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raesteagarden · 2 days
Tumblr media
Ho ho ho it’s that time of the year again ✨✨🎄
Merry Christmas 🤶 and happy new year to the tumblr crew….
You like my cute outfit please leave a comment if you do….
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wingedcat13 · 6 months
Pincushion Post
With my one-off dabble in posting fictional works expanding, it's probably good to be organized.
Whomever you are, welcome! Most of this blog is just me aggregating content I enjoy. However, I also write things, on occasion. To cut through the nonsense and memes (which, I mean, I enjoy) you can find quick links and brief explanations here.
This one began with a response to one of Writing-prompt-s's writing prompts, which I have since titled 'Call Me Menace.' Written in second person, you are Synovus, a villain of significant renown. You've kidnapped your rivals' child... and you may be the best parent they've ever had.
'Call Me Menace' is here on Tumblr and here on Ao3, if you prefer the formatting over there.
The sequel, 'Villains Never Retire,' was planned to be a two-parter once it got long, and is now going to be at least three actually four parts. You can find all of it on Ao3 here.
Otherwise, Villains Never Retire (1) and Villains Never Retire (2) , Villains Never Retire (3) and Villains Never Retire (4) are here on Tumblr!
In progress: Siren Call part one is now available. Third person, takes place after VNR. Part two simmering on the backburner :D
Newest Addition: Synovus: A Wishing Star. A terminally ill child wishes to meet Synovus - for reasons Synovus doesn't anticipate. Heed its warnings. Prequel to 'Call Me Menace'
Additionally, you can search the tag #synoverse on my blog for any asks I've answered about the universe, commentary, or the occasional sneak peek at the next installment.
Who the Hell Are You?:
Starting with a tagged prompt from writing-stuff, WtHAY is written in third person! Join a huntress of things that go bump in the night and her forcibly deputized changeling ally as they seek revenge for an attack on Navi's life - as soon as she can get up off of this couch.
Part one Here on Tumblr, and here on Ao3!
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violentdevotion · 1 year
Tumblr media
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dumblittlelo · 5 months
if u don’t want me to follow you just block me!! i follow thousands of ppl im not reading everyone’s pinned although i try to.
20 y/o | NSFW. no minors.
💗this blog contains images and descriptions of sexual activity, violence and hard kinks without mentions of consent or any content warnings. if this content is triggering to you. this is your warning.💗
if you think i’m cute support me w tumblr tips
DDLG, praise, degrading, call me princess, bunny, or dummy, cnc, spanking, knife play, p, why am i listing things my kinks are basicalllyyyyyyyy all of the above UNINTERESTED / DISTURBED (Limits) : Ed related kinks, homophobia, transphobia, vomit, racism Misogyny, body mods, scat, pregnancy, f*ederism, rimming, fisting
messages are hard to keep up with so fill my inbox (anons NOT DMs) to get my attention
message me to buy content or buy my panties
If i made your dick wet you’re legally obligated to show me🤭*DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED PICTURES ON TUMBLR. just because 1-2 creators are into receiving unsolicited comments and pictures DOES NOT MEAN OTHERS DO*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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anki-of-beleriand · 5 months
This blog is 18+ minors DNI! 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Only one gif is mine, the other credits to the creator
Hello there!
So I finally got to orginize my works in here, thank you for stoping by and I hope you like the stories. I write for several fandoms but my main focus right now is Marvel and Tolkien with very specific pairings. Here you will find the list of the stories I have written so far, and the works in progress.
This blog is 18+ so please minors DNI, and if you're not comfortable with it just a heads up. Please read the warning on the stories as well as the tags, if you believen I'm leaving something out give me a heads up so I can correct it right away
Without words -  (Fluff) 
           Summary: Y/N is the new recruit, and Wanda finds herself drawn to her.
When there are no words -  (Fluff,angst) 
           Summary: It was a bad mission, Y/N just wants to forget, and Wanda is an amazing girlfriend - Continuation of Without Words.
On a single night -  (Fluff, smut, angst) 
           Summary: One night between you and Wanda changed everything. Now, your relationship will end up in tears or wedding bells.
Midnight meeting series -  (Fluff, smut)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​           Summary: You have been under house arrest in the Avenger´s compound since arriving to that universe, then in a single night your world changes while meeting the newest addition to the team.
The house at the edge of the world -  (fluff, angst, drama, smut) 
​​​​​​​            Summary: Y/N is the owner of an Airbnb at the edge of the world, a place in which Wanda would either heal or become what everyone is afraid of.
Enhanced senses - (Fluff, drama, smut)
Summary: While on a mission you heard a conversation that make you think about your relationship with Wanda.
We can be forever - (Fluff, drama, smut, angst, romance)
Summary: You and Wanda met at a Café, your life and hers changed drastically and for the very first time in her messy life, Wanda may have discovered the real meaning behind love at first sight.
Dirty Little Secret - (Angst -drama)
Summary:You were Wanda's dirty little secret.
A Heart Made Of Glass - (Angst - drama - romance - smut)
Summary: Ten years ago you left Wanda and the Avengers to heal your broken heart. You never stopped being a hero, just as you never stopped being in love with her. But life had to go on.
Now, after all that time, she is back and with her is a young woman needing help and an enemy that may not be as afraid as Wanda to lay a claim on you.
The Winter that never ended 
           Summary:In a world where magic only happens in the big Kingdoms, Thorin Oakenshield had to find a way to save his nephew’s life. He never intended to get lost on his way to the closest healer,                  and he certainly didn’t plan to fall in the clutches of a strange Lord and his household. Yet, destiny seemed to have something to say about his life and how this little encounter would change his                      perception of live, magic and love.
In Memory
           Summary: He saved him at a great price, his memory of what had happened between them was ripped from him. The payment for his sin was to love without being loved.In the anniversary of the                  defeating of Smaug Thorin is present with a marriage proposal, just as the dreams of the past come to haunt him and show him where his real happiness lies.
 I don’t think I love you 
            Summary: Prince Thranduil of the Woodland Realm promised himself to never love again. Thorin of Erebor promised himself to never need love. Both of them are different in all the ways you can                  imagine, and yet they are more alike that they care to admit. When a political marriage force them to share their time with one another they will realize some promises are meant to be broken
The ABC of Thorin and Thranduil 
           Summary: Just a bunch of short and long drabbles featuring Thorin and Thranduil their relationship and the people in their lives.
 When the Stars go Blue
             Summary: Thranduil was born a healer, his gift could save everyone but it wasn’t enough to safe his wife. Now, after all these years of not using his gift he came forward to safe the life of those                      who despised him; the Elven-King never suspected his actions would activate emotions he thought he had buried the day he lost his wife, or that those emotions were directed to a recovering                        Thorin who, apparently, has always had a soft spot for him.
The Silent Ballad
            Summary: “The world was fair, the mountains tall, In Elder Days before the fall.” Thranduil has done what no other Elf has done before him, Thorin has decide in his pride to ignore the signs of what               really is happening between the both of them. Perhaps, Thorin should be careful for there is only one sickness that could take an Elf’s life away and for the suffering of the heart the only cure from a               certain death is to leave the shores of Middle-Earth. Would Thorin overcome his pride and anger to recover what he most desire or would he stand still doing nothing while Thranduil vanishes little               by little until his only salvation is to travel to the Undying Lands?
The Promise of a Child
           Summary: Little Thorin is ready to propose to Thranduil even though he knows Thranduil is older and he still has to get his adulthood braid. The thing is, he doesn’t want anyone courting Thranduil                before he can get the chance to marry him.
 Sunday Morning
           Summary: It’s just another Sunday morning in the Oakenshield household.
 Counting Stars
            Summary: Thorin Oakenshield is in a moment of his life where he is just confused yearning for something he cannot name. Thranduil has just suffered an accident that may change everything he is.               When their paths cross a friendship is forged and, perhaps, if they give themselves the chance it can turn out into something they may need and want.
It will always be worthy
           Summary: At the end of all things, Tauriel, Bilbo and Thranduil have an honest talk about the people they loved and will always love.
 A token and a Promise
            Summary: Orcrist was put there for a reason.
 Sing to Me
           Summary: Thorin and Thranduil had been kidnapped by a group of orcs. While being tortured both Kings realized there may be more than animosity between them. However, Thranduil has been                  poisoned and he is loosing his mind little by little confused as to what is real and what is part of the nightmare the orcs made him live.
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hellowmeist · 7 months
Tumblr media
*A-hem* Hello Hi 
Welcome to my smol blog You can call me Max here !!
Please don’t mention my main blog in here >:I Shush shush!
Pronouns She/They 
I’m gonna post my hermitshipping here (I also main Gridoc/Grimpulse)
I don’t ship the REAL people, I only ship the sona 
What’s in the pit, Stay in the pit.
Anyways! I hope you enjoy your stay :D 
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bratty-tasha · 6 months
hey there, babes, it's time for a pin post
I'm Tasha, some of you already know me from previous blog
25yo, your fav tall Slav girl
Even though I'm sometimes questioning it, current label I stick on my forehead is lesbian, pronouns she/her
anyone is welcome here, but you have to be 18+, it's for your safety and mine too, just age in your bio please, especially if you want to interact with me
my asks and DMs are open, sometimes it just takes time for me to answer, especially because I'm from Europe, UTC+2 and yes, I keep odd hours but I am also sometimes surprised I have internet in my phone so yeah
if you are cis man in my DMs or ask box, I'm assuming you are here to get pegged and ready for my strap
any asshole will be nerfed down, I am like a cowboy when it comes to block button, the fastest on this hellsite
love you, be safe, have an absolutely amazing and horny day and night
P.S.: if you want to talk somewhere else, you can here:
Tasha (Instagram)
discord: Tasha#6866
Kik: your_favourite_Tasha
aaaand you can DM me for WhatsApp if you want to
p.s.: language nerd here, you are not safe in Italian, Russian, German, Latin, Czech and English
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dailyabbottelementary · 6 months
Season 2 of Abbott Elementary premieres September 21 on ABC!
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Tumblr media
Chara Timeline Comic Archives
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / *10 / 11 / ….to be continued
*Weird Route: Starting from Part 10
(1) / (2) / (3) ….to be continued
It’s a work in progress.
As a slight warning, the time between these comic posts is usually very long (my life is very busy), so allowing notifications for blog updates may work best for you. Either way thank you for being patient.
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peach-pot · 1 year
my posts may not always be good but each one is full of love ❤️ also lots of letters and even numbers sometimes
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bisexualpercabeth · 1 month
steve harrington's breakup playlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
despite being the same side of different coins, you and steve have been frenemies since forever. then one fated summer changes everything.
tags: frenemies with benefits, gender neutral!reader, reader with commitment issues, sfw
one: do things alone two: stick to a schedule three: coming soon!
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raesteagarden · 1 month
Doing my crazy dance with bestie and just generally pissing peeps off ✨🤣😂
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seyvia · 3 months
....................Mobile Wayfinding....................
Tumblr media
Hoi👋 names Olivia, yuh can call me that or Seyvia or Via. Thank you for checking out my blog! Even if you're just passing by. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)✿
More pointless info about me: this is a simblr, I make lookbooks, share gameplays and l have been playing sims since I was 6. I'm North American Southern, so read everything I say with a broken southern accent for accuracy lol! I'm here on simblr to have fun! and other blah blah blah.
wcif friendly through ask pls! (anon off)
ts4 gallery name is #seyvia
TAGS: seyvia wcif? . seyvia replies * seyvia's lookbooks . seyvia's sims * babbling .
GAMEPLAYS TAGS: seyvia's perfect 80s life (new!) * seyvia's wolftale (paused) . seyvia's casual gameplay (paused) *
.RESOURCES...need to be updated.
(No links yet. I'll update this when I get more time & figure out how.)
Note: This blog is not always for fams & friends, any risque posts will be tagged (sims spice)
also Note: I’m not always here, I like to disappear for weeks if I feel ick, yuh know? ╮(╯▽╰)╭
that's about it, have wonderful sleeps✨️
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vanillacigare · 28 days
Tumblr media
Hello! My name is Lowell. 🦄
-Adult (20▲)
-90% Degrees of Lewdity 10% ETC Genre (maybe games)
-I'm studying English, but it's clumsy
-No minors
Usually i'm talking and thinking about Whitney , and My PC & Whitney's relationships.
(and very slowly play DoL) But I like most of the DoL characters.
Tumblr media
If you want to read My PC and Whitney's relationships, is here.
-My PC: January
-PC & Whitney's relationship
And about ask box.
If I haven’t answered yet, because I’m still drawing something.
Or thinking about answer.
Thank you for read this post! 🙏
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auruim · 1 year
Tumblr media
Hiii Honeybees,
Thank you to all my followers!! I’ve ALMOST reached 19k followers, and to celebrate this next milestone I’m hosting my very own queue squad. I’m always looking for new and similar blogs to follow as well as keeping my blog active. So, if you’re interested keep reading ...
Rules & Info
Must be following me @auruim
Must reblog this post (like are not counted but can be used as a bookmark)
Must be similar to this blog
Ongoing applications (there’s no deadline, so there’s many opportunities for suitable blogs to join)
Banner is made by the beautiful Carissa @leavingforever | @xlfdesigns
A follow from me if I'm not already following
Your blog will be featured on a cute page
Unlimited queues from me 
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rambheem-is-real · 7 months
rambheem-is-real’s masterlist
RRR general - why I ship rambheem, film info
Ao3 account - link, how to use ao3
Cdramas I’ve watched - list
Dming me about writing fic - PSA
RRR friends - taglist 
Fem!Rambheem art
updated 8/27
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