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prophetic-hijinks · 15 hours ago
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Comic Title: Bonding With Ramiro
Asked insta what to draw next and many Wanted more Ramiro. However, as I sit here. I realize if I utilize a blind character, I should make my comics more accessible. So forgive me if I don’t quite get it right (advice would be appreciated.) But I think I will try to reblog all of my comics, under a “closed caption” tag, and try my best to make my comics accessible to the seeing impaired.
Master comic list link
Comic description start.
The setting is Catalina’s bedroom. Catalina and her twin brother aged five are playing with chalk and talking to their new adopted brother Ramiro aged 8, who is blind. Ramiro has a tactile tic tac toe game next to him. The room has chalk drawings on the walls and the walls are covered in clocks to represent Catalina’s time manipulation powers. Catalina is happily drawing an intricate sunflower. Pedro has more rudimentary doodles.
Panel one:
Pedro to Ramiro: did you know I can make pictures in the air when I concentrate?
Ramiro: I heard, that’s really neat.
Panel two:
Pedro casting a doodle green holograms of capybaras above his head
Pedro: See?
Ramiro: sorry, Pedro. I can’t. I’m blind, remember?
Panel 3
Pedro ceases the hologram and exclaims “oh..” as he thinks. Ramiro and Catalina are sympathetic to his confusion.
Panel 4: Pedro decides he has a solution
“Let me try again” he says with determination. Ramiro is confused and Catalina has a “don’t your dare” expression
Panel 5
Pedro tries again, the hologram is capybaras flying with wings, but brighter now. “How about now?”
Ramiro is at a loss words. Catalina is sitting up in quiet admonishment of her brother.
Panel 6
Ramiro with a deadpan expression. “oh my gosh, I totally see it now.”
Pedro: excited “really?”
Ramiro: “no”
Panel 7
Catalina to Ramiro: “I’m sorry my brother is dumb”
Ramiro replies in what sounds like correction “HEY!”
Panel 8
Ramiro: “OUR brother is dumb.” He corrects with warmly.
Pedro: indignant but smiling “HEY!”
He was insulted, but he likes that was called brother.
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transformersluna · 9 months ago
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The Amazing Madrigals 🕯️
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ponpasta · 9 months ago
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thanks disney i love crying :’)
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stimmybruno · 11 months ago
i’m rlly glad with the way luisa was portrayed in encanto. bcus she is strong, she is built muscly and broad and tall. BUT she also wears dresses and doesn’t have a ‘boyish’ hairstyle. she isn’t masculine. she’s feminine.
yk a lot of women in fiction who are portrayed as strong are always immediately made to be masculine as well. and obviously this solidifies the “men are strong” stereotype. women in fiction who are muscly, or who are fighters or who are strong are almost ALWAYS portrayed as masculine but luisa isn’t.
women can be strong and feminine. women can be muscly and wear dresses. and that strength that’s “all so masculine and man like (/sarc)” doesn’t take anything away from their womanhood/femininity.
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dna2023 · 6 months ago
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They couldn't see Pedro, but he was there. :)
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tuherrus · 10 months ago
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family resemblance
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stutteryprince-difficulties · 11 months ago
Hey, @ the people who believe that Pedro's soul lives on within Casita, that means that the scene where Casita rushes to save Mirabel from the falling tower is Pedro once again using his own body to shield someone he loves from certain death and giving himself up to protect them
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nyx-lyris · 14 days ago
my encanto analysis/headcanon that no one asked for
so, i was just looking through some encanto fanart and headcanons and came across this piece (artist: https://mobile.twitter.com/ye_enc): 
Tumblr media
abuela had triplets - julieta, pepa, and bruno. both julieta and pepa had three kids - isabella, luisa, and mirabel for julieta, and dolores, camilo, and antonio for pepa. 
what i noticed is that for each batch of three, each individual falls under a certain category, and it seems to follow by age. 
julieta was, as this lovely fanart shows, likely depended on quite frequently for her ability to heal via her cooking. her gift would have been the most useful and therefore she likely would have been praised the most as “the perfect one”. 
this, of course, next falls to isabella, who we see this with the most frequently. abuela very clearly is living the life she wished she could have lived through isabella, and is viewed as the perfect golden child by everyone around her. 
dolores is a little different, but i believe she still fits the trope. she is basically the physical embodiment of “seen but not heard.” she keeps quiet on the things she knows would upset her family and doesn’t make herself heard, even when she is in pain, whether physical or emotional. she doesn’t tell anyone that she knows bruno has been living in the walls for the ten years he’s been missing; she doesn’t tell anyone about her feelings for mariano, because she knows that will upset abuela and her cousin’s “perfect for the encanto” arrangement; and one can only imagine how loud certain things are to her, that are endurable for us (fireworks, for example). 
next are the middle children: pepa, luisa, and camilo. all of them have some kind of pressure on their shoulders. (and - just a fun thing i noticed - while luisa’s literal pressure is the many things she carries, pepa’s pressure is atmospheric pressure, because she controls the weather. but anyway, lol). 
all three of these characters are told in one way or another to bottle up their emotions and keep them buried inside. with pepa, we see this very directly as she is constantly told by the other characters (especially abuela) to, as the fanart above shows, calm down and essentially turn off her emotions because of the damage she can cause with her weather powers. this kind of reminds me of the “conceal, don’t feel” thing that elsa had with her gloves. both pepa and elsa demonstrate the same growth throughout their movies, too - learning to accept themselves and their abilities and thus being able to control them instead of being controlled by them - but, i digress. 
luisa, by contrast, is indirectly told to keep her emotions at bay. she is treated as something of a useful tool, both by the town and by abuela, and seen in a very masculine light despite her relatively feminine personality. because of this treatment and the expectation that she will always be strong that comes with it, she falls into the same category as pepa. 
camilo, like dolores, is a little different, but still fits. we don’t see much of him in the movie, but i imagine he is depended on as being the funny one. if anyone reading this is into k-pop or bts, think of camilo as like the j-hope or the jin of the group. he’s always expected to be funny and smiling, lifting everyone else’s spirits - but who lifts his spirits? 
and lastly, we have the youngest siblings - bruno, mirabel, and antonio. they fit into the roll, of course, of the scapegoat, of family disappointments. 
bruno was rejected by the town and by his family, seen as a harbinger of chaos and horror, a bad omen - all because he can see the future, something that he obviously cannot control. but, of course, it’s easier to simply blame someone else than accept the truth or take responsibility for your own actions. 
mirabel, of course, is treated in much the same way. she is seen as a bad omen, as well, and is quite literally feared to be the one who will destroy the family and the encanto, because of bruno’s vision. 
antonio does not quite fit into this category, but i think if he had not gotten a gift, he would have been shunned in much the same way as bruno or mirabel. it can also be argued that his gift isn’t really very useful, and we can see abuela struggle for a moment to think of how they could put his gift to use at the breakfast at the beginning of the movie (”i told them to warm up your seat”). 
anyway - this is all to say that each of the siblings in each of the batches of three appears to fill (or almost fill) the same rolls. i’m sure someone else has already noticed this and i’m just late to the party - but i thought it was cool. 
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soapyo · 11 months ago
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Encanto doodles💕
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kinschi · 2 months ago
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blednokrov · 10 months ago
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his forever young wife
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waokevale · 9 months ago
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(Sort of very late?) Valentine's Day art, but not really since it's been over 10 days.
Anyways hope you enjoy, this took too long.
🥣🩹 ☀️☂️ 👂🥑 🕯️🌟
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lala99fb · 2 months ago
Madrigal triplets besides being my faves they also share birthday 17th of October and that day here in Colombia we celebrate the ethnicity day which is so cool considering that all of the triplets even if they are siblings resemble different features and tone skins what is very Colombian if you ask me lol but is also funny that their birthday coincide with this celebration besides the tragic beginning of the thousand days war date. I don’t know but for me was cute sharing this with the Encanto fandom family 🥺🙈😇 it would be nice if we get some Q&A from Jared and beautiful fan arts from this talented fandom.
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dna2023 · 5 months ago
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They couldn’t see Pedro, but he was there. - part 2 part 1 __________________ Thanks for all the likes, reblogs and comments. :)
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rainbowravioli · 11 months ago
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oku-eysa · 9 months ago
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dos oruguitas, enamoradas
inspired by Jin Kim's concept art of Alma and Pedro from 'The Art of Encanto'
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