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reblog for uncensored <3
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(A/N) Now, this is a cringy blurb of smut without a hint of plot, meant for @syrma-sensei 's eyes only, so do not read it if you aren't her! Do not claim to have not been warned ⚠️☣️
"Stop it. Stop doing that." He hisses as her nails dig into his scalp. She whines into his shoulder, whimpering out apologies as he slaps her hand away.
He slips his hand out of her silk shorts to take the unwrapped tie she had loosened around his neck at the start of the evening, gently bringing her hands behind her back to fetter them with the patterned rayon.
"Now, what did I say about that dress?" He purrs into her hear, feeling the shiver running down her back as she adjusts her seating in his lap.
"That I can only wear it for you." She sneers, daring him to make a scene.
"And yet, you showed up at Andrew's dinner in it." She makes a noise of affirmation, smirking down at his pestered state.
She is about to add to the retrograde, when he shifts her to have her back to him, head leaning back into his chest as he inches her thighs apart.
"How many times do you have to be told something to actually listen? Hm?" He purrs, easing the soft fabric down her hamstrings.
"Why do you always have to be so difficult? Why can't you just do what you're told for once? Like a good, little housewife?"
"Because I'm not your wife. Why should I be so eager get on my knees for you, when you don't even care?" She challenges with empty words. He growls into her ear, slapping her core as he brings her closer by the waist.
"No, you're not a wife. You're a whore. You feed on people's hunger like a leech; you enjoy hurting those who care about you." Another slap reddens her mons pubis, eliciting a sharp gasp from her.
"But you know what? Can't even blame you. You've never had someone teach you proper manners..." He continues, slipping two finger into her sopping opening.
"Guess it falls to me to show you how a lady should be in her home." He cups her breast under the thin sark, allowing her to bite into his tricep for a moment, before shrugging her off.
"Good girls don't bite into their daddies like rabid bears." She huffs, obeying nonetheless. She leans her head back to rest against his instead, closing her eyes as she feels him draw her peak closer.
She takes it quietly, heaving as slowly as she can as he instantly begins to draw a second from her. "Can you give me more, reinita?" She nods quickly, gathering her bearings and attempting to sit upright.
"Atta girl. See? You've a heart of gold, nena. You just have to get that rotten stubbornness out of your head, and you'll be an angel." He continues his assault, adding a finger into her convulsing core.
"That's it, make daddy proud." He rubs into her labia minora, drinking in her luscious sounds as she sinks deeper into his pelvic floor.
He pauses for long moments, taking his time to take out and reinsert each finger until she is screaming muddled please of release.
She feels her second climax flushing down on her; turning to grind against him and bring on the waves of pleasure herself. She settles her hands on his chest, as he eventually places his on the armchair's sides, leaning back to watch her lose control on top of him.
She sighs at the relief, letting her eyes shut and leaning her head back to stare at the ceiling for long moments, before a single clap forces her out of her glamour trance.
"That was truly beautiful, muñequita. Now, when did I say you could turn around?"
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“Please daddy no more” sub 🤝 “shhhh” dom
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Dog girls want one thing, and it's fucking disgusting.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I love the kind of sex where you're both just in ecstasy, close to eachother, wearying and bearly able to keep your eyes open because it feel so good and youre so out of it. the type of sex when you bury your head in their shoulder or chest and squeeze your arms around them because you just want to be so close to the person making you feel this good. when you whisper little things that almost just come out as moans and they tell you how good you are and how well you're doing for them. the type of sex where you just loose yourself in their words and their body.
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Prompt #3254
“You’re really good at that. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised though, considering you’re really good at everything.���
The hero blinked. “You think I’m...good? At what I do?”
“Not just at what you do. When I said everything, I mean everything.”
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Wanna be a good baby for me?
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mmm tell me how much of a dumb doll i am, don’t let me make decisions for myself, call me pretty, humiliate me, tease me, mock me, make me feel like im doing a good job <3 nd ill let you use me how ever you want.
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pretty girl
xavier thorpe x reader
summary: you overhear a group of girls talking about Xavier’s down grade from Bianca to you, and it makes you super insecure and distant from Xavier he finds out what’s wrong and he determined to prove to you that your wrong
warnings!!- MAJOR Praise, mirror sex, chocking? idk what its called but he’s hold her jaw and forcing her to look it the mirror, (Xavier and reader are both of age), breeding kink, crying kink?, angsty to fluffy
i was walking to mrs thornhills class just strolling because she wasn’t heavy on tardies when i walked past a group of sirens i overhead them gossiping paying no mind until i hear my name slip out “yeah, y/n’s not even that pretty Xavier is stupid for downgrading from Bianca to her.” giggling then they moved on to the next drama piece of their choice, i could feel my heart pang with hurt is this what everyone thought? i opted on skipping my classes for the rest of the day and headed to my dorm
It was dinner time and i sat next to my friend’s listening to Enid giggle at whatever stupid joke Ajax was telling and practically hearing Wednesday’s eye roll “hey you okay babe?” i hadn’t even realized i blanked out messing with the veggies on my plate “yeah sorry just a-lot on my mind right now” i excused “do tell” Xavier spoke worryingly while placing his hand on my thigh drawing circles into the fat “um, actually i think i’m just gonna go get ready for bed i’m really tired” a lazy smile formed against my lips, reaching down to peck Xavier’s, hurry off and up the steps to Ophelia hall
I stepped out of the shower, brushing my hair and throwing on one of Xavier’s oversized t-shirts, i grabbed my blowdryer and began drying my hair, walking out of the bath room in just the t-shirt and some black lacy underwear (i think reader is preferably chubbier like me) i pulled my hair back in a bun and opened my note book to do some home work
*bzz* my phone vibrated from:Xavier💗 “open your window” … “hurry babe it’s freezing” I sighed knowing he was coming to check up on me because of earlier, i opened the window to find him with a big grin i smiled back and unlocked the window “hi, xavi why the random visit?” he jumped in and through off his coat “you know, boredom, wanting to see my beautiful girlfriend, especially when she’s wearing my shirt” he smirked and i felt my stomach twist as the smile on my face faltered a look of concern flashed “what’s wrong, you’ve been doing that all week” he asked placing his warm hands on my cheeks “doing what?” playing dumb but i could hear the tone in my voice “every time i compliment you, you have this look of your face like you’re not the most beautiful girl in the world” i sighed i might as well just tell him “well.. last week i heard some sirens talking about how you downgraded and how Bianca is so much prettier than me, and i don’t know i think they’re true in some ways” Xavier’s face immediately drops into anger.. and lust? “you are the most beautiful girl ever, are you going to let me prove that to you?” his voice is laced with lust and truth i nod rapidly “please..” it comes out in practically a whimper, his lips are on mine almost immediately moaning as he pushed me down, desperate hands gripping my thighs, waist, hips, ass anything “look what you do to me y/n, only you, no one else can get me rock hard from a few kisses and innocence pecks, when you compliment my hair or tell me how pretty i am, or when you wrap your arms around my waist to spook me when im focused, no one ever gets me flustered and hot like you” he confesses then dives down to kiss my neck sloppily, i moan out “xavi… x… please” im a whimpering, hot mess “get on your hands and knees facing the mirror” theres a mirror at the end of my bed since its a single and smaller than the others, he strips himself from his clothes, his tip bulging and red all because of me “xavier please… mm’ need you” he smirked behind me “be patient gotta get you ready” he pulled down my soaked underwear “look at that…beautiful” i felt him slide his finger through my folds, i squeaked unexpectedly, he chuckled, aligning his head at my entrance.. “yes please” i moaned at the feeling of him filling me up “you’re so thick xavi..” moaning out and gripping the sheets, eyes falling shut “no no no, look at yourself in the mirror pretty girl” his hands coming up to my face holding my head towards the mirror as he thrusts into me at a wild pace, wet slapping noises and moans filled the room “im gonna cum xavi please..” he smiled “i know.. say that you’re a pretty girl and ill let you” my eyes widened as he chuckled, i huffed shaking my head “say you’re a pretty girl y/n, or ill pull out right now and leave you hot and bothered” tears welled in my eyes at the pressure of the knot in my stomach “please Xavi…” he looked at me expectingly “im a pretty girl please!!” i whined “again, and look at yourself in the mirror.” feeling his thrusts speed up “im a PRETTY GIRL!!, Xavi please!!” i sobbed, seeing my hair wild and Xavier’s eyes on mine while tears ran down my face “let go pretty girl” sobbing again i felt the knot break as my orgasm hit me “cum in me, please!” i yelled out feeling him about to pull out, i see his eyes widen as he continues drilling into me again, i feel the knot tighten again as i feel him close “come with me pretty girl, please.. please” he moans letting go of my jaw arms falling against my hips, yelling as my powerful orgasm hit, vision turning white “holy shit..” i hear Xavier laugh “baby, you just squirted for the first time holy shit..” i babbled incoherently something that i couldn’t even understand “lets get you cleaned up… pretty girl”
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thotpockettm · 4 months
do subs know that we know bratting is just another way to ask for what they want? it's okay angel, i know you're saying "make me" because you're too shy to say "please sir." that's alright, honey. you're so sweet, i know you need it.
i can't get frustrated at a brat anymore. it makes praise fall out of my mouth now. i just hear the snarky little comments and think it's cute how desperate they are to tell me that they want more, want me to be meaner, rougher, call them names, give them what they're afraid to admit they're waiting for. i know my baby's just begging for it the best way they can. it's so easy to tame them and train them once you see it for what it really is and that's why they can barely even muster up the motivation to pretend anymore 🥰
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littlesub33 · 2 months
Things to say to make me weak in the knees:
“Say please”
“Good girl”
“On your knees”
“Open for daddy”
“Excuse me?”
“Say that again?”
“It hurts? Good”
“You can take it”
“Awh, you’re so pathetic”
“Say it louder”
“What was that?”
“Look at me”
The list is endless.
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puppyprince66 · 4 months
Call me a princess and fuck me as hard as you can and when I'm about to cum I want you to stop completely and let me calm down and then fuck me harder and stop again, I want you to do it over and over again until I'm crying and begging you to let me cum
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wow, baby, look at that wet spot on your underwear, such a big stain. so soaked just for me? how would you like it if I pressed a soft kiss to your underwear, so that you felt just the faintest bit of pressure on your pussy. awh, you want more than that? I think you do, seeing how your hips are wiggling side to side for me. oh, my sweet thing, you won't get much more from me if you can't keep your cute hips nice and still for me. there, there, stay still for me while I hold your hips down - I know how hard it is, sweetie, but you have to be so good if you want more. so good for me, I'll give some more kisses on your drenched panties, I'll taste your juices on it, my tongue flattening and dragging along your entire cunt. fuck, you're so cute, I can feel my own underwear getting wet from your moans and squeals. will you be even louder, and get all hot and embarassed for me, when I slowly tug your panties off, a line of your sticky juices hanging between your folds and the material, just begging for me to get my mouth on you. and I promise, baby, I'll deliver so good for you, just let me kiss and suck the juices off your inner thighs, let me just smell how wet you are for me before yanking your spread legs onto my face and laving my tongue all over you and making you come so good. will you be that good for me, that patient for me?
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rosecolouredbaby · 4 months
Tumblr media
💋good girl💋
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sugarycandies · 2 months
Spirits Blossom [Jimin x Reader]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soft Dom!Jimin x Sub Fem!Reader
Genre: 18+ MINORS DNI Smut, Porn with some plot, worship, orgasm denial, praise kink
Synopsis: Jimin is a spirit of desire. The story of "The Legend of Florere Pond" is a folktale passed down for generations about a desire-granting spirit that lived in a peach blossom pond. (Y/N), who has been having a rough time, seeks out this spirit in hope of release. He is more than happy to help with those desires in any way he can.
Word Count: 3.6k
AO3 Link
She was desperate.
The Legend of Florere Pond is the passed-down town tale in (Y/N)’s town. If you walked far enough into the forest, you’d find its entrance close to a sycamore tree. People say very few people have come across it, as only those deemed worthy by the spirit guarding it are allowed to pass into its domain. Those who have claimed to see it described it as a tranquil icy blue pond with the most transparent, beautiful water. Peach trees in perpetual bloom cascaded their blossoms decorating the lake in a light pink layer. Speckling the pink lay differing greens of lilypads. Most importantly: when you touch down upon the water, blooming ripples would sprout from your fingertips and reflect a gentle finger mirroring yours from the depths below. If you managed to coax the spirit out, he would be able to see into your deepest desires.
(Y/N) needed some sort of escape, the world had gotten too fast. Work had been a nightmare, her co-workers only harassed her more due to her being a new employee, and her boss only fed into it. Her family had cut her out recently due to a fallout over her choice to leave law school. On top of all of that? Her best friend had recently stopped talking to her. The last solace of her day was her pet cat that she could come home and talk to, but no one ever gave her full accompaniment. Everything had felt empty, gray.
God, what would she do for a bit of color? And, my, did Florere Pound sound radiant.
She kissed her cat on top of the forehead between the ears, giving one last scratch after feeding him. Then, she slung a bag over her shoulders and head out. The sun rained upon her, covering her in a blanket of summertime warmth. Yet, that warmth did little to reach near her bones, only touching the surface of the tension that gnawed like frostbite inside of her. She found herself at the edge of tall trees looming above her, blocking out the sun from her once more. With one foot, she stepped inside and began to roam through.
It was much chillier within the walls of the forest. The trees were too thick to truly see anything through them, and she had turned too many times to find which way she had begun. Her heart beat faster as she got more committed to the forest, and the realization set in. Everything had looked the same, growing dizzier and dizzier, tree, upon the grass, upon another tree, upon a puddle. Everything was the same over and over, nothing defining enough use as a landmark. No sycamore tree was in sight, and (Y/N) grew desperate. 
“Shit!” She yelled as she looked at what she could only assume was the same tree she had usually been looking at, and kicked a rock in her frustration. It batted against the bark of the tree, doing little to hurt it.
(Y/N) took out her phone- no signal. She’d have to wander until she was close enough to get at least a bar. That way she could look up on maps some routes to get back.
She turned around for what she could only assume was the seventeenth time she had decided to ‘turn around’ to find her way back, and began to walk again. How naive did she have to be to believe in some ‘spirit’ anyway?
Looming above her was a tree that contrasted beyond the rest. It was a striking white, with crawling limbs touching the sky, and patches of leaves dwindling off it. A sycamore tree.
‘Come closer, I want to see you.’
The whispery voice shimmered in her ears, she could almost feel the light tease of lips against her ear with how intimately close the voice was to her. A light breeze brought goosebumps across her neck, feeling like nails tickling down her back, carving the arch within it. Her eyes widened, and she felt the pull to the sycamore tree in front of her.
All doubts began to slowly flood her mind, and that simple touch released the tension that was in her shoulders. She turned back sharply, to see nothing behind her as if she had imagined it all in her head. Once more she looked at the sycamore tree, every second that she wasn’t getting closer to it felt like reigning in a pulling force. So, she gave in, allowing herself to be pushed in front of it.
Yet, beyond the tree there was nothing, so she lightly touched it, running her fingers against the rough bark. A wave of dizziness crashed over her, and she tried to keep upright, holding onto the tree to keep herself up. She swung around to rest her back against it, her breath growing into heaves as she fought against the darkness that was swallowing her.
‘It’s okay.’ The same voice reassured lightly, ‘You’ll be here soon.’
Her head felt heavy as she raised it, feeling her whole world turned upside down. She was curled up into herself on the ground, the sun glistening upon her once more. Her vision slowly adjusted, and she saw herself, slightly distorted below her. Slowly raising up in confusion, she looked down to see her reflection, rippling against light ripples within a body of water. Adorned in the water floated by soft pink blossoms- peach blossoms. It was real all along? 
There was only one way to test that theory. She reached her hand into the water, dipping the very tip of her index finger into the water, and reflecting upon it: another finger similar to hers.
“(Y/N),” the voice whispered, “(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N).”
“What?” She responded a bit confused, she could tell the voice was one of a male.
“Such a pretty name, (Y/N).” He said again, his voice was airy and bright, almost in a teasing tone.
“Thank you?” she responded in confusion, “Is this…”
“Florere Pond? Yes.” He said.
(Y/N) looked around, seeing everything around her, it was truly as colorful as all the tales told it to be. Peach trees completely surrounded the pond, fog lingering between them, and the lake was such a vibrant aqua.
“Look,” the voice called, “Look into the water.”
She looked down, and gently swiped her arm across the water, pushing away the petals that covered the surface. There, lingering in the reflection showed a boy, reflecting as if he was right above the pond as she was. He had beautiful pink hair, and plump lips to match his soft face. His smile reached into his eyes as he laughed a bit, wearing a silky white shirt that near translucent, and tight black dress pants that wrapped around high-waisted. 
“Let’s get acquainted, shall we? It’s only fair you get to know me if I grant you your deepest desires,” he said, slowly his reflection got close to yours, the volume raising as he did. Yet, when she looked above the water next to her, there was nothing.
“My name is Jimin,” He whispered, “and all I am here to do is help you, take care of you, please you.”
“... Jimin?” She whispered looking at his reflection, and he nodded as he smiled, his hand slowly reaching over to her face, yet all she felt was heat against the area.
“It sounds prettier from you,” he laughed teasingly into her ear as he stroked his thumb on her cheek.
She felt herself get warmer from the attention, and tried to collect the words as they scattered in her mind.
“I, just, didn’t want to be alone.” she finally stammered out, looking at the spirit.
“I know,” he whispered, “You just need some time to relax, to get away from the ‘real world’ for a moment.” 
“It’s been all too much,” she whispered, tears beginning to glisten, as did the surface of the water, her eyes.
Jimin smiled lightly again and leaned closer to her ear again. The same tingly sensation rose within her stomach as he did.
“It’s okay, here we’re alone, and we can do whatever you want.” he said quietly, “I know you’re thinking of so many ways I could help you relax right now. Every single touch is sending you into overdrive, I see it, I feel it.”
He wasn’t even corporal, and this spirit had managed to make her stomach erupt. Every inch of her skin was begging to feel the same sensations as her neck and ear had to the mere existence of a breeze that she took to be his breath.
“Please,” she finally released, this spirit had managed to gain trust through mere subtleties.
He laughed a bit, “Whatever you so desire, my dear.”
The reflection disappeared, and for a moment she felt alone once more. The air grew thick as she looked down, confused. The water began to ripple a bit, and slowly the ends of pink hair peaked through the blossoms, a head raising out of the water, soon following the soaked shirt of Jimin, clinging tightly against his skin as he pulled himself out. He was lean, but muscular through and through. Seeing him outside of a reflection set it for her, and the comforting smile he gave once his eyes opened to meet hers.
“I’ll give you the best night of your life,” he said, moving closer to her as the peach blossoms moved against his path, “You’ll go back to your world feeling more relaxed than you ever have if you so let me.”
He leaned forward and coyishly moved to rest his head in the cranny of her neck, looking innocently up into her eyes. Yet, beyond it was a devilish smirk. He was an enigma to anything you had ever seen before, a toying playful spirit, a helpful hand, and a sinner wrapped up into one being.
“Yes,” she let out lightly, looking down at the spirit beneath her. He laughed lightly, sending shivers once more down her body as he did right against the skin of her neck.
Slowly his lips connected to the skin, his hand slowly trailing to the arch of her back again, resting in it as she pushed herself forward into his touch. He kissed lightly against it, his lips exploring every inch of the area, moving up to her jaw, and cheek, and then slowly meeting with half-lidded eyes into hers.
“Oh (Y/N),” he whispered, “I’ve had my eyes on you for a while. It took you so long just to come to wander into my domain so that I could see you for myself.”
So he had known her? She gulped against his words and opened her eyes.
“I caught your attention?” she whispered.
“Of course, you did, dear.” he smirked, “And I could only hope you’d welcome me in.”
Once more he resumed what he was doing, connecting his lips against hers in a gentle romantic kiss. The mere touch sent sparks throughout the entirety of (Y/N)’s body, his kiss served as a miracle giver, a blessing upon her. Every stroke and touch took every worry and pulled it out upon release. It was magical. He got growingly more curious as his lips trailed down to the edge of her shirt, looking up at her once more with eyes growing in his own sinful desire.
“Would you like me to remove this for you, dear?” he asked, leaving her just to breathlessly nod.
Slowly his fingers hooked around the edges of her shirt, lifting it up, his hands holding her hips as he reached down and kissed upon the edges of her breasts that showed beyond the bra that was still covering them. Soon, he grew a tiny bit rougher as he sucked, leaving purple blooms to begin to grow. He grew greedier upon each one, and she only grew more desperate against the teasing.
Soon her own hand began to explore, running fingers through his pink hair, which was awfully soft. Her hand trailed against his back and ran up his shirt, running nails down his back lightly.
“You’re getting needier,” he laughed a bit as he still kept low, “it’s cute.”
The praise only sent her into more desire as she nodded.
He ran his lips down to the base of her stomach, looking at her shorts, hooking around them as well as he pulled them down, hooking around the panties as he basked in her full glory.
“Ah, my apologies, it must be so rude for me not even to give back.” He smiled as he pulled back for a moment, and she gasped out at the lack of touch. The cold kiss of air against her clit made her shiver. Slowly he pulled off his own shirt, revealing abs that glistened against the surface of the water. He removed his pants, to reveal his true desires as well, hiding as he too was awfully aroused, shown in the tent in his boxers. Soon, those were off too as he sprung out, hitting his stomach. He gave off a show as he removed his clothes, turning, making sure each article took as long as possible to take off.
“Please,” she pleaded, “Jimin-”
“You’re so impatient darling” he whispered as he looked at her, watching as she was practically squirming.
Her own finger slowly lowered down to her clit, rubbing against it as she was desperate. The finger glided along perfectly as the arousal slicked her already.
“Shh” he reached forward and grabbed her wrist, stopping her movement and making her whine, “I’m supposed to be the one pleasuring you darling, don’t you remember?”
Biting her lip she nodded, this spirit singlehandedly was the most caring, and pleasurable being.
“I want to worship and bask in your beauty” he whispered, “In hopes that you’d see the same reflection I see of you in front of me, the you I’ve wanted for so so long, darling.”
Slowly he kissed down lower and lower against her, his lips grazing her folds, pulling her forward so that her legs dangled into the pond he stood in.
“Jimin please just touch me,” she whispered.
He licked his lips as he looked up at her, “I want to savor every single taste of you darling, you have to be patient with me.” 
Slowly he reached forward and pressed deeper into her, lips connecting with her clit as he began to lick, lips connecting his spit with her own wetness against her. She felt a wave of pleasure rack over her as his tongue worked against her, everything so smooth. She leaned herself back, bucking her hips up into his mouth as her head tilted back, moans falling out of her mouth as he worked against her.
He rested his hands against her hips, helping her hold herself up as he did just as he promised- savoring every single bit of her he got on his tongue, working perfectly as he licked stripes running up and down her, stimulating her clit with a flick. He kissed her again as his fingers tightened on her hips. Her own hands found his hair and tightened, pushing him further down on her. He didn’t mind it in the slightest.
“So sweet” he whispered as he pulled away for a second, just for her to push him back in, and he hummed against her pleased despite the forcefulness.
Her stomach tightened a bit as she felt herself getting close, Jimin slowly pulled away as he looked up at her, making her whine.
“Not yet, darling, there’s still so much we have to do,” he said, “I can’t have you releasing this early.” 
He raised himself a bit more out of the water, his dick fresh out against the air. (Y/N) leaned up and looked down at it, her hand reaching down and wrapping around the base as she began to pump it.
“Ah- now you don’t have to please me,” Jimin insisted as he leaned his head back, the smirk still coming onto his face as he watched her practically fall apart in desperation, crawling to him. It lit up a fire within him that he made the cool facade.
“I want to” she whispered, “God, I really want to.”
Jimin couldn’t argue with that as he bit his lip, nodding, letting her pump him for a bit, his own moans coming out.
“(Y/N), you’re so pretty like this,” he said smiling as he looked down.
“You do too,” She said quietly as she looked up at him.
His own hand trailed down as she pumped, and head down to her entrance, slowly teasing it with his finger, before smoothly plunging into her, beginning to move. She moaned and her hand fell back, not stopping her movements on him as he pumped him. Slowly he added a second, moving faster as she gasped, spreading her legs.
“More,” she whispered breathlessly, making Jimin tease a smile against his lips, which were agape.
“Anything for you,” he whispered, “Your begging would make me want to do anything.”
He moved to line himself up with her entrance, before slowly pushing in. She felt full as he did, and all of her worries completely drained at that point, leaving her just to focus on the pleasure he gave.
He thrusted into her, rocking his hips slowly as he wrapped his arms around her, pushing her closer to the edge of the pond. All (Y/N) could do was wrap her arms around him as well, holding him as she dug her nails into his back. She held her head into his neck, moaning into the skin.
“Jimin” she moaned, “God, Jimin.”
The way she said his name sent him into overdrive, feeling himself shiver.
“Oh (Y/N),” he whispered into her ear again, making the goosebumps raise again, his hips rocked rhythmically, skillful and graceful. The water rippled in time with his thrusts below him.
Slowly he pulled her deeper into the water, making her gasp, but the water was warm around her. Blossoms floated around her as they tingled against her back, surrounding the both of them as Jimin didn’t even stutter in his thrusts, getting only faster as he did. His mouth roamed once more and found her neck, kissing hickies right into the skin again.
She felt herself getting close, “Jimin-” she whispered, “Jimin-”
Jimin picked her up and pulled out of the water again, stopping his movements for a moment, and making her gasp.
“No-” she sobbed out at the sudden loss of buildup. Jimin fully removed himself from the water, pining her down underneath him.
“Not yet,” he whispered into her ear, “Not yet, not yet”
He reached his thumb down and teased her clit again, still deep inside of her. Once more he rocked slowly, now on top of her as she lay on her back in the soft grass. Jimin was beautiful with the sun reflecting on top of him, and he was glowing. His thrusts once more resumed at a normal pace, making her grow more desperate.
“Please, please let me come!” she cried out, feeling her orgasms get closer and closer each time they were denied.
“Since you asked so nicely,” he whispered, his thrusts suddenly gaining in pace as he got even faster against her, rocking her chest up and down. He took the opportunity to take one in his hand, kneading it and teasing against the nipple, his mouth going to work at the other one.
“I'm coming!” She yelled as Jimin moved out, and she felt her whole world rock around her as her hips spasmed, sharp squirts falling out, and Jimin smirked as he squirted all over him, feeling proud as he did, still rubbing her clit harshly to pull her through the orgasm. Once she was done, he pumped himself a couple of times, moaning as he too came on her stomach.
(Y/N), as she lay on the floor, felt lighter than she ever had, looking up into Jimin’s eyes, which had lost the arousal and were replaced with the same innocence she saw earlier.
“Oh, (Y/N),” he whispered, “we made such a mess,” he said leaning down and resting his head on the middle of her chest.
Her eyes widened at the two sides of this man and nodded. 
“How do you feel?” he asked, hand reaching to stroke her cheek once more, caringly.
“So, much lighter,” was all she could get out, she felt like she wanted to lie there forever, in the midst of the peach blossom-covered grass with the man who just made all of her worries go away.
“Good,” he whispered, “Then your desire is fulfilled?”
“No, replaced,” she responded, “I want you.”
He laughed, “That’s a hard bargain,” he whispered, “But anything for you.”
She had fallen asleep soon after.
Ring. Ring.
She groggily turned her head, looking next to her, 7:00 A.M, her alarm for work was going off. Part of her wished that she could close her eyes and go back to that pond, return to that dream state once more. Yet, she had duties. The eyes of that man lingered in her mind, feeling disappointed as she had to go brush her teeth. She got into her work clothes and was prepared to start another god-forsaken day.
She head out of her apartment and opened the door to look to see the apartment next to her was fully sold, with boxes adorning the outside of it.
“Hello!” that voice.
She looked down the hall to see the same man from her dreams walk forward, carrying a box.
“My name is Jimin. I think you live in room 130, right? I’m moving into 131! I hope we can be good friends!” he bowed politely to you. A teasing smirk though ghosted beyond that bow.
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