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aestheticemi01 · 2 days ago
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You are doing such a great job handling all of life’s hardships. ♡
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wholeheartedsuggestions · an hour ago
i love you and your flaws
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slfcare · 12 days ago
sending love and warmth to everyone feeling uncomfortable, upset, fatigued, lonely, ignored, hurt or lost today. whatever it is, it has no choice but to pass. in the meantime, it’s okay to not be the strong one for once.
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soft-spoonie · 24 days ago
hey you. im proud of you. im proud of you for overcoming all the obstacles you've faced to be here with us today. and i'll be proud of you tomorrow for the obstacles you continue to overcome.
you've put so much effort into this life, and that deserves praise. even though many of the things you had to work through should have never happened to you. you did it. you're here. you're right here. and you don't have to go anywhere.
so i hope you're proud of yourself too - or that you will be, someday. take all the time you need. everyone lives differently.
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limonsuggestions · 10 months ago
you are lovable, even if:
someone didn’t love you in the past.
someone doesn’t love you back.
someone said you weren’t.
you believe you aren’t.
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styrke · 6 months ago
feeling validated, heard, seen, and acknowledged in a friendship is so important. it’s the most beautiful feeling i think. being able to tell someone the most private feelings, exposing yourself at the most vulnerable, and being met with empathy, understanding, and confirmation that you’re not just being whiny, spoiled, ungrateful, or any of the other self-deprecating things you tell yourself you are when you’re breaking down. to have someone bring you back to reality when you’re busy minimising your struggles, yeah, that’s really beautiful and it’s truthful. someone who sees you where you are exactly as you are, not better or worse. just you. that’s so important in a friendship. definitely the most beautiful feeling.
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mylittlepositivecorner · a year ago
may you find people who happily listen while you gush about your obscure interests. may you find people you feel comfortable and safe enough around to be your authentic self
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honeyymistt · 6 months ago
an alumni from my school told me something that really stuck with me so i thought i would share it with any of my followers who are also students. she said “try to get good grades, but make it the least impressive thing about you.” soft skills are just as important! practice empathy, leadership, and communication! have hobbies and find new things that you’re good at!! know what your values are and how you act on them!! these things are so important 🌱
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mentalhealth---awareness · a year ago
Remember that even good changes can make us feel depressed, because, as creatures of habit, we're resistant to change. That doesn't mean that it wasn't the right choice.
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ofyearning · 3 months ago
you’re enough. you’ve always been enough.
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soft-study-vibes · a month ago
Something that I am gradually learning as an adult is that all the cringey things you enjoyed as a teenager aren’t cringey at all. Cringeyness is just a social construct and in all honesty, who cares? As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, don’t feel guilty for enjoying the hobbies you indulge in! Go back to watching anime and playing dorky video games or rewatching children’s programmes for the nostalgia. Take up painting again. Read those books you never got around to as you grew up. We weren’t put on this planet to be miserable and follow society’s norms, so just go ham!
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thepoetryofascension · a year ago
when you least expect it, the universe will deliver opportunities that exceed your expectations.
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 4 months ago
healing involves a lot more grieving than you’d expect. progress hurts. you’re moving on from things that happened but also things you wished would happen and never did. mourning does not mean you are not getting better.
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slfcare · 2 months ago
You can change your mind. You can say no to things you said yes to before, you can back out of commitments and relationships you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in, you can give up on something you thought you’d spend your life doing. It’s so realistic and okay to change your mind over and over and over until you’re happy with yourself and/or where you’re headed!
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intersexfairy · 27 days ago
tenderness between men is holy. whether as strangers, friends, or partners. it's beautiful.
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limonsuggestions · 4 months ago
look at you, doing things you never thought you'd ever do. you strong motherfluffer, i’m so proud of you.
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styrke · 8 months ago
no, they don’t secretly hate you.
no, they’re not secretly working against you.
no, they aren’t mastermind lying to you.
be careful to not allow your anxiety and past trauma access to the controls so they can direct your thoughts down a dark path. whether this is about a significant other, your best friend, a family member, or anybody you have close to you and have a great bond with.. don’t let intrusive thoughts hammer down on it. people like you. they’re honest and open with you, cause they care about you. trust in that.
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