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Tumblr media
© sooboys — please don’t translate/copy.
Tumblr media
female!reader, non-idol!au, established relationship!au. 0,9k words. this is my first enhypen scenario so i decided to split it up, i will upload the maknae line part soon. please don't forget to stream drunk-dazed's mv to reach 45m!
Tumblr media
— HEESEUNG ... !
little kisses, which never reach the lips. heeseung needs to be close to you all the time, his body naturally craves for physical closeness with you and consequently his mouth is always pressed in some sector. his eyes and hands may be totally focused on something he's doing, but if your head is resting on his shoulder his lips are pressed into your hair. if his chin is resting on your shoulder while you’re doing some kind of homework in front of him, his lips are pressed to your neck. 
"heeseung, i can’t focus!" "can't you read and feel ticklish at the same time?" “no!?!” if you are helping him because he asked you to give him a hand with some notes from a song, you'll be sitting next to him doing your assigned work while his lips are pressing repeatedly on your cheek. “is this okay?” you ask wanting to make sure you are doing it right. heeseung, without even looking at what you do: "mhm, perfect". 
if for any reason in the world you express verbally or wordlessly that it makes you uncomfortable, he will drop it as naturally as he does it. but, since you feel just as warm as him with it, 99% of the time you let him be as clingy as he wants. of course, when a long time passes without seeing each other, don’t expect anything other than a welcome full of very conscious kisses from his part. 
— JAY ... !
jay has created a habit of feeding you. as childish as it may seem, it is the way his brain keeps him paying attention to you. it starts from something as small as giving you the snacks he doesn't like himself, to sharing the largest portion of his favorite dish. although one of his purposes is to share with you and keep you well fed, most of the time he does it to maintain an interaction with you. 
find both watching a movie while you are lying on his chest, and him emptying a whole bag of gummies after giving them in your mouth. only when he wants to take one to his own mouth does he realize that he has already given them all to you. when you eat out or with a group of friends it’s always him who makes the others look at you tenderly. your friend, feigning jealousy with her boyfriend by her side: "why can't you be as cute with me as jay is with y/n?" you, with the fifth piece of meat in your mouth that he has given you: "don't. i've gained too much weight since we started dating". 
of course you joke about it, if at any point you reject something he gives you he will simply eat it and continue with what he is doing or talking about. please accept all the snacks he gives to you because even if you actually gain weight, you are still the person jay wants to give absolutely everything to.
— JAKE ... !
jake always shares his clothes with you. it might seem like the smoothest move just to see you in his hoodie or one of his shirts, but he does it genuinely because the two of you share styles. jake sees you as that friend with whom he can always share/match outfits, and he never fails when it comes to giving you the right garment that you need for that idea that you have in mind but cannot nail down with your own closet. 
he possibly falls to reality when someone else comments on it, making him all flustered as he realizes that he can somehow presume that you are his girlfriend. the moment you say something like: "i love this perfume you wear" while sniffing his jacket, or, "this shirt reminds me of the date we had in the park!" 
this poor boy won’t be able to lend you something again if it’s not with the biggest and brightest smile on his face. it just makes him so happy that from such a simple and involuntary action can arise reactions that make his heart flutter. the more you mention about it, the more he will take your opinion on account when buying new clothes that you will later wear as well. 
— SUNGHOON ... !
cuddling you in your sleep. sunghoon has been very confident of himself when it came to winning you over, but once he has the privilege of being your boyfriend, things get a little more difficult. he is still learning the basics of a formal relationship, and thus, physical affection is something that makes him quite nervous and shy due to your reaction. the riskiest thing he does when you’re paying attention to him is to hold your hand and play with your fingers, but he is too scared to think that he is exceeding his limits by wanting to hug or kiss you out of nowhere. 
that is why his body acts on its own when you’re asleep or you are not exactly paying attention to him. his arm always rests on your shoulder or around your waist, keeping you as close as he really wants. there have not been many opportunities in which you have noticed this, but when you are actually awake and can feel it, you grab his hand or stroke his arm as naturally as it has to be. you do like physical contact, and with those little positive responses sunghoon starts to get a little braver. 
he makes you know in the most indirectly obvious way his wishes, saying random things like: "i like how it feels to hold you", "it's much warmer to sleep close to you" or "it feels weird when i'm not holding your hand, y/n". just encourage him to be as demonstrative as he wants, and he will voluntarily be the cutest boyfriend.
Tumblr media
🧸 ... thanks for reading ! 
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arcassien · 27 days ago
Lmao I just saw your requests post, and I recently got an idea for one, but I don't really know how to write so imma just request it
I randomly thought of this when I thought of that time when Jimin was wearing white in a dark crowd, so he looked like he was glowing. Spirit!Jimin x fem!reader oneshot, based off of the glowing in the dark music video by the girl and the dreamcatcher
(You have no media turned on, so I cant send the pics😭)
Mv link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5_ncIrrM8S0
A/N: Well, here it is. Hope you find it somewhat satisfying, anon. It has a bit of a dark ending, but that's to be expected with my writing.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere Spirit!Jimin x fem!reader
Genre: BTS AU, Yandere AU, ONE-SHOT
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Heavy, Mature Themes/Topics, Mentions of Stalking, Death, Manipulation, Some Sexual Content, Toxic Relationships, and Behavior. Strictly 18+.
I do not own BTS, nor does this reflect their real personalities in any way. The only reason they have been mentioned is to indicate the physical appearance of a FICTIONAL character.
I DO NOT condone any of the actions or behaviors mentioned in this work. This purely written for entertainment purposes, and is a figment of imagination.
It had been several months since the passing of your long term boyfriend, Park Jimin, yet here you were, curled up next to his grave, reliving his death like it were just yesterday. You weren't exactly sure how long you had been here either, the sun long ago setting, and the wet soil surrounding you now soaking into your black dress, causing the material to stick uncomfortably to your skin.
 You knew you should probably leave, your chauffeur most likely far past irritated, having waited for you this entire time, but for some reason, you felt the need to stay. You couldn't explain it, the presence you constantly felt since 'that' day, but you did know, was that it felt most peaceful here, at ease, making the uncomfortable feeling of being watched fade. 
'This is silly.' you thought, laughing at yourself for feeling this way, before standing up, and brushing yourself off. You decided it was time to head home, so giving one last look towards the small bleak gravestone that marked your lovers grave, you dropped a single red rose you had brought for him.
"It's time for me to go, Jimin. I'll miss you." You spoke softly, as if he could hear you, before turning to walk down the hill where a black car sat waiting. When you arrived, you were met with a less the pleased look from your driver, his eyes seeming tired, and you instantly felt guilty.
"I apologize for making you wait, Romero." You apologized, addressing the man as he simply sighed, motioning for you to buckle up.
"I don't blame you, miss y/n, but if you never let go of what was, you will never learn of what could be." Romero said after a long moment, his eyes meeting your own. 
You gulped, knowing he was most likely right, but just as you went to respond, eyes looking back towards the view view mirror to see him, you were shocked to see a familiar pair of brown eyes staring longingly back at you. Your body froze, face paling as you blinked rapidly, and sure enough, when you looked back, all you saw was Romero's concerned gaze.
"Everything alright, miss y/n? I'm sorry if my words came off too harsh. I'm only worried for you" The older man apologized, his brows furrowed with remorse.
"It wasn't you, Romero. I think...yea, I think I'm just tired." You responded, quickly looking out the window, trying to distract yourself. Unknown to you though, was the invisible figure of your dead lover right next to you, trying desperately to gain your attention. 
Park Jimin wasn't sure how long he had been dead, hell, he wasn't even sure how he died. All he knew that he was stuck somewhere between the afterlife, and the mortal world. 
He was terribly frightened at first, not sure what to do with himself when he realized was dead. His family, friends, and even his girlfriend unable to see him. He moped around, angry, lashing out in any way he could. 
Several long weeks passed for the enraged male before he came to terms with what he was, a ghost, doomed to spend eternity alone, and he did what any rational ghost would...followed around his loved ones.
It wasn't until he began following you around, that his perspective once again changed. You were lonely, returning each day to his grave to mourn him. Jimin couldn't help but feel somewhat satisfied with your behavior, you missed him. You weren't moving on like everyone else in his life had. That thought filled him with an immense amount of happiness that he hadn't felt since had been stuck in this state. You truly loved him, you weren't going to forget about him, and Jimin promised to do everything in his power to make sure that didn't change.
A haunting. You were sure that's what this was now. Tucked deep under the covers of your bed, you shivered, mind racing as you tried to forget the icy touch of a hand that caressed your skin every so often. You willed yourself not to think of his face, the face you seemed to catch a glimpse of every time you passed a mirror. 
Park Jimin was haunting you, that, or you were going insane. You missed him, wanting nothing more than to have him back at your side, but you were also terrified. Frightened that whatever it was that you were seeing, was mocking you, feeding off your vulnerability. 
Your mother had told you tales of demons that portrayed themselves as loved ones, all to gain your trust, and steal your soul. You had brushed them off as old wives tales, but now that you were experiencing this, you couldn't help but want to validate the legitimacy of them. You of course, had no way to do so, not without alerting anyone, so instead you vowed to pretend you didn't see them. 
You tried moving on with your life, the visits to Jimin grave becoming less, and less. You still mourned him, but you opted to sit staring blankly in front of your fireplace, rather than crying over his corpse at a graveyard possibly riddled with more of whatever you were experiencing.
Jimin didn't understand your sudden change in behavior, growing anxious at the thought of you forgetting him. You didn't come see him as much as before, keeping yourself locked inside your house longer, and focusing on things that weren't him. 
He was growing angry, hurt by your actions, and his final straw was when you decided to accept your friends invitation to go out partying. Jimin was livid as he watched you pull on a short black dress, a growl of jealousy leaving his mouth as you looked over yourself in the mirror. 
Who were you trying to impress? He was your boyfriend, the only one you should care about was him, yet here you were, abandoning him for your friends.
'I will make you regret this, you will regret trying to move on from me. I promise you.' He whispered, hand touching your shoulder as he stood behind you, eyes meeting yours in the mirror.
You hadn't expected to see those familiar brown orbs staring back at you, and you definitely hadn't expected them to look so angry, but there they were. They scared you, so much so, you found yourself fleeing from the house, quickly running outside where your friends car sat. They smiled at you, completely oblivious to the terror covering your features as you practically threw yourself into their passenger seat.
"Whoa, someone's excited. Glad to see you're back to your old self, y/n!" They mused before turning up the radio, and speeding off, surly leaving skid marks in your drive way. You nervously laughed at their words, but your mind was thinking back to what just occurred, scaring you more than you already were.
The drive to the club wasn't long, merely a couple miles from where you lived, and it used to be a common spot for you to hang out at. Now, it just brought a painful amount of memories, your eyes scanning the familiar building, remembering how Jimin would tug you outside after you both got drunk, and kiss you against the building. You'd sit on the curb with him for hours, talking about everything, and nothing at all as you both tried to sober up enough to drive home.
Shaking the memories away, you focused your attention back on your friend who now dragged you towards a group of familiar faces. They all ran towards you, pulling your body into one crushing hug after another, asking you about what you've been up to. 
Soon enough, you all gathered around a table that freed up, a line of shot glasses in front of each of you. Without hesitance, you downed each glass until your head buzzed pleasantly, the night seeming far more exciting than it had when you first arrived. 
Dancing with your friends, you laughed, body pressed up against some stranger, momentarily forgetting all your worries. Momentarily, because just as you turned to face your dance partner, you saw him, his frowning face staring back at you from the crowd before disappearing. An ocean of guilt filled you, and you found yourself searching for him, shouting his name. You were certain that he was real, Jimin was there, watching you dance with a man that wasn't him. How horrible of you. 
'You were horrible.' you thought to yourself as you drunkly stumbled throughout the club, hoping to find the man you loved so dearly, and just as you begin to give up, you saw him.
There he sat, on the upper level of the club, staring down at you. He seemed to glow as you stared back at him, mouth agape, he looked ethereal, stoic face, and relaxed body. You felt yourself gulp, throat suddenly dry as he motioned for you to come to him, and hesitantly, you did. You clung to the railing, dragging yourself up the stairs, to the couch where he sat, watching you with an unreadable expression.
"Jimin..Jimin, is that really you?" You asked, too afraid to fully approach him, but when he nodded, you found yourself running to him, sighing content when you felt his arms wrapping themselves securely around you. You sobbed into his shirt, taking in the feeling of being in his arms again, unable to wrap your mind around how this was all possible. It was only when he pulled himself away from you that you begin to think clearly again, eyes meeting his, desperate for answers.
"How is this possible. How are you here? You died!" You cried out, more tears making their way down your face, and all he did was hum, the frown retuning to his face, making your heart clench painfully.
"I am dead, y/n. You will only be able to see me momentarily. As for why you're able to see, and touch me at all, I'm unsure. I will be forced to return to my previous state though. I just wanted to see you before I did, I guess it wasn't mutual. You're forgetting me, and that's good, I guess..." He replied, eyes not meeting yours as his tone changed into a painfully wounded one. 
Your heart ached at the thought of him thinking you'd forget him, and suddenly you couldn't resist the urge to hug him again. Much to your surprise, you were unable to, his body now shimmering, almost translucent, and you panicked.
"Please, no! You can't go! I can't lose you again. Don't go." You begged trying to figure something out, but he shook his head, moving to stand over next to the balcony, and you followed him.
"Like I said, y/n, I'm dead. Nothing can change that. There is only way we could ever be together." He replied, looking back at you, and your brows furrowed, utterly confused.
"H-how? Tell me, please." You pleaded, mind reeling, and then it happened, almost as if in slow motion. You felt his hands gripping your arms tightly, shoving you back against the railing, until you were dangling over, his grip being the only thing keeping you from falling as you shrieked in terror.
"How about I show you." He whispered menacingly before letting you go, and your body fell, head slamming against the bar below, as your world turned black.
"Now, we can be together, forever."
A/N: I quite enjoyed writing this.
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justwritedreams · 20 days ago
Shout out to your ex | Baekhyun
Tumblr media
Baekhyun x Reader Word count:1598 Genre: fluff Author: maari Warnings: Baekhyun being jealous, language, a awful ex, Baekhyun gives a playful slap in reader’s ass. Note: Not me turning my personal experiences into imagines 🤣 2 imagines in one day to show that my inspiration is BACK Request: now i'm curious about what if baekhyun is jealous 😮‍💨🥹 so can i request something about when baekhyun gets jealous because of his gf? ⫷ Exo Masterlist
Tumblr media
Y/N had her face buried in Baekhyun's neck as he patted her back, the movie was ready to start on TV but they were expecting only one thing.
When the microwave beeped, signaling it was over, Y/N pulled away from her boyfriend with great effort. It felt so good to cuddle with him that she didn't even want to watch the movie they had separated or eat anymore.
"I'll get the popcorn." she slurred and Baekhyun lightly slapped her ass as she got up from the couch. “Oh, hey!”
“Lazy.” he stuck out his tongue and she just rolled her eyes, laughing and heading to the kitchen.
Baekhyun stretched, complaining and heard the sound of a new message from Y/N's phone. One more. And another.
“Babe, see who messaged me please.” Y/N yelled from the kitchen and he reached for her phone on the couch. "I think it's my sister."
Baekhyun smiled as he unlocked the phone screen and opened the notification that signaled that Y/N had messages on Instagram, in fact it was her sister, tagging his girlfriend in a video of her nephew and he opened it, laughing at the sight of the one-year-old dancing to his own MV, it was nice to know that his girlfriend's nephew liked his music.
He left the post but something caught his eye as he returned to the DM.
Requests (1)
He shrugged and clicked it, figuring it was a spam message some asshole always sent, but his face suddenly turned serious as he saw it wasn't spam.
It was far from that.
"I don't think popcorn alone will do both of us." she said laughing as she came back with the bucket in one hand and the soda in the other. "Even because-" she saw her boyfriend's face, seriously staring at the phone screen and approached, putting the popcorn bucket on the sofa and the soda on the coffee table. "What's it?"
“Did you see the request you received?” Baekhyun asked, looking at his girlfriend more seriously than he should have.
This was strange and abnormal.
“No, I hardly see my DM. Why?" she asked, resting her hands on her hips and watched as her boyfriend turned the screen to face her.
She did and felt her blood run cold when she saw the long message from a user she didn't follow but knew from the photo.
Not only did she know. That was her ex.
Trying to get in touch after two years.
It wasn't like she had control over it, but it wasn't like she asked for it either.
"He sent you yesterday." Baekhyun said, expression not at all happy.
Rarely had she seen him so serious and so angry that it disconcerted her, she didn't know what to say.
“Yesterday I was with you at Chen's, I didn't even see it. And I don't even care.” she replied, huffing.
She wasn't mad at him but at the situation. Their relationship was going too well, she didn't need someone to get in the way of what she had.
"I'm sorry for everything I put you through, I just wish I had a chance to explain myself." he read it and Y/N closed her eyes, rubbing her face.
Great, the ex had already been a bad boyfriend and now he was going to make Baekhyun argue with her even after the breakup happened two years ago.
“You will always be the love of my life, you seriously dated this?” Y/N opened her eyes when she realized that there was a certain tone of amusement in her boyfriend's voice and in fact, he had a slight smile on the side of his mouth.
She frowned, staring at her boyfriend not knowing what to say.
"Aren't you mad at me?" she asked, pointing to herself.
Baekhyun laughed in disbelief.
“Why would I be mad at you?” he questioned, leaving her confused.
"Aren't you jealous?"
“Yes, I’m possessed.” he replied, turning the phone screen towards him, his eyes lit up and Y/N looked at him suspiciously. “Oops, I accepted the request.”
"What you-"
"Look, he's online!" he interrupted her and Y/N's eyes widened as he clicked on the screen.
Wait a moment…
"Aren't you going to-" she took a step towards him and tried to take the phone out of his hand but in vain, Baekhyun put the phone down and got up from the couch as she followed him.
“Y/N?” a voice came over the phone and she slapped her forehead. Oh no!
Baekhyun put the phone in front of his face and Y/N stopped where she was, seeing him smile devilishly.
"No, this is Santa Claus." He answered and Y/N motioned for him to hang up.
"Who are you?!"
"Who are you?" Baekhyun mimicked her ex's voice in a mocking tone. "I'm the current and only boyfriend Y/N will have from now on, you loser."
"Stop it!" she spoke quietly but Baekhyun just waved his hand in the air, not paying attention.
“Listen, you little shit, I was in the Korean army, do you understand me?” Y/N was shocked but she ended up laughing at her boyfriend's menacing expression and had to cover her mouth with a hand. "If you ever text my girlfriend again or keep pestering her, I swear I'll take your sunglasses and stick them in a place where it's going to hurt-" Baekhyun looked offended at the phone screen and lowered the device, looking at Y/N. “He hung up right on the my face.”
Y/N tried to control it but the laughter came, loud and uncontrolled. She was laughing so hard her stomach hurt, tears came out and she had to sit on the couch.
"I can't believe you did that!" she spoke between bursts of laughter, clapping her hands and lying on the couch. “Oh my belly.”
“Was it funny enough for you?” he asked, putting his hands on his hips and Y/N rested hers on her aching belly. "He was terrified, you had to see his face." Y/N opened her mouth to respond but didn't. "You know what, it's even better that you didn't see it." Baekhyun sat on the couch and laughed through his nose. “Tell me how you managed to date that?”
She took the opportunity to sit on the couch and dried her tears, approaching her boyfriend and putting her hand on the back of his head, he looked out of the corner of his eye with a pout and she knew he was just posing angry.
"I didn't know you, that's why." She placed a kiss on his cheek. "Any guy who came before you doesn't matter to me at all."
Baekhyun turned his face completely, looking at her seriously.
"You’re my girlfriend. Mine." he spoke firmly without taking his eyes from hers.
“And I intend it to stay that way.” she replied, stroking the back of his neck.
“Was it sexy?”
"What?" she asked laughing.
"Me being jealous." he replied in a tone of obviousness.
“Better than when I got jealous.” she admitted and he smiled proudly.
"I want everyone to know you're with me, especially all the idiots who left you behind." he brought a hand up to her cheek, caressing it. "I want them to see the wonderful woman they lost."
Y/N smiled shyly and he took the opportunity to place a quick and light kiss on her lips.
She closed her eyes at the contact, causing all the anger she'd felt in such a short time to evaporate and go far away.
When she opened her eyes, he was looking at her expectantly.
“Do you still want to see the movie?” she asked and Baekhyun grinned widely as he shook his head.
He brought his hands to her waist and applied pressure, pulling her towards him, understanding the message she slipped her leg between his waist and sat on his lap, taking her hands to play with his hair.
"I just want to appreciate how lucky I am." he replied and Y/N bit her lip to try to contain her huge smile.
But the movement was minutely observed by her boyfriend who didn't take long to bring her body closer to his, one of his hands went to the back of her neck and brought her until he could kiss her with desire, passion and almost possession.
His lips were moving steadily, dominating in a way that made Y/N completely give in to that moment, forgetting everything that wasn't important besides his lips and the way his hand gripped the back of her neck as if he wanted to bring their bodies even closer, and that was exactly what she felt too.
The kiss was causing the temperature of both to start to rise, Y/N felt warm inside and out, and suddenly their rhythm started to accelerate faster than they had imagined.
That's when Baekhyun turned around with her still on his lap and laid her on the couch, to be on top, he had only forgotten about the popcorn bucket that fell with the sudden movement.
The two broke apart and started laughing as they realized that the popcorn was now in Y/N's hair.
“I wish my night ended a little sweeter, you know.” Baekhyun spoke while helping Y/N to get the popcorn.
She laughed but not just because of the funny situation they were in, but because she was happy.
Happy to finally be with someone worth it.
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wonwoosh · a year ago
enhypen reaction to your girl group having a cute comeback
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x idol!fem!reader
genre: pure fluff
requested: yes
author note: WE HIT 200 !! :) ngl, i was not gonna post today because i had to support one of my personal friends mentally but i’m free now so i’m gonna write this while eating bao 🥟
Tumblr media
heeseung (⌒▽⌒)☆
legit buys 378281 copies of your album 💿
makes niki learn your dance with him
he would ft you and tell you how much he loved ur new concept.
“heeseung, why do you have eyebags? are you ok?” you ask him on the call.
“uhh yea, i totally did not stay up & stream ur comeback mv for 6 hours lol....”
seconds later his eyes flutter shut and he needs to slap himself to stay awake
“bubs, you need sleep, dont stay up for my comebacks again.” you say, smiling lovingly at the sleepy boy in your screen.
“yeah yeah.”
he didn’t listen though.
jay (o・ω・o)
one word, inlove.
he loves ur stage outfits too—bye
“how did i manage to get so lucky ??” he’d ask himself as he watches your mv
his members call him a simp, but he doesn’t care
if he was a simp for you, then so be it.
jake (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
your biggest supporter !!
literally promotes your group & comeback in both English & Korean.
gets all blushy when the mv is mentioned during one of the shows enhypen was on.
the host was like ‘yo jake, it’s ur girl’s song !!’
nd he’d have on the most softest smile, looking at your face on screen w heart eyes ,, ‘yep that’s my girl.’
ok ENOUGH, that made me cringe out of love.
sunghoon (︶ω︶)
pretends he’s not affected by it but don’t let him fool you—in reality he has a whole shrine dedicated to your cute era.
just kidding, he wouldn’t go that far.
or would he?
heeseung’s girlfriend (also you lmfao) was in the same group as you and so both sunghoon & heeseung would learn your guy’s dance together.
streams w one another until their eyes hurt and they could no longer feel their face.
‘why do the both of you looked like you just died.’
‘cause we just did y/n, of your cuteness AHA.’
cues awkward silence between you, heeseung’s girlfriend, and the two tired boys who fell right asleep after sunghoon said that.
sunoo (๑•́‧̫•̀๑)
he would be learning your dance, getting all your expressions correct, streams your mv, buys all your merch & albums.
if you were doing a comeback show, he would help u with ur hair.
prolly fights ur stylist who’s just tryna do her job.
‘wdym you have to do her hair? i’m her bf, let me do the work.’
your manager would have to escort him out.
jungwon (▰˘◡˘▰)
he’d smile so much that his cheeks hurt as he was watching ur cute comeback show & mv.
he makes a few accounts just to like your mv.
also watches your fancams and comments on his personal account things girls comment on other girl’s instagrams like.. ‘slay, 💖💕💓💗, you ate and left no crumbs!’ LMAO
and then he’d go on his OTHER accounts to like the comments he left.
‘jungwon, you were the ones that left all those comments weren’t you?” you texted him.
pft, even the members knew it was him who left the comments.
ni-ki (´▽`)
learns your dance right away.
proudly shows off your choreography during vlives & stuff.
will not stop talking abt it, literally.
‘hey hyungs, did you know that in y/n’s newest comeback she—’
‘please just give us a break riki.’ the other members say sighing.
‘fine, be like that !!’ he pretends to be mad and ignore his members but legit few minutes later he was going back to talking about your comeback and theories he had on it.
overall, enha best boyfriends confirmed.
©️ 2021 wonwoosh. all rights reserved.
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hypmicdaydreams · 9 months ago
Omg i’m so glad to see requests open! Could i please ask for dice, gentaro and jyushi with a girlfriend who loves visual kei and her style is a bit on the emo/punk side (dark nail polish, lots of black clothes, messy hair and stuff like that hehe) i hope you have a great christmas time! ❤️ (Btw i’m the same anon who suggested calling them pretty with these same three boys)
Ahh glad to see you again anon, and hopefully you're doing well!! This was a really cute request, and I hope I was able to portray it accurately!! Please lmk if I confused something with anything else! Thank you very much for the request, and I hope you enjoy 💕
gentaro, dice, and jyushi w/ a punk gf into vkei
Tumblr media
-pairings: gentaro yumeno x f!reader, dice arisugawa x f!reader, jyushi aimono x f!reader
-genre: fluff
Tumblr media
oh? you certainly were interesting to him when the two of you first met
at first glance, and it was something almost out of a novel of sorts, gentaro was captivated by you as he caught a glance as you passed by
although shibuya was known for its individualistic (aka creative) fashion, your punk style of wardrobe - black lipstick, eyeliner, the somewhat eccentric clothes - did stand out to him in particular
perhaps it was because he could relate in a way, always adorned in old-fashioned clothing that was from a bygone era, that he was drawn to you. whatever it was, you caught gentaro's eye instantly
the grim reaper, perhaps? here to collect the souls of those still wandering the streets of shibuya, near the statue of hachiko, though who knew death was such a cute girl!
ah, he kids, of course, letting out a small laugh at that story of his he made up on the spot. it was a hobby of his, after all, though also quite the interesting plot
only finds you more intriguing when the two of you eventually meet and strike up a conversation, by pure luck, though that was also the beating of his heart speaking
as a couple, the two of you surely did look rather strange from afar, though for some reason, that also meant that you guys meshed quite well
i mean, seeing a man styled in such old clothing, hand-in-hand with his girlfriend who, in contrast, had a dark color palette and more of a gothic fashion would seem a little strange perhaps
he probably teases you about it always in a loving way, saying how the two of you are so different, like night and day (though even then, the sun and moon are very much like a couple, enamored and relying on one another)
gentaro, in my eyes, isn't all too fond of vkei or doesn't listen to it that much, but i do think that he's more than open to it when you're the one talking about it
the songs you show him are, well, certainly not his taste, but watching the way your face lit up with excitement when you put on a song you loved, your tiny head bobs and mouthing along to the lyrics, were adorable gentaro had to say
besides, the mvs and music were, hm, captivating in a sense. he could definitely see why you were so entranced by them
can definitely see him asking you more about it, if only to sneak a glimpse at the way your eyes sparkled, clearly excited to talk about something you loved
ah, it seemed a bit contradictory on the outside, for such a punk/emo girl to be so so cute
ah he doesn't understand it much at first, but dice also doesn't really care?
he didn't really pay much mind to your style at first, or really notice it for that matter. sure, it may have been a little strange since he hasn't seen too many people with such a style
can see him maybe finding it a little bit cool (or that he found you attractive lol) when he first spots you from afar, perhaps because of how much you popped out
and the two of you certainly are a couple that popped out, strikingly different from one another (visually, that is), yet also so cute?? certainly got along quite well
honestly, can see him a little bit eager to try out your style and would definitely let you dress him up or even do his makeup (although he certainly can't sit still when you do it, finding it too ticklish or squeamish when you're trying to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner)
aw he wants to look like you! or, at the very least, try it out. it was your style after all, and he wanted to see what it was about it that you loved sm
even when it wasn't exactly his style, dice still does adore the fact that the two of you are now a "matching" couple (and that he has a new set of clothes)
loves it when you kiss him, on days that you're sporting your black or deep colored lipsticks, if you wear them, because the mark that comes off on his lips is so cute?? he certainly beams, the most adorable sparkles in his eyes
gosh, you better kiss him over and over again
does also love it whenever you show him any vkei musicians or songs you've been listening to lately, even when he does complain that he just doesn't get it??
doesn't quite know what he's watching, and it wasn't really the most pleasant of sounds to his ears, but what dice knew was that you looked so happy talking about it and listening to it, and that was all it took
(can also see him try to get into it, listening to your favorite artists on repeat, as much as it pained his ears lol. dice wanted to perhaps excite you if you found out that he also enjoyed that genre of music)
but oh man, dice totally found his gf to be so hot!
ah, this boy is madly in love, surely
a cute girlfriend who not only shares a similar style as him, but also is a huge fan of visual kei?? gosh, if only he had met you way back then
(you two get along so well! the cutest vkei couple on the block!)
it comes as no surprise that jyushi is beyond ecstatic given the two of you had practically the same interests. it was almost as if he met his other half
listen, jyushi himself is a vkei artist, always dressing up in extravagant yet dark clothes. so to have someone that's the same way, to understand him and able to ramble on and on about the topics that excite both you and him, ah jyushi was certainly happy
when the two of you first met, the way you dressed certainly caught his eye first and foremost. it was difficult to find someone that dressed in such a style on the streets of nagoya, and there were evident stars in his eyes, perhaps smitten at first sight (not really in a romantic sense, but he was excited to find someone similar to him)
and when you recognized the band on his shirt, commenting on how you also listened to vkei when he asked, i swear his eyes sparkled at that instant
jyushi had hearts in his eyes, the thumping in his chest and fluttering sensation in his gut much reminiscent of a crush starting to form
oh man is he smitten lmao (well, it wasn't everyday he met such a cute girl that was also into vkei and a bit of a punk at that!)
can definitely see some dates being just the two of you sitting on the floor of his room and listening to vkei - watching the mvs, sharing recs, or even fawning over bands
honestly, the two of you could ramble for hours about it yet have no sense of time passing by. it's much fun though!
hm, i can also see him perhaps ask you for your opinion on some of his band's songs that they were working on. i mean, as a vkei fan as well, your input was surely of value, though he still does get quite flustered and shy when you beam and tell him that it's amazing
since the two of you have similar styles as well, you guys probably do go out shopping together, picking out outfits for one another, or even do each other's makeup for fun sometimes
maybe it's just me, but i do find the idea of the two of you matching rather adorable! jyushi does seem like the type to love that as well
also, doing each other's makeup and giving makeovers, sitting there and gently applying lipstick or dark eyeshadow, certainly made for some fun times (especially if it ends up with tiny kisses here and there as the two of you apply makeup to the other)
honestly, i'm sure jyushi doesn't shut up about you to his team members lol
they're definitely glad to see that he found someone just like him, especially a gf that made him so so happy! but jyushi surely does love talking about you, huh?
eh, oh well, the two of you certainly did look cute hand-in-hand
Tumblr media
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sheraphic · a year ago
Hey! I loved the insta prompt can u make another one but where the reader is a famous singer? ❤️xx
𝐦𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ◦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
author's note; hi there anon, sorry for the waiting but here it is your request, hope you like it. Feel free to tell me who you want next, just leave the name or the context you want it to have.
warnings; there can be a few mistakes with the grammar.
It would be wonderful If you reblog it, that help me a lot, it inspire me for write more.
// masterlist //
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ◦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
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harrystyles Podcast. Nothing else.
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harryfan002 WAIT A DAMN MINUTE
harryfan883 hate when he play the mysterious card
harry_lambert ...
courtneycox Where I can find it?
harryfan340 Don't play with me, Styles. If HS3 is coming i must be prepared
gemmastyles Welcome to this world, are you interested on a collaboration?
harryfan123 can someone call 911? I think I'm having a heart attack
jefeazoff Can I be the next guest?
harryfan081 okay, when harry says is nothing then is everything
madisoncunningham waiting for listen to it
helenepambrun oh boy
harryfan739 and the magician did it again
harryfan661 just recovering from Fine Line and you're telling me that it will be more new music? Are you trying to kill me?
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yourinstagram Maths say 1,440 hours of writing are enough
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yourfan931 this mean new music? Please tell me
davendrabenhart maths don't lie
auroramusic i never have enough of your voice
tomholland don't do this to me, hate maths
yourfan832 you just didn't
harrystyles The only science that is exact
⤅harryfan820 yoooo what are you doing here sweetie?
harryfan799 man just give me a minute yo process this information
harryfan682 we learned that everything Harry does is not in vain
phoebebridgers i would stole that book just for be blessed one day
yourfan702 omg you just made my day with your post, i really missed you
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harryfan892 who else is here bc harry commented?
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harrystyles The trees could hear it too.
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harryfan382 Dear god why am i a human and not that guitar?
annetwist nature always do
harryfan552 the hair, the rings, the fucking legend he is
alexachung The neighborhood is getting a free concert
mitchrowland You need help?
yourinstagram They also whisper if you pay attention
⤅harryfan732 no no no i need help this is not a coincidence
lizzobeeating Lucky trees, wishing to be one and to be planted right next to you
yourfan440 y/n brought me here and i just love this place
yourfan231 now, who is here because of y/n?
stevienicks I can hear it too
harryfan632 these two have the same energy
⤅ yourfan906 ikr I'm loving their interaction
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yourinstagram I did press more than one for special research
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arianagrande want to run my fingers in your hair
⤅yourinstagram dreaming with that
rogerknight I was the research, and i must say that patience is a virttude
⤅kidharpoon my mantra
⤅harryfan800 @kidharpoon omg i can imagine harry being just a pest in the studio
⤅tylersamj not just in the studio
⤅yourfan723 okay but i love y/n and roger's friendship
beaccchhoussse press five at the same time and you will become noise
firstaidkitband this just mean one thing and we are dying for excitement
yourfan339 for sure she have to be a gemini
⤅harryfan720 that explains a lot of things
dollyparton beautiful voice of yours
⤅yourinstagram Miss Parton, will you excuse me for a second? I need to frame this
harryfan223 Harry liking and commenting on her posts, Harry started following her, Harry hanging out with her... People, something big is coming. Save my prediction
hamiltonleithauser for any instance, don't press any of the red ones
selenagomez can't wait!
harryfan802 Is it normal that you start loving her when a couple of days ago you didn't even know who she was?
⤅yourfan672 yes, that's the y/n's effect on people
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⤅yourfan110 put two shy and beautiful creatures together and you will get magic
⤅harryfan672 @yourfan903 bc it's just right
harryfan773 I KNEW IT
sammywitte This is so fucking amazing
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⤅harryfan733 wait what does that mean?
harryfan992 Haven't listen it yet and i'd totally fell in love
alessandro_michele ♡♡
harryfan982 first, thank you for this single; second thank you @yourinstagram bc i just find out another incredible singer for my life
harryfan734 I can't believe this man did a whole mv without any of us suspecting
pillowpersonpp Very Harry Styles
⤅harryfan017 NO WAY
⤅harryfan883 Alright but that it's really genious
finneas Amazing song guys!
harryfan783 Neither of us expected collaboration, but we definitely needed it
harryfan723 Can someone tell me how not to ship them? I'm having a hard time here
zachbraff Now is a good year
harryfan339 I've watched this more times that i can count
yourfan170 THIS IS ART
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jikookuntold · a year ago
Jungkook and His Cover Songs: Is “10000 Hours” about Jimin?
Disclaimer: The following post includes theories, lyric and numeric analysis, plus my personal opinions, so please don’t take anything seriously. I’m too lazy to upload photos and videos for the moments I mentioned here, but I’m sure you know about them all. Any Jikooker must know. And I’m not Korean or a Korean culture expert, I just know as much as any Stan Twitter ARMY knows about their culture.
Maybe one of the biggest Jikook moments of 2021 so far, is where Jimin jumped into Jungkook’s hug, in Lee Hyun’s Vlog. But the other moment on that Vlog was even more significant; Jungkook was singing “Anyone” from Justin Bieber’s new album, and Jimin was harmonizing with him while holding on his shirt. I don’t want to mention their interview moment singing “Peaches” because I know this song is super popular in South Korea right now and somehow it doesn’t count as a moment. But it’s safe to say that Jikook has something special with his songs, and JK in particular always was invested in him. 
The reason behind Jungkook’s devotion to Justin Bieber was always a big question for me, and I got my answer not long time ago. Jungkook’s playlist for Melon Radio Station included a song from JB’s new album named “Lonely”. This is one of the most personal songs any artist can ever make, and JK recommended it to his audience. Here are the lyrics of “Lonely” by Justin Bieber:
Everybody knows my name now
But somethin' 'bout it still feels strange
Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna steady yourself
And seein' somebody else
And everything is not the same now
It feels like all our lives have changed
Maybe when I'm older, it'll all calm down
But it's killin' me now
What if you had it all, but nobody to call?
Maybe then you'd know me
'Cause I've had everything
But no one's listening
And that's just lonely
I'm so lonely, lonely
Everybody knows my past now
Like my house was always made of glass
And maybe that's the price you pay
For the money and fame at an early age
And everybody saw me sick
And it felt like no one gave
They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid
What if you had it all, but nobody to call?
Maybe then you'd know me
'Cause I've had everything
But no one's listening
And that's just lonely
These lyrics made me think of one specific thing, the thing that JK and JB have in common: They started their careers at a very young age, and their lives have been under the scrutiny of so many people. These people judged and criticized them but never tried to understand them. The lyrics are straightforward and leave no place for interpretation. By recommending this song, JK showed that he had (and probably still has) the same experiences in his life, and I think the reason he recommends or covers JB’s songs more than any other artist is that he has many things in common with him, and feels connected to his songs. 
This can lead us to another theory: By covering a Justin Bieber song, Jungkook shares something about himself with us, something that he can’t express directly.
Jungkook is interested in JB’s songs, but he is not the only one. As I said earlier in this post, Jimin shares the same taste with Jungkook, and my receipt is not just that “Anyone” or “Peaches” harmonizing moments, but also Jimin’s Spotify playlists. Since 2017 (or earlier, I’m not sure about this part) he has added some JB songs to his official playlist, and even his current playlist (July 2021) has two JB songs. And also let’s not forget the fact that Jikook as a subunit started in 2014 with a JB cover. Yes, I’m talking about “Mistletoe” and as you may know, Jimin translated the lyrics of this song to Korean. 
10000 Hours
Nearly 700 words and I haven’t started yet! The subject of this post was supposed to be the connections between “10000 hours” cover and Jikook but this prelude was necessary to clarify all the aspects of the topic and we find out how JB is special for JK and Jimin and how they (especially Jungkook) feel connected to him. Anyways, back to 10000 hours:
Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber released this Grammy winner song in October 2019. Here are the lyrics: 
Do you love the rain, does it make you dance
When you're drunk with your friends at a party
What's your favorite song, does it make you smile
Do you think of me?
When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin'?
Everything, I wanna know it all
I'd spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I'm gonna try
If it's ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I'm gonna love you
Do you miss the road that you grew up on?
Did you get your middle name from your grandma?
When you think about your forever now, do you think of me?
When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin'?
Everything, I wanna know it all
I'd spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I'm gonna try
If it's ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I'm gonna love you
Ooh, want the good and the bad and everything in between
Ooh, gotta cure my curiosity
Ooh, yeah
I'd spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that
Sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I'm gonna try
If it's ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I'm gonna love you
And I'm gonna love you
As you can see, the lyrics are 100% romantic, and the singers including JB, have dedicated this song to their lovers. Also, their girlfriends/wives have a cameo in the MV, which leaves no place for speculation for the context of the song: Even though the uncertainties always exist and no one knows about the future, our love is strong and will stay strong regardless of time. 
The Cover and the Theories
Nearly one year later, on July 28th, 2020, Jungkook surprised ARMYs with a short video he tweeted at 11:56 AM. That video was a 49 seconds cover of 10000 hours. A few minutes later, he deleted the tweet (apparently with the advertisement excuses, because it was tweeted from an iPhone and they have a contract with Samsung). Later that night, Jungkook released the full version on Sound Cloud and tweeted the link at 11:47 PM. 
Jikookers discovered numerous theories that day about the times of both tweets; if you add the digits of the time, the result is “13” for both tweets 1+1+4+7=13, 1+1+5+6=13, and as you already know “13” is Jikook’s magic number. Also, the first video he tweeted was 49 seconds and 4+9=13. But in my opinion, this theory is not strong. I know that numerology is very popular in Korean culture but still, all of this can be coincidences, but the other things I’m going to bring up are most likely not. 
28th July 2020 was the 7th anniversary of the first Jikook selca posted after debut. This also might be a coincidence and to be honest, it cannot be a strong link to make a connection with Jikook, but worths sharing. 
The next thing that many Jikookers also pointed out, was related to the title of the song. The lyrics say “10000 hours and 10000 more” and 20000 hours after the 28th of July is 8th November 2022. As you may know. Jikookers believe November 8th is a significant date for Jikook. I believe this can be a coincidence either, and it’s very unlikely of Jungkook to do such calculations (Koreans are interested in numbers when it comes to days and dates, but counting hours is not usual in any culture. Other than that, I’m still doubtful about the origins of the November 8th theory because we have nothing other than two tweets and G.C.F Tokyo release date and their hotel room in Tokyo which still can be coincidental). But I don’t deny these theories because even as a coincidence, it’s still very interesting. 
And the next theory is connected to the “Red Moon”. On 27th July 2018, a total lunar eclipse happened all over the world, which became known as the red moon. At that time, BTS were in Malta, and on the same night, Jikook were watching the red moon on a boat. They shared plenty of photos and videos of that moment and I’m sure as a Jikooker you have seen them all and you know that night had a very romantic mood (BigHit words, not mine) for Jikook. So, a second anniversary for that night and the day after that night can be a significant date to release a very romantic cover. Is this a coincidence too? I think we had many of them already.
And last but not least is something connected to Korean culture. You probably know that 1000 days anniversaries are very important for Koreans and they celebrate them along with real anniversaries of the important dates in their lives. And guess what? 27th July 2020 is 1000 days after 31 October 2017. This day is the day Jikook’s travel to Tokyo ended and they posted their couply mirror selca on Twitter with flower bouquet emoji. Despite the one-day difference (the same case for the red moon anniversary), this is not a minor event or small coincidence. I believe Jungkook posted “10000 hour” cover for this reason and based on this, the other theories I mentioned earlier can be true either. 
The lyrics hit different if you read them again, after knowing this fact. Right? I don’t want to make this post much longer but before wrapping up, I want to talk about the lyrics of “Anyone” by JB (the song Jikook were harmonizing in Lee Hyun’s Vlog):
Dance with me under the diamonds
See me like breath in the cold
Sleep with me here in the silence
Come kiss me, silver and gold
You say that I won't lose you
But you can't predict the future
So, just hold on like you will never let go
Yeah, if you ever move on without me
I need to make sure you know that
You are the only one I'll ever love
(I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)
Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone
(I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)
Looking back on my life
You're the only good I've ever done (ever done)
Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone (anyone)
Not anyone
Forever's not enough time to (oh)
Love you the way that I want (love you the way that I want)
'Cause every morning I find you (oh)
I fear the day that I don't
You say that I won't lose you
But you can't predict the future
'Cause certain things are out of our control
Yeah, if you ever move on without me
I need to make sure you know that
You are the only one I'll ever love
Only one (I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)
Yeah, you, if it's not you it's not anyone
(I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)
Looking back on my life
You're the only good I've ever done (I've ever done)
Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone
It's not anyone, not anyone
Oh, oh, oh, oh
If it's not you, it's not anyone
Oh, oh, oh, yeah, whoa
Yeah, you are the only one I'll ever love
(I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)
Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone
(I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya) gotta tell ya
Looking back on my life
You're the only good I've ever done (ever done, oh, yeah)
Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone
If you read the lyrics, you will notice that the context is very similar to “10000 hours”. It talks about the uncertainties of a beautiful love or in other words: No matter what the future brings to us, this love will last forever. 
This context of uncertainty and unknown future for a romance is a common concept in many of the songs Jungkook has covered and it’s not limited to the Justin Bieber covers he has done and maybe this concept can be the topic for my next analysis. 
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whatifyoulivelikethat · a year ago
pause, m | myg | 2
pairing(s): yoongi x reader
summary: Life is like a cassette tape. It seems like it’s constantly repeating, flipped from side A to side B, and the songs can’t be skipped. You can only pause, rewind, fast forward, play after you’ve already heard the song. After you’ve already lived it. All Min Yoongi knows is his own tape, until it smashes right at his feet, and then he has to learn to dance to a different beat.
warnings: rated M (18+) - please be warned this story has a physically and verbally abusive relationship; language; emotional manipulation; gender stereotyping; non-idol!AU; music producer!Yoongi x dancing fanatic!reader
rated M because I know how sensitive a topic domestic abuse is.
The music reader listens to is inspired by Frederic, specifically their songs ‘oodloop’, ‘OWARASE NIGHT’, and ‘Kanashii Ureshii’ and you can look up the MVs on YT. They have subs, yes the lyrics inspired certain scenes, no I have no idea what is going on, and I don’t know why they’re dancing like that lol
She slapped him across the face.
You froze.
The cassette smashed.
“I hate you, Min Yoongi!”
She shouted it so loud that you heard it over your music. Your finger instinctively went to your earbud and tapped it, pausing the sound. You couldn’t believe your eyes. What had this guy done? What had this guy done to be yelled at like that the second he stepped off the night train to stand in front of his girlfriend?
“Useless piece of trash, always fucking late!”
Slapping him over and over, so loud because the train station was completely empty except for you and these two, yelling obscenities and the guy was just standing there, taking it, saying, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sorry for what? Why did she keep hitting him? Why? Stop it. Stop hitting him.
“Such a fucking waste of life, I can’t believe I have to be your girlfriend!”
Stop it.
“No one will ever fucking love you, you shithead, so I’m stuck with your stupid self!”
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”
Mumbles. Fear.
Stop it!
“You think anyone will ever do anything for you the way I do? I’m all you have!”
Within two seconds, you crossed the space between you and them.
You smacked her hand away from him.
You hesitated to press play. Standing in front of this random guy you didn’t even know, fury in your chest so strong that you forgot you were a stranger, glaring at this scowling, rage-filled woman with vehement disdain. You had no idea what the fuck was going on, you had no idea why he was being slapped so much, you had no idea why this woman was so angry and maybe there were very good reasons for it all, but somehow.
Somehow you didn’t think so.
“Stop it. He said he was sorry,” you barked, narrowing your eyes.
Her pretty face twisted with rage. “Who the fuck is this bitch, Yoongi? A whore you picked up?”
“I… I don’t know her…” the man behind you rasped, trying to move around you, but you kept yourself between the two, shouldering your backpack.
“I don’t know him. I just know you shouldn’t be hitting someone like that.”
The woman snapped at you, rising to her full height, challenging you. “This isn’t any of your fucking business. This is between me and him and doesn’t concern outsiders. Tell her, Yoongi.”
But you didn’t let Yoongi tell you, cutting him off as he tried to speak.
“This isn’t my business, but I’ve seen enough examples to be able to spot domestic violence when I see it,” you growled.
The woman scoffed, flipping her hair. “Domestic violence,” she snorted. “He’s a man. It’s not like I hit him that hard. I’m a woman.”
You curled your hands into fists.
“You stupid bully.”
The woman looked taken aback. “What?”
“I said, you’re a stupid fucking bully,” you snarled, taking a step forward and forcing her to take one back. “You think this is nothing, until you have children and your children have to watch this shit over and over, every night, thinking it’s right, thinking it’s the way it should be, but you’re fucking wrong, because this is not a relationship, this is not love, this is fucking bullying and you are a stupid, dumb bully who can’t admit you have an inferiority complex and your kids will spend years in fucking therapy wondering why they don’t understand how to make relationships with other human beings because their mom was a terrible fucking example, so do me a fucking favor and get the fuck out of here and leave this guy alone, because you are an absolute sewage of a human being.”
She gawked at you, slack-jawed, probably never been talked to in such a forceful manner before, but you didn’t care, because you didn’t spend years in therapy to watch this shit happen right in front of your face.
Never in your entire life had you ever been so angry at a stranger before.
The woman seemed to gather her bearings and spat at the floor, staining the concrete with her spit. You raised your eyebrows, unintimated. She stamped her foot at your lack of reaction, pointing accusingly at Yoongi behind you.
“Don’t you ever think about coming back home. I’m burning all your shit.”
She turned her heel and stomped away.
You almost expected Yoongi to run after her, but he didn’t. He just stood behind you and breathed laboriously. You suddenly realized that you might have done something mildly insane. She said she was going to burn all his shit.
“Hmph,” you heard the mumble behind you. “All I had was clothes anyway.”
You turned around. He wasn’t looking at you. His black hair was all over his face, and his face mask was half-pulled down, revealing his red cheeks. You looked away quickly, taking a step back.
“Are you… okay?” you asked quietly.
You saw his eyes shift around. He didn’t actually respond. Just shrugged.
You bit your lip.
“There… are no more trains,” the Yoongi guy whispered.
“Y… Yeah.”
The lights above you were harsh, casting large shadows all over the concrete. Nothing but the sounds of the city and the darkness above, the moon witnessing it all.
He turned away from you, walking over towards the benches. Walking away. The crumpled paper of a man, shrinking as he took one step, then another, farther and farther away from you, and you opened your mouth to shout after that black back, extending your hand in the air.
He turned his head around to look at you with broken and lonely eyes.
“If you want… I have a couch and some blankets.” You swallowed, knowing how crazy it was. “Because… You shouldn’t go back. I…” Don’t want you to end up like my dad. “Even if it’s one night.”
I want to break this cycle.
“Just one.” You lowered your hand, holding up one finger. “One.”
Yoongi didn’t say anything.
Only turned around wordlessly and walked back to you, stopping in front of you. Saying nothing.
He didn’t say anything the entire walk.
Didn’t say anything as you opened the door and gestured him inside. Showed him the couch, got him the blankets. Asked him if he wanted anything else. He shook his head instead of talking. You ran to your room and got him a spare pillow. Held it out to him. He took it silently. Ran off again and got a new toothbrush from your stash of toothbrushes. An unopened travel toothpaste. Asked him if he wanted anything to eat. A glass of water. He shook his head.
Showed him the bathroom. A shower?
Shake, shake.
You told him if he was cold to let you know. You would find another blanket.
Yoongi said nothing.
You nodded and turned away, letting him be. It was hard to look at him. You didn’t want him to think you pitied him or anything. But he reminded you too much of your dad if you stared at him too long. You had gotten him everything you could think of and let him know that if he needed anything to tell you.
You went to your bedroom and let out a big sigh.
No dance party tonight.
You went to your computer and opened Spotify. Put your headphones on and listened to the music, letting it carry you away. Before you knew it, one song flowed into another. You slowly began to bounce your head to the music, the cheerful, quirky beats making you smile, your hands moving on their own, lip-syncing the lyrics.
A happy tune with sad lyrics, but it made you smile at the same.
You failed to notice Yoongi appear at your door, holding his phone. He needed a charger. Did you have one? And then he saw the back of your head, bouncing along, headphones on.
He retreated back to your living room, clutching his phone. Decided to go to sleep instead.
Hours later, you finally decided to sleep, placing your headphones down. Was Yoongi sleeping? You padded over to the dark living room, seeing a bundled form on your couch. His coat was over the blanket. His head was under the blanket. Was he cold? You went back to your room and collected a pink knit one. Walked back to the living room and moved his jacket aside onto the armchair, putting the extra blanket on top of him.
His phone was on your coffee table, flashing. It was low on battery.
You checked if it was Android or iPhone. Android. Good, because you didn’t have a lightning cable, although you would have gone to the twenty-four-hour convenience store nearby to get one if he did have an iPhone. Back to your room. Got a charger and struggled to find an outlet in the dark. You’d think you would know where your own outlets were, but apparently you were too sleepy to remember. You felt around in the dark and poked at an outlet, stabbing the wall repeatedly before plugging it in. Maybe you should have turned a light on, sheesh.
You snaked the cable around and plugged his phone in. It vibrated approvingly and you gave it a thumbs up, even though it was an inanimate object.
Let’s just say living alone made you weird.
You let out an exhale and wandered off to brush your teeth.
Not noticing Yoongi had woken up and been watching your struggle. Saying nothing.
Fast forward.
You yawned and nearly jumped when you saw the unmoving pink blob on your couch. Oh, right. You were surprised he wasn’t awake, but you shrugged. The blankets were over his head, blocking out the sun. You tried to stay quiet, opening your fridge, staring at the contents.
Staring at it with a million question marks.
You had… kimchi. Eggs. Cheese. Definitely expired take-out. You took that out and dumped it in the trash can, grimacing at it. A stranger didn’t need to see how disgusting that was. You went back to your fridge. Um. It wasn’t that you couldn’t cook, it was that you didn’t have jack shit. And if you cooked on the stove, you would definitely wake up Yoongi.
Your stomach screamed in rage.
Feed me!
Ah, well. Sorry Yoongi. You settled on a kimchi-egg-cheese pancake thing. Was it going to be good? Sure. Was it not the most elegant thing in the world? Maybe. What can you do?
You began to chop the kimchi.
Yoongi turned over on the couch, groaning. He heard the sizzle of the pan. Smelled spice. Eggs. The world was unfamiliar. No one was yelling at him to get up. No one was doing the blankets off of him and calling him a lazy pig. 
A female voice cursed in a loud whisper. You cut yourself off, muttering.
"Stupid oil, ugh."
Not his girlfriend. 
Slowly, Yoongi pulled the blankets off his head. An unfamiliar scent, different laundry detergent than he was used to. The sofa smelled different too, like vanilla with a hint of stale popcorn. Probably from being dropped in the cushions and forgotten about until months later. 
His stomach growled. 
The smell of the food enticed him. He got up, seeing you at the stove, wearing black pajamas with the sleeves rolled to your elbows, and a cream scrunchie holding your hair up. You made a face at the pan and scolded it. 
"Who's the boss here?" you hissed hotly at the sizzling food. "That's right, me, because I'm about to eat your ass, so simmer down and stop trying to singe my arm hair off."
Yoongi blinked. 
He got off the couch as you continued your quiet tirade, shoving your hand into a bag of cheese and sprinkling it on top, laying down a generous layer. 
You should cover it, Yoongi thought. To let the cheese melt. 
You grabbed a pan lid, and covered it. The lid definitely went to a separate set because it was a different shade of silver, but it didn't matter. You mumbled triumphantly at the pan. 
"Ha, take that, you stupid eggs, who's in the hot seat now, eh?"
Yoongi stared.
You lifted the lid and checked the cheese. A billow of smoke floated out. You seemed satisfied and turned off the gas. Lifted the pan and spun around. 
Yoongi blinked at you. 
Your eyes were wide, still holding the hot pan. 
A good ten seconds past. 
You slowly put the pan on the cork potholders at the counter. Two plates were at the counter with two sets of chopsticks.
"Uh... I made a kimchi-egg pancake t-thing..." you stuttered. "With cheese on top. You don't have to eat it. But I'm not going to poison you or anything. Er, well, that's something a someone who would poison you would say, huh? Oh, maybe I should have checked the expiration date on the kimc–"
"Why do you talk to your food?" Yoongi asked pointedly.
You turned bright red. 
"Um... bad habit. 'Cause I live alone..." You shifted your eyes. "No one... to talk to."
Yoongi stared at you. 
You turned around abruptly and grabbed a knife. Took off the pan lid. The kitchen was suddenly filled with the delicious smell of eggs and kimchi. The cheese bubbled as you cut it into pizza-like slices.
Yoongi sat down at the barstool, staring at it. He was the one who usually cooked. He hadn't had a home-cooked meal by someone else in forever. Not since he lived with his parents. 
That was a long time ago. 
"I seasoned the eggs beforehand and poured it on the sautéed kimchi..." You placed a plate with a pair of chopsticks in front of him, ears still red. You avoided looking him in the eye, scratching your cheek. "I, uh, have to go grocery shopping," you mumbled, taking a slice. "Sorry it's not that fancy..."
Yoongi picked up the chopsticks and took a slice. He blew in it carefully and took a small bite. Spicy, savory, delicious. He took another bite. And another. The food was hot, almost burning the roof of his mouth. This must be a dream. He wasn't in his nightmare. He wasn't going to question it. 
As long as he wasn't in his nightmare, he could pretend this was reality. 
Yoongi didn't notice you watching him with relief. 
He took another slice. The meal was quiet, but not suffocatingly so. It was calm, only interrupted by chewing. You reached into the cabinet below you and produced a water bottle. Put it next to him. Didn't say anything. Yoongi are three more slices, throat prickling with the spice, lips puffy, before he opened the water bottle and drank from it.
"If you want, I can direct you to a shelter."
Yoongi put the water bottle down. Stared at his stained, now empty plate. 
"Or you can call a friend to shelter you," you continued. "You can even get a restraining order if we involve the police–"
He said the word with harsh finality. 
"It's not that bad."
It wasn't. He was just being a child, running away. 
"... Okay."
Yoongi looked up. For a split second, there was immense pain in your eyes. Why? None of this was happening to you. You didn't know anything. You were just some stranger. Why was he even here? Why had he come here to sleep on some random couch? So dumb. Some random woman couldn't save him from his problems. 
... Your kids will spend years in fucking therapy wondering why they don’t understand how to make relationships with other human beings because their mom was a terrible fucking example...
Yoongi stilled as he remembered your words from last night. That was far too specific. His brows furrowed. You let out a sigh and took his plate.
"Do you want a shower?" you asked. "I have spare towels."
Yoongi tilted his head. "I don't have a change of clothes." He stared at the hardwood floor. "And my other clothes are probably burned by now."
You placed the dishes in the sink and began to wash them. 
"We can go buy some. I need groceries anyway."
He didn't understand why you were being so nice to him. It was strange. You didn't know him. Well, actually... he didn't even know your name either. 
You looked up from the dishes, hands covered in soap. Yoongi did all the dishes at home. He did all the housework, in fact. This was weird, watching another person do housework. His voice was quiet, timid, crumpled like a piece of paper. 
"What's your name?" 
"Do you want white or black?"
You held up two multi-packs of t-shirts in his size.
"Uh... Black."
You dumped the black in the cart and put the other back. Yoongi stayed behind you, not picking out anything. You were wearing your backpack, a black cap, red wide-knit sweater, and black jeans. Black combat boots, the familiar staple for you. The two of you are standing in an aisle at the local convenience store. Yoongi was still wearing the same clothes from last night – black parka, black turtleneck, black jeans, black face mask. 
He mostly stared at the floor, following your boots. 
"White or black?"
Yoongi looked up to see you on the other side of the cart, holding two multi-packs of underwear. White briefs and black boxer briefs. He felt his cheeks heat up as you blinked at him. Instead of speaking, he grabbed the black boxer briefs from your hand, intending to chuck them into the cart.
Except his jacket sleeve caught a strand of your red sweater, the Velcro sticking to and unraveling it, so that when he twisted his hand to throw the plastic pack into the cart, the yarn tangled around his fingers and got caught, rapidly getting pulled around. Your eyes widened, gasping as the red string was yanked from your sweater. 
His hand was tangled in it and the part around your wrist tightened, the missing yarn causing the constriction. Yoongi cursed again, trying to shake free, panic rising. Oh no, fuck, what if you got angry? What if you started yelling at–?
You laughed. 
You started laughing. Yoongi froze, slowly lifting his head to witness your laughter. Your shoulders shook, shaking your head, big smile on your face. The yarn hung in the air, shaking a little.
The red string connecting you to him. 
Yoongi stared. 
At you.
His heart thudded in his chest. 
"Hold on," you chortled, reaching over and following the red yarn.
His heart was like a bass drum. Consistent and loud, rhythm in his own ears. You untangled the mess slowly, carefully, wrapping the exposed end loosely around your wrist. Finally, it was off his fingers. Your fingers were centimeters from the back of his hand. You grasped the red yarn tightly. Yoongi looked at the end, trapped in the Velcro of his parka.
A fleeting feeling. 
You ripped the red yarn off, the end frizzy and scraggly. 
Another fluttering feeling. 
You backed up, going back to the cart, tucking the end in next to your wrist, all chuckles. Thump, thump, thump. He couldn't breathe. It was impossible. What was going on? Why did he suddenly start shaking all over?
"I'm sorry," he blurted, breathless in panic. 
You shook your head, waving a hand. 
"Don't worry about it. This thing is old anyway." You pointed to the rack. "Is four enough? Or do you need more?"
"Let's get one more. I can always return it if you change your mind."
"Do you have a job to go to? Because I have to go soon," you were saying as you shoved the groceries into the fridge. Yoongi was unwrapping the plastic and cutting off the tags from the few clothing items you two had bought. 
"Um... yeah, I work at a music studio..." Yoongi mumbled. "I make my own hours."
"And it ends right before the last train, right?" you affirmed, nearly dropping the green onions and making a mad dash for them before they touched the ground. Whew. You shoved them back in your fridge. You didn’t really have an organization system. You probably should. Being an adult was hard.
"... Yeah."
"Cool, you should take a shower now then. I'll get a towel, hold on!"
You scrambled out of the kitchen to find a towel in the linen closet, the fridge door still open. 
"... Alright..."
Fast forward.
Yoongi spent the entire train ride tense. You sat in your usual spot, humming along, bobbing your head to your music in your earbuds. Neither of you attempted to sit next to the other. Yoongi fully expected his girlfriend to be there as he stepped out of the train, at the last stop. He thought he was going to get yelled at once again. He thought she would be there to smack him upside the head again. He braced himself as the doors opened, exhaling deeply as he walked out of the sliding doors.
"Ugh, I need some energy," you mumbled behind him, yawning. 
No one was there. 
The bright streetlamps only illuminated the concrete. 
"Hey, Yoongi."
He turned his head to see you tilting yours. 
"You coming?"
You bounced on your heels. He remembered your usual routine. 
"Wanna race?" you asked with a big grin. 
Morning. Night. Morning. Night. 
Empty station at the last stop. No one but you and him getting off. 
Morning. Night. 
"Hey, Yoongi."
"You coming?"
“Wanna race?”
The cassette tape replayed over and over, flipped around in the stereo, day in, day out, stuck on replay, a weird reality that wasn't his until it became his, seeing your face when he woke up, watching you cook breakfast in the morning, chastising inanimate objects when you thought he wasn't looking.
Your lips asking him once again. 
"You coming?"
Then you and him, breaking out into a run, racing to your apartment. 
At first, Yoongi didn't smile. 
Then one day, he did. 
And he kept smiling, smiling as he ran breathlessly with you. 
"What are you doing?"
You froze. 
Literally one second before you heard those words, you had been wiggling your arms like an octopus in front on your full-length mirror, flapping the long sleeves of your over-sized blue sweatshirt, your billowy knee-length gray shorts following suit. You reached up to your Bluetooth headphones to take them off.
And realized, with heated cheeks, that the music was not coming from your headphones, but the Bluetooth speakers on your desk, blaring the odd twangs of guitar and quirky drum beats, paired with whiny, almost nonsensical lyrics. 
You turned around. 
Yoongi stood at the entrance of your bedroom door, staring. He was wearing a black t-shirt. Black sweatpants that were slightly too short, exposing his pale ankles. 
The song went into the guitar solo. 
He blinked at you. 
"Uh... dancing?"
Normally after work, Yoongi would either be asleep or watching television in your living room. You told him cable came with the apartment and you never watched TV, so he should at least watch some in your stead. You usually went to your room. The first couple nights, you only danced in your chair. Then you got up and danced next to your desk, and then you were back to your wacky mirror dancing, thinking that if it was though headphones, then Yoongi wouldn't notice. 
But, of course, you had disturbed him with your music blasting through the speakers, which had never been disconnected all this time because, well, how were you supposed to know? They must have connected because your over-ear headphones died.
"That was dancing?" Yoongi echoed.
Your eyes shifted. "Er... it's stress relieving?"
Yoongi stared at you.
The song changed. One of your favorites. 
Your shoulders began to bounce. Your head tapped to the beat. Then your heel. 
"Are you possessed?" Yoongi asked with a deadpan look. 
The tune was getting to the good bit with the xylophone. Fuck it. He had already seen you octopus it up. You began to bob your head from side to side, breaking out to a big grin, shooting him some finger guns before going back to your full-body jiggle and arm flapping, singing along on the top of your lungs, prancing around your room, Yoongi staring at you the entire time in mild shock. He probably thought you were psychotic, but who cared, because you were clapping along to the snare drum, skipping in circles, pointing at him at certain parts in the lyrics and playing air guitar. 
His normally downcast cat-like eyes were huge.
You grabbed his hands at the guitar solo and he yelped, his arms rippling as you swung them around, you stumbling through the lyrics, singing the absurd words, and Yoongi gawking wide-eyed.
The song went to the final chorus and you wiggled like a fucking squid. 
Only to see Yoongi burst out laughing and wiggle his arms with you, tiny wiggles compared to your full-blown tentacle swings, but it made you laugh too, because it was all stupid and ridiculous and very embarrassing. 
With a start, you realized you had seen Yoongi laugh. 
And he looked so wonderful laughing, perfect teeth and pink gums, huge smile and scrunched-up face, black hair falling back from the strength of his chuckling, revealing his lovely fair-skinned features and those cat-like eyes sparkling.
Sparkling with brightness. 
The song ended and you were panting breathlessly.
Yoongi raised his eyebrows in disbelief, half-smirk on his lips. 
"Your music taste is nuts."
You smiled as the next song started. 
"Nah, this is just my nighttime dance party music. It's supposed to be crazy."
You flapped your sleeves to the beat of the drum. Grinned at him. 
"Because every night should be a dance party."
And you started dancing again, Yoongi watching you and laughing, even joining in sometimes. 
From then on, every night was a dance party. At one point, Yoongi started to bring you songs and weird beats he discovered for you to dance to. He even said a few times, "Hey, I made this. Can you make a dance from it?"
You'd dance to anything. 
You weren't great at it. 
But it was always hilarious. 
And it was always worth it, watching Yoongi laugh all night. 
Fast forward. 
Wait. Are you sure?
You can always rewind. 
You don't have to press play. 
“Do you like rap?”
You were sitting next to Min Yoongi on the night train. There were still people around, not yet the last stop. He was clutching his phone, face mask on his chin. He looked a little nervous.
“Yeah, of course. I like all music,” you said cheerfully. “Something you want me to dance to?”
Yoongi chuckled a little, giving you that little half-smirk. “No.” He took a deep breath. “I’m a… music producer. And I… I make music. And I wondered if you wanted to listen to a little bit my mixtape.”
“I do.”
Yoongi looked taken aback. You grinned.
“I definitely want to listen to it.”
You connected your earbuds to his phone and listened carefully. His words, his beat, his rhythm. Yoongi sat beside you, wrapped in his black parka, looking nervous as he chewed on his lip, but you didn’t notice, bobbing your head to certain bits, mouthing the chorus, raising your eyebrows as he altered the framework of a traditional song. He had only five tracks on the playlist, but you listened to them all, holding his phone. When the playlist ended, you clicked back to your favorite parts and replayed them, over and over, listening to his strong, raspy voice.
Yoongi sounded confident when he was rapping.
Like he was meant to do it, perfectly expressing himself with his simple words and elegant phrasing, his anger, his sorrow, his hopes. You could tell there was an underlying theme, an uncertainty about the future. As if he was taking steps to an invisible, unlit path, and he wasn’t sure whether to run forward without a guiding light or go back to all he knew.
You handed him back his phone with a smile. You understood him a little better now.
“Well?” he asked, still biting his lip.
“I really like it,” you said. “Especially your vocals. It’s different from other voices I’ve heard.”
“… It’s not that–”
“And I like your lyrics. They’re simple, but they pack a punch and make you think.” You smiled widely. “I like music that makes me want to listen to it over and over again. That’s how your rap makes me feel.”
Yoongi looked stunned.
You pointed to his phone. “You could release it just like this, if you wanted.” You tilted your head. “Hm, maybe a few more songs though. It seems like you’re trying to tell a story.”
He blinked rapidly, putting his phone in his pocket. “Y-Yeah… I’m working on a few more that I want to add.”
You nodded. “That’d be awesome.”
The train screeched to a halt. There was no one in the car. That was your cue. You stood, stretching first and then shouldering your backpack. Yoongi stood as well, pensive and silent. The train doors slid open. He walked out first and you followed. Streetlights harsh and bright on the concrete. Yoongi did his usual routine of looking to the edge of the train station.
Both of you froze.
“Get the fuck over here, Yoongi.”
You recognized her. She might be wearing a different dress and a different coat, but it was the same woman all right, with the same harsh scowl.
“I knew you wouldn’t be a man and face the music. Instead, you went off prancing with some whore.”
“She’s not a whore,” Yoongi muttered, pulling up his face mask.
You didn’t say anything. There was a sudden pressure on your chest, an overwhelming, tense heaviness, because you knew what was coming.
“Are you telling me that you’re not going to come home to the woman you supposedly love, the one you were supposedly going to marry and give a comfortable life to?” the woman accused. “Are you telling me that you can’t take responsibility for your actions? That you’re not a man, but a child?”
Yoongi took a step towards her.
The weight in your chest felt like a ton of bricks crushing you.
Another step.
He turned his head, dark brown eyes flickering to you.
You smiled.
Smiled even though the moment was killing you.
“I… I have to finish this,” he mumbled, the sparkle in his eyes dulling with every passing second.
You kept the bright smile on your face.
Like a cheerful-sounding song with sad lyrics.
You wanted to rewind. You wanted to rewind so bad, even if it was only to ten minutes before this painful moment. With a shaking hand, you pressed play.
“My door is always open for you, Yoongi.”
He made eye contact with you. He nodded.
You turned and ran.
Ran and ran, hoping he was running after you, but you knew he wasn’t, you knew he was walking towards that toxic woman and you could do nothing about it, you couldn’t care, you just had to keep running, running and running until you hit your front door, fumbling with your keys and running inside, slamming the door closed.
You froze.
You wanted to scream.
Instead, you ran to your room and threw up a specific playlist, a playlist full of cheerful-sounding songs with agonizing lyrics, hopeful beats tainted by upsetting words, and danced the night away, danced and danced. Not wanting to think about the blankets on the couch, the suitcase you had dragged out to let Yoongi borrow and put his clothes in, not wanting to think about his toothbrush on your bathroom sink, not wanting to think about all those nights dancing stupidly in this bedroom with him, and focusing only on dancing alone, singing the night away, on and on and on until you couldn’t stand anymore, couldn’t sing anymore, and you just fell on your bed and passed out, completely drained.
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yelenayena · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pieck Finger x fem!reader
Genre: Romance
Warning: None (YAY✨), modern AU
Fun fact: Nanaba is an ex-girlfriend of Miche
Summary: You have an affair with Pieck, while she has an on-off relationship with Porco. You feel so jealous when she came to Colt’s party with him. Even so, you can't let them ruin your mood, and Thank God It's Friday, everything is possible when you are at the party on Friday night 🌚 ✨
A/N: I am a PokkoPiku shipper, but I also like her as a lesbian, but I don't like PikuLena ship bc Yelena is ours 😔 so that's why I made this story, I hope you like it 💜✨ I’m sorry if my writing is bad, still learning to write a story in English
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pieck looked at the picture that you sent on iMessage. She closed the app when Porco got behind the wheel. He turned his head and winked at Pieck who sat next to him on the passenger seat. He turned the engine on and he drove to Colt’s place.
“Let’s go, beauty,” said Porco, he opened the door for Pieck as they arrived at Colt’s place. “We're gonna have fun tonight,” he continued.
Pieck didn't reply but gave him a little smile. They both come inside, the house already crowded with people who joined the party. Porco held Pieck’s hand, he brought Pieck to their friends and joined them.
You saw them just come in, and your heart was pounding immediately. You felt jealous in your heart as you saw her in his arms and smiled at him. You rolled your eyes and tried to ignore that shitty couple. You smiled when you heard Connie’s silly stories, but deep inside your head, you can't get rid of Pieck’s face in your mind. You thought she wouldn't come with Porco, but maybe she had been together with him again. You felt sick of their on-off relationship.
You and Pieck were just friends. You have known her since the first year in college, as you both entered the same club in the university, Archery Club. She already had an on-off relationship with Porco at that time, but she knew you like girls, and she wanted to test her sexual orientation. So she often texted and called you whenever she needed someone to talk to until you both found chemistry. Sometimes you wish she would end her relationship with Porco and start dating you, but every time you think you're gonna get her, she‘s back to him instead.
You wish you could hate her, but you like her so much, Pieck is the woman you've always dreamed of. She’s beautiful, warm, and kind, and she has a very beautiful smile. The moments when you spent with her are the magical ones. You are just her secret affair, but you can't ignore her every time she needs you.
You let out a long sigh. Tonight is Colt’s party, you think that you should've had fun. Don't let your negative thoughts affect your mood here. You saw everyone you know has come to this party.
Everybody seems so fabulous, and they look so happy dancing or chit-chatting with their partner. It was so pitiful you just drink alone, even Oluo is dancing with Petra now. And, ugh! You just saw Pieck kissing Porco, you glanced away quickly and searched for something entertaining like watching Sasha’s silly dance with Niccolo. You gulped your beer and chuckled watching them.
“They're a hilarious couple, but they seemed to have each other. I mean, the girl likes to eat, the boy likes to cook. What's better than that? They really match as a couple.”
Someone talked to you. You turned your head, there's a small and tall blonde smiling at you. Your eyes narrowed, trying to see if you recognize the figure standing in front of you.
“They're one of my fave couples in this world,” you replied, ignoring the fact that you don't know her. It's a party, after all, you can talk to anybody if you want, even to strangers.
She smiled, “oh, I'm Nanaba by the way.”
“I’m-” before you can finish your words, she interrupted you.
“I know you, you're Y/N.”
You stared at her in confusion, “how did you-”
“Hange. We're both friends. Before I came here, she knew that I was keeping an eye on you, so she challenged me if I dared to greet you. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“No, don't worry, being alone sucks. I was like a kitten who got lost in this crowd.”
“Not true, you looked so cute when you were alone.”
You smiled when you heard her teased you. “So, how did you know Hange?”
And your conversation continued with her story about how she can be friends with Hange, Levi, and Miche. She’s a fourth-year student, just like Levi, Hange, and Miche, in the Culinary Science program, in a different university as you, but she's a friend of Hange and friends and a senior of Eren and friends in high school.
You think that she's cool, she looks calm, but when she talks, you know that she’s pretty funny and has a good personality. She has an average build for her height, maybe around five feet seven inches. She had blue eyes and short blonde hair, which was parted slightly to the right with short bangs and an undercut. Her appearance was very good. She looks like an androgynous supermodel.
She touched your arm to protect you from the others who went crazy and wild while they were dancing around you. At that moment, you and she looked at each other. She gave you a beautiful smile, you feel better now when she's around you. And it makes you feel that you want to know more about her.
“Do you know her? I think she keeps glancing this way,” said Nanaba while you both laughed after she told you about the silly story of Miche in high school.
“Who?” you asked.
“That girl over there, the one who wore a yellow blouse and was embraced by her boyfriend. Her face looked jealous. Eww, She has a boyfriend, but she keeps glancing at others, I feel sorry for her boyfriend,” she explained.
You know who it is, what she meant was Pieck. Pieck was indeed staring at you, but when you glanced at her, she glanced away immediately. “Just ignore her,” you said.
Nanaba looked nonchalant then she continued her hilarious stories about her and her friends. You both acted like you were old friends. She can make you forget your sadness. You two look like you enjoyed having the time together at the party.
The longer you talked, the closer she got to you until her arms touched yours. You guys were so captivated by this magical moment that you didn't even realize her bodies were closing in. You reached your consciousness when someone grabbed your hand.
It was Pieck who held your hand. “We need to talk, ” she said.
“For what?” you asked.
“Please, I'm begging you,” she pleaded.
“It’s okay,” said Nanaba. “Go ahead and talk to her.”
You sighed then followed Pieck from behind. You turned your head back and looked at Nanaba. You moved your lips to give her a sign to wait for you there. She nodded and smiled at you.
Pieck brought you to the powder room. She placed your body on the sink and kissed your lips. “C’mon, ” she said when she stopped. She looked at you, “touch me like the way you used to,” she said before she continued to kiss you.
She always knows how to turn you on. This is how she got you wrapped around her, but you also enjoyed it and she tasted so good. You pulled her body and placed her on the sink. You kissed her back. She looked satisfied and replied to every move you made for her. When you kissed her neck, she writhed and gasped.
You continued to run your hand through Pieck’s hair while kissing her upper body. All the memories about you and her hit your head. When she gave you a beautiful smile on the first night you spent with her.
Your hand on her back now, hiding under her blouse to touch her soft skin. Your memories showed her figure when she always said your name when she let you touch her more deeply.
You know how to make her satisfied. You know her sensitive spot on her body. She once told you that she likes the way you touched her, something that she can’t get in her boyfriend. Of course, you're a girl, she's a girl. Who can understand better about girls? Obviously, girls themselves. Just like Katy Perry says in ‘I Kiss a Girl’, “Us girls, we are so magical. Soft skin, red lips, so kissable. Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it.”
Besides, sometimes guys are too focused on how to make themselves satisfied rather than make their girls satisfied. And even some guys see girls as a tool to satisfy their appetites. That's why Pieck can't let you go.
You stop kissing her, “but I'm not your toy anymore.” Then you pulled her body and left her there alone in the powder room.
It is a hard decision, you still like her, but you've done being her toy. You'd tired waiting for her, whereas she always lets her boyfriend touch her like the way you used to. Now, it's time to cut her ties and open a new chapter. Plus, you found new chemistry in someone else.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you read a manga of AOT comedy spin-off, Attack on Titan: Junior High by Saki Nakagawa (they an Isayama’s junior in college), the author made Nanaba seem to have a crush on Miche ambiguously. And many fans pair her with Miche, I like MikeNana ship as well, but just like Pieck, I also like her as a lesbian👩‍❤️‍👩💜
By the way, this story inspired by Hayley Kiyoko - Curious MV ✨
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cypherroblivion · a year ago
𝙏𝙞𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙄𝙣𝙨𝙞𝙙𝙚
Member: Ten
𝘏𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘸𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯 𝘴𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘢𝘴𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘨𝘶𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘴...
𝘛𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘪 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘢𝘣out to back down from this dumb shit HE STARTED the fuck i look like?
He came hone LATE as shit from being out with Taeyong last night and i pushed it off because he was filming the whole week and he even told me he would be late home which i was fine with. What started the argument was him saying oh you didnt watched the video when it came out? Oh why not I thought at least my girlfriend would watch it as soon as it came out.
Ten really think my ass is fast as fuck im not finna rush to watch a mv on time each time.
“ Do you even take care of Louis and Leon?” He asked raising their food bowls. “Ten you know damn well i take care my KIDS more than yo ass is ever home! I told you before when i come home im taking care of them while your either out drinking or probably getting pussy from some other bitch Lucas set you up with.” I said getting angry.
“So know when im not home im cheating?” Ten said raising an eyebrow. “ The fuck is your problem? I dont complain when you go take Sungchan places” “ dont add sungchan in this he asked me once because i was in the area and he wanted to go get a pair of shoes fixed the fuck”
“Yeah ‘shoes’. He told me you looked great in a tub top. He didn’t even know we were dating eachother.” He said looking at me. I can tell i was pushing his buttons but I couldn’t care less! He pissed me way the fuck off. “OH?! So its my fault? Alright ten Fuck you like no for real piss off. You dead ass finna make me punch the shit out of you. I try to put up with yo shit so much but the first thing you want to do when you come home is pick at the smallest fucking thing. Go fuck some bitch damn” I said walking past him going to our- fuck no MY BEDROOM. His ass finna go somewhere else.
𝘍𝘦𝘸 𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴 𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳....
I was sitting on the bed texting my best friend just really wondering if i could shit go spend a day with her. I cant do his shit today. I heard a knock and ignored it. “Mamas im coming in...” i heard ten say at the door. He walked in and closed the door locking it. “ Im sorry about the argument but I didn’t like how you talked to me..” he walked to the bed and went to my side grabbing my phone and put it in his back pocket. “ Ten its not fair that you think you can go out and come late and blame it on your schedule all the time. While i come home and become a cat lady because you simply cant bring your pissy sweaty ass home to take care of them”
“Okay im sorry that i blame coming home late to my schedule. You know i could never cheat on you baby” he said biting his lip rubbing my thighs. “ and since you talked back to daddy ill need you to get naked grab the oil and sit on the desk legs wide” I blushed WHY WHY does he always turn me on when im supposed to be punching this mfer. “ Come on now get your sexy ass up and get to it.” He said yanking me up and slapping my ass and walked to the bathroom.
As i got naked I slowly started to walk to the table hearing Ten wash his face and turn off the bathroom light walking to me in only his boxers.
(Imma switch to authors point of view incase yall uncomfy)
Y/N sat against his computer oiling herself up to tens liking. This was a everyday thing. Of course she knows Ten WOULD never cheat and if they ever broke up it would be of natural causes.
Ten sat in his computer chair admiring the view. “ Mmm my favorite woman is butt ass naked on my computer desk once again from talking back to me... i really just want to eat you out my cock doesn’t need to get wet right now...” he said pulling her thighs closer spreading them open. He slowly kissed down her thighs, kissing every beautiful stretch mark that could exist. He reached her clothed area and ripped her underwear open, impatient waiting for the waterfall that was being held hostage from him. “ fuck, your always so wet for me mamas” he said rubbing between her folds playing with her sweet honey like mess. He slowly moved his mouth towards her sex and gave her no time to adjust.
He licked, sucked, and also entered fingers in her core here and there. He moaned from her loud ness and her honey taste and texture. He edged her on more and more loving the way she moaned for him. “ MMM mamas are you gonna exploded for me?” “Mmmh, please let me cum Ten please?” She moaned louder gripping the desk tightly.
“ do you deserve to cum? After you talked back i want to edge you on more and more~” he chuckled moving his fingers in her faster than slower feeling her getting wetter by the minute.
“Please Daddy- I- cant hold it any longer” she screamed felling her tears go down her cheeks. “Damn i love it when you beg love cum for me” Ten moaned going faster moving his mouth back to her sex looking up at her while doing so watching her beautiful facial expressions.
Soon he felt her legs start the shake and felt her juices come out in a waterfall and her screams of joy and finally releasing feeling his ears up.
“ You made such a mess on me mamas” he said chuckling and rubbed her slowly “Good girl”
“Shut up” she said trying to catch her breath. “ you do this each time- OUCH!” She said after feeling Ten pinch her thigh. “ no back talk especially after i made your waterfall turn on..” he stood up and kissed her slowly. “ your special to me mamas. I love you dearly and i will start coming home on time I promise” he said against her lips. “ Fine I believe you. I love you more always.” She said wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Seconds in the shower finna make that ass clap” he said in a singing tone taking her off the table. “ Horny ass” she said and walked to the bathroom. OF COURSE FOR SECONDS DUHHH
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙀𝙣𝙙
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emeraldbabygirl · a year ago
N.Flying reaction to you being on your moon
So I decided to write a thing. I’m not sure if this is a reaction but I know it’s not a headcannon..at least I don’t think it is. And I wanna start with this one and from here on out write the titles at the top and fix any previous works that are framed like this so it looks better? I’m still trying to figure out how I want my layouts to look like. Btw for some reason tumblr is whack and it’s not showing me any gifs of N.Flying except for like five and they’re all recent from the Moonshot mv and it’s not what I’m looking for. It’s been happening with me a lot not whenever I search for a gif it only spits up a few and they are recent like everything else got deleted? Idk it could be a bug on my end or just tumblr doing its stupid thing so this reaction unfortunately won’t have gifs :( I’m sorry
Seunghyub: Seunghyub was a man that would come running to you at the drop of a hat. He was very gentle and understanding with you while you were on your moon and he loved showering you with cuddles and kisses in hopes it would cheer you up cause he knew how moody you could get. You came home from work and not meaning to sound like a bitch you grumbled at his friendly greeting. Seunghyub was too smart to frown as he knew you couldn’t help it. He followed you down the hall entering you room and then the bathroom to draw you a nice bubble bath. He figured the light might be to harsh if you had a headache so he lit a couple candles around and found you in your room attempting to crawl into bed with your work clothes still on. “Darling come here I drew you a nice bubble bath.” He said pulling you out of bed. You grumbled and attempted to fight him like a cat afraid of water. “Come on now you don’t want to sleep in your clothes. You’ll feel better after a bath huh?” You huffed in defeat as Seunghyub led you into the bathroom. Helping you with your clothes he held your hand as you stepped in the warm water. You immediately sighed and began relaxing. Seunghyub let you close your eyes as he gently washed your hair and scrubbed your back. “Thank you for this Seunghyub really. And the candles are cute.” You smiled warmly at him. Seunghyub hands are covered in bubbles but he still cups the side of your face to kiss you. “Anytime Darling.”
Chahun: For the most part you were calm as far as mood on your period but your cravings for random foods and your appetite always increased. Chahun has picked you up from work and you were passing every fast food place and restaurant in the universe. Well that’s what it felt like. “Hunnnnn I want fried chicken..or a hamburger. Look there’s a sushi restaurant right there let’s get something to eat pleaseeee” you whined pressing your face against the window. “It’s late love, we’re going home. I’ll fix you something then okay?” Chahun said. You appreciated and loved Chahun cooking for you but you wanted greasy food right now and you felt bad about him always cooking despite you knowing full well how to. “Chahun..don’t you think you cook too often for me? I mean..wouldn’t you like a break? Besides I really want to go out.” The rest of the ride was silent. You sat at the table in sweats and watched Chahun shuffle around the kitchen. You loved watching him cook you just felt bad that he was always doing it and even when you weren’t hungry he still insisted. You felt even worse when you were on your period. Chahun finished up and plated food for both of you landing a kiss on the top of your head before placing your food in front of you. “I know you want fast food and I know you think I cook to much for you but I think home cooked meals are better on your tummy, especially during your lady time. Also you are my girlfriend and I enjoy cooking for you as a sign of love. Now eat up and then we can do whatever you want for the rest of the evening.” You smiled taking a bite of food. Chahun was too sweet.
Jaehyun: Jaehyun always did his absolute best to cheer you up whenever you were having your monthly and most of the time he could get a smile out of you. Tonight though you were laying on the couch in tears from the cramps you were having and Jaehyun couldn’t seem to cheer you up. He tried jokes, dancing goofy, breaking one of his sticks on purpose but nothing was working, you were in too much pain. Jaehyun kneeled in front of you moving your hair away from your face so he could wipe the tears that were falling. “Sweetie I’m sorry you’re so much pain..is there anything I can do?” Jaehyun was sad seeing you like this. “Rip out my uterus please” you said. This sent Jaehyun into a laughing fit. The sudden outburst from him and seeing him roll around on the floor from how silly you were being put a small smile on your face but that went away when you got a cramp the felt like you got kicked really hard in the stomach. Jaehyun settled down and noticed your silent suffering. “Hey, let’s lay down on the bed it’s probably more comfy. I can make you some tea and..” Jaehyun stopped talking. You probably didn’t feel like getting up. Jaehyun decided to just sit with you and comfort you as best he good. He heated up a hot pack and placed it on next to your side. Running his hand through your hair helped you relax a little and the hot pack slowly started to help with the cramps. Jaehyun covered you up with a blanket as you drifted off to sleep and quietly cleaned up the living room.
Hweseung: Hweseung was use to how moody you were. He comforted you whenever you cried wheather it was cramps or you got sad, he bought you your comfort foods when you were hungry and cranky and he even put up with your random laughing fits. He knew how your emotions could get on your time of the month but he was confused this month as you kept initiating sex. You weren’t normally like this and poor Hweseung didn’t know how to go about it. “Fuck me Hweseungggg” you blurted out while you to were on the couch watching tv. Hwesung was so surprised he nearly spit out his tea. “W-what?” Hweseung said after catching his breath. Did he hear you right? “Come on I’m hornyyyy” you whined starting to attack his neck with your lips. “Babe, do you really feel like having sex right now? It’s messy and you might hurt more. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable..also you don’t want to get pregnant now do you?” Hweseung was very aware of the ovulation cycle and knew that today would be the best time to have sex if you were looking to make mini yous. “Yesss let’s make lots of babies please Hweseung. Fuck me I’ll feel better.” You said against his neck. Hweseung sat as you cuddled and crawled all over him. Hweseung himself wasn’t fond of the idea of period sex at all. He definitely thought it was a bad idea while you were menstruating but he didn’t want to upset you. After contemplating for awhile and going over the possibilities of you actually getting pregnant he decided he would go through with it. But he took to long as he could hear your light snoring as you must’ve conked out from exhaustion. Hweseung sighed in relief seeing you out with your head on his lap. You looked like a cat, it made Hweseung smile. He repositioned your head in a more comfy direction and rubbed your lower back while he continued to watch tv. He chuckled to himself at the thought of you falling asleep during sex. You were just too tired and you needed your sleep.
Dongsung: Dongsung was really good to you around your time of the month. He would give you hot packs if you were having cramps, cook for you or order anything you wanted, draw you baths or set clothes out for you after a shower. He would tend to your every need and you were thankful but he was always running around too much. “Dongsung,” you said coming out of your room after changing from your work clothes. Dongsung practically rushed to your feet with a concerned look. He was always so adorable it made you sad that he felt he had to tend to your every need. “Is everything okay babe?” He asked worry in his voice. You sighed. “Can we just watch a movie tonight. You always work so hard to help me and I just want you to stop and relax. Can we just have an easy night tonight? Please?” Dongsung nodded quietly and grabbed your hand and you both walked to the living room. “Can I still make popcorn though?” You smiled out how perfectly silly he was. “Yes of course, but hurry up please I wanna cuddle.”
I did Hweseung’s last so sorry if it’s kind of crappy towards the end. It took me two hours to finish this cause I was distracted from vibing to N.Flying lmao. Anyway I wanted to make this cause I’m in my N.Flying feels again and I just thought this would be a nice lil thingy. (Also side note I feel like Hweseung would be really sweet and neat during sex in general and even more so if it was period sex even though period sex is gross and messy but I just wanted to add all the aspects and things around your moon time)
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atiny-doodles · a year ago
I shared the news of gaining a girlfriend with my members. San and Seonghwa were expecting it, and the rest of the members congratulated me as well.
Hongjoong was happy for me too, but he seemed a little worried. "Make sure you protect yourself, we can't let this relationship go public since it's time for our debut soon. And talk with the manager about it too." he advised.
The manager didn't not take the news as well as the others though. We were having our weekly group meeting today, and when I announced the news of my new girlfriend to our manager, he just furrowed his eyebrows, showing lines of stress on his forehead.
"Did you expect me to congratulate you?" he asked, rubbing his forehead. Before I could answer, he interrupted me by saying, "You know what, sure. I'm not going to force you to break up with her, just make sure your relationship remains a secret." he said with the calmest voice he could manage to bring out.
"And no matter what, make sure the chairman doesn't find out. I'll try my best to cover you two, but if word gets out, don't tell anyone in the company that I knew about this relationship." He gulped, worried and lowered his voice, motioning the rest of the members to come closer. In a whispered voice he said, "My job and head is on the line here so please, I beg you, don't mess up kids. I only want what is best for you. But otherwise, congrats Yunho." he gave me a small smile.
I smiled back and Mingi who was sitting next to me patted my shoulder reassuringly.
"Other news! Since today your debut mv goes up, we're going to have a private dinner funded by the company to celebrate!" the manager looked at me. "Private. So if you want you can bring your girl." he smiled.
Just then, we saw the silhouette of a black shadow quickly pass by the meeting room. "What was that? This was supposed to be a private meeting." Frustrated, the manager stood up and walked outside.
We heard him talking to someone, but couldn't process what was going on. He walked in and sighed. "We really need to keep our new staff in check. They can't just wander around like that!"
"What happened?" Hongjoong asked.
"Just some new employee. She didn't even have a name tag on her, but she said she was lost trying to find HR. I directed her there and scolded her, but hopefully she isn't harmful." The manager looked at me and covered my hand.
"Don't worry, this secret stays only in this room." he looked at the other members. "No one in here is allowed to tell anyone else except for Yunho's parents maybe." Everyone nodded and sat back down, so we could continue with our meeting.
"I got the evidence sir. Confirmed, Yunho of Ateez is dating the girl from the restaurant." the girl opened a picture of Yunho sitting across from Y/N at a restaurant.
"Good work. This group was getting on my nerves. Didn't even debut and yet they were getting so much recognition from different influencers. It's about time we set up a scandal." the man said sipping his tea. "When did you say it was their debut?"
"Today, they debuted with their first album and title track 'Pirate King,' October 24, 2018."
"Nice. Were you able to do a background check on the girl?"
"She is a personal trainer, known for training olympics athletes and idols. This time KQ entertainment hired her to personally train Yunho, which is how I am theorizing they started to date."
"Nice! Write an article about the scandal just like that. Do it right away, and release it tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Rookie group debuts chocolate abs idol. But wait! He's taken? I can see the headlines and the hashtags on twitter in my head already!" The man cackled like a maniac.
"Of course sir!"
"Aah Yunho! Slow down!"
"What do you mean I'm going easy on you!"
"No you're too fast!"
We were in ATEEZ's dorm in the front living room. We came back from eating dinner with the rest of the team. I met the rest of the members, who were super nice to me. The manager discussed how I needed to keep my relationship private, and I understood. That meant no more flaunting my dates with him on outstagram, but that was fine.
And right now, I was playing this car racing game with him on his playstation. It was my first time playing, but he was being ruthless with me.
"Yunho! Help me I crashed!" I pouted, pointing at my screen.
Yunho playfully rolled his eyes at me. "I already won the game. Here, what about you practice with some easy NPCs first rather than going against me?"
My frown widened. "But I wanted to play with you,"
He chuckled and scooted closer to me on the couch. "I'll be right here, so don't worry Y/N."
He literally set the NPC to the easiest setting, and yet I was still last place, because I kept crashing. This time, I was stuck in mud, and no matter how much I revved the digital engine, the car would not budge.
"This is frustrating!" I said, putting down my controller in fury.
"Aw, don't rage quit," Yunho took the controller and put it in my hands. Suddenly, he scooted all the way over to me, not leaving any space between us and hugged me from the behind. He placed his hands over mine on the controller and guided my fingers through the controls.
"See, if you move to the left a little, you can go around the puddle and get out using this slope, and there! You're in the game again!"
He continued to guide me through the rest of the game, with me sitting there, head resting against his chest, and his chin resting gently on the top of my head.
"Yunho! We won!" I giggled.
He tilted my chin gently to face him. "No, you won Y/N" he said before gently kissing me on the lips.
That was the first time he did that...
I smiled at him and felt my face turning red. Geez, I was so whipped for him.
She grinned at me and started blushing. I couldn't help it, she was too cute.
I took the controller out of her hands and put in on the table in front of us, not losing eye contact with her as I leaned closer and closer to her, cornering her to the back of the couch. I reached up and touched her honey skin that was now lightly tinted pink.
I traced my fingers across her forehead, her cheek, her jawline, and her lips, slowly examining the small perfectly imperfect details of her face.
I looked back up to meet her eyes. "I love you Y/N, you know that right."
Her eyes softened at my touch. "I love you too Yunho."
Slowly, making sure I wasn't making her feel uncomfortable, I met my lips with hers. They were so soft, and tasted like strawberry lollipops. I held the back of her neck, supporting her neck since she was leaning up to reach me. She kissed back gently, and I could feel her tugging on my bottom lip, and I let out a small growl of satisfaction.
Slowly, my lips traveled to other parts of her face. Her small dimple on her left cheek, her jawline, and tilting her head upward, I explored her neck. She let out little whimpers and I smiled against her honey skin.
"OH MY GAHD," We jumped up at the sudden intruder. She pushed my chest, forcing me to fly all the way across to the other side of the couch because of her immense arm strength. I groaned, holding my chest in pain and glared at our intruder.
The boys chased each other around for some time, with Yunho threatening Wooyoung with a pillow and Wooyoung laughing and teasing him. It was even more entertaining than watching Mr. Hinx chase James Bond.
Wooyoung eventually apologized to me for interrupting so suddenly like that. We were both cool about the situation though. I figured it was getting late so I said my farewells to the two boys and headed out their dorm door.
"Are you sure you don't want me to accompany you home Y/N?" Yunho asked, holding my hand just as I was about to leave the building.
"I'm fine Yunho. If anyone tries to harm me I'll take them down with my muscle powers so don't worry!" I struck a funny boxing pose and we both laughed.
"I'll see you later then," we both tiny waved goodbye to each other and I made my way out into the nighttime streets with a huge grin on my face.
I turned my head around, wondering where that sound came from.
Weird, it sounded like a camera. Meh, must just be my head.
I shrugged and continued walking home.
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orbityeolgi · a year ago
Is my first time reading your hyerim fics and i absolutely loved them. I love fluff and cute aus/fics, and hyerim of course hehe. Also i really like my lipseul (they're are so cute together but so underrated), so could i ask you for some lipseul fluff? Please, or one fic that includes lipseul and hyerim.
no problem! for the sake of this drabble let’s pretend that miss rona doesn’t exist and that the outside is not illegal <3
Olivia Hye narrowed her eyes. Kim Lip narrowed her eyes too.
Their staring contest went on for a good thirty seconds, and Olivia was seriously starting to feel her eyes sting but there was no way she’d lose against squinting squintety Kim Lip - before a cheerful voice snapped them back to reality. “Can you two move? You’re blocking the way!”
Olivia turned around and frowned. She felt bad for a split second, meeting Haseul’s face and the hesitance that flashed in her eyes, but the glare came naturally; everyone knew about her resting bitch face syndrome, anyway.
“And you’re blocking my date.”
Choerry peeked from behind Haseul, waving a slushie. “I’m right here, Hyejoo!”
That’s not what I meant. “Look,” she said, plainly. “You need to go somewhere else.”
“Is this how you talk to someone older than you?” Lip scolded.
Olivia gritted her teeth. “Unnies. Can you leave?”
“Nope,” Haseul chirped, popping the ‘p’ for extra cheekiness. “I paid for my tickets! And,” she held a finger right under Olivia’s nose (immediately, Olivia wanted to bite it off - immediately after, she heard Choerry’s voice ringing clearly in her head pleading her to not bite their leader), “I paid for your tickets as well.”
Great, Olivia thought. So now I owe her. Stupid tickets that probably cost 1/12th of the buttons to her overpriced Burberry pants.
Choerry sent her a worried look over Haseul’s shoulder. Olivia softened a little, seeing her girlfriend nervously nibbling on her slushie’s plastic stroon. Hyejoo, don’t fight.
(When did Choerry unlock telepathy???)
Wordlessly, Olivia turned around, ignoring Lip as she walked into the movie theater without waiting for any of them to catch up. The annoyance that’d been bubbling in her stomach was tethering the edge of anger now. 
The inside of the building was air-conditioned, the lighting less harsh than the ones from the fair outside, and all the sounds muffled. She focused on her breathing, on the soft pitter-pat of her footsteps against the carpet, and decided it wouldn’t be intelligent to yell at Haseul and Lip.
But god, did she want to.
Okay, so Choerry and her got caught making out once, and suddenly, instead of forgetting about the whole incident like any sane person would, Haseul and Lip and the rest of the girls were constantly on Olivia’s ass. They didn’t taunt - Olivia would have given them a piece of her mind if they did - but she felt watched. Spied.
That’s why, when Choerry said she wanted to go to a fair, Olivia jumped on the occasion. Anything to get out of the suffocating dorms, and get some time to hold Choerry’s hand, play games and eat snacks. She’d even planned her outfit (a cute black off-shoulder top, to match with Choerry’s mocha dress).
What she didn’t expect was for Haseul and Kim Lip to be there too. Grinning from one ear to the other while Olivia wanted to sink beneath the ground.
Any other time, she’d be nicer. Any other time, she’d just go along with what Choerry wanted. She ignored the fact Lip was hogging Choerry’s arm all day, shut her eyes when Haseul stole bites of Choerry’s churros, tuned out their conversations and instead focused on trying to win prizes at the arcades.
Fucking chaperoning. Like she was some rabid animal about to suck Choerry’s face at any given moment.
She was trying on the 3D glasses distributed near the entrance when finally, Choerry ran towards her. “Hyejoo!”
“Yerim,” Olivia coolly said. She handed Choerry 3D glasses. “The show’s about to begin, so let’s hurry.”
“But,” Choerry glanced behind her shoulder. “We should wait for the unnies...”
Olivia frowned. “We shouldn’t. They don’t have to sit right next to us.” This is our date.
An amused twinkle danced in Choerry’s eye. “That’s right. You’re not wrong. Okay, let’s go then. They can figure the rest by themselves.” She pulled Olivia by the hand, and Olivia followed easily, a spring in her step completely contrasting with the earlier dejected drag of her shoes.
They sat down, Choerry immediately pulling the armrest between their seats up, and snuggling against Olivia. She fumbled with the glasses for a second, before looking around excitedly. “4D cinema...! I’ve only watched Aladdin in 4D. You think it’ll be even better?”
“Given that the movie lasts only like, ten minutes, I bet they’re gonna try and pack as many effects as possible. The seats might even kick us around, who knows?”
“Or even spray water?”
“I’m pretty sure they will. Your hair’s still wet, by the way,” Olivia remarked, tucking a damp strand of pink hair behind Choerry’s ear. “Is this from the water slide?”
“Yeah,” Choerry laughed. “Lip-unnie used me as a shield.” She looked up at Olivia, and her features relaxed, eyes full of affection. Olivia almost forgot the rest of the audience, wanting nothing more but to close the distance between their lips.
“Hyejoo... About the date...”
Olivia blinked. “Hm?”
“Uh,” Choerry began, but then she saw something and perked up. “Nevermind. I will tell you later,” she said, waving. Olivia stifled a groan when she saw Haseul and Lip sitting in the row directly behind them. “You should pull up the armrest like we did,” Choerry suggested. “It’s comfier that way.”
Lip sounded confused. “Huh? How...”
Olivia heard them struggling to find the button. She sighed and turned around, leaning over her own seat to push Haseul and Lip’s armrest. “Go on,” she said, dryly. “You lovebirds can cuddle now.”
The squeak coming out from Lip and the flush on Haseul’s face as she said her usual teasing remark made Olivia raise an eyebrow, but she didn’t find the time to probe further, Choerry tugging her down right before the music started.
A couple of minutes later, Olivia’s belly was full with laughter and butterflies from Choerry laughing along; the platform the audience was on kept moving left and right and back and forth, their seats shook, they got sprayed with water, they felt things running between their feet, etc. Right as the movie ended, Olivia stood up on shaky legs and turned around, ready to tease Lip about her terrified shriek, arguably the loudest of everyone else’s in the room.
But all she saw was the vague form of Haseul, hiding her entire body against Lip’s, gripping Lip’s red dress like she was about to fall, while Lip rubbed her shoulder comfortingly. Worried, Olivia opened her mouth to ask if Haseul was okay, but Choerry urgently tugged on her hand, and the two bolted out of the theater.
They ran, hand in hand, dodging the people who were slowly trickling out; it was nearly sunset, and closing hours would start soon. Between breaths, Choerry pointed to the ferris wheel, overlooking the whole fair. “Let’s go there!”
There were few people at the ferris wheel, too, which meant Olivia and Choerry basically got a cabin miliseconds after they stepped on the platform. The employee closed the door, and up they went, up up up until everything was tiny from above. The world and its problems, so far away. 
Olivia, still catching her breath, sat next to Choerry. Her hand was clammy, but Choerry was not letting go. “What was that?”
Choerry let out a laugh. “What?”
“That,” Olivia said. “Lip-unnie and Haseul-unnie.” She nibbled the insides of her mouth, before deciding to say what was on her mind. This was Choerry, after all, she could tell her everything. “Ruined the whole date.”
Choerry frowned, making her smile threatening. “Don’t say that. We had fun, didn’t we?”
Olivia shrugged. “I don’t know. They just invited themselves, and...”
“I invited them!” Choerry’s eyes were wide, her smile wavering. “I was the one who asked them to come along.”
“But... why?”
“They’re just so painfully shy when it comes to the right things,” Choerry said. “I just wanted to give them a little push. But then they just used me as an excuse to not interact with each other.”
Olivia thought for a second. Then: “Wait. They like each other?”
Choerry’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Seriously? You didn’t know? I thought you did, you always tease them... It’s obvious, though? And then I kept saying I’d do scary rides, and they still went along instead of talking to each other... Scaredy-cats! So stubborn!” She shrugged, then leaned against Olivia a little. The ferris wheel was near the highest point. “They’re both afraid of heights so they won’t come with us, at least.”
Olivia felt her body stiffen at the last sentence. “But aren’t you afraid of heights too?”
“Kinda!” Choerry giggled. She clasped Olivia’s hands harder. “When I’m with you, it’s less scary, though.”
Olivia’s throat closed up, from the emotion. Choerry was the most generous, the most giving person in the whole world. “Yerim, can’t you be selfish, for once?” She regretted saying that right after, seeing the flash of hurt that crossed Choerry’s face.
But Choerry, ever the positive soul she is, just evaded the criticism with a joke. She eyed the sunset in the horizon, similar to a certain familiar MV. “To be ‘Egoist’, huh?”
“Not funny,” Olivia said, but Choerry was becoming pale from fear, so she looked for a way to distract her. She pulled Choerry towards her, hugging her so that her shoulder blocked Choerry’s view. “You okay?” Her girlfriend’s arms automatically circled her waist, and her breath tickled Olivia’s collarbone.
Choerry giggled. “I’m doing fine.” She looked at Olivia through her lashes for a second, then rose up to peck her lips. “Doing better. You too, I hope. I wanted to kiss your silly pout all day.”
Olivia felt her face burn from embarrassment, but she hummed between each kiss. “I’m sorry I was rude earlier.”
“Hmm. You’ll have to apologize to Lip-unnie and Haseul-unnie.”
“I will. You think they’ll be okay?”
“I hope...”
(Somewhere else, in a discreet, dark alley behind the movie theater, Haseul had her hands tangled in Lip’s hair as they exchanged feverish kisses that reflected months of pining. 
Lip only pulled away for a second to mutter that she couldn’t believe Choerry and Olivia Hye would cockblock them like that. Haseul only laughed, shook her head and pulled her for another kiss.
Yeah. They’d be okay.)
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nightswithkookmin · a year ago
Hi Goldy! I’m new to your blog and I’ve found your analysis very interesting. I was wondering if you would be interested in explaining more deeply this timeline you’ve mentioned about jikook’s relationship. As in: when did they break up?, when did they get back together?, when did they start dating, etc. I understand if it’s too much work, but it would be really cool! Also, good luck in your studies! From one law student to another :)
I think we should form a club or something, all the Attorneys and lawyers in the making, Architects, Doctors, Nurses, Politicians, Mums, Grandmums- I love it here!!!!!!!!!
Oh and here you go...
I'm not good at video editing, zero skills there but I tried something! It wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be but chilee I tried. JK. Lol.
It's JK stealing a glance at JM when he went to stand by him to sing for me- these two! Smh.
Jk is not a very good actor honestly. He spent the entire episode closed off to JM but he was literally pining lol.
And he certainly wasn't reacting well to Jimin flirting with the staff or camera crew or whoever he was throwing those finger hearts at- some would argue he was making finger hearts at Army... sure why not- whatever rocks your boat. Lol
But I've seen him do this shit one too many times during Runs and MV shoots behind scenes with staff to think otherwise. Besides, the conversation they were having in that moment revolved around the Staff and the mission the staff was going to give them so...
This moment reminded me of Run episode 82 or something where they wore the mask?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Someone off camera had asked Jimin for a photo or something, he checked to see if Jk was watching him and then he posed and put up a V sign for that person- fucking slytherin. Lmho.
Of course JK noticed what he was up to- because he is always watching JM. Lol. He zoomed over there immediately to lay his claim on his man. It also seemed a few moments afterwards that he had given JM a scolding or demanded for an explanation for his behavior or something- I mean whatever they were doing in the background there whispering to eachother.
It felt like the energy he had when Hobi put his hand around JM in that interview and he snapped his neck towards them to scold JM.
These little moments are moments I just know Jikook is real. They are real. They are. These are moments of Jikook piercing the forth wall to me, legit. Friends don't check friends and hold them to these kinds of standards and exclusivity in their behavior.
And this is what I mean when I say Jikook exercise right of authority over eachother. Yet in this recent episode of Run JK couldnt exercise that right and Jimin didn't even accord JK that privilege-because friends don't have that right nor can they exercise that right.
And you could tell it was taking a toll on JK throughout the episode. I wish I could do a better Job of showing his facial expressions in certain moments where he cracked and exposed himself like when he sensed what Jimin was going to do in the moment right before and immediately after JM had done that heart sign thingy. It was devastating to watch but I screen recorded this and edited it with my phone so the quality isn't exactly great on the zooms. Sorry.
My girlfriend too isn't available right now to fix it up or make a full video analysis for me- will try and get her to do that later hopefully. [ all these zoom, and freeze frame- this is how we turn into TKK_lives for real! Lmho]
As for JM, as I said in my previous analysis, this was his mood the entire On Era when he was trying to get JK back, he was trying to get JK to be jealous and shit and look at the way he checked JK's reaction after throwing that heart sign- yea I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Nope!
Usually, he sneaks around or check to see if he's boyfriend isn't watching him before he does his shenanigans with others outside BTS and that has been pretty consistent of their dynamics throughout the years. And when he notices JK is mad or hurt afterwards he usually tries to reassure him.
He did that this year too during the Stay Gold promo period when he and JK were harmonizing and he looked at someone behind the camera and did that smugly flirty thingy he does and JK was sat next to him looking like he was about to throw his mic at the back of his head. Lol. I love these two!
He threw his arms all over JK immediately to snuggle and appease him. People said he seemed defiant in that moment- like he was defying orders or something. I agree but I think there was more to that moment than JM defying BigHit's orders not to do the skinship thingy with JK. In my opinion.
I wish I could show y'all JM's moments of pining and trying to connect with JK and his exasperation when he felt that wasn't working in this episode but the skills- its lacking. Chilee.
Listen, Jikook is real ok. By real I mean they go through stuff you see in any real romantic partnership. At least from my pov.
It breaks my heart that y'all are pressing mad charges against JK... sigh. Y'alls too quick to throw him under the bus when he upset the balance of your shipping fantasies lol. That's what you get for shipping Jikook. These are real people with real human emotions not fantasies. Don't ship them support them!
Tae is JK's friend too you know? And what are friends if they cannot be there for eachother when they are going through a hard time... sigh.
On era was tough for both of them and I'm glad they got through all of that. I mean if y'all were paying attention to them this episode wouldn't have been shocking, you know? Sigh.
To answer your question my honorable colleague, I think I have exhausted the topic? Lol. I have a comprehensive analysis of that timeline in one of by blog posts but for the love of me I can't remember which. Lol.
I will try and dig it up and forward it to you? I am still working on a masterlist and learning this platform so bare with me please. I purple you.
This has been my point of view. Let me know yours??
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leenow · a year ago
Tumblr media
tagged by @leonzhng​ thanks for making me dig through my most embarrassing crushes 😭✋
i’ll tag @highwarlockkareena​ @yibobibo​ @lan-xichens​ @purplexedhuman​ @aheartfullofjolllly​ @lanzhansmiles​ @nyx4​ i feel like i tag you guys in everything i am so sorry please ignore this if u don’t wanna do it !!
putting this under a read more for reasons
Tumblr media
MEN 2010 – 2016
literally nothing more embarrassing than falling on the same type of white man over and over again (with the exception of minho from shinee bless his heart)
tommy joe ratliff → he was the bass player for adam lambert during his glamnation era (think of songs like for your entertainment and if i had you) idk why exactly i liked him so much but i just did.... however i searched him up again quite recently and found out he’s one of those republicans that says the dumbest shit on twitter so Big Yikes
harry styles → “baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, and when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell...” and BOOM 13-year-old me was sold for well over two years
louis tomlinson → basically i liked harry most until around 2013 when for some reason i started to like him a little less, and i got more focused on louis tomlinson, and although i didn’t like one direction anymore louis tomlinson always had a special place in my heart
ashton irwin → so ashton is 5sos’ drummer, i discovered 5sos through one direction & i stanned them until late 2014
harries twins → the harries twins (jack & finn) are basically the reason i started spending a lot of time on youtube, they were funny and pretty and they just had good videos in general, so for almost two years i’d watch their content regularly
choi minho → my first steps into kpop happened bc i was watching videos on youtube (most probably the harries twins) and suddenly i saw the sherlock mv in my recommended videos so i clicked on it and then 14-year-old me proceeded to fall for minho like an idiot
brooks twins → still youtubers, the brooks twins were 3/5 of the janoskians (jai & luke brooks, beau brooks, daniel sahyounie, & james yammouni), an australian youtube comedy group that was active from 2011-2018 though i was only around from 2012-2014 (when jai brooks was dating ariana grande)
jc caylen → surprise! another youtuber! jc caylen was part of o2l (our2ndlife) a youtube collaboration channel on which each of the 6 members posted videos on a certain day in the week (mondays with connor, tuesdays with ricky, wednesdays with sam, thursdays with jc, fridays with trevi (my 2nd favorite member bc she participated on the x factor), saturdays with ricardo, and then they had surprise sundays every week) and i remember how much joy jc & the others always brought me with their silly videos
misha collins → up next, you might know him as the gay angel that was sent to superhell after confessing his love to the homophobic hunter on supernatural, it’s misha collins! basically misha was a huge source of comfort for me, and i even went around calling myself emmisha for almost two full years (cringe)
henrik holm → he played even bech naesheim in skam and my crush on him reached that level of ridiculousness where i actually tried my hand at learning norwegian (i can only remember how to introduce myself and some curse words i would make a great first impression on him)
Tumblr media
MEN 2016 – 2021
min yoongi → okay so my baby steps into kpop happened through shinee’s sherlock, but i only got really invested when yoongi dropped agust d 1 because Holy Fuck y’know??
kim namjoon → oh man i remember thinking namjoon was cute and a very good leader and then BAM he dressed like THAT at the 2016 mma’s and i fell in love. hard
park seojoon → i started liking park seojoon whilst i was watching hwarang (you guessed it, i watched it bc of taehyung), although he wasn’t my favorite character by far, but he was very silly off camera & i liked that (i’m not that into him anymore tho </3)
kim seokjin → OH BOY LET ME TELL U i liked seokjin from the very beginning (i got to know bts in late 2014) and i always liked seeing him perform and be himself and god once i realized i had a crush on him it just hit me like a mf truck, and he’s still one of my favorite people to this day
jung hoseok → god fake love era hoseok really hits different.... also yes i know i have all of bts’ hyung line on my list BUT bts was a really big part of my life for almost 6 years soooo honestly they deserve it i still think they’re great guys
choi san → when ateez made their debut in 2018 i immediately fell in love with san, he was such an amazing dancer and he captivated me right from the very beginning, to this day he’s still my bias in ateez uwu
xiao zhan → AND THEN, OCTOBER OF 2019 HAPPENS AND I WATCH CQL AND... i fall in love with xiao zhan, something i’d never expected would happen bc when i watched cql for the first time i wasn’t as invested in the story, but i really really really liked xiao zhan and one thing led to another and now here i am as a xfx
wang yibo → the thing is, i’ve known yibo since eoeo except i didn’t know cql yibo was uniq yibo (bc i’d forgotten his name) and when i looked it up i can tell you my jaw dropped to the floor bc holy shit????? also he is very silly and i love him loads ok
lee minho → ah, the man who has been my skz bias since 2018, not only is minho my bias i also kin him (there’s a lot of aspects of myself that i see in minho and vice versa) and he’s very comforting to me
bang chan → honestly, it was only a matter of time before i’d fall for bang chan, i knew the moment i got into skz again that i’d start biasing him and, well, here i am, double biasing chan & minho
Tumblr media
this list is shorter bc i’ve in general always had less crushes on women than on men??? blame society forcing me into thinking i was straight for a LONG time
ariana grande → remember the 2011 layout of twitter?? where u could not only have an icon and a header, but also a background and ur twitter page was smack in the center of ur screen with the big ugly menu bar at the top??? yeah ariana grande was always my background for my l*rr* st*l*n*s*n layouts
perrie edwards → this was right around the time she was dating zayn & little mix was breaking out into the spotlight, yeah i just really loved her
andrea russett → okay so remember o2l?? andrea russett was kian’s girlfriend for a pretty long time and they always did videos together and i always thought she was super pretty
lily collins → maybe i don’t like clary in tmi all that much but i sure liked the way lily collins looked
alona tal → MY BISEXUAL AWAKENING, it’s only when i saw alona tal in spn that i realized, fuck i might be gay
park jihyo → i discovered twice (my 2nd jype group after day6) through the like ooh-ahh mv and red-haired jihyo really did something to my heart (i just rewatched it and god zombie bang chan is so mf cute)
kim jisoo → when bp made their square two comeback i was immediately smitten for red-haired jisoo in playing with fire, it’s also when i realized she was my bias out of the four members
shin ryujin → the reason that i have blue hair is partially bc of ryujin and her amazing intro in wannabe :D
xuan lu → her portrayal of jiang yanli was SO ON POINT and she’s just such a kindhearted wonderful person wow i want her hand in marriage
lee yoobin → god i’ve known dreamcatcher from back when they were still called minx and ever since i’ve always looked at dami that bit more than the rest, i was also able to see dreamcatcher live in october of 2019 and the whole experience was just so amazing !!
Tumblr media
there’s a whole lot more than just these 10 but i wanted to fit the evolution into one (1) slide as best as i could lmao
peter pan → this movie came out in 2003 (?) and he’s honestly the first fictional character i remember ever having a crush on
legolas → i was really doubting between placing haldir or legolas here but i only really got a vague haldir obsession when i was like 14
will turner → man was annoying sometimes but i really liked him and his relationship with elizabeth was cute
jo harvelle → gosh i can’t believe she’s the only female character in here???? yeah she was one of my two spn faves and i’ll never forgive the screenwriters for the way they killed her off
castiel → does your fave ever get sent to super hell for being gay? no? well. mine did
kili → fili and kili’s storyline tore my heart out, spit on it, and then laughed straight in my face, KILI WAS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE DWARF
howl → i only watched this movie for the first time in 2020 so i kinda fucked up the tl cause i watched cql in 2019 but shh, anyways howl with his blonde hair was good looking but howl with his black hair just hits differently. i want a howl
lan jingyi → MY BABY BOY, TINIE LITTLE BABIE WHOMST I MUST PROTECT ok no but seriously this kid. i love him a lot
mu qing → BARK BARK. that’s all (that’s not all i love him a whole lot and it hurts me to see so many people misunderstand his character and only see the bad parts of him when they can forgive others for fucking up (eg. xie lian himself & feng xin) but bc mu qing doesn’t deal well with emotions suddenly he’s the bad guy??? i s2g if ppl are gonna do to him what they did to jiang cheng in the tgcf la i will RIOT)
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key201303 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.2k words
Warnings: mentions of blood, drugs and death.
Genre: mafia AU!, angst
Plot: Being the girlfriend of someone who is a runaway of a mafia was never easy. You never knew what that Blue Love he always talked about was until he bumped into you when you exit the cafe near your house and ended up going with him clubbing. Now you were both running away with a girl chasing after you with a gun on her hands trying to kill you both but all you both needed was that Blue Love to stay together even when death separates you. 
A story based on ‘Love me Harder’ by Woodz
A/N: Heyy! The other day I watched the MV of this amazing song once again for the millionth time and thought “What if I make a story?” So here it is. I never knew I was so into this man until I had to do some research for writing this little story. If you don’t know him go check him, he’s just amazing <3 Hope you guys enjoy this little story <3 Loveeeee <3
Tumblr media
You found yourself walking under an umbrella as it rained hard wandering through the empty streets of Korea trying to find an open cafe to work on your next article for the newspaper you worked for. You were an A student back in university days and now you were one of the best editors in your company. You had to write about the member of a mafia who had managed to escape his own mafia and who was being sought by the big fish of the mafia.
You finally arrived at a cafe and you could finally get some work done. As you entered the cafe you noticed a big poster on the door that caught your attention. It was a poster for the boy you had to write about. (Click here to see the poster). You never stopped to admire his features until now. The moment your eyes landed on the picture they used for the poster you couldn’t help thinking how handsome he was. (Y/N) what the hell are you thinking about? You thought to yourself shaking your head and walking towards an empty table so you could start working and go back home as soon as you could.
You were about to finish your work after 3 hours of writing. You have already drunk 3 coffees and you were up for another one since there was the conclusion left. You headed to the counter to order your 4th coffee when you heard the door of the cafe opening. When you turned around you spotted a tall boy wearing a black hoodie over his head only revealing his orangish hair. The cafe was silent the moment he walked in like he was a monster. You just ignored it and took your coffee but when you turned around to go back to your seat you bumped into the boy spilling the coffee you just got all over your shirt because of the impact. “Oh I’m sorry.” He said immediately, grabbing some tissues to help you clean yourself. You, for some reason, got nervous at his touch. The moment your eyes met him you finally discovered who he was. Your eyes widened at the realization of who he was and as soon as he noticed your face expression, he asked you to stay quiet. You still don’t know why but you obeyed him and remained silent. Maybe it was destiny that you two had to meet. Maybe it was the Blue Love he always talked about. 
He, not having enough time to apologize for what he did and feeling a strong bond that connected the both of you somehow asked you out for the night. You don’t really know how you ended up having him on your bed the next morning with his arms wrapped around you. All your memories from the night before were blurry and the only thing you could remember was his name, Woodz. “Good morning sweetheart.” You could hear his deep voice from behind you as he stretched his body. You only stared at him confused. You didn’t really know if he was good or bad and even though he was good looking you couldn’t trust him. Knowing he was a member of a mafia and that you remember almost nothing from what happened last night made you scared. Did he drug you? He could notice right away the fear in your eyes. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He said approaching you. “Why don't I remember anything about last night? Why are you on my bed?” You asked, scared at the edge of crying. “You’re not such a good drinker.” He said tilting his head. “You really don’t remember anything?” He asked you surprised. You just nodded looking at the floor a bit embarrassed. You knew you weren’t a good drinker but you still enjoyed drinking since you never ended up with a man in your bed. “You should be thankful that it was me the one bumping into you and inviting you to some drinks and not a creepy dude.” He said reaching his hand out. “I’m Woodz.” He said smiling. A mafia member being this nice to someone? You thought to yourself. “I know.” You said coldly. “Wow, at least you remember my name, cool.” He said taking his hand back when he saw you weren’t really into taking it. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. Just the two of you staring at each other not really knowing what to do. “Look, I know you know who I am but please, trust me. I’m not the bad one here.” He said looking at you with sincere eyes. His gaze penetrated your soul like a knife. You could see him begging you to trust him and help him out. “Why should I trust you?” You asked coldly. “I’m escaping the mafia because I don’t want to be there anymore. I entered to save my best friend who is now dead because of that shit. I saw how the girl that is looking for me shot him right in front of my eyes. I just want to quit everything and have a normal life.” He confessed to you with watery eyes. You could see how hurt and affected he was, you couldn’t help trusting him. “What do you want from me?” You asked in a softer tone. “I didn’t want anything in the beginning but know that I got to know you better last night… I think you’re my Blue Love. I just want you to love me harder.” He said approaching you and pulling you in for a kiss. 
Yeah, after that day you bumped into him you started dating him. It was like a love at first sight or a Blue Love like he liked to call it but somehow you felt it was real and not only a night stand love. Even though you spent some months dating him, he never dared to tell you his real name just in case the mafia got him and you had to run away. After that day you both ran away after a strong make out session. He wouldn’t allow you to stay alone in your apartment after that day first because he loved you and second because he wanted to protect you. Now that you were with him, you were also in the spotlight of the mafia.
You both were having a crazy yet amazing relationship. You loved listening to his stories and how he described what that Blue Love was. “Just imagine bumping into someone one day and seeing a strong blue aura around him. That is what’s called Blue Love. You know, love is usually related to the red color because of the passion but when it comes to the blue color it means it is a stronger love. A love that will endure even when the two lovers are dead. It is what people call true love.” He always explained to you as he played with your hair. “And why do you think it is me?” You asked him looking up at him. “Because I could see that blue aura around you the moment our hands met when I was trying to clean your shirt.” He answered and then pecked your lips softly. You could have never imagined a boy from a mafia would be this sweet but after hearing all he had to go through made you understand a little bit better his life choices. 
He came from a poor and small family. His dad worked at a little bakery and his mom cleaned the houses of the neighbourhood. Both of them worked hard but never got rewarded properly. He grew up with the culture of working hard and being a good person to get good things from life. He had that philosophy until a member of a mafia murdered his parents because of not paying in time the rent of the bakery. In that moment he completely changed and knew that even if he did good things, life would never reward him. That’s how he started to hang around the dangerous streets of Korea. He walked never alone though. He always had that best friend by his side until his boss shot him right in front of his eyes. The moment he heard the gunshot he knew he would  be alone forever. But that changed the day he found you and promised you to be with you even after death separated you.
You both finally started to have a “normal” life. An engagement ring hanging on your finger for the last month, you both moving into a new apartment out of Seoul ready to start a brand new life. Even though you had to quit your job, you were happily living with the man who was made for you. Both of you believing the mafia gave up on chasing him and planning to take another step on your relationship and start a happy family. Finally Woodz was able to be happy again and he was able to receive all the good things life had for him. Unfortunately this happiness didn’t last for long.
You both were walking hand in hand happily as you went back home from an amazing romantic dinner he prepared for you to celebrate your 2nd anniversary. Both of you couldn’t help getting emotional at all the memories you’ve been sharing for the past two years. “God… I love you so much… I can’t wait to have an amazing family with you.” He said leaning down to peck your lips. You both decided that night was the one you were going to make a baby and complete all your life goals. Little did you both know you wouldn’t be able to make it to home. 
“Wow! What do we have here? It’s our little Woodz! What a surprise!” You heard a feminine voice from behind. You found yourself on a dark street which looked like something out of a scary movie. Woodz froze the moment he recognized the voice. “What do you want?” He said as he turned around to face the girl that has been chasing him for the past two years and the girl that shot his best friend 6 years ago. “Oh darling you perfectly know what I want.” She said, pulling out a gun and pointing at you. “Do I also have to kill her to get you back just like 6 years ago?” She said, smirking. You were scared and confused. Woodz had his eyes teary asking to himself what has he done bad in life to deserve this. First his best friend and now you. “If you are going to kill her, kill me too. I’m tired of this stupid game.” He said in between angry tears. You couldn’t believe he just asked that girl to kill you both. “What are you talking about? Please don’t do this to us, we can still be happy and have a family!” You said grabbing his arm trying to convince him. “Cannot you see all I do get me to bad places? I don’t want to keep hurting people (Y/N)!” He said sobbing. The image of him crying hard broke your heart. “Do it already, kill me.” You said to the girl with a challenging tone. She didn’t hesitate to press the trigger and shot you on your chest. Your body fell on Woodz arms who immediately grabbed you so you wouldn’t fall. “Babe it’s okay, everything will be okay. We have a Blue Love remember? We will find each other once again in another life. Promise me to Love me harder when we reunite.” He said crying, holding you in his arms and placing his hand on the bleeding wound so you could stay with him as long as your heart lasted. “I will…” That was the only thing you could tell him before relaxing all your muscles and leaving your body. He couldn’t believe your story ended like this. The night you were supposed to be on bed making a baby you were laying on the floor lifeless resting on his arms as he cried out his lungs with his hands covered with your blood. The image of your lifeless body in his arms and your lifeless eyes broke him. He always loved the gleamed your eyes had everytime you looked at him but now all that gleam, all the feelings you had and that express with your eyes were gone forever once you sould left your body.
“You’re a monster.” He insulted the girl right before receiving a shot on his chest as well falling next to your lifeless body. None of you planned this but for some reason destiny wanted you to meet him. Maybe it was because you were the only one able to make him happy in the last years of his life so you both could leave mortal’s world together and happily and you could start a better life wherever you were now.
According to the legend, the Blue Love is a love that lasts forever and that never dies. People say you can see a blue aura around the person that is connected to you. And as a never ending love, you and Woodz will meet again in your next life.
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the-riley-review · a year ago
Have Mercy
Oh ‘Have Mercy’ on me, angel numbers seem to have been appearing to me today. At 2:22pm I got a facetime asking if I had had a chance to view the new music video that dropped because someone close to me wanted to talk about it but I hadnt. Later in the day my girlfriend sat me down for three minutes and thirty three seconds of Chloe Bailey shaking ass on her new single ‘Have Mercy’. You cant get around it.
The song seems to be made for the loud vocal detractors that take time out of their lives to find new ways to be angry at her. For those unacquainted with the unhinged criticism of her social media posts; Chloe had drawn attention after departing from the joint Instagram account she and her sister had been using throughout their careers which in turn sparked rumors of a future foray into a solo career. Soon drawing ire and critical remarks over a series of alluring and provoking posts on her new page which can only be summed up as people getting mad over women having fun.
Tumblr media
Despite the angel numbers, the depictions and themes represented in the the video is anything but angelic. The MV starts off with her atop a greek life house drawing in a crowd of people with a marble statue displayed on the front lawn. Before the dance routine a police scanner or radio plays recalling a twenty one year old male who went missing a week ago, which then leads into the sensationalized attention grabber that asks the listener what happened on the night he went missing before cutting off and allowing the rest of the video to cue the watcher in. Embodying a man-eater Chloe takes a page from her mentor and cosigner Beyonce, and mirrors her song “Check On It” except with a darker twist shown through the visuals. Lyrics like these...
All this ass up in my jeans You can't get up in between You tryna get a piece of me I can teach you a couple things
Boy, you lookin' at me like I ain't give you no choice If I count to three, bet you be on your knees You wrapped 'round my hand like Cartier, oh
Came from material like this...
If you got it, flaunt it, boy, I know you want it While I turn around, you watch me check up on it Ooh, you watchin' me shake it, I see it in ya face Ya can't take it, it's blazin', you watch me in amazement You can look at it, as long as you don't grab it If you don't go braggin', I might let you have it You think that I'm teasin', but I ain't got no reason I'm sure that I can please ya, but first I gotta read you
The song isnt without tributes to others with D4Ls Laffy Taffy given a nod to here in the beginning of the pre chorus
You can't get this thickness out of your mind He say he like that Laffy Taffy
And while initially viewers will be drawn in and notice the enticing choreography, this only acts as reinforcement to the fact that Chloe Bailey is a Siren-like Medusa who is luring men into their ultimate demise. A feat she showcases later by turning Rome Flynn into one of the marble statues that are featured throughout the video. Despite what initially appears only as a vain performance for men is actually a means of taking advantage of them.
While you can tell that the singer is very talented and has range this song still falls flat for me by being slightly generic and lacking replay-ability. The beat is kinda generic and if you had told me that this was something Murda on the Beat couldn’t sell to Ariana Grande Id believe you. If this is the sound that she continues in pursuing it would be sad if a genuinely talented singer with an eye for every facet of what it means to be a performer gets lost in the sea that is everything else out there. Most of what makes this special is in what it means for her to come out against people that think she shouldnt be attaching her image to something “provocative”, the absolutely stunning outfits that she and her team put together, and the great choreography.
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