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ismellpestilence · 2 days ago
I hate you constant production of sequels and prequels. I hate you reboots that contribute nothing. I hate you origin stories that no one asked for. I hate you everyone that makes adaptations and leave the original creator in the dark. I hate you everyone that takes stories and strips away everything they have to say so it can appeal to every possible person. I hate you everyone involved who thinks no one notices when you directly ignore the events/cannon of the previous installment. I hate you shows that only make sense if you've seen all the other shows. I hate you studios that think you can buy yourselves a good story.
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acedthis · a day ago
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I’m a bit obsessed with that one Pirates of the Caribbean marriage scene…
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alstonnovak · a day ago
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[image description: 2 sketch dumps. The first has a sketch of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner embracing in their pirate outfits while beside them Jack Sparrow and James Norrington are also embracing. (Though Will and Elizabeth look very romantic while Jack looks cheeky and Norrington looks annoyed.) There are some Loki doodles in the corners. In the second image, Elizabeth and Will are on passing ships and Elizabeth hollers out, "Hey babe!" Will hollers back, "Hey babe!!" The two crews simultaneously say, "They're insufferable."]
shoutout to the best m/f throwback couple. did a lot of nostalgia watches during the last two years, and pirates was one of the best fandoms to briefly return to~
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johnny-depp-daily · a day ago
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JOHNNY DEPP and BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH at the Black Mass premiere, London (2015)
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razingreason · a day ago
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More playing with how I want to color things these days
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picklepie888 · 7 hours ago
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Thought I'd make a Venn diagram of the three Jacks with a last name that starts with S.
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tehtariks · 6 months ago
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the red floral robe (gay) | OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH
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bloomingcockroaches · 11 months ago
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katy-l-wood · a year ago
I don’t think we talk enough about how, despite the presence of multiple globes, PotC takes place on a flat earth, ice wall included.
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bebx · 5 months ago
“Tell the world Johnny, tell them Johnny Depp, I Johnny Depp, a man, I'm a victim too of domestic violence, and see how many people believe or side with you” — Amber Heard to Johnny Depp in 2016.
Johnny Depp in 2022
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The entire world believes and sides with him.
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roseferncal · 5 months ago
its all pirates of the caribbean this, jack sparrow that, but what about him
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kiera0ann · 8 months ago
was gunna wait to post this but ✨✨
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bisexual-chupacabra · 5 months ago
I may not know why potc is trending but its still a great reason to put these pics on people's dash
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stinkyopossum · 5 months ago
our flag means death this, pirates of the caribbean that. have you all forgotten about muppet treasure island
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monsieurphantom · 2 months ago
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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Costume design by Penny Rose
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starry-eyedpsychopomp · 5 months ago
Not that I don’t love the movies, but I kind of feel like Elizabeth and Will’s places should have been switched at the end of At World’s End. Like, Will never gave a damn about pirating, he was just there for Elizabeth. Elizabeth, on the other hand, LOVED the sea, loved adventure and piracy, and there’s no way she’d just stay on the land for TEN YEARS at a time for Will. Both of them would be utterly miserable in that situation and, though the ending was bittersweet, it was NOT supposed to be an unhappy one.
What I’m saying is, Will is absolutely the type to play the dutiful husband and father waiting on the shore for his love (he literally already had ten years of practice waiting for Elizabeth as a child), and Elizabeth was already the pirate king, so being sworn to sail the seas for years at a time would have been the tragic other side of her devotion to adventure. The only reason they were switched is because of stereotypical gender roles.
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queendomcosplay · 7 months ago
After trying to decide if The Mummy was filmed with the male gaze or female gaze, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was filmed under the Bisexual Gaze. Here’s a list of other films with the Bisexual Gaze:
Jurassic Park
Every Barbie Film
Night at the museum, but specifically every scene with Jebediah and Octavius
The 2005 Pride and Prejudice
Pirates of the Caribbean
Les Miserables
The Hannibal TV Show
Good Omens
Basically, if you look at a film and think “oh my god everyone is attractive why and the film has a bunch of just…super obviously implied queerness, congrats, that’s the Bisexual Gaze baby! Feel free to add to the list
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