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zeraphiimm · 3 days
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mlp au but make it actually fleshed out and original
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starryoak · 1 day
My favorite thing about Pokémon is how I can find someone earnestly declaring literally any Pokémon their favorite. It’s why I don’t mind Pokémon that aren’t my aesthetic, even if I personally dislike them, because I can go out and see ten people out there for whom that was their favorite Pokémon ever.  There’s a person out there that was waiting the entire series for a Pokémon just like that one, whatever Pokémon it is. Genuinely, there’s a Pokémon for every aesthetic, and that’s what makes them good.  After all, Pokémon have always had wildly different design aesthetics interacting; compare Tentacool to Vaporeon, Muk to Pikachu, Kabutops to Clefairy. Pokémon are designed to appeal to completely different aesthetics, and that’s always been the case.
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adobe-outdesign · 1 day
For all Scarlet and Violet’s flaws gameplay-wise, I think its story is legitimately pretty good and leagues better than Sword and Shield. Like, the characters are just as good as Sword and Shield’s and the main antagonists are actually good and aren’t driven by some nonsensical goal like Rose or the fucking twins were. Hell, there’s hardly a real main antagonist here at all. Honestly, the entirety of the end had more emotion than all of Sword and Shield combined in my opinion.
Unironically yeah. Arven's Mabosstiff makes me feel more emotion than literally the entirely of SWSH
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xmoonlitxdreamx · 3 days
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Working on sketch samples for cons next year
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snoozingwell · 15 hours
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How grim!!
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tiffbaxter · 2 days
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GODS OF GALAR - Spectrier
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antihibikase · 24 hours
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Some completely normal rival tier lists! <3
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zoaroko · 10 hours
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nessa are you free this weekend
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pokenimagines · 2 days
SFW | Leon | Fic
So, taking a bat to the canon timeline here for a second, how would Leon react to finding out that his crush/s/o was the trainer responsible for all times the world had to be saved bc some rich guy in a suit (or rich lady, looking at Lusamine) decided to terrorize the world with the power of a pokemon who has only been spoken of in legends and folktales? And at this point, they're just tired, they want to take a nap and have a good time exploring a region without all the drama.
I don't think I translated it being his crush/significant other very well. But here we go. You just being like "So this is my life." and Leon just being "Well...damn...aight."
Rules | Discord Server (16+)
SFW Leon: Over It
Leon could tell you were something special from the moment you two battled for the first time. It happened by change, in all honesty. He had been lost and you ended up being the one to find him. You had no clue who he was, but he could tell you were a trainer. You had that air about you, and he wanted to risk it all and just battle you...so that's what he did. Out in the wild area, just you two and your pokemon to bear witness.
Leon tasted defeat for the first time that day. You had swept his entire team with two of your pokemon. He was stunned silent before a grin broke out.
After that, he became a bit attached. He began asking questions and wanting to get to know you. You had started off being very reluctant to tell him anything, but overtime you warmed up to him. After he revealed he was actually the Champion of the region, you decided to reveal something about yourself.
"So you ever heard about the incident over in Kanto with Team Rocket?" You began asking him as you two walked the wild area together.
"Odd question, but ya. I recall my mom talking about the gang being taken down by some kid. They stole pokemon, right?" He asked and you nodded.
"That was me." You said, making him stop, "I had just turned ten and went on my pokemon journey. It was custom to do that when you were ten over in Kanto...a bit weird for other regions but that's how it was back then. I got roped up into everything and ended up taking down the leader."
"You...took down a criminal gang when you were ten?" Leon was in disbelief.
"Yup...and recall hearing about the battle of Hoenn? Where there were two groups that summoned legendary pokemon? One wanted to flood the world, while the other wanted to create more land?" You asked and Leon stopped.
"You did that too...?" He asked and you nodded.
"Yup. After the Kanto incident, my mom got worried and we moved. I wanted to take another crack at the gyms though, and she let me. I was about twelve when that went down." You explaiend.
"So you've taken down...three groups?" Leon swore you had to be joking.
"When I was fourteen I moved to Sinnoh, around the same time that the Team Galactic thing was going on. Fought them and Giratina was basically released and...well I almost died on that one. He was...terrifying." You explained and Leon stopped you, putting a hand on your shoulder.
"You can't be serious..." He said, almost looking sad.
"At sixteen my mom moved to live with our aunt. I really just wanted an adventure and decided to run off and do it, despite the dangers. Ran into Team Plasma who wanted to enslave the world. I did make a good friend though, his name is N. After that I was old enough to move around. Decided I wanted to study Mega Evolution and study under Professor Sycamore in Kalos. Stop the gym battling and everything, y'know? Wanted to throw myself in research...sadly Sycamore had a friend named Lysandre that dragged me into another unwanted adventure with Team Flare." Leon just stared at you.
"Finally I went on vacation to Alola and discovered Ultra Beasts and discovered Aether Foundation wasn't as benevolent as it seemed. Ended up helping a kid named Lillie out there. That was a wild adventure. Now I'm here though; Sycamore said that he wanted to go himself since I'm still his apprentice and learn about Gigantamaxing, but he had too much work. So he sent me." You said with a sigh.
"And now you're here..." Leon said and you nodded.
"Now I'm here. Was planning on just watching the gym challenges and maybe try one of those raid dens to see everything for myself after meeting Professor Magnolia...but then I ran into you and got sidetracked." You said with a sad smile. "Kinda just hoping to have a normal adventure for once."
"I can make that happen." Leon said, a sudden burst of energy coming over him, "I knew you were amazing but I didn't know to this extent...how about you do the gym challenge. If anything pops up, I can deal with it. That way you can finally just have a relaxed adventure." Leon said and you chuckled.
"If anything pops up?" You teased, "How bad do you think my luck is?"
"It's like my sense of direction." Leon was quick to respond.
"Ouch...but fine. I'll do the gym challenge and if any criminal organizations pop up, I'll call you to deal with it, aight?" You said, holding your hand out to shake on it. He took his hand in yours and gave you a firm shake.
"Let's have a champion time."
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pokemon-icon-edits · 3 days
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🐉 Nonbinary Raihan Icons  🐉
Requested by Anon
Feel free to use!
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nessaidol · 3 days
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seven-oh-four · 7 months
due to that other post i was also thinking about what social media would be like in the pokemon universe
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i think people would be a little stupid
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ayelkian · 2 months
A small Applin animation because I love him and his puny pathetic existence. He’s a precious sweet boy you must protect at all costs.
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terithumbtacks · 14 days
Why Paldea's Flying Taxi don't use Corviknights
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xmoonlitxdreamx · 16 hours
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Misc sketchies
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darksilvania · 1 month
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They are Dragon/Ghost type with access to fire type moves and are based on pumpkins
FLAPPLE is based on a Jack-O-Lantern
Tumblr media
APPLETUN is based on Pumpkin Pie
Tumblr media
Gigantamax APPLETUN/FLAPPLE is based on the Saturn Sandworms from Beetlejuice
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