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lady-raziel · 6 months ago
by my calculations, which still may not be correct, if you start at noon PDT tomorrow march 25th, you will be able to watch the in space with markiplier trailer 5,554.285714285714 times before iswm comes out
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clownprinceofyourmom · 7 months ago
I know im not original but my brain always decides to hyperfixate on gay people so
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kanona56 · 2 months ago
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freakweasel · 5 months ago
I've been thinking a lot about the Izzy/Stede fight and how it relates to the (creator confirmed) sexual metaphor of Stede stabbing Ed. And the conclusion I have reluctantly come to is that, subtextually, Stede is a power bottom who rode Izzy so hard he broke his dick. In this essay I will
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foolishkitty · 3 months ago
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i wanna nut in this boy so bad but i got a coochie
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gaysupersoldiers · a year ago
Wait so if Dick is 9 when his parents died, and Tim saw him at 3 years old, that makes them 6 years apart. And Dick is 17(ish?) When he leaves Bruce for the Titans and Jason is 12 when he was taken in that means theyre 5 years apart, making Jason and Tim 1 year a part. But Jason is 15 when he dies, and Tim is 13 when he takes over at Robin meaning theyre at least 2 years apart? And Tim is 15 when Jason comes back, making Jason either 16 or 17, and Damian is 11 when Tim is 17, but then Damian is 13 when Tim is still 17
So if Tim is 17 then Dick is 23. So Dick should be 25 when Damian is 13 but Tim is still 17
So Cass is somewhere in between Tim and Dick so that makes her any point in between 17 and 23, meaning that when she left the League at 8 years old Damian probably was already alive
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beeangxt · 6 months ago
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wowtings · 9 months ago
I’m making a new post because I don’t know what to do. I tested positive for covid and I live paycheck to paycheck, just getting by under normal circumstances. Now I have covid and have to be out of work for at least two weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to make it by.
paypal . cashapp . venmo
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thebreakfastgod · a year ago
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im clowning
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dragonomatopoeia · 4 months ago
i love themes and parallels and connections so much and yes the narrative is consuming me a little i think but it's fine because the human is apophenic by nature, seeing patterns in everything. it is in our nature to draw meaning from the world around us. this does result in false positives but it's my own business if i'm analyzing vampire romance through the lens of debordian spectacle it's fine
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annarts05 · 2 months ago
guys, tell me things that people with glasses do bc i dont wear glasses q.q
Like, what does it take to get them fogged up? “Oh, I can’t see anymore, haha.” Is it weather? Is it heat? Like opening a dishwasher or drinking coffee and holding your face close?
How do you clean them when they get dirty/fogged up? Does doing a window-wiper motion leave them all streaky?
Anything fun to add about glasses bc dang it I need help ;-;
Characters with glasses make me hurt bc I don’t have glasses q.q
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aikeaguineamp3 · 10 months ago
hey besties I'm a bisexual non-binary neurodivergent and mentally ill poor person trying to live off a measly monthly disability check and I could desperately use some financial help. I'm having to completely support both me and my boyfriend with my check and almost all of the check goes toward rent each month. we need money for groceries, gas, toiletries, medications, laundry, and phone service. also right now we're trying to pay off our electricity bill and our car needs hundreds of dollars worth of repairs. it can already be so hard trying to survive while dealing with mental illness and some of the horrific traumas we have both suffered in the past couple years - capitalism continuously fucking us over is really the cherry on top so to speak. so if there's anything at all you can spare we would both really really appreciate it. thank you so much, love you all 💖
c-shapp: $charlieavery420
v-nmo: @charlieavery428
please boost and please donate if you can, but if you can't please do not feel guilty. we're all just trying to survive.
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mrlemonshark · 17 days ago
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another… another one..
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the-midnight-fox · 2 months ago
It’s almost 1am and I haven’t slept much and people haven’t been talking to me much lately! You know what that means! Time to be lonely and overthink every single one of my relationships(Platonic or romantic) :DD This is gonna be fun!
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kvothbloodless · 14 days ago
As is my tradition after finishing a locked tomb book, I will now post a list of the various things I did not understand, which made me say out loud “what the fuck”, in the hopes that someone, somewhere, understands what the fuck is going on and can explain to me.
1. What the fuck is up with Gideon and Harrow? Like, my understanding is Nona is Nav's soul in harrows body, with amnesia. But clearly not, since Nav is maybe in her own body? Where the fuck is Harrows soul? Its not in gideons body. She cant be a lyctor, so why does she have super healing? Why was Nona dying? What the fuck is going on?
AFTER READING: Okay so Nona is just Harrow with even more amnesia? Why was Nona dying? What the fuck is going on?
Hold on, wait a second. That might be the saddest thing in any of these books. Like, ever. And thats...a competition. THIS IS A WHAT HARROW WOULD BE IF SHED BEEN RAISED WITH LOVE AND NOT GUILT. 😭
2. What the fuck was up with Cam and Pal pre-Paul? They say theyre not lyctors, and the RB doesnt affect them, but they can heal and stuff, so its not just a normal possession (especially with the eyes).
3. How did G1deon and Pyrra end up sharing a body in the first place? Wht didnt they ever communicate in the 10,000 years? Did they do the same weird half lyctorhood that Cam and Pal have done?
4. How did Jod Get necromancy? In the dreams it just sorta appears after he spends time around corpses. Is he editing the story? Or is there no explanation for how magic suddenly became possible? Like. It seems like getting Jods backstory was gonna explain how necromancy actually works, what its source is, why no one had ever discovered it before. What the fuck is the River?
5. What Are the dreams. Like, is it just Harrow having hallucinations in the River? But then they wouldnt be accurate. Is Harrow going through Alecto/the bodys memories? Its pretty clear that sometimes Jod is talking about/to Alecto in the dreams, but he says Harrows name. Is this just the name replacing, and in actuality hes saying Alecto? Or was Jod also talking to Harrow?
6. What the fuck Was Alecto, why would everyone care about her. Is she the Earths RB, and so when hes talking about people not caring about her, they mean the earth? But that doesnt make sense, since the cryo project was to save people, not the planet.
AFTER READING: Okay so I think i was right here. But can someone please explain how John went full Jod? He killed everyone on the Earth, and used the thanergy to force the Earths soul into a body, yea? Then did some lyctor-esque bullshit, so he could use her soul as his fuel, and uses that to...do what exactly, I couldnt tell? Eat the thalergy from the sun and the other planets? Then rezed everyone on the planet, and gave them amnesia so they woulsnt remember he killed them? Also, does this mean jods lyctorhood is bases on thalergy rather than thanergy? Also, still unclear on how the cryo project was gonna save her in the first place? And how is the resurrection of the planets and sun still linked to Jod? ALSO, i think he lied at some point to Harrow, yea? Like. The reason he refused to resurrect some people isnt becuz of a great cost. He cant rez anyone if they died more than a moment ago, yea?
7. Why is 7 just...chilling in space? Is it because none of the lyctors on planet are acrual lyctors, so it cant find them, but irs attracted to them still? Why not just eat the whole planet? Dont RBs do that all the time?
8. Why can Nona understand the RB, and how was it possessing Judith? Im assuming Nonas big scream had to do with that. But like. How? What the fuck was 7 talking about?
9. How did they get Nona away from Jod? How did they lose Gideons body?
10. Why did Pyrra immedietly start cooperating with BoE? Hang on, how did She get away from Jod. Im assuming this will also answer the previous question.
11. What are Jods actual plans? Like, is he legit just trying to rule all of space? Seems like he should have an actual motivation for everything hes been doing. Maybe to save Alecto? But like. How? Also the fact that hes been so hands off and now hes "fragile". Like. This really does not come off as Either "generic tyrant" Or "guy with a myriad long master plan". What the fuck is going on?
AFTER READING: Is jods entire conquest literally just revenge because the source of those people are the rich ones that got away? Is he really That much of a whining baby? Has his entire myriad of life and manipulation of his loved ones been "avoid dying to the RBs, and take "revenge""?
AFTER READING MORE: Okay, follow up: what was jods actual plan (with the tomb)? Has he really become suicidal becuz of all his og friends are dead? If so, why the fuck did he kill Mercy? Why did he get Augustine killed? If hes actually this fucked up over it, it seems like hed have rather forgiven them. But also I dont think Ianthe misread the situation. So is he faking it? Is he trying to get Gideon/Kiriona killed? Why? What the fuck is going on?
12. What the fuck is wrong with Gideon/Kiriona? Like shes acting callous and a bit cruel and just...not Gideon. But she also seems to have similar goals as what Id expect. She really wants to find Harrow, she refuses to ever be constrained. Shes...vaguely helpful towards Coronabeth and Cam/Pal. She even makes the occasional funny dumb comment, and acts mostly like Gideon om the 9th But like. She seems...off. Shockingly, the Ianthe friendship tracks.
AFTER READING: Was that just Gideon after months of depression and repression? That still doesn’t seem right. I feel like Gideon wouldn’t break that fast, after 18 years under Crux. Especially like “the reverend daughter has no living cavalier” Gideon would Die before renouncing her cavaliership to Harrow. In fact, she did.
13. Are the numbers/chapters & verses of Jods backstory meaningful somehow?
14. Okay, so unless Ive missed count, theres like...4 (or maybe 5?) different types of lyctorhood? Theres the og method that kills the Cav. Theres Jods method where both survive in their own bodies. Theres G1deons method that haa both survive in the necros body (is this what Pal ans Cam were doing initially?). Theres the new method that combines both into a single person. And then maybe theres whatever the fuck is going on with Kiriona (unclear if thats lyctorhood or what). Also theres whatever Harrow did to leave Gideon in her body in HtN, which might have just been a shittier version of whatever G1deon did. Did I miss anything, get anything wrong? Also, what the fuck?
15. What do we know about what happened with Jod and Alecto after the resurrection? Like. They clearly had some sort of romantic relationship, but also she went murderbeast and he had to lock her up? Whyd she go murderbeast? And whyd he lock her up? It seems pretty clear Jod was never particularly stable. I mean, he did seem pretty set on saving humanity, but even still, seems very weird that hed agree to lock her up, given how much he loved her.
16. Okay, so Jod is insanely vindictive and fairly controlling. His paranoia explains why he didnt give the og lyctors perfect lyctorhood. But he seems to have genuinely loved them, and didnt seem cruel. Why not, like, one of the other types, that didnt require awful trauma? And why the other dickish stuff, like leaving Cytherea's illness and shit?
17. Huh, so pretty sure we got confirmation Harrow has always beeen schizophrenic, which is super cool. Now I wanna go back and read GtN and see if this changes my reading at all.
18. What else did I miss/not catch? Im sure there was a bunch of clues and info that I wasn’t smart enough to pick up on.
Question still unanswered from Harrow the Ninth:
1. What the fuck is all this about the river and God not knowing about it? What the fuck is Hell? What are these devils? What the fuck?
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sn0rkupin3 · a month ago
credits to @/thekilljoymobile on tiktok for this clip because its all i will ever think about from now on
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multifanderisnotokay · 23 days ago
One day left until them.
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