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Remembered for her associations with magic and witchcraft, the Greek goddess Hecate has taken on many roles throughout her long mythological history. Linked to the moon, crossroads, magic and even ghosts, she was seen as a protector and powerful keeper of the keys to the underworld.
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Identifying Your Prominent Godly Objects
As always, recorded for me, published for you. Hellenic and Vedic options listed, though I usually research using Vedic. I encourage experimenting with both. Refer to bio.
Contains information on which charts to consult, the meaning of conjunctions between godly objects and major objects, and the meaning of other major aspects involving godly objects. If you're not sure what I mean by godly object, refer to this post!
Determining Godly Prominence: Why, Where, What
Should you believe in the god represented by the object, this is...
Where to Look I determine prominence based on object conjunctions to major objects in the D1, the D7, the D9, the D12, and the D20, or 1st, 7th, 9th, 12th and 20th harmonics. Conjunctions in one of the latter four charts to one of the major objects make it important enough to look for in the natal. Conjunctions in the natal make it important enough to check for in the latter four. (The D1/1st is the natal.)
What to Look At Conjunctions in the D1 are immediate and innate blessings, from birth or early in life, instilled prior to maturity. In the D20 conjunctions signify blessings earned through mutual worship between god and native. Conjunctions in the D7 are blessings earned by one's contributions, creations, and conceptions. Conjunctions in the D9 are blessings of destiny through time - earned by surviving, finding the soulmate or soul's purpose, fulfilling one's fate.
Why to Look These conjunctions infer a god's blessing and kinship. A blessing is not necessarily a promise of happiness, greatness, or success - only the correlation to the god's domain and the god's stories. Many who have been blessed by a god have suffered, sometimes as a result of that blessing, sometimes in ways totally unrelated. Still, it's important to look now so that when circumstances involving the god's domain arise, one is already aware of how it features in the chart, if at all.
I nearly never refer to Harmonics differently than Divisional charts when the charts are the same, but I suggest referring to Cochrane or someone similar if that's how you prefer to do things.
Object Conjunction Meanings
Should your godly object be in...
Conjunction with Ascendant This suggests a godly blessing over your intrinsic being. You are infused with the god's domain. There is no precedent for you being this way - you were not caused to become this way by outside forces. You simply are, by your very Nature.
Conjunction with Moon This suggests a godly blessing over your inner world. That includes your mind, your emotions, and your past. This god's domain is your home - it nurtured you when you were neglected. This aspect suggests a personal history and a childhood that parallels or connects to the god in question.
Conjunction with Sun This suggests a godly blessing over you in the grand scheme of things. Your choices heavily impact the realm of the god in question, and your path in life is tied to them. This is a strength you grow into over time, as a result of your nature and how you were nurtured combining.
Conjunction with Mars This suggests a godly blessing over your motivations. Whatever it is you prize in life, whatever drives you, makes you passionate, is linked to this god's heavenly domain. You'll find them in playmates, flings, and your self image.
Conjunction with Mercury This suggests a godly blessing over your ability to observe and communicate. Both your use of language and the messages you strive to share with others will be touched by this god. You'll find them in siblings and peers.
Conjunction with Jupiter This suggests a godly blessing over your beliefs and your personal divinity. This god influences what you worship and how, but may also, in a way, worship you. You'll find them in your elders, your mentors, and your spouse.
Conjunction with Venus This suggests a godly blessing over your ideals. You may look to them and within their domain to develop your poise, and your sense of beauty. You'll find them in your pets and your partners, romantic or otherwise.
Conjunction with Saturn This suggests a godly blessing over your duties and status. This aspect is double-edged. It forces you to struggle and endure, but rewards you with mastery and fame in their realm. You'll find them in authority and officials.
Conjunction with Rahu/North Node This suggests a godly blessing over your wildest ambitions. However, be wary. This can also indicate a tragedy if one is arrogant. You'll find this god in your role models, fantasies, and famous crushes.
Conjunction with Ketu/South Node This suggests a godly blessing over your unconscious hang-ups. The god's domain houses your irrational fears yet also your comfort zone. You'll find this god in 'safe' people, or those 'not in your league'.
Conjunction with Uranus This suggests a godly blessing over your relationship with the public as Uranus is generational but asteroids often aren't. This god impacts how you fit into society. You will find them in communities and their leaders.
Conjunction with Neptune This suggests a godly blessing over your relationship with the collective subconscious. This god is how you connect to the greater humanity through the self. You'll find them in cultural and personal icons.
Conjunction with Pluto This suggests a godly blessing over trauma, often on a massive scale. You will take the role of this god in handling catastrophe and loss. You'll find them in those who enter, change, and leave your life suddenly.
Conjunction with Chiron This suggests a godly blessing over your unions and exchanges, especially your relationship with your partner. You'll find them in your soulmate as well as any others who cause or heal your spiritual wounds.
Conjunction with Vertex This suggests a godly blessing over your Karmic Others. You'll find them in those linked to you by fate, who disrupt your world.
Conjunction with Antivertex This suggests a godly blessing over your role as a Karmic Other to others. You'll find them in the self when you change others' lives.
Conjunction with Ceres This suggests a godly blessing over your personal transformation in tandem with the cycles of life and death. They lead you through the dark. You'll find them in those you grieve, and those who assist you through grief.
Conjunction with Pallas This suggests a godly blessing over your skills and talents. You can search this god's realm for your own potential. You'll find them in those who endow you with gifts, whether through lessons or genetics.
Conjunction with Juno This suggests a godly blessing over your passions. You will be drawn to those blessed by this god, or whom resemble them, for better or worse. You'll find them in those you are magnetically attracted to.
Conjunction with Vesta This suggests a godly blessing over your practices born of devotion. Whatever you most solemnly hold in your heart - hobbies, people, ideas - will be tied to this god and their realm. You'll find them in your loyalest bonds.
Conjunction with Pars Fortunae This suggests a godly blessing over your fortune. This god endows you with luck, fortune, and good instincts in their realm. You'll find them in your happiest coincidences.
Conjunction with Medium Coeli This suggests a godly blessing over your honor - both in terms of image and service. This god will control your duty and fulfillment to the public. You'll find them in your professional life and reputation.
Conjunction with Descendant This suggests a godly blessing over your partnerships. In business, romance, and dynamics wherein the pairs define each other negatively, such as rivalries, you'll find this god within, astride, or opposing you.
Conjunction with Imum Coeli This suggests a godly blessing over your home life. Your most private affairs, and anything to do with your childhood, especially those you lived with and who you were around them, is where you will find this god.
Any other objects hold notably less significance, but can be referenced if the orb is tighter than 1º.
Other Aspects to Look For
Conjunctions in one of the charts mentioned are necessary for a godly asteroid to be considered prominent enough to convey a blessing! But if you have a tight major aspect, here is what that might mean for you. All the examples given are natal.
Oppositions The god is magnetic to you. Imagine two opponents circling one another in a ring. You want to get close but doing so means inciting conflict or worse. You desire their attention, or the blessing of their domain, but they fundamentally oppose you. Check the placements of gods that are considered part of a pair with the god in question, or gods that are in some way opposed to them.
A good mythological example of godly object opposition would be Heracles, or Hercules. If we imagine his natal chart, his sun would likely be in opposition with asteroid Hera [103] or Juno, but then her husband, and Hercules's father, Zeus [5731] might be conjunct the hero's sun or Jupiter.
A real world example would be Courtney Love, who has Apollo [1862] opposite Chiron, the asteroid that rules wounds, healing, and soulmates. Music drew her and Kurt Cobain together magnetically, but their relationship also directly counteracted the good public standing, celebration, and artistic vision Apollo represents.
An odd example of my own would be that I have the planet Mars, synonymous with Ares who has no asteroid by that name, opposite Saturn. Ares's lover is Venus, who also goes by Aphrodite, and when I check asteroid Aphrodite [1388], it's actually conjunct Saturn - and so it is also opposite her partner, Mars/Ares, lol!
Another, more straight-forward (and even freakier) example of my own would be how I have Semele [86] opposite Jupiter, which conjuncts Zeus. Semele is the mother of Dionysus, otherwise known as Bacchus, with Zeus as the father, and I have Dionysus [3671] conjunct my Ascendant and Bacchus [2063] conjunct my moon.
Trines The god looks kindly on you. You are not blessed, but you are treated kindly in their domain. The aspecting object may also indicate a favored god from their lineage or retinue freely blesses you. The relationship is not necessarily friendly or familiar - it is more so indicative of light than warmth. The god acknowledges you with a nod, and perhaps a smile, politely encouraging you onward.
A mythological example might be Orpheus. If we imagine his natal chart, his Venus, Mars, Chiron, Rahu, or some combination of them might be trine Hermes [69230] or Mercury. The messenger god doubles as the guide of the dead, and also watches over travelers and thieves. While Hermes does not oft appear in original iterations of the myth, no doubt a musician who travels into the realm of the dead in hopes of stealing back his bride would have his nod of approval.
For my own example, I have Sun trine Ceres, so I check aspects to Persephone [399], as Sun rules the 5th, which rules children. It turns out I have Persephone conjunct my moon, which makes sense as I was raised the only daughter by a protective, devoted single mother, estranged from a warm father located a great distance away from us.
Squares The god challenges you, and you chafe against them. The god will force you to struggle before achieving success in their domain, and in your struggle you may be forced to seek allies either within their retinue or in the ranks of their enemies. Depending on placement specifics, and personal fortitude, this can contribute more substantially to success than a trine - but only in the right circumstances.
A mythological example would be Paris. I can imagine a great many possible squares formed between his Sun, Mercury, or Mars, with the asteroids Pallas, Athene [881], or Minerva [93], or even the previously mentioned Hera and Juno.
A real world example of both godly trines and squares at play can be seen in the chart of Tobias Forge, the founder and lead of the popular rock band, Ghost. He has Apollo, god of music, disease, and prophecy, square his sun and trine his Ketu/South Node simultaneously, so I check the Muses as potential retinue blessings and find he has Kalliope conjunct his Pholus, Klio and Urania conjunct his Neptune, and Erato conjunct his moon. More information on the Muses here.
Sextile Remember how I said that trines are more light than warmth? Sextiles are more warmth than light. The gods of objects with this aspect in your chart are amused by you and would like to entertain you in turn. They are not likely to offer divine intervention - they are more likely to lend a friendly ear or hand. Closer in bond, but smaller in scale - that's the effect of sextile from a godly object. That, and a flair for causing the native harmless troubles and mischief.
A mythological example would be the bonds between, Dionysus Hermes, and Apollo - they do not intervene on each other's behalves, no, but they are friendly with one another, perhaps even lovers. This well displays the trickster tendencies of sextile aspects as well - these three gods were fond of egging each other on and messing with each other's heads. Note also, that Gemini, ruled by Hermes, and Leo, ruled by Apollo, are sextile signs!
A real world example would be Madame de Pompadour, who had Athene sextile Venus, establishing a playful connection between rationality, wit, and reason, and the romantic ideas and endeavors of the native. Further research reveals she actually also has Eros conjunct her Mercury - turning the playful link between intelligence and passion into a solid and indisputable connection.
Quintile A strange connection which indicates that the native and the god have a unique role to play to one another - them in your life and you in their domain. I've found Quintiles to be entirely context dependent, but always complex to figure out. This aspect turns the correlation between god and native into a puzzle.
For a real world example, Trent Reznor, frontman of Nine Inch Nails, has Apollo quintile both his Mercury and his Pallas, and the lyrics of his songs are provocative, inciting controversy but also undeniably iconic. (If you haven't listened to Closer, go do it... Also, now's when I remind you that my blog is 18 and up.) He also has three Muse conjunctions, with Kalliope conjunct Juno, Klio conjunct Pars Fortunae, and Euterpe conjunct his Sun.
Thanks for reading - I hope that this was insightful and useful. Feel free to send asks, messages, replies, or reblogs with questions about specific placements or general clarifications. ♡♡♡♡
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Tumblr media
Made a “Queen of the Underworld” version of my last piece ^^ “Goddess of Spring” version here:
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Do normal people not think about Hades and Persephone constantly? If so… that sounds hella boring.
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𝕬𝖗𝖈𝖊𝖊 𝕾𝖕𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖐𝖔𝖗𝖙🌺❤️‍🔥
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Arcee Spillekort, daughter of an Earl and a Marchioness. The "Goddess of Luck" and the Jack of All Trades of Heartslabyul. 2nd Year, Thorns Amongst the Rose Bushes. She seems to have taken a fancy to the dorm leader of Ignihyde...
✩. °  • .  • ‧₊˚✩ ✄  
Here she is, Arcee Spillekort’s intro~! Idia’s Persephone, she looks so good 😭💖✨ As for her dorm uniform, she tailored it herself! Riddle gave her permission because she kept on pestering him about it + the guys’ uniform were either too tight on her or too baggy and she didn’t like that XDD
She loves to gamble and she loves teasing and toying with people since they’re so fickle but, when she met Idia, she grew kinder and softer, like a true lady. She is his ball of sunshine, his glowing firefly in the dark, his little flower that blooms in a gloomy graveyard.
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Day 5: Isu
Tumblr media
Queen of the Underworld, Persephone
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greek mythology | cursed images
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Finally caught up with Lore Olympus!! These two, man...
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they danced
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I fully recognise that this is, in some respects, trivialising the narrative, but it’s extremely funny to me to fuck around with the symbolism of Hades and Persephone by coming up with goofy alternatives for exactly what taboo she violated that obliges her to spend half the year in the Underworld. Like, a story where Persephone is bound to the Underworld because Hades tricked her into into eating six pomegranate seeds is a very different proposition from a story where Persephone is bound to the Underworld because she raided Hades’ minifridge for a six-pack of Monster Energy.
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pov stupid thought
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green eyes 💚
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Look at my baby telling Zeus to go fuck himself!! I love my fucking queen!!
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“Are you saying you wouldn't fight for me?" Hades sighed, and brushed his finger along her cheek, "Darling, I would burn this world for you.”
― Scarlett St. Clair, A Touch of Ruin
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I can’t get over this edit lmaooooo
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The gods have forgotten the song of their love
Get the print here!
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