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- Tennessee Williams
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Inspired by the Steggy Christmas fic “All I Want for Christmas is You”, by @buckywiththegoodhair86, an AU in which Steve is a comic book artist and Peggy is an Avenger, and at one point Peggy throws an alligator at a bad guy. 
This is what might have happened if Steve was inspired to write and illustrate a children’s book about the incident, taking a bit of a lot of creative license with the alligator’s backstory. 😂 I also like to think that this is the first of a series of Little Golden Books he writes and illustrates about the adventures of Captain Carter. 
(And - Peggy is actually Captain America in the story, but I drew her as Captain Carter before I remembered that, so maybe Steve also changed her name and look for the book to give himself more creative license to make things up! 😁)
This was a collaborative effort with the fabulous @teaandatale, who took my drawing and my tentative book cover layout, and made it so much better!
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in the shadows | 1 |
a/n: look…ik this isn’t a request or part of any of my series’s but…i just couldn’t not write this idea that burst into my head in my genetics course alright?? (Ik what you’re thinking ‘oh great another series for her to abandon’ lol, ive never abandoned a series I’m just extremely slow and self conscious about my writing
word count: 1.4k
warning(s): author recently got over her extreme dislike for steve rogers so if anything feels forced it probably is - timeline might not make sense but whatever its my timeline now - nazis (WWII) - canon death - reader burns someone alive but its a nazi so its fine - this is literally like if Y/N was in every movie and participated in the plot - not explicitly stated in this part but reader is the mythological inspiration for the devil, bc I’m extra - slow? - lots of time jumps I’m sorry - i do not remember much of CA:FA soooo - Y/N is an eternal but they are not explicitly mentioned in this chapter
prompt: while the others separated after the supposed defeat of the Deviants, you immersed yourself into the world, it’s people, it’s culture. you love earth and would do anything to defend it but the celestials stand in your way. this is the story of how, in the shadows, you were the driving force protecting the world. (I’m sorry if this prompt is confusing - I couldn’t quite gather my thoughts)
Tumblr media
Across the room, you gave Erskine a questioning stare. The scientist was looking at a clipboard, his brows furrowed together in a way that indicated the wheels of his mind were turning rapidly. Brushing off the soldier that was so boldly flirting with you, you made your way towards your friend, startling him once you came to look over his shoulder. Your eyebrows shot up at the list you read, every imaginable disqualifier for the military written in harsh black ink.
“This is a joke, right?”
Admittedly, your voice was hard, weighed down with the exhaustion of the war, tired of each candidate you presented being dismissed. Erskine sighed, looking at you with a similar exhausted expression but his eyes held hope.
“He has proven to be a good man, a perfect candidate!”
You raised a singular eyebrow, pressing your pointer finger down on the picture paper clipped to the file.
“He looks like a gust of wind could knock him over. I could take him with one arm tied behind my back, blindfolded, and walking on a tight rope.”
You watched as the scientist held back a smirk, determined not to encourage your words.
“Y/N, my dear, we both know you could do exactly that with any competitor.”
You shrugged, nodding your head in agreement. Still, you took the clipboard from him, looking over the file hesitantly.
“So, why is this boy the one?”
Erskine’s eyes lit up.
“Besides the determination and strength I see in him, he also exhibits selflessness. Today, he jumped onto a false grenade to protect his squad, not knowing it was a faux.”
Blinking, you gave your old friend a blank stare.
“So, your grand idea is to give this boy super serum…instead of therapy?”
Erskine made to argue but you held up a hand, passing him back the file.
“Aside from the asthma and the heart palpitations, you just said he jumped onto an actual bomb. I’ll approve of your selection, Abe, because we are running out of time, but let me speak with him first.”
Erskine sighed, nodding his head.
“Fine, but be quick, the General wants the demonstration soon.”
As he walked away, you leaned against the wall, flexing your hands in an attempt to calm your nerves. This had to work. Setting your shoulders, you adjusted your blouse and slacks before setting off to the medical room where Erskine’s candidate waited. You pulled back the curtain, shooing away the doctor inside with a look. The boy looked even thinner in person, you took into account, before smiling and holding out your hand. He took it with slight hesitation, confusion sparkling in his blue eyes.
“Is everything alright, ma’am? The doctor told me I could be released to my barracks before tomorrow.”
You nodded, apparently calming the nerves of the man as he relaxed slightly.
“I only have a few questions, then you’re ready to go Mr. Rogers.”
Peggy smiled at you as you took your place beside her, surrounded by a variety of military men. She grasped your hand tightly before clasping her hands together.
“This’ll work right?”
She spoke through her smile, voice hushed. You nodded reassuringly, resting a hand on her shoulder.
“It better but don’t worry, Steve is completely safe.”
Peggy sighed and the experiment started.
The next few moments were ingrained in your mind forever. The serum working, revealing a completely changed Steve Rogers. Howards excited cheer, Peggy’s blush as she ‘examined’ the man, Erskine’s proud expression.
Then came the explosion, the gunshots. Erskine falling to the ground, blood staining his shirt. Steve being the last person he saw. Steve looking over at you, almost gasping at the fire he saw in your eyes. You nodded, your silent permission setting off the soldier as he ran after the HYDRA agent, anger and grief fueling his pace. You knelt next to your friend, silent tears streaming down your face, grief coursing through your veins. This wasn’t the first loss you’d experienced, 7,000 years of being on this planet meant thousands of funerals, thousands of heartbreak. But no matter how many, each death chipped away your control, threatening to release the celestial power residing within you.
Steven Grant Rogers was an idiot. A complete and utter dimwit. No brain cell in sight. Absolutely none. And you made sure he knew.
“You’re an idiot.”
You hissed into his ear as you felt the plane rattle in the air. You heard Peggy’s muffled laugh and let yourself smirk a bit before returning to glare at the super soldier.
“I’m an idiot for wanting to save my best friend?”
Damn him.
“Oh shut up. You’re an idiot for going into an active war zone, against orders, barely any training or experience under your belt, and wearing a helmet meant for a showgirl.”
Steve had the decency to look slightly embarrassed before raising a cocky eyebrow and turning to face your fiery gaze.
“You came with me though.”
He sounded like he had won the argument, a small smile on his face. Rolling your eyes, you scoffed.
“To keep your stupid ass from dying. Howard, we’re almost there.” You halted your insult to inform the pilot, your senses sharpening as the plane crossed into enemy territory.
You were sick of this war, sick of these monsters parading as men, sick of their stupid symbol, sick, sick, sick.
Steve had saved Bucky.
Bucky had died.
Steve and the Commandos were inside the headquarters of the Skull, each fighting their own battle. The Captain was against the Red Skull and you weren’t there to help, to protect. Instead, you were stuck fending off these pests that continued to fire their guns at you, no matter how little damage the bullets seemed to cause. One soldier seemed to grow balls, flipping his gun around to make it more of a baton. Yelling, he charged at you, swinging his weapon. The wood and metal splintered, shattering towards the ground. In a split second, you had him on his knees, hand on his throat. All bullets shot at you suspended in the air, creating some sense of a shield. Your grip tightened as you watched the soldier fumble for breath. Cocking your head to the side, you let the fire return to your eyes, the flames igniting the fear of the doomed man.
“sie Teufel!” He gasped out, lips rapidly chapping as the heat radiating from your body over took him. You let the fire running through your veins be released, swirling around the nazi soldier in a hellish cloak. His screams shocked his comrades, the smell of his burning flesh radiating through the air. When his burnt bones crumpled, the ash fell through your fingers and you turned towards the remaining men. As they slowly stepped backwards, prepared to run, your celestial energy burst from you, disintegrating any life form in its way.
Sighing, you reeled your power back in. As you walked towards the compound, you felt dread settle in your stomach. Something had happened, you could feel it in the air. You ran until you found Peggy, tears running down her face as she sobbed into a radio. When she looked up, you sagged against the doorway, closing your eyes.
He was gone. You had failed.
It wasn’t everyday you got a text from the Director of SHEILD while having lunch with the worlds most famous man. Sighing, you opened your phone, prepared to see a failed mission report to find Natasha’s sister. But what it said shocked you, causing the fork to fall out of your hand and clatter onto the plate. Tony startled a bit, looking at you above his sunglasses. Pepper and Rhodes also paused, sending you concerned looks. You swallowed, your potstickers losing their flavor. When Tony’s eyes met yours, you sent him a quiet apology, excusing yourself from the table.
“They found him.”
You had tried to explain all the problems with room Steve would wake up in, but you found your words dismissed. Fury sent you an apologetic glance as the two of you made your way through the crowded streets of New York City, chasing after a solider from another time. Nick was the first to speak with him, standing silent as Steve mourned his lost date. When he turned back around, however, you had made yourself known, coming to stand next to the Director.
“It’s about damn time, Rogers. Did you have a nice nap?”
a/n: look, ik this wasn’t the greatest fic i’ve ever written but I’m just proud of myself for actually writing something. i’m going to continue this series bc i just feel like its personal for some reason. Next part will be explaining Y/N’s relationship with Tony Stark and the IronFam!!
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shoutout to that dude that said “the peggy scene broke my heart” as everyone was leaving the theatre and shoutout to the other dude with him that took ten seconds to reply and said “.........in half?”
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thank you for your service.
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I support women's rights
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AND I support women's wrongs
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Yes we exist
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Shield Agents in Halloween Costumes
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Leaked footage from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
I spent 7 hours on this Community meme, please laugh.
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wjat if alternate ending i can dream cant i
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patron request c: 
captain carter x wonder woman
patreon || twitter || instagram || ko-fi
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) — dir. Joe & Anthony Russo.
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) dir. Sam Raimi
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#Always in power #No matter the universe 
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