tulipsofthemorning · a month ago
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yoursoethereal · 6 months ago
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— Sylvia Plath, from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
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xoceansx · 8 months ago
It's June after all & you're young
until September
— Ocean Vuong, Night Sky With Exit Wounds
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senpiecakes · 3 months ago
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erikazodycxo · 12 months ago
Phantom of the Opera
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because you were only 5 when you learnt the dark was something you should be afraid of and that night, a child found god in the bathroom light
when you turned 11, someone said you were too loud, too brash, too annoying for a girl; they made you think you’d never make it in this world
then came your 13th birthday when you realised that your mother would only love the person you could become for her, so you made yourself smaller and smaller until you ceased to exist outside of your own mind, screaming “are you happy now, mother?” but no voice comes out because you can’t be too loud, remember?
at 15, you hated yourself for not being able to fight without crying (you still do) so you don’t let anyone in that can hurt you
and now that you’re 17, you’ve waited for summer long enough to know it will never arrive for a person who says so little of what she means.
// you’ve been 8, on your way to 18, and barely survived the years in between
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anotherlxve · 12 months ago
It hurts so much feeling like I’m never good enough. I feel like I’m only someone temporary until something or someone better comes along. I don’t wanna feel like this anymore. It’s breaking me.
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diariesofaprisoner · 6 days ago
Conversation With Love
I met love it said hello young man
I said hello love from what i have seen I am a big fan
But I will never be like you
They say you never fail
I fail more than I would like to
You are so bright me I am shady
Lying in the dark feeling so lazy
My quest for you in words has become pathetic
Sorry love that is because I let it
I can not get a grip on you yet we hold this conversation
Why have you been avoiding me
No need for an explanation
I still get this impression 
That I deserve some love making
I will see you again eventually
I will be waiting
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madeofbluez · 6 months ago
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" with love, sir, i wish to serve myself some bread before I serve you a course, for I've starved my own hunger, and now I crave anything alive. "
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" apologies, for I have been, scared, but aggressively, aggressively scared sir "
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" I've washed dirt, and scrubed your basins white, sir, but I must say, your wine stained shirt remains. It commands me to honor it's poetic wrath with reality "
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And how she thanked the world, for it's awaited doom, in casual conversations about flowers,
she'd smile at autumn, for death wasn't new to her, but the after...
" Poetic Betrayals " - Astha kesri
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littlegaywolf · 3 months ago
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I slept with a poet today.
I kissed him
with the remains of your name on my lips.
and he kissed me back, tasting
like the ashes of a burnt relationship,
soot on his lips
that screamed his lover's name.
but i did not mind.
After we made love that day,
when I held him close like I held you once,
I hugged him for so long, i believed
hoped, he would morph into you.
but he didnt.
Instead, he stood up
walked across the room,
and picked up a journal
from a stack of journals
flipped through the pages,
he found the one he was looking for.
poem. not lover.
He read it, out loud
for me to hear.
it was a poem about passion
and love
and all those other feelings
you made me feel.
all those other feelings
she made him feel.
and as he read
we both smile
that he was thinking about her
and i, you.
~ S/H🤎
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coldcollectivecherryblossom · 11 months ago
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tulipsofthemorning · a month ago
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so shine on, shine on harvest moon
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yoursoethereal · 7 months ago
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— Sylvia Plath, from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
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theprettybluedreams · 7 months ago
People can't live without art in their lives that's why I can't live without you
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sombrekisses · a year ago
These sounded poetic together :)
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