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prospearatree · 4 days ago
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curiositymagic · 4 months ago
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This thing is legit. It’s a beast at cooking meats and hard boiled eggs. Should’ve gotten it sooner. 
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diyendlessfantasy · a year ago
How do I keep my pours from having bubbles and make my toys even higher quality?
The most accessible way to improve the overall quality of your silicone product is the purchase of a vacuum pump and vacuum chamber. This equipment set is is the most common used by silicone artists, and can easily remove the bubbles that result from pouring and mixing silicone into the mixing container. A vacuum pump draws air out of the vacuum chamber, causing a drop in air pressure. Gases follow the rule of diffusion, and so prefer to move from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration when they can. As a result of this physical property, as the air is removed from the chamber and the pressure drops, the air that is trapped inside your mixed silicone has more room to expand and move out into the chamber, thereby popping the bubbles inside the mixing container, and reducing the amount of air trapped inside the silicone you plan to use. Once the process is complete, the silicone is ready to pour and should have minimal bubbles so long as an appropriate pour technique is used.
Additionally, some artists will utilize a pressure pot and compressor as a part of the curing process. This set up works by pumping air into the pot until it reaches about 25 to 40psi, and then allowing the piece to sit inside under pressure for the full cure time. Rather than freeing the bubbles inside the silicone, the increased pressure inside the pot exerts an incredibly strong force on the bubbles, causing them to shrink much more easily compared to the dense silicone.
Either of these methods can be used to create a stronger, higher quality product, and some artists use them in tandem or separately depending on the shape of the sculpt they’re casting.
As always: please be sure to read any manuals or safety information your equipment comes with. Wear appropriate PPE. Never modify a piece of equipment without professional guidance or to go beyond its designed limitations; doing so can result in serious injury or even death.
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lowspoonsfood · 4 months ago
God I’m Tired Chicken Soup
Requires a programmable pressure cooker.  For days when you are low on spoons AND sick AND people need fed. 5 cups vegetables of choice; I use things that I can just dump in or else cut right into the pot with a paring knife; check out pre-chopped onions, celery, etc., in the freezer section at your supermarket 2 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts 2/3 cup uncooked brown rice or barley Garlic in whatever form and quantity you want Poultry herbs–whatever you have and want–rosemary, thyme, savory, sage… Salt and black or white pepper 1 ½ quarts broth or water Put in the vegetables, then the chicken, then the rice and seasonings, then the broth. Set pressure cooker for 12 to 15 minutes on High, depending on size of chicken pieces.  Go sit down. Use the natural release.  Go sit down while the valve is shrieking. Get 2 forks out.  Find the chicken pieces and shred them, right in the pot, with the forks.   Stir the soup, and serve.  Go sit down.
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tj-crochets · 4 months ago
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The maximum rainbow quilt top is done! I still need to add the backing and decide whether or not I’ll add batting (the backing is minky so I can go without if I want)
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doctxrdoctxr · 7 months ago
I never see positivity posts for POTS, so I am making one. 
People with POTS and orthostatic hyper/hypotension: I see you. You are here and you are doing wonderfully. 
Sufferers who use mobility aids: I see you. You are not lesser for using one, it is genuinely difficult for you to stand, walk distances, and move around. You are completely valid for using one. 
Sufferers who have blurred vision or even visual impairments due to their syndrome: I see you. You are so, so brave having to suffer with that and still getting by each and every day. 
Sufferers who faint and struggle with weakness: I see you. You are strong, a fighter, even when your body is weak. I know it gets so exhausting being strong, and I hope rest finds you soon, and you get to do something fun soon with no episodes. 
Sufferers whose hearts race and blood pressure gets high: I see you. It feels terrifying, it feels painful, and it feels annoying, but it is just a moment. A moment in which your blood pressure triggered your autonomic nervous system, and caused you to feel anxiety and fear. I know that knowing this fact doesn’t get rid of the panic, but it will ease your logical brain and make those moments easier. 
Sufferers of abdominal pain due to this: I see you. Feeling nauseous and bloated sucks donkey balls, I know how you feel. May you feel better soon and be able to quickly find a medicine that helps you. Being misdiagnosed due to this symptom is hard and unfair, and you are so strong for making it to this point. 
Sufferers of brain fog: I see you. It gets scary being confused and forgetful so often. Even lists and notes seem to not help sometimes, believe me I know. Still do them though, take any help you can. Bullet journals are great for this! May your memory and mind serve you as well as they can, be sure to not be harsh towards yourself. You are no lesser for experiencing these symptoms. 
Sufferers of temperature deregulation: I see you. Hot or cold barely seem to matter and, frankly, it’s annoying as hell! Heating and cooling pads are your godsend, get your hands on those and things become much easier. I am sorry we have to struggle through this, may your body be kind to you through winter and summer. You are valid in these sensations! You are not attention-seeking, whiny, or anything similar for complaining about the temperature in the room or outside. 
Sufferers of shakiness/tremors: I see you. It’s hard. It barely ever gets diagnosed either. I’ve had tremors since I was 5 and no doctor ever knew what was wrong, so I believe you when you say doctors don’t listen. It will get easier. It will calm down as you are medicated and make life changes, and will become more manageable. You are not alone in this. 
Sufferers of body aches: I see you. It hurts, I know. I understand that not much makes it better for you. Do everything you can to minimize your pain, heating pads, medicine, medication, muscle relaxing meditation, etc. Whatever you can find, give it a try, even if your gut instinct is “That won’t help me specifically.” Obviously only take advice from reputable sources, but there are thankfully many of those! May your body be gentle with you today and many days to come, and may you receive proper treatment as soon as possible. 
Sufferers of POTS and orthostatic hyper/hypotension: I see you. I am here with you, and I feel your pain. We’re in this together. You’ve got this. ♡
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goldkirk · 26 days ago
FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 9 YEARS I’M NOT ALWAYS MEETING THE CRITERIA FOR POTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the first hour or three of the morning I still feel like I do but my actual heart rate doesn’t make a 30 bpm jump, it’s around 20-29 instead
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clatterbane · 16 days ago
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Tonight's delight: one of my half-assed takes on pasta e fagioli! Using part of a batch of pinto beans I cooked this afternoon!
No ditalini in the house, but some corn ankor left who were ready for a little swim. 🦆
It's definitely trying to slide into fall here, with cooler rainy weather. With the thunderstorms we got this afternoon, some kind of hearty soup seemed like just the ticket.
Plus, I really needed some beans and more vegetables. Perfect solution!
Ours ended up with a lot of the cooking done on the stove tonight, partly because I pressure cooked the beans and preferred to just let other soup ingredients join that portion of them in there.
My currently non-veggie hillbilly ass also had to fry up some bacon to go in with the beans (as the best seasoning meat option we had), so I just glugged in a little olive oil and sauteed the soup veggies in the bacon skillet. The soggy bean pot bacon also got torn up with a couple of spare crispy slices and thrown into the soup, because why not. Good way to use it up unobtrusively.
The main part of the soup did get cooked under pressure for a while, then I decided the best option was to ladle about half of that out into another pan to finish it up with the duckies and some frozen spinach. I also threw in a little chopped fresh basil toward the end, because we had some homegrown to use.
Corn pasta is a tad tricky at the best of times, and really does not cope well if you leave it sitting with any kind of liquid for long. But, I really wanted it cooked in the soup. If we didn't just want duck mush within an hour or so, better to cook that as we're ready to eat it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That did mean an extra pot to wash, but it turned out great. 😋
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Badly lit in my bowl, with some unintentionally coarsely grated Parmigiano on top. We accidentally ordered the wrong stuff, but it worked fine in soup! 🍲
Very satisfying late supper, and there's still both soup-minus-pasta and more pinto beans for later. 😁
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theresa-of-liechtenstein · a month ago
reading about mang juan writing down that herc “knows chief pilot” in his outline for newcastle after i extend herc’s one documented interaction with linda into ‘they’re work wives and have a bestieworstie dynamic going’ is so funny like. [antonio ulo voice] why yes i know the chief pilot. he’s my bestie’s dad
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lessamao · 6 months ago
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daftpatience · 10 months ago
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I made some pendulums out of resin!! if... I put these in my shop.....
would anyone 🥺👉👈 ......want one?
I think they're super cute!
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miss-shydeer · 2 months ago
do u ever eat something so spicy u have to take breaks
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ashilrak · 7 months ago
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The Percy Jackson VDay 2022 Gift Exchange is officially over and it was, without a doubt, an incredible success! The fics can be found here, and I highly encourage you all to read, kudos, and comment.
The fic exchange would not have been possible without the writers, and I'd like to give them all a huge thank you:
allyens, @ananeko123, @anxioustofu, @bouquetofwhoopsiedaisies25, Deadgirl_walking, @justonemorechapternicercy, @genderconfusedhellenic, @idiotandahalf, @immortalsimulacrum, @las-lus, Leor_Ataraxia, @mrthology, nothanksplease, @percyinpanties, @perseusjackson-jasongrace, @rationalelderberry, @bipolarbookworm08, realphoebusapollo, @robindrake93, @sodamnbored, @stardustupinlights, @takaraphoenix, @stucksolangelo, visiblyuncomfortabl, WaterSeraphim, Word_Addict, @caffeinated-croissant
I hope you all had a great time and enjoyed your gifts! I've put this infographic together in case anyone finds this sort of data as interesting as I do.
I will be hosting another exchange for the summer solstice, and sign-ups for that will open on April 1st.
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salt-baby · a month ago
went to a walk in clinic
nurse and doctor both ask if I'm a skater
(because of my knee and wrist braces)
stg I've never wanted more to be able to look directly into the camera like the office
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tj-crochets · 6 months ago
At this point idk if pretty much all my health problems are caused by allergies so benadryl actually helps with them or if I just *think* benadryl will help so it’s an effective placebo, but I kind of don’t care? aka been having weird allergy issues again but benadryl came to the rescue lol
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the-archenlandian-court · 2 months ago
*after doing a 24 hour blood pressure reading*
My doctor: why was your heart rate severely raised at 1am?
Me, who was reading fanfic: well you see, the grumpy one was soft for the sunshine one
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the-average-procrastinator · 2 months ago
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Finally, some dice I love ☺️
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