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wyndon-zoo · 6 hours ago
Going to the doctor is a lot more fun when you get treats!
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A visit to the vet is stressful for any Pokémon, so we train them with positive reinforcement to make it much easier for the keepers, veterinary staff, and of course the Pokémon. First, we get them comfortable with the keepers inspecting sensitive areas like their teeth, belly, paws for any visible issues like sores and scrapes. Then, once they’re comfortable with being transported to the on-site veterinary office, they’re able to have normal check-ups!
Lovebird is a bit of a regular at the vets’, so she’s a pro at check-ups! She came to us with a severely injured wing, meaning that she couldn’t be returned to the wild. Due to her inability to fly, she would be incredibly vulnerable to predators and unable to find her own food. However, here at the Wyndon Zoo, she gets regular check-ups from our world class veterinary staff as well as lots of yummy mealworms and berries for being such a brave little Swoobat!
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thepersonaking56 · a month ago
A young woman Fell through a portal seeming rather disorientated, looking around with no clue where she was. @omnitheplayer
She is then face to face with a little Vulpix that licks her face
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grimmssnarl · 2 months ago
what is going on here 💪
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unova-daycare · 27 days ago
hey, could i ask for some advice...? ever since catching my porgon, i've been letting them access my laptop (with safesearch on) and browse the web a little every day. it's worked pretty well as enrichment for a few years now...but now they're a recently evolved porygon-z, and my vpn targets them just for trying to log on to club piplup :( i've heard they can give your device a virus if you're not careful, but they've grown pretty attatched to their daily screen time. is there a way to give them the same enrichment without risking frying my computer?
Hi there! Thanks for the Ask!
I cannot tell you how happy I am that you’re giving your Porygon-Z proper electronic enrichment. It can be hard to do, but it’s so good for Pokèmon like the Porygon line. Thank you for researching your Pokèmon species specific needs and meeting them!
I don’t often give electronic Pokèmon online enrichment here at the Daycare, because it costs the trainer a little extra and requires close supervision. However, when I do, I have a little computer cart full of cheaper computers, kind of like middle schools will have. I let them use those, and it seems to work okay! Maybe try getting a secondhand computer from a thrift store? Could you use a different VPN, or talk to the customer service for your VPN to see if there’s a way to authorize your Porygon-Z to use Club Piplup?
I’m so sorry you’re having issues, but I’m super excited that you’re giving your Porygon-Z what it needs! Thank you so much for reaching out, I hope my advice is useful!
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ginkgoguildmembervolo · 22 days ago
Clover was hanging out around the sky pillar, she had arrived to do some exploring however currently she was just checking her notes about the place from asking the locals around the region. And as she was reading she couldn't help but wonder what type of discoveries she might find, that is if archeologists or other mythologists hadn't removed anything from the sky pillar and she did know it was a likely possibility. She was also rather excited as exploring sky pillar would give her a chance to study the Pokémon that live within the massive ruined tower as well as how the species adapt the higher up the tower they lived as well. "If my knowledge is correct, lots of dark type pokemon should live in the tower oddly enough, heh, and I personally thought there would be a lot of flying types. Then again I can only assume something happened during ancient times in Hoenn that caused the tower to become abandoned." She would say to herself as she was steeling herself up to enter into the tower.
"Dark types? Well, that's a shame!"
A voice came from behind her, nearly directly behind her, interrupted her.
He wore a heavy black coat, and a blur backpack. His golden hair was tied up in a bun behind his head, save for his bangs, which covered one of his silver eyes.
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thuganomxcs · a month ago
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❝ 𝐈 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐈'𝐦 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐈'𝐦 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐯𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞. ❞
indie urameshi yusuke blog as told by Jay Mirror, OC and multimuse friendly, crossovers are always encouraged.
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⤍ rules & info // genpact verse // yakuza verse 
Credit: template , icon border
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twinklesofhope · a month ago
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Oh hello there! It’s Ringo here! I’m restarting my blog as I felt my dash and such were kind of cluttered. It’s still slightly work in progress but I figure I should open it up to see what people thing.  But yea...
This is a multimuse multifandom RP blog for various fandoms. Some obscure, some popular. There’s even some OC’s as well! Like or reblog if you might be interested in interacting with this new blog.
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volot · 3 months ago
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          ALMIGHTY ARCEUS ABOVE!                  BEHOLD THE GLORIOUS CONCLUSION TO                                            MY LONG EFFORT!  © &  ©
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lookingforroleplayers · 8 months ago
Pokèmon RPC masterlist!
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Reblog this post and add in the tags
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EXAMPLE: scrunklyrpblog, single muse, canon, Scrunkly the Mighty ( pokemon mystery dungeon )
to be added in the list!
NOTE: if you have a multimuse blog, feel free to write as many muses as you have; if you have a fandomless OC, specificy that you just have a specific verse or their “title” -- and remember to reblog the fandomless masterlist too!
feel free to specify if your muse is canon divergent too!
Character list in games and URL alphabetical order can be found HERE!
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ask-alexander-feoc · a month ago
Pokemon Au
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An Umbreon runs up to your muse and it seems like it wants you to follow Him. Will you follow this pokemon?
@thepersonaking56​ Or anyone that would like to join 
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wyndon-zoo · a month ago
Our Chatot, Pesquet, is very curious about his berries! In the wild, Chatots feed on a wide variety of fruits, so we make sure to vary their diet and keep it interesting for them with all sorts of different berries.
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frigidlord · 7 days ago
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                                     KNEEL to the CROWN.                                          STAND in the SUN.
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                       Independent. Semi-Selective. Mutuals only.
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ragingwave · 3 months ago
 hello hello! do people do posts like these anymore? either way i’m shooting my shot with this one! hiya i’m bambi, crawling back into the indie rp game for the upteenth time looking for active blogs of any fandom that would be down to interact with a CANON DIVERGENT, PRIMARILY HEADCANON BASED, NESSA from POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD that’s crossover and oc friendly! any likes, reblogs, or interactions with this post would be greatly appreciated! hope to write with any of you soon! ♥
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unova-daycare · 28 days ago
Hello! I'm from the Kalos region and recently I've received a Zorua egg for my birthday, which will become my first partner soon. There's still some time before it hatches, any advice on raising these sneaky little boys? Any Pokémon that get along well with one?
Hey! Thanks for the Ask!
Congratulations on your Zorua egg! I will say, Zorua are not a super beginner-friendly Pokèmon. However, if Arceus sent that egg your way, I’m sure you and your Zorua were meant to be! Here are some professional tips and tricks to help you tame this troublemaker.
Prepping for your Zorua
Firstly, you’ve got to make sure you’re prepared for this tiny kit! Zorua are big scratchers, biters, and diggers. I’d put away any expensive rugs you have in your home, because Zorua will absolutely try to dig at it and ruin it. Your baby will also chew on everything you own, so stock up on chew toys and hard treats. Things to keep Zorua’s mouth occupied while it teethes. Also, find a Pokémon obedience trainer who specializes in Pokémon who can transform, like Ditto or Zoroark.
Zorua’s First 12 Weeks
Zorua grow very quickly relative to humans. In about a year, like most kitsune Pokémon, it will be fully matured. The first 12 weeks are all about fine-tuning skills like foraging and hunting. During the first part of its life, play is key. Get toys that allow Zorua to indulge in its natural hunting and foraging instincts. Any puzzle games with chewy treats are ideal. Hide treats around the house and let Zorua sniff them out! Sprinkle treats in a blanket and twist it up so that Zorua can root around for them.
Another important part of those first 12 weeks, as it is with every baby Pokèmon, is socialization. Take Zorua everywhere with you. Make sure it meets all different kinds of Pokèmon and people, so that it’s comfortable around them as an adult.
Zorua’s First Year
Once it’s got foraging and hunting down, the hard part starts: transforming. Zorua are known for their ability to transform into any Pokèmon. When your Zorua starts to try to transform naturally, contact a transformation specialist. Teach your Zorua that it can transform, but it needs to do it safely. Zorua is going to be curious and it is going to try to play little tricks on you. Indulge it sometimes, but don’t encourage it to lie to you. My biggest tip for Zorua-specific enrichment is to have it participate in hikes and sports that involve different terrain. Have it transform into a swimming Pokèmon for a swimming portion of a walk, and then have it fly as a flying Pokèmon for a while. Find somewhere with lots of different terrain near you and take Zorua there to practice transforming.
Kay’s #1 Newborn Tip
This is something I cannot ever stress enough. I do so much of this at the Daycare. Every single Pokémon that I have trouble with is because their trainer neglected this crucial step of Pokèmon rearing.
Make sure to start obedience training as early as possible.
Seriously. Sit, stand, stay, lay down, come. Stuff like that is SO IMPORTANT. Especially with a tricky Pokèmon like Zorua. As soon as Zorua can comprehend commands and rewards, usually around the three week mark, start obedience training. I’m serious. Please, please, please obedience train your Pokèmon.
Well, thanks so much for reaching out! I hope you and Zorua have many adventures together!
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talubld-a · 4 months ago
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#TALUBLD  is  an  INDEPENDENT  &.  PRIVATE  multimuse  blog  ft.  canon  and  original  characters  from  the  POKÉMON  FRANCHISE  .  penned  &.  wildly  adored  by  lucas  (they/them)  ,  twenty  four  ,  from  the  UK  .  formerly  #lubnd  .   est.  02/22  .    x.  
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diangelique · a month ago
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  A promo?? YES!        This blog is still partially in progress, but if you’d like to interact with DIANTHA from Pokemon X and Y, give this a LIKE and/or REBLOG ! 
                                                                 flown by nami | follows from picavecalyx
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hymnblood · 3 months ago
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he wears the smell of blood and death like a perfume. there is fire in his eyes, and ice in his veins, but you love him anyway  ;  how can you not ? he is but a star that burns with the ferocity of a thousand suns. and you try to look away, but you remember  :  your world is dark without his otherworldly flame.
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