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Joke Me Something Awful Just Like Kisses On The Necks of Best Friends
Pairing: Peter Parker x Best Friend!Reader
Synopsis: Peter deals with the aftermath of kissing his best friend
a/n: is it obvious I got dumped and rewatched new girl 😍😍
Tumblr media
“can I come over”
Peter picked his phone off the floor of his fire escape to read the text from you. Peter frowned and got the sneaking suspicion that something was wrong but decided not to worry until he knew there was something to worry about.
“always :) come out the the fire escape when you get here” Peter texted you back.
Ten minutes later, you crawled through Peters window from inside his living room and took a seat next to him on his fire escape. Before you said anything, Peter could tell from the look on your face that you had been crying. His heart hurt to know something had made you cry and he grew determined to make you happy again.
“Hey, Parker.” You said in a quiet voice.
“Hey kid. What’s wrong?” Peter asked and reached over to put a hand on your back.
“What makes you think somethings wrong?” You smiled sarcastically and pulled the sleeves of your sweatshirt over your hands.
“Probably the panda eyes you got going on.” Peter chuckled and used his thumb to wipe your the mascara that had pooled under your eyes. You gave him an woeful smile and wiped the rest of the mascara away with your sleeves.
“You know that guy I’ve been talking to?” You began. Peter felt white hot jealousy course through him as he was reminded that Brad Davis had asked for your number three months ago and you’d been talking to him ever since.
“Brad? Yeah. I know him.” Peter said without looking at you.
“Well, we had a date tonight after him flaking on me past few weeks. We’d been on a handful of dates at this point so I hoped this would be the one where he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.”
“Did he?”
“Nope. And I could tell he wasn’t going to ask about twenty minutes into the date. So I decided that if he wasn’t gonna ask me, I was gonna have to ask him. And you know what he said to me when I asked?”
“What did he say?”
“He told me the “date” I was so excited for and spent hours getting ready for wasn’t a date to him. In fact, I learned tonight that none of our “dates” were dates to him. He didn’t see them as that. He saw them as us hanging out or whatever.”
“Oh. I’m so sorry.” Peter frowned. “I thought he liked you?”
“So did I. But he never did. He just liked the attention and the compliments and the praise I gave him. I never actually meant something to him. And I know that because he looked me in my eyes tonight and told me he didn’t want to be in a relationship because he didn’t see me romantically. But this whole time, I thought we already were in a relationship. I just thought we hadn’t labeled it yet. But no. We were on completely different pages and now I’ve wasted three months of my life that I can never get back. I just feel so stupid.” You said and started to break down. You covered your face with your hands and cried into them as Peter rubbed your back.
“You’re not stupid.” He assured you. “Brad is stupid.”
“No, I am.” You sniffled. “I can’t believe I gave him my first kiss. I can never get that back.”
“If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t even had my first kiss yet. Having one with a jerk is better than not having one at all, right?” Peter offered weakly. It stung him to learn that you had kissed another boy, but he knew he couldn’t be upset about that right now.
“You haven’t kissed anybody?” You asked and cracked a smile.
“Don’t look so happy.” Peter gasped and playfully shoved you. You covered your mouth with your hand to hide your smile while secretly feeling relieved that Peter hadn’t kissed anyone yet.
“I’m sorry. I think that’s sweet. You’re saving it.”
“Am I saving it? Or is it that no girl wants to kiss me?” Peter laughed wryly.
“That’s not true. Believe me, I wish I saved mine. It would’ve been way better with a boy who liked me.” You told him. You locked eyes for a minute and felt a magnetic force pulling you towards Peter. Your eyes dropped to his eyes but before anything could happen, he looked away. He didn’t want to, he just panicked.
“He’s an idiot. And you deserve better.” Peter said to avoid an awkward silence.
“Whatever that means.” You smiled sadly before resting your head on his shoulder. Peter rested his head on top of yours and you stayed that way for a while in comfortable silence. Knowing you were still upset, he brought up a story he hoped would make you laugh.
“You know, when I was little, I thought the first kiss always happens on the first date. Like, there is no other possible scenario where a first kiss would happen. And the first date had to be at a sit down restaurant at a table for two. It was the only situation that my mind could generate in which a kiss could happen. And I would lie awake at night and try to figure out how two people could kiss when there was table between them.”
“And the table absolutely has to be there?” You teased him.
“Of course it does. Because if it’s not there, that means they’re not on a date. And if there’s no date, there’s obviously no kiss.” He scoffed, making you smile again.
“Well I can see why this kept you up at night. There’s a lot to think ago it.”
“Uh huh. And that’s not all I laid awake at night thinking about. Because then I had to consider logistics. Like, when the kiss happen? Right as you sit down at the table or after you finish eating? Or just sometime during the date? And after they kissed, does that automatically mean they’re boyfriend and girlfriend? Or would one of them have to ask? It kept me up at night. It’s all very confusing.”
“It really is. And now it’s even worse. Because now, it’s not just dating. Now, there’s the talking stage. The talking stage didn’t exist when we were little and hopeful about love.”
“I know.” Peter agreed. “The only thing I knew about love back then was that the boy and the girl kiss at the end of the movie. I wish it was still that simple. It doesn’t make any sense anymore. Why is it that you can be dating someone but not in a relationship with them?”
“I can tell you why.” You smiled sarcastically. “Because not everyone wants to use the word “relationship”. Instead, they just kiss you and hold your hand and take you on dates and tell you they like you and treat you like their girlfriend but never actually call you their girlfriend. They never actually give you the satisfaction of admitting that you mean something to them. And you know what the worst part is? My entire view of myself has shifted meanwhile he is probably totally fine. He’s unscathed by this and I was maimed. I just feel so angry. I’m angry because it meant something to me and he ended it like it didn’t. How could he do that to me?”
“Maybe you can’t understand why he did this to you because you would never do this to another person.” Peter said, catching you by surprise. You looked at him and gave him a soft smile to let him know what his comfort meant to you.
“Yeah. Thanks, Pete. Thanks for listening.” You said and gave his hand a squeeze.
“I’m always here to listen. And I’m sorry he broke up with you.” Peter said as he rubbed small circles on your back.
“He didn’t though. Because he was never my boyfriend.” You laughed sadly. “We never got to define what we were because he didn’t want to. But I wanted to. My feelings had a name. He just wouldn’t let me speak it.”
You fell silent for a minute as you replayed all the times Brad had made it seem like he liked you in his head. You debated if you were crazy and imagined the whole thing or if Brad just couldn’t admit his true feelings. Your bottom lip began to tremble when you thought about how everything was going to change now and felt a tear slip down your face.
“I fear it’s all just fucking impossible.” You said quietly. Peter looked at you for a moment while you looked down at your hands. He wanted so badly to take your pain away, or to at least take your mind off what had happened.
“I’m just thinking out loud here. And it might be totally stupid and insane and a horrible idea.” Peter began.
“Say it.” You prompted out of curiosity.
“You said you wanted your first kiss to be with a boy who really likes you, right?”
“Yeah? So?”
“Well, I’m a boy who really likes you. And I haven’t had my first kiss yet. I think we have ourselves a real two birds with one stone scenario here.” Peter said, making you laugh. He smiled now that he had you laughing again and hoped he has succeeded in cheering you up.
“Peter Parker.” You playfully gasped. “Are you suggesting we kiss right now?”
“I might be. Think about it, you get a do over first kiss and I get an actual first kiss. Plus, we’re best friends so you’ll always remember your first kiss as being with someone special. And then we can just pretend it never happened. It’s a win win for both is us.”
“The offer is very tempting.” You said and tapped your chin.
“Right?” Peter laughed, happy that you were playing along.
“Oh my God. Remember that episode of ICarly where Sam tells everyone Freddie’s never kissed anyone and he gets bullied and then she reveals that she’s never kissed anyone either and then they kiss? It would be so Sam and Freddie of us if we kissed right now. We’re even on a fire escape like they were.”
“If I told you that’s where I got the idea from, would you be too cringed out to kiss me?” Peter asked sheepishly. You grabbed his shoulder as you broke down laughing, sending a blush to Peter entire face.
“No. I don’t think so. Honestly, it makes me want to kiss you more.” You said through a laugh that made Peters blush deepen.
“Okay cool. Come here then.” Peter said and put his hands on either side of your face. You both leaned in before pulling away laughing. You both knew it was just a joke, but you secretly both wanted it to happen more than anything else in the world. When your laughter died down, you looked at each other as a comfortable silence filled the air. A look of realization dawned on both your faces as it became clear to you that the other was down to really do it.
“We’re not actually gonna kiss, right?” Peter asked as his eyes fell to your lips.
“No. That would be way too weird. But thank you for the offer.” You smiled and leaned towards him.
“Anytime.” Peter said right before your lips connected.
You pulled away after just a few seconds and gave Peter a wide eyed look. He nodded to show that he was still into it and you immediately leaned back in. This time, he cupped your face as your hands wrapped your his wrists.
At first it felt weird and hesitant and you couldn’t stop thinking about how this was the guy you’d been calling your best friend all your life and had seen do a million embarrassing things.
Then it, it changed. This kiss became assured and confident and all you could think about was how you’d wanted this all your life.
The innocent kiss became heated quickly when you found yourself climbing into Peter’s lap while slid his hands up your back.
“Oh shit.” You whispered once you pulled away. You looked into each others eyes as Peters face turned so scarlet, it was maroon.
“How was that for a first kiss?” He whispered and tucked some hair behind your ear.
“I could say the same for you.” You smiled before leaning in to kiss him again. You only got to kiss for a few minutes before you heard Mays voice.
“Dinners ready.” She said, making you and Peter jump apart.
“God May!” Peter exclaimed. “Don’t you knock?”
“Knock on what? You’re outside.” May pointed out.
“The freaking windowpane! I don’t know!” Peter continued to shout while you covered your face in embarrassment.
“When you’re done sucking face, dinners on the table.” May smiled innocently before walking away. You and Peter couldn’t look at each other for a long time as the reality of what just happened settled in. You sat in a palpable awkward tension until you finally mustered up the courage to speak.
“We should probably…” Peter trailed off and pointed inside.
“Yeah. Let’s go.” You nodded and quickly got up.
The three of you sat at the dinning room table in complete and utter silence. You pushed your food around on your plate, too consumed in your thoughts to eat anything. You wished you had gotten chance to talk about the kiss and what it meant but that was impossible with May sitting there. Meanwhile, you and Peter kept making awkward eye contact across the table before quickly looking away.
“So what have you two been up to?” May asked, making your entire body cringe.
“May.” Peter whispered in disappointment.
“What? Just asking.” May played dumb.
“We were just having a chat.” You said weakly.
“Kinda hard to talk when your mouth is pressed against someone else’s mouth though, isn’t it?” May shrugged as you choked on your drink.
“May!” Peter exclaimed and covered his face.
“What? Am I not supposed to address it?” She asked. “I used to give you guys baths together. Then I walk into my own humble home and find you frenching on the fire escape.”
“May!” Peter squeaked as his entire face turned red.
“That was so Sam and Freddie of you.” May snorted.
“I know right?” You laughed as well and accidentally made eye contact with Peter. You quickly stopped laughing and looked away.
“So are you two a couple now?” May asked causally and took a bite of her food.
“May.” Peter said in a grave voice.
“No. That was our first kiss.” You said, making Peter look at you with wide eyes.
“Y/n!” He exclaimed.
“What? What am I supposed to say right now? Please tell me and I will say it. I am genuinely asking. This is the most confusing day of my life.” You whimpered and looked back down at your plate.
“Maybe we should just go back to silence.” May suggested and you both nodded in agreement. You ate the rest of your dinner without saying anything, thinking the hard part was over. After you put your dishes in the sink, you awkwardly stood in the kitchen and looked at Peter.
“What do we do now?” You whispered to him.
“I don’t know. What do we usually do when we hang out?”
“I have literally no idea. I don’t remember what we do.”
“You guys usually go to Peter’s room.” Mag said with an instigating smile.
“Oh. Right. Peters room.” You gulped and looked at Peter again. He gave you and shy smile and a weak wave.
“Would you like to go to Peters room?” He asked in a soft voice. You finally stopped feeling so awkward and let yourself relax.
“Would Peter be there?” You asked and cracked a smile.
“If you want him to be.” Peter answered.
“Okay. Let’s go.” You smiled and started walking towards his room.
Once you were inside, you shut Peters door behind you and leaned your back against it.
“Sooo…” Peter drew out the word and looked at you with puppy dog eyes.
“So.” You repeated and struggled not to look at his lips.
“What do you wanna do?” He asked and took a step towards you.
“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” He repeated as he leaned over you.
“We could watch a movie?” You shrugged as you tilted your chin up towards his face.
“Yeah. We could. Or we could…” He trailed off and slipped an arm around your waist to pull you closer.
“Yeah. Or we could…” You trailed off as well as you nodded your head.
“Or we could…” He whispered before connecting your lips in a kiss. He pressed you against the door as his hands slipped up beneath your sweatshirt. You tangled your fingers in his curls, something that you always wanted to do, and gave them a tug.
“What is happening right now?” Peter asked against your lips.
“I have no idea.” You laughed against his mouth and went back to kissing him.
“Do you want it to stop?” He pulled away briefly to ask you.
“I never want it to stop.” You told him before bringing him right down into a kiss. Peter smiled against your lips before picking you up to carry you to his bed. He carefully laid you down on his Star Wars sheets without ever breaking the kiss. You made out on his bed for a while and lost all sense of time. Peter kissed your lips softly before trailing kisses down your neck. He didn’t do that for long because he didn’t want to stop kissing your lips. You felt butterflies in your chest as you kissed Peter, something you didn’t feel when you had kissed Brad. Peter felt the same warm excitement in as he tried to memorize the way your heart beat against his chest. The perfect kiss was only disrupted by the sound of your phone ringing. You and Peter jumped apart and he rolled off of you as you pulled your phone out.
“Shoot. Sorry. It’s my mom.” You sighed in annoyance when you looked at your phone.
“Oh my God. It’s 9 pm?” You shot up in bed when you realized the time. Your curfew was 8 pm and you were ten minutes from your apartment.
“Mommy?” You said in a weak voice when you answered the phone.
“Do you have any idea what time it is?” Peter heard your mother scream on the other end of the line. You scrambled out of Peters bed and went over to his mirror, leaving him with a feeling of disappointment.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how late it got. Peter and I were just…studying.” You lied as you smoothed your hair and rubbed off the rest of the lipstick Peter had smudged.
“I’m on my way home now. I swear.” You told your mom before hanging up. You gave your appearance one last look before turning to Peter. He was sitting up now with a pillow his lap and a yearning look in his eyes. You couldn’t help but smile at how cute he looked with his messed up hair, unbuttoned shirt, and budding hickies on his neck.
“I, uh, I gotta go now.” You said and pointed to his door. You couldn’t take your eyes off each other, each desperately wondering what the kiss had meant to the other. Peter nodded slowly but couldn’t mask his disappointment.
“I’ll walk you home?” He offered and got off his bed.
“Sure! Just uh…” You trailed off and gestured to your neck. Peter looked down and realized how many buttons you had managed to unbutton on his flannel. He blushed in embarrassment and quickly buttoned his shirt back up.
You and Peter walked to your apartment complex in total silence, hand accidentally bumping every now and then. Neither of you knew what to say and neither wanted to say the wrong thing, so you said nothing at all. The third time your hand bumped into Peters, he went to reach for it but you tucked it into your pocket. You reached your lobby eventually and turned to look at Peter.
“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” You said and looked into his eyes. You desperately tried to read his expression but it was too dark to see anything.
“Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He nodded, never taking his eyes off you. He stepped closer to kiss you goodbye, then took a step back. He didn’t know if that’s what you wanted and don’t want to impose. You noticed his hesitation so you stepped forward yourself and kissed his cheek.
“Night, Parker.”
“Night, kid.” He smiled softly. You disappeared and that was the last he saw of you.
All night, Peter tossed and turned his bed and he replayed the entire evening. He couldn’t stop smiling and pinching himself to see if he was really awake. As much as he hoped this meant you would finally be together, he didn’t want to get his hopes up. He didn’t know if the kiss was just a one time thing only happened because you were upset. He didn’t sleep all night in anticipation of seeing you the next day to find out where your relationship stood.
Peter focused his eyes on the passing crowd when he stood at his locker the next morning. Ned was telling him some story about a TV show he had watched but Peter couldn’t hear a word over how hard he was concentrating on finding you. He desperately wanted to tell Ned what had happened between you two, but he wanted to wait until he had discussed it with you first. Just when Peter had given up hope on finding you, he heard your voice behind him.
“Hey.” You said out of nowhere, making Peter jump out of his skin.
“AH!” He screamed. “Jesus Christ.”
“Sorry! Sorry. I’m sorry.”
Your eyes widened and you covered your mouth with your hands as you apologized.
“You scared me. Like a shadow you are.” Peter panted as he held a hand over his pounding heart.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to approach you.” You grimaced, knowing you had already blown it.
“Not like that.” Peter said out of the corner of his mouth.
“I’m sorry! Oh my God. I need to go.” You panicked and started to walk away.
“Kid, wait!” Peter called out and ran after you. You quickened your pace but he still caught up to you and gently grabbed your arm.
“Slow down. I wanted to talk to you.”
“About what?” You asked and avoided making eye contact.
“Last night. And what happened.” He said in a quiet voice as his face blushed from the memory.
“I wanted to talk about that too.” You relaxed when you realized he wasn’t going to pretend it never happened like you feared he might.
“Good, good.” Peter smiled shyly. “So what does this mean-“
“Hey guys.” Ned appeared out of nowhere, cutting Peter off.
“AH!” You and Peter both screamed.
“Damn. What’s with you two?” Ned laughed in confusion.
“Nothing.” You and Peter said in unison.
“Real creepy vibe between you guys. Just so you know.” Ned said as his eyes shifted between you and Peter.
“I have to go.” You blurted and ran away.
“Wait! Don’t go!” Peter protested.
“Gotta blast!” You called from down the hall before disappearing behind a corner.
“Do I wanna know what that was about?” Ned asked Peter.
“I’m gonna tell you. I just have to talk to her first.” Peter assured his friend and went to try and find you. He didn’t have any classes with you before lunch and had no luck spotting you in the hallways. Finally, he smelled your perfume wafting in the air once he sat down at his usual lunch table. He turned around and smiled as you sat down beside him. Ned and MJ noticed the way you and Peter looked at each other and immediately felt that something was up.
“Hi.” You smiled flirtatiously at Peter as you set your lunch bag down.
“Hey, kid.” He smiled shyly in return. “Did you change your hair?”
“Yeah. I had to take a test so I put it up.” You said and touched your ponytail, feeling pleased that he had noticed the simple change.
“I like it. It looks pretty.” He complimented you.
“Oh, thanks.” You laughed shyly.
“It’s nice. You look good with your hair up.” He remarked and reached up to touch it. You both got flashbacks to the night before and made knowing eye contact. Ned and MJ exchanged a look as they watched the usual behavior in front of them play out.
“Do you want a baby carrot?” You offered to break the tension.
“Yeah. You want an Oreo?”
“Sure. Cheers?” You asked and held up the Oreo.
“Chin-chin.” Peter smiled and held up his carrot.
“Oh, uh. Neck neck?” You laughed in confused as you knocked your Oreo into his carrot.
“Chin-chin means cheers in Italian.” He explained to you when he saw you confusion.
“Really? I didn’t know that. You’re so smart. I feel like you know so many random little facts.” You complimented Peter and leaned on your hand to stare at him.
“I don’t really. You’re the smart one. You know way more than me.” Peter replied. You smiled in appreciation of his compliment and gave his arm a fond squeeze.
“What the hell?” Ned asked, breaking the lavender haze you and Peter had slipped into. You both looked at Ned, having completely forgotten that he was there.
“What?” Peter asked innocently.
“What…the…hell?” Ned repeated. You and Peter exchanged a nervous look before playing dumb.
“What’s wrong?” You shrugged and took another carrot from Peter.
“That my question. What wrong?”
“Ned, you’re dropping articles again.” Peter whispered.
“I not!” Ned exclaimed.
“Nothings wrong. Everyone calm down.” You mumbled in embarrassment.
“No. Something is definitely going on between you two.” MJ jumped in in agreement.
“Hardly anything is going on.” Peter said, making you look at him angrily.
“Hardly anything?” You whispered harshly.
“You know when I lie I get a stummy ache.” Peter mumbled to you. You immediately felt bad and put a hand on his face.
“All right. Not that I particularly care about any of you, but I enjoy drama. What happened between you two that’s making you act so weird?” MJ inquired.
“Nothing.” You repeated. “Nothing happened.”
“Uh huh. Sure. And Peter, could you confirm that for me?” MJ asked and turned her attention to Peter. Peter looked between you and MJ in a panic before coming clean.
“A lil sum sum happened.” He mumbled, almost inaudibly.
“Peter. Why would you tell them that?” You groaned and covered your face.
“He didn’t have to tell us anything.” Ned stated. “You think we couldn’t tell from the moment you sat down? You think we can’t smell it on you?”
“Fine. You really want to know what happened? We kissed. That’s all. Y/n and I kissed.” Peter said in the most nonchalant tone he could manage at this time. You held your breath and waited for your friends reactions as their jaws dropped simultaneously.
“You kissed?” MJ asked.
“On the mouth?” Ned add.
“A bunch of times.” Peter nodded proudly as you hide your face again.
“Oh my God.” You mumbled.
“When did this happen?” MJ a questioned.
“None of your business.” You said at the same time Peter said “Last night on my fire escape.”
“On your fire escape? Like Sam and Freddie?” Ned asked.
“Exactly!” Peter nodded in excitement while your face palmed. Peter noticed your reaction and felt bad for letting that slip.
“I’m sorry.” Peter apologized and rubbed your back. “I didn’t mean for them to find out right away. I wanted to discuss this with you before we told them.”
“I know. Me too. But I guess the cat is out of the bag now.” You sighed and looked at Ned and MJ, who were still sitting in stunned silence.
“So you two hooked up? In May’s humble home? In her good Christian household?” Ned gasped and pointed between the two of you.
“First of all, I’m Jewish. And second, we didn’t hook up. We just made out a little.” Peter said and tried to make it sound like it wasn’t as big of a deal as he felt it was.
“You made out?” MJ laughed in surprise.
“You’re Jewish?” Ned whispered in an equal amount of surprise.
“Yes and Yes.” Peter nodded proudly. He snuck a look at you to see how you were reacting to all of this and you looked like you had just seen a ghost.
“I’m flummoxed. I’m absolutely flummoxed by this. My my my. I feel I might faint.” Ned said and fanned himself.
“I mean, I definitely saw this coming.” MJ shrugged and went back to reading her book.
“Wait, so are you two a couple now?” Ned asked, making you and Peter freeze. You looked at each other and struggled to come up with an answer since you never got a chance to talk about what last night had meant. You both started to say sentences that didn’t really seem to go anywhere.
“I mean, we didn’t really get a chance to-“ Peter began.
“-it only happened last night so we haven’t-“ You added.
“There’s still a lot we need to talk about but, um…” Peter looked at you and hoped you’d finished his sentence for him so he could know what page you were on.
“Yes?” Peter said at the same time you said, “No?”
Peters face immediately crumbled as you slapped a hand over your mouth.
“Oh my God. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“
“No, no, it’s fine.” Peter cut you off. “I didn’t mean to answer so quickly.”
“I don’t even know what we are. I didn’t-“
“It’s okay. We haven’t talked about it yet, so.” Peter smile sadly at you before looking down at his lap. The guilt over giving the wrong answer was killing you and you needed to remove yourself from the situation.
“I have to go.” You said and got out of your seat.
“Please don’t go.” Peter asked and took your hand.
“Gotta blast.” You pulled your hand out of his and ran out of the cafeteria.
“Damn it. She keeps blasting off when I try to talk to her about our relationship.” Peter grumbled.
“Don’t ever say she’s blasting off ever again.” MJ grimaced.
“But you saw that right? I tried to talk to her about us and she blasted.”
“Please. I’m begging you. Stop saying it.”
“You just have to get her at a time where she can’t blast.” Ned suggested.
“You too?” MJ cringed.
“What am I supposed to do?” Peter asked desperately.
“Well what do you want to do? Do you want to be her boyfriend?” Ned asked him.
“Yeah. I do. Of course I do.” Peter smiled softly.
“Then tell her that.” Ned urged.
“No.” MJ spoke up.
“No?” Peter frowned.
“Don’t tell her. Show her.”
“Show her? What do you mean?”
“Last night, she told me about Brad before she went to your place. You know, before your little fondling party happened. Anyway, she told me that what hurt her the most is that Brad could never admit how he felt about her. He was always playing games and leaving her guessing about how he felt. So if you want to be with her, you gotta do the opposite. Show her that you like her and you’re not afraid to admit that to anyone.”
“What if she doesn’t feel the same?” Peter worried. “What if she doesn’t want me to show her how I feel?”
“She does.” MJ insisted. “I know she does.”
“How do you know that?” Peter furrowed his eyebrows. MJ sighed before deciding that if this was gonna be solved, she had to tell Peter your greatest secret.
“Because I was the one who had to convince her to give Brad a chance in the first place since she was still hung up on you.” MJ admitted. Peters eyebrows raised in surprise before a smile tugged at his lips.
“She was?” He asked in disbelief.
“She likes you, dude. But she never knew how you felt. Nows your time to tell her.” MJ told him. Peters smile grew as he realized what he had to do. Now that he knew how you felt, he felt confident enough to seal the deal.
“Not that I care.” MJ added after a beat of silence.
“Thanks MJ. I’m gonna go show her how I feel.” Peter said and got up to leave.
Meanwhile, you were standing by your locker and trying to remain calm. You were freaking out thinking you had just ruined your relationship with your best friend forever. You shut your locket and leaned your forehead against it, cursing yourself for messing everything with Peter up.
“So. You and Parker, huh?”
You turned around and saw Brad standing behind you with a disappointed look on his face. You thought you’d feel sad to see him, but you just felt annoyed that he was talking to you.
“What? How do you even know about that?” You asked when you realized what he said.
“I heard you and your friends talking about it at lunch.” Brad replied. You opened your mouth to tell him to mind his business, then decided to give him some of his own medicine.
“Yeah. Me and Parker. What about it?” You asked and folded your arms.
“Nothing. Just wasn’t expecting you to move on so fast.”
“Move on from what?” You asked him, making his face drop.
“From…from me.” He said quietly.
“From you? Oh my God, did you think we were dating?” You laughed in his face. Brad’s jaw tightened and you could see his hands ball into fists.
“Yeah but we were talking for three months. And we went on dates and stuff.” He reminded you.
“Dude, we were just friends. Sorry if you got confused.” You laughed again and rolled your eyes a little.
“Oh. Yeah. That’s cool.” Brad nodded and stuffed his hands in his pockets.
Peter was watching this interaction from down the hallway with a proud smile. You had made Brad feel as badly as he made you feel and it couldn’t feel better. Peter let you have your moment before joining your side.
“Hey.” He smiled at you and wrapped an arm around you.
“Hey.” You smiled in return and leaned into him. Brad watched the two of you and felt a twinge of jealousy in his chest. Peter sensed like and looked at him as if he was just now noticing he was there.
“Oh, hey Bart. What are you doing by Y/n’s locker?” Peter smiled innocently. You turned your face to the side to hide your laughter as Peter purposefully called Brad the wrong name.
“It’s Brad.” Brad said, his annoyance evident in his voice.
“Is this guy bothering you?” Peter whispered to you but purposefully did it loud enough for Brad to hear.
“This guy? You know my name.” Brad scoffed.
“No. Sorry. I don’t.” Peter played dumb, making you chuckle as you leaned into him.
“I literally just told you.” Brad snapped. “It’s Brad. Brad Davis? ring a bell?”
“Bread? Bread Davis?” Peter asked and cupped his hand behind his ear.
“Brad.” Brad repeated and emphasized the “d”.
“Well it’s nice to meet you, Braz David. Just to circle back, what were you doing by my girlfriends locker?” Peter asked. You raised your eyebrows in surprise when you heard what Peter called you but warmly accepted it. This caught the attention of students passing by which made Brads face heat up in embarrassment and anger.
“Nothing. I wasn’t doing anything.” Brad mumbled and averted his eyes. He looked around at the people snickered and whispering about him and shrunk into himself.
“Cool. Bye then.” Peter smiled wildly and waved goodbye. Brad rolled his eyes and gave you one last look before walking away. As soon as he was gone, you turned to Peter with an excited smile.
“That was so good! We totally got him back for what he did to me!” You whispered in excitement.
“That was all you. I just put the final nail in the coffin.” Peter smiled shyly.
“I heard. So, girlfriend, huh?” You smiled coyly and wiggled your eyebrows at him.
“Yeah. If you want.” He in a way that was confident to show you how much he wanted you but still allowed you to turn him down.
“I do want. And not just because it would be super embarrassing for you if I didn’t want to after you so loudly called me your girlfriend in front of all these people.“ You smiled teasingly and gestured to the hallway full of students.
“Well thanks for sparing me the embarrassment, kid.” Peter said as he took your chin between his fingers.
“Anytime, Parker.” You chuckled before closing the space between you to kiss him.
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webslingingslasher · 2 days
19 and 7? idk i’m feeling very lovey dovey today
based off this prompt list
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” 
Peter was chanting the words between breaths, you haven’t seen him like this in a long time. 
He had brokedown in front of you by accident, he didn’t mean to. It just happened, you weren’t supposed to see this, see him like this. He was supposed to comfort and protect you, not the other way around. 
May said one thing that made him overflow, then it was a trickle effect. You asked ‘what was that about?’ and the next thing he remembers is holding his bent knees and having his head tucked in between sobbing and repeating his sorry’s. He can feel you brushing his hair back and rubbing at his back pressed into you so you can feel your heartbeat. 
It makes him feel worse. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” 
You held him tighter and shushed him, placing a kiss to his forehead.
“You are everything. Everything. There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for you.” 
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cruel intentions | chapter twenty
summary: you and peter are having a nice night, why won't harry respect that
warnings: implied smut
listen to: Thinking out Loud - Ed Sheeran |  I’m a mess - Baby Rexa |  This is why we can’t have nice things - Taylor Swift (playlist here)
Please go look at the playlist, I revamped it all so you can read the chapters with the new songs and also maybe give your guesses of what's coming next given the songs?
word count: 3.8 k
series masterlist + read the next chapter early on my ko-fi!!
Tumblr media
“Just, let’s stay a little longer,” you mumbled against Peter’s lips as he shifted slightly on the bed, he hummed against your lips while he shook his head. 
“Your dad can come in,” he whispered as he stood up while you whined softly before letting him go, basking in the sun that entered your room at Stark Tower while Peter began to pick his clothes from the floor. 
“Well, you would be ready for work,” you teased before you let out a deep sigh while gazing at him as he dressed up. 
It’d been almost three weeks since you’d first slept with Peter since you’d started your relationship with him. Being with Peter Parker felt as if you’d been dropped in a field of flowers somewhere in the Netherlands, feeling a warm summer breeze on your face while the sun was setting up as you smelled the flowers around you. It was easy, calm, balanced, and warm; it was everything a girl could’ve to expect from a relationship with a guy that made her feel so happy and so at peace. It was a healthy loving relationship that often scared you how comfortable you were in it. 
You hadn’t discussed making it official, nor that you wanted to do that for now. Part of your mind, already in your pre-law thoughts, was thinking that there might be a conflict of interest; considering that Peter was fucking the daughter of his boss, but you didn’t want to dwell on telling anyone about Peter, you preferred how things were, not wanting to complicate them. And there was the other thing, the fact that any other healthy and happy relationship had something that yours quite didn’t yet, honesty.
The thought of telling Peter how you’d come to make your moves on him was something that you believed you’d never be prepared to talk about and you weren’t planning on doing it. Though, there was always the fear on the back of your mind, the what if he found out.  
“That’s not funny,” Peter stated sternly as he put on his boxers, but you could still see the hint of a smile on his lips and notice how his cheeks flushed with a pretty pink. 
“It isn’t like he doesn’t know that you’re staying over,” you replied, your eyes gleaming mischievously as Peter was pulling up his jeans. 
With that, you noticed how Peter pressed his tongue to his cheek, shaking his head a little while he let out a soft laugh. “Okay, I just don’t want him to see it,” he replied while he leaned down on the bed and pressed a kiss on your temple. “I’m going to get you breakfast, you want anything?”
He was perfect. A soft sigh slipped your lips as you leaned closer to Peter and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips. 
“A baguette, from that place, Uhm, Levain?”
Peter nodded softly before he placed his new watch in his hands and winked at you. Soon, his new suit was covering his skin, unraveling in front of you.
“You’re going like that?” you asked excitedly with a big smile.
He was wearing it for you, to show himself off to you since you were the one that had helped him design it. 
“I can’t be late for work!” he replied sarcastically with a shrug before the mask was covering his face, now Spiderman was in front of you. “And you can’t either!” he called as he opened the window to your place and jump from the space with ease. 
With how much time you were spending together and even more after Tony found you kissing Peter as you sat on his lap while reviewing some designs of his suit, Tony quickly realized that you were serious about having something with Peter. Maybe it was the fact that Tony trusted Peter, maybe it was the fact that Tony hadn’t seen you glowing and smiling so much since he could recall from the Civil War, maybe it was that you’d been nicer and calmer than in the past years, but something made Tony’s hand bend a little. 
You were suspended from Avengers projects one day but the next you had access to the current files and the old ones that had been forbidden for you since you’d been banned from Avenging -at least, Tony hadn’t figured out that you’d often hacked him or if he did, he hadn’t said anything but this was something new. Therefore, for the past weeks you’d been working with Peter to design a new suit with the new nanotechnology that your father had available, especially since you’d realized that although he could quickly heal, it didn’t mean that he was bulletproof. 
The first design of the suit had been ready in twelve hours, the test and run-ups had lasted almost a week and within a week of using it, it was being reported in all the major news outlets that Spiderman had modified his suit. 
Three whole weeks of spending time together, cooking together, spending time in the lab, going for food -even if it meant going to Queens for Peter’s favorite sandwich shop Delmar-, going patrolling together, training, fucking on your place, and his apartment (and maybe also doing it on a rooftop where you’d hope no one would see you). It had been paradise. Waking up in his arms, working in the lab with him, listening to him telling you stories. 
Maybe, even if you’d done horrible things, if something so good happened to you then you could really change and mend your past mistakes. 
But then, you felt your phone vibrating from your nightstand. You furrowed your eyebrows because you knew that only Peter or your family would be calling you, you lifted your head as you reached for your phone, and there he was. 
Harry would be the other one that would text you but now he was calling you like he’d been doing for the past week and a half. 
You looked at the incoming call and evaluated your situation. You knew Harry, how resentful he could be and how dangerous he could turn, even more, when you’d been ignoring him for so long. You almost responded but the guilt invaded your chest and fear made your throat tight. Harry sabotaged things (just like you did), he could easily sabotage this too and you didn’t know how far he was willing to go just to see him go down to hell with him again. 
You chose not to answer in the morning, and later in the afternoon. On the contrary, you chose to leave your phone in your bedroom as soon as Peter arrived with breakfast, you quickly took it to the kitchen where Tony, Pepper, and Harley were eating with Morgan. Soon, you were off to the labs with Peter as you worked on some new features that you thought would work and your father spend time with Harley keeping you updated on the latest changes in nanotechnology. 
Tony hadn’t said that you could Avenge but the fact that he was willing to share new information as well as something that made you want to cry, even sniffling a bit as he pressed a kiss to your temple when you managed to control the nanobots through your brain frequency. 
It’d been a perfect day, even through the afternoon and until night when Peter and you were watching a movie until 9:00 pm. He quickly leaned forward, kissing your jaw and your cheek before he raised from the bed. 
“Where are you going, Spiderling?” you asked, grabbing his wrist and pulling him back to the bed. He smiled and he obliged, as he fell back into bed with you and pressed his lips to yours. 
“I have to go patrolling,” Peter explained with a sigh against your lips as you kissed him softly.
“Want me to go with you?”
“Your dad would kill me after what he said today,” he explained, as he hovered over you and watched you with a smile. He pushed the t-shirt that you were wearing, which also belonged to him, squeezing your sides. 
You laughed. “He wouldn’t find out,” you replied, squirming under his touch. 
Peter simply raised his eyebrow as he looked at you and you looked back at him, silence filled your room except for the soft words being spoken by the movie on the back but then you caved while rolling your eyes with a huff. 
Peter smiled as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. 
“We can ask him next week,” he insisted before he pressed his lips to your forehead. 
“He’s going to freak out,” you smiled from the bed. 
“Well, there haven’t been any updates on our case or any for that matter, so I think it’ll be fine if you just stay here,” Peter insisted as he activated his suit. 
“Promise to come back here when you finish?”
Spiderman nodded slowly while you watched him, some would say that you were admiring him but you were already focused on the way that the nanobots were covering his body, already creating the codes in your mind so it could be depleted faster than the current speed, Peter could already see your brain working on it. 
 “Sure,” he chuckled as he sent you a kiss before flying into the sky. 
You took your time to think about your past few weeks with Peter, opting for not finishing the movie and deciding that in the spirit of feeling better in all aspects of your life and with summer coming to a close in a little over a month, you decided to start working on some applications for universities abroad where you wanted to study during your exchange semester. Peter and you’d discussed it, he preferred to go to Seattle to the Baxter Building because of their program but you insisted that he should be looking for things in London too. 
Maybe, you could be living with Peter full-time by the start of the next year, your heart simply thundering at the thought of it. You couldn’t help but smile thinking of Peter and you in a new city, excited to spend time with him when he arrived so you could tell him about London and the opportunities there. 
Suddenly, you heard a slight and quick knocking on your door. You raised your head from your laptop before walking fast to the door. It was strange, usually, Peter would simply come through the wall again after a patrol but there had been like three times when he’d chosen the door because of outside factors. 
“Why are you coming in through the door?” you asked as you opened the door but your smile dropped from your face as you opened it. 
It wasn’t Peter there. It was Harry Osborn leaning against the frame of your door, though he wasn’t the same as you’d last seen him. Instead, Harry seemed a bit skinnier than before, paler, and with deep bags underneath his eyes. 
“Is there any other way to come in?” he asked as he entered the room, pushing you softly as he made his way into your room 
Your heart quickly sank further than your stomach, and you struggle to find words for a moment as Harry made his way into your bed and sat on the edge of your bed. 
“Harry?” you asked still dumbfoundedly. 
You were stupid to think that he wouldn't come to find you when he always did. Harry would always get what he wanted, he didn’t have any problem coming unannounced and you were naive to even think that he would leave you alone. You sighed as you tried to recollect yourself and your thoughts before you closed the door and turned around to watch him. 
“Yeah, it’s me,” he stated, as he threw himself into your bed. He looked exhausted but as you watched him, he still has the same energy and attitude as before, you didn’t understand why he looked sick. “Why haven’t you been picking up my calls?”
“I’ve been busy,” you replied, honestly.
“Well, I’m back now and I want to talk to you,” he said with a sigh while you sat on your bed next to him, throwing yourself next to him. 
A part of your brain was worried about his look, about his health. Maybe, there was something you could do or mention for him to get better, maybe he had been doing too much coke and he needed an extra visit to the rehab he sometimes went to; you often organized his visits there when he got too enthralled on the white powder. As often as you did it, you realized that 
“Tell me about Europe, so if Kamala rejected you did you at least managed to get your dick-” 
Harry leaned forward, propping himself up a bit as you continued to lay on your back and suddenly he leaned down, claiming your lips in a bruising kiss. He pushed himself over you, you could feel the whiskey in his lips and the erratic nature of his movements as his hand caressed the back of your head and pushed you harder against him. 
It wasn’t tactile as the one before he left, it was aggressive and rough, your skin hurting by the way he was holding you and his teeth clashing against yours; he’d never done a thing like this before. 
You quickly pushed on his chest, while you propped yourself on the bed before standing up and walking away from him. 
“What the fuck?” you barked as you whipped your lips and glared at him. 
Harry seemed uninterested at best, the dull look on his face let you know that he didn’t care about what he’d done. 
Your neck was becoming splotchy red with anger as you watched him. “What are you fucking doing?” you barked again as you got closer to him. 
Harry rolled his eyes. 
“Last time we texted? The wager?” he mumbled as he looked at you while he raised his eyebrows as if you were an idiot for forgetting. “Parker hasn’t come, right? That’s over so it’s my time to pay,”
“I don’t want you to pay anything, Harry.” you scoffed as you glared at him. 
“Come on, don’t be such a bore,” Harry muttered as he propped himself up from the bed and tried to grab your leg to pull you closer to him, you could still feel the lust in his eyes as he examined you. 
“I said no,” you snapped. “And I swear to god that I’ll break your arm if you carry on,” you threatened him. 
Soon, Harry’s eyes turned cold. 
“What the fuck happened to you these last few weeks?” he asked incredulously, a tone of anger laced in his voice as he stood up. “You aren’t answering my text, ignoring me, being a fucking bitch?” 
“Fuck you,” you snapped at him as you squared him up.
Harry smirked slightly, chuckling sarcastically as he watched your glare at him. 
“No, Fuck you Stark!” he screamed as he got to your face. His breathing was harsh as he glared at you, even angrier at the fact that you didn’t even flinch at the tone of his voice. You raised an eyebrow as if you were waiting for him to cool down. 
“Are you done?”
Harry walked past you, he shove his side against your shoulder as he was about to walk out. You stayed there, watching into the space where he was as you tried to calm yourself down. Harry and you had never fought like that, it’d never got to the point where he’d walked away after a tantrum, either of you but he’d never done a thing like that, tried to force himself on you. 
Then you heard a stop in his footsteps. 
“Oh, did I miss something?”
The threatening tone in his voice made you turn cold as you recalled the photo of Peter and you, you’d left on your desk. It was from a photo booth that you’d run into, one of those old ones in a day that you’d a date night before you left for patrolling. 
You’d wanted to frame it. 
Peter had left it there before he went patrolling and now, it was in Harry’s hands as he examined the photo. You glanced at him, you watched how the anger in his face faltered for a second, leaving space for something that you could only describe as vicious surface on his features as his finger trailed down the different photos and stopped in the one when you were kissing Peter, a smile in both of your faces as you pressed your lips to his. 
“Give me that,” you grumbled as you tried to snatch the photo away from him but Harry quickly threw it away on the floor and step on it as he walked to you. 
“Are you to dating Peter Parker?” Harry hissed as he glanced down at you. 
Your brows furrowed but you tried to ignore how your heartbeat rose, you knew what it meant that Harry found out. 
“It’s none of your business,” you snapped back, you tried to seem to compose as Natasha had taught you. But the fear surfaced in your eyes and Harry knew how to read you like a book; he smiled wickedly. 
“But it is, you wouldn’t have even noticed him if I hadn’t made you make that bet,” Harry mocked with a twisted smile as he stared at you, leaning down. 
“That’s not true,” you growled. 
Harry laughed, loudly. 
“I bet,” he sighed as he passed a hand through his hair. “You hurt me, you didn’t speak to me because you were fucking him, right?” he replied. 
You felt the venom in his tone, the poison that he’d wanted to plant on you. He often did that, you realized at that moment, doubting yourself was your biggest weakness and he knew it because it was his too. You smirked softly as you raised to your tiptoes, leaning into him, your noses almost touching. 
“Maybe I’m not speaking to you because I grew tired of you, did you ever think of that?” 
Harry’s nostrils flared up as he stared at you, silence filled the room as he examined your features and then he smiled. 
“No, that’s not true we’ve been friends forever,” he stated with a smirk. “You’re afraid that I caught you because you actually care about him,”
You stayed silent as you stared at him, your heart feeling like it was going to burst in your chest. 
“I know you, I know that you’re terrified that he found out why you did it,” he chuckled as he watched you, he smirked. “Should we give him a little call?” he asked as he began to take out his phone. 
“Enough,” you hissed as you took a hold of his wrist while you glared at him. 
“It’s enough until I say it’s enough,” Harry snapped back as he shook your hold on his hand but he kept the phone in his hand.
You stared at him, breathing heavily. You knew how cruel he could be if he wanted to, it could be even worse, no one knew you better than him; he knew how to destroy you. 
If he wanted to play rough, you could. 
“Peter loves me and I love Peter, even my dad has allowed me to start working with him again,” you sneered at him. “Now, who apart from me cares about you? No one, so put down the phone, Osborn,” you replied as Harry gazed at your lips for a second and then back at your eyes. 
Harry chuckled hollowly as he placed his phone back in his pocket.
“Huh, I guess I see your true colors now,” Harry stated as he glared at you, placing his hand on your cheek. 
“And I see yours,” you spoke as you brushed his hand off your face. 
“You were a shitty friend anyways,” he mocked, you could feel the heaviness of his words in your heart. 
It burned, the words he was saying, your chest ached deeply as you stared at him. It was haunting, seeing Harry being like that, the ghost of your past was right there, karma coming back for you and it tainted your oldest friendship. 
Suddenly, someone barge through the door.
“Baby, you wouldn’t guess what-” 
Harry and you snapped your head towards the door, where Peter was already glaring at Harry while he glanced at you, a puzzled look on his face as you realized how close you were to Harry. Harry gazed back at you as soon as you gave a step back, and a smile crept on his face.
“Parker,” he muttered uninterestedly. 
Peter’s hands clenched as he glanced at Harry for a second, the glare doesn’t go unnoticed by Harry or you, the poison in Harry’s voice doesn’t go unnoticed either. 
“Osborn,” he replied but his eyes were trained on you. 
“Harry was just going,” you explained, your voice softer but your heart beating erratically as you glanced at Harry, he could say anything and he could destroy your relationship with Peter in a few words. 
You waited for him to do it as he looked at you, instead, he smiled. 
“Yeah, wouldn’t want to ruin a hot night for the new couple, right?” 
Harry started to walk away, you felt like you could finally breathe as he reached the door but then he stopped in front of Peter and then gazed back at you. 
“Good luck, Parker you’re going to need it,” he spoke somberly before he left through the door. 
Peter stared at you. He looked at your pale face, the heaviness in the way that you were looking at him. He could tell that you weren’t fine with Harry’s visit and yet he can’t shake off the feeling, it hoovers above his skin, his senses ringing in his ears. 
He didn’t like Harry before but for some reason, he felt dangerous. 
“What was that?” Peter finally asked, his face serious. 
You sighed as you walked to your bed, he watched you move to sit at the center of it. He walked slowly behind you until he reaches it. 
“We’re fighting,” you explained softly, for some reason not looking at Peter. 
He sighed as he sat down next to you, quickly Peter took a hold of your jaw, cupping it with his hand, forcing you to look up at him.
You would refuse because you felt like vomiting at the thought of how you’d betrayed Peter and what Harry could do now that you were strained. 
“Are you okay?”
You weren’t but then you finally stared at his eyes, those perfect chocolate-caramel eyes. 
“I will be,” you replied. “Cuddle and tell me what happened?”
Peter smiled. 
God, he would never forgive you if he found out. 
author's note: sorry for the awful delay. thank you so much if you decide to support me on my ko-fi and leaving any comments or a like or a reblog truly makes me the happiest.
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keeryshouse · 24 hours
I’d love a Peter Parker x reader story where she’s (or they!) are plus sized and it’s all well and good but she’s not used to a partner being able to throw her around, manhandle her, etc… and every time Peter moves her so casually like she weighs nothing to him she gets all flustered and she squeaks and Peter picks up on it and does it more and more and just thoroughly enjoys flustering his plush princess
hiiii i hope u like it!!!! sorry it’s a shorter one </3
No matter how long you’ve been together, or how many times you’re reminded of it, Peter's strength never fails to surprise you.
Maybe it’s because it juxtaposes how he acts around you most of the time. The cuddles and hugs whenever he can get them, kisses placed on your head whenever he passes by, the sticky sweet compliments he gives. He’s a lover, that’s for sure.
He’s also Spider-man, a literal superhero. Of course he’s strong, you’ve just never been with someone who’s able to pick you up with so much ease.
Whether it’s him pulling you closer in bed so that you’re half flopped over him, giving you piggy back rides when you’re drunk and stumbly, or tossing you around in bed, his way of doing it so casually always has you flustered.
Of course, he notices. He notices everything about you. The way you poke your tongue out when you’re focused, or the way you scratch at the skin around your fingernails when you’re nervous.
He loves that he’s able to have you all shy and warm just by picking you up. You react the same way each time: a small squeal of surprise, your arms gripping in him tight like he’ll drop you, and then a smile you try and hide overtaking your features.
And so, like the teasing menace he is, he picks you up more often just to have you react like that.
He’d asked you to dance with him like the romantic that he is, the morning light sleeping through windows as your lighting and the sounds of your coffee maker as the soundtrack.
Relationships like yours seemed like a myth, something purely fictional, until you met Peter. You grin as he sways you around the kitchen, bare feet against the cool tile. He spins you out, and back in, soaking up the giggle that leaves your mouth. Then, he dips you low.
It has that classic squeak leaving your mouth, your arms tightening around his neck. He pecks you, once, twice, and lifts you back up to stand.
“Where’d you learn to dance like this, Parker?”
“May taught me when I was younger. It’s paying off, huh?”
“Remind me to thank her later.”
He smiles wide, a glint of mischief in his eyes before he picks you up, his arms around your waist, and spins you around.
He can’t hold in his laugh, far too happy to be able to pick you up, hopefully for the rest of his life.
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peterdarlingg · 2 days
Midnight Rain
Request: (anon) Hiiiii, could you maybe do some Peter Parker fluff? I'm a sucker for soulmate aus but honestly I'd be happy with about anything.
Thank you :)
pairing: Peter Parker x Avenger!Reader
Summary: Peter takes care of you coming back from a mission.
Warnings: fluff, bad writing, maybe typos and grammar mistakes?
A/n: okay hello, hi, is this thing on? Okay basically this is one of my first fics that ever that I’m posting. And I’d like to point out that this is also my first time ever writing anything. So there’s that. If you have any criticism I’d love to hear them. Respectfully. And please send in asks and comments telling me if you liked this or not. If you do like it please reblog it it would mean a lot I spent a lot of time on this believe it or not. So please reblog and tell me what you think. I’m nervous but I really do hope you enjoy. Also thank you anon for the request I hope you enjoy the Peter Parker fluff. <3
It was midnight and the rain was pouring down New York. People ran for cover outside and umbrellas were being opened. Thunder crashing throughout the sky and echoed through the Avenger tower.
You had just arrived home from a mission. Peter was waiting for you outside holding an umbrella, bouncing on the heels of his feet nervously. This time peter wasn’t required to come on this mission. But that doesn’t mean he was thinking about your well-being every minute of the day.
You had been gone for about 5 days now, but the mission was a success. What Peter didn’t know though is that you had a little injury while being there— well not little per say. While fighting for your life you were blindsided and got stabbed in your side. Let’s just say you envied Peter for his Peter tingle.
You were nervous about seeing Peter only because you knew how worried he got when you went on missions and would be extra worried about you if he’s not there. But you missed your boyfriend terribly and just wanted to be in his arms right now.
As you were walking down the Quinjet, Tony, Nat and Steve were piling out saying a quiet hello to Peter before going inside being exhausted and all.
You saw Peter standing down there waiting for you with a huge grin on his face. His hair was tousled and curly from the rain. He looked adorable and you honestly couldn’t wait to go to sleep next him and cuddle tonight.
As you got closer Peter’s smile started to falter. He could see you walking slowly and could tell that you were in pain. Of course he could always tell—you thought. Now you know there’s now way in hiding it. He would have found out anyway but you didn’t want to upset him right now.
You stood before him with inches between your faces and he gently nudged his nose against yours and connected his lips with yours kissing you so gently but so passionately that you could feel how much he missed you and how you missed him.
He pulled back looking at you with his puppy eyes that you couldn’t resist. “Hi” he whispered softly with a gentle smile. “Hi,” you whispered back. You smiled and wrapped your arms around him and he returned the hug.
He held you but was careful not to hurt you and tucked his face in the crook of your neck breathing you in. “I missed you so much” your voice was muffled with you face tucked in his chest but he heard it anyway. “I missed you too,” he said and kissed your temple.
You pushed back to look at him. “What happened?” He said, his voice filled with worry now. “What do you mean?” You said acting confused. “You know you can’t hide it from me, what happened, are you okay?” He said quickly getting more worried by the second.
“I got stabbed,” you huffed, disappointed knowing how anxious he’ll be for you now. “What?!” He shouted alerted. “Are you okay?” “Are you in pain?” “Do you need any pain meds?” “I have some in my room,” “you know how i get coming back from patrol and missions and-“ “Peter I’m okay,” you said stopping his rambling.
“But-“ he said still alarmed. “I’m okay sweetheart,” you said smiling sweetly at him, your hand cupping his cheek. He leaned into you closing his eyes for a second. “Really I am, a little sore but nothing I can’t handle,” you said reassuringly.
“Let’s go inside yeah?” You suggested. He nodded and you both went inside. He held your hand is his tightly but not enough to hurt you.
He lead you to his room and sat you down on his bed. He helped you out of your suit and started putting you in pajamas. Which was basically his black hoodie and grey sweatpants. Both which were too big on you but you loved them anyway cause they’re so cozy and smell like Peter.
He looked sadly at your side which was wrapped in gauze. He crouched down and kissed your side softly not to hurt you looking up at you adoringly. You melted feeling his lips on your injury.
“Arms up please,” he said. You put your arms up like he said and he slid the hoodie over your head, helping your arms in. He then helped you put the sweatpants on.
“Peter you don’t have to do all this you know,” “I can get dressed myself, I don’t want to be a burden,” you said softly still having a hard time accepting his help after years of being together.
“I know you can, but I want to help you,” he said looking at you and smiling his eyes crinkling. “And how many times do I gotta tell you that you’re never ever a burden and you’re never ever going to be,” he said now crouching in front of you.
“I know, I don’t know why it’s still hard though,” you said barely above a whisper. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “I’ll keep reminding you everyday till we’re eighty,” he said lowly, his hands cupping your face.
You smiled and leaned a bit to connected your lips with his giving him a bone crushing kiss. His hands on either side of your face and you hand on his chest feeling his heart beating under your hand. Which will always make you feel safe with him.
Unfortunately you both need air to survive so you pulled away resting your forehead against his. “I’m tired,” you said softly closing your eyes. “ I know you are lovie, let’s get you to bed” he said, caressing the side of your face and helping you up so you don’t hurt you side.
He fluffed your pillows and tucked you in, then he came in next you right after. You felt his arms sneaking around your waist and you immediately backed into his warmth. Feeling his bare chest against your back.
“Good night baby,” he whispered softly in your ear, burying his face in your hair. Already hearing your soft snores as you drifted off to sleep in his arms with the pitter patter of the rain on the window.
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spidernerdsblog · 18 days
A/N : another blurb inspired by a prank video. Hope you like this. Let me know what you think.
Summary : you prank your boyfriend by putting him in the positions he puts you in during sex.
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings : mature content
Tumblr media
You were hanging out at Peter’s dorm room, sitting on the couch and scrolling through your social media accounts.
“Hey whatcha doing?” Peter asks, walking into the living room. You look up from your phone.
“Nothing, just watching this tiktok on some special yoga poses. Apparently only women can do these very easily.” It was a lie in the video the girlfriend was pranking her boyfriend by putting him in the positions he puts her in during sex.
“That’s rubbish, it just depends on your body’s flexibility.” Peter says.
“You think you’re flexible enough to do these?” a mischievous smirk plays on your lips as you raise an eyebrow baiting him.
“Babe look who you’re talking to. I’m spiderman, I'm flexible AF.” He states placing his hands on his hips with an air of confidence
Oh this is gonna be fun you thought, putting away your phone and standing up from the couch. “Ok let’s see how flexible you are.”
“Yeah, let's do it!” He says excitedly pumping his fist in the air. 
“For the first pose you need to lie down on your back.” You instruct as Peter goes to lie down on the floor. 
“Now bring your legs up” you tell him and he follows by lifting his legs up. “Yeah, just like that. Now spread them wide all the way”
“Like this?��� He spreads his legs wide. 
“Yeah and then grab the back of your thighs and pull up.” Holding by the thighs Peter pulls his legs up to his chest and you bite your lip to hide a smile.
“Do you feel it?” You ask.
“Kinda.” He replies.
God he’s so innocent you thought laughing silently to yourself deciding to carry on with the next position.
“For the next pose, turn on your side and bend your knees.” Peter follows your directions and turns on his left side. “Now lift the top leg up.” 
He lifts his right leg up as you hum in approval. “Yeah, as high as you can.” 
“Ooh I can feel this!” He tells and you purse your lips to keep the giggle from slipping out of you.
“Good now stand up.”
“This one is a bit rough, it's called the bunny hop. So you gotta squat down to your feet.” You explain as he squats down.
“Yeah great, now jump up and down.” Peter starts to hop on his feet. “No, no your feet should be on the ground just move your hips” he does as told and you swear to god watching him do that sent you on the verge of losing all control and laughing out like a maniac.
You quickly schooled your features and said. “Ok so for the last one get on the couch on your knees. Grab on the backrest.”
Peter gets on the couch kneeling and holds onto the backrest as you lift his left leg.
“Now lift this leg up and stick your ass out.” Just then Harry decides to stroll into the living room.
“Looking great Parker.” He opens the refrigerator to grab a beer bottle. “You guys taking a trip to the wild side? Should have asked me would’ve been happy to help.” He says while opening the bottle. Understanding finally dawned upon Peter as he jumped out of the couch with a mortified expression and you burst out laughing.
“Oh my god Y/N! You’re such an evil.” He cried out as he thought of all the sex positions you made him do. 
“You don’t have a problem when you put me in those positions.” You tease both of your faces red yours from laughing too hard, his from embarrassment as he stomped back to his room.
“Always wanted to peg that ass.” Harry says, eyes focused at the open door of Peter’s room. 
“Shut up Harry!” Peter yells from his room. Chuckling Harry takes a sip of his beer and saunters off to stand beside you, handing you another bottle.
“Pussy.” He mumbles and turns to you with a sultry look. “The offer still stands, you know. Just like I said before you’re welcome to watch…” he eyes you up and down. “Or join.”
Your lips curl into a smirk as you regard him with narrowed eyes. There have been quite a few times where Harry had openly admitted he’s attracted to both of you suggesting you guys should try doing threesome. “I’ll give it a thought.” You say clinking your bottle to his and take a sip.
Tumblr media
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vivwritesfics · 29 days
"I Know"
Peter Parker has the best girlfriend ever
Peter Parker x Reader
I've been MIA for the longest time because the inspo just hasn't been there. But I've gotten away from university for a few days, and this is what came from my peaceful time alone
Tumblr media
"I'm so sorry, baby," said Peter. He stood on top of a building, watching a bank robbery happening opposite. A bag full of snacks and two pairs of his favourite pyjamas lay discarded beside him, and Peter made a mental note to pick it up later. The wind was biting, but Peter didn’t care. His attention was split evenly between his girlfriend and the bank robbery.
This was not the first time he had flaked on date night, and he knew it wouldn't be the last. He and his girlfriend both knew. But Peter Parker had the most understanding girlfriend in the world.
"It's okay, Pete," she said. Peter could picture her now, snuggled up in her bed, waiting to change into a pair of his pyjamas, with her snack basket filled and her laptop loaded up with a Christmas movie. "Go... save the world."
It wasn't quite saving the world, but she made Peter smile. She always made Peter smile. Y/N was the most understanding person in the world. "I'll be at yours as soon as I can. Don't open the chocolate without me."
After that, Peter had no choice but to hang up. The bank robbery had started to wrap up and Peter had to stop them. He put his phone in his bag, pulled his mask over his face, and swung down to the bank. "You guys have ruined my date night."
“What the fuck?” One of the bank robbers dropped his white bag filled with green notes and swung a bat at Peter.
It was cartoon-y, how these robbers were behaving. The white bags, the notes flying all over the place. Their ski masks weren’t masks at all, but unfolded beanies with the eyeholes cut out. “Wait, can I get a picture? My girlfriend is going to love this.”
Y/N’s family loved Peter. Somehow, he’d never been late to dinner with her parents. Either criminals decided to take the day off, to let Peter have his dinner, or for once somebody else was cleaning up the city in his stead.
But not tonight.
“I’ll be maybe ten minutes late,” he said as he swung through the city. His suit was discarded, but his tie was still around his neck.
Y/N had her phone between her shoulder and her ear as she put in a pair of earrings. Dinners like these were a big deal to her parents. The whole family dressed up fancy, all of her sibling’s partners were invited and they had at least three courses. “Pete, babe, it’s fine. I’ll cover you.” And, as she said it, she didn’t sound disappointed at all.
Peter really had the best girlfriend in the world. “Holy shit, I love you,” he said, only just noticing his tie. But it was too late to remove it now. “Please send me the cover story.”
They said their goodbyes (with Y/N begging him to stay safe) and went to do their things. Peter fought the bad guy, managing to keep his rather expensive tie intact. Y/N finished getting dressed for dinner and went downstairs to greet her parents.
Her siblings and their partners were already downstairs, drinks in their hands.
“There she is!” Called her brother as Y/N stepped into the room. He checked his watch and feigned a frown. “Not like that boyfriend of yours to be late, is it?”
With her hands clasped behind her back, Y/N rocked on her heels. “Actually, Peters gonna be late today,” she said, hoping they weren’t going to ask anymore questions.
“That Parker boy is never late,” her father said, “What’s holding him up?”
Before now, Y/N hadn’t thought of an excuse for Peter. She had just hoped they wouldn’t ask, and then he could’ve come up with his own backstory. (Peter had gotten good at that).
“Uhh…His house… caught fire? And his aunt… is in the hospital… with death?” oh yeah no this was not going well. “Oh! And the tire on his bike popped.”
Yes. That was very believable.
But nobody questioned it as Y/N sat beside her sister and her sister’s girlfriend. “He’ll be here soon.”
Her eyes shifted to the floor, which only made everything more believable. She pulled out her phone and sent Peter the cover story, just seconds before the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” She shouted, jumping up.
Racing to the front door, Y/N pulled it open to see Peter stood there, still sorting out his suit. “You are so lucky nobody else answered the door,” she said and buttoned up his shirt correctly. “I sent you over the cover story,” she whispered and kissed his cheek.
Pulling him into the house, Y/N pushed him towards her father. “Hello, Mr L/N! Sorry, I’m late, my tire burst.”
Suddenly, Y/N’s mother came running out of the kitchen. “Peter, my dear!” She shouted and pulled him in for a hug. “I’m so sorry to hear about May and your house. You can stay here for as long as you need!” She cried, running her fingers through her hair. He looked at Y/N with her brows furrowed. ‘Go with it’, she mimed. “How about we all go and visit May as soon as we’re finished with dinner?”
“Oh! Please, Mrs L/N. That’s not necessary.” Peter pulled away from his girlfriend’s mother and grabbed Y/N’s hand. “Can I have a word with you upstairs?” He asked her, and Y/N allowed herself to be pulled up to her bedroom.
As soon as the door was shut Y/N was wrapped around him. “I missed you,” she said, planting a kiss on his cheek.
“Missed me so much you told your family that May was in the hospital?”
“And that your house burnt down,” she said quietly, laying her head on his chest. “I know I said I’d cover for you, but I’m not very good at it, Pete.” Her arms snaked around his middle, sitting beneath his blazer.
Peter’s phone suddenly buzzed. He pulled it out of his pocket and frowned once he looked at it. “Oh god, what is it?” Asked Y/N, looking up at Peter with wide eyes.
“Baby, I love you but, I’ve got to go. I swear this’ll-”
“It’s okay, Peter, I know.”
Peter kissed her. It was slow, yet oh so intense. One of those kisses that makes you gasp. “I have the best girlfriend in the world.”
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vendettaparker · 7 months
The Baby Assignment [P.P]
Tumblr media
Summary: When you and Peter begin working on an assignment for your Child Development class and Morgan overhears your discussions, she starts to think that you and Peter are actually expecting a baby, leading to a lot of confusion and a very pissed off Tony.
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: mentions of sex, mentions of pregnancy and childbirth, swearing, typos
a/n: just something nice and fluffy before the last chapter of bty comes out and crushes everyone’s souls 
“MJ is so pissed,” Peter laughed as the two of you walked hand in hand into the penthouse of the tower, “she said Flash has already made three misogynistic remarks and eight ‘that’s what she said’ jokes.” 
“Oh god,” you chuckled, “she’s gonna kill him.” 
Peter’s phone buzzed again, “nine jokes,” he updated with a smile, texting her back a frowny face. 
“I’m just glad we got paired together,” you said as you set your backpack on the kitchen counter, “I mean imagine if you got paired with Flash… or worse, if I got paired with Flash.” You grimaced at the thought. 
“Flash was ten times more likely to wind up dead if he got paired with you rather than MJ, so I’d say he’d be the one with the short end of the stick there,” Peter joked, setting his bag next to yours as you rooted through the fridge for some juice. 
“You’re right,” you agreed with a smile, “besides, it would never come to that because you would do the gentlemanly thing and switch partners with me, right?”
You turned to Peter with apple juice in your hand. Peter wrapped his arms around you and pressed a kiss to your forehead, “Aw babe,” he cooed, “no chance in hell.” 
You pulled away with a laugh, setting the apple juice on the counter behind you, “You’re lucky you’re so cute, Parker,” you smiled. 
Peter’s cheeks flushed pink as you looked up at him and batted your eyelashes. He smiled down at you, flicking his eyes between your gaze and your plush lips, just begging for a kiss. 
“What?” you asked coyly, bringing your hand up to the back of his head and playing with the curls that grew there. 
“Stop looking at me like that,” Peter muttered as he leaned into you and your temptress ways, “we need to work on our project soon.” 
“Mhm,” you hummed, “and?” 
“You’re distracting me,” Peter’s breath was minty on your face as he spoke, lips inching closer to yours. 
“Am not,” you bit your lip. 
Peter leaned in fully, closing the gap between the two of you, but just when his lips met yours—ding! The elevator door opened. 
“Hands off my daughter, Underoos,” Tony said, not even looking up from his phone as he walked into the penthouse. 
Peter immediately took a huge step away from you, quickly busying himself with getting glasses from the cabinet for the apple juice. 
“Dad,” you groaned, walking over to your backpack to get your computer and homework out, “I thought you were in Spain.” 
“It was Prague,” Tony corrected, “and I just got off the jet. Is this what you guys do whenever I leave?” He asked, looking up from his phone and pointing between you and Peter with a disgusted look on his face. 
“N-No, of course not, Mr. Stark—” Peter began, turning towards his mentor, but you cut him off. 
“Only if there’s no one else home,” you shrugged. Peter snapped his head towards you and widened his eyes, “What?” you held your hands up in defense, “There’s no point in lying.” 
Tony pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a long sigh, “I hate teenagers,” he groaned as he walked away towards the living room. 
“That… went surprisingly better than I thought it would,” Peter noted as he set your glass of apple juice next to your notes. 
“He’s tired,” you said, “we’ll probably get a stern talking to about protection and all that later. Or better yet, he’ll have Steve give us the lecture,” you grimaced at the thought. 
“I can’t go through another one of those talks,” Peter groaned, taking a seat next to you at the counter, “May found the condoms I bought before I got a chance to put them away and every time she mentioned sex during the entire conversation she called it “fornicating”.”
You laughed and elbowed Peter’s arm, “I’ll do you one better,” you proposed, “Steve still refers to it as “fonduing”.” You wiggled your eyebrows at Peter as you said it, making him laugh along with you. 
After your laughter died down you pulled up the assignment you were given on your computer, “Okay,” you began, “Mrs. Horn said that we’re getting the dolls on Monday so this weekend we have to have typed out a birth plan, daily schedule, and list of notable child physicians in the area that we could go to.” 
“Okay,” Peter nodded, opening his laptop as well, “what do you want to start first?” 
“Birth plan probably,” you began typing on a shared document with Peter, “she said it has to be at least one page and include alternate plans for worst-case scenarios. So we should do our regular birth plan and then we could do one like if something bad were to happen.” 
You began typing out the plan of what you would want to do if you were really having a baby. Peter watched as you wrote out all of the plans, taking note of how quickly you seemed to figure this all out. 
“This feels so weird,” Peter mumbled. 
“What do you mean?” you asked, looking over at him. 
“It feels kind of real,” he explained, “like, have you thought about this?” 
“Not particularly,” you shrugged, “I mean, sometimes. I just think logically I will probably have kids, so it’s good to know ahead of time how I want them to come into the world and how I plan to raise them and all that jazz.”
“Yeah,” Peter nodded.
“Do you want to change anything on here?” you asked, “I mean, it’s your kid too.” you joked, nudging Peter slightly. 
“N-No,” Peter shook his head, “it all looks really good,” he smiled, mesmerized by the thought of having children with you and starting a family one day. 
Of course, it was way too early to even think of that, let alone make plans for it, but knowing that you also thought about these scenarios made Peter’s heart soar. 
He’d always felt—at least in some small part of him—like your feelings for each other were one-sided. Or maybe not one-sided completely, but at least he thought that he loved you more or cared about your relationship more than you did. But this project you’d been given was easing those worries little by little. It might not have meant nearly as much to you, but to Peter, it meant the world to know that you thought of the future like this. Possibly a future with him.
“Oh, and names,” you said, looking up from your laptop to Peter, “one boy name and one girl name since Mrs. Horn is randomly assigning the babies to each pair so we won’t know if we get a boy or a girl until Monday.” 
“That’s dumb,” Peter said, “don’t people usually know beforehand? So they can know what clothes to buy and stuff.” 
“Yeah, but I guess some people like surprises like that,” you shrugged, “I would want to know as soon as possible.”
“Mhm,” Peter agreed.
“Okay, so names,” you started typing out a section for that on the document, “any ideas?” 
“Hm,” Peter thought about it for a moment, “how about Hans, like from Star Wars.” 
“Wow,” you nodded, “even for our fake kid I hate it.” 
Peter shook his head, “Well what do you want to name it?” 
“I don’t know,” you shrugged, “even though this is all fake and stuff, it’s good practice. That’s why we took the class—”
“We also both needed another elective credit,” Peter mumbled. 
“So I don’t just want to pick some random names and be done with it,” you explained. 
“Well,” Peter began, “if I had a girl, I’d want to name her May because May has always been such a big part of my life. I’d want to honor her by doing that.” 
“Okay,” you nodded with a smile, “I really like that. Want to add a middle name?” 
“You can pick.” 
“I like Louise,” you typed it out, “she’s my favorite character in Bob’s Burgers,” you smiled. 
“Perfect,” Peter agreed, “and for a boy?” 
“Anthony?” you asked, “After my dad, and then Ben for a middle name, after your uncle,” you typed it out as you spoke before looking up at Peter, “what d’you think?” 
“I-I really like that,” Peter nodded, a small smile dancing on his lips. 
“Okay,” you closed your laptop, “that’s enough for one day. We can look for child physicians tomorrow.”
Ding! As you and Peter finished up your work in the kitchen, Morgan was just coming up to the penthouse, just now returning from school herself. 
“Hey little miss,” you smiled when you saw her, but you frowned when you saw the small pout on her face, “what’s wrong?” 
“‘M not any good at kindergarten,” Morgan pouted, “I messed up reading during read-aloud time.” 
“That’s okay, Morg,” you tried to reassure her, “one mistake doesn’t mean that you’re not good at something. Peter makes mistakes all the time, but he’s still a really good Avenger,” you said, patting your boyfriend on the shoulder. 
“Yeah, I always make mistakes,” Peter nodded, “but it helps because then I learn from them and fix them, and then I do better. (Y/N) makes mistake too—”
“Don’t lie to her, babe,” you cooed, pinching Peter’s cheek. 
“It’s not the same,” Morgan walked over to you and climb into the barstool next to yours, “everyone laughed at me.” 
“We always laugh at Peter,” you told her, “remember when he ran into the window?” 
A smile crept its way onto Morgan’s face, “Yeah,” she nodded. 
“And that’s how Peter learned that we have the windows cleaned every Thursday,” you explained with a smile, “and it was funny.” 
“Not for me,” Peter whined from beside you, “I broke my nose.” 
Morgan giggled as you began to tickle her, “And he broke his nose,” you laughed, “that’s way worse than messing up read aloud.” 
“Yeah,” Morgan agreed, laughing along with you. 
“I don’t like how you’ve chosen to console her,” Peter mumbled. 
“Aw,” you cooed, placing your hand over Peter’s, “it’s okay, baby. It was just a mistake, right Morg?” 
“Mhm,” Morgan nodded. 
“And it’s not a big deal or worth being upset over, right?” you nudged Peter. 
“Right,” he smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead. 
“Okay,” you looked down at your sister, “now run along, Peter and I still have some homework to finish. Dad just got home so he’s probably in the living room watching TV.” 
“Okay,” Morgan hopped down from the counter and ran off down the hall. 
“You’re really good with kids,” Peter said as he looked at you with admiration. 
“So are you,” you smiled at him, “I’m glad I can shit on you to make her feel better,” you joked. Peter laughed and wrapped his arm around you, “I hope I can count on you to let me do that when it’s our kids.” 
“Anything for you,” Peter said, pressing a kiss to your lips. 
You hummed against his lips, before pulling away, “Don’t try to seduce me when my family is in the other room.”  
“Hey,” Peter complained, “if anything, it’s you that does the seducing.” 
“I’m about to go to my room to finish my homework,” you pulled away from him, “do you really want that to be the last thing you said before we move to my room?” 
Peter quickly shook his head, “No, definitely not. I love you, you’re perfect, you can do no wrong.” 
“Aw,” you smiled, “you’re too sweet.” 
You began to gather your things as did Peter so you could both head to your room. 
“Are you excited to take care of a baby for a week?” Peter asked as you began walking down the hall. 
“Kind of,” you shrugged, “I mean, I think it’s honestly gonna be one of the most hand-on assignments ever, which I’m not exactly thrilled about because of our busy schedules. Like, when we really have a baby, it would be when we’re ready and can make time for it. Ideally, at least.” 
Peter’s heart skipped a beat when you said “we”, as in, you and him, having children together. His heart was already so full when he looked at you, he couldn’t imagine the love and joy he’d feel when looking at you round with his baby or holding his children in your arms. This project was truly putting many things into perspective for him and forcing him to think about his future. 
“Yeah,” Peter agreed, “not to mention the crying. It’s gonna be so loud and nonstop.” 
“I didn’t pay attention at all when we went over the different cries in class,” you admitted, “so we might have to try everything to get the doll to shut up.” you joked. 
“You mean to get our very loved baby to soothe,” Peter corrected, “doesn’t this thing also record us?” 
“No,” you shook your head, “I don’t think that’s allowed. If so, Mrs. Horn is gonna be in for a real treat. More like Mrs. Horny—” 
“Please stop.” 
“Also,” you said, “I haven’t told anyone about this project yet, so nobody’s gonna be prepared for this next week of hell.” 
“Well, better get to it,” Peter said, “gotta tell your dad he’s gonna be a grandpa,” he joked. 
“Yeah and Morgan that she’ll be a little auntie.”
Little did you and Peter know, you were both passing Morgan’s room, whose door was open a crack. The little girl was playing with her dolls when she heard the two of you pass by. “Gotta tell your dad he’s gonna be a grandpa” “Yeah and Morgan that she’ll be a little auntie.”
Morgan set her dolls down and raced to the door to hear more of the conversation, but you and Peter were already down the hall and in your room. 
Her little lip began to wobble at the thought of you and Peter having a baby right now. She didn’t really understand what that meant, but she knew that it meant everything would change and that wasn’t something she was prepared for. She stood in the doorway of her room for a moment before she did what any six-year-old would do when they were about to cry; she ran to her dad. 
“Daddy! Daddy!” Morgan cried as she ran into the living room, where Tony was half asleep on the couch with Pepper by his side, who had just gotten home from work. Sam, Bucky, and Natasha were also there, just in the other room discussing details for a mission they were going to go on. One that they planned to invite you and Peter to join. 
“Huh?” Tony woke with a start as Morgan jumped into his arms, tears streaming down her face. 
“What’s wrong, honey?” Pepper looked worriedly as Morgan buried her face into her dad’s shirt. She ran her hand up and down the little girl's back soothingly. 
“What’s the commotion?” Sam asked, walking into the room with Natasha and Bucky, “Who hurt our favorite fun-sized Stark?” 
“Morg,” Tony tried to calm her down, “what happened? Are you hurt?” 
Morgan shook her head quickly, “No,” she cried, “I’m just sad. I don’t want everything to change.” 
“What do you mean, sweetie?” Natasha questioned softly. 
“(Y/N) a-and Petey are go-gonna have a b-baby,” Morgan sobbed as she spoke, hardly getting the words out, “and t-then everything with change because y-you’ll all be too busy with the new baby!” 
Pepper looked up at Tony who looked at Pepper with the same expression of complete confusion. 
“Honey,” Pepper cooed, “(Y/N) and Peter are not having a baby. Why would you think that?” 
“They said they are!” Morgan yelled defensively, growing more upset now that everyone was looking at her like she was crazy. 
Sam looked over and Bucky and Natasha who just shrugged. 
“Maybe they said that in the future they might want to have kids,” Natasha said, “but that doesn’t mean that they’re gonna have a baby now.” she tried to explain. 
“No,” Morgan shook her head, “they’re having a baby now,” she was very adamant about it. 
“Why do you think that, Morg?” Tony asked. 
“Because (Y/N) said that she would have to tell me that I’m gonna be an auntie. I don’t want to be an auntie! I want to be the baby.” Morgan began to cry harder, “A-And Peter said that they were g-gonna tell you that y-you’ll be a grandpa! I don’t want you to be a grandpa, I want you to be my daddy still!” 
Tony thought about it as Morgan cried in his arms. You and Peter were insanely touchy with each other. He knew for a fact that you and he have already fondued, and he also never had the safe sex talk with either of you yet—part of him hoping that you two weren't stupid enough to not be safe. But the more Morgan cried in his arms, the more he thought about all the times he caught Peter coming out of your room at two in the morning, all the times Peter had set off the security alarms by sneaking into the tower at one in the morning, all the pieces of dirty laundry that belonged to Peter that also got mixed in with yours, and worst of all—all of the times you texted him letting him know that you were going to stay the night at Peter’s. 
“Oh my God,” Tony wrapped his arms around Morgan tighter to make her feel comforted, “she’s right. I think (Y/N) might be pregnant.” he looked over at Pepper who was shaking her head at him. 
“Tony,” she chided, “don’t feed into this. Morgan is just having a rough day, and you’re exhausted. This isn’t a good topic for discussion right now. If (Y/N) really was pregnant she’d tell us.” 
“Maybe she just hasn’t yet,” Tony defended, “I mean, seriously, do you know how many times I’ve caught them doing it.” 
“Hundreds,” Bucky nodded in understanding. 
“Don’t even get me started on the fact that Peter talks in his sleep,” Sam began to laugh as he mocked him, “oh (Y/N), right there. Oh, so good baby. Feels so go—”
Natasha quickly cut him off with a slap. 
“Oh my God,” Tony groaned, leaning his head to rest on the back of the couch, “this can’t be happening. Please tell me (Y/N) didn’t let this happen—”
“Tony stop,” Pepper scolded him, “you’re being ridiculous.” 
“Pep,” Tony nodded down to Morgan who was still crying softly in his arms, “Morgan’s not a liar. I’m sure she heard correctly, and those two teenagers,” he pointed a thumb down the hall to where your room was, “they’re like rabbits. All day and night.” 
Natasha grimaced, “Okay, I think this is getting a little out of hand,” she said, “let’s just ask them. Calmly.” she added, seeing the way Tony was already on his feet, ready to let you and Peter have it. 
“Yeah, yeah,” Tony waved her off, already heading towards your bedroom. 
“Did you put that you didn’t want an epidural?” Peter questioned as he read over the document, “doesn’t that like, hurt though?” 
“Yeah,” you nodded, “but I’m tough. I mean, I literally got shot in the shoulder last month and still had to haul your ass to safety.” 
“Still,” Peter shurgged, “I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to get the epidural.” 
“I don’t want to be all drugged up when I meet my baby,” you explained, “like sometimes people are so dopey from the epidural that they don’t even remember the first moments with their child. I just want to feel it all and remember it all, even if it hurts.” 
Tony could hear the last part of your conversation as he stood outside your door, now fully believing what Morgan had been saying. 
“(Y/N),” he opened the door to your room, seeing you on your bed with your TV remote in your hand as you flipped through movies on Netflix. Peter was at your desk, typing things down on a document Tony could clearly see titled “Parker-Stark Birth Plan”. 
“Yeah?” you didn’t even look away from the TV. 
“Oh my God,” Tony’s face dropped, “so it’s true.” 
“Huh?” Peter looked up from his laptop. 
“What’s true?” you asked, now looking over at Tony. 
“Morgan was right, you are pregnant,” Tony had this strange expression on his face. It was a mix of shock, disappointment, and anger all at once, “how could you let this happen?” He looked between you and Peter, “You both are the most irresponsible teenagers I have ever met. How can you possibly consider bringing a child into this world together? Did you rub your two remaining brain cells together to come to this conclusion? Did you even think or consider all of your options? How far along are you?” 
“What?” Peter looked over at you, “You’re pregnant?” 
“No!” you shook your head, “I’m not! Why would you think that?” you looked at your dad. 
“Don’t lie to me,” Tony warned, “I can see the guilt all over your faces.” 
“That’s Cheeto dust, and it’s only on Peter’s face,” you joked. 
“(Y/N), not the time,” Peter said, closing his laptop and wiping his face off with his sleeve. 
“You two are ridiculous. You can’t even be serious about this,” Tony threw his hands up in the air, “I can’t believe how irresponsible you two have proven yourselves to be. I put a lot of trust in you guys to be mature and strong leaders and then you go and do something like this—” 
“I’m not pregnant!” 
“Then why the hell are you making a birth plan and planning to tell me I’m gonna be a grandpa?!”
You and Peter both looked at each other and a moment before bursting out laughing. You were clutching your stomach and slapping your hand onto the bed as you laughed while Peter held his fist over his mouth to muffle his laughter. 
“Would someone please explain to me what the hell is going on?” 
“It’s for a school project,” you laughed out, “Peter and I are taking care of a robot baby next week and we have to do some paperwork before we get the baby.” 
“We wanted to tell you beforehand because it’s a really annoying baby,” Peter explained, “it’s gonna cry a lot.” 
“And the birth plan has to reflect our own ideas on what we would want to do, so that’s why we’ve been discussing it.” 
Peter opened up his laptop to show Tony the document. After Tony skimmed it, he switched taps to the dropbox where it would be turned in, “It’s for our Child Development class. It’s the final project before the exam.” 
“I’m not actually pregnant, dad,” you giggled, still trying to catch your breath from laughing so much, “we’re not that dumb.” 
“Yeah, Mr. Stark,” Peter nodded, “I have a strong pull ou—”, you quickly threw a pillow at your boyfriend’s face, cutting him off from saying anything else. 
Tumblr media
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ptergwen · 4 months
Can we have some of peter loving reader boobs? Doesn't have to be smut if you don't want, i love your blurbr😔💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
w/c: 426
warnings: 18+, a little smutty (nipple play)
a/n: i’ve always wanted to write this concept so thank you for sending :,) also another reminder to join my new taglist because it’s still pretty empty but anyways pls enjoy
Tumblr media
peter is napping while you scroll on your phone. he’s asleep on your chest of all places, face nestled right in between your boobs. he often uses them as a pillow. the boy is obsessed. only the hoodie you wear separates peter from your bare chest, but hardly. the hot breaths that leave his nose seep through the material, and the entire weight of his head rests on you.
it’s not the most comfortable position. not for you, at least.
you put down your phone and gently take peter by his shoulders, trying to ease him off your chest. peter wakes up in the process, peeking an eye open and pouting.
“sorry, sorry. i didn’t mean to wake you.”
he grabs your sides to steady himself when he realizes you’re moving him.
“what’re you doing? i was comfy there.”
“you’ve gotta lay somewhere else, babes. you’re kinda crushing my boobs.”
“oh, sorry. are they alright? i didn’t know i was hurting you.”
“yeah, just a little sore. it’s okay.”
peter runs his thumb over one of your nipples, hooded eyes gazing up into yours. he feels your nipple harden under your hoodie.
“anything i could do to help? how about i massage them?”
“you just want me to take my top off.”
“shush. i wanna make you feel better.”
you give peter a look.
“fine. that, too.”
you chuckle and pull up your hoodie to expose your breasts. you leave the hood over your head, hands making sweater paws with your sleeves. peter smiles and pecks your cheek.
“you’re adorable. now could i give you a massage?”
“be my guest.”
peter’s hands cup each of your boobs, his body between your parted legs. he uses his fingers to tenderly knead the skin. he presses loving kisses to both your nipples. you let out a noise between a moan and a sigh. there’s nothing inherently sexual about this, but the feeling is heading straight to your core.
“mm, that feels nice, peter.”
“bet it does, baby.”
peter kisses down the valley of your breasts.
“i love the way your boobs fit in my hands. they’re literally perfect.”
“shut up.”
“what? it’s true. they’re warm, soft, pretty. i can’t think of anything better.”
“they’re pretty?”
“you’re so weird.”
“i know.”
peter’s fingers continue massaging your breasts. they’re already feeling better, but you don’t want him to stop. he holds them in his palms for a moment.
“i love you.”
“are you talking to me, or my boobs?”
peter grins.
“your boobs. but i love you, too.”
Tumblr media
tags: @mystic-writings @just-lost-inbetween-worlds @lnmp89 @jenoslov @crvshnburnn @yourlocalomlette @starlight-starks @belovasheart @liltimmyst @eviewriites @hollandsangel @parkerctrl @inthegetawaycarwithtaylah @varshhyy
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ideefixe · 1 year
Tumblr media
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peterbenjiparker · 4 months
can you also repost the blurb where peter doesn't let short!reader kiss him?
“baby,” you plead for the hundredth time in the past hour. you curl your fingers in the material of his thin shirt by the collar, while struggling to maintain your balance as you stand on your tip toes. but your efforts don't stop your from faltering. “c'mon.”
he arches a brow at you, he brings his hands up to cradle your face, and he brushes the tip of his thumb over your lips, brows furrow as he coos down at you with fake sympathy. “yeah, y/n? something the matter?”
“oh my god, pete! c'mon...you can't just...”
“mhmm? i'm listening.”
“i didn't say it was a bad thing.”
“i don't know what you're talking about, sweetheart.”
ah, shit. if it isn't the consequences of your own actions.
peter parker refuses to kiss you.
for the first time in seven months of dating, he refuses to kiss you.
and you're the only one to blame.
it was a peaceful sunday afternoon at peter's apartment before you went ahead and ruined it. with may gone for work, he offered to cook you pancakes, and you happily trailed after him like a puppy to the kitchen where he got started with the preparations.
and while chatting away about anything and everything, you happen to make a..... comment about his height. and regretted it immediately. he is a little tini-tiny bit sensitive about his height. and much to your surprise (gasp) he didn't appreciate your humour (or your apology kisses).
the comment backfired to say the least.
because yes, peter is short. but you? you are way shorter than peter. when you reached up to kiss the frown away, he shrugged you off. standing tall over you while you try to reach his lips. you were growing frustrated by the second, and he has the audacity to laugh at you.
“let me give you a kiss.” you try again, “baby. my super tall baby. c'mere.”
“why don't you come to me?”
bastard. you hate the way his eyes twinkled. you can't go to him, you're short.
“kissy.” you say. “let me give you a nice kissy on the lips.”
“i'll let you once you reach my lips.” he licks his lips, a playful smile on his face.
son of a bitch. he was having too much fun with this. with you.
“fuck you,” you hiss, retracting your hands away from him, you're pissed. but he just chuckles, wiping his hands on the apron he is wearing, looking down at you, grinning wide.
“what's wrong, short stuff?” he winks at you, “are you that desperate for a kiss?”
you glare at him, “no, i don't want to kiss you anymore.”
“aw,” he breathes out a laugh, trying to grab your hands but you pull away, “gave up so soon?” he pouts, “you didn't try hard enough y/n...maybe I would've let you.”
“fuck you, parker.”
“c'mon,” peter raises his hands up in mock defence, “i was only teasing, baby.”
“shut up,” you grumble. “i'm not letting you kiss me for a week if you keep that up--STOP IT! stop smirking at me, don't--do not look at me like that. you think i can't go a week without your kisses? just you wait--”
“okay, okay,” he reaches for your shoulders, “i'm sorry. I'll give you a kiss now, okay?”
you huff but let him cradle your face in his hands anyways.
he puckers his lips as he leans in. you angle your neck up, and close your eyes, waiting for his lips to brush over your own. you wait and wait, but...
he doesn't kiss you!
you open your eyes, only to find peter away from you, biting back his giggles.
“you're so.” you scoff, “you're so mean! don't expect me to kiss you again, you--you absolute fucking idiot. no--i'm leaving. and i am mad at you if you didn't already know, don't try to call me--or text me. i don't want to talk to you--or see you--or kiss your stupid face--”
you squeal--peter's large hands circle around your hips, holding the back of your thighs. he pulls up up to his level and your hands fly to his chest, clutching the material of the apron in between your fingers. “peter! what are you--”
you cling to him until he roughly sits you on the counter.
looking up at him, wide-eyed, you watch him lick his lips, twitching into a smile when he catches your eye. he leans in, hand grabbing your thigh and pulling you closer until he's standing in between your parted legs, with a hand up your skirt and his swet lips ghosting over yours.
he caressing the skin of your neck with the back of his hand, the blunt nails scraping against the bare flesh of your skin. he sniffs, pressing his forehead against yours, the pieces of curls ticking the crown of your head. your gaze flickers down to his lips and he lets a breathy laugh slip. “isn't this what you wanted?”
biting back a snarky comment, you nod, you really do want this. you want to kiss him. peter's pupils dilate, and the roseate hues on the apples of his cheeks matches with indelible heat bubbling up under your skin.
peter grins.
he cups the back of your neck, leans in and finally (fucking finally) kissed you. your breath hitches, gasping into his mouth and he hums, kissing you, breathing you in, consuming all of you with just his lips until you're a mess of skin and bones with coherent thought long gone, melting away with the anger you had for him.
he pulls away, panting into your mouth but he manages a smile, “that good enough for you?”
you roughly grab him by the collar, “more,” and pull him in for another kiss.
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waitimcomingtoo · 5 months
Beneath the Surface
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: during a pool day with the team, your bathing suit makes it difficult for Peter to focus
Tumblr media
“Suit up, Parker. I need you outside.” Tony said as he knocked on Peters doorframe.
“Suit up? Is there a mission?”
“Even better. There’s a mandatory pool day.” Tony replied with an excited wiggle of his eyebrows.
“Can a pool day be mandatory?” Peter wondered.
“Can a boy be strangled?” Tony asked in the same tone. They both fell silent as they stared at each other and Peter gulped a little.
“Pool day. Ten minutes.” Tony said with a big smile after a beat of silence.
“I’ll be there.” Peter nodded quickly.
“Glad to have you. See you out there.” Tony patted Peters doorframe before walking away. Not wanting to upset Tony, Peter quickly changed into bathing suit shorts and a t shirt. He slipped into his flip flops before heading down to the pool. He found Steve, Tony, and Thor sitting around a table under a big umbrella while Shang Chi, Sam, and Scott were in the pool. They all already had their shirts off, making Peter feel a little self conscious in the presence of all their super sized muscles.
“Look who’s arrived.” Steve smiled up at Peter as he shielded his eyes from the sun.
“Yep.” Peter smiled weakly. “It’s me.”
“Look who it is!” Thor cheered before leaning over to the other guys.
“Who is that?” He whispered loud enough for Peter to hear.
“Um…Peter.” Peter answered in confusion.
“It’s nice to meet you, Umpeter. I’m Thor.” Thor smiled brightly and held out his hand. Peter frowned and shook Thors hand as he looked at the others for an explanation.
“You Midgardians and your silly names.” Thor chuckled as he looked at the other guys again.
“Thor, it’s me. Peter.” Peter said again.
“Yes. I know that now. Pleasure to meet you.”
“We…we have met.” Peter said slowly.
“Have we?” Thor frowned.
“That’s Spiderman. You probably haven’t seen him without his mask on.” Steve said in Peters defense.
“I don’t remember ever meeting a Spiderman.” Thor shook his head.
“Well you have.” Peter told him. “Many times. And it’s me.”
“No. I don’t think so. I’ve never seen this man in my life.” Thor shrugged.
“Yes you have. He was with us when we fought Thanos.” Steve reminded him.
“And when we went on that mission to Scotland. He was the one in the skintight red and blue suit.”
“I sat next to you at dinner last night.” Peter reminded him.
“I thought you were the waiter.” Thor tilted his head to the side.
“There was no waiter. We were here in the tower. It was a home cooked meal.” Tony cut in.
“Hm. Then why did you bring me my beer?” Thor asked Peter.
“Because you asked me to. All eleven times.”
“I know. And that’s why I left you a nice tip. You’re make an excellent waiter, Umpeter.” Thor smiled and gave Peter a pat on the shoulder.
“Oh my God.” Peter sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“Rogers, can you pass the baby oil?” Thor requested.
“Please don’t.” Steve sighed as he pushed the bottle of baby oil on the table towards Thor.
“What? They don’t have sun like this back on Asgard. And I want a nice even tan to impress Jane. Her muscles are almost as big as mine now and I’m starting to feel…oh, what’s that word?” Thor asked as he rubbed baby oil all over his skin.
“Small?” Peter shrugged.
“No. No one would ever use that word to describe me.” Thor chuckled. “I’m thinking of another word. What’s that thing you humans feel all the time when in the presence of someone greater than you?”
“Inferior?” Tony asked.
“Ah, yes. That’s the one.” Thor smiled and rubbed more baby oil onto his body. “Mm. I smell delicious. Like a baby’s bottom.”
“Okay. On that note, I’m gonna go say hi to the girls.” Peter smiled weakly before turning away. He walked over to Natasha and Wanda, who were sitting on the edge of the deep end with their feet dangling into the water.
“Look who it is!” Natasha smiled when Peter approached.
“Please say you guys know who I am.” Peter sighed.
“Of course we do. Sit down.” Natasha said and patted the space between her and Wanda.
“Have you applied your sunscreen yet?” Wanda asked and picked up the bottle beside her. Ever since she learned that Peter didn’t have a mother, she took it upon herself to look after him.
“No. Not yet.” Peter told her. Wanda was already squirting some sunscreen into her hand and rubbing it together to warm it up.
“Come here. I don’t want you to burn.” Wanda said as she applied sunscreen to Peters face.
“Did you bring a towel?” Natasha asked him.
“No. I forgot one.” Peter replied.
“It’s okay. I brought extra.” Natasha told him and handed him an extra towel.
“Oh. Thank you.” Peter smiled and put the towel on his lap. “It’s a lot nicer over here than by the guys.”
“We think so too.” Wanda chuckled.
“And look who else decided to join us.” Natasha smiled as she looked up at something above Peter. Peter turned his head and made eye contact with you, making him choke on his saliva. You were wearing a baggy T shirt that covered you like a dress.
“Hey guys. This is so fun. I’m glad we’re doing this.” You smiled as you approached the group.
“H-h-hi.” Peter stammered. “I didn’t know you were home from college yet.”
“I got home late last night. Tony texted me about the pool party and I came right down.”
“Oh. Well I’m glad you’re here. I’ve…I’ve missed you.” Peter said with a shy smile. He had formed a somewhat enormous crush on you when he met you last summer at the tower. You came home from college for Christmas and Spring break, only making peters crush grow the more he saw you. He didn’t expect to see you today and his heart had yet to stop pounding.
“Aw. I’ve missed you too, Peter.” You smiled at him.
“What about me? Did you miss me?” Natasha teased as she and Wanda stood up. Peter stood up as well and waiting behind Natasha and Wanda as you greeted them.
“Of course I did. Both of you.”
You hugged them both and kissed their cheeks in that way that girls did where lips never actually touch the persons cheek but you both make the kissing sound. When you got to Peter, you gave him a quick hug but no kiss. He didn’t expect a kiss since you weren’t exactly friends, but he was still disappointed.
“I’m gonna go say hi to the boys. Then I’ll be back.” You told them.
“Good. We need all the college details.” Wanda said and gave you a look.
“You’ll get them soon enough.” You assured her before walking away. Peter watched longingly as you walked over to the other Avengers. He felt a twinge of jealousy as you greeted them all with a big smile. The amount of shiny muscles that surrounded you was making Peter worry that he had competition. He was fit, but he wasn’t Thor. And he was strongly reminded of that as he watched Thor lift you off the ground and spin you around.
“Don’t worry. You’ll graduated from hugs to cheek kisses soon enough.” Natasha said from behind Peter.
“W-what?” Peter stammered.
“Don’t play dumb. The jealousy was radiating off of you when she kissed us and not you.” Wanda chuckled as she watched the way Peter stared at you.
“I saw it too.” Natasha chimed in.
“I don’t know what you guys are talking about.” Peter lied without ever taking his eyes off of you.
“It’s okay if you like her.” Wanda insisted. “We won’t tell.”
“I don’t like her. I mean, I do. Just not in the way you guys are thinking. That would be….that would be silly.” Peter scoffed, all three of them knowing he was lying through his teeth.
“Uh huh. Whatever you say.” Wanda said and playfully rolled her eyes. Peter looked over at you again and let out a little sigh. He felt a physical pain in his chest from how much he liked you, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit that.
“I just like her as a friend. That’s all.” Peter lied as he stared at you longingly. Just then, you pulled your baggy shirt off and put it on a chair, revealing the skimpy little black bikini you had on underneath. Peter felt all the blood rush to his face as he whole body heated up. Your entire body was exposed for Peter to see and he found himself unable to breathe.
“Holy shit. Why is her bathing suit so tiny?” He whispered under his breath as he stared at you with wide eyes.
“What was that?” Natasha wondered.
“N-nothing. I was just talking to myself.” Peter said as he continued to stare at you. You were tying your hair out of your face, arching your back a little and tilting your head back to make it easier to gather your hair. Peter was staring right at your boobs, which he felt like you were practically putting on display for him with your actions.
“Peter.” Natasha chuckled and playfully smacked his arm.
“What?” Peter wondered.
“Stop staring at her boobs.” Wanda snorted.
“What? I’m not.” Peter insisted as he finally tore his eyes away.
“You totally are. You’re not even being subtle about it. You gotta stop.” Natasha chuckled again.
“I’m not staring at her. You’re all staring at her.” Peter mumbled.
“Peter, you’re gonna freak her out. You’re freaking me out and I’m not the one who’s boobs you’re staring at.” Wanda shrugged.
“I’m freaking her out? You guys are freaking me out. You’re all crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. I don’t even - what? What are you even talking about. I have no idea. I’m not- I’m not even….I’m gonna get a drink.” Peter grumbled and walked away from the girls. He went over to the cooler and bent down to grab a water bottle from inside. When he stood up, you were standing right in front of him.
“Hey.” You smiled brightly at him. Peter was mid sip and started choking on his drink when he got another glimpse of your boobs in your tiny bikini.
“Boobsboobsboobsboobs.” His mind said as he tried his absolute hardest to maintain eye contact with you.
“Hey. How’s it going?” He laughed weakly and took an uncomfortably long sip of his drink.
“Pretty good. I’m honestly so happy to be home. It’s cold up there in Boston. There’s never days as sunny as this.” You said as you looked up at the sun. Peter was half listening, half fighting the demons in his head that were urging him to look down at your boobs. He wanted to answer you in a cool way that impressed you, but all he could think was,
“Boobies. Boobies in bikini. Boobies in black bikini right before my very eyes.”
“Yeah. It’s sunny.” He said, immediately regretting how lame he sounded. He was better than a two word answer but he could not bring himself to focus.
“Yeah.” You laughed awkwardly. “So how was your semester? You’re at NYU right?”
“Yeah. It was good.” Peter have another short answer as his mind scrolled through every possible name for boobs that he could think of.
“Watermelons. Coconuts. Papayas. Other tropical fruits.”
“Well I’m happy to hear that. Mine was good too.” You replied, making Peter internally cringe when he realized he should’ve asked you how your semester was. He wanted so badly to have a normal conversation with you that propelled you towards a romantic relationship but all he could think was,
“Goo goo. Goo gaga.”
“That’s nice.” He blurted. “Did you make any friends?”
“A few. I’m not really good at making friends.” You shrugged, making Peter relax a little when he realized you weren’t so different.
“Me either. I’m kinda shy.” He admitted.
“That’s okay.” You smiled. “I’m kinda shy too.”
Peter smiled softly at you and you smiled back. Before he got ahead of himself, he needed to know if you were even available. He knew there was no was to subtly ask if you had a boyfriend, so he decided to beat around the bush.
“So did you meet anyone who lives around here? Anyone you might want to bring around?” Peter asked, trying to sound casual.
“Not really. There was this one guy though who lives on Long Island. We hung out a couple times.”
“Uh huh.” Peter nodded and tried to remain calm.
“But I think he said he was visiting his boyfriend in California for the summer.” You continued, making Peter relax.
“That’s great. California is great. Lotta gay people.” Peter said, immediately regretting it.
“Yeah.” You laughed awkwardly as your eyes darted to the side. “I’m, uh, I’m gonna go catch up with the girls. I’ll catch up with you later.”
“Bye.” Peter weakly waved to you as you walked away.
“It’s all right. Don’t worry too much about it, kiddo.” Tony called from the table.
“Worry about what?” Peter wondered.
“That completely cringe inducing interaction you just had.” Tony said sweetly.
“It wasn’t that bad. There are a lot of gay people in California.” Shang Chi came to Peters defense as he sat down.
“It was pretty bad.” Thor snorted.
“Oh no. Do you think she thought it was bad?” Peter worried as he took a seat.
“Oh absolutely.” Thor nodded, making Peter sink in his chair in disappointment.
“Yeah. She’s definitely reenacting it for the girls right now. And she’s probably imitating you using a deep voice to demonstrate how dumb you are.” Shang Chi said as he pointed to you and the other girls. Peter looked over at you and saw you laughing as you told the girls a story.
“Oh no. You’re probably right.” Peter groaned.
“It’s okay. We’ve all struck out with the ladies.” Steve assured him.
“Not me. I have to fight women off with a stick. But I would never actually hit a woman with a stick, so it’s more of a gentle shooing away.” Thor said as he made shooing motions with his hand.
“Thanks Thor.” Peter smiled tightly.
“It was one lame conversation. Don’t let it deter you. She’ll only be home until August. If you like her, you should go for it.” Tony encouraged.
“I know.” Peter sighed. “I just couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying when she looks that pretty. And I’ve never seen her with that little clothing on before. I can’t even think right now.”
“Then suck it up and imagine she’s wearing a scuba suit or something. If you want to have a summer romance, you have to lock it down today.”
“Maybe you’re right.” Peter said as he looked over at you again.
“Don’t look now, but you have a superhero stalker.” Wanda said when she noticed Peter staring at you.
“What? Who?” You smiled excitedly and looked over your shoulder.
“Spiderman is totally checking you out.” Natasha chuckled.
“What? No he’s not.” You laughed it off but noticed it too.
“He is. He’s been staring at you even since you showed up.” Wanda insisted.
“Really? He has?” You asked hopefully.
“Yeah. Look at him.” Wanda nodded towards Peter and you looked over at him again. You made eye contact with Peter and waved to him, to which he shyly waved back.
“You two would make a pretty cute couple.” Natasha shrugged, making you playfully roll your eyes.
“I don’t know. I do think he’s cute.” You admitted.
“You do?” Wanda scrunched her nose.
“Don’t make that face. He’s really sweet and kinda awkward but he’s also really funny when he doesn’t mean to be. And look at that face.” You sighed and looked over at Peter again.
“Oh God. They all keep looking over here. They’re probably talking about how much of a loser I am.” Peter said once he saw you all looking at him.
“Yeah. Probably.” Thor nodded.
“Don’t listen to him. They’re probably not saying that.” Steve assured him.
“No. They’re definitely making fun of me.” Peter groaned.
“If you’re so concerned, why not use your super hearing and listen in?” Tony suggested.
“I can’t do that. She deserves to mock me mercilessly in privacy.” Peter sighed.
“Wow. And they say chivalry is dead.” Tony chuckled.
“Aw. I remember Chivalry. He was the one that could shrink and grow right?” Thor asked the group.
“Oh my God.” Peter groaned again. “I’m gonna go for a swim.”
“Yeah. For a pool day, not a single one of us is in the pool.” Tony noticed. Peter got out of his chair and went over to the edge of the pool.
“Don’t forget your floaties Parker!” Tony called. You looked up when you heard this just as Peter was tugging off his shirt.
“Oh my God.” Your jaw dropped when you saw Peters body. His swim suit trunks were hanging low on his hips, leaving very little to the imagination. He jumped into the pool and you felt a little disappointment now that the ab show was over.
“Did you guys see that? Did you see his body?” You whispered to the girls.
“No. I don’t really make it a point to look at men.” Wanda replied.
“Fair enough. But I was totally not expecting Peter to have a body like that. He looked like he was sculpted by a God.”
“Ask Thor. Maybe he was.” Natasha shrugged.
“I gotta get in there. Wish me luck.” You said as you stood up. You walked over to the shallow end of the pool where the stairs were and started to form a plan. You grabbed a pair of goggles that were lying on the ground and put them on before going into the water. Peter was swimming towards the middle of the pool when you emerged through the surface. Your goggles were squishing your nose and your hair was plastered against your forehead, but he thought you looked beautiful.
“Do you want to play mermaids with me?“ You asked, your voice sounding nasally from the goggles. Peter burst out laughing and nodded his head.
“Yeah. I do.”
“Okay. My tail is pink and purple and sparkly and it’s really pretty and it glows in the dark. What does your tail look like?”
“Blue and green and my shell bra is purple and my hair is really long and gold and also glows in the dark.” He played along, making you crack a smile.
“Okay. My hair is pink and sparkly and really long too. And I have a crown that’s gold and my bra is gold too. And I have water powers.”
“My power is that I can talk to fish and I can sing really well.” Peter replied, making you laugh.
“You’re pretty good at this.” You told him. “Have you actually played mermaids before?”
“No but I’m not missing my chance now. What other childhood pool memories do you want to relive?”
“I don’t know. Wanna see me do a handstand?” You smirked as you pulled off your goggles and threw them to the side.
“Oh absolutely.” Peter said. You smiled before going under the water and doing a handstand. Your legs were completely bent and you were leaning to the right, but in your mind you thought your form looked flawless. When you came back up, you had a proud smile on.
“That was so good.” Peter said sarcastically. “Wanna see mine?”
You nodded your head and Peter went under the water. He did a perfect handstand that made your jaw drop.
“Fuck you. That was perfect.” You playfully scoffed when he came back up.
“Thanks.” He chuckled. “What else can we do?”
“Do you want to have a holding breath contest?”
“Obviously. Let’s do it.” Peter grinned before going under the water. You both opened your eyes under the water and looked at each other while your cheeks puffed out with the air you were holding in. You stayed under for around 30 seconds before Peter went up for air with you going shortly after.
“Ha! I won!” You grinned once you came up.
“Congratulations. You should feel really proud.” Peter said with a falsely huge smile, making you laugh again.
“Wait a minute. Did you let me win?”
“Maybe.” Peter smiled shyly.
“What? You can’t just let me win.” You said as you playfully splashed him.
“I had to. I can hold my breathe for five straight minutes. And I’m not even kidding.”
“Okay Percy Jackson.” You mumbled under your breath, making Peter laugh.
“Your tone implies that was an insult but Percy Jackson is the most iconic man alive today.”
“Right. Living icon. Totally real person. Not a fictional sixth grader.” You smiled sarcastically.
“You know after I read that book, I made my aunt and uncle dye all my food blue so I could be like Percy.” Peter told you, bringing a smile to your face.
“That’s so cute. I used to stay in the shower for hours and pretend I could control the water.”
“I did the same.” Peter smiled, and you smiled back at him. You were both paddling in the water to stay afloat as you looked at each other. Peter looked at the water drops hanging off your eyelashes and your slicked back hair and smiled fondly at you. You were busy admiring the way a he looked with the summer sun shinning in his eyes, making them appear golden.
“Can I ask you something?” You asked quietly as you swam a little closer to him.
“Sure. Anything.”
“How come you can talk to me all of the sudden? Not that I didn’t enjoy our little conversation over by the cooler, but somethings different this time. How come you’re so relaxed all the sudden?”
“Because your boobs are under the water and I can actaully focus on the words you’re saying.” Peter thought to himself.
“I don’t know. The water makes it easier for some reason. I feel like I can be myself.” Peter said instead.
“Good. I’m glad you feel like that. Because I like talking to you when you actually talk.” You said with a teasing smile.
“I like talking to you too.” Peter smiled shyly. You stared at each other for a moment and felt like you were the only two people in the world.
“We should hang out more. I’ll be home all summer. I think you and I could be really good friends.” You said, bringing a blush to Peters face.
“Yeah. I would love that. I would love to be friends.” Peter said as he nodded too many times.
“Cool.” You said as you stopped paddling and stood up. You ran your fingers through your hair to get it out of your face as Peter watched it in what felt like slow motion. The top half of your body was out of the water, once again giving Peter a full view of your boobs. This time, you were soaking wet from the pool water and your bikini was sticking to you like a second skin.
“Dan nicki your bobbies.” Peter mumbled under his breath as he stared directly at your boobs.
“What was that?” You wondered as you sunk back beneath the water.
“Nothing.” Peter said quickly and threw on a smile. You smiled back and padded closer to him again as your eyes drifted over his shoulder.
“They’re all looking at us.” You whispered and nodded behind him. Peter looked over his shoulder and saw all the Avengers looking at the two of you as the whispered things to each other.
“Yeah. They are.” Peter gulped and looked back at you. You had been staring at Peter and he caught you now that he was looking back. You quickly looked away so he wouldn’t notice that you had been staring. Peter still noticed, and now he was intrigued.
“Do you like them?” Peter asked you. It wasn’t lost on him that the two of you were surrounded by earths mightiest hero’s and they all had their bulging muscles out. The chances of you liking him out of all the options you had were pretty low.
“Some of them.” You shrugged. “Tony bring some weirdos around here sometimes though. I was talking to that Dr. Morbius guy once and he totally morbed all over my salad.”
“That sounds like a nightmare.” Peter chuckled.
“It was.” You agreed with a huff. The both of you laughed, leaning into each other as you did. When the laughter died down, you were left staring at each other.
“You have really nice eyes.” You smiled softly.
“You have really nice boobs.” Peter said in the same tone. Your eyebrows went up in surprise as Peter slapped a hand over his mouth.
“What?” You laughed in shock.
“Oh my God!” Peter said through his hand. “I meant boobs. You have really nice boobs.”
“Peter.” You laughed nervously as your eyes darted to the side to see if anyone else was hearing this conversation.
“I’m sorry! Oh my God. I’m so sorry. I’m trying to say boobs. You have really nice boobs. Shit. Oh my God. It just keeps happening. Eyes. Your eyes are really nice. That’s what I tried to say the first time. I swear.” Peter stumbled over his words as his entire face burned red.
“But what about my boobs?”
“Pardon?” Peter gulped.
“Are they nice or not? Like, what was the final verdict?” You asked, sounding completely genuine.
“Oh, uh. They’re nice. They’re very nice. They seem like two great girls.” Peter nodded too many times as he struggled to maintain eye contact with you.
“Thanks. They are.” You said with a straight face. You cracked a smile and started to laugh, making Peter realize you were just teasing him. He relaxed a little and laughed as well. He thought he had completely blown it with you, but if you were teasing him, maybe he still had a chance.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m not a creep, I promise. It’s just a little hard for me to think straight right now when you’re practically naked.”
“Excuse me.” You playfully shoved him. “I have a swimsuit on.”
“Barely.” Peter said under his breath, making you laugh again.
“I didn’t want any tan lines.” You said as you looked down at your bathing suit, realizing he had a point about how little you were wearing.
“Well you won’t get any in that thing.” Peter said as his eyes briefly dropped to your bikini top.
“For your information, you’re way more naked then I am. One of us is topless right now. One.” You pointed out as you admired his perfectly sculpted body for a second. Peter blushed a little and felt his confidence grow.
“Fair enough. I’m still sorry for what I said, though. I swear, I’m usually a gentleman.”
“It’s okay.” You assured him. “If I’m being honest, I haven’t been thinking the purest thoughts either ever since you took your shirt off.”
“Wait, really?” Peter asked skeptically.
“Really.” You nodded as you swam even closer to him. Your chests were almost touching now as you kicked your legs beneath the water to stay afloat. You looked at each other for a minute before your eyes dropped to his lips.
“Do you want to have another breath holding contest?” You asked when your eyes met his again.
“Okay. Sure.” Peter chuckled, thinking that the timing was weird but going along with it anyway.
“Keep your eyes open this time.” You told him before going under the water. Peter smacked himself in the face to hype himself up before going under as well. He forced his eyes open once he was under the water and made eye contact with you. Your cheeks were full of air but he could still tell that you were smiling. Peter watched as you swam towards him and put your hands on his face. You pulled him into a kiss and all the air left his mouth, sending bubbles up to the surface. He shut his eyes and kissed you back as he put his hands on either side of your face. It excited him that you were kissing in front of everyone, yet no one could see it. It was your little secret between the two of you as you kissed beneath the surface. You pulled away when you ran out of air and swam up. Peter went up first, then you. When you met him up on the surface, you saw the huge smile on his face as he pushed the wet hair off his forehead. You stared at each breathlessly for a while as water dripped down your faces. You were both smiling as you panted and gasped for air.
“You won this time. For real.” He told you to break the silence.
“I know.” You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his neck. Peter was about to lean in to kiss you again when he heard Tony’s voice.
“Get a room you two.” Tony called from the table. Peter turned bright red as you pulled away from him, both of you now aware that you had the entire team of Avengers staring at you. Wanda and Natasha gave you a thumbs up while the boys smiled proudly at Peter.
“Yeah. You pervs better not be doing anything nasty under the water.” Steve called out from behind the barbecue with a cheeky smile.
“We are!” You called back and wrapped your arms around Peter again. Peter laughed shyly and buried his face in your neck, wishing more than anything that he could be alone with you.
“Ignore him. He’s an idiot.” You said into Peters ear.
“I’ve noticed.” Peter smiled as he picked his head up off his neck.
“Foods ready!” Steve announced. You and Peter looked at each other and felt a shared disappointment now that the moment was over. You both let out little sighs and got out of the pool. Peter grabbed the towel he got from Natasha and wrapped it around your shoulders.
“Here.” Peter said as he rubbed his hands up and down your arms to warm you up now that you were out of the pool.
“Oh. Thanks.” You smiled at him as you walked together over to the table.
The avengers lined up near the food table and started to fill up their plates. You stood behind Peter in line and rested your chin on his shoulder.
“Are you gonna get all quiet on me now that we’re out of the water?” You whispered in his ear.
“I might.” Peter whispered back with a coy smile. You smiled back and gave his arm a gentle squeeze.
“I’ll take my chances.” You told him as you grabbed plates for the two of you. You got your food and walked over to the ring of chairs with the rest of the Avengers. There was a fire going on the center of the chairs, making a cozy atmosphere as the sun began to set. Peter sat down in one of the big chairs and you sat down in the same chair. You were squished together and barely had enough room for both your butts to fit, but neither of you cared. Peter blushed a deep pink and smiled at you before resting his head on your shoulder. He could feel the material of your towel against his face and sighed in content. You sat quietly and ate your food while the rest of the team snuck looks at you.
“You two look awfully cozy.” Natasha commented, pulling you and Peter out of your little bubble.
“Yeah. What exactly happened in that pool?” Tony asked, making you and Peter look at each other and laugh.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?“ You shrugged and took a bite of your pasta salad.
“I for one actually would like to know.” Steve said and the group nodded in agreement.
“Too bad.” You stated and leaned back in the chair. Peter smiled and slipped an arm around you as he watched the sun sink into the airy skyline. You stayed out by the pool until it was nighttime, just talking and catching up with everyone. You could hear the bugs and and crickets chirping, the sounds of summer that reminding you of when you were young. You eventually moved into Peters lap and sat with his arms securely around your waist as you participated in the conversation. Eventually, your tiredness overcame you and you let out a yawn.
“Well I personally have a lot of unpacking to do. But this was really fun. Thanks for doing this, Mr. Stark. I had a good time.” You said as you got out of your seat.
“So did I, kiddo.” Tony smiled at you as he gave your hand a squeeze.
“I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Night everyone.” You said to the team.
“Goodnight.” Everyone said to you in a sleepy chorus of partings. You looked down at Peter, who was still in his seat, and nodded towards the door.
“You coming?” You asked him.
“Yeah.” He smiled shyly and got out of his seat. You slipped your hand into Peters and silently walked together until you reached your bedroom in the tower. Peter leaned against your doorway and watched as you took some pajamas out of a packed suitcase.
“Here’s my plan. I don’t actually think I’m gonna unpack. I think I’m just gonna take things out of my suitcase as I need them and one day, the suitcase will be empty.” You explained to Peter as you took some socks out the suitcase.
“That’s a good plan. Or, I could help you unpack. It’ll go quicker if there’s two of us.” Peter suggested, trying to subtly bring the conversation back to the idea of an “us.” Peter watched you smile a little and knew you must’ve caught on to his plan.
“Can we talk about what happened in the pool?” Peter asked quietly as he picked at the paint of your door frame. You stopped riffling around in your suitcase and turned to look at him. You walked over to where he was and rested your hands on his chest. Peters face heated up and you sleepily smiled at him before leaning in to kiss him. He kissed you back, deciding that he liked kissing better when it wasn’t under the water. When you pulled away, you looked into his eyes and patted his chest.
“See you tomorrow, seaweed brain.” You whispered against his lips before pushing him out of you room and shutting the door.
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webslingingslasher · 2 days
6 & 15
based off this prompt list
“It feels like you don’t even love me anymore!” 
Your chest raised rapidly with your harsh breaths, you shouted the words as loud as they screamed in your head. It was building, it had been building. It started with a whisper a while ago, then a comment or two. Then it was a few times a day, and today it was a constant loop. 
The fight started a while ago, it needed to happen. It was impending and you both knew it, he just needed to be home to have it.
 That was the issue. 
It felt like he was never home anymore, he was stuck working second shift with his new job and that caused him to lack in the boyfriend department. He was gone from midafternoon until eleven at night, you really only saw him on days off. It was fine at first but you couldn’t handle it anymore, it felt like he never really tried, but how could he? There was no time in the day. 
Peter’s heart raced at the comment, he couldn’t believe you said that. 
“How could you say that?” 
He shook his head and rested his tongue against his cheek. 
“Say what?” It was a whisper. 
“Are you really that oblivious?” 
He stepped towards you and held your face in his hands and shook lightly when he spoke, trying to rattle sense into you. 
“I am so very in love with you.” 
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modernstoner · 3 months
on his desk | p.parker
teacher!peter fucks you on his classroom desk.
pairing: peter parker x fem!reader
warning: smut. not proofread!
w/c: 0.7k
a/n: ye, what the synopsis says.
Tumblr media
peter was having a stressful day.
not only, did most of his students fail his test, but he has an overload of tests he needs to grade. he sighed, pushing the front of his hair with his fingers, he leaned against his uncomfortable chair.
he looked at the papers he needed to grade and mentally screamed inside. he felt a buzzing sensation coming from his pocket, knowing it was a message from you.
you always text him during his lunchtime.
peter got his phone out of his pants; "hey, i'm coming over." it said, shrugging, he thought nothing of it.
after few minutes, he heard a polite knock coming from his classroom door. "come in." he says, grading another failed test which earned an annoyed groan from him.
"whoa, there." you enter, holding a disposable container stuffed with sushi.
peter turned to you and gave you a weak smile. you walked over, kissing his cheek. "you okay?" you ask, placing the food on his desk.
he said nothing, grabbing your wrist, pulling you down, towards his lap. his lips immediately started to attack yours. you smiled against his desperate lips as your lips moves in sync with his.
a low groan came out of your mouth when peter started to kiss down your neck. "someone's eager today." you tease, pulling his brown curls as you threw your head back in utter bliss.
peter sucked harshly on your collarbone, making sure to leave a small dark bruise later. "gosh, (y/n), you looked so fucking hot this morning." he smiles at you.
"could say the same thing about you." you reply, leaning down to kiss his soft but chapped lips.
"hmm— i missed you— so— so— much." he says between kisses making you giggle. you slowly started to grind on his very obvious boner.
he lets out a low groan, pulling away from the kiss. you grind a bit faster, "no teasing." he warns before getting up, which made you warp your legs around his waist.
he gently puts you on his desk, shoving the paperwork away, some falling to the ground, but he didn't care.
peter wasted to time, swept your sundress up while you desperately unbuckle his belt. he pushed your panties aside, pulling down his boxers to reveal his hardened cock.
the red tip was already leaking precum.
he lines his cock with your aroused cunt before slamming into you, earning a loud moan from your mouth. your hands fly to his brown curls, pulling them a little.
peter lets out a low groan, and starts his fast and harsh thrust. he had no mercy, hiding his face in the crook of your neck as you shut your mouth in order to stay quiet.
peter kept moaning and whimpering in your ear, his each thrust hitting your sweet spot making you squirm beneath him, knowing that you can't make a loud noise.
even though, his thrusts were getting sloppy, peter didn't stop. pumping in and out of you like a crazy maniac, the desk moving with him.
the sound of skin slapping filled the room. you felt a familiar knot forming in your stomach, realizing that you are close, you clench around peter which made his hip stutter.
"oh— fuck, (y/n), just like that." he grunts in your ears. you do as he pleases, clenching around him. peter throws his head back, closing his eyes before looking at you.
your face scrunched up in pleasure, mouth agape as you felt peter hand cup your cheeks. he leaned in you, capturing you into a kiss while his thrusts never stopping.
"p-peter, i'm so close." you whispered against his lips, a small string of saliva connected between you and peter's lips.
"cum, fuck, please cum with me." he practically begged and you nod, releasing it all along side with him. his warm liquid shooting inside you as peter slows his pace.
both of you out of breath, covered in sweat. taking a moment to breathe. "best sex ever!" he says in joy, extending his hand for you to high-five him.
you laugh, slapping his palm with yours, obviously out of breath. "we should do it in your class more often."
Tumblr media
© modernstoner
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ptersparkers · 11 months
crush (peter parker)
summary: peter has been visiting you as spider-man long enough to develop a crush on you. the problem? you have a crush on somebody else.
notes: u guys...i love peter parker so much okay!!! also this is a short fic bc i have a longer one in the works. yes i realize this is 4k words but like, that’s short for me ok bye happy reading! 
warnings: typos, probably.
Tumblr media
Peter Parker sat on the ledge of your fire escape, careful to avoid the patches of snow from the previous day. It had been a long night of patrolling and his lower back ached to no end. The familiar space spread warmth to Peter’s chest as he attempted to collect his breath, the inside of his suit scratching against his skin. 
It had been dark out for a few hours. Peter knew that May would be going to sleep in an hour, leaving the perfect opportunity for him to slip back into his bedroom undetected. He had lied to her earlier, saying that he’d be studying with a group of friends he had made at university earlier that semester. But he had other places he needed to be. 
He would be lying if he said his only reason for patrolling was to keep his city out of danger. While that was a big motivation for him to put his suit on, the other reason was because he wanted to see you.
Peter couldn’t recall when the two of you met exactly, but he remembers the moment like it was a core memory for him. You sat on your fire escape one Sunday evening when the sun was just about to set. You had been reading a book when Peter crash landed onto the space next to you because of pure exhaustion from nonstop crime fighting in the hours before the two of you met. 
You sat perplexed and Peter was about to apologize profusely before swinging away when you offered him a sip of your water. Peter had been too stunned by how attractive you were to realize you had said something and nearly jumped off of the ledge when he realized you were speaking to him. He liked to think that the moment he wanted to be your friend was the moment you joked about needing to grab a camera from your apartment to take a picture of him. 
But despite Peter’s gut telling him to leave you alone, he stayed. The both of you sat on the ledge until well after dark. Peter couldn’t remember a time where he felt closer to a stranger in a short amount of time and found himself swinging by your neighborhood during his nightly routine. He stopped by your window the next night and you welcomed him into your room with little hesitation.
Peter always came back. He lifted his hand to knock on your window and his heart beat twice as fast when he saw your smile directed towards him. You had been folding laundry and Peter imagined what life would be like if he had met you as Peter Parker instead of Spider-Man. 
“How was your day?” Peter asked. He sat on the window sill with his legs dangling in your bedroom. The warm air helped soothe his aching back and he let himself relax for a while. 
You laughed at his question. Peter never wanted to talk about himself and it was something you picked up on a while ago. He always asked you about your interests and what you liked to do when you weren’t with him. Peter was already secretive about his identity as to not reveal it, but he was far more interested in getting to know you. 
“Same old, same old,” you said, resuming your laundry. “I was assigned a project for my journalism class and I’m already stressing out over it.” 
Peter laughed and stood in your bedroom, closing the window behind him. You were always like this, stressing out over academic assignments even though he knew you managed your time well enough to get a good grade on it. 
“You always say that,” he commented. You threw a shirt at him, which he caught and threw back at you.
“I know,” you agreed. “But I’m adding that to the list of things I’m stressed out about.” 
Peter watched as you continued to fold your laundry and the moment he realized he saw your intimate clothing, he had involuntarily coughed and looked elsewhere. He was blushing profusely when you came to the same realization that he did and watched as you tried to put it away as quickly as possible. 
“There’s this guy,” you said after a brief moment. 
Peter’s heart dropped. A guy? He wasn’t aware that you were talking to anyone, otherwise you would have told him. Or perhaps you were talking to someone and this was your way of telling Peter. Either way, he felt his heart sink to the bottom of his stomach.
“A guy?” Peter croaked. 
You sat on your bed as Peter sat on your large plush chair. 
“It’s so stupid,” you said, burying your head in your knees. 
“It’s not stupid,” Peter said despite himself. “People have crushes all the time.”
“Yeah, but this qualifies as borderline stalking,” you said with a groan. “I don’t even know his name. I only know about him because my friend asked him for homework pages and I happened to be with her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so tall and handsome.”
Peter didn’t know how to react. 
“He was so willing to help my friend out and he nearly tripped over himself to get his notebook out of his backpack. The guy was so cute and just, argh,” you said. Peter laughed awkwardly. 
“So your type is tall and awkward?” 
You scrunched your nose.  “My type is someone who respects me and the people in their lives, and it doesn’t help if they’re tall and bashful.” 
Peter rolled his eyes under his mask. 
“That could be anyone, Y/N.” 
You threw a pillow at him.
“I can’t help who I find attractive, you dolt. This man had the sharpest jawline I’ve ever seen and he wears glasses.”
Peter frowned and spoke before thinking. 
“What’s wrong with wearing glasses? I wear glasses.” 
You looked at him and cocked your head to the side. This was the first bit of information you had about him and what he might look like underneath his Spider-Man suit. Peter nearly choked when he realized what he said. 
“I don’t think it’s bad, Spidey,” you exclaimed. “I think it’s really attractive.” 
Peter was silent. He didn’t know if you were talking about him or the guy you were talking about.
“Is it weird that I know you wear glasses?” 
Peter didn’t know if he was thankful that the conversation switched from the boy you were crushing on to what he looked like. 
“A little,” he said with a shrug. “But millions of people wear glasses so I don’t think you could ever spot me if you tried.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you muttered. “I wear contacts but I wear my glasses sometimes. Not often, though. It gets annoying having to readjust them. I wonder where that guy got his glasses from.” 
Peter almost bolted out of your window but chose to stay. He’d rather talk to you about a guy you had been crushing on instead of not at all.
“I’ve never had a proper conversation with him. My friend tried to sneak photos of him but I think that’s just invading his personal privacy.”
He shrugged. “Maybe this is the start of a modern romance, or something.”
You laughed. “He’s like, the tallest boy I’ve ever met and he’s always riding a skateboard around campus. The guy looks like he’s really quiet unless you get to know him.”
“Maybe you should try talking to him.” Peter winced at his advice. 
“I’m too shy,” you admitted. “I doubt he remembers me. We last spoke three days ago and I don’t blame him if he thinks I’m an utter creep for thinking about him since we met.” 
“Guys don’t overthink like girls do,” Peter said despite watching you give him a pointed look. “If a pretty girl told me she’d been thinking about me, I’d ask her out.” 
“You think I’m pretty?” you teased, walking from your seat on your bed towards him. Peter nearly panicked, coughing to alleviate his stress.
“Fine, have it your way. Stare at him from a distance for the rest of your life.” Peter tried his best to match your sarcastic tone without giving away how disappointed he was about not being able to ask you out on a date. He resigned himself to his seat, knowing he’d never be anything more than the boy who you talk to a few times during the week. 
“It’s too soon,” you said with a sigh. Peter watched as you bit your lip and looked at the wall in front of you. He could tell you were thinking about the guy you were talking about and wished he was the one you were thinking about instead.
“I’ve gotta go,” Peter said abruptly.
“You just got here,” you said with a pout. Peter desperately wanted to stay but he knew he wouldn’t be able to handle you talking about another guy. 
“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he apologized. “I’m really tired.” 
“Okay,” you said while watching Peter open your window. “I’ll see you soon?”
“I’ll see you soon.”
The following day, Peter’s shoulders felt heavy as he heard his alarm clock go off. He could barely bring himself to get out of bed and into the kitchen where May was making breakfast. It was times like this when he wished he had his own apartment instead of sharing one with her, but his classes at his university were a mere twenty minute walk. He wished he could’ve skipped class and let himself wallow in his disappointment. 
On his way to his first class, Peter couldn’t help but think about how impossible it would be for the two of you to have a relationship. Peter wasn’t so sure if he was willing to disclose his identity to you in order to keep you out of harm’s way. But even if he never revealed himself to you, it wouldn’t make a difference if he was still hanging out in your apartment every other night. Peter wasn’t willing to keep his distance from you. 
It was always hard for him to keep his hands to himself. He wanted to hold you while you slept and he wanted to know what it felt like to kiss you without having to wear his suit. The both of you had vastly different lives and he was always concerned that you only liked him because he was Spider-Man. His insecurities got the better of him because he didn’t have a way of approaching you as Peter Parker. 
He spent the rest of the day in a slump, wondering if he’d swing by your apartment later. But before he could really think about what he was doing, Peter put his suit on, patrolled for a few hours, and headed to your place. 
“You left really early last night,” you said as you let him into your bedroom. Peter could hear the disappointment in your voice and felt extremely guilty. 
“I know, I know,” he said above a whisper. “I was really exhausted last night.” 
You nodded. “We can, I don’t know, watch a movie? I can order take out and we can just talk about your day, if you want.”
Peter didn’t know if it was desperation in your voice or if it was just him imagining that you wanted to spend time with him. He agreed and promised to buy you sandwiches the following weekend to make up for your generosity. 
Being here with you felt real. He watched as you brought the pizza box with paper plates back to your room and couldn’t help but feel his heart grow at the normalcy. He loved seeing you laid back and carefree like this and Peter wished he could do this every night. He didn’t pay attention to what you picked on Netflix, instead focused on how you had let him sit on your bed with your body pressed next to him. He could feel your arm graze his and felt his senses spiral out of control. It took a lot in him not to pull you between his legs and hold you until you both fell asleep. 
Halfway through the film, Peter watched as you moved closer to the point where your side was fully onto his. He didn’t think you realized what you were doing—your eyes were glued to the screen and your phone was across the room. Peter hesitated for a moment before he put his arm around you, unsure of your next move. 
But he could see a faint smile. Peter dared to pull you closer to him. 
When Peter woke up the next morning, he could barely register that you fell asleep on him. Your head was on his chest, your hair sprawled over your face as you slept. He brushed his fingers over your cheeks and moved the loose strands to the side of your face. You stirred in your sleep and Peter halted his movements, keeping his hands in his lap when you opened your eyes. 
“Hi,” you said quietly. Peter almost groaned at how raspy your voice was first thing in the morning.
“Good morning,” he whispered. He watched you yawn and stretch. You didn’t get up from him for a moment, assessing your environment. When you realized you were nearly laying on top of him, he watched as you separated yourself from him.
“Do you want to brush your teeth?” you blurted, blushing at the realization that you nearly slept on him. “I have a spare toothbrush.”
“That would be great, actually,” Peter said. 
A few moments later, Peter found himself staring into the mirror in your bathroom. It felt strange to be in your apartment without his mask on because he was always hyper aware of the fact that he was always here as his alter ego. But as he brushed his teeth, he listened to your footsteps in your bedroom next to the room he was in. He could hear your faint humming when he turned off the water faucet and smiled at how normal this felt.
“So this is goodbye for now, huh?” you asked him as he stepped back into your room. “It’s weird to know that you were in my bathroom without your mask on.” 
Peter laughed. “I’ve always been here with my suit on so it was weird being able to take it off for a few minutes. It almost felt normal.”
You bit your lip. “I wish I could know you more than Spider-Man. I love what you do for the city and I could never ask for you to do anything more, but I just wish we could be normal friends.”
Peter’s heart swelled at your confession and he was elated to receive verbal confirmation that you wanted to know him for who he is. But at the same time, his heart dropped because he knew he wouldn't be able to bring himself to reveal himself to you, especially when you have feelings for someone else. 
“Me too,” he said. Peter fixed his suit and opened your window. “I had a lot of fun, Y/N.”
“I did too,” you said as he stepped onto the fire escape.
You followed and stood next to him and watched as he hesitated to swing away, instead turning to look at you. Peter lurched forward to hold you in an embrace. He’d never gone as far as to hold you like this, his arms around your shoulder on a cold New York morning after he had spent the night. Peter’s taller frame allowed him to press his cheek against the crown of your head and he closed his eyes in delight. 
“Thank you for last night,” Peter said before letting you go reluctantly. “I haven’t had down time in a while.”
“Anytime, Spidey,” you nearly stuttered. “If you ever need quiet, you know where I live.” 
“You should…you should talk to the guy you like,” Peter said. He would be damned if you didn’t get your chance at happiness because of his inherent jealousy. “Ask him on a coffee date, or something.” 
Peter swung away before he could do or say anything else he would regret. 
The following Monday was cloudy with a streak of sunlight emerging from the clouds. As Peter rode his skateboard in between classes, he couldn’t help but think about the night the two of you shared. Sure, he was in his Spider-Man suit and it wasn’t a conventional sleepover, but he slept over nonetheless. Peter was able to take his mask off in your bathroom with you in the room next door. For a single moment, Peter pretended that it was a regular occurrence and it was him who you had a crush on, not the unnamed guy you couldn’t stop talking about.
Peter knew nothing in his life was simple once he was publicly named as Spider-Man, including his love life. He desperately wanted to tell you how he felt and tell you to forget about the guy who didn’t know you existed because he stood there in front of you almost every night, willing you to choose him because he liked you for who you were. He liked that you were passionate about your creative endeavours. He liked that your bedroom was filled with personal memories from college and from your hometown. He liked that you were comfortable speaking your mind with him. 
It was hard to live two lives at once. It was harder to keep this secret away from you because he wanted you to know every single part of him. It hurt Peter to know that you didn’t really know him; you knew the image of him he presented when he was Spider-Man. You knew he was a bit awkward during one-on-one conversations and that he was passionate about working for the community based on everything you’ve seen him do and what you’ve talked about with him. And Peter knew you wanted to get to know him on a deeply personal level like he had done with you, but he wasn’t willing to risk it if it meant putting you in any kind of danger. 
His headphones were secured and his thoughts were above the clouds. Peter barely registered that he had bumped into someone while riding his skateboard until he fell off of it himself. 
“Oh God,” Peter mumbled, ripping his headphones out and shoving them in his pocket. “I am so—”
Peter looked up to see you in front of him.
He sat there, astonished at the coincidence and pure luck he had. Did you go to the same university that he did and had he not known it this entire time? How many discussions did the both of you have about your classes only for him not to put two and two together? 
“I’m very sorry,” you began, stuttering when you picked up your phone and other belongings from the floor. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” 
Peter grabbed his skateboard and offered you a hand. He watched as you accepted his offer and wanted to leap from excitement when your palm touched his. You dusted your skirt off as Peter adjusted his backpack, watching as you kept glancing at him and then looking away. 
“It’s my fault,” Peter said, releasing your hand once he realized he’d been holding it for too long. “I guess I got too wrapped up in my music.” 
“I understand,” you said with an awkward laugh. “Sometimes I get too distracted when I’m listening to my favorite music. It just puts me in space that makes me daydream a lot.” 
Peter watched as your eyes widened at the realization that you had probably shared too much. He knew this expression all too well and to assuage your thoughts, he agreed. 
“Oh, definitely,” he said with a shy grin. “Everyone’s always telling me I should probably stop listening to music when I’m going somewhere because I always end up in a daydream of sorts.” 
It was your turn to laugh. 
“I can’t say I’ve ever run into anyone while skateboarding, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of run ins because my music was a little too loud.” 
As your laughs died down, Peter was able to get a good look at you. He’d never seen you outside of the front steps of your apartment building. It was surreal to see you in such a normal setting. It was like he was running into an old friend he hadn’t seen in a while. 
“Would you like to…” you began. Peter snapped out of his thoughts when he heard you speak. 
“Hm?” he asked. 
You shook your head. “Never mind.” You took a step back and put your phone in your back pocket. “Sorry again for running into you. Have a great day!” 
Peter watched as you walked away, a warm feeling growing in his chest. 
He didn’t think much of going to your apartment later that night, casually swinging across the city until he reached the familiar fire escape he had grown to love so much. You sat by the window when he arrived and Peter was curious as to why you had waited for him. 
“You usually come around this time,” you said with a shrug. “I just thought I’d wait for you, is all.”
“I’m touched, Y/N,” said Peter. “How was your day?”
Peter watched as you became bashful. 
“Oh God,” you started, your voice rising an octave. “I had the most embarrassing day and I came back straight home after my classes. I don’t think I could step foot outside my apartment again, if I’m being honest.”
Peter laughed. “Come on, it couldn't be that bad.” 
You laughed nervously. 
“Spidey, you may be right about a lot of things, but you’re wrong about this one. For one, I was late by fifteen minutes to my first class because I overslept, which wasn’t my proudest moment.” 
Peter watched as you paced around your room. 
“And?” he asked. 
“And, I ended up running into the guy I’ve been crushing on today.”
Peter’s heart dropped. 
“Yeah?” he croaked. 
“It was so mortifying,” you said, bringing your hands to your face. “He was riding on his skateboard and I was too preoccupied talking to my friend on the phone to notice him next to me until I was on the ground. I was trying to find her in the courtyard where I ran into him.”
You stopped in front of Peter and looked at him. 
“And then I tried to ask him out but I chicken out at the last minute because he was looking at me like he wanted to kiss me, which must’ve been in my head because we had met only once and that was weeks ago! But then my friend who I met up with saw me run into him and she told me that his name is Peter Parker, so I guess I have that to remember the next time I see him.”
Peter’s eyes widened and he stood up abruptly, causing you to take a few steps back. 
“Wait, what?” was all he said. 
“Please don’t tell me you weren’t listening,” you groaned. “I said that I ran into—”
“I got that,” he interjected. “Your crush, his name is Peter Parker?”
You raised an eyebrow at him. 
“What, do you know him or something?” 
Before Peter could think about the consequences, he used his fingers to lift off his mask. 
He watched as your eyes widened with realization and as you replayed the events in your head. Peter watched as your mouth hung upon as you tried to process the information given to you and felt a sense of relief knowing you knew who he was. 
“You little shit!” 
Peter did not expect that to be your first reaction.
“All this time I’ve been talking about my crush who is stupidly tall and handsome, and all this time it was you?” 
“To be fair,” Peter said, taking a step forward, “I didn’t know you were talking about me. I’ve had feelings for you for a while but when you started talking about having a crush, I thought my chances were done for.”
Your breathing increased at an uneven pace. The guy who you saw around campus but was too nervous to talk to was the guy who had been spending almost every night in your bedroom. The guy you wanted to ask out was the guy who slept in your bed the night before. 
“I’m so embarrassed,” you said, looking away from him. 
Peter cupped your jawline and stroked your cheeks with the pad of his thumbs. He gazed down at you and smiled at how the tip of your glistened with the highlighter that he knew you loved so much. 
“I like you,” he confessed. “That day where we accidentally met was the best day of my life. You make me feel like I don’t need to be two people at once.” 
“Peter,” you whispered. He nodded at you. “Peter Parker, I feel the same way. I always wished you would let me know who you were because I like you for you.”  
Peter smiled.
“Knowing you has been an absolute privilege.” 
And then he kissed you.
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selfcarecap · 6 months
Never Have I Ever [p.p]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: When Peter meets you at college and you two bond over your lack of sexual experience, you quickly become the best friend he’s ever had. But while he falls madly in love with you, he doesn’t know if you feel the same. You hold his hand when you’re out together, talk to him about the vibrator you want to buy and bless him with that beautiful look in your eyes that is reserved only for him… yet he’s not sure if you see more than a friend in him. Little does he know, you’re wondering the same about him, hoping for the same outcome.
Warnings: smut (all first time, oral f + m receiving, dry humping (semi-public? but it’s completely uninterrupted and unseen and in a remote location lol), masturbation (f with a sex toy and m with the reader’s underwear), vaginal sex – the second half of this is basically all smut), a sprinkle of jealous Peter, Professor Garfield lol, a little bit of angst ig bc Peter keeps doubting himself and thinks he’s a pervert but he’s just dumb as shit and oblivious, (all Peter’s pov <3), fic starts off with an awkward and embarrassing story lol, alcohol/drunk!Peter, (btw if first year of college sounds a little young to you you can always imagine they just took a break between hs and college), idk how college works in the usa, also I mention Peter's enhanced senses but it's not a Spiderman fic at all lol
Word Count: 23k omg, the longest thing I’ve ever written (if that’s too long for you i’ve put four ‘dividers’ in total so it’s split into 4 more or less equally long parts (the first is like 4k, second is 7k, then 4k again and the last is 8k) but of course you can ignore that and just read all of it in one go, all 23k are in this post, it’s a one shot)
It's finally here! Thank you for all the love I received for the teaser and just talking about this fic already 💘 This has been on my mind for so so long and I’ve been (sporadically and inconsistently) writing it since like September. I’m so glad it’s finally finished, this was one of my favourite wips I‘ve ever worked on, I really loved writing Peter and the reader and their dynamic and experiences and I hope you love reading it just as much 💖
。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆ 𝒐𝒏𝒆 ☆。・:*:・゚★゚・:*:・。
It’s Peter’s first week of college and so far he barely knows anyone. The guys in the rooms next to Peter’s are cool, but he figures it wouldn’t hurt to know a few more people, so he decides to go to this party he’s been hearing about all week.
The party is exactly how he imagined it; loud music, drinking games, a pretty girl sitting next to him. So pretty that he doesn’t dare look at you for too long because he’s worried you’ll catch him staring and think he’s being weird.
The game you’re all playing started as a simple never have I ever, but somehow people are now telling their funniest sex stories. Peter doesn’t realise it’s part of the game that everyone tells a sex story until it’s your turn and he notices how the last few people all told a story, one after the other, going around the circle you’re all sitting in.
His heart starts thumping harder in his chest. He doesn’t have a sex story to tell. But if he gets up now it will be obvious that he’s avoiding his turn, right? 
Besides, he wants to listen to your story. He just has to hope that his usually clever brain will help him come up with something when it’s his turn.
“Most memorable sex experience…” you hum in thought as you lightly drum the bottle in your hands against your lips. “Oh wait, this one’s funny. The guy I was with asked me if I peed myself when he took off my underwear because he didn‘t know that women get wet when they‘re turned on. I explained it to him but he wouldn’t believe me. 
“He was sweet about it and told me it happens to the best of us — and that he sometimes pees himself too. So at that point, I just saw it as a second chance from the universe to show me what this guy was like and I left.” 
The students around you laugh and comment on the story and as you look over at Peter a few seconds later he realises the other people are doing the same. 
They‘re expecting him to tell a sex story now. His mouth goes dry and his brain is empty. Think. Think. Think. Think of something. Anything. 
But he has nothing.
You speak up again, pointing at the guy next to Peter, “Oh my god, Brandon, you remember that story you told me earlier? You need to tell that one, that was the funniest thing I‘ve ever heard.”
A weight is lifted off of Peter‘s shoulders when the attention simply shifts to the guy next to him.
What felt like overthinking for hours when he couldn‘t come up with anything to say was probably only a short moment, less than five seconds, and not a single person noticed that they skipped over Peter. He lets out a breath of relief as other people tell stories and no one demands anything from Peter. 
He keeps glancing at you, trying to figure out if what you did was deliberate or not. 
The only thing he‘s gotten from you so far is a second of eye contact, your face neutral but your eyes holding something positive. The next time you stand up to refill your drink, Peter follows you into the kitchen.
You smile at him when you see him enter, offering some of the diet coke you‘re pouring into your cup to him. “No thanks,” Peter says, watching you fill the rest of your drink with rum. 
“I don‘t know if you did that on purpose or not but uh.. thanks,” he says, clearing his throat after, annoyed at himself for sounding so nervous. You’re gorgeous, but he doesn’t even know you yet. You’re a stranger, yet he finds himself caring about what you think of him.
You muster him for a few seconds before you realise what he’s talking about.
“Oh. You mean during the.. the sex stories? That was no big deal. You just looked a little uncomfortable so I tried my best to get the attention to shift to someone else,” you smile.
“Thanks, that... that was really kind. Although I was kind of hoping it wasn‘t obvious how nervous I was. I just don‘t have any special or funny sex stories to tell... or any sex stories at all,” he avoids eye contact when he says it but you immediately get what he means. 
“Can I tell you a secret?” You say, taking a step forward to stand closer to him, his cheeks heating up. He nods.
“The story I told? That was completely made up. I‘ve never had sex with anyone either. And I‘m not ashamed of that fact, I mean I‘m so young and there‘s nothing wrong with waiting or honestly I‘ve just never... been in that type of situation with a boy…”
“I get it. You don‘t have to explain yourself. Same boat,” he smiles and nudges your shoulder but regrets it instantly.
Nudging your shoulder? He has never nudged anyone‘s shoulder. Especially not the shoulder of a pretty girl he just met. 
You don‘t take any notice of it though, much to Peter‘s relief, and you continue. 
“Even if I personally don‘t care how old anyone is when they have their first time, I just felt nervous saying it in a room full of frat boys. I know this year has barely started but so far all the frat boys I’ve met live up to their reputation and I didn‘t want them making any stupid comments. 
“If I was my ideal, confident self - or just a little tipsier - I probably would have just said that I don’t have any sex stories to tell but... I don‘t know. I was nervous.”
“I get that. That‘s exactly how I felt too. Only I wasn‘t creative enough to think of a story. My mind just blanked, I must have looked crazy when it was my turn to say something. You were calm though, the story seemed as real as all the others... maybe even more real, I mean what you said sounds very realistic to me considering how little most men know about women’s bodies.” 
“Yeah,” you giggle, “But you didn‘t look nervous either. It‘s just that I knew I might not be the only one too nervous to admit that I don‘t have any experience so I was hyper-aware of it, I guess.”
“Okay, I‘m glad. Thanks again.” The conversation is slowly dying but he doesn’t want it to end yet.
He holds his hand in front of him, “I’m Peter by the way. Biochemistry and computer science.”
His fingers tremble for a second. Who introduces himself like that? God, he’s messing this up before it even started.
But you grin, trying not to laugh and tell him your name and introduce yourself in the same way, “Oceanography and computer science.”
He takes a second to release the breath that he was holding in, “Oceanography? Wow, that sounds really interesting. You‘ll have to tell me more about that.” 
“It is. And I will once college starts. I‘m really excited.” 
“Me too. And computer science? That means we‘ll probably have a few classes together right?”
“Probably. Do you have your schedule yet?”
He takes out his phone and shows you the picture he took of it, and you lean in to look at it so closely that he can smell your lovely perfume.
“I don‘t have it on my phone but I recognise that professor’s name,” you point at a name on the screen, “I‘m in that class too, I heard professor Garfield is really good. I have two classes with him.”
And that‘s how you two end up talking all night. Peter walks you home and you realise your dorm rooms are merely minutes away from each other and you make a vow to meet each other again. He really hopes you don’t forget about him, or that you weren’t just being nice.
Peter falls asleep with a smile on his face and you on his mind. 
The next day, he realises with disappointment that you didn’t exchange numbers. He would like to text you and meet you in front of the lecture hall so it would be less nerve-wracking to go to his first-ever college lecture.
It would help to have someone he already knows with him and in case you were nervous he’d love to be there to calm you down too; make you feel less alone–you can do this together.
He knows one of his first classes on Tuesday is one that he shares with you. But he hopes he can see you on Monday to be each other’s support, or at least to see you for five minutes between classes.
He looks for you all day, but doesn’t see you again.
He’s giddy all night, knowing he’s definitely going to see you tomorrow. His plan is to get up extra early and casually and totally coincidentally lounge around in the hallway that your room is in, and then you can go to class together.
But one missed alarm later he‘s running through the building, trying to find the lecture hall that was shown to him during freshers week, but he didn’t quite manage to remember each one of the hundreds of rooms.
Time is running out and he has one minute until the lecture starts. He runs around the next corner and finally finds the hall he’s supposed to be in.
There are hundreds of students though, and he seems to be one of the last; he can’t even see if there are any seats left.
While his eyes scan the rows for an empty seat–but more importantly for you–he sees some movement directed at him. A wave.
His eyes travel down the arm that's waving at him and soon he’s making eye contact with you. He’s only met you once but he can’t stop a huge smile from taking over his entire face.
Peter blushes while he’s walking up the steps, on his way to you, but once he’s close he can see your bright smile and he’s immediately reminded of why he likes you so much.
“Hi,” Peter plops down next to you on the first seat of the row. You lean in and Peter’s breath gets caught in his throat when he realises you’re hugging him–just a friendly side hug, but it’s a hug nevertheless.
He takes his water out of his bag, trying to calm himself down by focussing on the cool drink running down his throat. It does clear his mind, the water, but he’s more and more comfortable with every second that he sits next to you. Your aura is so kind and calming, and he finds his shoulders losing the tension as you start talking to him.
“I thought you weren’t going to make it or something. We forgot to exchange numbers so I found your Instagram and was gonna message you there. But you‘re private so I couldn‘t.”
Ever since you said goodbye the night after the party, Peter has been worrying that that was all. That it was just an in-the-moment type of thing and you wouldn’t think it was anything special – or worse, you’d forget about him. But now you’re here, keeping a spot for him, telling him you’ve been thinking about him and wanted to message him. The warmth in his chest spreads when you smile at him.
And sure, just because you remember him doesn’t mean you’re best friends, but it confirms that Peter isn’t the only one who thought you had a connection that was worth remembering.
Peter most definitely also stalked your Instagram. It’s public but he didn’t want you thinking he was weird for spam-liking all your pictures–which he definitely wanted to do but he stopped himself in time. 
He put a timer on Instagram for the app to remind him when it’s been twenty minutes of looking at your pictures. Not that there were enough to be scrolling for twenty minutes straight – he simply enjoyed looking at you.
He takes his phone out and accepts the follow request you sent him and follows you back.
“Put your number in,” you place your phone in front of him, opened on a new contact card that Peter fills out with his number and name. You look at it and add a <3 behind his name and Peter prays he’s not blushing as hard as it feels.
You text him You up? and if his cheeks weren’t red before then they definitely are now. He can tell you’re just teasing but the fact that you’re already comfortable enough to joke around with him makes him grin.
He feels like he can be himself with you and you’re doing the same. You’re not holding back with showing Peter that you like him and it makes him feel good about himself. 
But his smile fades when he hears your next words
“The professor is so hot, I have no idea how I‘ll concentrate. I talked to him before I sat down and he has a really nice voice too. And that accent… But wait till he turns around and you see his face – or you could just stare at his ass.” 
Peter doesn’t know why it feels like someone stabbed him right in the heart. And when he sees you further staring at the man, it’s like that knife is being pulled out of his chest and Peter bleeds out. 
“I-it’s not even that big,” Peter tries.
You look at him and now he feels stupid for having said that. 
“Butts don‘t have to be big to be hot. Little booties matter. And they’re really cute sometimes.”
“W-well yes, of course, but.. he‘s really not that hot,” Peter says, and then Professor Garfield turns around, “...okay he is that hot.”
“Told you,” you sing, a smile on your face, and he can’t be mad at you when you’re looking at him like that. He couldn’t be mad at you no matter what you did. While Professor Garfield, or Andrew–as he tells you all to call him–starts the lecture, Peter tries to figure out what’s got him so mad.
Yes, of course you’re pretty. You’re gorgeous. But that doesn’t mean that he has to have a crush on you immediately. Just because you’re a girl and he’s a guy doesn’t mean that this has to go beyond a friendship. Men and women can be just friends. He can’t just fall in love with the first pretty woman who’s nice to him.
Okay, maybe he already has a crush on you. So what? Who can blame him?
But Peter doesn’t want to rush anything with you. He’ll give you the time to figure out what you feel for him, and he’ll just follow your lead. He may think you already like him as much as he likes you, but it’s still only the second time you’re ever seeing each other. 
That and he just doesn’t want to overthink it all and end up losing the first person at college who genuinely feels like someone he could be friends with.
He tries to ignore how you giggle at every joke the professor makes and tries to focus on the warmth of you next to him instead. Not too much though, he’s already let your teasing get to his head and maybe even to a body part further down.
Even if it means he won’t have to witness you laughing at Professor Garfield’s jokes anymore, Peter is sad when the lecture is over. It’s the only lecture he has today and therefore also the only one he has with you today.
As you pack your things and people swarm out of the lecture hall, you and Peter stay back, taking it slow.
“What’s your next class?” You ask, looking him right in the eyes–like any normal person–but he’ll really have to get used to that. He can’t lose his mind every time you just look at him. But he's so attracted to you.
“I, um, I no. I mean, I don’t have any other classes today.”
You smile unexpectedly, “Cool, me neither. You wanna do something? We could get lunch together.”
You say it with such ease, showing your interest in him like you don’t know how it’s making Peter feel warm and bubbly inside.
Even if Peter still gets nervous around you, simply because he wants to impress you and doesn’t want to fuck this up, he realises quickly that he has no reason to be. 
Your friendship blooms effortlessly and quickly. 
A week later you’re texting like you’ve been best friends for years and he finds himself too happy around you to worry about what he’s saying or how he’s acting. You like him the way he is and he can feel it deeply and confidently. 
Yes, he still stutters a lot around you - but he does that around most people, to be fair - and once you part ways for the day he overanalyses every little thing you’ve said to him, overthinks every little touch of yours for some form of affection that is more than platonic.
And it’s hard, figuring out whether you like him as more than a friend.
But this friendship is so new and so exciting that Peter thinks it makes him just as happy as an average relationship in the honeymoon phase would. So even if he does crave more intimacy with you, it’s hard to complain when he has a friend like you.
You show up at Peter’s door at midnight on a Friday. His sleep schedule has been surprisingly healthy for a college freshman so if anyone else disturbed him when he was already in pyjamas, he’d be annoyed.
But with you, he’s ecstatic. He’s awake immediately, grinning from ear to ear at your surprise visit. You never left his mind but he thought he’d have to wait until tomorrow to see you again.
Peter is more than aware of the contrast between your done up state and him in his ratty old pyjamas. You’ve seen him in pyjamas before and he knows better than to think you’d judge him, but he can’t help but to want to at least try and match you when you’re looking as gorgeous as you are.
“Oh sorry, I thought you’d still be up,” is the first thing you say, ready to leave if you’re bothering him in any way.
“No, no, I am, don’t worry. What’s up?” Peter asks, trying to look cool as he leans against his door frame. He ignores how it hurts like hell where his elbow meets a sharp corner.
“Well… I was gonna ask if you wanna go watch a movie with me,” you give him a charming smile not knowing he’d say yes no matter what you asked of him.
“Uh, yes. Now. But it’s fine if not, genuinely I won’t be mad. I can see that you had other plans,” you smile at his pyjamas.
“No. Don’t worry, I’d love to go. Do you have tickets or…?” Jealousy bubbles up inside Peter when he realises you might have been planning to go with someone else. With some other guy. Maybe he bailed on you and Peter is the second option (which he would still be grateful for, but he hates the thought of you with another guy).
“No, but I checked online and they have plenty of tickets left. It’s the last day they’re playing this film. The one I told you about, the horror one.”
“Oh God.” He’s trying to pretend that you still need to convince him when really Peter just needs a second to realise he was just overthinking again. He is your first choice. Not another guy.
“Pleeeease, Peter,” you grab his arm and pout. 
Peter has been convinced since the moment you showed up at his door.
“Give me a second,” he smiles and you grin back, “Really? You’re the best,” you kiss his cheek enthusiastically and he goes back into his room fast enough to hide his blush.
He picks out an outfit, brushes his teeth and puts on deodorant just in case.
You take him to the cinema with your hand in his. Peter knows it’s not a romantic gesture, you’re just treating him like you’d treat a female friend, but his brain doesn’t know the difference. He’s just happy to be touching you.
When you buy the tickets the guy at the movie theatre shows you the available seats on his screen. He points to one of those love seats where two seats are joined together so you can cuddle.
You nod and when the guy gives Peter a congratulatory smile, Peter’s cheeks heat up. The guy probably thinks you and Peter are a couple. It’s not just good for Peter’s ego and the fake scenarios with you that he’ll imagine before bed, but it’s also better for the guy. Peter saw the way he was eyeing you, and Peter doesn’t know what he would have done if the guy had asked for your number.
“We can cuddle,” you grin as you sit down and pat the seat next to you. You’re almost alone in the theatre, you could sit anywhere you want but you want to be close to him.
While you wait for the trailers to start you take Snapchat videos with Peter, asking him if you can send them to your friends at home. His heart swells when you say that you’ve told them about him.
He takes pictures of you looking all pretty and perfect and he wonders if it would be too much to set it as his phone wallpaper. Your head is on his shoulder as you scroll through the pictures that he just took of you and your perfume is hypnotising.
How is every little thing about you so captivating? Peter has never met anyone like you.
He’s fucking scared during the movie, but with his eyes mostly closed he manages to be the guy you can hold on to during the creepy scenes. Your fingers around his bicep squeeze every time there is a jumpscare and at some point he has to force himself to watch the film after all if he doesn’t want to get hard from your touch. He knows it’s pathetic, but he can’t help it.
You look beautiful in the light of the stars as you two walk home, your hand still around his arm, gushing about the film and thanking him for watching it with you despite the spontaneous change of his plans.
You spend some time in the common area by your dorms. It’s late and everyone else seems to be at some party elsewhere or sleeping. You cling on to Peter, still jumpy from the horror film and he nearly asks you if you want to sleep in his bed.
He nearly says it about five times, but he can’t quite get the words out. He doesn’t want to give you the wrong impression, even if you may be about to ask the same thing.
Peter sits there nervously, gulping as he’s about to ask. He really will say it this time. But before he opens his mouth he hears your deep breaths and notices how your body has gone slack against his side.
He kisses the top of your head in content and soon, sleep finds Peter too. He doesn’t have to dream about being close to you because it’s already his reality.
。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆ 𝒕𝒘𝒐 ☆。・:*:・゚★゚・:*:・。
It’s a few weeks into the semester and it’s become a routine for you two to study together. Whether you’re helping each other with the classes you share, or silently working on other things and enjoying each other’s company, your study sessions have even managed to make studying a rather fun part of college. 
Especially when you’re both sitting on Peter’s bed, and your knees or legs or arms are always touching.
You’re not focussed today, scrolling around on your phone instead of studying. You throw your phone to the bed at some point and you hug your legs to your chest in thought.
“You think Andrew will let me suck his dick? For a better score?”
Peter’s heart stops beating for a second. 
You haven’t kissed, you haven’t said anything that should have led Peter to think that this is more than friendship, but it seemed like there could be something in the future. Apparently, you’re not even considering it.
“Who’s Andrew?” He asks, mouth dry and voice weak.
“Professor Garfield.”
“Oh. Well, I-I think that‘s illegal.”
“Is it though?” You tilt your head and give him a deliberately incredulous look.
“Not if no one finds out. It’s don’t break the rules or don‘t get caught, Peter.”
He’s distracted by you saying his name for a moment. There’s nothing he loves hearing more.
But he has to stop you from doing… that. He can’t entirely tell how serious you are, but he has to make sure to convince you that it’s a bad idea.
“No offence, but what makes you believe you’ll be good enough for him to give you a better score? If you’ve never… you know, done anything like it.” He remembers your conversation from the first time you met, and if you haven’t given anyone a blowjob since then, he knows it would be your first time. Your first time can’t be with a professor, even if Peter disregards the fact that he wants to be the only guy you have sex with, it really is a bad idea.
“I’m a young and pretty student and he’s a kinda old guy. He’s like 40. So I’m sure that I’ll be enough for him.”
Peter doesn’t say anything for a moment, thrown off by your casual tone.
“Don’t you think so?” you press, teasing in your voice.
“No- of course you’re pretty. You’re beautiful,” he smiles, pressing his lips together. 
“Aww,” you sit up and press a kiss to his cheek, “So are you, Pete.” You hold on to his shoulder as you lower yourself into his lap, your butt right next to his thighs and your upper body resting on his legs, and his breath hitches. 
“Well if you think I need practice, then.. I could practise on you first.”
“Practise w-what on me?” He asks, feeling your hands on his abs.
“Going down on a guy,” you say, looking up at him. Now the feeling in Peter’s belly changes from raging jealousy into something else of equal passion. He’s thought about you doing that before, (and pushed the thought out of his mind as quickly as it appeared) but hearing you suggest it makes a new flame of desire light up in him. 
The first conversation you ever had was about sex. But anytime you mention anything sexual, Peter doesn’t know how to act.
“I- I mean. I’m not- I feel like, maybe that’s not—”
“Don’t worry, I’m joking. I won’t actually suck that guy’s dick. I just don’t wanna do this stuff right now,” you sigh, sitting up and closing your textbook.
“How about we do something to distract you for the night, and then tomorrow I’ll help you with the next assignment,” he suggests, relief still flooding through his body, happy that you don’t actually want to suck your professor’s dick.
“You’d do that?” 
“Of course. I’ll always help you when I can but I especially owe you after you did my homework last week when I fell asleep.”
You sit up, “I told you it was no big deal. It was just multiple choice and all I did was copy my answers.”
“Yeah but if I hadn’t woken up then I would have missed the deadline and failed.”
“I know you’d do the same for me. And besides, you looked so peaceful sleeping. I couldn’t wake you up to do some boring computational linguistics quiz at eleven pm.”
Peter smiles at the memory of last week. When he’s with you, he doesn’t want to sleep, he wants to spend time with you. But he was tired and you were studying something Peter couldn’t help you with anyway, and he’s so comfortable around you that he just drifted off to sleep because he trusts you – he wouldn’t be okay with being unconscious next to just anyone.
“Well, it was still a very kind thing to do.”
Not sure what you’re doing yet, you go to your dorm room so you can change out of your sweats and into something prettier–even though Peter thinks you could wear sweatpants 24/7, and you’d still outshine everyone. He nearly stays outside but with a confused look you ask him what he’s doing outside and he reluctantly comes in.
Picking out an outfit, you pull off your shirt with no warning and even if he can only see your back an “Oh my God” leaves Peter’s mouth immediately, followed by a quiet, “Sorry,” as he turns around.
“Don’t worry. I’m just changing. It’s just my body, you can look.”
Despite your nonchalant words, Peter can hear your heart beating loudly and frantically in your chest. He tries not to let it get to him, it doesn’t have to mean that you like him. Maybe you’re just realising that you don’t want a boy to see you half-naked after all but you don’t want to say it now after confidently assuring him it was okay. 
Peter sits down on your bed, turned away from you even though it takes all the willpower he can muster.
A few moments later you jump onto the bed next to him, “So, what are we doing tonight?”
“Do?” He asks, still dazed from seeing your naked back, “Oh do, yeah. Uh yes, we can do something.” 
You giggle, looking at him expectantly. That’s when Peter remembers he was the one who suggested that you go out tonight.
“Oh-well yeah, I was thinking we could take a walk along the river, I heard they have these carnival booths up every Friday night.”
Going out in the evenings has become your and Peter’s thing. Sure, many people–especially college students–go out in the evening. But with you, it feels different. It feels special.
Illuminated by the streetlights and the LED glow from the booths, you and Peter play a few rounds of ring toss and throwing darts at balloons. You both swear it’s rigged because neither of you win anything.
You eat popcorn while Peter gets cotton candy and once again you hold Peter’s hand throughout most of your trip. It’s become a habit of yours, apparently meaningless as a romantic gesture, but platonically it means everything to Peter. You like him enough to constantly initiate physical touch; plus, he’s never seen you hold hands with any of your other friends.
Still, Peter is forever wishing for more. Sometimes he looks at you and wonders how he’s managed not to kiss you yet. But his fear grows with every day; the closer you get the harder it will be to confess his feelings because the risk of ruining something beautiful keeps getting bigger. 
He’s never been this attracted to anyone but he also thinks he’s never had a friendship as good as yours. He simply can’t risk something good, something beautiful, something that makes him as happy as he’s ever been. Your friendship is strong but he’s scared you wouldn’t be able to come back from Peter confessing his feelings for you and you not feeling the same.
It could weird you out, you could take pity on Peter and see him in a different light, or worst of all, you could think he’s been taking advantage of you. He’s never touched you anywhere that would be reserved only for a lover but you two are quite close. You’ve cuddled a few times, or just a few hours ago you were changing in front of him – he doesn’t want you thinking he intentionally got any sexual gratification out of it and for you to view him differently.
He already feels bad enough when nothing but the image of you clouds his thoughts whenever he jerks off. He can’t help it anymore. He used to be able to think of something else or simply watch porn but now that he’s with you so often and you’re so perfect, you’re like an intrusive thought; whenever he’s naked, there’s nothing on his mind but you, just like when a song is stuck in your head – there’s no easy way of getting rid of it.
Peter has never been one to feel shame after masturbating. But if you only liked him as a friend and ever found out what he thinks about when he’s fucking his fist late at night, he doesn’t even want to know what your opinion of him would change into. But the mental image of you alone makes Peter cum so hard, over and over, that he can’t stop, even if guilt plagues him right after as he cleans up the mess he’s made.
He looks down at your intertwined hands while you’re walking home across campus. He wonders what you’d do if you knew that the hand you’re holding right now jerks Peter off every night without fail, thinking precisely of how your hand could replace Peter’s.
On your way home, you walk past a frat house, the vibration of the music reaching Peter’s chest even from the outside.
“Shit, Chloe told me about this party. I forgot I said I’d be there.”
“Who’s that?”
“She’s one of my friends from an Oceanography class. Do you mind if we go in? Just for half an hour.”
It’ll definitely distract Peter from thinking about you in a way that he’s not sure you’d be comfortable with.
You’re dragged away by some of your girlfriends as soon as you enter. They all say something about Peter but you quickly shrug off what they’re saying about you two always being together. He can’t tell if it’s a genuine no or just that feeling of embarrassment that you get when your friends tease you about your crush.
So your friends see it too? The indescribable chemistry between you two? Even with his enhanced hearing, he can’t hear the rest of your conversation because some of his own friends are urging him to go play beer pong with them.
Peter sees you every twenty minutes or so and you wave or smile at him and check up on him every time you walk past. Spending time with your other friends is good for both of you, but it’s also good to know that he’s still on your mind, just like you’re on his.
“Help me find the bathroom,” you tell Peter the next time you see him. He’s getting a little bored at this party so he assumes you also want to escape.
You walk into the bathroom together and Peter doesn’t realise that you actually just need to pee until he sees you contemplating on pulling your underwear down or not, “Can you wait outside?”
“Of course.”
Peter has no interest in being in the bathroom with you while you pee, but the fact that you nearly let him stay in there with you shows him once again how comfortable you are around him. He’s smiling like an idiot, standing by the wall opposite the bathroom until he hears your “You can come in.”
After you’ve washed your hands you sit on the edge of the bathtub and pat the space next to you for Peter to join you and you chat about whatever comes to your mind. So you did want a break from the party too, and Peter is glad to provide that.
“What song is that?” Peter asks. The music is loud enough for you to clearly hear it even upstairs in the bathroom.
“I don’t know, I’ll shazam it. You’re right, it sounds good.”
When you unlock your phone the screen is filled with the picture of a vibrator. You ignore it and go to Shazam the song, but Peter can’t let you off like that.
You always get to tease him so he smirks when he can finally get you back, “Wait wait wait,” he takes your phone from you, lifting it high in case you want to take it from him.
“What is this?” He asks, smiling, teasing you lovingly and in good fun but you look at him as if he’s talking about the most boring thing ever, not embarrassed in the slightest, but once more, that could be a good sign; another sign of your close relationship.
“Oh, it’s this vibrator. But it’s way too expensive for me.”
Peter licks his lips, trying not to freak out. He doesn’t know why he thought talking to you about a vibrator would be a good idea. But he tries to appear as calm as you, “Why is it expensive? What’s so special about it?”
“Well, it basically sucks your clit. But I don’t want to spend over 100 dollars on something like that when I can just go out and find a guy to suck my clit within like five minutes. It’s all those guys on campus think about, I swear. I’m glad you’re not like that, Pete” you smile at him and put your head on his shoulder, completely catching him off guard with your words.
He won’t be able to jerk off without thinking about you for days now; meaning he won’t be able to jerk off for days. Do you mean you’d hate knowing that Peter thinks about you sexually or do you just mean that there’s no pressure with Peter? And that any other male friend would have asked for sex by now?
Peter knows he’s not a perv, but he doesn’t know if you’d say the same if you knew you were the protagonist of his spank bank. 
“Wait, actually, a friend told me they’re way cheaper if you buy them in-store and they’ll have more to choose from... will you go with me?” You ask him with a big fake pout.
“To a.. a sex shop?”
“I don’t want to go alone. And you’re my best friend.”
He can’t say no to you after you call him that, even if having a constant reminder of what you use to masturbate is going to kill him.
“O-okay. But why can’t you just go with your friend?”
“I’m not as comfortable around her as I am around you. Unless you really don’t want to.”
“No no I’ll go,” he nods and you grin.
“I’m sure they’ll have something for you too,” you say with raised eyebrows. And even though his hand and the thoughts about you make him cum hard and fast enough that he doesn’t feel like he needs a sex toy, your words help him feel a little less guilty. You telling him to go buy a sex toy suggests that you’re not grossed out when thinking of him masturbating, so maybe you’d understand that he’s got to do what he’s got to do sometimes, and you actually wouldn’t completely hate him if you found out what goes on in Peter’s mind when he jerks off.
“But we’re not going before we finish our assignment.”
“Deal,” you shake his hand with a laugh and join your friends downstairs to play the last few rounds of drinking games before you go home.
You’re good, but the other team is better. 
You didn’t really want to drink tonight and are only playing for fun but Peter likes following the rules so someone has to have the drinks. You assure him he doesn’t have to but Peter downs all the drinks for you and the ones for himself, relying on his enhanced abilities to drink them like water. He has one drink and then five more and when you two leave the party he realises he’s drunk.
You insist on taking him to your room to make sure he’s okay but Peter is a funny drunk so he doesn’t feel too bad. If he gets to sleep in your bed he could never feel bad, and knowing you you would never offer if you weren’t okay with it.
“I like when you take care of me,” Peter smiles at you when you tuck him into bed and he takes your hand in his, “And I like when we hold hands.”
“I like it too,” you kiss his forehead and Peter practically swoons. You were holding his hand the whole way back home from the party, like one of those people keeping a toddler on a leash and he’ll probably be embarrassed tomorrow morning but right now he’s just grateful for the constant affection.
You seem no bit annoyed that you have to deal with a drunk Peter, you’re just spending time with your best friend (he hasn’t stopped thinking about you calling him that) who happens to be drunk.
“Will you need a bucket?” You ask as you pull down your skirt and leave on your cropped shirt.
“A what?” He asks, heart beating harder as he stares at your half-naked form.
“Do you think you’ll throw up?” You ask.
“No, I’ll be fine.”
When you walk over to the bed Peter sees everything in slow motion. You stand next to the bed for a few seconds, tapping on your phone, and Peter admires your beautiful body while he can.
“You know how much I love your legs? They look so good,” he says, and he can’t tell if he’s embarrassingly drunk right now or not. He just knows that your legs are perfect. You’re perfect. And that’s something his sober self would wholeheartedly agree with.
You smile and turn off the lights, leaving the window open so Peter can get some fresh air but it also leaves enough light for Peter to admire your legs some more.
“Scoot over,” you tell him and get in bed with him.
“No, you don’t understand how incredible your legs are.” He gets one last glance at them before you pull the blanket over your body.
“Thank you, Peter,” you smile, and he sees by the crinkles next to your eyes that it’s genuine and maybe you don’t hate him looking at your body as much as he’s been worrying you would.
You talk a little more but minutes later the conversation consists more of yawning than talking and Peter sobers up when he realises he will be sleeping next to you. It’s his first time sleeping in a woman’s bed, and he’s glad it’s yours.
He’s taken naps next to you and there was that one time you slept next to each other on the sofa, but this is different. You’re alone in your room, right next to each other, in one bed, sharing one blanket. He can feel the warmth of your half-naked body and before he knows it your familiar presence calms him down enough to fall asleep quickly.
When Peter wakes up next to you the following morning, it takes a few moments for it to all come back to him.
He knows there’s no way you slept with each other, Peter was kinda drunk, neither of you have even confessed any feelings and you wouldn’t have a one night stand the first time you have sex. 
But when he gently lifts the blanket, making sure he doesn’t wake you up, he’s met with the sight of your lovely belly and heavenly thighs, and Peter thinks from the outside it could look like you had sex. 
Not that anyone is going to see, but two hormonal college students, both half-naked, waking up next to each other.. It screams something obvious and that thing is not that you two are merely friends.
The thought of it alone makes Peter flustered and he shifts uncomfortably. His eyes widen when he realises that his morning wood is pushed right against your ass. He pulls his hips back as quickly as he can, waking you up in the process.
You’re facing away from him, and the first thing you notice is your and Peter’s interlaced hands. His cheeks warm up as he notices them too. His arm is resting above your head on the pillow, fingers next to your face where they’re loosely intertwined with yours.
He doesn’t remember waking up in the night, so you must have somehow ended up holding hands in your sleep, both finding your way to the other even while unconscious.
You squeeze his hand and twist your body to look at Peter’s face. “Hi,” you mumble, smiling sleepily.
“Hi,” Peter says, opening his mouth minimally just in case he has bad morning breath.
Your eyes flit across his face with a look he can’t decipher. “Goodnight,” you say a few seconds later and you lie back down in your tired daze, pushing against Peter and pulling his arm over your waist.
“Wait,” you turn around again, “Are you okay? Got a hangover or anything?”
“I’m good, thanks. Go back to sleep,” he smiles, partially because he knows you still need rest but also because he wants you to go back to sleep so he can take care of himself. It’s becoming painful how hard he is.
“Okay. But stay, you’re warm.”
He most definitely is warm, he knows he’s blushing like crazy.
You pull the blanket further up your body and scoot back against Peter, and the way your ass pushes against his crotch nearly makes him moan. He doesn't know how you're not noticing what's going on.
He scoots his hips back as far as he can and waits a few minutes until you’ve drifted off to sleep again. He carefully removes himself from you and goes to your bathroom. You have a bathtub, big enough for both of you, he thinks, with a showerhead on the wall.
Before he can even bring himself to care about the temperature, Peter turns on the water and pulls his clothes off in a hurry, wrapping a hand around himself before he’s even really in the shower.
He leans a hand against the wall, resting his head against it as his other hand speeds up, jerking himself off while he thinks about you in the other room. You, so pretty, so caring, so sexy in just your underwear and a short shirt. You, not knowing that Peter is about to cum in your shower, so close to you, thinking about you.
The water is only barely louder than the sound his hand makes against his cock, and he bites his lip to stop any moans from coming out.
Peter cums when he hears the squeaking of your bed; you’re getting up, you could walk in any second. While he cums, Peter’s mind wanders to you on your knees, his dick sliding in and out of your mouth as you look up at him with your gorgeous eyes.
He washes his cum off the bathroom tiles on the wall and tries to wash the guilty feeling off himself.
Suddenly the door opens slightly, “Hey can I come in? I won’t look, I just wanna brush my teeth.”
Peter makes sure to slide the shower door to the side so it’s covering him and he tells you to come in.
He peeks out of the shower and you smile at him through the mirror. He catches your eyes drifting lower but you can barely even make out the outline of Peter’s body through the frosted glass. 
Peter casts his own glance at you and how you’re still not wearing anything but panties and that short shirt. You stretch your arms, still trying to shake the tired feeling, and your shirt lifts so that Peter can already see the flesh of your tits. But you stop stretching just before your top lifts over your nipples and he quickly turns to look at the wall in the shower instead.
He quickly washes himself using your shower gel, maybe he’ll smell just like you now.
You hand Peter a towel just at the right moment and he wraps it around himself before stepping out of the shower.
“Wait, leave it on,” you tell him.
In his still horny brain a scenario plays out where you said that a few moments earlier and joined Peter in the shower.
This time you don’t tell him if it’s okay for him to look while you’re changing so he diverts his gaze before you slip out of your clothes.
You squeal when you get in the shower, “Peter, why is it so cold? What’s wrong with you?” 
He must not have realised how cold it was, but once he got into the shower he only cared about coming, and he blocked everything else out. By the time he was washing his body, he must have become used to the temperature already and didn’t notice.
Peter brushes his teeth with his second toothbrush that he’s got in your bathroom and quickly goes into your bedroom so he won’t be in the same room as you while you’re naked and he’s only got a towel wrapped around him.
You come out dressed in the clothes you took into the bathroom with you.
“Sorry that I used your shower,” Peter says, sitting on your bed with nothing but your towel.
“You’re welcome here whenever and welcome to use whatever, you know that. But showering that cold should be a crime,” you smile at him, “Should I get you some clothes?”
You go to Peter’s room to get clothes for him and he changes into them in your bathroom.
“I know it’s the weekend but can we get that assignment done today? I wanna go buy my vibrator soon,” you pout.
Peter forgot all about that. How is he supposed to study with you if he knows you’ll go out together to buy a sex toy after?
But somehow he manages. Well, you realise you can do it mostly by yourself once you properly start and Peter is only there for moral support (even though he’s the one who needs moral support; he doesn’t know how much longer he can pretend that he doesn’t have feelings for you, pretend that he didn’t just jerk off while thinking of you and pretend that it–by far–wasn’t the first time.)
“Hey, are you okay?” You ask Peter as you’re both on your way to buy your stupid vibrator that Peter would love to replace.
He doesn’t know what you’re talking about but your worried look tells him he looks exactly as nervous from the outside as he feels. He’s never been to a sex shop. Are they going to ID you? Are you going to meet someone you know? Is it going to be all dingy?
Normally, you’re like an anchor to Peter, your presence can make him feel comfortable in situations that would usually make him panic. But in this situation, you’re making him even antsier. Not in a way that he would describe as anxious but more like a, he’s scared he’ll get a boner any second. That’s always a risk when he’s with you but that risk quadruples when you’re going to a sex shop to buy a vibrator for yourself.
You stop Peter in his tracks and stand in front of him to wipe his sweaty forehead with your sleeve, his heart beating even faster now. “You know you don’t have to come in if it makes you that nervous. But it’s just a shop.”
“What? Yeah I’m fine, pff, like so fine. I’m just hot,” Peter says, watching your eyes go to the thick winter coat Peter is wearing. You’re wearing one too. Even in his jacket, Peter could do with a bit more warmth.
“Here,” you unzip his jacket, and even if it’s only to assist Peter with his stupid lie, you’re still undressing him. You’re not helping the boner risk decrease at all.
The shop is classy and clean and the employees leave you alone (unlike when you dragged Peter to Lush that one time and he was forced to try out bath bombs and oil that he didn’t know the purpose of).
Now he can tell you’re flustered too, just a little bit. Holding on to Peter’s arm the whole time, you find what you need, pay, and put your gloves on top of the packaged vibrator just in case anyone decides to look in your bag.
Even though it’s a Saturday afternoon, the shops aren’t busy so you go to look for some new clothes. Peter thinks you could wear a potato sack and you’d still look pretty, so he’s not the best judge when you come out of the dressing rooms to ask for his opinion on whatever clothes you’re trying on.
“This is so ugly, oh my god,” he hears you from inside the dressing room, laughing.
You pop your head out behind the curtain to make sure no one sees you as you show Peter a top that, yes–even on you, looks ugly. You still look gorgeous, that’s for sure, but even your perfect face and body can’t save the Shrek-coloured thing that is supposed to be a t-shirt.
“You know, you’re the only one who’s allowed to see me in something as ugly as this,” you say absentmindedly as you go back to try on something else and Peter’s heart beats faster at your words.
It might sound ridiculous to an outsider, but to Peter these little things mean the world.
He might not be able to tell if what you feel for him is platonic or more, but he knows you feel something for him. You feel a lot for him. He feels it every time you so much as look at him. 
With you, Peter feels loved.
The love you give him feels like it’s supposed to be for a lover, supposed to be for that one special person. And the lines between friendship and more are so blurry in your relationship that he can’t tell how much is spilling onto the romantic side already.
Peter contemplates paying for your new jeans but in the end, he’s too awkward (and too broke) in front of the cashier to interrupt when you get out your money. Besides things like cinema tickets, drinks and food, Peter has never paid for anything that you bought and it would feel very boyfriend-y.
You get food on your way home and by the time you’re in Peter’s room, it’s dark outside already. Peter was surprised that you even came to his room and when he keeps noticing you looking at the bag with your new toy in it, his assumption that you’d rather be doing something else now is confirmed.
You’ve been so casual when you talk about things like vibrators and getting off, but Peter has never had the courage to properly contribute anything to the conversation. But he decides to put on his big boy pants and before he can chicken out he nods towards his door and says, “Go on, try out your vibrator. I know you’re dying to.”
You give him a charming and apologetic smile, snatching your bag, ready to go. “I’d love to spend time with you, you know that but–”
“I know. But we have enough time for that tomorrow. Just don’t break your–” Don’t break what? Don’t break your pussy? Your clit? He’s never said any of those words out loud.
“I won’t,” you help him out and climb on the bed again to kiss his cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow. Pancakes as always?”
“Pancakes as always,” Peter smiles, feeling himself blush, “Text me your review of the toy,” he says before you leave.
“I will,” you smile back at him, wave, and close the door.
Peter waits a few moments until he thinks you’ve arrived at your door. Are you going to throw yourself on your bed as soon as you get in? Shower first? Are you going to slowly take off all your clothes, caress your body to turn yourself on? Seduce yourself? Or are you going to push your pants down just a few inches and shove the vibrator between your legs?
Whatever you’re doing, thinking of any of those scenarios makes Peter hard immediately; that, and the tension from today that he can finally release.
He moves to the side of the bed that you were just lying on, and the sheets still smell like you.
Peter unbuckles his belt and pushes down his jeans, grabbing himself through his boxers and instantly feeling a sense of relief.
He imagines you lying in your bed, right now, two fingers between your legs. You’re so wet from being with Peter, the guy you’re into, all day, that your fingertips easily glide over your skin.
Peter shifts and runs his thumb over the head of his cock, spreading the precum. The warm, familiar pressure is already building up in Peter’s body, and he slides his fist up and down himself faster.
In Peter’s mind, you’re spreading your lips now, holding the vibrator against your clit. You jolt at the first contact and smile, knowing you’re about to feel nothing but bliss.
Your body relaxes and you let the vibration take over completely, chasing your orgasm that’s so close after only a minute. You throw your head back when you cum, your eyebrows scrunched together. Your legs start shaking once you can’t take it anymore, but you press the vibrator to your clit during the last few aftershocks.
Peter cums at the same time as you do in his imagination. He’s spilling over his abs and his hands, eyes screwed shut in pleasure.
He lies in his bed for a few more moments, sighing as he cleans up the mess he just made. He gets a message from you: Had a nice day btw :) Can’t wait to see you again tomorrow <3
He smiles and texts back, too exhausted to feel bad for what he just did.
Tomorrow will be the third day in a row that you’re spending time together and you’re showing no signs of getting tired of him. But at this rate, it seems like Peter will never know what being with you while you orgasm is actually like.
He can be patient, but he doesn’t know if he’s waiting for something that will never happen. 
He doesn’t even care about the sex, he just wants to hold your hand and know what it means, know that it means that you’re in a romantic relationship.
He’ll give you all the time you need, that’s all he can do. He simply can’t confess his feelings, he can plan on doing it and dream about it as much as he wants, but when he’s standing in front of you he can’t risk losing you.
Maybe one day he’ll be brave enough, and who knows, maybe you’re thinking the exact same thing right now, trying to be brave but you just can’t.
Peter knocks at your door the next day, ready to get pancakes like you always do on Sundays. There’s a lot of commotion behind the door and you take a while to open it.
“You’re early,” you say, hair messy and overall dishevelled.
“Am I? I don’t mind waiting,” Peter says.
“I’ve just quickly got to shower, you can go back to your room or wait here, whichever you want.”
“No problem, I’ll just wait here.” Peter feels as if that’s the wrong answer because you don’t exactly look thrilled that he’ll be in your room, but you still let him in with a small smile. He knows that you can’t be mad at him and by the time Peter’s on your bed and you're about to go to the bathroom, you’re giving him a genuine smile and say you won’t be long.
Peter gets out his phone as he hears you turning on the water and he drops to his back on your bed.
Just as he’s about to go on Instagram, he hears a quiet, mechanical whirring. He wouldn’t be able to pick up on it without his enhanced hearing.
He hears how you smack your hand over your mouth, but you’re not quick enough. Peter still heard a tiny moan.
So that’s why you didn’t want Peter coming in. You’ve probably been making yourself cum all night and you weren’t finished with the last round.
Peter sits up and tries to stick his fingers in his ears, but even if he can’t hear you anymore he’s still got the vivid image of you in his head, only a wall separating you two.
He stands up and looks for something to distract himself before he gets hard, but to make things even worse, Peter’s eyes land on a pair of panties next to your bed.
He feels like a perv as he picks them up. He can see your arousal still glistening in them, and it’s like they’re calling out Peter’s name.
He’s about to lift them to his face when he hears you turning off the water. Peter stuffs the panties into his jeans pocket quickly and out of reflex. He stiffly sits on your bed, unsure if he still has enough time to pull your underwear out of his pocket again and throw it under your bed. 
He’s too nervous to hear what you’re doing, his ears ringing, and before he can bring himself to quickly put your underwear back, you’re coming out of the bathroom, dressed and ready to go.
With your innocent rambling about college he manages to calm down but you and your stupid vibrator are still on his mind. But it’s a good thing that you two can talk about stuff like that, so maybe he’ll get his mind off it once he asks you about it.
“So, is it good?” He asks you as you slide into the booth at the place you always go to for pancakes.
“Is what good?”
“Your, your vibrator thing? You didn’t send me a review,” he says.
“Oh yeah, sorry,” you laugh, “It’s so good, oh my god. I’m so glad we don’t have roommates here cause I did it like six times last night. I get why people pay so much for it. I mean it’s supposed to simulate oral sex and I can’t imagine that it feels the same but I guess I’ll find out one day.”
“You always have me if you want to find out how it feels.”
He can only gather the courage to say that because of what you once said about sucking his dick for practice so you could suck Andrew’s dick for a better score. The only difference is that you turned out to be joking, but Peter is serious.
He probably sounds too serious too because you give him a questioning, “Huh?”
“Well- well I’m just saying if you wanna compare your toy to oral sex then I... you know... my tongue is available to you,” he says it exactly how it comes to his mind, unsure if he should make it sound more like a joke.
You laugh, declaring it a joke yourself, “Okay, thanks. You’re so cute.”
It’s not ideal but the fact that you’re not running away from him and gagging shows him that at least the thought of Peter going down on you doesn’t disgust you. The fact that you made a joke about going down on him first, even if that was weeks ago, gives Peter a tiny bit of hope that maybe his instinct has been right all this time. Maybe you do like him back and you just need a bit more time.
“Um, I heard that next week there’s going to be loads of shooting stars. I was thinking we could drive out of the city and go stargazing. I already asked James and he said we can take his car–the truck, it’s big enough for us to lie down in while we look at the sky, it’s going to be warmer next week too and–”
“I’d love to,” you grin.
He mirrors your smile immediately because it actually took a lot of convincing for Peter’s friend James to let Peter have his car. And more importantly, looking at the stars sounds very romantic. He wasn't sure if he should invite you to something so obviously romantic.
What if it makes you realise that Peter likes you and you distance yourself from him because you don’t feel the same?
What if you do feel the same, but you need your time and it’s too early for a date-like activity?
But what if... what if it’s just the right thing?
You hold hands, you’ve slept in a bed together, so Peter doubts you will be freaked out by stargazing. But Peter can already feel the butterflies just thinking about lying under the night sky with you, and what if you don’t?
But maybe Peter is ready for the risk after all. He’ll see if you’re enjoying yourself, try to see in your beautiful eyes if you’re as smitten as him. He's realised that he’ll have to try one day and now that you’ve agreed to his plan, it feels like this is the right timing, the right thing. Maybe he’ll even ask you how you feel, or make a comment about how romantic the situation is.
And if you and Peter belong together, then maybe it’s time for you. He certainly feels that he’s ready. He’s not expecting a kiss, he’s not expecting anything except the tiniest hint that a romantic night with Peter doesn’t leave you cold. That would be more than enough to keep him going for so many more months to come.
He can wait if you need time but he’s just one man and his passion for you burns so brightly inside him that he just needs something, no matter how small it is.
You two walk home, your bellies filled with pancakes and warmth from seeing your person. No matter if it’s platonic or romantic, Peter would be blind if he didn’t see that he makes you happy and how much you glow and grin and his presence. 
You hang out on campus for a bit more but you tell him you still need to study and you’ll see him tomorrow (he tries not to think about how you’re probably lying and are simply going to use your vibrator over and over).
Peter changes into sweats once he gets to his room and as he’s putting his jeans away he notices something pink peeking out of the pocket. Your panties. He completely forgot about them.
He carefully pulls them out, holding them like they’re a sacred treasure.
Making himself comfortable on his bed, he takes a deep breath before bringing your underwear up to his face.
He doesn’t know what he was expecting your arousal to smell like, not like this, but it’s even better. 
It smells heavenly, just like everything else about you.
He bunches your panties up in his hand and presses them against his face, inhaling your scent while he reaches a hand under his sweatpants and strokes himself. 
He’s been hard since he remembered he had your panties and he doesn’t even think about you making yourself wet, your smell alone has him coming undone within seconds.
He does it again before going to bed, this time wrapping the panties around his hand so he’s jerking himself off with them. He bites his t-shirt in an attempt to muffle his moans as the material slides up and down his cock.
He fucks his fist as hard and as fast as he can, his bed starting to squeak from the intensity of it.
Your wetness on your panties has long dried but the thought of your arousal so close to his dick has him–once again–reaching his orgasm pathetically fast. He sighs after he cums, examining the panties to make sure he pulled them away in time and there’s none of his cum on them.
He wants to save them for another time; as many times as they’ll still have your addicting smell on them.
He cleans the mess off himself, his cum ending up in a tissue that he throws into the trash can with all the other tissues. He’ll empty it before you come over the next time.
。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆ 𝒕𝒉𝒓𝒆𝒆 ☆。・:*:・゚★゚:*:・。
You’ve been driving for half an hour now, the city nothing but a few lights in the rearview mirror. 
You find a spot next to a field, not a soul to be seen anywhere near you. You get the blankets and snacks to make yourselves comfortable in the back of James’s pickup truck that Peter borrowed.
“Look,” you point towards the sky, but Peter misses the shooting star. He goes back to looking at your beautiful face, only to find your eyes already on him.
He feels your hand on the side of his face, pushing his head to face the sky again, “Look at the stars, not at me,” you say and he can hear the grin in your voice. You’re enjoying yourself, and that’s all that matters. You want him to enjoy himself too, not knowing that your face is so much more interesting to look at.
After a few moments of staring into the brightly lit sky–it never looks like this in the polluted city–he has to admit, the night sky isn’t bad either.
It only takes a few seconds until another shooting star races across the sky and you share an excited look, “Did you see that?” You ask.
“You’re supposed to make a wish,” Peter whispers, eyes closed as he wishes for a relationship with you.
You’re still looking at him when he opens his eyes, your gaze intense, eyes flitting across his face.
“Did you make a wish?” Peter asks. You nod and slowly divert your gaze towards the masterpiece of nature above you again.
He can’t shake the feeling that your wish also had something to do with him. Something romantic. He always overthinks and doubts himself but this is one thing he’s sure about.
But the moment is fleeting and Peter doesn’t find the words to say. You’re back to looking at the stars, and he doesn’t want to have to grab your face to kiss you.
He swallows down the disappointment and tries to enjoy the time with you, his dear friend. Not many people have a friendship like yours and at this moment he just tries to be grateful for that.
“Peter?” Your voice is quiet.
“I’m so glad we met,” you turn to your side, your whole body facing him now. He can hear the raw emotion in your voice, he thinks he can even see tears in your eyes. That’s what your shared love does to Peter too. He could cry just thinking about it.
“Me too,” he says, reaching for your hand, trying to bring the monstrosity of his feelings into words to let you know that nothing has made him as happy as meeting you, but the words won’t come out. 
“Our friendship means so much to me,” you say, and it stings. In this romantic moment, cuddled up beneath the stars, is that all Peter will ever be to you? A friend?
You continue, “I‘m sorry if I ruin it with what I‘m about to do.”
You lean in and kiss Peter.
The world stops. Nothing matters, nothing but your lips on Peter’s. He always thought he’d be overcome with great excitement when you first kiss, an explosion of fireworks in his mind and his insides, but he feels at peace. It simply feels right.
“Did I just ruin our friendship?” You whisper, and it’s then that Peter realises that he barely kissed you back. He was too stunned to.
He puts his hands on your face and pulls you in, pressing his lips against yours over and over.
“You didn’t ruin our friendship, you turned it into something better, so much better. And you know that our friendship is hard to beat,” Peter says.
You let out a laugh of joy, “It is,” and you kiss him again, slinging your arms around his neck to pull him as close as you can.
Your lips are soft, so so soft, and even in the cold night, Peter feels warm because he has your body against his.
“Could you maybe uh… slap me?” Peter asks.
“Um, what?”
“Just so I know I’m not dreaming. Please.”
You pinch his cheek instead and you both smile. Peter’s not waking up. He’s already awake. It’s not a dream, this is actually happening.
The fireworks come after all, an explosion of happiness shooting through his chest when he realises that this is real.
He hugs you tight, as tight as he can without breaking you.
Peter’s heart drops when you pull away and tears stain your cheeks, “What-what’s wrong?” he asks.
“Nothing, nothing,” you put a hand on his chest, “I’m just so happy.” Your voice breaks as more tears rush down your face but your eyes are full of happiness.
Tonight, Peter was hoping for a hint that maybe in the future you see something more than friendship between you two too. What he got was all of you. A confession of your feelings, a raw exposure of your deepest emotions, vulnerability. But you trust him. And he’s so glad you do. He’ll do anything to make sure you’re happy and safe and comfortable. 
He starts crying too, just a few tears, either because he’s seeing you cry or because it’s the first time in his life that he’s ecstatic enough to experience happy tears—he’s been waiting for this for so long, unsure if it would ever even happen. All the doubt from the last months tumbles away – none of it matters anymore. You kissed him. 
“I really want to blow my nose but I don’t want to leave you,” Peter sniffles.
You look at him, “Go blow your nose, Peter.”
“I have some tissues in my bag.”
You keep your hand on Peter’s leg while he reaches for your bag and half a minute later you’re reunited again with you lying in Peter’s arms.
You drove all the way to look at the stars but you can’t keep your eyes off each other, never going more than a minute without kissing. It takes a few more minutes for you to pretend that the stars are more interesting than Peter, and you straddle him once you decide you can’t go any longer without being as close to him as possible.
Peter wraps his arms around your waist, enjoying your weight on him. The kisses turn from pecks into something more, but it’s soft and unhurried. You’re taking your time with Peter, savouring the feel of him while Peter takes it all, takes all you give him.
Your wet mouths on each other is the only sound far and wide; even mother nature is quiet as you kiss Peter in the back of this truck, out in the country with no one else around.
You shift, your lips never leaving Peter’s, and start grinding against him, slowly.
He squeezes your waist harder as it becomes difficult to control himself. The only thing stopping him from ruining his pants is the fact that you’re both wearing jeans, so you’re narrowly missing Peter’s hardness, doing what feels good for you.
You stop abruptly with horror in your eyes and Peter strokes your back, “Everything okay? Why’d you stop?”
You look down, a bashful smile on your lips, “I didn’t realise I was doing that.”
Peter stops himself from groaning. He’s getting more turned on with every passing second.
“You don’t have to stop on my behalf.”
After two seconds of contemplation, you kiss Peter again, adjusting your position. You both gasp into each other’s mouths when you’ve perfectly aligned your bodies, and they start moving perfectly in tune with one another.
“I’ve been dreaming of having you on top of me for so long,” Peter says, hands now on your hips, feeling your every movement.
“And I’ve wanted to be on top of you.. for so long,” you’re distracted, pushing yourself up with your hands on Peter’s chest, your voice faltering as you hold in a moan.
Peter feels incredible – everything you do makes him feel incredible. 
So incredible that he doesn’t know how he hasn’t cum yet, but he’s trying so hard not to.
He nearly moans when you grab his hoodie harder and you whimper, “I’m so close.”
One hand is at your jeans, trying to undo the buttons but you can’t, too lost in pleasure.
“Peter, unbutton my jeans,” you say–or rather whimper, “Please.”
And even though he’s on the brink of coming, nothing matters more than your orgasm right now, so he quickly fumbles with the buttons and opens them, your hand disappearing down your pants immediately.
Peter grabs the backs of your thighs as you cum on top of him, your face more gorgeous than he could have ever imagined, so pretty and so vulnerable just for him. He cums at the same time as you, trying to hide it but his hips push up against yours nevertheless.
You let yourself fall to Peter’s side, hiking your leg up over his lap. Peter puts his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close.
“Did you uh..” you look up at him, half teasing him, half unsure if it even happened.
Peter drags a hand over his face, “Yeah… I.. came in my pants.”
“Oh,” you try not to laugh, “Sorry.”
He looks at you, “No, don’t apologise, that was one of the best moments of my life.”
You give him baby wipes from your bag while you pack the stuff and wait for him in the car. He reluctantly hands you the baby wipes when he gets in next to you, looking at your lap.
“What?” You ask.
“I’ve known how you smell for nearly a week now and I don’t know how much longer I can go without having a taste of you.” He’s thinking about your panties, safely stored in his room but they’ve lost even the last traces of your smell.
You follow Peter’s eyes towards your crotch and figure out what he’s talking about, “How… how do you know how I smell?” 
He forgot that you’re not supposed to know that. 
But maybe, subconsciously, he said it on purpose so he can get any secrets out before you two get serious. Or maybe he’s just a dumbass, but he’s trying to look at the bright side. He’s not capable of any negative feelings when you just kissed him.
“Peter?” You ask. You don’t sound mad, you’re just curious.
“I uh, I took a pair of underwear from your room,” he starts.
“The pink ones? I’ve been looking for them.”
“Yeah, they’re pink. And it was the day after you got that clit sucking toy thing so I kept imagining you using it and then the smell made it so much more real…” he says, head hanging low in shame. You still don’t sound mad or grossed out but you haven’t heard all of it yet.
“Go on.”
“I used your underwear to um… jerk off,” he doesn’t meet your eyes until he hears your next words.
“That’s kind of hot,” you bury a hand in his hair, looking at him like you want to eat him up.
“R-really? You’re not mad?”
You shake your head and lean over to kiss him and Peter feels his blush up to his ears.
“I do want my panties back though.”
He tells you you’ll get them back and starts the engine to drive back.
“Wait,” you say, “Didn’t you want a taste?”
He immediately stops the car and leans over. 
“I- well, I didn’t get a chance to get that wet but..”
“I’ll take anything,” Peter pleads.
You kiss his nose and unbutton your jeans, your fingers disappearing beneath them. He hears the wetness and is hard at once. And that’s when you didn’t have a chance to get that wet? You pull two glistening fingers out and bring them in front of his lips.
His cheeks heat up when he leans forward to take them into his mouth. 
He moans at the taste. Sweet yet tangy. He wants to bury his face in you immediately; but you seem tired and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to do that another time.
Peter pulls you close and kisses you, he’s not that good with words so he hopes his tongue in your mouth tells him how much he wants you. It doesn’t have to be now, he just wants you to know.
“I like you.” It slips out of Peter’s mouth when you pull away from the kiss but his words make you connect your lips to his again.
“I like you too,” you smile, nearly laughing because it should probably have been obvious to Peter as soon as you kissed him. Leaning back in your seat in content, you look at Peter with those beautiful eyes of yours. 
Those four little words could make him cry happy tears again but he pulls himself together when you turn on one of your favourite songs and he turns away when you use the baby wipes. 
Before he drives you two home, a thought pops into Peter’s head; a thought that he’s had time and time again and he has to make sure that you know exactly how he likes you.
“But I um… I want you to know that I really do like you, as a person, romantically. I– of course I enjoyed what just happened–you have no idea just how much–”
“I think it was obvious how much you enjoyed it, Peter,” you interrupt him with a teasing smile that makes him blush and stutter for a few seconds before he continues.
“So, while, of course, I’m into you sexually, the emotional and romantic part is so much more important to me, and I need you to know that. But I’ve had so many sexual thoughts about you and, now that I’ve told you that I had your underwear and everything–”
“So you feel bad that you’ve had sexual thoughts about me?” You sum it up and Peter closes his mouth and nods.
“Well, don’t. Peter, in the last month I’ve spent every minute away from you with my fingers between my legs, imagining–wishing they were yours. I’m glad I was not the only one, it’s nice to hear that you’ve been as affected as I’ve been.”
“Are you sure? Because I remember that time when you said how all guys on campus just think with their dicks and how I’m different from them but I’m really not that different. If I’m not thinking about hugging you or thinking about your smile, then I’m always thinking about getting in your pants. And that is a lot of the time. And I’m sure that, even if you’ve thought about me in that way too, I’ve thought about you way more and I just need to know if you think I’m a perv or something.”
“Peter, hey,” you cup his cheek, “I don’t think that. And you don’t think with your dick. You just said you’ve wanted me for months and you didn’t even kiss me. You’re the opposite of those guys that have nothing but sex on their minds so that they can’t even think straight and ruin friendships with girls. You didn’t do that. You thought about my and your feelings and about our connection rather than getting in my pants.”
“But I did think a lot about getting into your pants,” he sighs.
“I thought about you getting into my pants too. That’s fine. That’s the beauty of liking someone, there’s not just the romantic side but also the sexual side. But you didn’t let the sexual side control you and you cared about my feelings first and foremost. Don’t feel bad for thinking about having sex with me, I’m glad you do. But you do so much more than that. You’re nothing like those guys.”
“I’m not like the other guys?” Peter laughs and then kisses you. (He still can’t believe he’s been kissing you all night). You shake your head, reassuring him.
Hearing you say that helps him immensely. He never felt bad about imagining what having sex with you would be like. It was the fact that it was without your knowledge and he had no idea if you’d be grossed and creeped out if you knew about it because you only saw him as a friend. He was scared of making you uncomfortable if you ever found out.
But you’ve found out now and you’re not just saying that it’s okay for him to think about that, but that you have thoughts about it too. (And now his thoughts are going to be even better, knowing that you might be thinking the same thing as him and his fantasies might turn into more than just fantasies).
The journey back has both of you smiling; what just happened still seems unreal, but every shared grin reminds Peter that it really did happen.
It breaks Peter’s heart when he delivers you back to your room, but he can tell you need sleep and he’s not exactly wide awake either. You kiss him like you mean it and you don’t pull away until you’re breathless.
When he gets to his room, Peter quickly puts your panties in his laundry basket so he won’t forget, and then he throws himself onto his bed and squeals loudly. He doesn’t care if anyone hears, he’s happy and he doesn’t mind if people know.
He gets a message from his next-door neighbour Brian:
Bro, you okay?
I heard a weird noise
He texts back: Y/n kissed me :)))))
Brian: About time, happy for you!
Peter considers going over to talk to his friend and tell him all about tonight. He’s tired but there’s no way he’ll sleep now anyway.
He then gets a phone call from you, and he picks up immediately.
His face drops at your unsure voice. Did you change your mind?
“Did… did that really happen?” He thinks he can hear something positive in your voice but it’s hard to tell over the phone.
“It did.”
“Oh,” you say, “Good. I’m having a hard time believing it actually happened. I’ve been waiting for so long.”
He smiles again immediately, “Trust me, it hasn’t fully sunken in yet for me either.”
“Do you maybe wanna come over?” You ask, “I know it’s late but it’s the weekend so..”
He jumps to his feet and sets off instantly, “I don’t know why we didn’t think of that before.”
You giggle, “Me neither. I guess I was tired, but I’ll just be thinking about you all night anyway.”
You stay on the phone with him until he’s at your door, pulling him in for a kiss before he’s even in your room.
You push Peter onto the bed, lie on top of him, and hug him so tight that he can barely breathe. This would be the best way to go.
You’re both exhausted yet excited and interrupt each other with a kiss every few minutes while you’re talking about anything that comes to your mind.
“How long have you liked me?” You ask.
Peter smiles as he thinks back to the first time you met, “You made me nervous from the start because you’re so pretty, and then we talked about such personal things the first time we met. But I didn’t realise just how attracted to you I was until class a few days later when you were laughing about Professor Garfield’s jokes and talking about his ass.”
You pout and cup Peter’s cheek, “And then later I even made that joke about sucking his dick for a better score. Aw no, I’m so sorry.”
“It’s fine,” he shrugs, “You just came on top of me and not him.”
You hide your face in his neck at the reminder that you just nearly had sex with Peter outside. His hand rubs over your back as if he’s not blushing at the thought of it.
“When did you start liking me?” He asks and you lift your head again.
“I thought you were cute the first time I saw you and then when we talked in the kitchen I knew I’d have to keep you because I immediately felt comfortable around you. And then… I don’t know. You just did your thing. And then my heart did its thing too.”
“I’m glad my charm worked on you.”
“It worked wonders,” you push yourself up on your hands and kiss Peter again, staying on top of him for a while until his lips feel sore.
“But regardless of this romantic… and sexual side,” you shyly smile at each other, “I meant what I said. Our friendship means a lot to me. And I’m glad we became friends before anything else.”
“Me too.”
He knows what you mean. Being friends allowed you two to get comfortable around each other first without any pressure to do things to make you attractive to the other person. Now you have a solid base of trust and you know each other; you don’t have to worry about only showing your best sides like other couples do in the beginning stages. You know each other inside out, (except for the fact that you’ve liked each other for a while — but that’s different), the good, the bad, the ugly – yet you’re still choosing each other. Happily so. 
You both lie on your sides, Peter’s hand reaching over to rest on your hip. He can’t help but smile the whole time.
“Were you planning to kiss me? Or was it spontaneous?”
“I’ve been thinking about how it would feel to kiss you for months now, but for some reason it never occurred to me to make the first move. I was pretty sure you like me but the time went on and you didn’t make a move and I got scared that I’d ruin our friendship if I totally misinterpreted everything and you didn’t like me back. 
“And I would have never forgiven myself for that. But when we were lying in the back of that truck, underneath the stars, I don’t know, it was so romantic and you were looking at me with so much adoration that there’s no way I wouldn’t have kissed you. My heart was leading me, I only gathered the courage because my body did what it knew I had to do, I was not in control at that moment, but I guess sometimes it’s good to give up control. But it was definitely spontaneous.”
Peter leans down so his face is right in front of your chest and he whispers, “Thank you, heart,” to which he hears your gorgeous laugh. Your whole body moves with your giggles, pushing your chest even closer to his face. It takes a second for him to get the willpower to pull his face away again.
You connect your lips to his a few more times, Peter’s heart fluttering with every passing second.
“Just so you know, I have liked you all this time, you were right. But I felt the same as you and you’re the most important person to me so I didn’t want to take even the slightest risk when it came to us. There were times when I thought our friendship would even survive me confessing my feelings and you not feeling the same, but by not telling you there was always the hope that you did like me. 
“But if I told you and you didn’t feel the same, even if our friendship survived, it wouldn’t have mattered because it would have broken my heart into a million pieces. And I couldn’t put myself through that-”
“I’d never do that. I’ll take good care of your heart, Peter.”
“I know you will.”
You share a small kiss, Peter intertwining your hands.
“Okay, looking back, I probably should have known that you like me as more than a friend. Your love for my legs gave it away, but at the time I didn’t realise-”
“How do you know that I love your legs?” Peter asks as he turns red, looking at your thighs and resisting the urge to put his hand on one of them.
“When you were drunk, you told me how much you love them. You were basically drooling because of them.”
“Oh.. I don’t remember that. But I do love them.”
“I know,” you smile as you place one of his hands on your thigh and he squeezes the flesh.
You lie next to each other for a while, breath evening out and Peter thinks you’ve fallen asleep until he hears your voice, “Peter?”
“I still can‘t believe that this is actually happening. It‘s like when you‘re at a concert and you don‘t realise that you‘re seeing your favourite artist live and in person, and afterwards you still haven’t realised, and you never really get how lucky you were.”
Peter turns to his side to face you, his tired brain taking a while to answer, but he’s satisfied with what he says, “But a concert only happens once, and we‘ll be together forev— a long time. And longterm. We have plenty of time to realise that it‘s real. Maybe we‘ll realise if you kiss me again.”
You grin immediately and lean in to connect your mouth to Peter’s.
He understands what you’re saying, he can’t quite believe it either. It’s been too long for it to be a dream, he knows that it’s real, but it’ll take a few days for him to realise that he really is the luckiest person on earth. 
He’s grateful that you two have something so beautiful that it nearly feels impossible.
You touch each other for a bit, not sexually, you’re just touching each other’s skin, realising more and more that this is reality.
You lazily make out for a few more minutes until Peter drifts off into the most peaceful sleep he’s ever had, with you in his arms.
。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆ 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫 ☆。・:*:・゚★゚:*:・。 
It’s been a few weeks since that one eventful night and you’re spending even more time with each other than before. Making out with you has become Peter’s new hobby.
He loves that you’re experiencing all your sexual firsts together. You haven’t actually done anything more than kiss since the night under the stars, and he’s more than happy to be patient if you need it but he’s looking forward to more.
“Is it okay if we don’t go all the way yet?” You ask him while you’re both hydrating and eating fruit between makeout sessions, “I definitely want to soon, but maybe not… not yet.”
Peter pulls you on top of his lap and holds you, “We established that the very first time we met, didn’t we? Of course it’s okay if we wait.”
“Okay,” you kiss him, “I don’t mean that we can’t do anything though.”
Peter licks his lips when he realises you’re planning something. You push Peter’s chest so he lies on his back and you slot your hips over his. His eyes flutter shut when he feels your mouth on the special spot on his neck and you slowly start grinding on him.
He grabs your hips and opens his eyes again when you stop kissing him to focus on that sweet place between your legs rubbing against Peter.
You stop when your eyes meet, “You have to close your eyes.”
“I wanna see you though.”
“It’s different from the first time, we’re not out during the night. And the position’s uncomfortable.”
“Then let’s change it.”
He’s already hard and if you continue like that he won’t take much longer; but your pleasure is more important to him so he pulls his sweat shorts further up his leg and lifts you onto his thigh. 
Your eyes go down and you realise what he wants you to do, “But you–”
“Shh, this is about you right now, okay? And I’ll cum as soon as you do anyway so don’t worry about me. This okay?”
He sees how his words give you confidence and you nod, letting yourself fully sit down on his thigh. Peter knew he liked your pretty skirt for more than aesthetic reasons because the only thing between your warm pussy and Peter’s skin is your underwear. He could cum from the feeling of your wet heat through your panties alone, but he tries to focus on making you breathless with his kisses once you wrap your arms around his neck and pull his face close.
He holds you as you rock yourself on his thigh, becoming surer in your movements after a while, finding what feels best for you. Peter instinctively flexes the muscles in his thigh when you change your position slightly, and your little gasp tells him to continue doing it.
Your wetness slowly but surely drenches your panties and reaches Peter’s skin. You grab his shirt hard and bury your other hand in his hair, pulling. Peter tries bouncing his leg up and down and is rewarded with the sweetest moan coming from your mouth, followed by a gasp and a whispered: “I’m gonna cum.”
Your legs get weaker while you’re coming but, through his own approaching orgasm, Peter pushes your hips in whatever direction you want them to go and together you try to savour your highs for as long as possible. 
Out of breath, you’re still holding onto Peter tightly. As your hand in his hair slowly lets go, you press a kiss to his head, your hand on his shirt easing too as you smooth down the material.
“Sorry, did I hurt you?” You ask carefully but Peter shakes his head and purses his lips for you to give him a kiss, and you smile when you do.
“Oh, wait did you really cum?” You’re glancing down at the wet spot on his pants but your eyes widen when you get off him and realise how much you leaked onto his thigh yourself.
“I don’t know how I couldn’t cum when I have the prettiest, sexiest woman in the world having an orgasm on my lap.”
You lean your head against his shoulder, hiding your face from him while your cheeks heat up. You get off him and he goes to the bathroom to clean up.
You’re absentmindedly biting your lip when Peter comes back and he pulls you out of your daydream with a kiss.
“Do you wanna eat my pussy?”
Peter freezes for a second and then jumps onto the bed. You laugh, “Wait, I need a break first.”
“Okay,” he sits down next to you and swallows. He’s hard already just from the thought of going down on you. He couldn’t be happier that you want him to do it, he’s had daydreams (well, he’s mostly thought about it during nighttime) about it so many times.
“Do you want me to give you a massage?” He asks. It’s something you’ve done for him countless times and he doesn’t return the favour as often as he’d want to because your massages are heavenly and he can barely get up after.
“Yes please,” you lie down on your stomach, “But don’t stand on me.” You both chuckle.
Your massages consist of kneeling or standing on Peter’s back. It sounds painful but to him it’s the best thing he’s ever felt. He doesn’t just like your weight on his lap, he likes you on top of him in various scenarios.
He’s kneading your shoulders for about a minute when you suddenly sit up, “Okay, the break is over, can you eat me out now?”
A smile spreads over Peter’s face and you kiss him, a similar expression on your lips.
You get comfortable on your back and pull your shirt over your head and slip out of your skirt.
Peter sits between your legs, speechless, thumb rubbing over the large wet spot on your panties. You gasp when he touches you there but Peter can’t continue before showing you how much he loves your tits first. They're perfect.
He kisses his way up your stomach, inching further up until your nipple is in his mouth and your hand goes into his hair. He gets lost in the feeling of one of your boobs in his hand and the other one against his tongue until you push his head away.
He worries he’s hurt you but you whimper and spread your legs, pulling them up against your chest, “Please,” is all you can manage to say. Peter’s hands wander down your sides and between your legs, his fingers gliding over your panties.
Peter drags your underwear down your legs slowly, a string of your arousal staying connected to your panties momentarily. He licks his lips and kneels in front of the bed, pulling you to the edge of the mattress.
With your legs on his shoulders, Peter kisses your clit once, watching as your eyes flutter shut. He’s forgetting that this is your first time too, so your expectations probably aren’t too high. And you’re wet from your earlier orgasm and it seems to be doing wonders for you; you already start arching your back when Peter licks up and down your clit a few times.
He savours the taste of you on his tongue, sweeter than anything he’s ever tasted, and knowing that he’s tasting you because you’re wet for him makes things even better.
As he plays with your clit, his tongue in your pussy, he puts a hand on your stomach. It’s just because he doesn’t know where else to put his hand, but you grab some of his fingers, holding his hand and Peter’s convinced his eyes must be shaped like hearts right now. He’s always loved holding hands with you.
He makes out with your pussy, your juices all over his mouth, and he starts sucking your clit.
“Peter..” your voice comes out as a whimper and you grip his hand harder. You arch further into him and your eyes squeeze shut, and Peter can tell you’re coming – on his tongue, with his face between your legs, just like he’s imagined so many times but it’s so much better than what he ever could have wished for.
He only pulls his mouth away from you slowly, not wanting the moment to end. You don’t let go of his hand, instead using your intertwined fingers to pull him up so Peter can kiss you. 
You hug him like you never want to let him go again and Peter gladly complies. He wraps his arms around you and lies on top of you for as long as you’ll have him.
“I’m too tired to return the favour,” you say after a while.
“That’s okay. I just wanted to make you feel good.” 
He’s glad you said it because then you won’t need to find out that he came in his pants ages ago, yet again, and you don’t need to be reminded of what a loser your boyfriend can be and how you’re the opposite.
Peter lifts his head so you’re looking at each other, and you cup his cheeks to kiss him on the lips a few times.
“I’m getting cold,” you say.
“I’ll keep you warm.”
You smile and kiss his forehead, “I should get dressed. And I need to pee. But you can cuddle me again after.” Peter gets up and scoops you up in his arms, earning a squeal from you.
He carries you to the bathroom and even though he’s completely dressed and you’re naked and vulnerable, he can tell you’re content and comfortable by the way you drop your head to his shoulder and let him hold you.
You’re in the bathroom while gets the clothes you asked him to get from your room, but he changes first so he’s not walking around the student accommodation with a mess in his pants.
You’re sitting on the bed in all your naked glory when he gets back. He stares for a second, smiling softly as he realises how lucky he is to get to see you like this, that he’s the only one in the world who does and that you want him to see you like this.
It’s later in the night and you’re in bed, you sitting on top of Peter, kissing him. It’s not sexual; you’re enjoying each other’s company, touching each other, locking lips over and over and over. Peter couldn’t be happier. There’s a smile on his face the whole time.
“I like kissing you. Like a lot,” you say.
“I love kissing you.”
“Do you wanna be my boy—”
“Girlfriend? Do you wanna be my girlfriend?” He interrupts you, somewhat surprised.
You grin and throw your arms around him, “Yes.”
“Sorry, I wanted to say it. After you made the first move I wanted to do this.”
“Everything okay?” You ask, realising he’s not telling you everything simply by looking at him.
“Well I don’t know, I kind of thought we were together already,” he says and your face softens.
“Oh. I mean we may as well have been. But we never properly talked about it. And just now I realised how sad I was that I couldn't officially call you my boyfriend, so I wanted to make sure that I could.”
“You’re right, now we have talked about it. And now it’s official. The most beautiful woman in the world is officially my girlfriend,” he beams as he cups your cheek and kisses you again. 
You lie down next to him, his arm around you as you cuddle into his side.
After a few moments of looking at Peter, you start giggling, as if you just remembered something funny or embarrassing about him.
“What?” He asks.
“Nothing just, I’m so into you, and you really weren’t sure if I liked you? I know we‘ve talked about how we were both too scared to ruin the friendship but we were both idiots. 
“I mean, I tried to give you the boldest, most obvious signs. I kept holding your hand, talked about me getting off. I changed in front of you, slept next to you half-naked? Peter, I said I’d suck your dick.”
“Yeah but it was only in relation to you sucking professor Garfield’s dick for a better mark.”
“Knowing me, do you think I’d really suck a professor’s dick to get a better score?”
He shrugs, “Well, not when you say it like that, no. But we didn’t know each other that well yet. And hearing the girl you like say she’ll suck another guy’s dick isn’t nice regardless of if she’s being serious or not.”
You pout and cup his face, kissing him a few times, “I only want your dick, promise.”
“And my dick only wants you,” he says, earning a small laugh from you.
“But seriously, I contemplated peeing while you were in the bathroom with me at that party. If there was an obvious sign that I liked you, it would be that,” you joke.
“Just so you know, you can pee in front of me. And as long as you’re okay with that, I’d also feel comfortable peeing in front of you.”
You scrunch up your face, “We’ll avoid it if we can.” You both laugh but you know it would be no big deal and you’d be comfortable with it. It sounds like a weird thing to bond over, but Peter thinks it’s sweet.
“Anyway, I know I brought it up but can we stop talking about peeing so you can go down on me again?”
Peter’s eyes light up, “Yes, yesyesyes,” and he starts kissing down your body.
“So,” Peter asks you a few days later, “You know how you said your sex toy is supposed to feel like oral sex? So who’s better? Me or the vibrator?”
You give him an exaggerated pout and scoot closer to him on the bed, ”Don’t make me hurt your feelings.”
You’ve just come back from a date Peter planned. You got take-out from your favourite restaurant and ate it next to the river that goes through the city. You walked for hours, holding hands, talking, getting ice cream and just being with each other.
While Peter loves going out with you, he’s not sure if anything can beat spending time alone with you, in your bed, utterly comfortable and being nothing but yourself. Not to mention that you two can have sex whenever you want to.
“I don’t mind if you say it’s the vibrator, I mean it’s made for making you feel good and I’m just some guy,” Peter says, “It’s literally called a clit-sucker.”
“Sex with you is better but if you’re comparing the toy with you sucking my clit, then the vibrator is better, yes,” you move to his lap and put your arms on his shoulders, linking your hands behind his head.
“Can I use it on you?”
You bite your lip when he says it, “There’s not much you can do, you just hold it against my clit.”
“I’d love to do that.”
You grin and start kissing him.
He flips you around so you’re under him. He slowly takes off all your clothes and you pull off his shirt. He can’t resist getting a taste of you before he starts, humming as he begins eating you out, tongue in your pussy and his thumb on your clit.
You whine when he stops but you both remember that you wanted to use your toy. He kisses his way up your body, your arousal on his lips.
“You’re so hot, I don’t know if I deserve you,” he whispers into your skin as he’s kissing your belly. You tug him up to you to kiss him with such intensity that tells him he deserves you, all of you. You’re made for each other. And you feel it too.
You reach into your bedside drawer and pull out your vibrator. Peter smiles as he spreads your legs and lies down between them.
“Like this?” He turns it on and you adjust the setting, lying back when Peter presses a kiss on your clit and places the toy on your pussy.
You put your hand over his, shifting it so it’s in the perfect place. He lifts one of your legs over his shoulder and rests his cheek against your other thigh, occasionally kissing the skin there. He brings his arm over your body, smoothing his hand over your tummy and grabbing one of your tits, playing with your nipple.
Your hands absentmindedly find his hair, burying your fingers in it as he tells you how pretty you are and how he wants you to cum.
You glance at Peter between your legs, smiling and laying your head back down on the pillow. A few moments later he notices your breathing changing and how your hips slightly buck up.
“I’m gonna cum,” you moan, your back arching, and Peter puts his hand over your lower belly to keep you down. Your hand tightens in his hair as frantic breaths and strangled sounds leave your mouth, not able to form any coherent sentence.
After a few seconds, Peter wants to pull the toy away, thinking you’re done, but you hold his hand in place until your legs shake and he feels your belly convulsing under his hand. You’re coming until your head drops to the side and you let go of both his hair and his hand so he pulls away the vibrator.
“Oh–God. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Sorry if I hurt you,” your hand goes through his hair once more but he kisses your hand instead, “Don’t worry.”
You let your head fall back, your eyes not leaving Peter. The way you’re looking at him is nearly enough to make him cum right then and there, but he takes your hand and kisses you instead.
You wrap your legs around Peter’s waist and pull him as close as you can, “Can we go all the way? I feel so empty, I need you inside of me.”
Peter gulps at your words, pulling his hips away from yours so he doesn’t finish before you’ve even started. “Are you sure? Last week you said you wanted to wait.”
“Yeah, I am. I thought it would take me longer to be comfortable around you when I’m naked but I feel so good, and I like being naked in front of you. I like how you look at me and how it makes me feel,” you smile softly and kiss him.
“I like having you naked in front of me too.”
“I know, that’s why I’m so comfortable. And the fact that I want this so quickly shows me that it’s the right thing and also I just really really need you inside of me.”
“Oh my god,” he whispers, closing his eyes to refocus, “I have to get the condoms.”
“Make sure to hide this first,” your hands go to the front of his sweatpants and he playfully narrows his eyes at you because you know exactly that what you’re doing is not helping his situation.
After another kiss from you, he manages to pull himself away from you and hides his hardness as well as he can. He slips back into his shirt and runs to his room to get the condoms you two bought the other week just so you’d have them.
When he comes back you already have your fingers between your legs, “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”
“Don’t apologise, baby,” Peter says before taking off his clothes in record time and joining you on the bed. 
You make out for a few minutes, forgetting everything else. His fingers wander to your pussy, playing with your clit until you can’t keep kissing him anymore, distracted by the pleasure.
He slips one finger into your pussy first, then two.
“Peter, it’s not enough,” you moan with a desperation in your voice that makes him even harder which, up to this point, felt impossible.
“‘M just checking you can take it, get you used to having something inside of you.”
You sigh into his mouth and give him the dirtiest kiss you ever have. “Just so you know.. I don’t know how long I’m gonna last,” he warns you, afraid of disappointing you.
“I don’t care, I just need you right now.”
“What if I cum immediately once I’m in you?”
You hold his face in your hands, “Fuck, Pete, that’s so hot. I want you to cum inside of me.”
“Don’t say that because I will.”
“Please, please, I’m ready,” you whisper.
“Wait, you mean with a condom right?”
You laugh and nod, kissing him on the nose.
“Okay, just checking,” he says, putting on the condom. 
You hold on to his neck as he lines himself up with you, feeling how wet you are. He pushes into you slowly, making sure you’re okay once he’s inside of you completely, “You okay?”
“Yeah, it feels even bigger inside of me.”
He blushes at you calling his dick big and runs a hand down your cheek, “Should I pull out?”
“No, no. Just give me a second.” 
You both take deep breaths once Peter starts rubbing your clit – you because you’re relaxing, Peter because he’s about to cum if he doesn’t focus.
He has you coming around his dick quickly. You press your chest against Peter’s when your back arches from the pleasure and you kiss the side of his face when you’re coming down from the high.
“Lift me up,” you tell him and you end up pushing Peter down on the bed, straddling his lap.
You place your hands on either side of Peter’s head, leaving him with your tits right in his face. You tell him to fuck you and with his hands on your hips, Peter slowly thrusts into you from below.
Your pussy squeezes him so tight, and you’re so warm, “Fuck, you feel so so good,” he groans. 
You start bouncing on him, meeting his thrusts halfway, now more used to him inside of you.
He closes his eyes, trying to think of something else but your quiet moans and your earlier words about wanting him to cum in you make him orgasm after a few more seconds.
He fucks you until he’s too exhausted to move and you grin down at him, both of you lying down to cuddle. 
You don’t say anything for a few minutes, both exhausted and content, only grinning at each other and occasionally giving the other a lazy kiss before you sit up on him again, your nipples right in front of his mouth.
He takes the opportunity to run his tongue around one, but you lean back, dazed, “No, no, you’ll make me horny again,” you smile, “And I don’t think I can take another orgasm right now.”
He kisses your sternum instead and picks you up in his arms so you can take a shower together.
Peter washes your body for you, taking his time to massage every part of you for a few seconds. He wants to spoil and pamper you and take as much work off your hands as he can. He knows you’d do the same for him.
Once you’re both clean, you stand under the water for a while, Peter’s arms around your waist, your back pulled to his chest. Your breathing is calm and your eyes are closed, completely relaxed against Peter.
“I came in here once,” Peter interrupts the silence.
You slowly open your eyes and turn around to face him, a smile making its way onto your face before it turns into a laugh, “What?”
“It was after that night when I got really drunk. I woke up with this perfect ass right against my crotch,” he squeezes one of your ass cheeks for emphasis. 
“You mean back when we were just friends?” You ask, pulling his arms around your body again, “That feels so long ago.”
“And at the same time like it was yesterday.” “Yeah,” you smile, “I probably would have helped you out if you’d asked.”
“I was already into you then and there’s no way I would have been able to–or wanted to–resist if I found out you were horny because of me. I was coming on my vibrator three times a day wishing it was you instead.”
Peter runs a hand over his face, remembering how scared he was that you’d never like him back, “I was wishing it was me too. I heard you that one time, when you were masturbating while I was waiting for you in there,” he nods his head towards the door to your room.
“You can’t blame me, you saw how that thing makes me cum,” you lean your head on his shoulder, hiding your embarrassment.
The moment you look down and see that Peter’s hard again, he stiffens even more.
“You’re getting harder from me looking at your dick?” You ask, licking your lips.
He nods, putting a hand around the back of your neck and gently pulling you towards him, kissing you to distract you from the blush creeping onto his cheeks.
While your teeth tug at Peter’s bottom lip, your hands smooth down his chest, over his faint happy trail and eventually you wrap your hand around his cock. He gasps at the first contact and opens his eyes, meeting your lust-filled gaze, “I can’t believe I haven’t done this before,” you say, starting to jerk him off with a slightly unsure look on your face.
“Is this okay?” You ask and Peter nods, “Show me how you do it,” you urge, lifting Peter’s hand to wrap it around your own.
With a firm grip, Peter guides your hand, “F-fuck,” is all he can manage to get out apart from a shaky breath. Your free hand runs across his chest, occasionally rubbing over his nipples, making him gasp. 
“I really need you to cum for me right now,” you whisper, looking down at your hand sliding up and down his dick. Your words make him groan and before he can prepare, waves of pleasure flow through him, his cum splashing all over your tummy. He can’t stop coming, especially not when you angle his cock further towards you, your belly now covered in him.
“Fuck,” you both moan at the same time and then you smile at each other. You step away from the spray of the shower, sliding a finger across your skin and sucking it into your mouth.
If he hadn’t already cum three times today, Peter would be hard in half a second. He shakes his head in disbelief, not sure what he did to ever deserve a girlfriend as sexy as you. He runs his thumb over your belly, picking up the rest of his cum on you and you open your mouth before he even asks you to.
He pushes it into your mouth slowly and you hum as he does it. Grabbing your face right after, he kisses you until neither of you can breathe. “Can I eat you out again now?”
You grin immediately, “Yes, but I’m tired.”
After you’ve dried off, he carries you to your bed, making sure you’re comfortable on it before his mouth disappears between your legs. He’s proud of how you grip his hair, grinding your pussy against his face and how you cum on his tongue.
He gets a notification on his phone just as he’s done kissing you after he made you cum. He ordered some food before you two went in the shower and it’s about to arrive.
“Go and get it, I can wait,” you tell him, but he makes sure to kiss your forehead and give you water and baby wipes before pulling on some clothes and rushing downstairs to get the food.
You eat it on your bed with a towel laid down to make sure nothing gets dirty. Peter likes how you randomly grab his hand while you’re eating or asking him to pass you your drink.
With some quiet music playing, you make yourselves comfortable in your bed, cuddling.
“Thank you,” you say, looking at him like he’s responsible for all good in the world.
“For what?”
“For everything. For taking care of me. For being you,” you slide your fingers between his. He picks up your intertwined hands and kisses yours, “It’s my pleasure. Thank you for being you, and for being with me.”
“There’s no one in the world I’d rather be with,” you lean over to kiss him, leaving your lips on his for a few seconds. “This white shirt looks so good on you, it’s my favourite,” you tell him, smoothing down the material and then resting your head on his chest.
“Thank you,” he wraps an arm around your shoulder, holding you tight, “You know what looks even better on me?”
“Me?” You ask, already knowing what Peter is going to say and he adores you for it.
“Yes,” he smiles, “You.”
“I like this position, I like hearing your heart beating so clearly,” you say, nuzzling up against him.
“And I like that I can feel a heartbeat as soon as I put my hand here,” Peter smirks, sliding a hand between your legs and immediately feeling the pulsating warmth, even through your panties.
“Don’t blame me for getting turned on when the man I love touches my pussy,” you say, grabbing Peter’s hand into yours and away from your underwear to stop you from getting horny.
It takes both of you a second to realise that you just said that you love him. Probably because you’ve both felt it for a while; first as friends, then as lovers. Even if no one’s said it yet, it was obvious.
“I love you too,” he says softly and that’s when you realise what you just said. You turn towards him and start grinning, meeting Peter’s own wide smile. You start littering his face with kisses until he holds your face in place to kiss your lips. It’s like you melt right into his mouth once your lips touch his.
You spend the rest of the night telling each other that you love the other, giggling and cuddling and kissing until the early morning hours.
Peter wants to sit through this lecture with you on his lap when you get to the lecture hall one minute before the lesson starts and there are no two seats free next to each other.
But you two promised yourselves that you weren’t going to be that annoying couple that has to be together at all times, so you two sit at opposite sides of the room.
Peter’s stomach tingles with jealousy when he sees that you’re sitting next to a guy you know. Brandon. Peter remembers him from the day you and Peter met. When it was Peter’s turn to tell an embarrassing sex story and he had nothing to say, you told Brandon to tell his story instead, distracting everyone and saving Peter.
He smiles when he thinks back to it; who knew that you two would end up in love?
But he hears your giggle through the entire lecture hall, over all the over murmuring, and Peter frowns. He knows it’s stupid if not wrong to be jealous about something so trivial. He’s more than okay with you having a male friend as long as he’s a good person; Peter’s happy about every nice friend you have.
But he’s spent the last few months getting to know you inside and out and you never mentioned Brandon. Now you’re talking to him like you’re best friends. Okay, the thing that bothers Peter the most is that you apparently knew Brandon’s sex story before he told it to the whole party.
Why were you talking to Brandon about sex? And why did you never mention it to Peter?
He knows you’ve done nothing wrong, and it’s ridiculous that he feels like this over a story and you laughing at another man’s jokes. If he was sitting next to you, he’s sure he’d be fine, but it doesn’t help that you’re out of reach.
He’s more curious than jealous, or that’s what he’s trying to tell himself, knowing he has no right to feel this way about such a little thing.
He tries to accept the feeling, tries to focus on what Professor Garfield is saying but throughout the whole lecture Brandon is in the back of Peter’s mind.
By the end of the lesson, he’s more mad than anything else – mad at himself for being jealous. He doesn't want to turn into one of those possessive, toxic and controlling boyfriends. He trusts you and he should be okay with you having dozens of male friends.
He waits for you by the door when the lecture is over, and in the sea of students you and Brandon leave the room separately. Peter’s so focussed on Brandon that he only notices you standing next to him once you hold his hand.
“What’s wrong?” You ask immediately. Peter didn’t know he was being that obvious.
He doesn’t want to drag you into his unnecessary jealousy and insecurity. “No-nothing,” he presses his lips together in a smile and you walk him into a quiet corner.
“What is it?” You sit down and pat the seat next to you for Peter to sit down.
“Well. I don’t know. It’s just, we usually sit together in this class and then we didn’t get to sit together and then you ended up next to a guy you know and I just…” It’s the shortened and less embarrassing version.
You smile, half with pity and half out of amusement, but he knows you’re not trying to make fun of him. “You were jealous? Of Brandon?”
“I don’t know. Kinda. I‘d honestly rather have you look at Andrew’s ass than have you talk to Brandon and giggle at everything he says and–like, I don’t even know him and I just felt insecure because I didn’t feel like I was a part of it,” he looks down, taking a deep breath, “Sorry, of course I don’t mean it like that. Obviously it’s fine if you have male friends. I was just wondering why you haven’t told me about him, because I remember him from the party the first time we met and I realised you never brought him up. And then I got so into my head about being jealous that I felt even worse and now I can’t even tell the jealousy from the being-mad-at-myself apart.”
“Okay, take my hand,” you say, “I love you. And-”
“I love you too,” Peter grins instantly, leaning over to kiss you.
“So, I didn’t tell you about Brandon because I wasn’t thinking about him. If he was important to me I would have introduced you two ages ago. I didn't even realise I was in this class until today. I met him the same night I met you and I was talking to a group of people before we played that game where he told that sex story. But wait.. Peter,” you furrow your eyebrows, “So you remember the story Brandon told?”
“I remember that he told a story, but I was too busy looking at you and being grateful that you helped me out of the situation.”
“Well, his story was about the first time he had sex with his boyfriend. And they’re still together.”
“Oh,” Peter says, dumbfounded, “Now I feel even worse. Why was I so jealous about a guy who has a boyfriend?”
“Don’t beat yourself up about it. We’ve been attached at the hip lately, so of course we're not used to being apart. I’m sure we’ll get used to it in a few days. But you’re jealous for the first time and we’re already talking about it, I’m sure we’ll sort it out. I promise we’ll work it out together.”
He pecks your lips again, “Thank you. I think I was way more surprised about my jealousy than actually being jealous. I trust you and I love you and I do that more and more every day. It’s just that I want you so much that I assume every guy feels the same, because why wouldn’t they? Forgive me if I project that onto them and don’t trust them. But I trust you and that’s what matters and what I’ll try to rely on. I’m sorry for making such a big deal out of something small.”
“Don’t apologise, I’m glad you told me how you feel. You’re already not jealous anymore and you’re talking about it and working it out. That’s what matters. You recognise that it’s unreasonable but jealousy is a normal emotion.”
He gives you a small smile, already understanding himself better thanks to you. You’re right, jealousy is something everyone feels from time to time. He’ll learn how to deal with it, and now that he’s with you, feeling loved and appreciated, he can’t even imagine ever being jealous again. He can tell his love is reciprocated. He trusts you, and that’s all he needs.
You sit together for another while, smiling and saying goodbye when Professor Garfield walks past you. You wait until he’s turned around the corner to say, “Wait, what did you say about his ass earlier?”
Peter chuckles, “Oh, it’s nothing. Just the first time we had this lesson you said something about how nice his ass is.”
“Oh, now I remember. But your ass is the only ass I wanna look at now, you know that?” 
“Really. I wouldn’t have asked you to be my boyfriend if I was interested in anyone else’s ass.”
There’s a comfortable warmth in Peter’s chest at you calling him his boyfriend. He’ll always be happy to be that.
“Well,” he thinks out loud, “There are some guys with nice asses, I can’t deny that. But then we can both admire them, okay? Together.”
You laugh, “You’re so cute. Okay, I’ll let you know when I see a nice ass and we’ll appreciate it together.”
“Good,” Peter smiles, okay with you liking other people’s asses because, after all, those asses don’t have this great connection with you like he does. He’s so much to you than a person with a cute ass.
“But your ass is the nicest,” he adds.
“Thank you," you laugh and kiss his cheek.
You lean back on your hands and tilt your head towards your shoulder. This time Peter feels warmth rushing elsewhere.
“You wanna know what I was thinking about during the whole lesson?”
He nods.
“I was thinking,” you look around to make sure no one else is close enough to hear, “about how I can’t wait to have your dick in my mouth.”
Peter’s heart starts beating twice as fast as it usually does, “My-my- my dick? In your- why would— do you want it to be in your mouth?”
“I do. I had a dream about it last night. And I was gonna wait until tonight to do it but maybe we should do it now to relax you.”
“I.. don’t know if relax is the right word,” he says.
“I’ll do it to show you that I only like you then. And because I really need you.”
Peter’s face falls, “No, shit, I have this class now… no, nevermind, let’s go to my room–”
“No, we said our education and college come first, and that we wouldn’t let our academic performance fall off because of each other.”
“Yeah but I didn’t know that that meant saying no to you…” he looks at his lap and back at you again. 
“To me sucking your dick?” You’re teasing him on purpose now but despite the uncomfortable strain in his pants he’s enjoying it.
“Go to your class now and I’ll see you tonight,” you kiss him and get up.
“No wait–”
“Bye, baby,” you call out and walk away.
A class has never lasted as long as Peter’s next class. He leaves his bunched up hoodie on his lap the whole time even though he’s cold in just the shirt he’s wearing.
After class, he runs home, going to his dorm room first but you’re not there so he rushes to your room instead. You open the door as if Peter hasn’t been suffering for the past two hours, giving him a quick kiss and sitting back down to read a book.
He gets on his knees in front of you, putting his hands on your thighs, “Please. You can’t be serious right now. I need you.”
You pat the bed next to you and he lies down with a sigh, hoping to get your attention but you keep reading; maybe he can take a nap to make the time pass quicker. You pretend to read for another minute or two and then grin at Peter and straddle him, starting to kiss him. 
“Sorry, I thought it would be fun to tease you but I don’t know what I was thinking. I really want you.”
He’s panting into your mouth after a few moments, already feeling relief as you pull at his belt, taking off Peter’s pants and your and his shirt.
“Let me know uh, how I’m doing,” you say as you get down on your knees in front of the bed.
Your words clear Peter’s mind for a second and he leans down to give you a kiss, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, by the way.”
You shake your head, “No, I really want to. I just don’t know what to do, so, be patient with me.”
“Always,” he reaches for your hand to kiss it, “So I guess you just– oh my god.” He moans as your mouth wraps around him, all wet and warm.
He makes the mistake of looking at you, the head of his cock in your mouth, your pretty lips against his skin, eyes big and gorgeous and so innocent. He’s close so quickly and motions for you to stop.
“Everything okay?” You ask, already knowing what’s going on though. Peter’s eyes go to your chest, perfect tits pushed together by a pretty bra. If you take that off he doesn’t want to know how fast he’ll cum.
“Yes, more than okay. I love you so much, you know that?”
“I do, but Peter, this is torture for me,” you say seriously.
“What?” He sits up straighter.
“I wanna make you cum so so bad, please just let me, I don’t care how long you last.” You sound so horny that it makes Peter’s cock just that much harder in the way only happens when he’s with you, never when he’s alone.
“Okay. But try to go slow, I wanna enjoy it as long as I can.”
You smirk and he already knows you’ll give it your all, but while he wants to enjoy it as long as possible, he also really wants to cum.
You wrap a hand around him, slapping his dick against your tongue a few times, putting on a show for him. But once you wrap your lips around him, there’s no stopping you.
Peter’s skin glistens with a mixture of your spit and his precum and you keep taking him deeper and deeper until all of him disappears in your mouth. “Fuuuck,” he groans, huffing with a smile, accepting that he’s about to cum.
You start going faster, your wet mouth making a loud, obscene sound against his skin. Peter lies down on his back, barely able to keep his noises in.
“God– oh my god. This is the best thing I’ve ever felt,” his mouth falls open as he cranes his neck to look at you taking his dick. He puts a hand on your head, feeling your every movement up and down his cock.
He cums right down your throat as soon you start moaning, mouth stuffed full of Peter’s dick. You taste the first few drops and then jerk him off so his cum lands on your cheek and the sight is so dirty yet so beautiful.
You’re both panting when Peter is finished and you’re smiling at each other, in silent agreement that that was one of the hottest things you two have ever experienced. Your smile has something shy to it too, unsure how you look with Peter’s cum on your face.
But he’s looking at you with pure admiration, not believing how lucky he is for a bit before pulling you up to kiss you.
“Wait, Pete, you’ll get cu–”
“I don’t care.”
He kisses your mouth, and tasting himself on you is the sexiest thing in the world. He kisses his cum off your skin, connecting your lips afterwards, his tongue in your mouth until the cum is gone.
He wipes his mouth, asking something he’s been thinking about for a while, and he can’t go a second longer without it. “Do you wanna sit on my face?”
You’re taking off your clothes before the question even fully leaves his mouth and he takes in the sight of the prettiest woman alive getting undressed in front of him, for him.
He licks his lips when you slip out of your panties, the holy place between your legs shiny with arousal that’s started running down your thighs.
“You’re so wet.. from going down on me?” He asks, grabbing your thighs as you come closer, straddling him.
You simply nod and while you’re making your way up Peter’s body there’s a moment where your eyes meet for more than a few seconds. You don’t say anything, there’s just mutual appreciation and adoration for one another.
This is something good. Maybe it’s the best thing in the world. It is the best thing in the world.
“I love you,” he says, feeling so much more than those three simple words.
“I love you,” you say, your eyes holding such intensity that he doesn’t think there’s a single person in the world who has ever been as loved as Peter is by you.
He hopes he’s making you feel like the Goddess he sees you as, he adores every inch of you, all the things you’ve ever said to him and every second he’s spent with you.
The moment feels like it goes on forever, and at some point, you both move your heads towards each other, lips meeting in a kiss.
He grabs your ass, ready to drown in your pussy and to make you cum as many times as you want.
“Can I…?” You ask as you lower yourself. 
Peter pulls you towards his face and makes love to you all night. 
You spend the rest of the weekend in each other’s arms, feeling like the luckiest people on earth and you probably are.
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