of blue fabric from a Hawaiian shirt out of the back of her dress.
Her gaze travels to the weathered picture of Carole and baby Bradley on the Naval base next to a grinning Goose who is sporting the exact same shirt.
“Maverick must have slipped it in there for me…” She whispers.
Rooster’s beautiful hazel eyes widen in sudden realization before he drops his head to her shoulder and starts to cry. She turns in his arms, holds her to him while he falls apart, and gazes skyward.
Wherever you two are… thank you. For everything.
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non-bionical-mecha-dude · 2 months ago
Headcannons I have for the 2012 TMNT brothers
Warnings: none
Some of these things might contradict some small things in the plot, I've been rewatching as much as I can of this show and some of my knowledge of the show also comes from when I was younger and watched the show
Tags: Tiny bits of Angst, Fluff, Brotherly Bonding, No Beta-we die like Master Splinter,
He only drinks water and tea, man's never had any soda or anything in his life, claims it's "unhealthy" and "would ruin his physice"
He doesn't take many breaks, so his brothers have to either convince him or force him to rest or relax, he always protests but he's grateful for his brothers
He only listens to traditional Japanese music or Rock music, no in-between
Can't get through the day without making atleast one Space Hero's reference (can't remember the name of the show)
Feels guilty about every unsuccessful mission, even if it's not his fault
He has a tendency of waking up in the middle of the night to check on his brothers, with all the nightmares and guys they have to fight, he gets concerned about what may happen, so he checks on them alot
Dude feels like absolute SHIT when he gets yelled at by shredder, wether it be his own fault or the team's fault, he just feels like he should have been better and he sulks in his room everytime
Sometimes he likes to listen to Donnie, sometimes he understands what he's talking about (if Donnie dumbs it down a bit), he does like to hear about what new things he's made to benefit the team
Every so often, he likes to help Mikey plan a prank on Ralph just for the hell of it, and it's even funnier because Mikey always gets the blame
Sometimes when he sleeps, he likes to be in his shell, there isn't any reason, he just feels safe in there
Most of his brothers are pretty good at speaking Japanese, he is pretty much fluent in it
He knows sign language, he got bored one day and decided to learn it, he tells himself that if there is anyone with a hearing or speaking disability or anything like that, that he'll be ready and prepared to help them
He always thinks of others before himself, even if it costs him
He has a bunch of quotes taped up on his walls, some are kinda cringe, but some are actually pretty dang good quotes
One song he related to alot is "No Pressure" from Encanto, you'll never guess why
He gets nightmares alot more than his brothers, only Leo and Master Splinter know about it
He tried to get into Leo's Space Hero's show, but he got to annoyed at the nervous side character and gave up trying
He made Spike a little skull helmet out of cardboard once to "protect him" (even tho he has a shell) but once Mikey discovered it, he accidentally broke it, Raph has never let him live it down
He's got undiagnosed Bipolar disorder, this often makes him feel so confused about his emotions and he often hates how he's feeling because he doesn't understand why he's feeling that way
As much as he didn't trust Leatheface, he related to him alot, having an anger you can't control
Raph has had many nightmares of his anger getting in the way of him protecting his brothers and it scares him all the time, Master Splinter often has to comfort him and remind him that if he was fully in control of himself, he wouldn't hurt his brothers, angry or not
He wishes he could get a tattoo, but he knows that it would get him an ass whooping, still, if he were allowed to, he would have gotten one of him and Spike on a motorcycle on fire with sunglasses or something
Raph has shitty eyesight, it's one of the reasons he's always squinting (plus the fact he's mostly angry) but he can never find actual glasses with the right prescription in any sewer, or any glasses for that matter, Splinter knows all about this and has trained him extra to help him with this disadvantage
Sometimes he feels bad for hitting Mikey, but only when he realizes that he's hurt him more then he thought, this often leads him to making it up to him in small ways, like, watching him do something dumb, or trying some of his horrible food, he rarely apologizes, so this is his way of apologizing without saying it aloud
Has a problem with misplacing his sais (his weapons) and this often leads him to basically tearing the house apart to look for them...only for Master Splinter to show him where there are (and they were right Infront of him the whole time)
He's super insecure about the fact he's the second shortest turtle, but he won't tell his brothers or else he knows they will make fun of him, but his brothers already know he's insecure about that, they just don't want to get their ass whooped by Ralph
His brothers like to joke that he never had a rebellious phase, but that he was born a rebellious phase
His favorite color isn't actually red, it's actually silver, but his second favorite color is red, he knew he wouldn't be able to get a silver bandana, so he just went with red
He hates the nickname "Don" it kinda sounds weird to him and when his brothers call him that, he cringes on the inside
He's got Undiagnosed OCD, he constantly does little things (like flickering the lights up and down, or tapping on things a certain amount of time, washing his hands a bunch, ect ect) because it makes his mind feel at ease
Because of his OCD, he has alot of intrusive thoughts about dangers that might come to him and his family, which also brings him many nightmares, which is another reason he does alot of the little "rituals" as his brothers like to call them
Dude is VERY superstitious, tends to avoid going under ladders, using an umbrella indoors, and other things, he knows it's silly, but his mind feels alot better when he avoids these things
He likes to read human biology books because he's so fascinated by the human body and how it works
He got his tooth gap when he was first practicing the bo staff, he was trying to make it spin really fast, and it hit him straight in the face, right where he got his first grown up tooth, poor guy
He's the most flexible of the turtles, the others don't know this cause he doesn't like to show off
He strangely enjoys yoga, when he doesn't have any ideas of what to make, he'll do a couple poses with some calm music before he comes up with an idea
This man felt like he went to HEAVEN when he figured out about caffeine, it's really hard to get your hands on coffee when you live in the sewers, but he tries to find ways of getting some, or some kind of energy drink
He needs the caffeine, especially with how late he stays up, Master Splinter has said it's bad for him before, but he doesn't listen
He's terrified of being picked up by his face again, so he made a helmet specifically for his face....it broke within the first seconds of having it and his face got picked up and shaken like a rag doll again...
Undiagnosed ADHD
Due to his undiagnosed ADHD, people think he's dumb, but he can be pretty clever when he wants to
He has little freckles every where, and sometimes he likes to play connect the dots with them
He may seem dumb, but he's actually amazing at math, he doesn't see it as a problem and solution, he sees math as a pattern or a puzzle
He likes to put stickers on his shells sometimes when he finds stickers
When he tried some of Donnie's coffee, everyone thought he was gonna explode or be over hyper (even tho he's already over hyper), and they all tried to quarantine him away from them so he wouldn't break anything, but they were all super shocked to see that he mellowed out due to his Undiagnosed ADHD
Some of his stims include: swinging his nun-chucks in circles, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, tapping in rhythms, making strange sounds or repeating small phrases, bouncing up and down, waving his arms all around, ect ect
He feels like he's the black sheep of the family since they all think differently than him, but alot of times, he tells himself it's cause he's so superior that they all can't catch up with him
Very confident and enthusiastic
He doesn't like tea, and calls it "dirty leaf water"
He uses his bandana like a napkin sometimes, so it has random stains in it that he can't get out
He's got dimples
He's very touch starved, he's so used to people bonking him on the head, that when he receives positive affection, he gets really happy
Whenever he gets overstimulated, he hides in his shell, his brothers think he's being lazy and sleeping, but sometimes Donnie or Master Splinter will bring him water or food, they don't understand why Mikey does this, but they do care for him and want to help
He absolutely hates the winter, it's to icy for skateboarding and he slips all the time
One of his dreams is to finally surf, but since he's a turtle, he can't, but he can have dreams
He's an amazing dancer and can dance to anything, he could even bust a move to Beethoven or the Nutcracker if he wanted to
He loves graffiti, sometimes when he finds old spray paint cans with some paint in them, he makes the most of them and uses it to make some of the coolest art you've ever seen
He unironically calls everyone 'bro' or 'dude' regardless of gender or species
He could talk all day about the ideas he has, they aren't very good ideas, but they're ideas
He doesn't know his lefts from his rights and often has to do the holding up the fingers thing, worst part of it is, sometimes he forgets which way an L is
He has terrible short term memory, but absolutely amazing long term memory, he can't tell you what he ate 2 seconds ago, but he can dang well tell you one of the storys Master Splinter read to him when he was super young
King of memes, constantly has a 'Boufa', 'updog', 'deez', or 'sugontheez' joke ready
He mumbles in his sleep and it's the funniest thing ever, he says just random shit, sometimes he doesn't even say coherent sentences
Once made a "that's what she said" joke, but he doesn't understand what it means and he said it at a time when it didn't make any sense
All of Them
They all have little tails
They are all box turtles without the markings
They all need therapy
They all need a hug
They all can and do go into their shells
They have all broken atleast 2 bones or more in their body
They all were homeschooled by Master Splinter
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed this! 👾💜
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theteasetwrites · 2 months ago
❧ Pairing: Alpha!Daryl Dixon x Female Omega!Reader ❧ Era: Season 2 ❧ Pronouns: she/her ❧ Warnings: SMUT—a/b/o dynamics (leave me alone), rough sex, oral (female receiving), fingering, doggystyle, unprotected sex, knotting (shut up), heat/rut (fuck you), outdoor sex (?), like one or two mentions of breeding, swearing, Shane being creepy ❧ Word Count: 9.2k
❧ Prompt: "What do you even see in this guy?" from the Norman Reedus Whores Discord Prompt Challenge (more info here)
❧ Summary: It's that time of year again, the time when yours and Daryl's highest point of sexual desire sync up. There are a few problems, though: Daryl's preoccupied with finding Sophia, and Shane is getting a little too... attracted to you.
❧ A/N: Here it is, my first foray into omegaverse. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, as they say. I've become the villain. Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out and I didn't cringe too much while writing it so hopefully you don't cringe too much while reading it either (but it's ok if you do—omegaverse is always a little cringe).
Also, shout out to the bestie @straw3errysteddie for helping me figure out the dynamics/plot and chatting with me through the writing process. They had some amazing ideas that I incorporated here and will incorporate in future a/b/o fics (yes, there will be more. Sorry). Their blog is new but will be ready for requests (including Daryl) soon! <3
Tumblr media
Gold-tinted light streamed through the thin fabric of the polyester tent, allowing tiny particles of dust to shine as they floated past the ever-widening beam that shone across your eyelids, causing them to flutter open with a wince.
Something about summers in Georgia seemed to make the sun even more intense, and the heat that radiated from it even more oppressive. You wiggled yourself loose in his arms, tightly wrapped around you from the back. He always tended to cling tighter to you in his sleep, as if it was some kind of unconscious instinct. 
With a huff, you turned on your side to face him, tucking your head between the crook of his neck and the pillow in an attempt to escape the bright light of early morning, and to cling to the last remnants of sleep for as long as you could.
It was also an excuse to take in his scent, strong and woody, yet somehow also soft and musky. By force of habit, he held you closer, his arm tightening over the curve of your side as his nose gen=tly nuzzled your cheek, tickling you awake. 
“Goddamn, it’s bright,” he mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut to keep the morning light from burning his eyes. Blue eyes are more sensitive to sunlight, and his were no exception. 
“Mm…” you hummed. Despite your state of consciousness, you felt more like you were in one of those dreams that are so vivid they almost seem real, with fuzziness blurring the usually harsh edges of your perspective. Mornings were always like this, slow and quiet. Even with the world gone to shit, at least you still had this, that one constant—waking up next to him, in those bulky arms made muscular from years of hunting with that silly crossbow. Well, you used to think it was silly. Now you couldn’t complain, since it certainly came in handy against the walkers. 
Ah, yes—the walkers. The only thing that could possibly ruin the peace of your morning. That, and Sophia was missing. Still missing. 
Daryl had been beating himself up about it for the last three days, not able to rest a second since coming to the Greene farm. He was hellbent on finding the child, relating the situation to the time he’d been lost in the woods when he was even younger than her. Only difference for him was that no one cared enough to look for him. 
But it was an inopportune time for the young girl to go missing. You could smell it on him. 
A necessary fact of life. It would happen twice, maybe three times in any given year, but it was enough to threaten his ability to find that little girl. It was radiating off him stronger and stronger with each passing hour, starting around dawn just the day before. For Daryl, it came quick and fast, a scab demanding to be picked, an itch begging to be scratched, a biological imperative he had no choice but to succumb to at some point, but he was determined to keep it off as long as he had to.
You worried for him, knowing how strong his urge was, and how much it clouded his mind and ate at his insides. For some men like him, it was much less intense, much more tolerable. For him, however, it was nearly painful, but he had to put it off, he thought. He couldn’t put himself before that poor soul lost in the forest, before the grieving mother whose glassy eyes haunted him everyday that child was gone, in danger of being torn apart by flesh-eating monsters. 
“Daryl,” you mumbled, feeling him begin to squirm restlessly against you. You knew him well enough to know he was trying to shake the rut out of him, trying to ignore it, though he knew it wasn’t good for him. You tried to hold him steady, pulling the blanket further up his body as if to keep him contained, but the fresh sweat beading on his bare chest was a reminder of just how terribly hot he already was. “Why don’t you stay here today, huh? Don’t go out there… Just rest.”
Just rest, a phrase that had been on your lips many times before, but always seemed to go unheard by the stubborn man. Such a suggestion was practically against the man’s religion, if he had cared enough to believe in one. There was less and less to believe in these days, anyway. 
“Nah,” he replied gruffly, suddenly sitting up in your shared cot to squint in dismay at the sun streaming in. “That kid’s still out there.”
You huffed and watched him move like a rabid animal as he frantically searched for his clothes, cursing under his breath when he picked up one of your jeans instead of his. “Told ya to keep your clothes separate, woman,” he huffed, shaking his head as he buttoned up his raggedy plaid shirt. 
“Mm,” you hummed with a smile, amused by his characteristic grumpiness, though you knew he was a little more irritable than usual, despite his denial. “Keeps my scent on you… Speaking of which…” You sat up to stretch, taking a deep breath as you did so. Even in your own state of slight discomfort, you were always much better at handling it than he was. “Your scent is getting stronger, you know.”
He tilted his head in slight annoyance, knowing that was your way of nagging him about his rut. “I’m fine,” he said simply. “Just stressed.”
You narrowed your eyes at the notion. “Your smell doesn’t get stronger when you’re stressed, Daryl. It gets stronger when you’re—”
“Damnit, woman!” he barked. “I ain’t ruttin’, Christ.”
“Mhm, sure… Well, my heat’s coming.”
Even after three years of being with you, he still turned a light shade of red whenever you so bluntly referred to sex. Still, if your heat was coming, that meant his rut was coming, too. At this point, they were synced, not an uncommon occurrence for mated alphas and omegas such as yourselves. 
Daryl had never quite come to terms with being an alpha, but that’s what he was, and though he often found himself frustrated with his condition, at least he had you. 
And, oh, you… 
You with your scent, the one that he’d memorized and somehow could conjure up in moments when he needed you most, but that wasn’t good enough. He needed you next to him, physically. He always did. He knew that from the moment he first held you that he wouldn’t be able to go without you again, without feeling your closeness, or taking in your sweet, floral scent. 
Sitting there before him, his ratty grey t-shirt two sizes too big draped over your shoulders, just perfectly accentuating the outline of your breasts as they rise and fall with each breath, you looked… ripe. 
Ripe in that you were at your most delectable state, your highest point of primal attraction. You were always beautiful, of course, but in your heat, you were irresistible. He hadn’t been oblivious to it the past few days, weeks even. He knew your body so well now that he had your heat down to an exact science. He knew it was coming, and if your heat’s coming, then his rut is coming, but he didn’t have time for that now, not with the responsibility he had put on his own shoulders.
Still, it was hard to say no, hard not to get back in that cot and take you, tightly gripping your hot, aching body against his as his swelling knot grew inside you, binding you to him even long after he’d released himself into you. 
No time for that, though. Not when he had a job to do.
“I know,” he said, acknowledging that you were on the verge of your heat, that you were going to need him just as much as he needed you soon. “But I gotta look.” He turned to strap his crossbow over his broad chest, the one that made you lick your lips just thinking about your hands all over the muscular tissue. “Gotta find that little girl.”
If there was one thing you loved about Daryl, it was his compassion, his willingness to risk his life to save the weak. Maybe most people didn’t get to see that side of him, but now that he had the opportunity, he could fully be the good man you always knew he was. It was sweet, but it was selfless. Too selfless. 
You tossed the blanket from your body, exposing your bare legs to the air, drawing his eyes immediately to the darkened bit of fabric at the front of your panties, just barely covered by the hem of his shirt. 
With your sudden movement, he caught a deep whiff of you, a more pungent scent than usual emitting from your core as you walked a few steps towards him. 
The feeling of your hands on his chest sent a powerful signal to his brain, one that rang out like a siren, screaming at him to give in. He could tell what you were doing just by the flutter of your lashes, the smirk in your lip, the curl of your fingers as they trailed playfully up and down the collar of his shirt. You wanted him to touch you, to make that slight pain in your core go away before it got too intense, to rid you of that heat building up inside you like a house fire. He wanted that, too. It was impossible not to let your body press up against his, not to feel the hardness of your aroused nipples against his chest, not to rest his hands upon your hips as your forehead touched his.
“Please stay,” you whispered over his lips. “I need my alpha.”
Those words were strategically chosen. You knew reminding him of his possession of you, his omega, would get that chest of his pumped full of hot air and his cheeks reddened with a surge of blood flowing to his head. Not only that, but the possession in your voice, the tone that reminded him that he was yours just as much as you were his. 
He could only muster a few deep, strangled sighs as your hungry lips pursed to kiss just below his ear, making his hands grip harder at your sides and pull you closer until he could feel your heat against his groin, your core getting hotter and hotter with each passing moment, and your scent becoming so irresistible that he found himself subconsciously, ever so slightly, grinding his lower body against yours. 
With a turn of his head, he let your lips meet his, despite how much he knew he was just teasing himself, and you, now. There was no way he could stay, no way he could let that helpless child stay out there any longer. Still, if he could allow himself just one moment to satiate his need for you, he would, even if it only eased a small part of his primal lust. 
“I want your knot,” you whispered sloppily, wildly as your tongue became more desperate to taste his, breaching the entrance of his mouth to lap up his taste. 
He growled low at your words, his hand rising up to tangle in your hair and pull your face as close as it could get. The other hand found itself squeezing your bottom, fingertips digging into the plump flesh as he held you steady to better thrust himself against you, your slick beginning to seep through the thin fabric of your panties and onto the surface of his jeans. 
“(Y/N)...” he panted. “I—I can’t…”
“Yes you can,” you panted back, now putting your own hand on the back of his head to pull his lips back to yours. When his lips peeled away, you used your free hand to drag his down to cup your clothed mound, allowing his fingers to graze the puddle of wetness. “My body needs you, Daryl… Just you. Only you.”
Another tried and true method for getting him to shut up and screw you, but the closest you got was thrusting back and forth on his palm, using it to relieve the slightest amount of tension from your aching body. It worked for a moment, but soon you nearly sent him backwards with the force of your body writhing on his hand, and you knew you couldn’t get anywhere with it—you needed the intense friction of his cock, the feeling of it pulsing inside you and hitting the deepest part of you just right.
“Oh, God,” your lips mumbled as they sloppily massaged his. “Fuck me now.”
He pulled his hand away swiftly, using it to separate his body from yours, as he was sure he couldn’t go another moment of being that close to you without ending up back on that bed. 
“Later,” he said, followed by a hard swallow as he tried to calm himself down. Sweat beaded on his forehead, dripping down the side of his face and wettening the short strands of caramel brown hair stuck to either side.
His body heat showed no signs of dropping, not until he could get far away from you, and he could already tell that if he stayed with you today, he wouldn’t leave for hours after he’d knotted you. There was too much work to be done, and his own biological need would have to wait. He just hoped you could wait, too, though something about the deep, trembling frown dragging on your face told him you couldn’t. At least, not without some struggle.
“Hey,” he said, trying to muster up the strength to touch you without losing it. His hands cupped your cheeks, on fire from the sheer intensity of your internal heat. “I gotta try to find that kid. It’s eatin’ me up inside.”
You mustered a small smile. He was always so damn selfless, it infuriated you. Well, it was what made you fall in love with him, besides the innate biological attraction that drew you to him. Your life philosophy had always been this: there are plenty of alphas, but a good alpha is hard to come by. Daryl was a good alpha, the only one you could tolerate, the only one you could love. You were sure of that. 
Soulmates… As cheesy as it sounded, you knew it from day one, from the moment he walked up to you in that sleazy dive bar, face blurred from the cigarette smoke curling in grey clouds all around him, his hands tucked deep in his jean pockets as he cleared his throat, then stuttered, “C-can I, uh… Can I buy ya a drink?”
If you couldn’t tell by his scent, you would’ve thought he was a beta, but his scent was always strong—you were sure it was because he was immediately attracted to you, and your scent hit him like a semi-truck, too. It was love at first… scent. 
No, Daryl was unlike any other alpha male you’d ever met, but he was one. That was impossible to deny. 
“I know,” you said with a nod. Lifting his hand from your cheek, you pressed a light kiss to his palm, then nuzzled deeper into his touch. That damn man’s hands... Being held by him felt like being a porcelain teacup carefully tucked away in layers of sturdy bubble wrap, cushioned and protected from any cracks that could threaten to mar your fragile surface. “But your rut is eating you up inside too… It’s not good to hold it back for so long.”
He rolled his eyes, though he couldn’t help but be grateful for your concern, even slightly amused by how precious you were. “Always naggin’ me, woman, ya know that?”
“Mm, you wouldn’t last a day without me nagging you,” you laughed. Biting your lip, you reached up to fix his hair, still scraggly from his pillow. He scrunched his face in exaggerated annoyance, though even he couldn’t help but muster a boyish smirk at your doting. 
As your eyes met his, another deep surge of pained arousal swept through you, triggering more slick to pool in your already soiled underwear. It was tempting to strip yourself of your shirt, knowing such a sight would be the ultimate trigger to get him to lay you down, but in your heart of hearts, you knew he needed to do this for your group. If you had to wait, you would wait, but you couldn’t wait much longer, you feared. 
“When will you be back?”
“‘Fore dark.” He huffed and pressed a chaste kiss to your cheek, as anything else might’ve been dangerous. Noticing your eyes lower in disappointment, he nudged his forehead against yours. “Hey, omega,” he said softly. “You gonna be okay til I get back?”
No, you wanted to say, but you knew that would be a bit dramatic. Still, you knew from past heats that your need for him only grew stronger when he was gone, and if you were already leaking with slick now, who knows how bad you might get in the meantime. 
“Mhm,” you hummed. “I’ll be fine… I think. What about you?”
He scoffed playfully. “Woman, I’m gon’ be fine. Just be ready when I get back, a’right? I’m gonna need you even more.”
“Yes, sir,” you laughed. “Be careful, okay?”
“You too, and…” His voice trailed off, his face becoming less animated and more stern with each passing moment he went over the words he was about to say. “Stay in the tent.”
Never before had you gone through your heat around so many other alphas. Rick and T-Dog didn’t worry him much—Rick was married, bonded with Lori, and T-Dog seemed respectful of your bond with Daryl, but then there was… Shane. 
Shane was an odd one in that though he was ostensibly an alpha, he seemed too emboldened, often disrespecting Daryl’s claim over you. On at least two occasions he had gotten much too close to you for your liking, and Daryl already had a pretty strong hunch that Shane had slept with Lori, a marked omega not unlike you.
It infuriated him, and he couldn’t even fathom how Shane could still be breathing at this point. If he caught even a whiff of that man on you, he’d strangle him with his bare hands, he was certain of it. 
Knowing just how much Shane’s dilated eyes followed your body on a daily basis, he was sure your heat would attract him like a moth to a flame.
“Keep that thing on ya if you gotta go out,” he added, gesturing to the hunting knife he’d given you as it lay on the foldable bedside table. “That pig cop bastard touches you, I’ll—”
“He won’t touch me,” you interjected. “Your scent is strong enough to keep him away… My big strong alpha.” Your fingers tickled his chest as you smirked, holding back a chuckle at the cheesy compliment. 
His heart fluttered, as it always did when you broke out the “big strong alpha” card. He was a sucker for it.
“A’right,” he said. “I love ya, sweet girl. Be back soon, hopefully with that kid.”
“Love you, too, Daryl.”
As he requested, you stayed in the tent for a while after he’d left, occupying yourself with the usual routine for your heat.
It wasn’t ideal, but the cot in your tent was the only place to make a nest of his clothes, a safe spot to immerse yourself in his scent until he came back to you. 
Even that proved difficult, as you became quickly lightheaded, losing your balance each time you bent over to pick up another one of his shirts. 
“Shit,” you cursed, holding your forehead and shutting your eyes tight to try to will away the dizziness. Every omega’s heat was different, and yours always had the worst dizziness, the worst fever, the worst throbbing pain in your womb. 
It was your body’s instinctual way of demanding to be bred, and thank God you still had your birth control pills, even if your irrational, heat-ridden mind desperately wanted to carry Daryl’s child more than usual. There couldn’t be a worse possible time to bring a child into the world, you were sure. 
The pounding in your head started now, in sync with each quickening beat of your anxious heart. It was as if the further Daryl got from the farm, the worse your symptoms became, the more every cell in your body screamed bloody murder in an attempt to call him back to you.
“Ah!” you quietly cried out. Doubling over in pain, you flopped yourself back onto the bed, its surface now draped in layers upon layers of every article of clothing Daryl had in his possession. 
You buried your head in his pillow, trying desperately to surround yourself in his scent. It eased the pain slightly, tricking your mind into thinking he was there with you, holding you, but you lacked his warmth, his unique touch, the gentle rhythm of his heartbeat soothing you to sleep as he held his deflating knot inside of you.
You reached down to find his favorite white undershirt, the one that always had the strongest scent. In desperation, you tugged off your shirt and laid the undershirt over your bare breasts, massaging them over top of the fabric. 
It couldn’t beat the real thing, the real feeling of his chest pressed up to yours, but at least you’d get more of his scent on you, and at least your sensitive nipples could feel the familiar tickle of the ribbed fabric of that old tank top. 
“Daryl…” you moaned shakily under your breath. You hadn’t realized just how bad it was, how much your heat had worsened just within a matter of the three hours he’d been gone. 
The wetness was beginning to soak through your new pair of panties. You reached down to slip your fingers below the fabric, scooping up the slick as you tickled your aching clit. 
Even just a little sensation was too much, and not at all the sensation you needed. Your body needed Daryl’s touch, not yours, not anyone else’s but his. The feeling stung, made you flinch in combined pain and pleasure. It might not have been him, but your hand was going to have to do if you wanted any semblance of relief before he got back.
You thrusted hard against your hand, arching your back with each movement as you desperately tried to soothe your body. All you could do was try to trick your heat-induced brain into thinking he was there, touching you… And moments later, when your fingers dug into you, squirming as they went in deeper and pumped hard to stimulate you, it almost worked.
“Oh, yes…” you sighed. “Daryl… Oh—”
Shane’s voice made you shoot up, sitting up straight to face the opening of the tent where the man’s silhouette was displayed from the outside. 
Shit, you thought to yourself. What the hell does he want?
“(Y/N), you in there?”
“Yeah,” you huffed, quickly redressing yourself in Daryl’s shirt, then crossing over to haphazardly step into a pair of sweatpants. “Gimme a sec.”
Now semi-decent, you unzipped the flap of the tent, and swiftly stepped out to close it, hoping Shane couldn’t see the nest you’d made, or the wet spot on the bed.
Instead, you felt his eyes on you, trailing up and down your shirt, narrowing at the slight hardness of your nipples, still aroused from your touching.
“Everything okay?” you asked him, hoping to get him to leave as soon as he showed up.
He shrugged and folded his arms. “I was gonna ask you the same question. Ain’t seen ya since yesterday… Been in your tent all day. Thought you’d be out, I don’t know… doin’ laundry or somethin’.”
You scoffed, slightly offended by the assumption, though it wasn’t like there was much else to do. “I’m not feeling great,” you said simply, but you were sure he could tell why.
Indeed, he could. The scent was enough, much more potent and sweeter than usual, yet with much more of Daryl’s heavy scent than he liked. It was a bitter reminder that you were claimed, and the smell repulsed him, yet only made him want to cover it with his own.
“I know,” he said. “Your, uh… Your scent.”
Embarrassment. That was the only word you could think of to describe how you felt, and annoyance at his invasion of your privacy, but you weren’t confrontational enough to say anything. Not like Daryl.
“Yeah, well, uh… Did you need something?”
He lifted two silver pails in each hand, and you already knew what he was going to ask. 
“Was gonna see if you’d help me pump some water from the well, if you’re up to it. Everybody else is busy, and I could use another hand.”
You always did have a hard time saying no, even if you knew your body was weak with your heat, but water was important, and maybe it could take your mind off your condition until Daryl would return, you reasoned.
Still, it was awfully bold of him to ask that of you, knowing you were in heat, and that you were with Daryl. You did as Daryl had told you—you took your knife and carried it in plain sight in the holder on your belt. 
Each step you took alongside that man towards the well made you ache even more. Every muscle burned, and every dizzy spell became stronger until you sat with a huff on the wall of the well, taking a sip of your canteen as Shane readied the rope to lower his bucket.
“You all right?” he asked. 
“Fine,” you sighed. “Just… I get really winded when I’m… Yeah.”
Shane nodded, watching closely as the water dripped from your chin, trickling onto your shirt and down below your collar. 
“Don’t envy you,” he said. “Never been more inconvenient timing…”
“No,” you agreed. “No there hasn’t.”
You watched as he lowered the bucket, then pulled it back up with a strain of his muscles. Show-off, you thought, catching onto his less than subtle attempts to seduce you.
Filling his canteen from the pail, he sat himself down beside you, much too close for comfort.
His smell wasn’t too strong, but strong enough to make you sick. Any alpha’s scent besides Daryl’s would’ve made you nauseous now, and with Shane so close, his shoulder touching yours, you felt the bile in your stomach begin to rise at the base of your esophagus.
If he hadn't been there, it would’ve been nice. The warm August breeze tickling the nearby wind chimes, the birds chirping in the golden light of late afternoon, the placid quiet that settled in when all other sounds ceased… And then he nudged your shoulder again, offering you a misplaced smile before wrapping a loose arm around your shoulder, causing your spine to straighten in slight shock at the feeling.
“You all right?” he asked, rocking you back and forth with his hand curled on your shoulder. 
Your cheek twitched in disgust at the whiff of his scent, much more powerful than usual in your heightened state. Aware of his scent rubbing off on you, you wriggled uncomfortably, thankfully causing him to remove his arm. 
“I’m fine. Just need to get back soon. If Daryl knows I didn’t stay in the tent he’d skin me alive,” you laughed nervously. 
“Where is Daryl?”
“Oh, um… He’s out looking for Sophia. Trying that new lead near the abandoned house.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Thought he’d be here with you… With you like this.”
That’s none of your damn business, you thought, but of course, you were much too nice to say that, so instead you defended him.
“Well, he knows how much it means to everyone if we find her… He cares.”
You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, thinking about him, his selflessness, his bravery, his kindness. Maybe he didn’t always show it, but ever since he lost Merle, he’d been coming into his own, embracing his true nature instead of trying to be something he wasn’t. 
“Pfft,” he scoffed, and just that simple, dismissive sound was enough to get your blood boiling. “Think he oughta care more about you.”
“He cares a lot about me,” you quickly replied. “You don’t know anything about Daryl.”
“I know he should be here takin’ care of you…” He leaned closer looking you forcefully in the eye. He had a much more stern, intense look than you’d seen in him before. 
His hand caught you off guard as he tugged on the collar of your shirt, revealing Daryl’s mark on the junction of your neck and shoulder. “Hey!” You pulled away, standing up to your feet and looking back at him with wild, confused eyes. He’d never touched you like that before, and it terrified you, knowing how many male alphas could turn violent at the drop of a hat, and Shane was particularly volatile, more so than Daryl or Rick or T-Dog. He was the only one who truly frightened you at times, and immediately you cursed yourself for agreeing to go anywhere with him.
He stood up to pull harder on you, tugging more at your shirt collar to glare at the scar made by the indentation of Daryl’s teeth over years of him marking you in that same spot. 
“What do you even see in this guy?” he asked. “Sorry excuse for an alpha.”
You pulled away one last time, nearly ready to pull out your knife if you needed to.
“Fuck you,” you replied. “I don’t have to explain myself to you. Don’t have to explain shit to you, Shane. I came out here to help, not to listen to you insult Daryl.”
You sidestepped around him to lift the filled pail. “I’m taking this back to camp. You can do the rest on your own,” you said, but he planted himself firmly in front of you, pushing you back towards the well. “Shane,” you said, “get out of my way.”
Before you knew it, he was lunging towards you, eyes locked on the crook of your shoulder, opposite of Daryl’s mark. If he’d gotten any further, you were sure he’d try to mark you by force. 
Holding your knife to his neck, you pushed him away with all the strength you had. “What the hell is wrong with you?” you panted. 
He shook his head, as if trying to shake out whatever desires he had. “I—I don’t…”
You didn’t wait for him to explain himself. There wasn’t any way he could, after all. He had come close to violating you, to marking you as some kind of encroachment upon you, upon Daryl’s mate.
The breeze hit you as you walked, wafting Shane’s faint smell up into your flaring nostrils. That bastard, you thought. The nerve… I can’t stand his fucking smell.
You couldn’t bear to bring that scent into your tent, so you sat several yards away from the camp, perched on a log as you hugged your legs against your chest, trying to let the scent of Daryl’s shirt envelop you. 
That, and it seemed to be the only solution to easing your cramps, twice as bad as your run-of-the-mill menstrual cramps. The heat was unbearable as the sweat on your brow dripped and caught in your eyelashes, clouding your vision for a moment. You balled your fists and rubbed your eyes, and all the while, you swore you could smell Daryl’s scent getting stronger, as if it was carried by the breeze that gently flowed through your hair. 
It was hypnotic, drawing your eyes up to instinctively look in the direction of the wind. 
There he was, strutting towards you across the grassy field, sweat glistening on his bare, summer-tanned arms as his eyes narrowed at you. His look was somewhere between scolding and smoldering, with a heavy dose of desperation thrown in. 
One thing was certain: he had one thing in mind when he saw you. 
Picking up his pace and stepping with long strides, practically jogging, he tore his crossbow from his back and flung it to the ground, a coarse grunt combined followed by a deep huff as he swiftly moved closer, like a caged tiger about to be let out.
“Daryl?” you called out to him. You found yourself walking towards him, too, eyes locked on his heaving chest as his hands frantically worked to unbutton the top of his shirt. 
The closer he got, the stronger his musky, earthy scent became—more potent and virile, more intoxicating as his energy surrounded you. 
His hands separated now, one tugging on the middle button of his shirt, the other desperately loosening his belt buckle, the movement allowing the toned muscles of his arms to flex in the glow of the golden afternoon. 
He’d been unsuccessful in his search, and the frustration of not finding Sophia only made his instinct stronger, his need greater, his arousal becoming more and more unbearable the longer he looked at you.
As he approached, there was only one thing on his mind, one sole purpose for him to commit to in that moment: taking you, filling you, breeding you.
Now with both hands on his belt, freeing the leather from the loops of his jeans, he dropped it carelessly, then quickly moved to the button. 
He was only about two yards away, but it was too far. Your feet picked up the pace, until finally you were in his arms, limbs and tongues tangled around each other, breaths heavy and chests heaving, cores hot and aching.
Shane’s lingering scent didn’t even occur to you then, not even as Daryl’s nose sank into the crook of your neck, his hand pulling back the collar of your shirt as his tongue traced over the raised scar of his mark, tickling you.
Your own hands clung tight to his shirt, nearly tearing it as with every passing moment you became more frenzied, more impatient to feel his hot, bare skin under your fingertips.
When the warmth of his mouth slowly left your shoulder, and his rose up to narrow at you, somewhere between hunger and primal rage, you panicked, grasping his sweat-drenched cheeks in an attempt to pull his lips to yours. He pulled back with a low growl.
“Why’s his scent on you?”
Your hands tightened on his cheeks as you turned to stone, wanting nothing more than to ignore his questioning and carry on with the natural conclusion of your synced biological states. Daryl, however, was not going to forget so easily.
He knew you would never sleep with Shane. That was out of the question. Besides, if you had, Shane’s scent would’ve been much, much stronger, but it was concentrated on your shoulders, and it was fading, but repulsive nonetheless.
“That bastard touch you?”
You froze for a moment, simultaneously terrified of the inscrutable look in his eyes, and aroused by the very same look. 
“Tryin’ to put his filthy scent on ya?” he asked, more demandingly now, and yet with an oddly lustful lilt to his otherwise angered growl. “I’ll kill him… I’ll—”
“He barely touched me.”
Under your fingers, you felt his cheeks trembling in rage, his skin heat up from the inside out. He looked ravenous—out for blood, Shane’s blood. You couldn’t care less about that, though, as your body screamed to be touched, begged to be put out of its misery from the only person who could ever relieve you. 
“He’s not my alpha,” you reminded him. “You are.” Even just a matter of moments was too much to handle like this, with the heat oppressing you from every possible angle, suffocating you. Being away from Daryl during this time was hard, but being too close and not having him touch you was worse. 
You lifted your shirt above your head, rustling your hair in the process, then hurriedly removed your bra, finally freeing half your body from its cloth prison. Under normal circumstances, you’d never strip yourself out in the open, but right now? You were far enough from the camp not to care, and the heat was closing in all around you. 
Pupils dilated, swallowing the usually gentle blue in a black hole of lust, his eyes glued to your bare breasts. If your goal was to distract him from his fury, it was working.
“Alpha,” you said softly, wrapping your arms around his hot, clammy neck, drenched in sweat that could’ve been from the Georgia summer heat, but you were sure it was also just his condition, his rut taking over every function of his aching body. “You’re the only one… My mate.”
His eyes darted to your shoulder, his mark. It was his physical reminder that you belonged to him, that the first time you made love during your heat, he loved you enough to leave that unique, intimate mark in the shape of his teeth, one he’d never given to anyone else before, and never would again.
Most of all, it reminded him that no one else could touch you, that he was the only man who could know the intensity of your sweet scent, the softness of your body, the sounds of your heavy whimpers as he filled you until his knot swelled, keeping him in place. 
When his fingers trailed along the raised skin of your scar, you shivered at his touch. His face turned soft, yet strained with lust. Tilting his head, his other hand held your chin, maneuvering your head so he could nudge his nose against your cheek, his heavy breath blowing gentle, yet insistent, puffs. 
His lips softly brushing against your face, he whispered in your ear: “You need me, huh?”
Clutching your hands to his shoulders, desperate to tug off his shirt, you whimpered under your breath, sighing deeply all the while. 
“Omega needs ‘er alpha?” he asked lowly against your ear. 
Unable to restrain yourself any longer, your hands scrambled up to tangle in his hair, pulling his lips to yours.
“Now,” you mumbled into his mouth. “Need you… now…”
He nodded frantically as he worked to undo the last buttons on his shirt, then carelessly tossed the fabric to the ground. 
“Right here?” he asked, panting between kisses. Usually, such an idea would be out of the question for the private man, who never liked the idea of being so vulnerable out in the open like this, but he didn’t care much now. The tightness in his jeans and the dull ache all throughout his body made him lose sight of that, as much as he could. Privacy be damned. “Ain’t… ain’t you w-want your… nest?”
Shaking your head vehemently as his lips chased yours, desperate to cling to them, you pulled him down with you as you lowered yourself to the ground, until you sunk down into blades of sage green grass, faded by exposure from the hot summer sun. 
Daryl’s laugh melted on your tongue like an ice cube, its cadence swallowed by your open mouth as you devoured him. 
His weight on top of you provided some relief, but it wasn’t enough. What you needed was his body inside of yours, inhabiting it, reminding you again and again just who it belonged to. You didn’t really need the reminder, of course, but the thought of belonging to him was all the more arousing. 
Your eyes were squeezed shut in tranquilized bliss when his body weight shifted, and he quickly pulled your pants and sodden underwear down to your ankles, where you kicked them off with a wiggle. 
Before you knew it, his hands were hiking up the back of your thighs, resting them on his shoulders as he dove down to lick the slick that had settled between your folds. As the tip of his tongue swirled around your clitoris, your shoulders tensed and you let out a sharp hiss. It was already so sensitive, aching for more friction to stimulate the bundle of nerves.
He lowered his hand to curl two of his thick, calloused fingers inside of you, while his tongue sucked and lapped at the sensitive bud that begged for attention.
“Ah!” you cried out wildly, shaking as your hands gripped the grass, pulling it out in frustration. His fingers were not yet deep enough to relieve you of your desire, but his tongue moved so expertly that with each swirl you felt a new little shockwave pulse through you. “Yes! Oh!”
His fingers sank deeper now, pulling in and out of you rapidly, the palm of his hand hitting your sensitive outer parts each time. 
Peeling his mouth away, he watched as the clear liquid pooled onto his hand, the slick glistening in the last light of the golden summer afternoon. 
“Never seen ya make this much, girl,” he panted, pumping faster and faster to get you properly loosened up. After all, his knot would need enough room to sink inside you. “All this pretty slick… Just for me.”
With that curl of his fingers, you gasped, arching your back and throwing your arms over your face as you tried not to scream, but the feeling was intense. You were always so much more sensitive in your heat, and however he touched you, you were going to feel it ten times as strong. 
“F-fuck!” you croaked out against your arm. The harder he went, the more your voice stuttered, the more your body bounced with his hand burying into you. “Alpha-a-a!”
“Shhh,” he said, holding his finger to his lips as he leaned over you, his other hand ceasing its harsh movement to gently caress your aching clit. “Keep it down, girl.”
He looked quickly back in the direction of the camp and the Greenes’ farmhouse, hoping they were still a good distance away, and that the view of the two of you couldn’t be so easily seen from behind the bushes and the smattering of oak trees.
Lunging up to fling your arms around him, he grabbed onto you in surprise at the sudden movement, and huffed as your lips attacked his cheeks, then trailed down to his mark, the small indentation of your own teeth on his shoulder. 
His hand didn’t forget its job, though. He cupped your mound to once again penetrate you with his fingers, spreading them open inside you to better stretch you out. 
As his fingers dug into you, your teeth sunk into his flesh, reopening the old wound once again until a few drops of blood could be tasted on your tongue. 
He held you tighter with his other arm, digging his fingernails into your back as he groaned. “(Y/N)…”
In a fit of impatience, you reached down to begin tugging his unzipped pants from his body. He smirked against your lips, amused by how much you needed him. He needed you, too, though. It was torture not to be inside you, but he knew himself well enough to know he could hold out for a while, though not for long. 
He maneuvered himself to help you remove his jeans, your hands constantly fighting with his, though both had the same goal. Both of you were wild, returned to a primal state of need and desperation. You were bound to each other by flesh and scent, and it only made the need for each other so much stronger, so unbearable in the most blissful way. It was torture, it was agony, and yet it was the most pure, beautiful feeling of yearning. 
When he was bare, unburdened by the restraints of his clothes and now free in his natural state, he bent his knees under your thighs, and with his hands, pulled you up to his core until the tip of his cock met your slit. 
He cursed himself for losing his patience, as the feeling of you grazing against him sent a sharp electrical current through him, more potent than anything he’d felt before. 
“Fuck,” he cursed, holding you tighter by your lower back as he lowered you onto his cock. 
Your head once again buried in his shoulder, you groaned as he let you sit, his cock burrowing deeper every second. “Oh, God… Daryl…”
“Just… stay still for a minute.” 
He took a deep breath, holding you in your position as you sat upright with his legs underneath, and his cock now as deep as it could go. All you needed was for him to move and you’d be writhing, with an imminent release soon upon you, but he just needed the stillness for a moment, to bask in the feeling of completeness, of filling you perfectly and so effortlessly, as though your bodies were made for each other. 
He felt your slick drip down his inner thigh, and with that, he fell forward, taking you down with him until your back was once again against the grass.
“Oh!” you cried in shock. 
His hand trailed up your sides, then in a split second, he pinned your arms above your head, just as he began violently thrusting, hovering over you with an intense look of purpose.
His thrusts were fast, sloppy, wild… Yet his cock was angled so perfectly, and the friction of his body hitting your clit with each movement was inching you closer and closer to the climax, the one you needed to feel relief from your heat. 
Usually, he went slower, much more precise and sensual, but in his rut, he couldn’t hold back like he did. It was pure, uninhibited, primal lust, and you felt it, too. Clenching your teeth and letting out a hiss, you struggled to tug your arms out from the grip of his hands. Sensing this, he loosened his hands, allowing you to lean up to pull him to your face, his body still wildly moving in and out of you. Your head leaned in to catch his lips with yours, and soon your tongues were inside the other’s mouth, swirling around in untamed circles.
You always needed the closeness of him, to feel his chest pressed against yours, so you held him tight as his cock pumped back and forth within the walls of your twitching entrance. 
With a strained grunt delivered straight to your gaping mouth, he reached down to manually wrap your legs tight around his lower back. Your heels dug into his ass, keeping him steady for a moment as he paused inside of you to take a breath. 
In the crook of your neck and shoulder, he kissed your mark. Mirroring his action, you did the same to his, while the nails of your tightly drawn fingers made shallow scratches in the skin of his back. 
“Shit,” he mumbled. “You feel so good, omega.”
You laughed and grabbed his cheeks to turn his face back to yours. He looked a sight—red blotches adorning his cheeks, hefty beads of sweat trickling down his strained forehead, lips quivering and drenched in your saliva and slick. Sweat-soaked hair framed his face as the darkened strands stuck to the skin. Redness had even pooled in his chest, which heaved exhaustingly over yours.
As he caught his breath, you snaked your hand between your bodies, lowering it to your clit. The closer you got to your orgasm, the more stimulation you needed to maintain the tingly feeling in your core, so you circled your finger rapidly, feeling yourself on track towards bliss.
The sudden attention made you flinch and clench around him, sending him grunting as his eyes squeezed shut. “Fuck!” he groaned. “Ah, yeah… Shit, you’re gonna make me come.”
He pumped himself inside you again, hitting your most sensitive spot while you touched yourself, and it was only a matter of seconds now until you reached your peak. He knew that, too. His body was in sync with yours by now, and soon your bodies would be locked together, but first you needed to have your own release.
Still, he felt his knot begin to form around the base of his cock, swelling as he moved back and forth. As he hit into you, your entrance stretched more and more, preparing for your orgasm, and his knot.
“Oh, God!” you whimpered. “I—I… Daryl…”
“I got ya…” he panted back, in that deep, raspy whisper. “Come for your alpha…”
It was the last straw, the last little bit of motivation you needed as he thrusted into you harder, and your walls began to pulse with each shockwave of your orgasm.
Your body went limp underneath him as your mouth hung open to release a series of low moans. “Jesus…” you sighed. 
He smiled and lowered himself to kiss you, taking in every labored breath. “I love you,” he said. 
“I love you, too,” you laughed deliriously. 
He lifted his head back up, holding himself above you with his arms outstretched to support his body weight as he began to thrust again.
But he could sense something that froze him in place, a whiff of putrid scent lingering on the breeze.
“Shit,” he huffed. 
Catching the last remnants of Shane’s scent, he growled and pulled himself out with a small cascade of your arousal.
“Turn around,” he said lowly.
Not waiting for you to answer, his hands gripped either side of your waist to maneuver your body until you were on all fours. “Daryl,” you panted in surprise. 
The incessant pounding in his head was too loud to hear your voice call out to him, too loud to hear your strained whimper as his cock filled you again, this time with his knot so close to its most swollen state.
You felt his body align with yours, gluing itself to your back. His teeth dug hard into your flesh, with each deep, purposeful thrust making you groan in combined pleasure and pain.
To his frustration, Shane’s scent became stronger, more potent. It was sickening, but you couldn’t even notice it, not when Daryl’s scent surrounded you in a thick, hazy cloud.
No, you didn’t notice. You couldn’t even see Shane approaching in the distance, but Daryl did.
He growled against your shoulder, eyes glowering to meet Shane’s as he froze in place. He must’ve been going out to collect firewood, as he usually did around this time, but that was of no consequence to Daryl, whose rage-induced lust only got stronger.
Shit, he saw Shane’s lips move to say. He was too far away to hear, but still close enough to see the look of panic, and jealousy, on his face.
Under normal circumstances, Daryl would’ve jumped up and ran to put his clothes on, but there wasn’t going to be any separation of your bodies now, not even if he tried. He couldn’t betray his primal need, and neither could you. Besides, it was the perfect opportunity to let Shane know just who you belonged to.
“Oh, fuck!” you blurted out as his body thrusted hard into you, his cock penetrating the deepest part of your insides. “Daryl!”
He dug his teeth deeper into your shoulder, making you cry out once again. “Alpha!”
“That’s right,” he panted into your ear. “I’m your alpha… Scream for me.”
“Oh, yes! Daryl!”
He didn’t want you to keep it down now. With Shane near, that hideous reminder of his scent on the air, he needed you to scream, to let the bastard know once and for all that you were bound for life to him, no one else.
Shane was still dumbfounded, intrigued by the sight, but repulsed, too. He simply couldn’t look away, until Daryl’s snarl became so violent that he found himself backing away, finally yielding to the superior man, the superior alpha. 
Daryl’s lip quirked slightly to one side. His show of dominance had worked. He could be embarrassed about it later, but now? Now, he felt his knot swell up again, almost so big now that he could no longer pull himself out.
You felt it, too, the tightness at your entrance as his knot stretched you much further than it had in a long time. He could only knot during his rut, but you knew this was no ordinary rut.
“Feel that?” he sloppily groaned against your shoulder. “Feel my knot?”
Rendered speechless, you nodded frantically as your arms threatened to fold underneath you. They shook to stabilize you, but soon his body stopped moving entirely, and all you could feel was that knot keeping him in place, seconds before his climax.
“Fuck!” he cried out. “Shit, I—I’m…”
You felt his cock begin to twitch deep inside you, spreading his spend in the deepest recesses of your core, where you felt his warmth embrace you. 
With a gasp, your arms finally gave out, taking Daryl down with you, and with your head buried in the grass, you let out a deep sigh of relief. Something within you switched off, and finally, your heat was over.
Exhaustion swiftly took over Daryl, and he rolled onto his side with you in his arms, and you knew the two of you would be like this for a while, possibly all night. His knot would take hours to go away, it usually did.
You felt his lips gently purse against the skin of your neck, repeating several times as he worshipped you and the taste of your sweat. 
“Shit, that was good,” he huffed, laughing a little to himself at the look on Shane’s face. Soon he’d find himself fuming again, needing to throw a few choice words at the insufferable man, but he’d rather bask in the afterglow for now. Besides, he was king of the jungle now, as far as he was concerned.
Blissfully unaware of the situation, you giggled and wrapped your hand around his. “Mm, so good… And you tried to tell me you weren’t rutting.”
He shook his head and bit your neck just a little, eliciting a small faux whimper from you. “Hey!” you laughed. 
“You know just how to push my buttons, huh?”
“Better than anyone else.”
Holding each other in the grass, night fell over you like a blanket, and soon all you could hear were crickets and toads, and the faint tinkling of the wind chimes from the Greene house porch. 
Soon you were lulled to sleep, with Daryl just barely dozing off, but he tried to keep awake, in case of the off chance a walker stumbled out of the woods. 
In the morning, he’d have to corner Shane, to further reiterate the point he tried to prove earlier, to reassert his dominance. 
That could wait, though. For now, he just held you, wondering what you were dreaming about. 
He just hoped he was in it. 
Thanks for reading! Likes, reblogs, and comments of any kind are always appreciated!
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shawtuzi · 9 months ago
lights, camera, action!
literally hate the title for this but I'm unoriginal and couldn’t come up with anything else but anyways! this is dedicated to @tearality ily
minors dni obvi 18+ content warnings include: filmed sex, use of ‘good girl’, oral (male and female receiving), a lil bit of squirting ofc, creampie, full nelson, rough sex, mean!dom tengen kinda// word count: 2.6k+
pairing: camgirl!readerxcamboy!tengen
It was Monday night, your favorite night of the week. Why? Well because it was the night you and your boyfriend Tengen went live on your camshow and entertained thousands of people by letting your normally soft boyfriend humiliate you. You were a little a little iffy about streaming on Mondays for obvious reasons but Uzui insisted it was a good idea ‘we’d give people something to look forward to on a Monday’ he’d always say and turns out he was right. You had thousands of viewers tuning in every Monday night sending you tips and praising you for being such a good girl for your boyfriend.
You were sitting in front of the mirror applying your lipgloss humming softly. Tengen watched you from the bed taking in your figure, you looked so soft wearing your white lacy lingerie and pretty white tights with pink bows at the top.
“You almost ready my love?” Tengen asked, wrapping his arms around your small figure, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, careful not to mess up your hair. “Yep I’m all done, how do I look?” turning around to face him. “You look stunning baby as always, and you wore my favorite color, how sweet” he cooed, bringing a hand up to your face to caress your cheek. You nuzzled your face into his hand sighing dreamily, “mmm I knew you’d like it, so try not to rip it to pieces okay?” you giggled making him laugh. “I’ll try not to but you know I can’t help myself sometimes” he spoke, running his hands down your sides cupping your ass, “now let’s get started don’t wanna keep our little fans waiting now do we?” he asked and you shook your head following him to your shared bedroom.
You kneeled down in front of the laptop about to click the mouse the stream when Uzui perked up stopping you, “almost forgot” he muttered going into your guys’ closet and coming out with a white collar, a pink heart shaped tag that read ‘daddy’s girl’ in cursive. “Can’t forget the finishing touch baby” he smiled winking at you making you blush.
As the timer counted down you got into position sitting obediently in front of the camera, hands in your lap. As the live started people started joining by the second greeting you and giving you praise for how pretty you looked. “You guys are so sweet” you giggled leaning close to the screen putting your full breasts on display. “Doesn’t my baby look so beautiful tonight guys?” Tengen asked the audience, stepping into view. He wrapped his large hand around your throat forcing you to look at him making you smile, biting your glossy lips. He moved his hand from your neck to your lips pushing his thumb in your mouth smiling when you started sucking.
He heard the pings of people tipping money deciding to kick it up a notch. “Hmm should I fuck your face or eat your little pussy first…” he fake pondered cocking his head, “what do you guys think?” The chat went crazy for a minute, finally deciding they wanted to see Tengen ruin his pretty baby’s makeup.
“You heard the chat open up sugar” he smiled down at you patting your cheek softly. You happily complied, opening your mouth as wide as possible. Tengen was an average six and a half inches but made up for it in thickness, he always stretched you out in the best way possible leaving you a twitching weeping mess once he was done with you. Tengen slid his sweats halfway down his thighs, his half-hard cock slapping against his stomach. He tapped the tip against your tongue a few times making you giggle before slowly sliding it in, already giving you a mouthful.
Tengen glanced at the chat humming to himself before looking back down at you, “it seems the audience doesn’t want me to go easy on you tonight” he chuckled, bringing a hand down to tangle itself in your hair, “you okay with that baby?” he asked and you nodded as best as you could trying to take more of his cock in your mouth. “That’s my good girl” he praised before shoving his entire cock in your mouth, groaning when he felt your throat tighten around his dick. You attempted to use his thighs for balance but he only slapped your hands away making you whimper around his cock. “Hands behind your back love, take it like a good little girl I know you can do it baby” he grunted fucking your face harder.
The makeup you had put on shortly before was already getting ruined, streaks of mascara falling down your face and your glittery lipgloss smearing all on his cock and your chin. You placed your hands behind your back digging your manicured fingers into your calves to try and find some sort of balance but it was useless, Tengen was keeping his promise to the chat not showing you any kind of mercy. He removed his cock from your mouth, tapping it against your cheek roughly.
sanemilovesbigbootybitches left a $100 tip: make her beg for it i wanna see her cry
“Your wish is my command Mr. Sanemilovesbigbootybitches” Tengen chuckled. He turned his attention back to you, “he wants you to beg, so beg for it” he growled slowly stroking his cock making your mouth water. “Please let me suck you off” you mumbled leaning your head forward to take him back into your mouth but you were only met with a firm slap on the cheek. “C’mon I know you can do better than that baby, let ‘em hear you” Tengen cooed stroking your reddened cheek with his thumb. “Please let me suck your cock Tengen! Please! I swear I’ll make you cum really hard I promise!” you cried giving him your best pout. “What do you think guys, does my little slut deserve it?”
sanemilovesbigbootybitches left a $350 tip: yeah let her have it but don’t go easy
pussyslayer123 left a $125 tip: she’s so cute when she pouts :(
“Already baby open up” before Tengen could even finish his sentence your lips were wrapped around his cock once more taking all of him in your mouth. He grabbed both sides of your head roughly before fucking your face with everything he had, the sounds of your gags and and his groans echoing throughout the room. Drool was dripping down your chin onto your breasts and the sight alone was enough to make Tengen wanna cum, “fuck that’s it baby just like that. You were made for sucking dick huh?” he chuckled, and all you could do was pathetically moan in response.
Your panties were completely soaked through slick dripping down your thighs. You rubbed your thighs together to get some kind of relief and it was working like a charm at first, until Uzui saw and put a stop to it by shoving your knees apart with his foot. “One more stunt like that and you won't be cumming at all tonight” he growled, pushing your head all the way down until your nose was touching his pubic bone. You whimpered at his words looking up at him with apologetic eyes.
“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” he moaned out before releasing into your mouth spurts of cum coating your tongue, “don’t swallow” he grunted still slowly moving your head to milk his orgasm. You did as you were told, holding all of it in your mouth until Tengen gripped your chin pointing you to the camera. “Go ahead show everyone love” he smiled and you compiled, sticking your tongue out to show the chat. “Swallow,” Uzui hummed, bringing his hand to your throat so he could feel you swallow. You swallowed happily sticking your tongue out to show your boyfriend and then to the chat.
thisisnotgiyuulol left a $500 tip: she is so pretty take her top off pls”
You read the comment and quickly took your bra off, tossing it aside putting your full tits on display for the chat. “You guys are so sweet” you giggled reading the comments praising your body and how much of a good girl you were for listening.
sanemilovesbigbootybitches left a comment: $1000 says you can’t make her squirt in under 5 mins
Tengen read the comment a mischievous smile coming onto his face, “is that so? Challenge accepted.” He sat on the floor behind you, roughly pulling you into his chest so your back was to him. “Spread ‘em” he whispered in your ear, tapping your thigh softly. You obeyed, spreading your legs as wide as possible giving the chat a mouth watering view of your soaked panties. “Chat says I can’t make you squirt in under 5 minutes, you think I can do it baby?” he whispered, bringing his hand down to rub at your clit roughly. You moaned softly arching your back against his hard chest, “I-I don’t know maybe?” you whimpered, grinding your pussy onto his hand. “Hmm well let’s find out.”
Tengen ripped your panties off with ease making you gasp. You turned around giving him the look but all he did was shrug forcing your head to look back at the camera, “I’ll buy you a new set I swear” he whispered in your ear kissing the side of your head. He brought his hand back to your cunt gliding his middle and ring finger through your wet slit. “She’s so fucking wet this’ll be easy” he chuckled darkly slipping those same fingers in your sopping wet pussy.
He didn’t even bother going slow, instead going as fast as he can, slightly curling fingers. “O-oh my god” you moaned, throwing your head back against his shoulder. “No no look at the camera baby I wanna everyone to see what a little fucking slut you are” he growled gripping your chin with his free hand and forcing you to look right at the screen. “Tengen y-you have to slow down I can’t!” you cried trying to close your legs but it was no use, Uzui’s strong legs were already holding your shaking ones down preventing you from moving at all.
“Hear that?” Tengen laughed, referring to the loud wet sounds coming from your cunt, “I think she’s close.” You grabbed onto Tengen’s wrist attempting but failing pathetically at trying to slow his movements, “I’m g-gonna cum” you whimpered letting the tears you were holding fall freely. It all happened too quick. Next thing you knew you were cumming all over his fingers soaking his hand and wrist. “Oh my-!” you screamed slamming your hands on the plush carpet digging your fingers into it.
Uzui had the biggest smile on his face as he watched you come undone. He removed his fingers from your pussy bringing them back to your clit, “n-no” you whined feeling overly sensitive and tired. “What was my time?” he said bringing his attention to the chat, he brought his hands to your chest taking your breasts in his hands  massaging them gently. “Read the time baby” he whispered in your ear leaving kisses up and down your neck. “T-three minutes and twenty-five seconds” you mumbled out squealing when you felt him pinch your nipples.
sanemilovesbigbootybitches tipped $1000: well i’ll be damned he did it
theyloveshinobu tipped $400: ur gf is so pretty when she cums
“G-guys can we please fuck now? I’m ready to go again” you whined the feeling of Tengen’s hard cock poking against making you needier by the second. “Look at my baby using her manners” Tengen smiled, pressing a kiss to your cheek, “what do you guys say?” After a few moments the chat granted your wishes making you smile, “oh t-thank you so much!” you squealed getting ready to turn around and ride Uzui but he stopped you holding your hips still. “Stay like that” was all he said before slightly lifting you up and bringing you down on his dick the stretch making you whimper.
thisisnotgiyuulol left a $200 tip: i like this new angle
theyloveshinobu left a $500 tip: i really like it too look how full she looks omg
Uzui brought his hands to your waist guiding your movements on his cock. “Shit she’s so wet- fuck,” he rasped digging his nails into your waist making you whine, “sorry baby pussy’s too good I almost came” he chuckled pressing a soft kiss to your back making your chest warm. “C-can we go faster p-please?” you moaned, grinding on him, your wetness dripping onto his balls.
Tengen didn’t even bother looking at the chat to hear what they had to say, he planted his feet on the floor and brought his hands under your arms, locking his fingers behind your head. He had you in a god damn full nelson and the chat was loving it tips coming in like crazy. “Oh-oh my god Ten-Tengen!” you screamed your eyes crossing at his harsh movements. “I think I’m gonna cum again I-!” before you could even finish your sentence you came hard, your thighs shaking violently. “That’s it baby cum all over my shit” he grunted, not stopping his movements wanting to milk your orgasm as much as possible.
His pace was fucking brutal and you were loving every second of it. The only sounds that could be heard were your high pitched moans and the slapping of Tengens muscly thighs against yours. Tengen removed his hands from your head bringing one to wrap around your throat, and the other on your stomach. He smiled feeling a small bulge hit his palm with each thrust, “feel that baby? So deep I’m in your fucking stomach” he rapsed in your ear making you shiver.
“M’gonna cum deep in this fucking pussy.”
It wasn’t long until Uzui felt his orgasm approaching and you could tell just by the way his thrusts were getting sloppier by the minute. “I’m cumming fuck-!” he grunted pushing all the way into you triggering your own orgasm as well. “Oh my-” you gasped, bringing your hands behind you to yank and tug on his hair. Tengen rested his forehead on your shoulder for a moment recovering from his post-orgasm daze. He looked up at the screen, smirking at the sight. You looked completely fucked out, chest heaving and your legs twitching every now and then.
“M’gonna pull out just a little bit longer” he mumbled into your shoulder before lifting your body off of his limp cock your releases dripping down your thighs and onto his lower abdomen. He set you down gently next to him giving your forehead a tender kiss. He ran a hand through his messy hair grabbing the laptop, “I hope you guys enjoyed this week's stream! Don’t forget to tune in next week! I’m going to be throat training Y/N because it seems like she’s forgotten how to suck a cock without gagging isn’t that right baby?” he asked, pointing the camera to you. All you could do was nod weakly nuzzling into his side, making him frown. “My poor baby’s so tired I better get going, we’ll see you guys next week!” Tengen gave his award winning smile before ending the stream.
Meanwhile at Sanemi’s apartment he was sitting in his desk chair breathing heavily and cum covering his stomach and a little of his chest. “Giyuu, wasn't the stream great tonight? I didn’t think he’d be able to make her squirt like that in under 5” he chuckled, grabbing tissues to clean his mess. “I don’t know what kind of stream you’re talking about but I wasn’t watching anything tonight!” Giyuu yelled back his voice cracking mid sentence. He was in the same situation as Sanemi, cum all over his stomach and hands thighs twitching, “see you guys next week” he mumbled to himself shutting his laptop.
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bitchlessdino · 3 months ago
and they were roommates pt.2
Tumblr media
find the first part here, part three here
A svt.hub collab
Pairing: camboy!chan x afab roommate!reader
Genre: smut
Word count: 2.2k
tags: pet name (kitten), oral, 34 +35, dirty talk, mentions of sex tape
Summary: Wanting sex is a natural feeling, it just so happens that gratification could be found in the next room with a shitty webcam and an infectious laugh.
author note: thank you @chogiwapadada for helping me proofread this thing and thank you guys for the endless support. the fact that this was on the top page for the seventeen tag is insane and y'all made such a big deal of this and therefore i thank you guys so much. but josh if you see this, no you don't go away, please. i am always constantly overwhelmed by the support and hopefully you guys enjoy this one too!
tag list: @sapphichui @librarian-stacks @dontflailmenow @gyuldaengie @minniemole @greysdarling @romromthedeer @yoondae @dinosbestie @boo-tycall
You may be wondering, what happened that night when Chan fapped to the thought of you in front of a live audience, not forgetting to invite you when he’s made a mess of himself. Did you really take up his offer, stormed out of your room, and had the most mind-blowing sex with your roommate you ever had?
Of course, you fucking didn’t, are you kidding?
What you actually did was finish off independently in your own rooms and did not speak another word to each other for the rest of the night.
You were awkward roommates at the end of the day and who knows what kind of shit would happen if you decided to pursue these escapades any further. No matter how hot and incredible Chan/Dino looked naked, there was no way you’d potentially ruin your convenient living agreements with your roommate who obviously makes enough money for the both of you (a lot of thanks to you I guess). So, what was the tactical decision after learning your roommate is a popular and successful sex worker?
Act as if nothing happened. What live show? What’s Dino? What even is Svthub? You don’t masturbate, that’s icky.
Yeah, you’re having a hard time believing that too. But what else were you supposed to do?
You could hardly look Chan in the eye the next day. Fortunately, he paid you almost no mind being that it was his weekend too. However, last night’s show was not as easily forgettable for you as it was for him. You could still picture the momentum and force that took hold of his body that managed to power his personal gratification, killing every functional cell of your entire being. His smile was already so pretty on a normal basis but how it twists desperately when he gets closer and closer, and his whines get louder and bolder, you could just cum then and there.
It fucking drove you insane he was just sitting there on the couch, laughing at cartoons as if nothing happened. It, in fact, confused you, even more, making you consider whether last night was even a dream because of how contradicting Chan and Dino really were, but it’s him. That laugh is his, that smile is his, that body is his, and that semi-hard cock poking at his gray sweatpants was definitely his. How were you so stupid that you didn’t notice sooner?
You press your lips in a firm line when you notice him turn his head at you, urging you to swallow the built up drool in your mouth.
“You wanna go grocery shopping today,” he asks, “I think I remember there was a sale for something I’ve been needing for a while.”
Like he needs to participate in any sales from the income he grew overnight.
“We went shopping last week,” you pointed out.
He nods agreeingly, “yeah, but I think we can afford it. I kinda got a huge bonus.”
Yeah, because Chan’s horny roommate couldn’t control themselves.
“Sure. Just let me get my bag.”
He claps his hands in rejoice and waits for you on the couch. When you’re both ready, Chan grabs the house keys and you’re the first one to head to the front door. Turning the knob, you swing the door open and at your feet was a package labeled to your roommate. You curiously pick it up from the ground, “Hey, Chan—”
“Uh, that’s mine,” he snatches it, nervously chuckling, sticking it in a vacant spot on your shared bookshelf.
You narrow your eyes at him as he pushes you out of the apartment and locks the door behind you both. “What was that?”
He shakes his head dismissively, flicking his hand in feigning lack of care. “Just treated myself. Got here earlier than I expected.”
Next day shipping, hmm?
You don’t question it and let Chan lead the way to the local market to grab whatever was missing from your pantry. You push the cart as Chan fills its insides gleefully, walking around like a kid in a toy store. The scene before made you almost forget the persona that clouded your mind, especially as he grows indecisive picking between chips options. You felt a little normal about your situation again.
It was then you found smth you had been looking for. A sugar free coffee syrup collection that you’ve been dying to try and has been sold out for months; it was finally available. The problem was the shelf it was on. Higher than you admit you could reach. You stretch your toes out towards the box, desperately holding on to the whimsical domestic fantasy of flavored coffee, not even getting close to touching the box.
You then feel a presence behind you, his chest grazing your back just enough to feel the noticeable progress he’s made at the gym, and a blackberry scent that hits your nose so delightfully. You didn’t fight the urge to turn around, and you faced Chan as easily hid your body from plain sight, grabbing what you meant to retrieve.
Blinking back cautiously towards him, you see the glimpse of his alluring presence from last nice, but instead you see the full picture. He looks back at you with a taunt, his eyes weighing down to give you a playful condescending grin. In your head, you imagined him teasing you like he would his audience, calling you his little toy or kitten, but instead he says, “Here you go, little one.”
You scoff, snatching the box away from him. “I could have easily gotten it myself.”
He doesn’t move from his stance and instead rests a hand on a shelf mere centimeters from your head. He narrows bedroom eyes down at you and a smile on his face that makes thousands of people climax simultaneously. Your breath hitches as he shifts his stance, where you tighten your grip on the collection box in reassurance.
“I’m sure you think that.” He responds slyly.
You huff in disbelief, pushing past him and towards the cart, grumbling to yourself something about an annoying loser. Chan, within earshot, chuckles to himself, following behind you. Hands besides either of yours on the cart handle, he walks behind you with your back to his chest, essentially embracing you.
You feel the pitter patter of your heart as he whispers in your ear, “anything else I grab from high shelves for ya?”
You roll your eyes and elbow him instinctively, the man holds his gut, absorbing the blow of his consequences. “Please, you’re 5’7. How much help can you actually be?”
“5’8 actually! And I'm a great help!”
When you get back to your apartment, you share the abundance of grocery bags with Chan. You unlock the front door and close it behind both you and Chan. Your gaze lingers at the package left on the book shelf as you pack away the food.
“Not to pry, but what is that package anyway?”
He waves his hands dismissively, “not much, just something I’ve been wanting.”
A fleshlight? A cock ring? Or maybe, a silicone torso?
“Really, you sure seem indifferent for something you’ve been wanting,” you pointed out.
“And you’re really nosy for someone that didn’t want to pry.” He shuts the cabinet, annoyance emitting from his tone.
You feel awful about pestering him but the curiosity was killing you. You continue to light heartedly bring it up every little chance you get. To which, your roommate tries to change the subject or ignore you completely in hopes you forget. Unfortunately for him, you had no off switch.
“Ok, fine, y/n. You really want to know?”
You slightly falter. “…Sure.”
Chan takes out the keys out of his pockets and uses it to shred the box. He flips the box, one cardboard flap at a time, and reveals the excessive packing. He pulls it apart teasingly slow, offering you a slight glare, and your eyes finally land on what was inside. You peer at it confused, pursing your lips before announcing out loud, almost to come to terms with what’s inside.
“A dinosaur onesie?”
“Yeah. Are you happy? You excited yourself for one comfy piece of sleepwear,” he shrugs, underlyingly relieved.
You shake your head, “you spent your bonus on a onesie?”
“What I do in my down time is my business.”
He storms off with his new favorite form of comfort and closes his bedroom door behind him. Your body boiled over with shame, thinking to yourself how selfish and invasive you were being. What, you think because your roommate masturbates to the thought of you once during a web show means you could get in his face?
You facepalm yourself and reluctantly approach his door, a limp knock resonating off the cheap wood. “Chan, I'm sorry. I don’t know why I’m being like this, but that’s no excuse.”
Silence lingers.
“Look it’s not lame to have a onesie okay, I just thought there might be something else in that box? I don’t know, but don’t be mad at me…”
You’re basically talking to a brick wall, or in your case, a wooden door.
“I won’t bother you anymore, okay. I understand there’s some lines that were drawn and I breached one of them…Whenever you want to talk again, let me know. It’s my turn to make dinner anyway. I have to have your input if you’ll complain again.”
You unlatch yourself from the door frame and timidly walk off to your room. Hai door creaks open behind you and your head to see Chan’s head peek out. A guilty expression all over his face and a dry tongue, hesitant to bare out his thoughts. “I did something…bad. Weird even.”
Hesitation is apparent in your response, wondering if he was finally going to admit that secret of his. “okay.”
“I’m not trying to be closed off—”
“You’re not,” you interrupt, “I’m just being annoying.”
“No. No…Well—okay, a little, but maybe I feel that was because of what I did.”
“What did you do, Chan?”
“Don’t make me say it,” he whines.
“It’s okay, you can say it out loud,” you reassure him, “I will not judge.”
“I…may have a little bit too much of your body wash.”
He steps out from the door. “I know how that kind of stuff does without saying, but it just smells so nice. But luckily I did grab some when we’re out, and you didn't notice, so I couldn’t handle the guilt any longer. So projected on you, got angry with you. I’m sorry.”
You blink back at him, unsure of how to respond. This certainly wasn’t something you expected to come out of your mouth and you wonder why he thought it’d be something to ponder over with your feelings in mind. “How cheap do you think I am?”
He shakes his head. “It’s not that I think that I just…thought you should know the truth.”
“It’s fine, Chan. God, I thought you were going to talk about something serious. Is that all?” You egg on.
“…yeah.” He goes behind the door and isolates himself in his room.
You couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit bothered that it was all he had to say to you. Was he really that unaffected by what happened?
You let out a huff of frustration. You couldn’t take it anymore. You had to masturbate to some random hot guy on the internet. That bad guy had to be Chan. And Chan had to masturbate to you, with you, in front of thousands of other horny people to see. However, did he seem to care? Seems unlikely.
Your fist slams his door repeatedly, desiring the closure that should stop eating you up from inside, demanding him to “admit it” and while internally feeling embarrassed that you dropped the ball so quickly. You were a horny mess.
“You have more to explain to me Lee Chan!”
That goes on for a good minute until the door swings open and the man inside pulls you by the wrist disrupting his peace. You press against him, chest to chest, his eyes narrowing at you in frustration, while you look at him like a child about to receive punishment.
“Instead of waiting for me to say something, why don’t you just ask?” He suggests with a sinister tone under his breath.
Adrenaline courses through your veins, your legs grow weak from his tense presence, and you no longer have the urge to speak. Chan’s hand places on the side of your hip, pulls you up from slipping to the floor, and his expression softens. “Are you that bothered by my job?”
Your eyes fluttered rapidly in anticipation “Y-you knew?”
“It took some thinking,” he chuckles and stops to stabilize you back on the ground, keeping his distance, “are you grossed out by me?”
You became still as a lamp post, jumping between the thought of denying everything or putting it all out in the open. He was into you, you were definitely into him, there shouldn’t be a problem.
“I found you by accident. I didn’t mean to invade a private space of yours…When I found out, it was too late at that point.”
“I see. I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable,” he scratches the back of his head with an uncomfortable grin, “I figured I’d be caught sooner or later. Just didn’t think I’d be so soon.”
“Look, you have a job you enjoy. I’m not going to take that away from you, Chan. It honestly doesn’t bother me. It probably pays more than that receptionist gig.”
“Right…So, how much have you seen?”
You sigh, approaching the cushion of his bed and making yourself home on the sheets. “More than I like to admit, especially to the star. Ha ha.”
Chan snickers, finally relaxing to see how aloof you become, and takes the spot next to you in bed. “I have time.”
You explain to him that in the past few days you’ve been in a sexual rut: not wanting do go out and meet other people, not wanting to go on apps, not wanting to make an effort, but still desperately craved sexual attention. That’s when you found Dino. Dino was alluring to you in a way that made you feel comfortable, yet wanted. Dino had a cheesy way with words, but nonetheless, he had a way with them. He feels inclusive and intimate, making you feel immersed in every recording posted on his site. He was talented in ways you could imagine with the last sexual partners you have and gave you the ultimate goal in the end every single time.
“I’m so flattered…and kinda exposed.”
You laugh quietly to yourself and pat him on the back. “You’re really good at it. I was impressed to say the least.”
“I’m assuming you caught last night's show too?”
Your cheeks began to pink. “Uh, yeah, that show.”
“I just want to say I don’t normally do that. It was a one time thing and I just…I got caught up. I’m sorry.”
“D-don’t be, I was really surprised, but pleasantly,” you let out a nervous chuckle, “but I really didn’t think I had that effect on you.”
“Maybe just a little,” he admits with a shy smile, “And I even invited you. It’s stupid. If I knew you were watching—”
“I didn’t come over because it was a live show, not because I didn’t want to…do that with you.”
His eyes lit up. “Oh.”
Chan fiddles with his fingers before resting it close to yours, your pinkies making skin contact. “So, you wanted to?”
You shrug, having a hard time meeting his eyes as you glowed like a fresh tomato. “I don’t know, maybe, kind of…I didn’t want to start something that could ruin what we have, you know?”
“Right,” he nods, “I get that. The last thing us roommates need is a complicated situation.”
“Exactly. It felt only right to not do anything.”
Chan piques in wonder, readjusting himself in the mattress to lean forward in your direction. “Is it though?”
You scoff, glancing at him briefly. “Of course it is…isn’t it?”
His gaze drifts off towards your lips, flickering back to your eyes. A smile that resembles a Cheshire cat forms on his face, effectively luring you without any words. If he did ever decide to show his face, his income would multiply by ten folds. There was no way someone would be able to ignore a face like that. His lips begin to part, and you follow the shapes they make until your brain processes them into words.
“Do you really think that way?”
You let out light gasp, also surprised by how similarly his tone shifts into Dino and once again you’re hypnotized by his mere presence, making you think he could make you do almost anything.
“Don’t you?”
He shakes his head confidently, a soft giggle escapes his lips. “You’re so cute.”
You clear your throat. “Am I?”
“Yeah,” his body turns completely to sit up parallel to you, “You don’t know how much I’m trying to control myself right now.”
“Then don’t,” you respond curtly, “I can handle myself.”
He nods. “I’ll take your word for it.”
His lips fit around yours in an instant. He moves with assertion. You were completely under his spell, unwaveringly in his possession. His hand moves to cup your face, his tongue finding easy entry after biting down on your bottom lips. The top of his nose tickles yours and you find yourself grasping his sides. Your legs pull up from the floor and anchor on his sheets. Chan’s free arm moves to take hold of your waist, forcing you chest to chest.
He parts from your lips reluctantly. He stares back at your half open eyes as if waiting for you to tell him to stop. When you’re the one to lean in and match his rhythm from moments before, he’s the one to give in to you. He melts into you until you’re one. You collapse underneath him and he strokes your hair so sweetly. How he kisses is between a starved man and a long time lover; comforting but exciting all at once.
His hand trails beneath your shirt, shivers running up your spine. You feel his smile against your lips as he hums to himself gleefully. “You’re so pretty underneath me, Kitten.”
“You figured that out too?” You laughed nervously.
“I had a feeling. Is that what you like being called? Kitten?”
You caught your lower lip between your teeth. “Not really, but I don’t mind it when you say it.
“Really,” he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, nuzzling his nose against yours, “that makes me happy to hear.”
His lips fall against your cheeks in peppery kisses then down your jaw, biting and sucking against the untouched skin until it glowed red and purple. His hand at the same time lands on your thigh, massaging your skin. Smoothly, his hands in a cupping shape drags two fingers over your clothed cunt, chuckling darkly into your skin as you gasp. “Fuck Chan.”
He pushes himself up and makes home underneath your pants, achingly closer to the arousal that soaked your underwear. A thin layer of it spreads on the pads on his fingers, pushing them in with the layer of underwear in between. Your abdomen tenses up, but that’s how you knew he did it right. At the same time, his hand traces your jaw before prying it open your lips with his fingers. You let them slip inside your mouth with ease, quick to close around his digits, to which Chan let them pump inside your mouth. He grips your jaw with the rest of his hand, emulating you being full in both ends.
“You like that? You like it when I put my fingers in your mouth?”
You bob your head to nod, feeling his fingers plunge harder into your core as a reward. You moan loudly around the fingers in your mouth, and feel him drag his crotch over your thigh, getting himself off. You are overwhelmed to say the least but not unsatisfied. “You look like you’d do anything I want, am I right about that kitten?”
You nod again, subtle squirming at the height of your excitement.
“Then why don’t you make yourself comfortable and sit on my face for me, hmm? And you can return the favor for me if you like.”
He pulls away from you to give you space. He undresses himself from his plain white tee down to his sweatpants and soon after you follow suit. You ogle at the appearance of his sweat glistening torso, able to trace every deep toned structure by memory, and then match the level of his cock, pointing plainly in your direction, almost screaming at you to touch it.
“Is kitten getting distracted? You need some help undressing?”
He chuckles at your speechless state and comes to your aid. He lifts your shirt from your body, his confidence faltering at your beautiful flushed skin underneath as he looks at you in amazement. His hand glides your slide, thumbing over your erect nipples to see then get harder he squeezed. Pulling away from the trance, he smiles before lowering down and pulling off your pants and underwear, unveiling a glistening beauty that was your cunt. He could feel his mouth watering already.
“I want to eat you out so bad,” he says breathlessly.
Your blood pumping at his words, making you pull Chan flat on the bed. He lays sprawled out with a smile, he beckons you with a simple gesture, and before you know it, you lower yourself over his mouth, tempted by the cock that stood tall in front of you. You feel him kiss along your inner thigh, mouthing at your folds, until that while his smile engorges on your entrance. His thumbs spread you apart and feel your heart flutter at his pace. He had yet to use his tongue but skills did all the talking. You grab hold of his strong, reliable thighs and flatten your body on his.
You hold his shaft for the first time and laugh nervously. “Wow, I’m seeing it in person.”
“I hope I can exceed your expectations,” he chuckles into your heat.
First you take in the shape with your eyes, pristine and perfect just like on screen, then your mouth. You fit half of it inside the best you could, all while drowning to the sound of Chan’s wet love making to your soaked pussy, and bob face down on his length. You lube him with your saliva, transparent ribbons stretching as you pull away. Your hand cups his balls, kneading them like dough, adjusting to his size all too naturally.
While Chan had a delicious time, he grew increasingly aware how better you were at this than he imagined. This only encourages him more, his arms loop around your legs, pulling your body toward him roughly. He flicks his tongue in sharp licks and occasionally switches to devouring its inside like a gourmet meal. His nose buried deep into you, rubbing against the bud of your clit, playful pants leaving his lips.
“Mmh, Chan. Like that please…” you plead.
His nails dig into the flesh of your ass, licking fats and harsh stripes before letting you close up around his tongue. He explores you like he would a venture, ambrosia on his taste buds. On the other hand, you feel the need to catch up. You swallowed his girth, pushing it in deeper, and grind up on Chan’s face. When you reach his base, his hips come to aid, thrusting into your mouth with no remorse. You stabilize yourself on his stomach and let him hit the back of your throat senselessly. Your eyes roll to the back of your skull, vibrating around him from your moans, tears start to swell up in your eyes.
Your muffled voice would echo from the walls, bouncing off every surface, before you came in his mouth, twitching enough that he forces you down on him. He drove you insane with what could do, driving you to pull your mouth off him to gasp for air, it all became too much, but not unwelcome. “P-please cum in my mouth, Chan. I want it so bad.”
Chan lets his mouth rest for a moment, takes the opportunity to take in oxygen and leaves you a last order before he dives back in. “Then put it back in your mouth for me, kitten.”
You do as you're told and force it down your throat, letting it hit far back in your uvula with your thrust until he pours inside you. Your eyes snap shut. You close the opening of your mouth to not let a single drop go to waste. Your cheeks inflate from lack of capacity and you're forced to swallow down what you’ve reined in. You fall to your side on the bed and Chan manages to pull himself up to lock eyes. A sweaty disheveled mess, Chan smiles in bliss seeing how fucked out you’ve become just for him. His fingers land on your lips and gently pull them apart to see your clean work. You stick your tongue plainly out in response, smiling just as bright as he was.
“Tired already?” He teases.
“Maybe, just...how do you do it? For hours on end too?”
“I just know what I’m doing, kitten. Don’t worry about the next round, I’ll do all the work,” he crawls on top of you, smoothing your frayed hair, “and while we’re at it, I can turn a camera on and we can have a little something to ourselves.”
Part 3
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sugawara-sweetheart · 8 months ago
babe i cannot stop thinking about stepbro eren who spoils his dumb little sister. he’s always in ur room, watching you pick out clothes and do ur makeup. loves when ur dolled up and ready to go out with historia n ymir cus you have no idea that he’s gna cum on your face and fuck ur throat instead. you call historia while he’s balls deep in ur cunt and tell her you cant make it <3 eren’s cock makin’ you even dumber thsn you already are <3 he loves his little bimbo bitch and loves ruining ur pretty makeup with cum too !
screaming crying cumming rn
warnings: stepcest, recording, some lil degradation, facefucking, all under cut, not proofread bc im tired and just a lil horny ngl
no but stepbro!eren who's a bit mean when your parents first marry. he's sarcastic and snarky but he always says everything with just a smirk tugging on his lips that's all you can think about. and besides, you're just a bit too dumb and starstruck by him to really get his snide remarks, to know that he's not just playing around when he grabs your ass in that tiny skirt or pinches your pebbling nipples through that thin top- you just giggle and squeal his name like the dumb pretty bitch you are <3
stepbro!eren that knows you're obsessed with pretty boys and dick and you love having one shoved down your throat that the first time your parents are away together he doesn't hesitate to corner you in the living room, pushing you to your knees and telling you to suck because that's what good girls do
stepbro!eren who reminds you that it's lucky you're hot because your head is empty, reminding you youre a dumb lil cutie when he's buried in your tight pussy, your eyes unfocused, babbling his name through your moans.
stepbro!eren who always sits at the end of your bed, watching you from the moment you get out of the shower in just that tiny lil towel. he chooses out your clothes for you, tells you you look like such a pretty slut when you have your makeup all done, lashes fluttering and that pretty lip gloss pout making him all hard
stepbro!eren that says now because you look so pretty he's all hard and it hurts and it's all your fault so you can't go out with historia and ymir till you've helped him! he just loves it when you sigh and roll your big doe eyes. ‘alright, eren! quickly!’ you’re so dumb you don’t realise you’re not going anywhere when you pepper the pink leaking tip with kisses
stepbro!eren who loves all the cute noises you make when he fucks your throat, one hand gripping your straightened hair, knowing he’s making it a mess. he loves calling you a messy slut, letting the tears and drool and precum make a mess on your face
stepbro!eren who tells you to smile at the camera as he starts to record you and you’re so dumb you just smile around his cock, panties getting damper by the second
stepbro!eren who answers the phone for you when historia calls because you’re late, forcing it to your ear as he pounds into your tight cunt, squelching filling the room as you stumble over your words, gasping as you tell her you don’t think you’ll be able to make it. he loves how he can hear her question you further but you’re already losing focus, whining as you can only gaze at eren with glossy eyes, so fucked out you can’t even respond to historia’s voice until eren finally snatches the phone back, ending the call as you moan out his name
stepbro!eren who only ever cums on your pretty face, loving seeing his release ruin your pretty makeup just to have you giggle, all lost in a haze as he slaps your messy cumstained cheek. “aw did i fuck my lil cutie dumb? is that head of yours even emptier?”
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givemearock · 7 months ago
Tmr boys if you gave them a rock
A/N: found a TikTok in one of my albums from Marauders TikTok (ooh Marauders TikTok 😊) of someone doing this with them so I had to do this with my favorite boys. also I live in a reality where Newt survived and I will not be taking any criticism on that fact (fight me and you will not win).
and sry I have no ideas for zart and frypan and I didn’t wanna just make theirs extra short bc they deserve full length ones so I’ll make theirs longer in the next post I do :)
his first instinct would probably be to take it and throw it at someone
‘A rock? Thomas! Think fast!”
but once he realizes you wanted him to keep it he’d take it in his pack whenever he went on runs through the maze
he’d joke about it being his good luck charm
after they survived all the crazy stuff from the maze to the scorch trials and he realized he had it with him the whole time he’d claim it genuinely was his good luck charm
when he got taken by WCKD they’d ofc take it from him but he’d put up one hell of a fight trying to keep it
once he was rescued he’d probably find it and cut someone with it because he can
would probably stay attached to it until he saw you again and then he’d keep it as a memory since he’d had you again and that was enough
he be so confused but then he’d get weirdly excited about it
it would definitely add to his ego that he’d received a present despite it just being rock and go around gloating
‘look at this rock [Name] gave me’ ‘isn’t it cool?’ ‘look there’s a sparkly piece on the end’
the excitement would probably die down in a couple days but he’d still keep it because it reminds him of you
eventually it’d become as important to him as Newt’s letter, or Chuck’s wooden sculpture, especially if you gave it to him in the maze
would probably make some stupid decisions and end up in bad situations that he only gets out of by sheer luck trying to protect it or get it back if he was ever without it
I feel like he’d be so swept up in the chores of the day that he probably wouldn’t think much of it at first depending on when you gave it to him
‘I’ve finished counting our inventory, reviewed everyone’s jobs, made my hammock, thanks for the rock [Name], now I just need to wash my clothes-‘ etc. etc, you get the idea
once he realized that you’d given it to him he’d probably give you a confused look, like the one unsettled tom meme
he’d get over it pretty quickly and simply keep it in his pocket, being sure not to lose it because as he’d say ‘it’s rude to lose things gifted to you by friends’ but it’s really because it’s specifically from you, and also because Newt’s a great person
throughout the all the trials whenever he felt nervous about having the flare or as if he shouldn’t be with his friends at all because of it he’d look at it for a while and it’d make him feel better
he’d give you a look mixed between confusion and disgust, ‘why the hell are you giving me a rock?’
he’d end up taking it, but not after asking a bunch of questions about why and what gave you the idea to give it to him
would definitely act like it wasn’t a big deal and like he didn’t care about it but he would make sure to take it everywhere with him and wouldn’t let anything happen to it
having it with him would become a part of his daily routine, wake up, get ready, grab the rock, go to work
‘I’m not obsessed with the rock I just don’t want anyone to touch it or ruin it, for [Name]’s sake’
in the end it’d be the only thing from the maze he’d still have once they all made it to the safe haven because he’d gotten so used to protecting it, it was his favorite thing after all
he wouldn’t understand at first wondering why you were giving him of all people a rock but I feel like he’d be quick to take it just to have
he’d get really attached to it really fast and especially in the second book since he didn’t know anyone too well he’d probably latch onto it
unless he somehow found a way to keep it on him, he’d feel awful about getting it taken from him when WCKD took them despite it not being his fault
when he was rescued if you ever gave him another one he’d latch onto it as quickly as the first being sure never to lose this one
would probably talk to random people about it in the safe haven and especially to you because he was so fond of it
eventually he’d give it a name and start talking to it when no one was around
not because he’s crazy but just for the fun of it
the adventures of Aris and his rock :)
This one was fun to do like it’s so random but I love it
Have a nice day and night !! 🪨 Also Happy Two’s day!! We’re living through a historical event
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