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Headcanon: After the Second Wizarding War it becomes illegal to ask people their House in wizarding jobs
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To the Dark Lord - I know I will be dead long before you read this, but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match, you will be mortal once more.
- R.A.B
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Don't mind me, I'm just living my Timothée Chalamet as Regulus Black fantasies...
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HARRY POTTER CAST DOING THE POTTERMORE HOUSE TEST ━ Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis, Rupert Grint & Evanna Lynch (2016)
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"You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil."
— Sorting Hat
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hi hello, may I request for the prompt 64 with Draco, please?
I'm terrible at sending ask, sorry.
A/N: Yesssssssss, totally! Thank u for a send-in and for the patience:)
64. (protectiveness + emotionally needy) + “Shhh, it’s all right, you’re safe…”
It had happened again; in the middle of the night when the hot sweat dragged you out of sleep with the uneven gasps for the air and shaking sobs filling up your mouth as the panic washed over your body.
Another nightmare.
Glass shattering all over the room, people shrieking from the sudden horror and belligerence, blood dropping onto the floor along with corpses, descending like the lifeless mannequins...
You wrapped your arms around yourself in a comforting manner, attempting to stifle the next deep sob. As suddenly, another pair of arms snaked around your waist, and the soft lips quickly found their way to the nape of your neck.
Briefly, impulsively, you grappled to escape the embrace, feeling the agitation rising and expanding in your chest. The discernment between the reality and dream world was still partly blurred and the sudden act made you feel suppressed. Quelled. "Please... No," you slurred in the drunk voice. "No again, please... Let me, let me..."
"Shhh, it’s all right, you’re safe…" another voice, deep and calming, whispered. The arms squeezed your body tighter to his and tears fell on your cheeks, try as you might. "You're with me now."
Slowly, you began to relax as Draco repeated the motion, running his hand up and down your spine. It was all familiar, you reprimanded yourself. You knew this cologne scent. You knew where you were now. And why. "Draco?"
"Yes?" He smiled gently, stroking the side of your cheek with his thumb. He was always so consoling.
"Why does it always end up like that?" you let out a muffled cry. A pang of pain shot in your chest and the influx of insecurity engulfed you.
"What's that?"
"Every night. It ends up like that. Don't you have enough?"
Rocking you back and forth, now your body was completely relaxed enfolded in his hold. You heard him sigh and suddenly he pushed you back a little bit to have a better view on your face, but not as much as to completely detach you away from him. His brows, as you could discern his expression now, were knitted together and he had a disbelieving look on the lips. "Y/N, as long as need me, I'm going to be there for you, yeah?"
"Draco. Promise I would understand. If you don't feel like--"
However, you didn't have enough audacity to finish your sentence because the soft lips cut you off, spreading a loving sensation in your chest. Your palms entangled around his neck whilst he brushed through your hair, massaging your scalp soothingly. You moaned quietly at the feeling and he smiled at that.
Feeling his chest drop and raised offered you tranquility. Sympathy and affection for him surged over you.
His scent, his sensitive touch, his radiating warmth.
And at once, you felt at home.
an: finito. thank you for reading! any kind of observations, remarks, and whatsoever would be very welcome:)! i'll try doing one prompt per evening since i have a lot of work to do now...
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🍻*⋆⍋ Butterbeer Tea Potion ⍋⋆*🍺
Tumblr media
One of my favourite traditions during the winter is rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies. I've been indulging in rereading the books as well and wanted to do a bit of Hogwarts-inspired magick. I've always found the idea of butterbeer interesting and there are many wonderful recipes online. Despite this, I'm not the biggest fan of cream soda, so here is a butterbeer tea potion. In the books, butterbeer is known for being a great way to lift spirits and bring joy. The sugar and butter in butterscotch soothe relationships, boost love, and bring sweetness, making it a cozy drink to share with friends. Like the books, adding the butterscotch liqueur will add a bit of boozy warmth to this tea, but it can be omitted if you'd like. I hope everyone will enjoy this potion, I'll be sure to include links for where you can find some ingredients.
.。❅*⋆⍋*∞*.Ingredients 。*∞*⍋⋆*❅。
1 bag of butterscotch tea ( You can also make your own using butterscotch candy, black tea, cinnamon, and cocoa nibs.)
1 cup of milk ~ Fertility and abundance
1/2 tsp of butterscotch syrup
1/2 tsp of cinnamon ~ Love, passion, healing
1/2 tsp of vanilla ~ Happiness, Friendship, luck
1 tsp of butterscotch liqueur (optional)
Butterscotch topping for garnish
.。❅*⋆⍋*∞*.Directions 。*∞*⍋⋆*❅。
Begin by steeping the tea bag in 1/4 a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes.
In a small pot, on medium heat, combine the milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. Stir frequently to avoid burning until it reaches a light simmer.
Remove the tea bag and add the butterscotch liqueur.
In a frothing pitcher or bowl, add the milk and butterscotch syrup.
Using a frothing tool or whisk, froth the milk until light and foamy on top.
Before combining the milk and tea, garnish the rim of the glass with drizzles of the butterscotch topping.
Add the tea, followed by the milk, and give it 3 small stirs clockwise. Top it with the milk foam and enjoy!
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Pairing: James Potter x Y/N female
Summary: James is your boyfriend and he seems to be very quiet at the moment. You talk to him about you noticing. Turns out he is insecure.
Warnings: Fluff, emotions, confronting, comforting, crying, vulnerable, relationship
Tumblr media
You and James are sitting on the astrology tower. He has been weirdly quiet for the whole day. You had the first class together today, he was fine. But after that, he seemed to be bothered by something. When you smiled at him throughout the day he was only able to give back a weak one.
“Potter?” You disturb the silence. He doesn’t even look up at you. “Hm.” He responds dryly. You playfully hit his shoulder. “Bloody hell what’s wrong? You seem so off today.” He takes a deep breath in and forms his lips into a paper-thin line. He opens his mouth to say something but he closes it immediately. “Seriously James. What’s wrong?” You ask, pulling your eyebrows into a frown.
He looks your way. Tears immediately begin to form in his eyes. One rolls down his face. “Oh no, no don’t cry.” You quickly place your hand on his cheek and you wipe his tears away. “Y/N.” He whispers. You smile softly and move your head up and down. “Yes?” He holds back for a second. “I haven’t been feeling so good about myself. I have already been feeling like this for a couple of days. I don’t know what it is. Every time I look at myself in the mirror I just feel disgusted. I feel like you find me disgusting too. I’m sorry if I’m disappointing you…” Your mouth slowly begins to open in disbelieve. You slowly shake your head. "Oh James, please do not say that." You pull his head closer and rest your lips on his forehead. "Sweetheart, you are so beautiful what would ever make you think like this?" You give him a gentle kiss and you close your eyes.
He pushes you off so that you fall back on your bum. "It's whatever." He says, but before he gets up you pull him back down with your hand. He looks down at the unexpected touch of your two hands. He knows that you don't like when he runs off. But you knew he didn't like being vulnerable. "It's okay James. Everyone is insecure sometimes." His cheeks immediately get red.
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Happy Birthday To Harry James Potter
Tumblr media
💙The boy who lived ~ Scar head ~ The boy who had taught everyone the value of friendship ~ His Bravery ~ His never-ending love for His loved ones ~ One in all a true Griffindor 💙
Thank you for teaching me so many valuable things in life . The impact you had in my life is truly unexplainable. Thank you for being my comfort and happy place 💛 💖
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Professor Snape from Pottermore
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Tom Riddle managed one year of customer service before going on to murder people
checks out
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I am no longer accepting the Harry Potter books as canon. A Very Potter Trilogy is canon, the books are just fanfiction of it.
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Tumblr media
Hagrid’s Hut (@brendondraws)
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I know what you’re going to say,” she went on as Harry began to protest, “that Regulus changed his mind . . . but he [Regulus] doesn’t seem to have explained that to Kreacher, does he? And I think I know why. Kreacher and Regulus’s family were all safer if they kept to the old pure-blood line..."
Tumblr media
"...Regulus was trying to protect them all.”
Tumblr media
The Black family crest was painstakingly painted over the bed, along with its motto, TOUJOURS PUR.
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Tumblr media
Not only all of this guys, but Voldemort basically killed himself, just like the Second Brother (the one who held the resurrection stone). By killing Harry, he helps to destroy himself.
And like the First Brother (the one with the Elder Wand), Snape’s fatal injury was to the neck.
I need not remind you of Harry LEGITIMATELY greeting death like an old friend just like the Third Brother.
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“Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have!”
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