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rexi3688 · 5 months
the feeling of hunger makes me feel so pretty
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bruxamagraxo · 3 months
• When you eat, try to eat as healthy as possible. It's way better to eat a 150 kcal fruit than an 80 kcal candy bar. Healthy eating (along with restricting) is what actually makes you skinny and good looking.
• Take your vitamins. Due to the restricting diet you're obviously not getting enough vitamins, so if you have the posibility, take vitamin pills or gummies to avoid bigger problems.
• Don't purge. If you ate too much, it's better to fast for longer than purging. Purging is terrible for you, your teeth get rotten, your face gets swollen and you could tear your esophagus. It's also not even that effective, because you only throw up less than 50% of the calories consumed.
• Try to always carry something sweet with you. Just in case you feel like you're about to pass out, eat it and your blood pressure will increase, making you feel a lot better. It could be a fruit or a small low sugar candy, but it has to be sweet.
• Drink a lot of water. Water is the best. It helps to flush out toxins and keeps you hydrated.
• Take care of your hair, nails and skin.
• Exercise regulary and make sure to get enough sleep.
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yourbabymama1 · 6 months
This side of tumblr be like talking in Morse code lmfao
4n4 4n0r3x14 pr03d 34t1ng d1s0rd3r m14 4n4m14
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uurmomsblog · 8 months
i just don’t understand how i will cry because im fat and then go binge. how disgusting could a person possibly be?
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dizzygirlsstuff · 4 months
I can finally say I’ve hit my goal weight after restricting for 5 months, losing 42lb (3 stone)!
I see how everyone treats me better, how people are JEALOUS. I am way more CONFIDENT and get to wear way more CLOTHES.
I got my BMI from overweight to underweight in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.
It was all WORTH IT. This is YOUR SIGN.
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froggshroom · 4 months
my reasons to starve:
to be the small one in pictures
to always be the skinny friend no matter who i’m with
stick legs in skirts
main character bod
cute necklaces that bring out my collar bones
being able to look good in any style of clothing
bracelets looking huge on my wrists
low rise jeans
to look good in pics people take when i’m not looking
to show people how hard i worked
to be worried about
being able to make comparison tiktok’s about my weight loss
to have a small appetite all the time
to live up to the anorexic aesthetic and not be a disappointment.
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pleasebangmechan · 5 months
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the legs that i want >>>>>
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girlolgy · 3 months
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before ( 145) ~~~~~~~~after (123)
in a span of a few months!! i don't think i look very thin right now but im aiming towards it!
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sakeruo · 4 months
Tumblr media
Body check <3
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
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bl0ated-w0rld · 3 months
what do you MEAN i don't look like my thinspo after one day of fasting?
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4phrodite0xygen · 4 months
Tumblr media
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rexi3688 · 4 months
Ugh I wish calories didn’t exist
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nico-dumb-ed · 3 months
Going to school so you can starve without people noticing>>>
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donttrythjs · 11 months
my ultimate thinspo n idol
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thegirlinthemirror01 · 4 months
hunger feels euphoric, dizziness makes me smile and the weakness gives me motivation. all worth it to be sk1n and b0ne <3
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wingedclown07 · 4 months
Pls my two moods are:
Eating this lil thing wont do anything
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