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pothoswitch · 8 months ago
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11th January 2022
Let’s have a look at my smallest plant terrarium!
The glass jar is an old yankee candle container. These kinds of scented candles have the perfect lids for terrariums, also I like the shape of the container so it’s a perfect upcycling project. Imagine giving one of these as a gift to someone??
The plants I used for this one are: a pink polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya), dark green silver striped tradescantia (Tradescantia zebrina), and some cute string of turtles (Peperomia prostrata).
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sublunaryorchid · 8 months ago
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the babies (so far) 🌾🌿
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lights-on-the-ridge · a year ago
Abner is living his best life with his newly adopted cat because I said so.
(The Suicide Squad 2021)
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geopsych · a year ago
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One more from the garden for now. Was hoping to get out to the country tomorrow but the weather isn’t looking good. Maybe I’ll post a few from other years around this time later today or tomorrow.
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is-the-plant-video-cute · a month ago
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This polka dot plant
Rating: Cute
This plant is roommates with a tarantula and doesn’t complain. Yeah there’s a few places on it that need pruning, but he without a dead leaf here or there clip the first shears.
—mod Giles
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amandabacolas · a month ago
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Garden Vibes with Amanda Bacolas
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plantique · 6 months ago
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Pink Plants 🍃
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mrs-homemaker · 7 months ago
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Picked up a few plant babies today 🪴💕
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katacala · 10 months ago
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12.02.21 • Hypoestes phyllostachya has some fuzzy little baby leaves coming in, and is dressed in old and new flowers alike.
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autodiscothings · a year ago
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Welcome to my garden (part ii)
...or rather, welcome to the jungle, as most of the house plants are from tropical regions, with a few succulents dotted about.
 If there is space for a plant, I will put one there. If there is no space, I will make one, which is why I now I have a large shelf by the window for maximum sun in winter.
It’s not all my plants, but I tried to show the best* if them. If I had to pick a favourite, it’s the plain old pothos I love. I’m also fond of the polka-dot plants, mainly at how dramatic they are about watering time. The Begonia masoniana  and rex (Shepard), while gorgeous things to look at, are fussy bastards. I am sort of dreading Swedish winter time, and making sure they stay alive in the dry and the dark. The Begonia maculatas, on the other hand- very happy with the care I give them, and love the east-facing window they have, and survived last winter just fine.
I am still learning things, I am very new at this- I only picked this hobby up when I moved here three years ago. A lot of gardening is trial and error; I have killed and almost killed plants from my novice care; I’ve overwatered succulents, underwatered ferns, put below-canopy plants in full sun, and dealt with various fungus and pest problems. The joys of buying plants on a whim, is sometimes you don’t know what you’re bringing home in the soil. 
Gardening -even when apartment bound- has a lovely effect of making you understand the circle of the year, as well as keep you busy with the work of it. It’s still a kind of magic to put seeds into soil and watch them grow; to learn propagation; to eat something you’ve planted. It’s lovely to be surrounded by happy green things, and my mood has improved immensely from seeing and doing this.
*let me know if you want anything ID’d, I can’t tag them all!
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isthataleaf · a year ago
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in love with the color of this one
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latelierderiot · a year ago
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I'm becoming a plant-mom!
A year ago I couldn't keep a cacti alive and and I'm surrounding myself with green (and a bit of pink)😌
My 2 last additions: Monstera deliciosa and Hypoestes phyllostachya (or Polka dot plant)
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sublunaryorchid · 7 months ago
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same ol view, still the coziest 🤍🌿
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antsgrowingplants · 8 months ago
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This little polka dot plant has been slowly getting taller. Look at those little leaves at the top!
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theprimpandthepiest · 4 months ago
african violet update. it’s doing well, i think! i pruned off some of the old leaves and flowers and it’s--
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HUH!? Where did all of these two Miniature African Violets and Polka-Dot Plant come from!? 
ok yes i bought more plants . i liked how the mini(?) african violets have lots of blooms in the middle and i wanna get a nice collection of colors. and i bought the polkadot plant because it was really pretty.
they were selling a purple shamrock as well, which is a plant i’ve had my eye on, but i didn’t end up getting it today because it was a bit large and expensive. next time though... ;-)
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ineed-moresleep · 4 months ago
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Current plant settup! I had to hang something up so my Polka-Dot plant didn’t get direct sun. My aloe and ~other succulent I don’t know the name of~ are also behind there cause I think they’ve been getting a LOT recently and I don’t want them to burn.
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labelspoon · a year ago
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day 4 of houseplant fairy faebruary with a polka dot plant fairy!! all 3 color varieties cause when it comes to freckle face plants u cant have just one
[you can find prints of all my houseplant fairies at my etsy!!]
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