#please i need to see my boy again
aandreiii · a month ago
So when does Daniel show up in blood and gold ????
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swimzliveblogs · a month ago
Tumblr media
everywhere i go..... i think of him
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uponasoapboxb · 25 days ago
another she-hulk episode down, still no matt murdock
starting to feel like a wife waiting at the window for her husband to return from the war
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sneez · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
compilation of these images which i physically cannot stop making
#arcane#jayce talis#viktor arcane#too cool for a surname huh. i see how it is#sky young#mel medarda#artwork#term finished last week and since then i have been doing uh. Almost Nothing Else except drawing these#i have absolutely destroyed my wrists even more than they were already destroyed. lord preserve me#i just kept thinking of new ones........i had to Manifest them........i wanted to See It#i am sure other people have done many of these already but i havent seen them so here they are again. a gift from me to you :-)#there are a lot of jayces here considering viktor is my most specialest boy but he is just very fun to bully. i like making fun of him#(/affectionate. mostly)#i am also very attached to sky for no reason i think she is the cutest. i like imagining her and viktor as gay besties#[furiously ignores canon]#i need to rewatch arcane ive only seen it once so far and that was quite a while ago but it has been very prominent in my mind since then#i enjoyed it very much indeed if you could not tell. my brain seems to have interpreted it as a comedy though judging by these images#also unrelated but i know i have a million things to answer and i will do that very soon!!!!! i am so sorry to keep you all waiting my ask#box has so much in it please forgive me#now that term is over i have much more free time so i will be around more hopefully :-D i love and miss you all very much#ok leaving now before i do my usual million tags. places these pictures at your feet and leaves at top speed
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catjacket-scribbles · a year ago
Tumblr media
at the edge of town stands a tall handsome man, in a dusty blue coat, with a red right hand...
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spooky-kakashi · a month ago
i hope the haikyuu movies are as long as the extended versions of the lotr trilogy
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demiclar · 4 months ago
I am once again asking Bungie for more Shiro-4 content.
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epicfirestormer · a month ago
Me, the entire time of reading Whole Cake Island and Wano arc:
I miss Usopp :(
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girlucifer · a year ago
Tumblr media
leviathan bought another weird game from akuzon and the bad guys look strangely familiar...
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tenshindon · a year ago
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while i was eating my onions this morning i rewatched the tien saga (again) and i was reminded of this stupid nonsense i wanted to draw for months now
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cassiusapologist · 7 months ago
no wait I can’t re watch that production tonight I was going to wake up early cut off all my hair again
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blown-to-kingdom-come · 11 months ago
fuck i just realised tommy's not even confirmed this is gonna be a lore stream all he's said is he's returning to the server :(
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smallblueandloud · 8 months ago
i feel like luke's fighting style is underrated as a way of analyzing his character. like we have SO LITTLE canon for luke and his (original) characterization that the time he spends fighting is not insignificant, proportionally. and he's aggressive when he fights! he gets caught up in his emotions and gets clumsy! i love him
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seunguwoos · 2 months ago
How much do I have to give Oui Ent for them to give a Bad Guy - 1the9 kinda concept to Wei because I'm very much missing how good Yongha looked during that era
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tenmissedcalls · 2 months ago
me wanting to rewatch sk8 for the millionth time vs me knowing im gonna be consumed by reki brainrot if i do
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saintuaire · 7 months ago
Tag drop: part 2.
#[ cloud strife. ] you gonna be okay getting home? / and if i said i wasn't? / i'll go with you. / i thought you needed to get back?#[ clerith. ] no matter how far away you are… once you find your light; I'm sure it will lead you back here again; right?#[ zack fair. ] okay; i'll come visit. this is a promise. / i'll be waiting.#[ elmyra gainsborough. ] i always knew that one day i'd have to say goodbye to my baby girl. but not yet. please; bring her back to me.#[ ifalna. ] this room... looks exactly the same. every morning; they'd come and take my mom away. i remember crying here alone.#[ tifa lockhart. ] i'm sorry. i can't stay here. i have to help them. / go; tifa. follow your heart.#[ barret wallace. ] remember that nice girl who found you? when we bring her home. you need to say thank you okay?#[ marlene wallace. ] you smell nice. / oh? / like... like our flower! / i hope you remember it.#[ red xiii / nanaki. ] stop. this child's a friend.#[ tseng. ] before you say another word; know that your options are limited. / how about... we make a deal?#[ reno. ] bodyguard huh? you know i'm hers too right? /  since when? this is the first time i've heard of it. / classified op; princess.#[ rude. ] hello aerith. / what do you want? / haven't seen him before. he your new boy toy?#[ sephiroth. ] you're wrong. / those who look with clouded eyes see nothing but shadows. / everything about you is wrong.#[ v: vii / youth. ] but aerith... even when you're all alone; don't you hear voices whispering secrets?#[ v: vii / crisis core. ] you know a long time ago; i used to sell flowers here.#[ v: vii / remake. ] if we succeed we'll be changing more than fate itself; we'll be changing ourselves. i guess that's why i hesitated.#[ v: vii / original. ] i'll be going now. i'll come back when it's all over.#[ v: vii / advent children. ] dilly dally; shilly shally. Isn't it time you did the forgiving?#[ v: vii / post-advent children. ] why does everyone keep calling me their mother lately?#[ v: kingdom hearts. ] please don't let the worlds disappear. please let him be safe. she prayed for the worlds. for sora… and for him.
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kakusu-shipping · 5 months ago
YESSSS I agree with everything you said on your post!!! He’s underrated and deserves SO much appreciation!! People usually water down his character to just “Class 1-A’s Hater”, and that infuriates me to the core tbh. So it’s always a treat to find someone who likes Monoma in any regard nowadays. I’d like to hear any Headcannons you have for him!
And I have the Dad approval too??? How sweet! I’m just imagining Maes Hughes from FMAB, and the way he has tons of photos of his daughter in his coat, and you doing the same w the best boy🥺
I’m mainly on my Monoma BS today due to scrolling the tag and having said DND game tonight! (If you are ever intrigued by it, feel free to ask questions I don’t mind!) ALSO ALSO!! the announcement of him getting a Funko Pop, did you hear?? It looks pretty good.
Oh my god????
Tumblr media
OH MY GOD??????
It's a hot topic exclusive though fuck off!!!! augh!!!
I have Neito's Banpresto figure, he's on my desk along with the Fatgum funko. But good god I might had to drive 2 hours to get a Neito funko from Hot Topic and it would be worth it....
I was actually very pleasantly surprised to find Neito has a pretty good cult following! Good amount of fanart, fics, X readers, he's the most popular boy in 1-B, maybe even the most popular character in 1-B period. Which is funny because knowing that would upset him to no end. How DARE the rest of his class not share in his spotlight!
I have no real strong headcanons for Neito, I'm always so wishy-washy on locking in HCs for favorites, especially my wonderful son boy, but here's some thoughts I have;
I land on trans Neito a lot. Realized he was a he very young, like before he was in Elementary young, and refused to hear otherwise ever. He's very strong headed like that. Very proud of him
I think he keeps a notebook to keep track of all his friend's favorite things and what he knows about them, he had a hard time making friends in middle school, and he swears to make UA different!
He's a great friend to all, so if you asked him about his best friend he'd probably struggle to pick just one.
If he were to give them a chance I think he'd get along great with Ojiro and Aoyama from 1-A, but he's just so stubborn. In another life they'd probably hang out. Same with Mei Hatsume from the Support Course? Similar energies.
He looks up to Mirio, because he's in class 3-B, and a member of the so called "Big Three", showing that class B is just as strong as class A. Mirio's blunt and doesn't like Neito, so he's very rude. It's half the Autism and half one time Neito used Tamaki as an example of class A's pathetic weakness and Mirio will just never forgive him for it. Poor Neito just wants approval from a cool upperclassman.
Anything can be fixed with chocolate, is a Neito classic. One of his classmates feeling down? Talk over some hot coco. Someone (Tetsu) locked up in their dorm cramming for the quiz tomorrow? Leave a chocolate bar and a water bottle at their door. Went a little too rough on his insults and made someone actually upset? Chocolate apology basket.
Neito does know there is a limit, and if he crosses it, he has a really hard time with verbal apology. He doesn't want to make class 1-B look BAD though, so he'll make his best effort to correct if he did something over the line. As discreetly as possible. Usually gifts and, as stated above, chocolate.
Neito knows Japanese, French, English, JSL, ASL, and Mandarin. He learned most of them to make communication in his class easier (Kuroiro and Bondo are more often non-verbal, Pony's Japanese is rough at the best of times, and Rin replaces words with Mandarin randomly mid sentence without noticing), but learned French just for himself. He wants to take the class on a trip to Paris someday
When in a relationship Neito is very boastful about the slightest hint of PDA. Holding hands walking to class? He's going to make a big deal of it, the entire walk, and of course praise you the entire time. He goes above and beyond on the encouragement for a partner. You can do no wrong in his eyes.
I'd also love to hear your Neito headcanons if you have any as well!!
And yes PLEASE tell me about MHA DnD, I've never played DnD before, I know the bare minimum about it, so I don't know what to ask but please smash into the ask box and tell me all bout it.
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