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Lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship
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the sexiest thing a man can do is be oscar isaac as poe dameron holding a coffee.
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Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron behind the scenes of 'Star Wars'
(via ig @Disney)
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Wake up sluts, new old Poe pic just dropped
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They lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship.
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lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship
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poe dameron x reader
summary: you're always worried poe won't come back; luckily, he does each time.
warnings: angst, allusions to death, mentions of canon typical wounds
tags: gn!reader, reader is a mechanic, fluff, established relationship, tired and soft poe <3
word count: 0.9k
this one is dedicated to @mccnknightstcrdst, thank you for pushing me and motivating me to write for poe <3
reblogs and feedback are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
You knew the torments of living during a war. You knew what to expect, you knew bad news could be brought to you at any moment and you were learning to live with that; you didn’t have the choice anyways.
It could, it should have become a habit, but you still couldn’t get used to it; you couldn’t help but worry every time, waiting in the hangar, desperately looking to spot the best pilot in the galaxy through the crowd. 
Luckily, you did spot him each time, but you were so afraid of the eventuality that one day maybe you wouldn’t. Poe was reckless, impulsive and sometimes overconfident; what made him a good leader but a bad point of pressure on your conscience. 
You’re waiting in the hangar, arms crossed over your chest, leaning against a wall, wearing Poe’s jacket as if you stealing his stuff was going to give him a reason to come back in one piece – and stealing is a huge word as Poe lets you wear anything without complaints as he loves seeing you wearing his clothes, showing everyone that you’re his, even if jealousy and possessiveness aren’t his thing – he is just proud to show off that you are his and he is yours.
You’re fiddling nervously with the sleeves of the jacket, seeing ships slowly filling the hangar.
The X wings all look alike, but you would recognize Poe’s among thousands; you were the only one he allowed to fix his baby. 
You only grow more nervous when you see people getting out of their ship and immediately in need of help; it sounds selfish but you’re glad Poe isn’t part of them for the moment.
Your gaze follows the people being transported on stretchers, pushed towards the base entry to quickly leave the hangar. You bite your lip in worry for those people but look away as you still need to make sure Poe is here and alive. 
You look through the sea of orange flight suits, tightly clutching onto the hem of Poe’s jacket.
Your gaze carefully scans every area in the hangar, and a gasp is caught in your throat when you finally spot him through the crowd, talking to Snap. 
You sigh, relieved, and immediately run to him, nothing else mattering at the moment. Snap gestures to Poe towards you and his face lights up at your sight, and he starts moving towards you too.
You're just inches away from him and don’t even look at him closely, instantly diving into his embrace, deeply relieved at the mere idea of him being here.
He lets a grunt out when your bodies collide, and your first reflex is to wrap your arms around his neck and to rest your head on his shoulder.
“Careful, baby” he whispers as he reluctantly pulls you away from him, putting his hand over an area of his ribcage.
“Oh-” you gasp, looking down at his chest, assimilating the matter. “I’m sorry Poe I-” you stop and frown when you look up and see his face.
Added to the broken ribs, a busted lip, a bruise on the temple and a cut to the forehead.
“What the hell happened ?” you ask, putting a hand to his arm where you hoped he wouldn’t be wounded too.
“Had a bad landing. Me. Not the X wing.” he chuckles, his smile fading away when he notices the visible worry on your face.
“Maker” you mumble cupping his chin, slowly shaking your head. You run a hand through his curls to brush his hair back and prevent it from falling over his wound and he closes his eyes, and you’re not sure whether it is because he is leaning into your touch or if it is fatigue.
“I’m fine sweetheart.” he affirms with a small, timid smile. It is both.
“You were being reckless once again ?” you ask, raising your eyebrows, your hands leaving his hair and face.
He rolls his eyes and smiles, his hand finding yours.
“The day I’m not coming back is the day you’ll be allowed to blame me.” he affirms tilting his head forward in a serious manner while lacing his fingers with yours.
“This day better not happen” you warn him with a chuckle, trying to erase the growing seriousness of the conversation. You look down at your intertwined hands and bite your bottom lip troubledly. You did not want to talk or even think about the possibility of him not coming back one day.
“Hey.” he calls, hooking two fingers under your chin so you can look at him. “It won’t. I’ll make sure of it just so I will be right and you won’t be able to blame me” he declares with his signature shit eating grin.
You smile back at him, getting closer to him as he wraps his arms around your waist but making sure you don’t push against his ribs. Your hands rest at either side of his neck and you carefully examine his bruised, tired face before kissing him fervently; Poe gladly kisses you back but quickly winces against your lips before grudgingly pulling away from the kiss.
“Mh, kisses are gonna be a problem” he weakly smiles, pointing at the cut on his bottom lip.
“Shit. Sorry. This is bad” you say frowning. “Here” you say before kissing his cheek, making sure you’re not touching any damaged area this time. “Now that’s an inconvenience.” you giggle, brushing lightly just under his cut with your thumb.
“Yeah” he laughs. “My fault, okay” he admits, holding his hands up in defeat.
“See ? Not so hard to admit.” You smile at him and take his hand in yours. “I’m just glad you’re back. Come on. Let me take care of these wounds”
He firmly holds your hand and you leave the hangar, glad that he came back one more time.
reblogs and feedback are appreciated!!
star wars taglist: @apollo-enthusiast @lockleysgrl @my-secret-shame-but-fanfiction @alexxavicry
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lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship
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Star Wars The rise of Skywalker bts
via Disney instagram
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Dead End
Whumptober 2022: #2. Cornered, 14. Failed Escape, 16. No Way Out, 21. Famous Last Words
Fandom: Star Wars, Poe Dameron, gn!Reader
Word Count: 1092
TW: Angst, Forced to Watch, Helplessness, Mentions of Weapons, Implied Death
Notes: Thank you to @nerdysuperchick for looking this over and for your kind words 🥰
Tumblr media
Poe raced through the barren streets as fast as he could but it seemed no matter how fast he ran or where he turned, he could hear the pounding footsteps of a legion of Stormtroopers hot on his heels. You were panting heavily as you struggled to keep up with his pace yet you continued to match him stride for stride. 
The two of you had infiltrated the First Order base and stolen the information you were after with no problems. After sending it to BB-8 who was waiting back at your ship, you attempted to slip back out. But that’s when your luck ran out. You were spotted by one of the guards on duty and since then, you had been trying to evade capture though it was starting to seem impossible.
You stumbled slightly, and Poe shot his hand out to steady you. Glancing up at him, you pant, “This isn’t working…. We have to split up….. At least then we double our chances…. of one of us getting away.”
Poe nodded reluctantly. This city was a maze of streets and alleys. Splitting up would force the Stormtroopers to either divide their men as well or to focus on only one of them, allowing the other to escape. 
“I'll go left, you go right and we’ll meet back at the ship when we can.” You nod in agreement as Poe cups your face with his hand. “Please be safe, baby.”
Drawing you in, he smashed his lips against yours. The kiss had none of its normal tenderness or teasing. Instead, it was all hunger and desperation and longing. Though neither one of you would admit it, you knew there was a good chance this was goodbye. There were just too many troopers and your weapons had been damaged as you had tried to escape. The chances of both of you getting out of this alive were slim, but you had beaten the odds before.
When he finally tore himself away, you squeezed his hand one last time and whispered, “I love you.” Then you turned and ran down a nearby alley.
Poe stared after you for just a moment before taking off in the opposite direction. He tried to make as many twists and turns as possible to throw off his trail, but he soon realized he had only managed to get himself turned around. The maze-like layout of the city may have been an advantage, but now it had become a hindrance. 
Glancing around, he noticed a palette of crates stacked against the side of one of the buildings, so high that they just about reached the top of the structure. Excitedly, Poe ran over and began climbing them. When he reached the top, he was just shy of reaching the edge of the roof but he was able to leap up and snag it with his fingertips. Hauling himself up, he gazed down at the city below him. From up here, he could see all the twists and turns of the streets as well as a clear path towards his ship.
But where were you? And where were the Stormtroopers? Pow suddenly realized in the time it took him to climb onto the roof, he hadn’t heard even the faintest sign of someone following him. Which could only mean one thing….
He took off running across the rooftop and when he reached the edge he flung himself across to the next one. Over and over he did this, retracing his route to the spot where you had split up. Once he found his way back there, he continued on in the direction you headed, hoping he could stumble upon you eventually.
His legs were burning from the constant running, and now jumping, he had to endure yet he pushed himself to keep going. If he could find you, he could figure out a way to get you up to him and the two of you could escape across the rooftops before the Stormtroopers closed in. 
Yet he was too late. As he jumped to the next roof, he spotted the squadron of Troopers running with renewed vigor and not far in front of them….
You were running as fast as you could, but Poe could see the exhaustion and strain it was taking on you even from here. You stumbled once but remained on your feet and kept going. And just as Poe was starting to close the distance between you, you reached a fork in the road. Your head whipped around wildly as you tried to figure out which way to go. From your position, you couldn’t see where either path led, but Poe could and his heart dropped. 
Frantically, he began chanting under his breath as he picked up speed, “Go right, go right, baby, go right.”
But to his horror, you tore off to the left.
There was nothing he could do as you ran down the alley and the Stormtroopers followed. He landed on top of the building directly above you just as you realized the danger you were in. You had reached a dead end. 
You whirled around, your eyes wildly scanning the area for any way of escape, but there was none. The Troopers were already closing in. And as you glanced up, you caught sight of Poe just above you and a faint smile flickered across your lips. You nodded softly and mouthed the word go before turning your attention back to the squadron in front of you.
Poe had to do something. He couldn’t just stand here and watch this happen. And yet… if he gave his position away, the Troopers would kill him and neither BB-8 nor the information they had stolen would ever make it back to the Resistance. All of this would be in vain and Poe knew you wouldn’t want that. 
So, all he could do was watch as one of the Stormtroopers stepped forward and, in his modulated voice, asked, “Where is the other one?”
You smirked smugly. “He’s already reached our ship and is on the way back to our base. I was just the decoy and you fell for it.”
“Well, we have no use for decoys,” he said. With a wave of his hand, all the other Stormtroopers lifted their blasters and aimed them at you. “Any final words?”
You threw your shoulders back and held your head up high. Your eyes flickered up to meet Poe’s, a defiant gleam shining from even this distance, and you said, “Long live the Resistance.”
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Oscar Isaac appreciation ❤️ Just breathtaking 😍
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(not necessarily written in September, but that’s when I read ‘em! - Sorry I'm a little late posting this one, I'm a bit unwell.)
🎀 - fluff ☔ - angst 🍑 - smut
These fics, they have got me through this month I can tell ya.
Tumblr media
🎀A date without a wallet. (Bud Cooper x f!reader) - @anetteaneta
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☔remorse (Llewyn Davis x GN!reader) - @eyelessfaces
Tumblr media
☔sin descanso - @marcspectrr
🍑 I Can’t Help Myself Part 1 (Jake Lockley x F!Reader) - @howaboutcastiel
🍑 I Can’t Help Myself Part 2 (Marc Spector x F!Reader & Steven Grant x F!Reader) - @howaboutcastiel
🎀 You'd be a great dad (Marc Spector x Reader) - @softlybarnes
🎀 For Better or For Worse (Marc Spector x Reader) [email protected]s
🎀 A Day in the Life (Moon Knight x F!Reader) - @dashesofink
🎀****Cough Syrup*** (Steven Grant x F!Reader) - @romanarose
🎀 But Tonight Is Just Like Any Other Night (Jake Lockley x F!Reader) - @graveyardnails
🎀  sky and stars (Marc Spector x Reader) - @softlybarnes
🍑sink (Steven Grant x GN!Reader) - @luvpedropascal
Some Nights (Steven Grant) - @romanarose
🍑 Phases smut (Marc spector x F!Reader) - @stormkobra
🎀Warm (Steven Grant x GN!Reader) - @dailyreverie
Tumblr media
🍑Rubber Ducky, You're the One (Nathan Bateman x F!Reader) - youvebeenlivingfictional
Tumblr media
🍑 Long Night (Nick Wasicsko x F!Reader) - @budcooper
Tumblr media
🍑IT'S ALWAYS BELONGED TO YOU (Poe Dameron x F!Reader) - @im-poe-dameron
🍑 Love, The Hardest Way (Poe Dameron x F!Reader) - @theshireisburning-so-mordoritis
☔ Something Forgotten (Poe Dameron x GN!Reader) - @bensolosbluesaber
🎀Black Leader, Shutting Up Pairing (Poe Dameron x Wife!Reader) - @starryeyedstories
Tumblr media
🎀Untitled (Santiago Pope Garcia × F!Reader) - @youvebeenlivingfictional
They are all SO GOOD!
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Looks like Poe Dameron has upgraded the Millennium Falcon with a coffee machine
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