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Lexie | Cheerleader | Nevada
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Corpse - Misa Misa🎶
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Pokemon Fashion Icons
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piercings by needles piercing
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ㅤ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏،ʀᴏᴄᴋꜱᴛᴀʀ ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋ ღ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ʀᴇᴩᴏꜱᴛ
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             𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫: 𝐩𝐢𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐠 
summary ─ unexpected surprise and decisions were the best, you realized.
pairing ─ fuckboy!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ mentions of past friends with benefits relationship, bucky being a mf tease, kissing, light dirty talk
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He got a new piercing was the first things you’ve noticed about him when you saw him months later.
After you have ended your… deal, you’ve never seen him. His name had passed in some conversations you started with your friends, and you’ve heard some girls talking about him a couple of times when you were in the cafeteria line or bathroom break in the library. You’ve never seen him, though, not until now.
Bucky Barnes, certified fuckboy of New York University.
You still had a hard time believing that you had a friends with benefits relationship with him once, that he found you sexy and good-looking enough to make the deal himself. It was one hell of an ego boost, you had to admit.
You ended it months ago because… His friend group was insulting towards you even though he claimed that they weren’t his friends. They always mocked with you about you being a nerd and told you that they didn’t know what Barnes was thinking when he started fucking you. It hurt.
You’ve heard Bucky telling them stop, trying to stop them talking that way to you, you weren’t going to lie, but it hurt. So, you broke it off because you couldn’t take it anymore. He understood, though, which was good.
You missed him, though. What you had with him was something that made you really fucking good, and you missed what he was able to make you feel. You missed seeing his handsome face around and beaming at you whenever he saw you.
You didn’t expect to see him months later with a newly pierced tongue. You could see it moving in his mouth as he talked and laughed. It looked so damn sexy on him and completed the way he styled himself: Dark jeans, white, gray or black t-shirts, leather jacket and black boots. His long hair was usually up in a bun, but he let it down tonight. His face was freshly clean shaved. You could see the tattoos he had on his neck, hands and fingers even though he was wearing rings.
Biting your lip, you turned your head to some place else just when he looked up and saw you watching him.
Bucky smiled. He told his friends to give him a minute before he started walking towards you. You cursed silently as you watched him approach you with a slow but sure strut. You cleaned your throat, took a sip from the non-alcohol drink in your hands and wiped your hands on your dress.
“Hi, sweetheart,” he murmured right into your ear, making you shiver. You gasped softly and turned around. He was smiling down at you with that gorgeous smile of his. “’s very good to see you.” You smiled.
“Hi,” you whispered. “You too.” He winked. He lifted his hand slowly and stroked your bare shoulder with one his finger. You refused to shiver and pull away from his touch. “Wasn’t expecting to see you here,” you murmured. He hummed.
“Wasn’t gonna come,” he said. “But a birdie told me you were going to be here. So, I stopped by.” You frowned lightly. Bucky took a step closer, and instinctively, you took a step back only for your back to meet with the wall. He leaned into your space. “Been wanting to see and talk to you,” Bucky murmured. His nose trailed from your temple to your jaw, inhaling your intoxicating scent. Then, his fingers grabbed your chin and lifted your head, causing your eyes to meet with his. “I’m sure we can discuss what I want to say after we reminisce a little, hm?” He whispered against your lips, his eyes never breaking the contact.
You swallowed harshly. “R-reminisce how?” He smirked.
He just kissed you as an answer, stealing your breath and making your knees go weak with it. Holding onto his arms, you responded his kiss. He moaned softly into your mouth. You rose on your tiptoes as he bent down a little to meet with you in the halfway. You whimpered lightly.
You buried a loud moan into his mouth when you felt his tongue piercing touching your lips. Bucky pulled back with a dark smirk.
“Reminisce like this,” he said. “We can make some discoveries, what do you think, sweetheart?” You took a shaky breath in.
“I can’t go back to that… relationship, Bucky,” you whispered. He kissed your cheeks. “I can’t.”
“Then, we’ll change the rules,” he said. “I’ll take you out on dates, kiss you however and whenever I want, hold your hand, growl and punch whoever looks at your way wrong…” He looked at you with dark eyes, blue of them barely visible. “A real relationship if you’d like. I’m on board with it.” Then, he chuckled. “That was what I wanted to talk to you about actually.”
“You… want a real relationship with me?” You had to ask. He nodded.
“More than anything,” he confirmed. “I was an idiot for lettin’ you go months ago. I wanna make it right, now. Can I?” You were too stunned for a verbal answer, so you nodded. He grinned. He swooped you in for another kiss, leaving you breathless when he pulled back. “Alright, girlfriend,” he said, winking at you. “Wanna know how it feels to have your pussy eaten out with a tongue piercing?” You nodded again.
Laughing happily, Bucky grabbed your hands and led you out of the party, taking you at his place where he showed you how exactly it felt to have your pussy ruined with a tongue piercing toying with your clit constantly.
It turned out to be pretty fucking good.
Bucky was proud.
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Im Back bitches 💁‍♀️🍒
Perdóname blogcito por abandonarte tanto... 😭😭
Mi links:
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play piercing by mel sprinkles
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new shirt + piercing !!
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Come promesso, non bella quanto quella in foto ovviamente💛
(Si comunque, sono punture di zanzara quelle)
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the about to do something completely unhinged mia wasikowska’s head tilt ™
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