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just realised how much this lyrics are perfect for them like wow???????
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Hi! could you write sth fluff with domestic mason. Maybe the reader and him cooking on a sunday night and doing facetime with ben. Then they cuddle in the sofa and talk about their plans on Monday. The night routine they do in the bathroom. Just domestic mason with his girlfriend!!!!
Sunday kind of love | Mason Mount fluff
Tumblr media
Notes: I loved writing this! thank you for the request! enjoyyyy mainly just mason being a simp xx (Also this is loosely based off one of my fave songs- A Sunday kind of love: by Etta James!) gif by @movnt | 3.1k words
Blurb: One where after a Saturday night out you and mason spent a Sunday morning together filled with love.
Warnings: None.
Small rays of light project down harshly through the tinted windows in the back of the black cab you were currently crammed in. The light loosely reflecting shapes onto the side of your face, highlighting your most prominent features.
The sounds of his small giggles into your neck were warming your heart as you placed your hand in the short length of his hair, the other caressing his back. However, one of his hands had reached around your stomach and settled around your hip as his lips were placing barley thare kisses to the crease of your collar bone.
The light tickling sensation mixed with the alcohol in your system meant you couldn't contain your fits of giggles as you threw your head back in the leather seat of the taxi.
Your giggles. Your smile. He loved that laugh.
Mason wanted to bathe in the sound of your giggles, he loves when he makes you laugh. That obnoxiously loud sounding laugh that you always apologize for. He loved it when you couldn't control it. 
In attempts to meet his wishes his hand that was gently snaked around your hip to hold you down inched higher. To the point where it was resting right along your stomach and now around your torso.
It was almost like you knew his next move as your knees came up in the air, your hand fighting his fingertips away from your side. But mason had the upper hand as he leaned into the warmth of your body more, dragging his fingertips up the sensitive skin of your side. His heart panged out of his chest when your chest erupted with fits of giggles, your back arching slightly as you fought to throw his hands off you.
He fawned over the way his name gently dropped from your lips, begging him to stop through giggles. 
Mason pulled his face away from the warm crook of your neck, placing his forehead on yours as he watched the street lamps illuminate all his favorite colors in your eyes.
He couldn't wipe away his smile as he gently leaned forward, placing a sloppy kiss to your upper lip. Quick gentle one, full of warmth and love. The love that he felt the need to give to you every time he saw that goddamn smile and heard that stupid giggle.
Mason's eyes shot up to look at the recognisable street that he called home. When he moved his gaze back down all he saw was your loving smile, he loved this kind of love. 
Sure it looked new, it looked fresh, it was the honeymoon stage as most would say. But it had been a couple years since he had met you and Mason was one hundred percent that this stage would never end, he wouldn't let it.
He relished in the feeling of you bringing your hand up, carseing the small stubble on his cheek. Before leaning forward and pecking the tip of his nose. God he is so incredibly in love with you.
It was a cold saturday night, you had stepped out of the taxi onto the cold floor of masons drive way. You stared down at your bare toes on the dull gray concrete floor. Your arms sheltered from the cold breeze due to the warmth of your boyfriend's helpful jacket. 
You watched as mason said thank you to the driver shutting the door with one hand, your heels in his other hand as he turned to smile at you just standing there. He couldn't stop himself from feeling giddy at the way you looked. His jacket was almost longer than your dress, your bare legs on show as well as your white painted toes. He admired your lopsided smile and clearly tired eyes. He smirked at the way your hair was messy and out of place only on the right side from where you had been resting your head on his shoulder in the taxi, and how your lipstick was smudged from all the secret sloppy kisses you had shared in the club.
He wrapped his arms around you from behind, his fingertips gently resting on your waist as you both walked over to his front door. You heels that he had been carrying all night still in his hands as he gently grazed your stomach.
When Mason opened the door he stood back, ushering for you to walk in first. You stumbled through the door, watching Mason lock it behind him. The last of the warm breeze blew through the door, swaying his blown hair in the way you loved the most. 
When he turned around you could see him now in a better light than in the taxi or the club. 
His hair was a mess, he stank of the tequila that you had both been drinking all night. HIs eyes were bloodshot from the hours they had been open. You smiled at how his top button was undone, exposing his upper chest slightly. But your favorite was the small smudge of red around his cheek, the first kiss you had placed on him that night, not wanting to ruin your lipstick on his lips so soon, so you planted a soft kiss to kiss cheek. Little did you know the red stain and faint outline of your lips had stayed on his cheeks all night.
“I think I need some water.” You blurted out, you were sure you were standing still but the ground underneath you was spinning.
Mason giggled as he took you hand in his, pulling you through to the kitchen, he grabbed one of his glasses from the cupboard, walking over to the fridge to fill it with some cold water. 
You pulled his jacket off, placing it down on one of his bar stools before you somehow managed to jump up on to his kitchen counter, sitting there waiting for him to bring you your water.
You were watching your feet dangle over his lower cupboards before mason walked over, placing his hand over your thigh, separating your legs so he could stand in between them. He gently held the small of your back as he took his own sip of your water before passing it to you.
He smirked at your frown before you bought the glass up to your lips, your throat itching at the cold sensation. When the glass was almost empty mason walked back over to the fridge, filling the glass up once more.
“Go up to bed love, I'll be up in a second.” He whispers in the quietness in his house.
You can't help but think about how lonely it must be for him in this large house on his own. Especially compared to your small apartment in the heart of london. 
You never felt lonely in your own company until you met him. You body aching to spend every waking moment with him.
You gently nod your head before standing on your tiptoes, placing a peck to his cheek, wisping away out of the kitchen and up the carpeted stairs to his bedroom.
You make your way to his bathroom, staring at your reflection for a moment, motifited. You looked awful with your smudged lipstick and messy hair. 
You try to pull the draw out under the sink, the draw mason had confirmed was yours.
You pulled the handle again but the draw wouldn't budge. You huffed out a groan, one that could be heard from where Mason was standing on the steps of his stairs. A smile crawling on his lips as he knew straight away you were struggling to open the draw again.
He placed the two glasses of water down on each of his bedside tables before walking into his bathroom where he found you, sat on the lid of the toilet seat, a pout on your face as you had been unsuccessful in opening the stuff draw.
“Need some help?” He smirked, crossing his arms as he lent into the doorway of his bathroom.
Your silent glare was enough for Mason to know you did need his help, you were always too stubborn to ask.
He walked forward, bending down his knees, pulling the draw open with ease before he looked up at your annoyed face. He reached in the drawer, pulling out what he knew you were exactly looking for, you make up a remover and a few other bits for your skincare routine.
Your heart thumped as he pulled out every single product that he knew you needed. He stood up for a second, pulling you up by your hand, gently placing a hand under your thigh as he hoisted you up onto his bathroom counter.
He knew exactly what he was doing. He placed the micellar water onto the cotton pads, as one of his hands then came to the back of your neck as he placed it gently over your eyes. He was gentle with the wipe, making sure he had used enough water and had enough wipes to take your makeup off fully.
Your heart swelled as you watched the tip of his tongue dart out of his mouth in concentration. Your hands gently wrapped around his waist as he slotted himself further into your legs.
When he had taken all of your makeup off he grabbed a damp towel, wetting and drying your skin once more before pulling away and placing a simple kiss to your cheeks and forehead.
Mason then placed a small amount of your favorite night cream in his hands, gently spreading the moisturizer around your skin, tapping it in just like how he had watched you do in the mirror most nights. 
And once he was sure you were ready for bed, he grabbed your hair brush from the draw, gently brushing the back of your hair. As you leant forward, placing your head on his shoulder. He hasn't quite mastered the art of tying your hair up yet, and if he was being truthful he didn't want to. He loved waking up in the morning to find your hair sprawled out on his pillow, it was a gentle reminder that you were real and you were his.
And last but not least he grabbed the two toothbrushes from his pot, the blue one that belonged to you and the red one that belonged to him. He placed a small amount of water and toothpaste on your rush for you before handing it to you. Watching as you turned around to see yourself in the mirror as you brushed your teeth.
When you and mason were both done he then grabbed you off the counter, carrying you into the bedroom and placed you down. You pulled your dress over over your head, parading around in your skimpy little lingerie set before grabbing one of your favorite shirts from his top drawer. A draw he had also designated to you. 
On the left side of the draw was some of your stuff, the other side was masons stuff that you had claimed to be yours. All of your favorite hoodies and t-shirts of his.
You put the shirt over your head before borrowing a pair of his boxers and climbing into his bed. 
Mason hadn't long joined you,  laying on his back so you could place your head on his chest, listening to the fast pitter patter of his heart beat. His arm wrapped around your shoulder, gently grazing the naked skin on your arm. You legs hanging over him for more warmth as you also placed your hand under his shirt to feel the warmth of his skin.
“Thank you for a really lovely night, mase.” You whispered, tucking your face into him more.
Mase. He loved it when you called him mase.
He leant forward, placing a kiss to your head before he pushed his nose into the mess of your hair. “I had a really good night too, y/n/n.”
“Tired?” He asked you.
“Knackered.” You mumbled into the warmth of his chest.
Mason smiled as he wrapped his arms around you more. He loved it when you stayed the night, he loved falling asleep with you in his arms, then waking up in the middle of the night, nuzzling back into your body when his sleep had dragged him away, holding you all through to the morning.
“Tomorrow we can make breakfast together, then catch up on love island?” He mumbled, the sleep evident in his voice.
“I'd love to, baby.” You whisper before you fall into a calm slumber, wrapped up in the warm arms of your boyfriend.
You loved nothing more than a late Saturday night, full of drunken kisses and giggles, making it all the way through to a Sunday morning tired kind of love.
You woke up in the morning by the slight russaling of Mason's body, you inched closer to him, wrapping your hands around his torso, acting as the big spoon.
Mason moved his head slightly, turning back to look at you, your eyes were shut, your breathing was shallow, but he knew you were awake by the small smile that toyed on your lips.
“Morning.” He mumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
He rolled over in hopes to plant a kiss to your lips but you pulled back.
“No, I have morning breath.” You giggled, “I need a shower first, mase.”
Mason groaned out his nickname before he flopped his body on top of yours, his face finding its favorite place, in the crook of your neck.
“My head hurts.” You moaned out, wrapping your arms and legs around your boyfriend like a panda.
“Awe, my poor baby.” Mason moved up to look at you, “Don't worry I'll look after you.” He smiles, pulling you on top of him for another hug. 
You both lay there for a moment, appreciating the fact you both have a day off and can spend the full day in each other's company. 
After what felt like hours of cuddling you jumped up to get in the shower and mason said he would wait downstairs for you with a cup of tea. You shower off any trace of last night off of you, throwing your damp hair up in a bun and running back into his bedroom to steal one of his hoodies.
When you get to his staircase the smell of cooked food runs along your nostrils. And the sight you see when you get to the bottom was just hot.
Mason was standing over his stove, frying some eggs, his hair was still messy, his boxers were loosely hanging over his waist, his toned chest on show as he held out a metal spatula in his other hand.
You walk over to him, gently wrapping your hands around him from behind, placing a gentle kiss to his shoulder before leaning around him to see what he's cooking.
“Hey you.” You smile up at him once he turns around, placing the spatula on the end of the pan.
He doesn't reply, he just brings his hands down to meet yours, holding them tightly and bringing them up to wrap your arms around his shoulders as his fingers gently trace back down to your waist and back up to the small of your back, bringing you in for a tight hug.
He spins your slightly, leaning forward, mumbling the lyrics of the song that was faintly playing over the alexa he had put on. You knew straight away that the music was one of your playlists that he had chosen, and once again your heart beated out of your chest at the attentiveness of this man. He pulled you in then span you out, dancing with you to the faint sound of 60s love songs in his kitchen on a cold Sunday morning.
You giggle into his shoulder as he continues to hold you close, swaying with you for a couple more songs, trying to get you to laugh as much as he can. 
God he loved that laugh.
“Mase.” You mumbled into his shoulder as you held him close.
“Mhm.” He mumbled into your hair, one of his hands held in your has you both continued to gently sway.
“Mason.” You push off of him, a smirk on your face as your mouth gapes open, you try to move your head around him but he stops you.
“What?” He furres his eyebrows at you, caught up in the moment.
“Is that burning smell your eggs?” You giggled, your lips pressing into a fine line as you tried to suppress your laughter.
Mason pulls away slightly, a confused look on his face, “My what- oh my god. My eggs!” He shouted, turning around to see his now burning eggs.
You can't help but giggle as you watch him scramble to move the pan off of the stove, giggling himself as he had just managed to save his eggs from burning.
“It's okay, it's okay. I saved them just in time.” He smiled at him, as he pretended to wipe the sweat off his forehead.
You lean into him once again, your arms around his torso as you lean up to give him a kiss, “You're cute.” You smile on his lips, pecking him a couple of times.
“I try to be.”
Mason forces you to go sit on the sofa and turn the tv on while he prepares some toast and avocado for you both, knowing it's your favorite. 
When he finally joins you, you sit with your legs crossed on the sofa, a blanket over your legs and your plate resting on your knees as you and mason turn on some of the last few episodes of love island that you had both missed.
“I keep telling Woody he should go on this show.” Mason says with a mouthful of eggs, pointing at the tv.
You snort slightly at imagining your friend on the show, “We could totally look after his instagram for him.” You smirk.
“No, he would bottle it. He already shits himself around girls.” Mason laughs as he places both of your empty plates on the table in front of him, leaning in to cuddle you.
“He can't be that bad at talking to girls.” You smiled, watching as Mason laid his head down on your lap, closing his eyes for a moment as your hands found their way through his hair.
“Once me and Ben went through his instagram dms when he passed out drunk, y/n it was bad.” Mason said in a serious tone, you let out a little laugh and continued to watch the tv, your fingers gently tracing shapes around the back of his ear.
“You know I applied for love island a few years ago.” You smirk, you can't see his face but by the way you felt his eyelashes flutter on your leg you knew he was shocked at the new revelation. 
“Wait, really? When?” Mason moves his neck around, looking up at you from his position in his lap.
“Yeah, back when the show first started to get popular. I think I applied for season four or five maybe.” You smiled down at him.
“You're having me on.” Mason smirked at you, he knew you were a bad liar.”
“What no, I'm telling the truth!” unfortunately your smile had given it away, as well as your ability to not be able to look into his eyes.
Mason let out a loud laugh before turning back to the tv.
“You know I totally believed you then for about thirty seconds.” He giggled at your little attempt to prank him.
You both cuddle up onto the sofa more, eventually the episode ends and you are all caught up. You take the dishes into the kitchen to be washed.
Mason follows you into the kitchen like a lost puppy, smiling sheepishly as he helps you place all of the bowls into the dishwasher.
He loved days like this, seeing you so comfortable in his house. It was days like today or when he had been away for a while and he came home late at night and you were already asleep in his bed, he wondered why you didn't live with him yet.
“Move in with me.” He blurted out, he couldn't stop himself, but now he had said it the fear of rejection was kicking in. He knew you hated how he left dirty glasses in his room, or how he would never wipe the floor when he got out of the shower. He was over thinking how you might actually hate how clingy he would be with you, or what if you couldn't agree what to watch on the tv.
“Wait, really?” He watched as you closed the dishwasher, putting it on before you turned to stand in front of him where he was leaning on the wall.
“Was I supposed to say no?” You mocked his shocked attitude.
“No, no-”
“Mason, I would love to move in with you.” You smiled at him, wrapping your arms around him for what felt like the millionth time that day, but he didn't mind as he always managed to melt into your touch.
“But I'd like to decorate first.” You placed your chin on his chest looking up at his putty face as you just offended the decor of his home.
“A few plants, and I think my pillows would look really nice in the living room.”
He smiled as he thought about having your yellow plates in his kitchen cupboard, and your blankets over his bed. He just held you tighter to let you know he was okay with that, it would be both your home too.
“I'm not taking the model of stamford bridge on the coffee table though.” He smirked, knowing your thoughts on the small model placed in the middle of his front room.
"You just want me here so I can't do your dirty washing for you!" You joked at him, mason leaguing because he cant deny he has always been awful with the washing machine.
He couldn't wait to live with you. To live every single day like he did today. To wake up and make you breakfast, knowing you will always be here when he got home from away days, he couldn't wait, and neither could you.
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Bad Patch
Tumblr media
Reader x Mason Mount
My Masterlist
Word Count: 4.8k
Warnings: Angst & Smut
Blurb: Chelsea have had a bad run of games lately and your boyfriend isn’t paying you any attention as a result, leaving you both frustrated but for very different reasons.
FYI - This is based on the bad run of games, several injuries and the covid outbreak Chelsea had around Christmas time, I just didn’t get chance to finish it then.
Tumblr media
You sat on his sofa, letting out a heavy sigh as you heard the whistle blow on the TV, the match ending in yet another draw for Chelsea. You knew this was going to hit Mason hard, being a perfectionist and having high expectations of himself and his team, but Chelsea had been going through a bad spell recently, something that Mason knew they would overcome eventually but it was still frustrating when they were failing to win the games that would normally be stacked in their favour.
It was an away game against Wolves and due to the recent spike in Covid cases, Mason told you to stay home instead of attending like you usually would, to try and reduce the chance of you catching it and having to isolate. You didn’t live with Mason, although you stayed over most nights, and as of recent you felt like it was a waste of time as he hardly spoke to you, but you knew he needed you there, even if he wouldn’t admit it.
Tuchel was on all of their backs about their performances, but that wasn’t the only thing that was frustrating Mason; he was agitated that his personal affairs were now being affected as he couldn’t go out and let his hair down in his spare time, worried that he would have to miss games if he tested positive too which Chelsea could not afford at the moment due to their long list of injuries.
Instead he’s been sulking around his house for the past couple of weeks, re-watching their recent matches, staying at training a lot longer than usual, and if he wasn’t watching or reading about football, he was hiding in his games room. It wouldn’t bother you normally, that he was trying to distract himself from work, but at the moment it just felt like more obstacles in the way of him paying you any attention.
You hadn’t had sex in over a week, which was pretty much unheard of when it came to your relationship, unable to keep your hands off each other usually, but Mason hadn’t touched you since your quick fumble in the shower last weekend which only happened because he caught you having a moment to yourself and he felt obliged to give you what you wanted, only it wasn’t enough. Whenever you tried to instigate something he would brush you off, making up an excuse that he had something else to do and it was beginning to frustrate you. A lot.  
So when you switched today’s game off after seeing him infuriated throughout it, you knew full well that your boyfriend would be returning home later in a bad mood, and you would be left craving the attention you so desperately needed from him, yet again.  
You had an itch and it needed scratching, imminently.
You decided to prep dinner, settling on making Mason’s favourite in the hopes that it may lift his spirits a little and you made sure there was something in for him to drink, to take the edge off the disappointing day. You and Mason always took it turns to cook, but due to his recent mood he hadn’t really spent too much time in the kitchen, which was another thing that was bothering you. You had everything crossed that he might skip going straight to the PlayStation tonight, instead choosing to spend his Sunday evening with you, but you had your doubts.
When you heard the door open signalling Mason was home, you were in his bedroom sorting through your bag and pulling out a pair of pyjamas for you to put on after a shower. You made your way down the stairs, finding Mason in the kitchen in his Chelsea tracksuit, his face looking defeated.
“Hey baby” you smiled, making your way over to him.
He hummed in response, turning around to bury his head in the fridge as you neared him, already avoiding eye contact.
“I’ve prepped food, I’m going to make your fave… we haven’t had it for a while” you added wrapping your arms around him from behind.
“I’m not really hungry” he muttered as he shut the fridge door, pulling your arms from his waist.
“Well you might be later, I was thinking we could watch a film?” you suggested, trying to sound enthusiastic.
“I’m gonna go upstairs” he responded, avoiding your eye contact.
“Mason” you whined, watching him walk out of the kitchen but he didn’t turn around.  
You picked up the packet of pasta that was sat on the side waiting for you to boil, and you threw it as hard as you could at the kitchen wall in the hopes of getting his attention, and the force of the collision caused the bag to split, sending the pasta shells flying all over the floor.  
Now you were even more pissed off that you had to clear up the pasta from the floor and wasting a packet of penne. All for nothing, but you were too riled up to deal with that now so you followed him, marching up the stairs to find his whereabouts as you were not yet ready to leave this alone.
“Mason, I need to speak to you” you spoke with an assertive tone as you walked into his games room where you presumed he would be.  
“Not now y/n” he warned, fiddling with the computer screen as he waited for his game to load.
“Yes now!” you snapped, walking over to his chair, “I’m sick of you ignoring me”.
“I said not now” you could tell he was annoyed before, but his harsh tone confirmed it even more.
“I know you’re upset Mase, but I just want to spend some time with you” you murmured, standing in front of him to block his view.
You leant over his body as you settled your hands on the arms of the chair, and you bit your lip as you gazed into his eyes, trying to plead with him to focus his attention on you, to give you something.
“Please baby” you whispered.
“I’m not in the mood” he shrugged, leaning his head to one side to try and see past you.
“So I’ve got to wait for you to win a game in order for you to fuck me?” you hissed, pulling yourself away from him.
He glared at you, his eyes narrowing as he warned you not to push it any further, but you did.
“I’ll be waiting all fucking season at this rate” you added whilst turning on your heel to leave the room, slamming the door behind you.
You heard the door open as you made your way across the landing heading for the stairs, feeling smug you had at least gotten a reaction out of him although you knew what you said was harsh, but you would apologise for it later.
“Who are you talking to like that?” he snarled, grabbing your wrist to stop you walking down the stairs.
He pulled you back towards him, pressing his body against you as he backed you against the wall. His eyes had darkened, his eyebrows knitted together as he breathed heavily, and his jaw clenched tighter as he waited for you to answer his question.
“You” you spat, his hand gripping around your throat lightly causing you to smirk under his grip.
“Try it again” he dared you, his eyebrow raising as he felt you swallow, “Go on”.
Your eyes flickered shut, not wanting to say anything else but his behaviour was exciting you; it was the biggest reaction from him you’d had all week, and you knew he’d never hurt you.
“Thought so” he breathed, his hand dropping from your throat as he stepped back into his games room.
“All talk” you muttered.
You knew you were taunting him; you were playing with fire.
You made your way back down the stairs, and just as you were walking towards the kitchen you heard his footsteps following you, hearing the thuds on his carpeted staircase as you smirked to yourself. You tried to act oblivious to his impending presence, pretending to hum along to a song in your head as you stepped into his kitchen, ready to continue making dinner for yourself.
“What is it you want?” he asked, clearing his throat quietly as he stood in the door frame.
You ignored him, tip toeing over the pasta shells scattered on the floor as the room remained silent, reaching to pick up the now empty packet first.
“So now you’re going to ignore me?” he sighed loudly when he realised you weren’t going to answer his first question.
“You’ve got some nerve” you growled, standing up and looking at him.
“I’ll ask again before I go back upstairs” he growled, “What is it you want?”.
“I want my fucking boyfriend back, and whoever this is…” you snarled whilst looking him up and down, your finger pointing straight at him, “Can get fucked”.
You stormed past him and headed up the stairs, and despite you not wanting him to, he mirrored every step you took until he appeared in the bathroom behind you. He watched you reach to turn the shower on, undressing yourself to just your underwear, and you did your best to ignore his presence as you carried on with your plan of having a shower and a chilled night, trying to not let him ruin your evening any further.
“So I can get fucked?” he repeated what you’d said downstairs, still trying to avoid the reason for his shitty behaviour and focusing solely on what you had said, which again annoyed you.
“Yeah” you shrugged, opening his bathroom cupboard to pull out your shampoo and conditioner that you left here for whenever you stayed over.
“Oh I can, can I?” he pushed, still avoiding the real problem.
“Yeah, you can Mason” you snapped back.
“Good to know” he laughed in disbelief before disappearing out of the room.
You were in a game of cat and mouse, but things needed sorting tonight before they escalated, so you went in pursuit of him again. He was sat in his gaming chair to no surprise, his headset covering his ears again with his eyes focused on his computer screen, his jaw clenching tight as you could see his muscles twitching from where you stood.
“You think this is funny?” you spat, standing a few feet away from him.  
“No I fucking don’t” he said with a low voice as he turned to look at you.
“What are you laughing at then?” your tone sounding patronising.
“You” he growled, “You’re a joke, acting like a brat with everything going on”.
“Oh fuck off Mas-“ you argued, and just as you were about to turn and leave the room, he cut your words short.
“I’m going through hell with Chelsea at the moment, I can’t do anything in my spare time and now my girlfriend is throwing pasta around my fucking house because I wont shag her” he snapped.
“I’m not throw-“ you stuttered, a little take a back by his words.
“Then what was that all about downstairs?” he asked, his voice still raised.
“I’m sick of you coming home and ignoring me, you might be having a hard time at Chelsea at the moment Mason but that’s not my fault. I feel like you’re taking it out on me” you confessed, and your voice cracked a little when you spoke,  “I love you, but you’re being a complete twat”.
“Dec?” Mason said with a questioning tone, his face turning to look at his computer screen as he realised his best friend had finally joined the game, although it was at an extremely inconvenient time, “One second mate”.
You rolled your eyes, knowing he was probably going to tell you this wasn’t a good time to talk and he’d be down later, but he surprised you.  
“I’m having a shit time” he said as he lowered his voice, lifting the microphone on his headset away from his mouth, “I know I shouldn’t bring it home, but its hard not to”.
“Mase-“ you mumbled, but he cut you off again.
“So whilst I’m being criticised for my performance at Chelsea, you’re giving me a hard time and acting like a spoilt child… just because you’re horny” he said with a quiet voice still, raising his eyebrow at you in jest.
You pulled your face at him, because it was true, and although you were annoyed at how he’d behaved, maybe you hadn’t realised just how much stick he was getting at work daily.
“That’s not the only reason” you huffed.
His feet pushed his chair away from his desk slightly, and he slapped one hand on his thigh, his eyes burning into yours as he waited for you to get the hint of what he wanted from you.
“Sit” he finally said, waiting for you to take a seat on his lap.
“Is the camera on?” you muttered, not wanting any of his friends to witness you in just your black laced underwear.
He shook his head, and with that, you sat yourself over his thighs, your back pressing against his chest and his arms wrapped around you, his PlayStation controller in his hands resting in your lap.
“Do you think I haven’t noticed you begging for me?” he murmured against your neck, and when his warm breath blew over your skin, you clenched around nothing.
“You haven’t even looked at me all week” you gulped, one of his hands moving so he could turn your chin to look at him.
You saw the vulnerability in his eyes for a split second, his warm brown irises looking back at you apologetically, as if he was silently telling you that he knew he’d been an arse for the past couple of weeks.
“I have…” he smirked, “Just when you weren’t looking”.
You narrowed your eyes, wondering if he was being serious, trying to recall if you had noticed him sneakily looking at you this past week but you were sure you hadn’t.
“I’m sorry” he mouthed silently, pulling the microphone on his headset back down to his mouth, and throwing you a wink as he began talking to Declan who was at the other end of his conversation.
“Yeah mate, I know I’ve not been on for a while, it’s been shit at Chels but I fancied a game… are the other lads joining?” Mason asked, and your eyes searched over his face as he smiled smugly.
You couldn’t help but love him. He was the biggest pain in your arse, and even though the past couple of weeks had been hard work, he’d been acting very out of character and you were grateful that you might be getting your usual cheeky boyfriend back. His eyes fleeted between the screen and your face as he set the game up, and you couldn’t work out what he was up to when he kept trying to hide a smirk, which worried you.
Mason was a prankster, a windup merchant, and a huge tease, so it seemed like tonight was going to be no exception.
“Alright lads” he grinned, his tongue pinched between his teeth as he wiggled his eyebrows at you, “I can only jump on for one game as… something has popped up”.
Your stomach flipped at the thought of him giving you what you wanted finally, so you were more than happy to sit and watch him play until he’d finished if that’s what he wanted, as long as it meant you being with him.  
The game started and you shifted back on his lap a little more, your feet no longer touching the floor as you got comfy. Your eyes were fixed on the screen, listening to him joking with the lads, and although you could only hear half of the conversation, it was nice to hear him laughing which he had hardly done in a while.
“Guys I need to go answer the front door, Y/N is going to attempt to play whilst I’m gone” you heard him say, which caused you to turn and look at him confused as you didn’t think you’d heard the doorbell, “Go easy on her”.
“Take over for me, you remember the controls yeah?” he asked, pushing the controller into your hands.
“Erm…” you mumbled, your eyes staring at the controls as he pointed and briefly explained which to press, having played a few games with him not too long ago.
His hands then came to his headset and he pulled it from his ears, before placing it over yours, your eyes trying to concentrate on the game in front of you, although you felt like you had no idea what you were doing, you were giving it a good go.
“Well done baby” he smiled when you had managed to actually work the controls correctly, and he pressed a kiss to your bare shoulder as he watched the screen.
“Mason I don’t know what I’m doing” you chuckled, moving the headset so only one ear was covered, and your fingers pressed the buttons frantically as you tried your best to stay alive in the game.
“You do” he murmured against your spine, just as his fingers began to trace shapes over your thigh, “You know exactly what you’re doing”.
Your throat suddenly felt dry, and now you knew exactly what he was doing. You couldn’t believe you had fallen for his plan, to get you on his knee half naked, wearing a headset so you couldn’t make any noise, whilst he teased you beyond belief.  
“Come on Y/N has Mason not taught you how to play?” you heard Declan joke through your ears.
“He’s been too busy sulking recently” you quipped, knowing that would get a reaction out of your boyfriend, but it’s the least he deserved.
You heard him tut, disapproving of your comment, and his fingers inched higher up your thigh whilst his other hand came to palm your breast.
You inhaled a deeper breath, knowing full well where this was going, and when his fingers dipped over the lace of your bra to pull it down, his fingers rolled your nipple between them, a breathy moan leaving your throat as the sensation sent a spark straight to your core.
“Mason” you whispered as a poor attempt at warning him, but you knew your words would be falling on deaf ears anyway.
“Keep playing” he sniggered, his mouth pressing a kiss to the nape of your neck, “and I’ll do the same”.
You let out a pent-up breath when his other hand came between your legs, gently rubbing over the lace of your thong, providing just enough pressure for your clit to feel his pads circling over your slit. Your head rolled back, his fingers still playing with your nipple and he smirked against your body when he knew you were becoming aroused already.
“Shhh, they better not hear you” he warned.
Your eyes flickered shut for a brief moment when you felt his fingers move your underwear to the side, before pushing one finger through your already slick folds.  
“Never takes much” he sniggered, and your legs naturally tried to close a little as you felt him run his finger up and down your slit.
He moved the hand from your breast down past your waist and to your thigh, parting your legs more over his own so he could keep them open, torturing you further. His finger continued to leisurely brush up and down, purposefully stopping just before your clit, teasing you beyond belief as now all you wanted was more and for him to make you cum.
“Please” you whimpered, your hand quickly moving the microphone away from your mouth and turning to look at him over your shoulder.
“Oh, is that you begging?” he smirked, smug with himself that it didn’t take long for you to play into his hands.
You nodded, your eyes pleading with him to stop tormenting you and just get on with it.
He slipped another finger between your folds, and when he dragged them all the way up to your clit and he finally brushed over the sensitive bud, you let out a breathy moan, your hips rocking instinctively.
“Play” he growled, his eyes looking at the screen in front of you both realising you had stopped.
You resumed pressing buttons on the controllers, although your lack of concentration meant you had no idea what was going on in the game currently.
He continued to circle over your clit agonisingly slowly, which was usually your favourite. He knew you hated it rushed, and how much you loved him dragging out any pleasure he inflicted on you, but right now you were beginning to hate yourself for it as it wasn’t exactly the best time for him to be making this last as long as possible.
“Fuck” you muttered under your breath, your eyes rolling to the back of your head when his fingers continued to circle over your sensitive clit.
He slid you off his knee, and when he stood up from the chair, he turned and sat you back down on the leather seat, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips as he dropped to his knees. Your lips parted as you watched him throw your legs over his shoulders, his hand pushing your underwear to the side once more before his tongue latched onto your clit soon after.
You threw your head back into the chair, his tongue working like magic as he wasted no time in gliding it over your clit repeatedly, although still keeping his movements slow and steady. You brought one hand from the controller into his hair, the game long forgotten as you focused on his head between your legs, almost bringing you to your high already.
Your legs clamped around his head whilst his tongue lapped up and down your folds, his lips sucking on your clit gently, and when he knew you were teetering on the edge of your orgasm, he pushed two fingers inside of you, curling them against your sweet spot.
“Mase” you whimpered, still trying to stay as quiet as possible so that your moans couldn’t be picked up through the microphone, your other hand tugging at his hair harshly as you felt your body begin to shudder.
Your breathing turned into a heavy pant as he rode you through it, your teeth clamping down on your lower lip for fear of making any noise, and as he slipped his fingers out of you so he could lick them clean, you loosened your grip on his brunette locks.
“Where’s Y/N?” You heard a male voice ask through the headset, pulling you out of your daze.
“Probably with Mase somewhere, answering that door” Dec chuckled, presuming you had stopped playing the game as you were no longer paying any attention to it.
“I’m here” you managed to mumble with a hoarse voice, “I just… dropped the controller”.
“Oh right, well hurry up and come help us” another voice laughed, before letting out a disgruntled noise as a result of a move gone wrong in the game.
“I’m coming” you replied with a smirk, looking down at your boyfriend who was now lifting himself up from between your thighs.
“You just did” he mouthed, his tongue gliding over his glistening lower lip which only made you yearn for him more.
As he stood to his feet, he pulled you up with him, his foot pushing the chair out of the way when he moved to stand behind you. He pressed a kiss to the back of your neck before his palm landed on your ass cheek, placing a rather harsh slap onto your skin as the pain rippled across your behind. You squirmed, your eyes blinking a few times whilst your skin turned red with the imprint of his hand, and your fingers gripped at the controller even harder as you bit down onto nothing.  
He manoeuvred you closer to the desk and encouraged you to bend over for him, your forearms holding you up whilst your eyes still tried to focus on the graphics right in front of you. He pulled his dick free from the confines of his joggers and boxers, giving his length a few strokes as he looked down at your dripping pussy, holding the base of himself as he ran his tip through your slick folds.  
“Play. The. Fucking. Game” he growled.
You smirked, loving every second of the game that he was playing, and when you finally felt his cock line up with your entrance for the first time in what felt like forever, your fingers immediately started tapping on the controller in your hands, doing just as he’d asked in case he changed his mind.  
“Good girl” he hummed, before pushing himself inside of you, your breath hitching in your throat as you felt him stretch you out.
As much as you wanted to assist with whatever game Declan and the other boys were playing, play along just like Mason had demanded, you had no chance. The controller eventually fell from your hands and onto the desk, your palms lay flat on top of the wood to hold you steady as Mason’s hips snapped against you from behind, unable to hold yourself still as he buried himself deep inside of you.
He was relentless, and despite his friends being at the other end of his headset, he didn’t seem to care that the sound of his skin slapping against your behind echoed throughout the room. Your whines and whimpers growing louder as you struggled to stop them leaving your lips.  
“Can’t concentrate baby?” he breathed, referring to the control that had disappeared from your hands and the noises you were making.
You couldn’t respond, feeling his cock drag against your walls as one of his hands dug into your hip fogging your brain, and all you could manage in response to his question was a shake of your head.
“See that red button” he breathed, “Press that for me princess”.
You lifted your head to look at what he was talking about, and when you noticed the button on the PlayStation, you reached to press it. You heard the console shut down, and just as the red light blinked off, he placed another harsh slap on your arse whilst letting out a moan himself, letting you know that nobody could hear you anymore. You clenched around him when the sting of his hand danced over your bum, his own high beginning to build quickly as it had felt like forever for him too.  
“Fuck I’ve missed you” he moaned, no longer holding back as it was only the two of you now, “Really fucking missed you”.
“Fuck Mason…” you whimpered, his thrusts never letting up as he fucked you over his desk.
His hand weaved under your thigh, pulling your knee up and onto the table, giving him a new angle and allowing him to push deeper inside of you. His name poured out of your throat repeatedly and his hips began to falter, giving away that he was close.  
“Cum for me Mase” you moaned.
Your voice pushed him over the edge, the sound of your words stuttering out of your mouth from each thrust that he threw into you, turning him on even more as he heard your voice get caught in your throat. He spilled inside of you, a groan of your name rolling off his tongue as he lazily rocked his hips against you, and his breathing turned frantic as he felt his heart beating loudly in his chest.
His head dropped to rest on your back for a moment, before he dropped your thigh from the desk, pulling you up and pressing a kiss over the top of your shoulder, and when he turned you around to face him, he littered your jaw with gentle kisses whilst he tried to catch his breath.  
“I love you” he finally spoke, his forehead resting against yours, “and I’m sorry for being a dick recently too” he added with a pout.
“You can clean the pasta up as an apology” you smiled coyly.
“Was that not enough?” he asked in jest.
“No” you winked.
“Oh thanks” he laughed, wiping the back of his hand over his sweaty forehead.
“I love you too” you chuckled, before your brows pinched together as you scolded him, “But don’t ever ever ever, act like that with me again”.
“Don’t ever ever ever throw pasta around my house then” he joked.
“Ok, I promise I won’t” you smiled.
“I promise too” he breathed, before pressing a kiss over your lips.
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kierantierney3 · 10 days ago
The bet
Where there is a meet and greet at Stamford bridge, with Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell and Armando Broja, and when your friend bets you £50 to slip in your phone number when you meet Mason Mount, it’s a deal you can’t turn down.
Tumblr media
Originally you were not gonna go to the meet and greet but when your best friend got tickets it wasn’t a deal you could turn down. The meet and greet was with Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell and Reece James.
It was rush once you finished work, you went home and got changed before heading straight back out. When you arrived there was already a queue which wasn’t a surprise.
“I’ll make you a deal” Your friend Ellie said “Oh god what?” you replied “I’ll give you £50 if you give Mason Mount your number” She said, giving you a smile which you knew meant she was dead serious.
After basically dumping your purse out for a pen and paper, you wrote down your phone number and instagram handle with two hearts.
When it was your turn you let Ellie go first, at least of there was a awkward moment after you handed Mason the piece of paper you could quickly make your getaway.
Your first photo was with Reece James, who honestly was a sweetheart, the media should focus more on him. You did get a photo with Ben Chilwell, you weren’t the biggest fan of him after that video of him at a zoo came out on social media, and finally you got your photo with Mason Mount and god you had to admit he was good looking.
After a quick photo you give him your small piece of paper before giving him a big smile, before making your way out before you could see how he would react.
“At least you will have a good story to tell your future kids, ah yes i made the first move on your father” Ellie said while you made your way to the tube station. “Stop, my guess is that he will throw the paper away and someone else collects it and looks me up and gets in touch” you replied coming up with the most ridiculous scenario.
Since you had no work in the morning, you went to a bar not too far from your house with Ellie, she only lived about 10 minutes from you, so it wouldn’t be a far walk for either one. After a couple drinks, not too many so you would be able to get home no trouble.
It was the next morning, you took a minute or two to get use to your surroundings before looking at your phone, just flicking through notifications that came through while you were asleep.
It was when a random number had texted that caught your eye, it was very early and you were struggling to use your brain, so you just reply with a simply “hi who is this?” Not sure if you expected a reply or not, but you were certainly surprised to see a reply with a couple minutes.
“So you don’t remember giving someone your own phone number?” You read out loud which caused you to remember yesterday where you gave Mason Mount your number. You quickly replied “how am i meant to know for certain this is who i think it is?”
You decided to get on with your day rather than waiting for a reply. It’s when you sat down for breakfast you noticed the reply “check your instagram” and when you did you noticed Mason Mount had requested to follow you on instagram. “Holy crap it is you” You replied, before slamming your phone down.
I wrote this in bed half asleep that’s why it’s not actually that good, also part 2 anyone?
Part 2^
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maseluvbot · 4 months ago
could you do a small blurb abt comforting mason after the fa cup game? <3
come here-mason mount
my heart is breaking for the team and mason :((
subject: hugging/snuggling with mase after he lost the game. you’re trying your best to cheer him up but he is placing so much pressure on himself. <\3
warning: fluff + language- note: my requests are open if you want me to do any fics <3
Tumblr media
it was saddening seeing mason so upset and disappointed in himself after a match. at these moments you never knew if he was going to lash out on you or become vulnerable, but there was no point just staring at the floor. “do you want something to eat or?”
“no I’m good.” that was clearly a lie. you saw him walk off that pitch feeling like shit and walk through the door feeling even worse. his mannerisms changed after something he missed or regretted. he hung his head low, didn’t talk to you and basically shut you out.
“come sit with me y/n” mason reached his hands out reaching for you until you crawled your way into his grip “in a better mood I see.” you say, holding the back of his hand around your stomach.
“now that you have stopped ignoring me.” you sit there for a second, furrowing your eyebrows. “ignoring you?” you question. he nods slightly, nudging his head into the pillow attempting to get comfortable “well that’s not what I intended to do.”
“then talk to me.” he tightens the grip around your waist “how are you feeling?” you acted like it felt normal to be talking like this. but he had never really allowed himself to open up to you, even if it was about something small. mason wasn’t really a guy that showed his emotions to people. it was sort of comforting to know he trusted you and could rely on you.
“bummed.” as difficult as it was seeing him like this, you wanted to do something to help him. your fingertips traced around his torso, marking out every muscle. “mase it’s fine, the team doesn’t hate you for missing one penalty.”
“y/n, if I had maybe scored the fucking penalty we would’ve won.” he released the grip from your stomach leaving red markings imprinted around your waist. “mason you can’t do this to yourself every time something doesn’t go your way.” you were heartbroken seeing him like this. your hand trailed up his hair, brushing away the ends. gently, you place your head onto his chest, rubbing the side of his arm up and down.
“i love you y/n.” he looks down at you, admiring your body. your smile brings him warmth as you look back up to him. “I love you more mason.”
this is my first piece of writing so it most likely is not good. bare with me :)
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gbraakeslvui · 16 days ago
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ladymarycrawley · 7 months ago
I know you too well - Mason Mount
Request: Can you write one with mason where your boy (4 years old) asked you to call his daddy because he misses him and wants to talk to him and then when you’re at the phone he asked you if you can let him talk to his daddy on his own, he tells Mason that you’re not feeling very well but at the end you’re pregnant
Tag list: @masonxomount​ @chelsealover​
Tumblr media
The days where Mason was forced to stay away from you because of his hectic working schedule were the worst ever. Especially lately, since you had been feeling particularly tired due to your working shifts and taking care of your 4 year old son, Y/S/N. He was the light of your life, always bringing the most happy smiles to your face, exactly like his dad.
He also inherited his father’s energy and love for football so sometimes it became quite stressful keeping up with him: in the morning you would drop him at the nursery, then, when you didn’t have papers to fill out or chores to do, you did play with him until it became time to prepare something to eat for dinner.
You thought work and your full time job as a mum were the things to blame for your particularly tired state.
“Mummyyyy” Y/S/N came running to you, who were trying to rest a bit before doing the laundry.
“Yes, baby?”
“When will daddy come back?” He was such a daddy’s boy, if it were up to him he would have followed him everywhere.
“A couple of days, sweetheart. Do you miss him?”
Your boy put on a sad pout, nodding to your question.
A sad smile appeared on your face, as it made you so miserable seeing one of the two boys of your life like that.
“Come here” You took him in your arms to place him in your lap. You cuddled him in your arms, placing sweet kisses on his head and looking at his face, a perfect mix of yours and Mason’s best features.
“We could call him so you could tell him about your day at school while eating the chocolate cookies mummy baked just for you. What do you think?”  
Your words put him in a better mood, as he nodded with a happy smile this time, making you smile too.
You grabbed your phone from the armrest of the sofa you were sitting on and searched for Mason’s number to dial on Facetime. You placed another kiss to your giggling baby before setting the phone on the cafe table before you so you could hold your son on your lap.
“Hey daddy!”
“My favourite people ever! How are you?” Mason’s beaming smile welcomed you. He was resting on his bed, his right arm holding his head against the headboard.
“We’re fine, what about you?” You answered, looking at your son then to his father.
“Daddy I miss you” Y/S/N confessed in a soft voice, fiddling with the drawstring of his grey sweatpants, matching with the one Mason got.
You let out a soft laugh as you pressed a kiss to his soft cheek.
“I miss you too bud but I’ll be back on friday, I promise!”
“We did a lot of drawings at school today and the teacher said mine were the best in the class!”
“Really?? I can’t wait to see them, I’m so proud of you!”
Your son’s features light up at his dad’s words, he was literally his everything, he was his hero and the fact that all his classmates would have him as their idol made his love for his parent grow even more.
“Go and grab that beautiful drawing you did of your grannies, I’m sure daddy will love it!”
Y/S/N jumped down from your lap and ran towards his room to take it, making you and Mason laugh out loud.
It was also a way to let you two have a little moment of intimacy.
“I miss you like crazy”
“Are you alright? Why are you admitting you miss me?”
You rolled your eyes at his tease. He knew expressing your feelings wasn’t the thing you’d like to do the most but it was all the tiredness and weird things you had been feeling during that period that made you spill the truth to him.
“Because I love you and living without can be kinda hard sometimes…”
Mason let out a giggle, while grazing his lower lip with his thumb.
“I can’t believe you're saying these things…”
You blushed and looked away. “Mase, please”
“What? I’m happy to hear that and you know I miss you too!”
You smiled and looked intensely into his eyes: you didn’t need to share a lot of words to express your true feelings to each other, the glances you woud exchange were meaningful enough.
Y/S/N came running back in the living room as he covered the whole phone screen with the paper he drew on.
“This is nana, here’s uncle Lewis and here’s grandpa. Tomorrow I’ll do one with Summer and auntie Jaz!”
“That’s beautiful, love. Send them a pic of it, they’ll love it”
“Mummy, can I please talk to dad while eating my cookies?”
“Your cookies?? Hey little man, what do you mean? Those are supposed to be MY cookies!”
“No! Mummy made them for me!” He laughed, amused by his dad’s tease.
“So you and mummy made my chocolate chips cookies without me??”
“Yes and I’m eating all of them!” He confirmed proudly.
Mason pouted, pretending to be bothered by all the cookie drama enhancing louder laughters from his child.
“Come on, go in the kitchen, I’ll set the phone on the table and prepare your snack. No more than three cookies Y/S/N, ok?”
He nodded, looking at you with his big brown eyes.
Once he was seated, eating his cookies and talking to his dad you went upstairs to do the laundry.
“Ok, I’ll leave you two here. I’ll call you later tonight, ok?”
“I’ll have to plan my revenge then I’ll see if I have some time left to talk to you”
You left a kiss on your son’s head before glaring towards your boyfriend.
“I’ve better things to do than hearing you talking nonsense, silly”
“You love my nonsense”
“Bye Mase!” 
“Ok, we’re finally alone, man”
“Is uncle Ben with you, daddy?”
“He’s at the physio right now but I’ll make sure he talks to you tomorrow…hey, how’s mum doing? Are you taking care of her as you promised me?”
Your weird state didn’t go unnoticed to Mason: he saw your tired expression and sensed your annoyed voice, even though you’re saying him sweet things.
“Yes daddy! I’m doing it! But…”
“Sometimes she’s a bit off…and yesterday I heard her crying in the bathroom”
“She told me she missed you”
Mason was perfectly aware that it wasn’t the true reason behind your demeanor but it saddened him that he wasn’t there to take care of you and, most of all, that your kid was facing all of it alone.
“And this morning she did something really bad!”
“What was that, baby?”
“She ate ice cream for breakfast! And when I asked her if I could have it too she said I couldn’t!”
Mason couldn’t help but burst out laughing: it was perfectly clear to him that you’re pregnant but you wouldn’t spoil the surprise to your baby boy.
“Y/S/N can you put mummy on the phone for me, please?”
“Ok! I love you daddy!”
Mason’s eyes suddenly became watery and he cleared his voice, trying not to cry in front of his son.
“I love you too, little man”
“Daddy wants to talk to you”
You huffed, taking your phone back in your hands.
“Mason, I told you I have a lot of things to do. I’d have -”
“Are you pregnant?”
You widened your eyes at his brutal question: it was incredible how well he knew you, even being far away he perfectly noted your behaviour and connected all the dots.
“I don't know it yet to be honest… I was about to take the test” You grabbed the little paper box on the counter and showed it to him.
“Take it now, please. I’ll be here if you need me”
“No baby” You laughed “I’ll call you back as soon as I have the result, ok?”
“Ok, I love you”
“I love you more”
The call ended for you to take your time and see what the test will tell you. In case it was positive you’d really hope to have a baby girl…just the thought of Mason cradling your daughter in his arms made your stomach flutter.
You decided to tell to your boyfriend shooting a selfie of you holding the plastic stick and smiling “Baby Mount on the way ❤️”
You took a deep breath as your timer went off, meaning it was time to check your test. 
It didn’t come as a surprise when you saw the positive result on it, your symptoms were too clear to state a fake pregnancy.
Needless to say he called you back two seconds later, as soon as he saw your pic.
“I knew it!! I’m so happy! Fuck, I’m not there with you”
“Hey baby don’t worry. Three days will pass by so fast and we’ll all be together again. We’ll tell Y/S/N when you’ll be back, ok?”
“Tell me what?”
“Sweetheart, you scared me!”
“Sorry, mum”
“We have to tell you that we love you so so much and that daddy we’ll take you to the next training session” Mason said, trying to distract him, giving him the best news he ever received.
“Really?? Thanks daddy!! I love you!!!”
You both laughed. He was quite brilliant when it came to surprises  and making up thing in order to hide them.
“I have to go now, I’ll call you before going to bed, ok?”
“Fine, Mase. Try not to worry too much”
“I’m not worried!” You didn’t believe a word he’s saying, as he’s always been so careful with your pregnancy it became rather annoying sometimes.
“You think you know me but I know you kinda well too!”
“Ok, fine…but be ready for when I’ll be back home: I want my chocolate chips cookies and something sweeter…”
You hung up laughing at his teasing.
You couldn’t wait until Friday to have him in your arms once again.
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calciopics · 7 months ago
Football clubs and fans show solidarity with Ukraine
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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maseshine · 7 months ago
𝗱𝗼𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝘃𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆 || mason mount
* gif by @masnmount *
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: when chelsea wins the club world cup, mason still has one more win to celebrate
𝐭𝐨𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐬: club world champion, surprise
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: swearing, sex suggestion
𝐚/𝐧: i'm open to requests! i write using a dash and my first language is not English!
It wasn’t his first final in a competition where you supported Mason, you were present at all of which he competed, in wins and losses. You always made a point of making an appearance when Mason had a game as important as this. 
Many fans may not appreciate this particular title, but you knew Mason well, when he came on the field he would come in one hundred percent focused and wanting to be the winner when the referee called it off. Because that’s the way he was, every title was valuable, even more as the club had never been able to raise. Mason wanted to write his name in the history of the club that inhabited his heart, and winning today was another step towards that trajectory. 
You looked at your phone anxiously to check the time, Lewis' little laugh next to you making you look at it. 
━ They’ll be in the field soon, Y/N. Checking the hours every two minutes won’t make you any less anxious. ━ The characteristic smile of the older Mount shone on his face. 
━ I know. ━ You sighed. ━ I just get really anxious, I think I’ll never get used to that feeling, we know how important this game is to Mason, I just want it to work out. 
━ Honey, remember you can’t be as anxious as you are, it might not do you any good. ━ Debbie whispered to her left side so neither Lewis nor Jazz could hear. 
You sighed twice more, trying to control your anxiety, smiling quickly when you felt your mother-in-law’s hand on yours. She was the only one after her mother who knew about the news you would give Mason after the match was over, but only if he was champion. 
━ I’ll calm down! It’ll be all right! ━ You spoke with confidence, win or lose, Mason would still be a champion. 
You and Mount’s took some photos and made videos, some fans came to ask for pictures when they recognized who you were, Lewis laughed at every person who came to ask you. When you saw it, the game had already started, and you did your best to keep calm. 
The rival twisted sang at the top of their lungs every time their opponent came close to Chelsea’s area. Coming close to the thirty-minute mark of games, you quickly got up from the seat when you saw Mason fall and an expression of pain appear on your face. 
━ Oh, God. Let it be nothing serious! ━ You wished strongly, the surrounding noise almost disappearing while your attention was on the big screen showing Mason still down. 
━ They’re replacing him. Tuchel already called Pulisic. It’s the same foot he had the minor injury before they travelled. ━ The concern did not go unnoticed in Lewis' tone of voice. 
━ Let’s hope it’s nothing serious, it might just be a sharper pain. ━ Jazz spoke, his voice more lively than his brother. 
━ I just hope he doesn’t let it get to him, he was so good at the game. ━ You spoke, your eyes focused on Mason as he retreated from the field, limping. You wanted to stop all the boos from the rival crowd. 
The rest of the first half passed as a blur by you, your anxiety becoming concern for your boyfriend’s situation. Your hand instantly analysing your flat abdomen. At half-time, you took the opportunity to buy something to eat, your appetite making you eat two stuffed doughnuts. 
The first goal of the Blues right at the beginning of the second half made everyone vibrate. The draw of Palmeiras made you get agitated again. 
━ The boys are missing out on a lot of opportunities. That’s not good. ━ Their grumbling was heard by the three Mount’s. 
━ In football, it comes at a price. But, let’s hope they do it soon, emotion is good, but I don’t believe I have the heart for it. ━ Debbie played by making you giggle. 
When the second half came to an end and your goal didn’t come, you were about to bite your nails, so nervous you were. The first half of overtime also passed with opportunities for Chelsea, but no ball in the net. When Chelsea’s penalty kick was scored, you swore your heart came in your throat. It was all or nothing. Kai was the one who would hit, with his hands on your lips you watched the ball swing to the net and the celebratory shouting begin. They turned, one step closer to the title.
The final minutes ran, when the final whistle sounded, you screamed as you hugged Debbie in happiness. 
━ They did it! Another victory for Mason! Oh, my God. I’m shaking. ━ A nervous laugh came out of your lips. 
━ He must be so happy, and he has no idea what you still have for him. ━ Debbie had a huge smile on her face when she looked at her belly. ━ He’s going to freak out so bad, honey. 
You just smiled at your mother-in-law, your eyes shining as you remembered the little gift that rested in your purse. You recorded and posted on your social networks the presentation of the medals and the lifting of the trophy, a little concern arose when you saw how Mason was doing, but as he looked good, you controlled his concern. 
When security came to pick you up to descend to the photographers' plaque, you along with Jazz laughed and recorded the twisted' cries to Mama Mount as you passed by. 
Your smile widened when you observed Mason beautiful figure leaning against the side of the sign as he waited for you, you were the first to reach him, greeted by his laugh as he ran his arms around your waist in a hug. 
━ You did it, beautiful. Another trophy, another victory. You deserve so much, you have no idea how proud we are of you! Congratulations. ━ After talking, you gave him several little tricks that made him laugh. 
━ Did you get really nervous, baby? We still have a few more competitions ahead of us, set your heart. ━ He joked. 
━ Y/N, was moments away from entering the field to play, too. Almost his fingernails were gone, I believe that today was the game that I saw her most anxious. ━ Lewis spoke to Mason when I walked away from him. ━ Congratulations, little brother. Your trophy room will start getting small, three titles in less than a year. 
The brothers hugged, you could feel some cameras on you and the eyes of the fans. 
━ Congratulations, my love. We are very happy and proud of you. It just shows that all the hard work you’re doing is paying off. ━ Debbie had the biggest smile on her face as she hugged Mason. 
━ How’s your foot, Mase? ━ Jazz asked his brother. 
━ Now it doesn’t hurt so much, but I can’t force it on the floor, so when we get to London, the doctors will take a closer look, but we already know it’s an injury. ━ Sighing when he heard your speech, your fingers ran through your hair. Mason smiled at you. ━ It’s okay, love. Don’t worry. Let’s take some pictures with our newest trophy, plus a photo to frame and decorate the house. 
You stood by Mason, while Jazz stood by you, Debbie and Lewis on the other side. Chelsea’s photographers took the photos and Mason soon passed the trophy to one of the boys who also wanted to take pictures. 
━ A few more hours' drive and we’re back home. ━ Mason spoke as he leaned back on the plate, his face reaching the height of his belly. 
You exchanged a look with Debbie, and he just smiled in response. Pulling your breath lightly, you gathered your courage. 
━ Before we leave for the hotel, I wanted to give you a present, love. Since we’re not going to see each other until now in London. ━ You spoke quickly, drawing Mason’s attention to you. 
━ What? ━ He asked confused, seeing you take out a medium white box with a blue bow on top of your purse. Your body getting back erect, the box in your hand. 
━ I hope you like it. ━ You wished by biting your lips with nervousness. 
━ I love everything that comes from you, beautiful. ━ Secured your boyfriend. 
You held your breath when you saw him undoing the noose, with the corner of your eyes you saw Debbie recording the moment with your phone. Mason opened the box slowly, the lid falling from his hand when he ascertained what was inside. Jazz’s panting was audible when she also observed what was inside. 
Mason with trembling hands took a pair of little shoes from the white box, the words 'daddy' engraved on top of them. 
━ Is this serious? ━ Mason bright eyes found his, his nodding was the answer he got. ━ Fuck. Am I going to be a father? Let’s be parents? No kidding? ━ Mason voice failed at the end of the question, his high-pitched speech attracting the attention of some boys and other people. 
━ Almost eight weeks, I found out two days ago. ━ You replied tearfully. 
━ Fuck, I’m going to be a dad! Tonight just gets more unforgettable. I love you, I love you so much, you have no idea how much I love you! ━ You laughed when he pulled you into his arms. ━ We’re going to be a fucking father. Let’s have a baby Mount. Holy shit. 
━ It’s a double victory, baby. 
━ When we’re home, we’ll celebrate the best way we know how. With you naked in our bed and me sinking into you. ━ Your malicious whisper made the little hairs on the back of your neck tingle. 
━ Don’t forget we’re still here, you bastards. ━ You blushed strongly at Lewis' talk, your hidden face, while Mason just laughed. 
It was really a double victory for the small family that began to graduate.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Right in the feels.
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Tumblr media
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The Holiday Fling| Mason Mount 2/2
Tumblr media
Notes: I loved writing this cute little fic!! I'll be back to writing normal blurbs from now on, reqs are open for the time being if anyone has any requests! xx
Blurb: One where mason finally manages to bump into his mystery girl from Mykonos again.
Warnings: None.
It has been roughly a year since your trip to Mykonos with your brother.
In the last year you decided to do some traveling of your own before deciding to move out of london and bagging yourself a wonderful media marketing job at saint georges park for england's national football team. As nervous as you were, you were more excited for the job and its new opportunities, you knew very little about football but you were excited to learn.
You had been sent the job offer in a matter of weeks, only giving yourself days to start, therefore you didn't have much time to educate yourself on the sport or any of the team players, but that didn't matter all you had to do was interview them and supervise the videos that were being filmed for the england youtube channel.
You have been at the park for almost two days now. You spent your days getting to know the women's team, who all happened to be really lovely and welcoming. But today was the arrival day of the men's team.
You got a coffee in the morning with one of your coworkers, Layla, as you patiently waited for the team's slow arrival. However layla had now been whisked off on a job, leaving you on your own as the players were slowly starting to turn up, and this awful twisting feeling in your stomach just won't seem to go away.
That's how you found yourself against the door of the toilet cubicle, your hand clutched to your phone as you tried to steady your breath.
“Your be fine, i've met most of them and they seem like alright lads.'' Lando speaks through the phone.
“I know, I know.” You sigh, bringing your free hand up to rub your acing pupils.
“I could text some of them, asking them to look out for you, i'm sure mason would-”
“No! No, please don't do that, I just need to be a big girl.” You take in a deep breath.
“You're going to be fine, y/n. Listen, I have to run, but good luck!”
You say bye to your brother, putting your phone in your back pocket and walking out of the cubicle to the skink, looking up in the mirror.
“You're a bad bitch y/n, what's the worst thing that could happen.” You tell your reflection in the mirror.
You straighten out your navy blue england polo shirt before placing on some more lip balm and pushing the loose threads of hair behind your ears. 
You take in another deep breath and head for the door.
You suppose you had a lot on your mind with the new job, you didn't know why you were so nervous for the men's team arrival, you put it down to excitement but really you were just scared they might not be as welcoming as the women's team.
You pulled open the door to turn left when your ankle was caught on the bottom of a suitcase, you started to tumble backwards until you felt a hand softly wrap under your arm pulling back your body to stop you from falling.
“Woah, are you okay?” The stranger asked you.
You stumble to find your balance, mentaly cursing yourself from the awful habit of walking with your head down.
It takes everything in you to raise your head to look at the person you had bumped into, you knew your cheeks would be visibly red since you were clearly embarrassed by the encounter.
But when you raised your gaze it was not at all what you were expecting to see.
You knew the face, but you didn't know who he was. He clearly knew you were because he was looking down at you like you were a ghost that had just walked through a wall.
He continually blinked his eyes as he scanned your features, his eyes intently stared into yours before examining your hair and your lips. You almost felt uncomfortable under the examination that was starting to last minutes with no words spoken from either of you.
Your eyes drifted down to where his hand was still wrapped around your upper arm, he watched as you let out a small cough and he took this as a hint as he released your arm from his grip.
“Sorry.” He mumbled, his hand coming up to scratch the back of his neck.
The moment he opened his mouth and released such an awkward chuckle you knew exactly who the boy was. 
You could tell by the way he scratched his neck out of nervousness, how his Adam's apple bobbed when he talked. You mentaly hit yourself for a second for not recognizing him straight away, his eyes were the same, brown and glossy, even when they weren't reflecting in the moonlight. His hair was shotter and his shoulders were brouder, you took a moment for yourself to examine the man, just to make sure it was truly him.
It was definitely him. 
The boy from Mykonos, your mystery boy. 
“Y/n!” Your neck snapped behind you when you saw your co-worker calling you from afar, her brows furrowed as she watched you and the footballer standing outside the female toilets intensely staring each other down.
You turned your head back to the boy, his expression now changed, his shocked face and agpe mouth now closed as you watched the corners of his mouth slowly perk up in a smile.
You took a step back, still not uttering a word to him before scurrying off to you co worker.
Your mouth was in a thin line as you walked, your eyes wide as you didn't dare to turn back and look at him.
“What was that about?” She asked you as you scurried past her, clearly flustered as you wisped off to your office.
“Just keep walking.” You whispered, prepared to tell her the story once you were out of his sight.
Mason didn't move from his spot, he stood with a wide smile, it was his mystery girl, the thought.
“Y/n.” He muttered what he assumed was your actual name, he liked the way it rolled off his tongue, he liked the way it was nothing he had guessed before. He had spent countless nights wondering what your real name was, y/n never crossing his mind, he stood for a moment, still not being able to wipe his smile off his face as he repeated your name over and over again, he still liked Maya though.
“Hey mase?” Ben called from behind him, he had also watched the awkward interaction from afar, and he was prepared to bombarded his teammate with questions.
“What the hell did you just say to that poor girl? I've never seen someone run so fast in my life.” Ben chuckled, placing his hand on his friend's shoulder. 
He had assumed Mason had dropped some kind of awful pick up line on the new girl, prepared to giggle at the boys' awful ways with females.
“That was her.” Mason mumbled, his gaze still strong on you as you walked over to the coworker that had been calling your name, grabbing her arm and continuing to walk down the hall.
“What?” Ben cocked his head to the side, confused at his teammate's bluntness.
“That's her.” Mason mumbled, his eyes wide as he eyed up your figure slightly, almost like he was confirming it was really you to himself, not to ben.
“Who?” Ben peered over Mason's shoulder, willing to get a good look at the girl his friend was staring down.
“Maya- No, I mean the mystery girl, from Mykonos last summer.” Mason said with a smile, watching as you scurried around the corner, now out of his sight.
“The one who stood you up?”
He had forgotten that part.
“I thought you said she was blonde?” Ben's eyebrow quirked up as he started to smile at the predicament that was unfolding in front of him.
“Well she's obviously dyed it, idot.” Mason scolded, pushing Ben's hand off his shoulder, as he gripped his suitcase, ready to continue his journey to his room. Mason scurried off down the opposite end of the hallway, still not being able to wipe the smile off his face. He had found his mystery girl.
“So… you're telling me last year you went on holiday, met a random guy, went on a date with this random guy, but the random guy turned out to be mason mount but you didn't know it was mason mount until roughly five minuets ago?” Layla rambled out, just checking she had the story straight. 
“It wasn't a date.” You mumbled back, your head pressed against your hands as you leant back in one of the desk chairs in your office.
“No, sorry it was just a romantic stroll on the beach?” She smirked at you, from the chair she was sitting in across from your desk.
“That's not even the worst part.” You winced as you remembered having to stand the boy up.
“Oh my god your had sex on the beach!” She sat up, her hands pressed to her cheeks as he giggled at you.
“What? No!” You giggled, You removed your hands from your face before letting out a large sigh.
“I was supposed to meet him the next day, but I kinda stood him up.” You winced as you spoke, remembering how badly you wanted to meet him outside of his hotel but your stupid brother had to ruin it.
“Ouch. Do you think he might be salty about it?” She asked you.
“I hope not.” You sat, biting the pads of your thumbs, wondering how you were going to work in such a close proximity with this man.
“Oh new girl, you have made my job so much more interesting, it's been two days and i love you already.” 
After being left in your office by layla you found yourself drawn in the glass window where you could see a few of the boys walking around the grounds, you could see charles- mason laughing as he walked along.
Anyone could see from a mile off that he was clearly a ball of sunshine, he radiated laughter everywhere we walked and you could help but smile at the boy as you watched him walk past your window.
Later on in the day you were handed your schedule of where you needed to be and what you needed to do.
Your first job was to put together some questions and challenges for some of the boys to be posted on social media.
You felt your heart sink as you saw his name written on the bottom of your page, him, you mystery man from mykonos.
You tried not to panic as you made way out of your office and down to the big hall where the players would be for media day.
You kept your gaze straight as you desperately searched for layla. You walked by the boys that were sitting on the bleachers on your left. The hushed whispers definitely didn't go unnoticed by you as you felt your cheeks tint pink under such strong gazes. You made your way over to layla, just wanting the ground to swallow you whole.
“Just go talk to her.” Ben shrugged, he lent back on the bench, watching as his friend seemed to be wallowing.
“I can't just walk over there-'' Mason tried to protest, but Ben cut him off.
“Of course you can, just pretend she's ‘maya’?” Ben nudged his friend.
“Wait, do you know her real name yet?” Ben questioned Mason, his body leaning forward as he had just thought about something.
“I think it's y/n.” Mason answered back to the boy next to him, but his gaze was still focused on you as you were finishing up interviewing some of the other players.
“Y/n? Y/n as in landos sister y/n, the one that that he texted you about asking you to look out for?” Ben officially couldn't hold back the smile that had broken out on his face.
“Oh shit.” Mason mumbled.
Mason sat for a moment, his mind was racing a mile a minute. He was wondering if you were really the y/n that Lando had texted him about. But Ben confirmed his suspicions when he had managed to find your instagram within a matter of minutes.
Mason scrolled though you instagram before finding a photo you had posted in mykonos last year, the same night he had met you.
He handed Ben back his phone, ignoring the giggles erupting from his friend. But before he had even realized, his legs were dragging him up and off the bench, towards you.
“Don't panic, but Charles is walking over.” Layla lent over your shoulder to whisper in your ear. 
“Whos ch-” You were about to question her, dropping your papers to turn around but instead your eyes locked with glossy brown ones of the man you seemed to know a little too well.
When he finally stood in front of you it took him a moment to counger up some words, his nervousness made you smile.
“Hello, maya.” He smirked at you, his calm and gentle tone relaxed you slightly as you melted into the sound of his voice.
“Charles.” You nodded at him, his smirk now reflecting onto you.
“It's erm, mason actually.” He smiled, extending his hand out for you to shake, you took his hand in yours, watching as he shaked it a couple times before pulling away, stuffing his hands in his back pockets.
“Y/n.” You were shocked you could even talk after touching his hand, you mind felt all over the place but when you saw that his smile never faded you couldn't help but feel comfortable in his presence.
“How did your mission go?” he asked you.
“What?” You questioned him.
“The potential threat, against the queen? You didn't turn up to the hotel so I assumed that she must have been in grave danger?” He said with a smirk and a light hearted laugh.
“Oh yeah, i would tell you what went down but it's a violation of rules.” You winked at him.
Mason giggled at your witty humor before bringing up the dreaded.
“You know, I was gutted when you didn't turn up.” He looked down to the pristine trainers on his feet, you felt a pang in your heart as you thought about how long he must have waited for you.
Mason waited in the lobby of the cecer hotel for roughly three hours, until eventually the receptionist took pity on him and called him a cab to meet his friends at the bar.
“Yeah me too.” 
His gaze snapped up when he heard you say this, he thought maybe his company wasn't good enough and you had forgotten about him and your plans to meet up.
“Listen mason, I'm really sorry I couldn't meet you. Trust me, I really did want to.” You smiled up at him out of sympathy.
“Well then y/n, you owe me a date then.” He smirked, trying to push his luck.
“I guess I do.” You smiled up at him.
“I did promise your brother that I'll look after you.” he shrugged, "I would plan another date but the last time I did that you didn't show up."
He still couldn't believe how we had spent countless hours looking for any trace of you on social media, only for you to be the sister of the boy he plays playstation with most nights.
You smiled up at the boy in front of you, your heart panging in your chest at the way he was looking down at you.
“Room thirty four, in the west wing, pick me up at six spiderman.” You smiled before walking away from him, your mystery man.
Mason stood for a moment, the wide Cheshire cat smile on his face as he couldn't contain his excitement about finding you again.
His mystery girl from Mykonos.
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cityfanchelseaslut · 4 months ago
A little white lie
Tumblr media
Reader x Mason Mount
My Masterlist
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: A little angst & a little fluff
Blurb: Following Mason’s missed penalty resulting in Chelsea losing out on the FA Cup, you do your best to pick up the pieces, without smothering him like his family.
Tumblr media
“Oh no” you whispered to yourself.
Your face dropped into the palm of your hands as you couldn’t bear to watch Mason walk back towards the team with his head hung low after missing his penalty.
Your head soon snapped back up, wanting to see how he was, knowing it would be killing him that he’d missed such a crucial shot, and your heart ached as you watched the rest of the boys offer him a hug and a pat on the back as reassurance.
At least he had them around him.
He stood with his hands covering his eyes as the next Liverpool player walked over towards the penalty spot. You didn’t know who it was as you weren’t taking any notice of them, and you didn’t care either, your attention was fixed solely on your boyfriend. You stood with your fingers crossed hoping for a miracle, gulping back the nervous lump in your throat as you knew the penalty was about to be taken, hearing his family mutter curse words as you really needed this to be saved to keep Chelsea in the running for the trophy; but today wasn’t to be their day.
When the stadium erupted with cheers and celebrations from the Liverpool fans, you knew that it had gone in, and so did Mason. His face dropped into his hands even further, and his team mates immediately rushed to offer him condolences.
You and his family were at a loss for words. It wasn’t Mason’s fault. Azpi missed his too. Mendy only saved one. The game was 0-0. More could have been done in all areas of the final, but you all knew that Mason would beat himself up over this for the foreseeable.
Your eyes remained fixed on Mason as the coaching staff and players from the opposing team went to speak to him, and you could tell straight away from his demeanour that he was fighting back the tears and his emotions were running high.
It felt like a lifetime, watching, and waiting whilst he collected his silver medal, as a congratulations on getting to the final, and once the players had finally made their way off the pitch and entered the tunnel, you managed to grab him before he disappeared into the changing rooms. You reached up to wrap your arms around the back of his neck, pulling him in for a hug. He buried his face into your neck as he hugged you, and his arms wrapped around you tight enough to squeeze the wind out of you, but you didn’t care, you needed him close and he needed the same from you.
“It’s my fault” he whimpered quietly.
“It’s not” you breathed, squeezing him tighter as you heard the pain in his voice.
He nuzzled his nose into you further, and you could feel how his breathing had shallowed as he used everything in him, to stop himself from breaking down there and then.
You were soon interrupted by his family and friends, already trying to offer their kind but useless words right now, fussing over him when all Mason wanted was to be away from the commotion of everyone. You saw the pain in his eyes as the tears threatened to brew in them, having to listen to everyone repeat their words of “It’s ok. Try not to think about it. Don’t beat yourself up. There’s always next time. It was just bad luck”, and your fingers locked around his even tighter when you felt him give your hand a squeeze whilst he was stood speaking to his dad.
“I’m gonna head in and get ready to go” he muttered, turning to speak into your ear when he finally got a moment away from everyone else.
“I’ll see you later” you offered a smile, “I love you”.
“Ok, I love you too” he mumbled, his voice a little shaky.
“Text me when you’re back at Cobham” you told him before reaching to kiss him on the cheek, your eyes watching as he walked down towards the changing room with his head hung low again.
Kai had picked Mason up the morning before as they were staying out at the team’s hotel, as they always do the night before a game, so you had agreed to collect him once the team had returned back to Cobham on the coach back from Wembley.
The only problem was, his family had arranged to come for dinner this evening, win or lose, as the team hadn’t planned to celebrate until the following night if they’d won. His mum and dad had made plans with his brother and sister to come to his for a takeaway, and even though Mason had gone along with their suggestion, you knew he would want nothing more than to just go home alone and forget about today now after the way things had played out.
When you arrived back at Mason’s house, his family soon followed through the door, still discussing the outcome of the game and how much Mason would be gutted and needed everyone around him right now.
But that’s not what he needed.
Only Mason knew what he really needed.
You played hostess and made everyone a drink, and after an hour or so, you finally received a text from your boyfriend confirming he was back at the training ground and ready for you to set off on the ten-minute car journey to collect him.
[Mason] Back at Cobham now xxx
You popped your phone into your pocket and grabbed your car keys from the kitchen side, before heading over towards his family sat in the living room, letting them know you were going to pick him up.
“I’m going to go and get Mase now, I won’t be long” you called out, stuffing your feet into your trainers as you spoke.
“I’ll go y/n” his dad responded as he jumped up from the sofa.
“No it’s-“ you tried to argue but he interrupted.
“I need to have a chat with him anyway y/n, honestly it’s fine I’ll go pick him up” he affirmed, to which you had to bite your tongue.  
“But he-“ you tried once more but your words were falling on deaf ears.
“I won’t take no for answer, plus you need to make sure Debbie doesn’t have too much prosecco for me” he joked, and you faked a smile before sighing and giving in.
[You] Your dads coming for you instead, he was adamant. I’ll see you when you’re back, sorry xxx
[Mason] xxx
Mason knew how his family could be, so it would come as no surprise that his dad wanted to take over and pick him up instead, especially with being his agent. You still wanted to give him the heads up though, and although his reply was vague, you knew it was a sign that he understood.
When you heard the front door open, along with the sound of his dad’s voice, your ears pricked up as you knew Mason was finally home. You were stood in the kitchen, looking over one of the takeaway menu’s his brother had shoved under your nose, when he emerged in the doorway with his washbag under his arm, offering a fake smile to everyone that you could see right through.  
“Oh Mason” his mum whined, “You know we’re all so proud, what happened today… it’s fine, it doesn’t matter”.
Your eyes never left his as he looked at you from over her shoulder when she hugged him, his dark brown irises glaring back at you as he felt more uncomfortable with each word she spoke at him.
“I know” he shrugged when he finally pulled away, heading to the fridge to grab a drink.
“I’ve got you a beer out” his dad smiled as he sat down a bottle in front of him after removing the lid, but alcohol was the last thing that he wanted.
He smiled sheepishly and took a swig, before running his hands through his hair and moving to stand by your side, trying to avoid his mother’s babying and any questions from the rest of them.
“Chinese or Indian?” you asked him quietly, sliding the menu’s in front of him and his eyes glanced down at leaflets.
“Chinese” he affirmed, turning to look at you with a half-smile.
“Ok, but don’t think you’re stealing any of my spring rolls” you quipped, trying to take his mind off your current and chaotic surroundings.
“I don’t like them” he shrugged sarcastically, which had become a running joke between you both.
Mason never ordered spring rolls and then pulled his face whenever you didn’t offer to share yours with him, despite telling him to order them every time, but he would still always refuse and say he didn’t want any, until the food arrived of course.
“I’m going to get a shower, I’ll let your mum know what we want” you explained before giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“Y/N” he mumbled, his hand gripping at your wrist so you could turn around and leave just yet.
“Hmm?” you hummed, looking at him curiously as you patiently waited for him to speak.  
“Thanks” he breathed.
“It’s what I’m here for” you whispered into his ear when you stood on your tip toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.  
You quickly let his mum know what to order for the two of you, and then disappeared upstairs to have a quick shower and get changed into some pyjamas so you could get comfy for the evening. When you returned downstairs, the conversation had switched back to the game and Mason’s penalty, and you let out a frustrated sigh, sick of hearing about it yourself, let alone Mason.
You made yourself a cup of tea, and when you noticed the same bottle of beer in front of Mason that he’d been nursing since you left, you made him one too. You made your way over to the sofa and sat the hot drink down in front of him, moving the bottle of beer over to the kitchen sink without a fuss, and pouring it away as you knew he didn’t want it. When you sat down next to him, he picked up his tea and took a sip, sinking back into the sofa as you drank yours, whilst you waited for the right moment to interrupt the conversation his family were having about the team’s performance, yet again.
“So how long did the food say it would be?” you asked, trying to change the topic.
“It shouldn’t be much longer, Mason do you-“ she tried to continue but you cut her off.
“What did you order Deb? I’m starving” you asked her, trying your best to keep the conversation away from your boyfriend for even just a short period of time.
It worked, but not for long enough, and once you were sitting down to eat your takeaway, Mason’s jaw was clenching as his brother started speaking about the Liverpool squad all of a sudden.
What didn’t they understand?
Why was it still being discussed?
He sat and ate his food in almost silence, other than the odd “yep” and “I know” in response to everyone’s discussions, all whilst you kept trying to pull the attention away from him.
You saw him gazing down at the spring rolls that sat on the edge of your plate, and when he realised you were looking at him, he stuck his bottom lip out a little, trying to use today to his advantage and guilt trip you into giving him one. You rolled your eyes and moved them to his plate instead, and he threw you a sincere smile at his small victory, grateful that you were there for him, even if it was just with an offering of spring rolls.
When you were finished with food, his mum cleared everyone’s plates away and you sat and listened to his brother talking about work and his job, plus a few events Mason had lined up before the end of the season. Your hand settled on his thigh, your thumb brushing over his tracksuit bottoms in a comforting way, and his palm fell over your knuckles, letting you know that he appreciated it without saying anything.
Mason’s love language was touch, and so was yours.  
After what felt like forever everyone had finally picked a film to watch although Mason’s dad was still set on discussing the game with him, even suggesting they watch the highlights together in a different room, to which Mason declined and said he would watch them tomorrow instead.
“So tomorrow we’ll go over the game and have a look at everything, ok?” his dad said as the film started.
“Yes” Mason said a little harshly, and when you looked up to see his face you saw his eyes close firmly out of annoyance, his fingers tapping on the arm of the sofa.
During the film, the small comments continued as Mason’s dad scrolled social media and he read out messages from other family members offering their condolences, Mason growing more agitated as the night went on. You tucked into his side when he reached his arm around the top of your shoulder, and you felt relieved knowing that he still wanted you close, even when he was in a foul mood.
“Oh, Nathan mentioned before about Liverpool’s latest-“ his dad began to say but enough was enough.
“I feel awful” you sighed, your words cutting his dad’s off as you rubbed your fingers over your temple.
“What’s up?” Mason asked quietly, his eyes looking down at you with concern.
“I just feel really hot and bothered” you groaned, before standing up and going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.
Mason’s eyes stayed on you even when you weren’t looking, watching as you took small and steady sips from the glass in your hand. You walked over towards the patio doors and pulled one open, your hand fanning over your face to try and gain a light breeze to cool yourself down.
“You ok y/n?” his mum frowned, noticing your behaviour.
“I just feel really sick all of a sudden, I wonder if it was the food” you groaned, taking another sip of water.
“Oh dear” she pouted, “Do you want me to get you anything?”.
“No I’m ok, I might just go for a lie down” you offered a sheepish smile, still not noticing that Mason’s eyes were transfixed on you.
He stood from the sofa and made his way over to you, his brows knitted as he was trying to understand what was wrong. He knew you didn’t like to make a fuss and if you were really sick, you would have taken yourself upstairs and out of the way of everyone, not wanting to cause a scene, but he couldn’t be sure.
“Are you ok?” he asked, his eyes looking at you sympathetically.
“I just feel a little unwell” you admitted, “I’m fine though”.
“You go and get in bed if you want” he suggested, “I’ll tidy up down here”.
“We can help-“ his mum tried to offer, but he interrupted her.
“Mum it’s fine, I’ll sort it” he said with a slight hint of irritation which she noticed.  
“Ok, well if any of you need anything just message us, but we’ll leave you to it for the night” she said.
“We will” you smiled, before quickly saying your goodbyes and heading upstairs on your own.
You sorted your bedroom out for the two of you, pulling some of the pillows off the bed and switching the lamps on whilst waiting for his family to leave, and when you eventually heard his front door shut, you left his room and made your way back down the curved staircase.  
When you entered the kitchen to go and lay on the sofa, Mason was just finishing up putting all of the clean dishes away, before he flicked on the kettle and settled on the sofa with you, to catch the end of the film that was playing on the TV whilst the water boiled.
He lay with his head at the opposite end of the sofa to yours, and you thought nothing of it.
He needed space and he needed time.
After only a few minutes of paying no attention to the film, he lightly nudged your shoulder with his foot, which pulled your attention away from the TV, and when you looked at him to see if he’d meant to do it or if it was an accident, his big brown eyes were gazing back at you full of sorrow. Your heart broke for him. You knew he was hurting more than he wanted to admit, and you felt even worse because it was a pain you couldn’t take away.
You crawled up towards him, slotting between his legs and lying against his body, his arm snaking around you as he pulled you in close.
“I love you” you whispered, your head lying flat against his chest.
“Do you really feel sick?” he asked, his hand stroking over your forearm soothingly.
“No” you breathed.
“I didn’t think so” he mumbled into the top of your head before pressing a kiss to it.
You lay still for a moment, just enjoying the steady rhythm of his heart and breathing, your eyes closing as you relaxed into him whilst his hand continued to tickle your arm softly.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked quietly, wanting to approach the subject carefully.
He didn’t reply straight away, his eyes looking at the ceiling as he tried to work out what to say; how to put into words how he was feeling, but he wanted to open up with you as he knew it would help.
“I’m disappointed in myself” he sighed.
You kept quiet, knowing he wasn’t done yet, instead offering to just be a set of ears for now, listening to anything he wanted to say and get off his chest.
“I feel like I’ve let everyone down. Myself. The boys. The fans. Mum, dad, you-“ he reeled off, but you cut in when he mentioned you.  
“Stop right there…” you interrupted, sitting yourself up so you could look at him properly.
You looked into those warm brown eyes that were lacking their usual spark, swallowing dryly as you tried to hold it together for him, not wanting him to question your feelings towards him just because of a penalty.
“Answer me something Mason” your voice assertive as you asked him to be honest with you.
He nodded, his fingers coming to play with a strand of your hair nervously as he broke the eye contact, but he looked at you again a few seconds later when he realised he was avoiding the wrong person and you would always be there to help him.   
“Did you give it your all?” you asked, “Did you try your absolute hardest today, despite the result?”.
He nodded.
“Then you didn’t let me down” you breathed, inching closer so your lips were ghosting his, “Or anyone else for that matter, but definitely not me Mason”.
His hand squeezed the top of your arm in response, a silent acknowledgement of your kind words that didn’t feel as patronising as everyone else’s today.  
“Tea?” he offered, breaking the silence between you, to which you smiled and nodded.
You followed him over to the kitchen and sat yourself on the side near the kettle as he stood making you both a cup of tea. He pulled the milk from the fridge, and whilst waiting for the teabags to brew in the boiling water for a moment, he moved to stand between your legs, his hands settling on your waist as you threw your arms over his shoulder.
“You look tired” you spoke quietly, one hand moving to brush over the top of his short hair.
“I’m knackered” he admitted, trying to hold back a yawn.
“It’s been a long day” you agreed, attempting to stop yourself from mirroring his expression.  
“Thanks for getting rid of everyone before” his forehead resting against yours as he spoke, “I feel bad but… you know what they’re like”.
“A little white lie never hurt nobody” you smiled.
You ran your fingers over the nape of his neck, lightly scratching over his skin as it always calmed him when he was feeling anxious, agreeing that you knew exactly what his family could be like.
“The day you stop trying to be a better person than the day before, in every aspect of your life Mason, that’s when you’ll let me down” you confessed, “Until then, I still love you and I always will”.
“I love you too” he mumbled against your lips.
“I love you more” you quipped, your hands holding either side of his face now.
“Thanks for the spring rolls” he smirked.
“You owe me” you winked, before pressing a kiss to his lips, “big time”.
“And thanks for being here” he murmured, “You know I appreciate it”.
“Always” you breathed before kissing him again.
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kierantierney3 · 8 days ago
The bet part 2
I want to say thanks for all the love of the first one, if you haven’t read it you can find it here:
Also not fully use to tumblr so if you can’t follow the link i apologise, you can find it a couple posts down.
Tumblr media
You quickly grabbed your phone again before phoning Ellie, after 3 rings she had picked up.
“Hi what’s up?” She asked “Big big news! Mason Mount knows who i am!! He sent me a text this morning, and has requested to follow me, and true be told i’m freaking out” You replied “Woah woah calm down, and tell me the whole story” she said, after filling it her with most of the story she gave her advice, which was to explain the situation and explain the bet which he would hopefully find funny, or just wing it.
After thinking for a couple you decide just to tell Mason about the bet. Incase the relationship went any further, he would be less mad.
“I had a feeling, your friend was very giggly about it” He had replied, at least he wasn’t mad. “So are you going to accept my request on instagram?” He asked. You went back onto instagram and accepted his request. “Your welcome” you texted back before getting on with your day, you might have the day off but it was a busy day, you had to get your weekly food shop, and clean up your house, you were working for the next 6 days straight and didn’t have the most time in the next days.
It wasn’t until lunchtime where you checked your phone again, you noticed you had a few notifications of instagram
masonmount liked your post
masonmount liked your post
masonmount liked your post
masonmount liked your post
masonmount liked your post
masonmount liked your post
You couldn’t help but chuckle, he had even reacted to one of your instagram story from last night. “Some would think you are obsessed with me, liking all my posts and reacting to my stories” you replied to him, it only took him a couple minutes to reply “Well then they would be correct. Are you busy on Saturday?” He asked “Yes working sadly” you replied back “When are you off again?” He asked “Monday long week 🥴” you replied back.
It had been about an hour until he replied “Are you busy right now?” He asked “No, done all my jobs for the day” You replied back “Good meet me at the London eye in an hour time” He said before going off line. Damn the man knows what he wants.
You changed out of your sweatpants and into jeans, before making your way out, you weren’t too sure how long it would take you to get to the London eye, but by now it was rush hour and London was busy.
You were not too sure where to stand, so you just stood near the london eye and sent Mason a text followed by a photo of where you were, he replied saying he would only be a couple minutes.
You watched as people went past you, families, friends, tourists, until you spotted Mason, he was wearing a tracksuit with his hood up which you could tell he was trying not to get spotted by any fans.
“Hi” He said once he had reached you “Hey, it’s good to see you again” you replied “So what are we doing?” You asked.
I’ll be honest i don’t like this, i’m not sure why sometimes when you write something you don’t like and this is it. Anyway enjoy and thanks for the wait. Part 3????
Also requests are open!
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fitfootballers · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Martin Ødegaard 🔥
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