ylaeth · 2 days
The Ender King
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philza-updates · 1 hour
Philza posted on twitter!
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[Image ID:
A cropped screenshot of a tweet by Philza Minecraft @/Ph1LzA. It reads “LOOK AT US :D”. Attached is a Minecraft screenshot of Phil, Tommy and tubbo standing in front of the individual standings podiums in the MCC hub. At this point they are in 6th, 7th and 8th place respectively.
End ID]
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dailywilburdoodle · 6 hours
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game night
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bee-dot-exe · 21 hours
Still one of my all time favorites
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qloof · 2 days
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nethervoid flag
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antarctic-empires · 3 hours
“I’m petting the dogs, I gotta make up for Will not being here” Awwwwwwww mate <3
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tinyheinz · 4 hours
Phil: I like the cold
Me, a normal emerald main: Because the cold is with Techno, where home is ;__;
Source: Phil’s Feb 22 2021 Stream
Transcription under the cut
[Transcript Start.
Phil: We could get big fancy. Just- brrrrr. (reads chat) “Fireplace”? No, I like the cold.
(TTS overlaps saying, “I’ll get my own dream SMP. with black jack, and hookers-”)
Phil: *laughs*
(TTS in the background continues saying, “-actually forget the dream smp”)
Phil: I like the cold, chat. I like the cold. Yes. I enjoy it.
(TTS says, “Genuinely though, the house is so cute”)
Phil: Thanks, mate.
Transcript End.]
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zend-pixie · 2 months
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this is how it went down right
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technoblade-updates · 4 months
Phil has also donated a large chunks of Techno’s keepsakes to Eret’s museum for display, excluding the Friendship Emerald, which will remain in his house. That one is just for Phil.
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mossrockpog · 3 months
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I have so many of these
ID below the readmore
Note: due to religious reasons, I cannot type swear words. Thus, said words are replaced in the ID.
[ID: DSMP characters as text posts. Usernames and icons have been replaced.
Post 1:
Technoblade: "You're no better for resorting to violence" just say u got no hands and at this point you're too afraid to learn
Post 2:
A Twitter post. The name is listed, then the @.
Biggest man, @tommyinnit: went to therapy for the first time and cracked a joke and my therapist just started writing faster what the heck was that
Post 3:
Dream: I'm sorry that you apparently felt "tortured" by my behavior. I personally love experimental research chemicals and would enjoy being force fed them while locked in a windowless cell but I can see how someone with a less positive attitude might not enjoy that. Anyway sorry I guess. I hope you can get over your close mindedness since it's clearly a source of pain in your life.
Post 4:
A reddit post to r/askreddit.
Question: What was the weirdest way you got into a relationship?
Tubbo: Tax evasion
Philza: Story, please?
Tubbo: No
Post 5:
Ender particle: I'm not gay but... lightning mcqueen is kinda cute
Ranboo: can some of u just shut up
Post 6:
Captain Puffy: I love u Carly Rae Jepson but the lyric "who gave you eyes like that, said you could keep them" is an absolutely wild thing to say. are u gonna confiscate someone's eyeballs
Foolish: ur balls, hand em over 🔫
Foolish: I could've phrased this better
Post 7:
Foolish: like who hasnt made a deal with a centuries-old entity of questionable moral standing and motives
Post 8:
A Twitter post. The name is listed, then the @.
Boy liker, @ranboo: I don't understand people in horror movies like "uugghhhoho there's a scary guy after me!!!!" just turn around and kiss him bro what seems to be the problem
/end ID]
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sanshinexx · 4 months
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a series of events
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fandom-venturer · 30 days
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Phil made SBI art on his latest stream! Apparently he didn‘t plan on this becoming an sbi drawing, but it just happened, now we have an sbi family crest.
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philza-updates · 4 hours
TapL’s internet has finally fully crashed! o7
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waddei · 8 days
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a redraw of my first SBI fanart from over 2 years ago :) og under the cut
Tumblr media
it's crazy how much my style evolved, particularly my colors
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dailywilburdoodle · 2 months
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qloof · 2 days
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throws a blaze at you
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