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vapour-ofthe-moon · a day ago
Help needed
hey! i did this on my last blog but i thought i would just make a new post since theres been an update in the situation.
I'm im college, still living with my ab/sers(u), have new medication and need to buy myself food i can actually eat all among other things. im autistic, closeted and really need to get out to a safer space soon.
i cant find any jobs that are disability friendly, a lot of places hiring are less likely to hire me if i walk in there with a walking stick in hand.
so it would be a huge help if i could get some support on my kofi! i do art commissions, tarot readings, ive got a store open that i hope to add more items to. even spreading this around and donations would be awesome.
any tips like pain management, places i could go to or general advice for keeping myself safe and stuff would also be a big help.
if youre interested in tarot readings i have a blog for it (@tarot-tea-cafe) or if you want to see some of my art i have a bunch posted on @spirits-art and plan on posting more soon.
please help me out, if you cant support me financially reblogging and advice means about just as much to me.
i seriously need all the help i can get right now.
thank you for taking the time to read this /gen
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melodiesforyouandme · 5 hours ago
I’m cold out here, if I could get a few dollars to get a coat from a thrift store to keep me warm. It’s really hard waiting in line at the shelter in the cold to see if I can get a bed for the night. Please this would really help me.
It’s dropping to 5 degrees Fahrenheit tonight pls help if you can even a couple dollars helps me to go inside somewhere to warm up.
Please Boost , I have been out here in the cold every night for the past few days trying to get into a shelter, it’s hard to stay in the line because my anxiety makes me leave. They can only let so many people in and the line up is so long. If anyone can spare just a couple dollars so I can go into a coffee shop and warm up. pls REBLOG anything helps please help if you can, any amount helps.
Please help a non binary person who hasn’t been able to find work and is homeless, broke and hungry. I don’t want to go back into SW to survive. I feel trapped. Winter is coming where I live and I need a coat and boots to help keep me from freezing, while I stand in line, trying to get into a shelter to sleep for the night. If you see this please REBLOG it, I am desperate. I am asking for help to anyone who might be able to spare a bit of change if you can. Please so I can at least go inside a coffee shop to warm up in the night. Please help if you can. I’m out here alone trying my best.
P @ y p @ l: [email protected]
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slowdancinginthedarcc · a month ago
Black trans woman in a financial crisis, on the verge of being houseless - please help??
Things just keep getting worse and I don’t know what to do. I’m working two jobs, eating almost nothing on a daily basis, scraping up all my savings, and I still don’t know how I’m going to keep making rent bc I’m so fucking broke. I don’t have any family nearby who support me and all my friends are in the exact same boat as me. I need help, badly. Here is a link to my Cash App, and if you could spare anything at all, it would be so greatly appreciated. If you want to help but can’t afford to, please reblog!!
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miajnsn · 2 months ago
i can’t see myself old, i just see myself disappearing across the years.
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ufoend · 3 months ago
We Need Help
tw; homophobia
i am having to remake this post because my last post has died out, and sadly we are still in desperate need of help. for background for those who dont know me, my name is j, i am a 23 year old transguy living with my wife (they are also lgbt, and lives with a neurological disorder among others)
we just received our notice that our rent will be raising from 895 to 1050 in september. we are on fixed income and stay afloat with financial aid, but this is a huge blow because we were under the impression it would be cheaper then this, but they are tacking on utilities. on top of that, we are currently waiting the 10 days for our ebt card, because the first one they sent never arrived, and so we have been going without food despite being paid out on the 10th. this is really bad for the reasons above, since food instability is a major trigger.
as some of you know, my wife and i moved to az from our home in wa exactly a year ago to help her disabled mom who was asking for help. june is the anniversary of the month we got kicked out and lived homeless until we got this apartment, when her mother determined she no longer could accept our relationship because we are gay. it is a complex situation but traumatizing for my partner and the reason i say so is because we have no one to help us with transportation to food bank, extra help, anything. we are entirely isolated here.
with the money we will have by then from school funds to pay our rent and the last post, we would be able to live here for another full year if we somehow made a total of 850. I don’t expect the full amount and am working on other means right now, but if any one could help, spare even a few cents, or reblog, it would really help. if half of my followers sent a dollar i would have more than enough not to get kicked out, so it really doesnt need to be much to mean a lot. it is really devastating to have to see this happen again after having tried to build a sense of stability again, so it really matters a lot to me everyone who has cared, even reached out, and thank you if you got this far.
feel free to msg me if theres anything else you need to know. spaces so no shadow ban, bold to make this easier to read. I'll try to follow everyone who reblogs (I hit follow limit often but will keep going through notes and following)
timestamp: 6/18/2022
p a y p a l: ptcustomcomp @ yahoo . com
c a s h a p p: $ tobler707
v e n m o: @ tobler707
total as of 6/25/22 12PM MST: 297 / 850
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karasene15 · 2 months ago
Pop punk bands are right this town fucking sucks
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dragabond · 4 months ago
Recently had to move again due to severe financial issues and my roommate becoming unable to work anymore due to their disability. We have just about no money and have been able to move solely bc of my roommates mom, and I have my own physical and mental health issues that limit me as well
I have a job but it’s only seasonal (June-November) and we need money for food for us, our animals, gas, rent, and car insurance until I can find another job also. Previous post on this can be found here, made a new one bc tumblr cuts long shit sadly….
Any little bit of money helps, I am willing to compensate when I am able to and if necessary with art or something else.
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localdorkincombatboots · 6 months ago
Please help us
My boyfriend has stage 3 stomach cancer and we have two toddlers together and we also take care of my boyfriend's mother who has alzehimers, diabetes, and a lost of other conditions. My boyfriend has been out of work for a while due to his cancer and also a few more surgeries.
Well there were complications with his last surgery and he's been in such bad pain to the point that he had to go to the er a couple weeks ago because he couldn't stop puking from the pain and they tried to put an iv in several different places on his hands and where he was so dehydrated and has tough skin it wasn't working so a nurse tried to insert one into his wrist and has either severed a tendon or seriously injured a nerve.
He's been back to the hospital a couple more times since then and we're in the process of trying to get it exactly pinned down what is damaged in his wrist but he followed directions from the specialist he first got sent to who barely spent 1 minute in the room with him and told him to just keep moving his hand around and it'll be fine. My boyfriend has since lost what little movement he had in his thumb thanks to following those directions and he's still swollen halfway up his arm and can barely grip anything.
His pcp has referred him to another specialist that he's supposed to see in Wednesday and we're trying to find a lawyer but right now we desperately need help please.
I've had to lose a lot of days of work so I could be home with the kids and my bfs mom and where I'm the only one with a job (one that still barely pays more than minimum wage) my paychecks have taken a decent hit. I don't have enough to pay next month's rent on the first and there's still another couple of bills in the week after. My next paycheck isn't until the 10th and even then it's going to be even less because of my loss of hours.
V*nmo: jayep7
C*$happ: jayep7
Please, please help save my family. If you can't send anything, at least please reblog this so someone else can see it please
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meepmepteeptep · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
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kiitkuu · 5 months ago
wow look whos back
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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octoyanko · 5 months ago
i'm in need of help to escape a nazi country that wants me dead
hello my name is toki and i'm stuck in russia.
i've always wished to leave russia since i'm gay and my existence is illegal(and i've already been hurt physically for that and got scars to show), but now more than ever i am desperate to move away from here. it is now also illegal to speak the truth and your thoughts and opinions. it's illegal to not agree with the government.
i am afraid for my safety everyday, afraid that i'm going to be locked up and killed in jail just for the existing and daring to not accept what's going on around me at the moment. i'm afraid that the death penalty will come back and i will be one of the first to go simply because i like men. i'm afraid most for my relatives in ukraine, but even that fear is illegal.
i couldn't ever escape before since i grew up very poor and even now i survive on less than $100 a month most months. i've been trying to get a job for the last month but that has been unsuccessful. even now i'm in search of a job to cover a ticket to my freedom, but with the great fall of ruble i can't be sure that what i will be paid will ever be enough.
i'm begging for your help. please let me get out of this hell
if you can and wish to help you can donate or commission me or just reblog this post.
Tumblr media
there's two ways of donating to/commissioning me
through boosty, a russian platform that functions akin to patreon(the money goes directly to me(please message me on here or twitter before choosing this option)) [https://boosty.to/octoyanko]
through ko-fi, a more recognizable platform that utilizes p*ypal(the money goes to my friend first and then to me which increases the fees) [https://ko-fi.com/octoyanko]
you can find all of the information and tos about my commissions and art on my carrd here - octoyankoscommissions.carrd.co
please help me in any way you can. all i want is to have a chance at life in a country that won't kill me for saying that war is inhumane. in a country that will let me breathe and love.
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hime-bee · 7 months ago
Volo sketches because yes, I still like Volo 💙💛 Love him, even. Amazing husband. Fully accept him and all his perfections and flaws 😊
Tumblr media
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mousedetective · 18 days ago
Help A Queer Single Mother Pay Her Bills In September?
Hi! We got our rent paid (thank you all for your help!), but I have no money left to pay bills and I also need to rehome my son so we have a chance to keep our lease.
I currently live in a 55+/disabled community, and my son is not allowed to live on the premises with us. We’re looking into safe alternatives for housing, but we may just need to put him in a hotel for a while and we don’t have the money for that. Tomorrow (9/7/22) we’ll learn more about options from the YMCA but we’re running out of time to get our lease renewed. There’s an Econo Lodge near our house we can send him to with his X-Box and some food, but for one week it's $117 a night. It’s the only inn in the area, and we might be able to get a voucher for my son, but I’m not sure.
We also have bills to pay. It totals $434.43 for all of our bills for the month, ranging from electricity and internet to catalog orders. Any help we can get paying them would be huge. The first bill is due in one week, and that’s the electricity bill.
If you want to help, here’s how:
P - https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/penaltywaltz
V - @penaltywaltz
C - $afteriwake23
UPDATE: So yesterday (9/8/22), management at my apartment complex decided not to renew our lease. Our rent check hadn’t cleared yet so we took out money to buy groceries and things we needed to start packing and look for a new apartment. Management wants an extra $220 a month for a two month month-to-month agreement on top of our rent. We don’t know if this is legal but we’re not paying it just yet.
We are about to overdraft my mom’s account by $1200 if the check goes through and we need to cover that. Or we can cover my account, which is only overdrawn by $400. Either way, we have a lot of overdrafts and we don’t want to take out loans if we need to have an apartment complex run a credit check on us.
Any help is huge. Even $5 would make a big difference. I just want to get into housing somewhere else and not be homeless again because my disabled body just can’t take living in a car again, especially if we can’t secure housing for my son before we have to leave.
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miajnsn · a month ago
people get tired of me and leave, but they don’t know that i’m tired of me too. if only i could leave myself simply too,
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canonlgbtcharacters · 2 months ago
emergency donations
hi guys! i know it's been a while since you've all heard from me. unfortunately, this return isn't under the best circumstances.
i'm really struggling right now. i recently made the difficult decision of quitting my job - the mental and physical strain it was putting on me was unbearable, and it reached a boiling point when i was s*xually h*rassed by a customer. my autism already makes it very difficult for me to maintain a job in a fast-paced, crowded, or stressful environment. i can't combine that with a place where i was consistently harassed by customers. i'm looking for something new asap, but i don't know how long it will take, and i'm already a week late on my rent ($730.)
i hate to ask for help, but i really don't know what else to do. even if i get my rent paid, i still have other bills to take care of, as well as other living costs such as supplies for my two cats. my bank account is currently in the negative.
if you have even a dollar to spare, i'd appreciate the help so much. i have no family i can turn to and no quick-fix way to get through this all on my own. i can only take on so many art commissions at a time, but i have decided to provide a few other services in the meantime. if you'd like to buy something, please message me here on tumblr or add me on discord (nep#7626).
tarot card readings - $5
1, 3, or 5 cards. either general daily readings or an answer for a specific question.
6 song music playlist - $3 (+ .50 cents for each additional song)
a custom playlist based on a fictional character, oc, ship, theme, genre, or pretty much anything else. the only rule is that i won't make playlists for any gross ships or characters.
with all that being said, if you'd like to donate, here are my links! and if you do help out by buying something, donating, or just by reblogging this, thank you.
c*shapp / v*nmo / p*ypal
goal: $730 / $730
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tirednoceur · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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m-jelly · 7 months ago
Hey everyone.
So, I might lose followers for this because I'm a writing blog and I don't get personal, but I am going to.
Now I want to make it clear I know it's none of my followers because you're all wonderful caring people 💕 but I want to just vent here because something very real is going on.
What's happening in Ukraine is not a joke.
I've seen so many tiktoks yesterday and today making a joke about it. War is not a joke. Real people are dying. Real people are losing family members. Real people are in pain.
My country is part of Europe and is getting involved, other countries in Europe are and NATO. This is very real and not a joke!
Stop calling Putin daddy.
Stop using AOT eren as Putin or Boris J for the rumbling.
Stop saying it's fake.
Stop doing skits.
Stop asking to turn people's screams and the bobs into ringtones.
Just stop.
People are losing their lives and that is not a chance for you to get on trending! People dying is not a joke. Your jokes are stopping people from seeing the real news, you're stopping people from seeing what's happening, you're stopping those suffering in Ukraine from showing videos of what is happening, you're stopping the vids showing of brave protestors in Russia. Your trending and jokes over shadow the real important things going on.
Instead of making a joke, reach out to your government and push them to put extreme sanctions on. Boost any Ukraine persons posts!
War is not a joke.
**Also, don't attack Russian people verbally about this. This war was not their choice. Their leader wanted this, not them.
Sorry for my rant everyone. As I said, I know it's no one here, but I had to say it. If you see anyone making a joke on this matter educate them on how real it is. Report videos that turn it into a joke. I love you all and to my followers in Europe, please stay safe ❤️
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