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postplus · 1 year
It's for Tumblr (you). It's from Tumblr (us). It's Post+.
Imagine this. You continue to share your work with your community of followers. But there are followers and f o l l o w e r s, right? You’ve known some of them for years. They’ve been with you through several seasons/rebrands/iterations of your blog (and your ~self~). Hell, they even know your real name!
Well, we’re excited to tell you that if you’re in the US, you can now offer those fans a little more. Diehard fans and new audiences across the globe can support your supreme creations for as little as $1.99—right from the comfort of their dash. This means more jokes, more marine biology memes, more sporadic sticker stock updates. Mash up all the media in one place with flexible and easy-to-use tools—image, music, text? Our editor has ‘em all. And there’s no minimum follower count or posting quotas to meet—if you make stuff people like, you’re in. TL;DR: We’re opening up Post+ beta to blog owners in the US today (and to the rest of the planet soon. Promise!).
Now, your unique GIF-illustration-poem-shitposts are earning you actual $$$. You start working that coffee shop job a little less. You design more bonsai tree stickers. Your fans love it. You love it. Imagine it.
For fans: Wherever you are in the world, support your favorite US creators on Tumblr from the comfort of, well, Tumblr. That’s right, get your favorite content first. Or more of it. Or simply a little somethin’ more deeply tailored to your tastes.
For improvements: Post+ is still in beta, which means it’s still evolving to suit your needs. Some improvements we’ve made based on your feedback:
Additional price points —> 1.99, 3.99, 5.99, 9.99 USD
Content from your archives can become +posts.
Easier blocking without contacting support.
No more Post+ avatar badges.
We love hearing from you, and the best way for us to know what you want is for you to tell us about it, so please keep telling us ^-^ Over on WIP. Or via a support ticket. And come check out these FAQs, or find out How to Get Started.
It’s all yours, always. Take it away, Tumblr.
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postplus-protest · 1 year
Despite the fancy survey, changes to the UI and TOS reveal we’re getting the service in the future whether we want it or not. Obviously, Post+ is a terrible idea that is trying to bank revenue on user content. Unlike patreon or onlyfans, tumblr’s primary focus is on FAN content. The legality of this is NOT in the users favor and as the new tumblr TOS states, said users will be entirely liable for whatever legal matters arise.
Besides filling out the survey, it’s time to show tumblr we mean business and show our displeasure by hitting them where it hurts.
Ad revenue.
We’re proposing a 24 hour log off as phase one of this protest.
August 6th 2021
12 am Eastern Time (US)
4am UTC
5am BST/London
6am Central Europe Time
7am Moscow Standard Time
9:30 Indian Standard Time
12 noon Hong Kong Time/Australian Western
1:00 pm Japan Standard Time
1:30 pm Australian Cental time
2:00 pm Australian Eastern Time
August 5th 2021
11pm Central Time (US)
10pm Mountain Time (US)
9pm Pacific Time (US)
So no posting, no queues, no likes, and no reblogs!
Like this post and share it AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. Use the hashtags #tumblrlogoff2021 or #postplusprotest on ANY and ALL social media.
Maybe, maybe not. It’s an attempt at doing SOMETHING.
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citricacidprince · 1 year
"Post+ is going to kill Tumblr, it's best to leave now before it gets worse :////"
Veterans who have been on this site for years:
Tumblr media
Edit: Post+ is dead, why are y'all still liking this? Don't worry sweethearts it can't hurt you anymore-
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somespicyshrimp · 1 year
all jokes aside, it makes me very sad how literally the entire internet, especially social media, has just become more and more unapologetic in trying to wring as much money out of you as possible. can’t go on youtube without being bombarded by youtube red ads promising that if you just give them money, they’ll block the pesky ads who are also begging for your money. can’t stream a movie without searching for it on each of the dozens and dozens of streaming platforms. all demanding individual subscriptions for their tiny share of the world’s movies that used to just all be on netflix. every news site counting down your free three articles, all the while begging you to turn your adblock off. click off instagram’s stupid shopping tab, and the first post on your timeline is with #ad. and of course, now, tumblr’s adding post plus. i hate it!! hate getting advertised at everywhere i go. hate that social media’s not even supposed to be social anymore, just another thing to monetize. i’m so sick of it!!! can’t escape it ever!!! give us 9.99 per month for exclusive fucking content!! fuck!!
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emmamountebank · 1 year
Tumblr media
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fxa · 1 year
Tumblr media
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cishetgreg · 1 year
I click through a “prev tags” chain becoming more and more curious with each click. I get to the end & am devastated to discover I have to pay $4.99 to view the tags being prev’d. I’ve come so far. I can’t resist. I pay the toll. the tags read #this is dean and cas
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gallifreyriver · 1 year
Reblog if you: have no intention of using Post+ to put your content behind a paywall,  and  have no intention to pay to unlock any content hidden by Post+ either
I wanna see something.
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iamnotawomanimagod · 1 year
we are never more united on this website than when Tumblr does something fucking stupid again
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prideknights · 1 year
Sending death threats to users testing the post+ feature? Unfollow me. It’s not uncommon for people in the LGBTQ+ community to receive death threats. If any of my followers stoop so low as to send one out themselves, unfollow this blog. What the fuck are you doing? Voice your concerns about this new feature in a healthy and civilized way, so this feature can either be discontinued or improved upon.
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fallingnebulae · 1 year
Tumblr media
had a vision
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firbetmakes · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Okay I woke up and heard about Tumblr+ and was not happy :(
So I wrote up this thing in like 3 hours with some crappy art and stuff just to get my thoughts out there of some way @staff can actually get some money without using @postplus,​ as everyone hates it.
If you have some ideas of your own or wanna draw some cursed pins you’d use go ahead!
(ignore all my spelling mistakes please, procreate doesn’t have spell checking)
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notpikaman · 18 hours
Tumblr media
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postplus-protest · 1 year
Here we are back again for a 48 hour log off protest of the current version of Post+.
October 2, 2021
12 am Eastern Daylight Time/Atlantic Standard Time
1 am Chile Standard Time/Brazil Time/Argentina Time
4 am UTC
5 am BST/London/West Africa Time/West European Summer Time
6 am Central Europe Time/Central Africa Time
7 am Moscow Standard Time/East Africa Time/Eastern European Summer Time/Arabian Standard Time
8 am Gulf Standard Time
9:30 am Indian Standard Time
11 am Indochina Time
12 pm (Noon) Hong Kong Time/Australian Western Standard Time
1 pm Japan Standard Time/Korean Standard Time
1:30 pm Australian Central Time
2 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
5 pm New Zealand Daylight Time
October 1, 2021
11 pm Central Time
10 pm Mountain Time
9 pm Pacific Time
8 Alaska Daylight Time
6 pm Hawaii Standard Time
If you don’t see your time zone, or unsure which to use, click HERE for the checker!
We’ll be running countdown posts leading up to the main event!
We’re logging off for 48 hours! So, for example, if you log out on October 2, 2021 at 1pm JST you’ll log back on October 4, 2021 at 1 pm JST!
Also! Our Australian friends, take note that daylight savings/summer time ends in certain territories on October 3rd!
Exhibits A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Tumblr recently announced a new feature called Post+ meant to help content creators make money while keeping a cut to help maintain the site. Not a bad idea, right?
The problem is that tumblr actively encouraged the use of Post+ in conjunction with fan works. Which is, despite the way they continue to side step it, highly illegal. Not enough people are aware of that fact.
Our mission is to force tumblr to either rebrand the Post+ feature as something for original content ONLY and/or offer a means to help the site survive outside of monetizing fan work. We want the see tumblr thrive but Post+ has the potential for ruining everything. Give us a better option, @staff ! In fact, HERE are some options!
Optional avatar and banner to use!
Tumblr media
[Image description : a square shaped color gradient image going from purple to blue to cyan to green. A large red prohibition sign overlaid on the words tumblr post+. /End image description]
Tumblr media
[Image Description : a tumblr header color gradient image going from purple to blue to cyan to green. On the left side is a red prohibition sign overlaid on the words tumblr Post+. Underneath is the words log off protest in bold letters. On the right side is the words I am logging off for 48 hours. /End image description]
Banner credit to @adairctedgibbgirl ! Thank you!
If the banner doesn’t size correctly, this this post HERE!
You can also spread the word on ALL social media (Twitter/TikTok/Facebook/Reddit etc) and reblog this post. You can also look at this post HERE for more ideas. Another option, if you’re using the mobile app, is to leave an honest review (be polite, be concise, don’t spam) on the App Store of your choice! The best and easiest way to protest is DON’T USE POST+!
We got tumblr to temporarily hide the original Post+ posts and possibly made wip a thing. So who knows?
Keep checking @postplus-protest for updates and further info, especially updates to this post! Thank you, all of you, for participating or boosting!
Remember to reblog, use the hashtags #postplusprotest and #tumblrlogoff2021, and SPREAD THE WORD TO OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA!
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gffa · 1 year
It’s one thing to charge people for stupid shitposts, but Tumblr knows that gifs are one of their major attractions, they have a search feature specifically for it!  How in the absolute fuck do you not see that letting people charge for the most popular posts--many of which are going to be, for example, gifs of Disney movies--is a one way ticket to the Mouse bringing out the lawsuit hammer en masse?  And that it is entirely possible that it wouldn’t just be the Post Plus users, but that the entire site would be under fire for using a site that charges money to use their movies without paying any royalties or getting permission for it?  Literally, how do you not see that as a nightmare that you’re bringing on yourself, tumblr?
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scarletbirbs · 1 year
Can’t wait for Tumblr Post+ to come out so that I can create a blog called hey-hey-eric-look-at-me with only one post that you have to pay $9.99 to see and it’s just this picture:
Tumblr media
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greenbeandagger · 1 year
Tumblr media
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