solarpunks · 2 days ago
Solarpunk is both pragmatic and utopian. It has to incorporate the latter because that allows us to push the boundaries of what is considered possible. At the same time, being pragmatic is a way of bringing back the reader (or listener) to the present after temporarily escaping into a Solarpunk story. For example, a Solarpunk story set in Gaza in the year 2040 could imagine climate change-related challenges that the Palestinians there would be facing then, and imagine ways of solving them. This would be told in a story in a setting with its own specificity which differs from, say, a story set in Paris in that same year. A Solarpunk story set in Gaza 2040 would therefore have to respect the specific history of that city while also trying to imagine what it could look like free of colonialism, apartheid, patriarchy and other forms of oppression. In that world, are there still two nation-states (Israel and Egypt) restricting the freedom of movement of Palestinians in Gaza? What is the access to resources such as water like? Could permablitzing be one tool against societal atomization brought about by an oppressive state? What are the heatwaves like? Are they dealing with droughts? Is the Mediterranean a source of recreation and abundance, or an intimidating body of water rendered more dangerous by global warming? How are relations with their neighbors?
Fantastic long read on Solarpunk in New Lines Magazine from The Fire These Times podcast host Joey Ayoub
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sditepod · a day ago
Someone Dies In This Elevator is a spoiler-driven anthology podcast where there is always an elevator and someone always dies in it - but everything else is different.
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lowebite · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
made this Dungeons & Daddies and Hello from the Magic Tavern crossover comic a couple of months ago! in which the four dads fall into the land of Foon like Arnie did instead of the Forgotten Realms, and bump into Foon's most notorious villains, the Baron and Dripfang!
a little bonus panel as well!
Tumblr media
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podcastbrainrotdad · 2 days ago
Teens as student quotes part 2!!
Scary: you should really change your ringtone, I don't know the singer and that's embarrassing.
Hermie: we're the oldest kids watching this play, it feels like a bad omen.
Lincoln: I know it's dangerous but I live for danger. I will eat that prickly pear.
Normal: let him express himself, he needs it.
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alexandenigtscreations · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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amberjuni · 18 hours ago
ok, The Adventure Zone will always be the podcast that started me getting into D&D/podcasts, I love Balance and I will never not cry listening to it, but my comfort podcast is Dungeons&Daddies.
Love them, I've listened to s1 probably 10+ times by now in a row, and I'm loving what they are doing with s2. I wish I'll be able to go back being their patron again soon.
They are amazing and talented hosts, DM Anthony cooks up some blasts with the story and cool homebrew mechanics, and it's an overall delight to listen to. True Daddy Magic.✨
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womenofnoise · a day ago
Tumblr media
The next guest on the Women of Noise podcast will be Chattanooga tape manipulator Slow Blink! I (@aleprouswitch) am from Chattanooga as well and we've played shows together. She approached me about being a guest and of course I said yes!
Her work is gorgeous and I encourage you to check it out before the interview, which will be recorded live Tuesday at 8 PM EST on our Discord channel! If you can't tune in for the recording, the interview will be posted to our SoundCloud sometime in early December.
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plumpitlouder · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I love being cursed to yearly contemplate this awful little man
I made one of my friends watch it for the first time this year... it's my love language
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nearperfectpitch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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knovesstorytelling · 2 days ago
The trailer for our newest project, Morland P.I., is out right now for our patrons on Patreon! It's been a long time in the making and we are so excited to share it with you this January.
Morland P.I. is a sapphic retelling of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, starring Megan John as Kit Morland and Mel Nichols as Henrietta 'Henry' Tilney. Season 1 also features Cass Scott as Mrs Allen, Art Dominey as Mr Allen, Nadia Grimaldi as Eleanor Tilney, Tal Minear as J Thorpe, Marnie Warner as Bella Thorpe, Drew Frankie Victorie as Jamie Morland and a few familiar guests...
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roguefunpodcast · 2 days ago
I simply can’t find the words to describe how hard Star Wars hits emotionally after you’ve lost a parent. So much of Star Wars is about healing the relationship between a parent and a child, about growing up and realizing that your parents are just as flawed as you are, about parents overcoming their personal trauma and being able to express how they feel for their children in a way they’ve never been able to before. And it really wasn’t until I lost my dad in 2016 right before rogue one came out that I noticed that pervasive theme, before I had lost a parent I really didn’t understand how difficult it is to face.
And that’s why I started my podcast, why I have grown so attached to rogue one, why this film and now andor have become so important to me. I needed to be able to talk about it, to talk about grief and loss and my dad and all of his demons and flaws. And that catharsis in healing is what the Star Wars community has brought to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful
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my favourite walking dead podcast the talking dead out there acknowledging rick’s pretty eyes in the newest episode of the show <3 
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gargoylespodcast · 2 days ago
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Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Audible, Spotify, and your podcatcher of choice!
Follow us on Twitter at: @FromEyrie Visit Jennifer L. Anderson’s online stores at: Angel Wings and Demon Tails Visit Greg Weisman at: Ask Greg Everything you ever wanted to know about Gargoyles at: GargWiki
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badoccultadvice · 2 days ago
This is.
And it updates once a year.
Tumblr media
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mall-cop-trivia · 2 days ago
It’s time.
(Mall Cop Trivia #33) (also three posts in one)
Tumblr media
According to Bob Clendenin, who plays Muhrtelle, the black banana wasn’t actually rotten, but rather a ripe banana placed in a banana that had been lying on set
Tumblr media
When Blart tells Veck to “slap for respect” Veck doesn’t slap the code of honor, subtly showing that he is the villian
Tumblr media
The convention scene, known by fans as the “Checklov’s Gun Convention” is notorious for every single weapon shown in the scene being used later on in the film. Most notably, The big sticky mess; a gun that shoots out GLUE FOAM
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plumpitlouder · a day ago
Tumblr media
The lengths to which we go to keep Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 bearable... Mafia edition???
A game of mystery and betrayal.
TDDUB was another banger this year lads
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