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Can you please write a little story where Tommy proposes to the reader?
I have had this idea in my head for a while... I hope it’s what you wanted.
My Gypsy Queen
Pairing- Thomas Shelby and Reader
Tumblr media
Tommy watched your expression, as you sat on his knee. His large hand resting on your hip, palming the material of your dress. You weren’t born into all of this, like him.
He was a gypsy, he was used to it. You just took it all in your stride.
After only six months of dating, he hadn’t expected you to agree to this. A huge party in the middle of the woods. Surrounded by the wagons, and the rest of the Shelby and Lee family.
John and Esme had just had their first child together. This was a celebration of that event. But, you had quite happily agreed to come. Spent half of the night dancing, and joining in.
Glancing up at him, you gave him one of your signature smiles. You were always happy, he thought. But why?
In fact, you were the total opposite of him. Bubbly, outgoing, willing to try new things. But, you kept him grounded and level headed. Made him see the logic sometimes, when he overthought.
Yes… you were the perfect woman for him. He had been waiting for you to come along. To come into his life, and now… he wasn’t letting you go.
“Have I told you that you look beautiful, ey?” He spoke up, thumb grazing across your chin. As he looked into your eyes, feeling himself also smile.
“You did Tommy, thank you,” leaning forward you pecked his lips. Feeling someone grab your hand, to pull you up to dance again.
Tumblr media
Tommy watched you, arms in the air. Enjoying yourself, having fun. No worries, carefree.
“She hasn’t run away, then?” He heard Polly ask, as she sat down next to him. Her eyes watching you dance, with Ada. Johnny Doggs singing, over the sound of the campfire crackling.
“No, it seems not,” he answered, not taking his eyes away from you.
Eventually looking towards his Aunt, he lit a cigarette. “You know something, Pol,” he stated, blowing the smoke out up into the clouds.
“I’m going to make her my wife,” he announced with a little nod of his head. A grin starting to spread on his face.
Polly coughed, as she almost choked on her wine. “I never thought I’d see the bloody day,” she told her nephew. “I haven’t seen you this way, since before France. Don’t let her go,”
Without giving it a second thought, Tommy stood throwing his cigarette. Walking towards you, as his long coat swayed behind him in the wind.
Wrapping his arm around your waist, he turned you to look at him. “Tommy!” You beamed up at him, “I knew you would come and join in eventually,”
Rolling his eyes, he took your hands in his. “Y/n, I have been sitting watching you.” Ada frowned at her brother, thinking he was going to start an argument.
“And..... I realised something,” he continued, suddenly nervous as he cleared his throat.
“What did you realise?” You asked, confused. As people stopped singing, and silence descended.
“I realised, that you, Y/n Y/L/N, are the woman for me,” taking your face in his hands. He stroked your cheeks. “I am in love with you, and I want to make you mine,”
Ada gasped, making Tommy flick his eyes towards her. Sinking down into the mud, on one knee without a care. He looked up at you, “Y/n… will you do me the honour of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?”
Gasping, you jumped into his arms. Almost knocking him over, as he caught you. “Yes! Yes ! I will marry you!” you screamed, to the sound of cheers around you both.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Finn Cole in PEAKY BLINDERS (2022)
S06E06 —  “Lock and Key”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Tommy, sweetheart, the children got dressed faster than you”. You teased, shutting the bedroom door.
“I had matters to attend to. My wife needed urgent care. Care that only I could provide”.
You smiled, walking over to help fix his shirt collar. “Your wife is very grateful for your urgent care”.
“She should be. It was some of my best work”.
“You and your ego Tommy are getting too big for this room”.
“Did I lie, eh?”. He smirked, watching as you turned away, unsuccessfully trying to hide your rose-tinted cheeks. Bringing your eyes towards him, Tommy kissed you, lingering until you moaned against his lips. He loved hearing you moan. After four years of marriage, the sound only got sweeter.
“If you keep going, we’ll never get out of this room”.
“That’s fine by me, love”. He whispered, smiling at the way you arched your back closer to his body. The angle in the mirror gave Tommy a perfect view of his wife’s insatiable need. Your ache for him and his desire for you was a powerful combination. Twice as addictive as the cigarettes he wrapped around his mouth daily, and twice as intoxicating as the whiskey he drank.
You reached for his hands, holding them over your stomach. Behind you, Tommy placed a soft kiss on your shoulder. 
“Shall we miss this dinner, eh?. Have Frances watch the children while you and I go back to bed”.
“That sounds very tempting. But we told Arthur and Linda we’ll go to dinner, and we can’t cancel an hour before we’re supposed to be there”.
“Arthur won’t mind. And isn’t Linda always preaching about how I should be a better husband?”. He softly replied, moving his hands behind your dress, toying with the zipper. “More attentive, more of a gentleman, eh”.
You closed your eyes to Tommy’s touch, basking in it for a few more seconds before turning to face your irresistible husband. “When we get back, you can take me to bed. But for right now, finish getting dressed, my love”.
“We only stay for an hour, alright”. Tommy called out.
“I’m sorry, what?. I can’t hear you”. You cheekily called from the bottom of the stairs, smiling as you saw Tommy dawn his less than impressed look as he joined you in the foyer.
“You fucking heard me, love”. He walked over, helping you into your coat. “One hour, then we leave”.
Tumblr media
One hour had gone by and Tommy was losing patience with every tick of the clock. You and Linda too immersed in conversation and the kids enjoying their sugar high to take any of Tommy's orders to return home seriously, leaving him to sulk at the table, puffing away on his third cigarette.
“Relax, Tommy. It’s a beautiful evening”. You whispered, sliding your hands over his chest. He held them in place, deeply sighing to let you know of his frustrations.
“I said one fucking hour”.
“The children are playing, let them be”.
He sighed again, tapping the ash to forceful into the tray. “And what about my play time, eh?”.
“Be patient for 20 more minutes, Tom. Then we can leave, I promise”.
“20 minutes. Not a fucking minute more, alright”. He sternly commanded.
Kissing him on the cheek, you returned to help Linda clear the table while Tommy shared a whiskey with Arthur. Staying true to his word, 20 minutes later Tommy ushered the kids into the car, sent them off to bed with the help of Frances and locked the bedroom door to enjoy his adult play time.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Peaky Blinders Season 2 | Episode 4
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Nothing’s Gonna Harm You, Not While I'm Around
Tumblr media
*I don’t own the gif*
~1000 words
Tommy Shelby x Sister! Reader
In which Tommy comforts you after you have to use your gun. This takes place in season two because that season makes me happy :)
You had been sleeping when you heard it, it was a slight tapping sound followed by a few clicks. You thought it was some creature so you tried to roll over and fall back asleep.
The noise came again, click click click. 
Then again, until you heard a loud bang. Startled, you sat up and looked around, the noise stopped until you heard a soft sliding noise. You looked to your window, it was sliding open. Someone was breaking in!
You quickly grabbed the handgun that was given to you by your brother Arthur, he always told you not to use it unless it was necessary. Now seemed like one of those times. You pointed the revolver at the window, and a man dressed in all black stared back at you.
"Don't come any closer, I'll shoot you I swear!" you tried to sound brave but you were almost certain that he called your bluff. Your shaking hands probably were the tell.
The man laughed, it was mean and rigid.
"You couldn't use that thing even if you tried," he could tell you were shaking "now make this easy and put down the gun."
You didn't waiver, hands raised as you continued to point the weapon at him.
"Sabini said I wasn't supposed to hurt you, but if you don't put the gun down I will."
He took a step forward.
You took one back.
Suddenly, he sprinted at you. Your gun fired before you could process it. You hit him center mass, striking his heart.
The gun shook violently in your hands as the man you shot fell to the ground. Tears surged from your eyes. You felt disgusted, it's not like the man didn't deserve his fate, he did. He had been an enemy of your brothers, one of Sabini's men. He attempted to kidnap you, most likely to get leverage against your brothers. It was self-defense, so you were in the clear, but it didn't feel that way. 
You felt like vomiting as you stared at the body lying on the floor of your room.
"(Y/N), what was that noise?" Tommy's voice punctured the deafening silence of the room, his voice stricken with worry.
You were frozen and unable to reply, gun still clamped in between your palms. You heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.
 "(Y/N)?" It was Tommy again, your lack of reply frightening your brother. He was approaching your door. Your eyes were still flooded with tears.
You were so wrapped up in your head that you didn't hear the doorknob twist or the sound of the door slamming open. Tommy was the first to walk into the room and see the sight of your room.
 "What the fuck happened?" His voice was somewhat panicked at the picture before him. 
You turned to face the voice, gun still held tightly. Tears rained down your cheeks as you looked at your brother standing in the door frame, he was shocked. The only sound in the room was your quiet sobs. You dropped the gun as Tommy pulled you into his arms, letting you cry into his coat. "What happened, sweetheart?" His voice was soft in an attempt to soothe you.
"He...he was trying to hurt me," You choked out between sobs. "I didn't want to kill him, I swear!"
Tommy paused for a moment
"It's alright, I'm not blaming you." Tommy's rough voice answered the question in your mind. "Let's get you out of this room, alright? Let's talk about it downstairs."
 You followed as Tommy led you down the stairs and into the kitchen. He guided you over to a chair and urged you to sit. He knelt to look you in the eyes as he spoke to you. 
"It's alright, sweetheart. He can't hurt you now. You're safe. This won't happen again," he held your hands in his as he spoke. "Now, did you recognize that man?"
"I know he was one of Sabini's men," you stumbled through your words as you spoke "I...he, I swear I didn't mean to kill him!" The tears pricked at your eyes again.
He shushed you again, pure, unbridled rage tainted his features. You had a feeling that this was now the top priority in his mind. he pulled you into his arms, trying to comfort you. His grasp was firm but loving. Like he thought if he let go you would disappear. He had already lost so many people, he wouldn't lose you too.
"I swear to you, Y/N, I will kill the man that ordered this. No one will ever hurt you again."
You knew he meant it. The conviction in his voice was so strong that you were half concerned he might take up arms right then and there and kill every one of Sabini's men. The other half knew that he wouldn't leave you like this. He was smart and he wouldn't hurt Sabini without a solid plan formulated.
"Tommy?" your voice rang through the small room.
"Yes, love?"
"I can't sleep, Tommy. I don't want to be alone."
He let out a long sigh, his anger bubbling up again.
"Alright, c'mere love." his voice was rough having just woken up.
You walked over and climbed into bed with him. He was warm. His arms circled you, holding you protectively.
"I can't stop thinking about it," you whispered "The way he looked at me, I-I watched him die, Tommy." your voice waned at the end.
He let out another long sigh as you spoke, clearly distressed by your words. "I know, sweetheart. I know what it's like to have someone look at you as life drains from them. But you had no choice, it was you or him, and I'm so glad it was you that survived." he held you closer as he spoke. You let out a sigh of agreement as you wiped the tears from your eyes. "I promise, Y/N, I will never let this happen again."
Your tears slowed and your heart rate lowered as he spoke. His voice calmed you and his hold around you made you feel safe. The slow rise and fall of his chest and the sound of his heart underneath it put you to sleep. Who knew that Tommy would have such a soft spot for you?
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I just want to see pretty men crying, or bleeding, or both.
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Hi ! Can I request number 5 ? “People are always more honest at night” With Thomas Shelby of course !
Congratulations again ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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👠Ask me to Dance👠~ "People are always more honest at night" (Tommy Shelby x Reader)
Warning: drinking, mention of abuse (not by the characters shown here) (18/21+). I do not consent to my work being translated, copied or posted elsewhere on this platform or any other.
Words: 1540 words
Her heels echoed with every step she took. 
He was leaning against the stone balcony that separated the terrace from the gardens, turned black by the late hour. 
Compared to the hall filled to bursting with people and music, the silence and the night air were a refreshing break- or so they should have been. 
His glass of whisky dangled dangerously between his fingers, the half empty bottle he had brazonly taken from behind the bar was resting beside his arms on the bannister. 
"What are you doing here?"
The light from the hall painted golden traces on his pale skin as he turned to face her, pushing himself off like it took an incredible amount of strength for him to turn.
He was dressed in a black smocking, befitting the occasion. Undoubtedly only the finest one could buy in Birmingham, or in his case extort. 
"I was invited."
When she stepped closer, she could smell the whisky on him, but even if he was drunk or on the way there, she wasn't as foolish as to imagine Tommy Shelby was anywhere near incapacitated. 
"Ada was invited.", She snapped. 
"I'm her plus one.", He announced, taking another as if to toast his sister's name- a sister who had apologised profusely once she had realised Tommy had come too, proclaiming over and over again that she didn't know how he found out. 
"Just leave!", She snapped and turned on her heel, ready to storm back inside in the hope she could burn some of that rage fueled energy until she crossed the threshold. 
His fingers closed around her wrist and stopped her. Then, agonizing slowly, he traced his fingers down her hand to her fingers, his thumb brushing along the metal that now enwrapped the fourth finger on her hand, inspecting it as if he was trying to weigh it's worth. 
"That's a pretty ring.", He mused. 
"It is a ring.", She retorted, making Tommy Shelby's eyes snap up. 
He opened his mouth to respond, but closed them again, shame burning on his cheeks. 
While he refused to let go of her hands, he could no longer meet her eyes. 
"Why are you here, Tom?", She repeated. 
"You know why.", He told her shoulder. 
"No!", She scoffed, "I don't. So please explain what you of all people would do here? Have you come to taunt me? Or do you have your boys on standby so that they can turn it all upside down at your command!"
"I wouldn't- that's not-" 
He broke off again, shaking his head and mumbling words so low she could not hear. 
But she made sure he could hear her words. 
"Whatever the reason, you can leave, since you haven't been invited."
He didn't even flinch, instead he kept looking away like a child about to receive a scolding or worse, anticipating another strike. 
But the blow came from him. 
"Do you love him?"
"Stop it!", She hissed through clenched teeth. 
"Tell me.", He demanded, pinning her down with his gaze alone. 
She opened her mouth just to close it again. 
But no, she was certain. 
And so she took a deep breath and met his eyes. 
"He loves me and we will marry and he will be a good husband to me."
He nodded as if she had asked him. 
"But you do not love him."
"I said stop!"
Her tone made him chuckle. 
She had half a mind to strike him, but she was better than that. 
Besides, that was their first promise, wasn't it? 
That they would be better than either of their parents. 
Out of all the promises they had made, it was the one he had never broken, the only one he upheld like a holy oath. 
"You don't love him because you still love me."
He didn't say it like he was gloating or mocking her- instead, he said it without any trace of emotion, not even giving her that. 
As if it was some divine decree that set that into stone, as if it was as given as the sunrise in the morning or the stars shining above them now, as if it came with her mere existence. 
It would have been kinder if he had broken that last promise too and struck her with all his might. Then she could hate him as much as she wanted to.
"That doesn't matter anymore.", She said, her voice, to her own surprise, almost gentle. "You made sure that doesn't matter."
There it was again, that look. The same look he had had when his mother or Polly screamed, or when his father directed his rage at him. 
No anger. Just a mixture of shame and agony caused by more than any physical blow. 
"You're out here for a long time missing your own engagement party for something that doesn't matter.", He said, never knowing when to leave things alone. 
"Well, I won't be wasting any more."
Thomas Shelby was her past, and for a long time nothing but him had filled her present while she could have sworn he was her whole life. 
It turned out he was but a small, aching part of it that she was more than keen to forget. 
And she would forget, in time. With a good, decent husband. She'd grow to love him the way he already loved her, after a child or two maybe.
She could already feel the thick air of the hall when his voice made her freeze, his hand hovering above the handle. 
 "I still love you.", He said. "That's why I'm here. Not to gloat or make trouble, or to change your mind. Just to tell you."
He raised his glass once more. 
"That's why I'm here."
When he realised she wasn't moving, he continued, staring into his glass while the remnants of the whisky still glistened on his lips. 
"I never stopped and I won't stop.”, he hesitated, but then thought better of it and finished his thought out loud. “Even if you marry him."
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to steady herself. Else she would explode, or collapse into herself until there was nothing left.
“Why would you do this to me? Why would you say that? Why now?”, she demanded to know, steadying herself on the wall. 
There was no way she would give him the satisfaction of seeing either one.
But it took all her strength. 
He could be as drunk as a dozen sailors and still have his wits about him. 
Tommy glanced at his drink, the bottle having replaced the glass.
“It’s a truth serum if ever there was one.
“No.”, she argued, shaking her head. “No, Tommy, not with you.”
Even if he was so drunk he could see four of her, he was still a better liar than half of Birmingham put together. 
Clicking his tongue, he took a step back and looked up at the midnight sky. 
“Well, they say people are always more honest at night, so maybe that, eh?", he said. 
He had claimed her, marked her body and mind beyond what the eye could see. He had even taken the night from her, not just this night, but all nights, because like so much it was laced with memories and recollections and him. Always him. 
(Y/N) shook her head.
It was him that had taught her the names of the constellations, him who had wrapped her in a blanket while they had been sitting on the roofs - him, always him. 
He was a poison that had festerd, seeping into her skin, her muscle and her bones. She felt him in every touch, smelled him with every breath. He had ruined her, like a tar stain on a white cloth never to be washed out no matter how hard she tried. And she had tried.
“That’s not what I mean!”, she insisted.
“What do you want me to say, eh?”, he demanded to know. 
He opened his mouth to argue but she refused him that. 
“The truth. I want you to admit the truth, Tom!”, she snapped, glaring at his shining eyes.
“You’re not here because you love me- if you ever did!”
“You’re here because your pride can’t take it.”
Saying it hurt her more than she would have thought, but she had come too far to back down. 
“You promised you’d marry me, and I waited for you.”, she said, her throat tightening. “But as soon as you came back, you left me for her - for a stranger. And now that she’s gone, I’m suddenly good enough again.”
There was pain in removing the blade from one’s back. Even at the risk of bleeding out, she couldn’t stand the burning any longer, that in her heart and that in his eyes. 
She could always see his tears before they had fallen, but he had no longer had a right to them, not in front of her. Not anymore.
“You don’t want me.”, she insisted. “You don’t love me. You don’t need me - you just need someone, Tommy. And now it’s me again, is it?”
She bit down on the inside of her lip to be able to soothe the pain she felt for once as soon as she released it, pressing her tongue to the spot.
Then, she continued. 
Tommy nodded. 
She snorted and shook her head.
“Until something better turns up.”
“Alright.”, he whispered, inhaling deeply. “Tell yourself that if you want to. If it helps. But it won’t change things.”
And for once, she had to agree. 
“No it won’t.”, she said, twisting her engagement around her finger. 
“Nothing will change things now.”
Tumblr media
Thank you, @gypsy-girl-08 for requesting for my celebration! I hope you liked what I wrote.
And thank you to all others for reading. If you too want to participate in my One Thousand follower celebration, click here.
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Tumblr media
Hey K - congrats once more on your milestone! I am so proud of you and like I said, I can't wait to participate so I thought I'd start with this for a 🍂 Gif blurbs because it has such warm colours, besides - I'm not sure if Tommy looks annoyed or annoying in this. Perhaps you can decide!
I hope you have fun!
xx Val
Thanks for sending in my first gif blurb request of the celebration, Val!! 🥰 I definitely agree with you on the coloring of it. I hope you enjoy - thanks always for the love!! ❤️
Want to help me celebrate hitting 2K followers?? Check out this post for the details - ends Oct. 8th!
A Tough Decision
Tommy Shelby
Warnings: none
Tensions have escalated after Tommy and (Y/N)’s eldest child asked a hard-hitting question.
A pin could have dropped and you would have heard it because of how silent it was in the living room of the Shelby family’s Watery Lane home. (Y/N) looked between her husband and son, hoping that one of them would speak soon.
After a few more painstaking moments of waiting, she exhaled a sigh and started the discussion: “I’m not sure if that’ll work for us, Henry,” she told the six year old boy.
“Why not, mum?” he immediately had his demand for an explanation ready.
“Because, love, that’s a lot of responsibility,” she tried to get it across to him.
“But I’m good with responsibility,” he insisted, “I promise I’ll go to see him every day. I’ll make sure he’s fed, has water, is brushed, and I’ll try to ride him as much as I can. I’ll help clean the stalls, and not only his, and I’ll make sure that he knows I love him,” he then went on about the duties he’d take up if he were to get a horse of his own. “Please, mum…I promise I’d take so much care of it,” he then sent her a pleading look.
(Y/N) looked at her child as she tried to formulate a response to his pitch. She hated that he’d gained his art of articulating words from his father. After a few moments of coming up blank, she looked to her husband. “Tommy,” she asked him for assistance, her eyes screaming ‘help me!’ as she looked at him.
Tommy didn’t answer right away because he was also thinking over what Henry had said. So instead of jumping in to his wife’s rescue, he let the tension build up a little more. He pursed his lips as he nodded his head from side to side, a nonverbal thing that he did to show that he was trying to think of how to word his response. He glanced over at (Y/N), and then down at Henry, before he finally gave his thoughts on the subject. “He’s made a rather convincing argument, (Y/N),” he stated, looking downward as he spoke because he knew the type of response his statement would warrant.
And a response it did warrant. “You’re kidding me…you’re on his side?” she asked him, her eyes widening as she took in his response.
“I am,” he doubled down on his answer, “taking care of an animal builds a great deal of character and a sense of responsibility,” he then explained his reasoning behind it.
“He’s only six though,” (Y/N) pointed out, hoping to appeal to Tommy’s desire to keep his family safe. Surely he wouldn’t allow his child to sit atop such a powerful animal by himself so soon.
“Dad started riding horses by himself at four though, mum,” Henry pointed out, clearly excited that his father had been on his side.
“He’s not wrong,” Tommy commented, tipping his head to the side again as he kept his gaze away from (Y/N)’s. At this point, he might turn to stone if he got caught up in it.
“Where will we put it?” (Y/N) voiced another potential roadblock, “our neighbors will most likely not want a horse standing outside their house.”
“We’ll stable it in Charlie’s yard…where all of our other horses are,” Tommy was quick with that answer too.
(Y/N) pursed her lips together as she thought about the entire situation. She really could not think of any other possible cons at the moment. Then she looked at Henry. Once glance at his puppy dog expression and she cracked. With a sigh, she dropped her head in a defeated manner. “I guess we’ll get you a horse then, Henry,” she told him as she looked back up, a smile now on her face.
“Really?!” Henry just about shouted with glee.
“Yes, really,” she nodded her head, “but you need to keep on top of everything you said you’d do. That horse is going to need seeing to every day,” she added, a stern tone in her voice.
“I will…I definitely will, mum. Oh, this is amazing!” he exclaimed with joy in his words as he reached over and hugged onto her tightly.
(Y/N) only smiled at his show of emotion before she looked over to Tommy. The smile on his face immediately left when he saw the look she was giving him. She wasn’t necessarily mad at him, but she was rather unhappy that he took their son’s side and laid on the persuasion. They were supposed to be a team against these kids…but in this case, she reckoned that they’d fare out pretty fine.
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Congratulations 🎉🎊 would you be able to do 📜 with Mr Alfie Solomons please.
Unknown (Alfie Solomons x Reader)
Tumblr media
1800 AU
Summary: A masquerade ball. A kiss. King Alfred 'Alfie' Solomons is looking for the girl who kissed him two nights ago. He asked for your help to find her. The King is willing to find his mysterious unknown girl, who is not so unknown.
Warnings: None! Just fluff.
If you want a short fic (blurb) read my event.
Tumblr media
You were returning from visiting the Prime Minister with a new request from the King. For the past three years you had worked with him as one of his advisors, as rare as it was in the mid-1800s for a woman to express her opinion openly in a job surrounded by men. But that was no impediment to your having managed to meritoriously achieve the place you were in now. Even if many of them belittled your thoughts. That was why you were proud that the King himself had sent you personally and not any of the men to speak to the Prime Minister.
As the carriage continued on its way back to the Palace, you thought about what had happened two nights before. Parties organized by the King were not uncommon. Every so often, the palace would open its doors and prestigious people from the country would enter, all of high status, who were ready to kiss the hands of the most peculiar monarch Britain had had in recent times: King Alfred Solomons. The difference had been that this time the party was a masquerade ball.
King Solomons himself wore a beautiful mask decorated with precious stones that covered his eyes. People were dancing, laughing and having fun to the music the orchestra was playing. Although he had insisted that you go, you said you could not. Which was true. Or it had been at first. Your initial plans had been cancelled, so you finally did go to the ball. Unlike his mask, yours covered little more than half of your face. The lighting, while good, looked dim compared to the vastness of the hall and how dark it was that particular night.
Which led to a series of confusions that today, two days later, you still couldn't get out of your head.
The carriage finally arrived at the Palace and you stepped off it carrying the papers the minister had given you. You had hardly set foot on the ground when another of his assistants told you that he wanted to see you.
"I have just arrived," you murmured. "I'll be right there. I didn't know this was so urgent."
"Well, apparently it is."
Walking as fast as your legs would allow you reached the king's office, you knocked on the door waiting for his permission to enter and when you heard him, you entered bowing. King Solomons was sitting in his chair, leaning over his desk.
"Your Majesty, I have arrived. I am sorry for the delay, the Prime Minister was a bit reluctant at first with your requests. But he finally agreed, that's why I've been late."
"That cunt… Yeah. But that's not why I called you, although I appreciate that you got him to agree to the deal. I was looking for you for something else."
"Oh, okay… and what is it?"
"I want you to look for the unknown. You know, that mysterious beautiful girl who kissed me at the ball. I know you've heard the rumor, at this point, my trusted people know."
"Uhm… yeah. I heard it. I, uhm… Are you sure? She may just be a simple city girl. She's not worth it, your majesty. We should be able to think about what the Minister…"
"No. I don't want to. I want you to help me find that girl. You're one of the most reliable people around. If anyone can find her it's you, do you have any idea who that might be?"
Two nights ago, while you were leaning against a wall, while everyone was distracted drinking or dancing, the king came over and took your hand. Of course you knew it was him, it was obvious. But part of the magic of masquerade balls was to keep the mystery of who the other person was, even if it was obvious. You were confident that he didn't know your identity, after all you looked different from the usual look. You didn't utter a word as he offered you his hand and you took it. You shared more than one dance where you simply couldn't take your eyes off him. King Solomons, or simply Alfie, you had always liked. He was unlike anyone you had ever known. But if there was an impossible and forbidden love it was exactly with that man. But that night everything was allowed. That's why later that evening you let him kiss you. That's why you kissed him too.
"No your majesty," you lied. "I didn't go that night. I was told there were many people. It could have been any woman there. I don't know who, but I could look for her. It's going to take me time."
Alfie scratched his beard, indifferent but leaned back in the chair to look at you "No? Not a clue who it might be? No one?" he watched as you vehemently denied again. "That's sad, because if I knew who the unknown girl was, if I had the chance, I'd kiss her again like the other night."
The king stood up, circled around his desk and walked toward you. You stepped back, hugging the Minister's papers and holding them as if that would have allowed you to use them as a shield.
"If it helps you to find her," he continued speaking, "she was exactly your height, same body shape, same hands…" Alfie took another step toward you, this time lowering his voice slightly. Eliciting a more intimate moment "and same lips. Are you absolutely sure you don't know who the unknown girl is?"
"Your Majesty, I…"
The king interrupted you. "When you find her, tell her that I can't stop thinking about her. That I don't care if she's a city girl or the Russian Empress, tell her that if she wants to see me she can. Tell her that I want to kiss her again and tell her that, if she wants, tonight we can have dinner just the two of us."
You gulped and nodded "I'll tell her" you said in a whisper.
"Good," smiled the king before taking your hand and kissing it "I knew I could count on you…my beautiful unknown girl."
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Risk Taker (Thomas Shelby x reader)
Summary: Just how many risks are you willing to take for your employer?
Author’s Note: written for @notyour-valentine 1000 follower celebration! Of course I had to celebrate and wrote a little something for it! I chose the theme ‘a risk’ and did have fun writing it! Hope you like it :D
Peaky Blinders tag list: @stylesofloki, @ohshititsfenharel, @lenaskyler02
Thomas Shelby tag list: @alreadybroken-ts, @darlingdevil, @lyrxbz, @watercolorskyy
Everything tag list: @greenrevolutionary, @byebyebreezywrites, @spngingerbread21, @layazul, @lov3vivian, @simonsbluee
This was stupid.
You were stupid.
You were going to get caught and then killed.
Or maybe worse.
You froze when you heard Tommy shift in his sleep and looked over your shoulder at. It had taken some getting used to Tommy being such a light sleeper. You were used to the men you were with being able to sleep through just about anything. You hoped that the amount he had to drink would’ve knocked him out for a bit longer. When you were sure that Tommy was still asleep you turned your attention back to his desk.
This was definitely the biggest risk you had taken. The Shelby’s were not the type of family you’d usually get involved with, but the money you were being paid to spy on them was too good to pass up. You slowly opened one of the drawers in his desk and sat down as you read through them.
You had to squint to read the writing on the paper. You wished that there was some light but doing this during the day was too risky and you didn’t want to potentially wake Tommy by turning on a light. Arrow House was beautiful but you hated the darkness of the countryside. You traced a finger slowly the words as you tried to make sense of what was on it.
A creak made you freeze. If you were caught now you would almost certainly be killed. You sat dead still as you looked towards the door. Tommy was still asleep and you slowly relaxed when no one burst through the door. It must just be the house shifting in the coolness of the night.
You exhaled and shook your head as you put the paper back in the drawer. It was too dark to read anything and you were too tired to try. You pinched the bridge of your nose as you relaxed in the chair. This was stupid. You had no idea what you were doing. Was the money really worth risking your life for?
“Hmm, love?”
In a flash you were out of the chair and by the door. You made it just in time to look like you were re-entering the room, hand on the slightly ajar door. Tommy sat up, looking at you suspiciously through sleep clouded eyes.
“Where did you go?” he asked, suspicion lacing his voice
“Needed to piss,” you muttered as you shut the door quietly, “Didn’t realise I needed your permission, dear.”
The corners of Tommy’s lips twitched as he reached over and turned on the bedside lamp. You blinked in the orange light and wished that you had that earlier. You turned your back on him and wrapped your arms around yourself and looked out of the window. You liked looking up at the stars something that you rarely saw in the city. Your breath hitched when you felt Tommy wrap his arms around you.
“So,” he muttered after he pressed a kiss against the base of your neck, “Are you going to come back to bed.”
“I just want to see the stars.” You muttered
“The stars,” Tommy sounded amused, “And what would I get in return?”
“We can discuss that once you deliver what I want.”
Tommy reached over a gripped your chin tightly, tilting your head back. You blinked at him as Tommy smirked and pressed a burning kiss against your lips. He broke it almost at once and stepped away to plunge the room back into darkness. For a second you thought that Tommy had gone back into bed, tired of a view that he must’ve seen a thousand times before. You jumped when you felt him wrap his arms back around you. Tommy chuckled and said quietly,
“Of what?”
Tommy rested his chin on your shoulder. You relaxed into his grip and thought back to earlier that evening. Maybe the biggest risk you took wasn’t snooping around Tommy’s private papers. Maybe it was getting into bed with a man as dangerous as Thomas Shelby. Or maybe-
The snap of a drawer closing brought you back to reality with sickening horror.
“What I want,” Tommy’s voice was quiet and dangerous, “Is to know who you’re working for, love.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The Other Woman
134 - More here
Pairing- Cillian Murphy and Reader - Not based on real life
Tumblr media
You let out a slow, deep breath as you got comfortable. Feeling Cillian squeeze your hand, you gazed up at him. Then let your eyes drift back to the screen, the sonographer rolled over your bump.
"How have you been feeling, Y/n?" she asked, trying to make conversation as she took measurements.
"Yeah, good, not as nauseous. I was struggling with the heat," you smiled back at her, watching your baby move.
"We aren't used to this weather in Ireland," she laughed. Writing something down, and flicking back through your notes. Niall had come along with you, and was fascinated by the screen.
"That is so crazy," he marvelled, "Can you feel her moving, Y/n?" Taking his phone out, he took a picture of the screen.
Tumblr media
“Big movements I can,” you smiled at him, glad he was wanting to be involved.
“So, baby should be about 27.8 at this stage, you are just over 22 weeks,” she noted, putting her reading glasses on. “Looks good, she’s 27cm so catching up,”
Breathing a sigh of relief, you looked up to Cillian. "See, you are doing everything you can," he praised you, "And she is healthy, that’s all we can hope for,”
Cillian nudged his head, making your eyes follow his. Niall was staring at the screen. "You excited to have a little sister?" the sonographer asked him.
"Yeah, but... I'm not changing nappies," he answered, making you all laugh.
Later that day, you watched with an amused grin. As Cillian pushed the pram around the shop. In his ripped black jeans, and white t shirt, he looked every bit the DILF.
“What do you think?" he asked, bending down to look at the wheels.
Rubbing, your back, you stepped towards him. Trying it for yourself. "I think I'm scared," you confessed, looking inside of the empty pram.
Suddenly feeling overwhelmed and emotional.
Your own baby would be inside there, you could imagine yourself taking her for walks. You wiped your eyes, as the tears started.
"Babe, come 'ere. What's wrong? We don't have to get this one," Cillian said, as he hugged you.
“It’s not the pram,” you snapped at him, wiping your eyes.
Feeling like and idiot in the busy shop. Your emotions, were constantly up and down. Cillian didn’t know what to say, so he just held you close. He could never say the right thing lately.
“You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last,” you heard a voice say, to find the sales assistant behind you. She handed you a tissue, “I cried for the last four months of my pregnancy, every single day,”
Dabbing your eyes, you checked no one was staring at you. “I’m so embarrassed, I’m sorry,”
“Don’t be, it’s hormones, they appear out of nowhere, she laughed. “Now come on, what do you need?”
“Everything,” you and Cillian replied at the same time.
Making the assistant laugh. An hour later, you had a full trolley. Macey, the assistant has showed you what you needed. And you had both decided on a pram.
"The sleepyhead baby pods are fab for through the day! Like a little cocoon!" she exclaimed, over enthusiastic.
"Er, I'm not sure. I feel sick," you mumbled, sitting on the nearest chair.
It had been a few hours, since you had eaten. You suddenly had to rush off to the bathroom, to be sick.
"That's probably enough, for today," Cillian told the assistant as he paid. Before going to check on you.
“I’m fine,” you reassured him, as you left the bathroom to find him waiting. “I have a snack in my bag,” Taking out the fruit bar, you showed him.
The shop seemed busier than ever. It was then, you noticed a lady aiming her phone at you both. Groups of people, had appeared out of nowhere.
Macey approached, “If you would like to go to the car, to avoid the crowd,” she smiled at Cillian, “We will bring everything out,”
“Thank you,” Cillian agreed, taking your hand as you walked away. Trying to avoid the fans, as they called his name. One stopped right in front of you, almost knocking into you.
“Excuse me,” you said politely, desperate to get to the car. Totaling ignoring you, she started talking to Cillian. Asking him about the movie, trying to take a picture of you both. The phone right in your face.
“I’m sorry guys, my fiancée isn’t feeling well,” Cillian apologised, as he pulled you through the swarm of people.
Word had clearly spread, it had never been this bad before.
Phones everywhere, trying to take videos. “Cillian, can we have a picture!” One lady shouted.
Eventually reaching the car, you were terrified. Gasping for breath. “Lock the door, Cill, Jesus,” you yelled at him.
“Calm down babe, it’s ok,” he smiled, squeezing your knee.
As the shop assistants approached the car, he got out and filled the boot. All you could imagine was the same thing happening, when you had the baby.
What if someone tried to take your baby? Tried to reach into the pram, and grab her? Scare her, with the shouting?
You were quiet on the way home. Giving him one word answers, inside you were secretly angry.
“Come on, let me have it,” Cillian finally said in a low voice. He glanced across at you, as he stopped at the traffic lights.
“I’m worried, ok!” You vented, “And I think I have a right to be! Calm down! You said ! What happens when we have the baby? And we get mobbed?”
Cillian chuckled, instantly regretting it when he noticed your expression. “Mobbed? Baby.. come on. I’m not one of the Kardashians! It was just a busy time of day,”
You rolled your eyes, having another bite of your fruit bar. He was being dismissive, and didn’t understand your worry.
“I’m scared Cill! I don’t like all of the intrusion! All of the people taking videos! Thank god, we didn’t buy anything pink!”
He pulled onto the drive, “What do you want me to say, Y/n? You’re over thinking it. I do my job, come home, that’s it. Sometimes that can happen, yes, but it’s nothing to worry about,”
Climbing out of the car, you slammed the door. “You think that’s it! It’s going to get even worse! This movie will be huge! People even know where we live!”
The front door opening, stopped your argument. “Y/n, You have a visitor and … they are upset,” Niall informed you.
Tags - @mitchiesdungeon @cloudofdisney @lauren-raines-x @being-worthy @missymurphy1985 @janelongxox @[email protected] @katsav17 @kamiiyou @[email protected] @[email protected]wolves @lyarr24 @[email protected] @mysticaldeanvoidhorse @dolllol2405 @[email protected] @alreadybroken-ts @vousmemanqueez-blog @peaky-cillian @look-at-the-soul @lespendy @cillmequick @raychhh @simran-preet19 @captivatedbycillianmurphy xannybabyxx @peakypoet @everyonesawhore @alex-in-the-wilderness @cillianmurphyaddicted
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Time To Go
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x you
Summary: The sunlight began to stream in, the sign of a new day. A new day Tommy didn't want to begin. He'd just been called up to fight for his country in the war alongside his brothers, John and Arthur. And then there's the love of his life, how will he possibly say goodbye to her?
Warnings: slight fluff? Mentions of war and destruction/weapons, slight language.
A/N: This is my first imagine writing for this fandom! Full credit for GIF to whoever created it. I do not give consent for my works to be posted anywhere else or used without my permission, reblogs are very welcome though! I feel like this could be better but I really wanted to get something out there, I hope you enjoy it x
Word Count: 2929
Tumblr media
He'd hardly slept a wink.
'What time was it?'
He was aware of the sunlight slowly creeping in through his window little by little, making his small box room in the Shelby household glow. The dull wallpaper on the walls now had shadows cast upon it and he tried to decipher what item in his room each shadow belonged to. He'd hoped that it would help him drift off to sleep if even only for an hour. God knows he needed it. He slowly turned onto his side to check the time on his pocket watch that he kept on his bedside table. '5:30am. It would soon be time to leave for the train'.
He rolled onto his back letting out a sigh, fuck he was so tired. The night was spent tossing and turning, his mind wouldn't stop racing with thoughts of the unknown that he was soon to endure. His eyes felt like sandpaper was scraping past them with each blink, his mouth was so dry that it was an effort to lick his lips successfully in an attempt to wet them. He'd kicked the bed sheets off of himself in the night as they clung to his sweaty body and he found himself constantly turning the pillow over in a desperate attempt to reach the cold side.
He'd just been called up for the War.
He wasn't sure yet what his main duty would be, would he be called up to the front? Digging trenches? A sniper man, maybe? A tunneler? God he hoped he wouldn't be a tunneler, he'd hated confined spaces ever since he was a child. His older brother, Arthur, would often trap him in their mothers wardrobe whenever they were fighting over something or he just wanted some entertainment. The sound of his brothers pleas for freedom did nothing but make Arthur laugh even more each time a scream came from the young trapped Shelby lad until their mother set the poor boy free from his dark holding. She'd always be sure to give Arthur a swift hiding on the backside each time which he'd come to see as worthwhile if it meant he got to torment his younger brother.
Tommy could feel his throat closing up just at the memory, the air in the room suddenly appearing thinner as if someone had turned a dial and was slowly shutting off the oxygen. He brought his hands up to his throat and began clawing at it as if to try and remove an imaginary pair of hands he was convinced were squeezing it, tightly.
Don't think about it, Tom.
Trying to regain back some kind of control, he lowered his hands back down to his sides and slowly closed his eyes before making sure to take some deep breaths in through his nose and out through his mouth. His mother had taught him that trick as he was growing up, "the best way to get that breath of yours back!", she'd told him.
He'd soon come to find that it was also a neat little trick for when he'd been out stealing small rolls of bread at the bakers to help feed the family, times were hard, he couldn't let his mother see that he was out of breath from running away and then have to explain the reason behind it. He smiled at the memory and soon realized that he had gained back the control of his breathing, with each breath as smooth as the last.
He rolled over once more to grab a cigarette from his bedside table along with the lighter laying next to it. Lighting the end he laid back down on the bed with one arm rested behind his head, taking a drag of the cigarette that was now in between his fingers.
His mind quickly wandered back to everything that had kept him up all night and the thought of knowing he was about to enter a new chapter in his life. He knew that to begin with he'd have to go through some very basic training, how long this would be for he didn't know, he just knew he'd probably go on to do whatever job he was assigned very under-prepared due to the need for more men to help fight for their country, and fast. 
His brothers, Arthur and John, had also been called up. His youngest brother Finn was still not old enough, a blessing he'd admit to being relieved by. If the three were all to die in combat then at least there would still be a male Shelby to carry on the family name.
He took another drag.
His mind raced then as he thought about all he'd be leaving behind. His beautiful white horse that was a gift from his mother, the freedom of being able to do what he wanted when he wanted, to go wherever he wanted when he wanted. The woods just past the cut that he'd often escape to, trying to relieve his mind of the pressures of the city. His mother. His father. Finn. Aunt Pol. You.
He felt a pang of sadness suddenly hit him in the chest and was surprised to feel a rush of tears enter his eyes but wouldn't allow them to spill out, no chance, if he started he was afraid he'd never stop.
The cigarette had now burnt right down nearly to the filter, his thoughts pretty much wasting the time he could have spent smoking it. He rolled over again and stamped the wasted nub out into the ashtray he kept on his bedside table before once again laying down, this time rolling over onto his left hand side.
A smile grew onto his lips as he saw you sleeping peacefully beside him. He brought a hand up and gently stroked the hair that had found itself covering your eye away so that he could see every inch of your face. 'So beautiful'.
You'd first met Tommy as a young girl whilst playing out on the dim dirty streets of Birmingham. The pair of you had soon become inseparable and it was a known fact that wherever the Shelby boys went, you went too.
You were often being told off for not 'acting like a girl' by your parents, when you'd rather skin your knee's climbing walls into places you weren't meant to go in, or sneak into the pub with Tommy and his brothers to try and drink whatever leftover alcohol people had abandoned in glasses on empty tables, you didn't see the need in making sure you looked presentable all the time.
Tommy loved that about you. Your carefree, determined attitude to do whatever you wanted to do instead of being trapped by other peoples thoughts and opinions about what they thought you should be doing. Even now you were a young woman, that attitude had never changed.
His eyes shifted as you began to stir from your sleep, his hand gently cupping your cheek.
"Morning", he smiled, happy that you'd finally woken from your slumber.
He'd watched you sleep throughout the night, the constant worries of leaving you behind plunging themselves into his thoughts. He'd had to fight them off each time and reassure himself that you'd be okay back here in England with his mother and aunt Pol. They'd make sure to keep you occupied and keep your mind busy to try and warn off any bad thoughts about Tommy's well being, as much as they could anyway.
You opened your eyes fully before squinting, the room now brighter than you'd expected it to be. You heard Tommy let out a chuckle as you pulled the duvet up closer around your chin and slightly nuzzled the pillow.
"Morning", you managed to murmur, "what time is it?"
"Just after 5:30, you can go back to sleep if you want to, you need your rest", his hand was now back to stroking your hair away from your face, each brief graze of his fingers sending the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end. How did this man do it? Any time he touched you no matter how briefly was like it was for the first time all over again. Electric.
"No, I want to be with you, savoring every second before..." the realization hit you then. Today was the day he had to leave for God knows how long. Maybe forever.
As your voice trailed off he knew you were probably finding things just as hard as he was, he knew you didn't want to be apart from him either. What he didn't know was that you'd been in a constant stream of nightmares all night, terrible ones. Images of bombs going off, men being gunned down, tunnels collapsing... and you wasn't about to tell him either.
His hand was around your waist then, gently pulling you in closer as he pressed a tender kiss to your forehead. He didn't have the words to tell you just how much he'd miss you, how you'd be on his mind every second of every terrifying day. How even though he'd carry your picture with him wherever he went, he was so scared of forgetting each and every angle of your face, the way your nose slightly curved upwards at the tip, the way your lips would feel as they touched his, soft. So soft.
The thing he was most scared of though was forgetting the sound of your voice, how it sounded as you called his name in any capacity, and your laugh, God he hoped he didn't forget that. The noise was music to his ears every time even though you always said you hated the way it sounded.
He also didn't have the words to tell you just how scared he was. Not just scared, he was absolutely petrified. It was probably a good thing because he didn't want to make you worry even more, he had to put on some kind of strong front for the both of you. He was determined that he would be coming back home.Back home to the streets of Birmingham, the woods behind the cut, his family, you.
Neither of you spoke for a while, instead you lay holding one another in the perfect sanctuary of Tommy's bed. Though neither of you said it you both wanted this moment to last forever, you wanted to feel his breath gently brushing past your cheek, his slightly rough skin on the pads of his fingertips grazing every part of your body as if to tease you, his lips pressed to yours, bliss. One thing you knew for certain was that you’d miss it all while he wasn’t there.
But time was cruel and waited for no one, it was time to get up and get ready to leave for the station.
- - -
Once at the station neither of you could hold in the tears that were forming in your eyes. You let out another sob as you flung your arms around Tommy's neck, you didn't care if his uniform got a bit wet and creased, there was no way in hell that you weren't going to hold him for what could be the last time before he stepped onto that train.
Tommy had convinced his mother and aunt Pol to stay behind at the house, he knew his mother would be in pieces having to say goodbye to three of her four sons, watching them step onto the train one by one not knowing if she'd ever get to see their faces again.
John and Arthur had already gotten onto the train. With no one to say goodbye to at the station they couldn't bare to watch mothers and sons, families with children, men with their girlfriends getting to share that last hug before the men went off into the unknown, not knowing if their feet would ever touch the soil in Birmingham again. They'd rather block it out, just get on with it and deal with their emotions in private, they never wanted to be seen as weak.
A whistle blew on the platform, signalling that it was time to start boarding the train. Your stomach tensed up and you could have sworn that you didn't know how you managed not to throw up where you stood. This was the moment you had been dreading, or so you thought.
"Please, come home to me", your voice was shaky through the sobs, your hands cupping each side of Tommy's face, "I don't want to live a life where you're not in it".
Your words were like daggers to Tommy's heart and he brought his hands up to cover your own, "I will do everything I possibly can to come back to you, even if I have to dig a tunnel all the way back to Birmingham myself, I'd do it for you".
Your foreheads pressed together for a moment before Tommy released his hands from yours and gently lifted your chin with a finger. He placed a gentle, loving kiss to your lips. You silently begged for the kiss to never end but of course it did and as you both pulled away you could see the tears still running from his eyes, rolling over his cheekbones and onto the station platform.
Another whistle.
He bent down to pick up his bag that held the very few possessions he owned, the most important one being his photograph of you, it was a portrait he'd taken himself on a camera that he'd stolen from an upmarket shop on their visit to London one year. "The most beautiful girl to ever exist", he'd said.
"C'mon lad, time to go", shouted another man in a deep, burly voice as he walked past Tommy, giving him a slap on the shoulders as he did so.
"I'll write to you, I promise", he planted one last sweet kiss upon your lips.
Tommy’s eyes were still flowing with tears, he used the back of his hand to wipe his nose as he slowly started backing away from the love of his life, his feet aching to step forward, his arms screaming at him to reach out and grab your hand to run out of the station and into those woods behind the cut that you'd so often visit together. But he couldn't.
Before either of you knew it he was at the train door, a bustle of men all stepping on one by one. Tommy took one last look at you and tried his best to give you a smile before he too took a step onto the train.
The sobs that hadn't stopped since you'd left the Shelby household that morning continued, the sound blending in with what seemed to be the majority of the women's sobs on the platform. How could any of them ever stop? Their partners, dad's, brothers, uncles and so on were leaving to fight in a dangerous war, one that they knew wouldn't be forgiving. And God knows how long this war was going to last for, it could be months before the men, come soldiers, could even imagine the pure relief of being allowed to come home.
One final whistle.
The train doors were closed one by one by the conductor, a grimace on his face with every slam of the wooden frames, almost as an apology to the loved ones standing on the platform waving goodbye, as if he felt responsible for sending the men off into what could possibly be their death.
The steam started spilling from the funnel atop the train and the sound of the engine pumping as coal was being piled into the boiler at the front started to fill the air. Ever so slowly the trains wheels began to turn and as they did so the men all stuck their heads out of the windows, hoping to catch a last glimpse of their loved ones.
You saw him, clear as day. Tommy had his head poking out of a window, two men had also stuck their heads above his, trying to wave at their families. He waved at you, tears in his eyes, the smile that he'd tried to throw in your direction before stepping on the train now well and truly gone, instead a look of worry and sorrow was written all over his face. You were sure that the same was on yours too.
His features began to get less distinctive as the train crept further and further away until eventually you could no longer distinguish which face belonged to him, the distance too great. You continued to stand there until the train was nearly out of sight, and that’s when you realised, this was the moment you were dreading the most.
Tommy had gone to war and you didn't know if he was ever coming back.
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So, Tommy was born in 1890 ey... Very interesting. 😏 My crossover senses are tingling...
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dangerous, my beautiful horse. Too wild to race. Wouldn't take the reins or the whip. Should have been a war horse. Got tired of the pasture. Couldn't stick the peace and quiet, gave up on life... and is now free..” — PEAKY BLINDERS Season 5 | Episode 1
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The Heirs Choice
Chapter 3
Word count 4,776
Taglist here, if you want to be added. Masterlist here, if you want to read more.
Tumblr media
"I'm losing you, princess."
Daemon was behind you, whispering in your ear as he stroked your hair.
You leaned your head against his shoulder, huffing out a whiny reply.
"What are you on about now, Daemon?"
"You don't come to see me anymore. You've paid me no mind since Lord Boltons...accident."
His hands snaked down your sides as he spoke, raising the hairs on your arms as you pushed against him.
"Well, that's because you've been busy with whores. I don't like the way cheap perfume smells. Gives me a headache."
Trying to behave as you normally would, you accepted the way his firm arms held you to him. Though, it wasn't the same. They weren't the arms you wanted wrapping around you.
"I see how you look at him. I see the blush on your cheeks when he enters the room. The way your eyes dart around when he merely speaks. How your throat lifts to swallow when he looks at you.
You're in love with Lord Shelby."
Spinning out of his grasp, you smacked him on the chest.
"That is a lie."
He laughed, knowing he was right.
"You sound like your father."
"It is, Daemon. Only poison words and jealous lies leave your lips."
"Oh, now you really sound like your father." He pulled away from you, leaving you alone to overlook the garden from the high palace window.
He chuckled as he walked away, and it echoed in the hall.
Was it a lie? How long had you been watching him from this vantage point? You had no idea. Still, you sighed, resting your chin in your hand as you looked down at Lord Shelby.
POV: Thomas
Turning another page, you dragged your eyes across the paper. There was nothing to do here, and you'd grown increasingly bored over the few weeks you'd been away from home. Away from your thriving business. Hoping Arthur was running it properly and John hadn't gotten himself into trouble.
What was this book even about again? Hell, you didn't know.
A dry cough, stifling a laugh caught your attention. He walked up, proud as ever as he took a seat next to you.
"Lord Shelby," he addressed as you closed the book, and turned your head to speak to him.
"Daemon," rarely did he ever talk to you, nor you him.
"Enjoying your book?" He asked, humor and wine lacing his breath.
"Not particularly, though if I said yes, would you leave?" Pulling a cigarette from the case you rubbed it against your lips.
"Tell me, how long are you going to sit here pretending to read while my niece watches from the window?"
You chuckled, raising a brow at him.
"You know, Daemon. Some women don't like being chased around. Some of them like to do the hunting themselves. That's how she is." You tipped your head slightly in her direction, "Maybe if you spent less time pulling her ass against you, I wouldn't be such a threat."
He hummed in response, turning more so to face you, one leg pulling up to rest on his knee as his arm lay over the back of the bench you both sat on.
"You think you're a threat to me? Even if she decided to take you, my life remains. Though I'm afraid, you cannot say the same."
Locking your eyes to his, you met his smiling face with your expressionless one. This look generally pushed people away, lower people than Daemon. You couldn't intimidate your way out of this one. Daemon always enjoyed getting under your skin, just as he was now.
"I'll tell you what, I'm having a party tonight. Why don't you come? As an example of my good sportsmanship. Plenty of wine, blood, and women to go around. The kind of women that love the bite in your kiss."
"Whores, you mean." You scoffed, blowing a puff of smoke into his face.
Humor set into his eyes now as they squinted back at you.
"Of course. The best whores in the kingdom."
You stood as you replied to the blonde man on the bench, "I could use a fuck, all that teasing from the Princess has made my balls too full."
Boastful laughter sounded as he clapped you on the back, shaking your shoulders he quickly agreed.
"Then, you shall empty them! The pleasure house, the nice one of course," he specified, "an hour after sunset." You pulled from his arm, dragging your cigarette again as you walked away from him without a word.
You could still feel his eyes on you. Daemon must have something planned for tonight. Something at your expense, you were sure. He was never friendly with you, and never had been. Though, you weren't particularly friendly with him either.
Walking past the garden gates, you made your way to the wall behind the palace. The one you'd pushed Bolton from two weeks ago. It had a beautiful view, overlooking the bay. Ships drifted in and out of the port when you heard her steps. They were light but quick.
You knew she'd come, you'd avoided her to the best of your abilities since she came all over you. She'd been more nervous when she seen you at dinner, your lingering stare resting on her from across the table. You knew this would work, would hook the girl. Give her a very tiny taste of pleasure, then act completely uninterested, only a few glances her way here and there to keep her hungry for you. You chuckled as her steps slowed to a normal pace as she rounded the corner.
What was the next step? God, it'd been a while since you'd truly played a woman.
Ah yes, make her sad. They always love a man with a sad backstory. Give her a glimpse of a time when you could still feel as if you felt absolutely nothing at all now.
This was too easy, not that she needed to know that. No, she needed to feel like she was winning. Like she was the hunter and you the prey.
"Lord Shelby!" She cleared her voice, having put too much excitement in her tone. She was lovely as ever, her long blonde hair flowing behind her as she walked. Dressed in white and embellished in gold. Chest pressed up to perfection. And those lips, so plush and full.
I'd like to have those around my-
"Princess," you interrupted your thoughts as you looked away from her, puffing your smoke again.
"I saw you in the garden, just a moment ago. I hope Daemon wasn't giving you a hard time?" She asked, oh she was such a good little actress. The thinly veiled concern on her tongue, she thought, masked her true nosey intentions.
"Did it look like he'd been giving me trouble?" You questioned as she stood closer to you, only when she spoke did her eyes follow the path of yours.
"No, I suppose not. It's just, I know how he can be sometimes." She looped her arm around yours, her deliciously soft fingers wrapping around your wrist.
Fucking hell, wrap them around something else already.
You couldn't say that, however. Plastering on a vague look of disgust, you pulled your arm from hers. Straightening yourself as you did. She frowned at this. And not the frown she gave when she wanted something. True disappointment lay in her eyes as she looked up at you.
"I'm sure you do, Princess. You would know better than anyone." You tossed your cigarette over the wall.
"Are you going to offer one to me?" She said, her voice straddling an offended tone. Fucking royals.
"No, I wasn't going to." But you did, you pulled your case out and let her pull one out. Handing her the matches.
"Ouch!" She hissed, shaking the match after the cigarette was lit.
"Did you just fucking burn yourself?"
Did she really just fucking burn herself? Jesus Christ, could she be more careless?
"Yeah, a bit." A lovely shade of pink pressed to her face as her eyes avoided yours.
"Well, Princess, I believe your father wanted to speak with me-"
"When I was young," did she  just fucking cut me off?
You signed and tipped your head as she spoke, "I used to stand up here for hours, wishing I could sneak off to one of those boats. Just disappear, and leave this life behind."
"Why? You have everything at your fingertips. And the crown, of course." She sighed, her eyebrows softly knitting together.
"I don't want this. I don't want this life. It's fucking miserable." She admitted, kicking the wall lightly a few times with a white slipper shoe.
The audacity of the girl floored you.
"You have never known hunger. Never known pain and suffering as your people do. As many people everywhere do. So many would jump at the chance to be you, yet you find such dissatisfaction with it all? Find yourself bored with your many luxuries? The least you can be is fucking great full."
An ugly expression struck her face as she turned to you. Her brows cast a low shadow over her eyes.
"And what do you know? Nothing. Nothing of my pain, of my suffering!"
This is unbelievable.
"How many times have you gone without? Never a day in your life. How many nights did you wash the blood from your brother's unconscious body because he started fighting for coin to feed you growing up? Eh? How many times did you feel the unwanted touch of hands over your body all for some fucking scraps of bread for your 3 younger siblings to be able to eat, because no one would have your older brother. Too beat up from all the fighting? How many times? How many times did you have to fuck to buy some alcohol and medicine for your bedridden mother? Watch as the madness tore through her fucking mind? How many times have you sat in jail, for stealing on nights no one would have you? How many lives have you had to cut through to pull your family out of the dirt? To wear the crown on your fucking head?" The words sprayed from you as the memories flooded your mind. A childhood thief, a young adult prostitute. The killer you'd become to provide for your family. You and Arthur, the two of you had it the worst. Even he didn't know the extent of what you'd done growing up.
"Lord Shelby.." She started, her face a void of expression, tears nestled in her eyes.
"Before they called me "Lord" they called me a fucking rat. A fucking thief, a scoundrel, a menace, a whore, an addict, a fucking killer. Anything but my fucking name. So do tell me, Princess, tell me of all your woes. As if you'd ever know life not being waited on hand and foot."
Taking a deep breath, and looking down, you shook yourself mentally. You shouldn't have told her that, any of it. But fuck she had struck a fucking nerve.
"I'm sorry." You let out, gritting your teeth as you walked away.
POV: (Y/N)
He didn't show up for dinner, and you shouldn't have. Your stomach was in a knot after what he'd said to you.
You surely never had it as badly as he did, but still, hearing the struggles of his life didn't make yours more bearable to you.
"Where is Lord Shelby? Either of you two seen him?" Your father asked as he sat still as stone at the head of the table.
Daemon answered before you could think of a reply.
"Ah, yes, he's made himself rather comfortable in my favorite pleasure house. I invited him to join my party later this evening, seems he's getting a head start. Must be growing tired of palace life."
You didn't know why, but that made your heart sink. You didn't want to think of him there, in one of those places. Burying himself deep into the sex of another. Jealousy filled you, and looking up at Daemon, he saw it in your eyes.
"Oh, my dear Princess. He will be back of course. He is, after all, just a man. The women there mean nothing compared to you, but as a man, we need to drain our balls from time to time." He gave you a look, and you knew what game he was playing. He wanted you to be angry, and it worked.
"Daemon! I'll not have obscene talks at my table, or in front of my daughter." Your father barked, his fist balled on the table.
"Yes, uncle, do please shut the fuck up." You cooed back at him, his smile widening to show his perfect teeth.
"(Y/n)!" Your fathers glare turned to you now.
You stood, turning away to storm out. Ser Criston had to move quickly to reach the door in front of you, pulling it open for you just in time.
You knew it was a bad idea. But you also didn't care. Daemon had told you where to find him after all.
You dressed quickly, in your common clothes, of course, tucking your locks under your cap.
The safety of your room was behind you now, as you made your way through the passage that linked to your room.
"Going somewhere, Princess?" Daemon's smooth and low voice rang in your ears as you steped through the dark.
"Heard there was a party." That was all you said. He held his arm out to you as you walked alongside him.
You reached the pleasure house in no time. Daemon guided you through it, gently holding you to his side. You'd both gone past the main area, and into a darker, deeper area of the building. Sheer sheets hung from the ceiling acting as makeshift walls and showing what it was that went on behind them.
Bodies on bodies.
Heaving, moaning.
Men with men.
Women with women.
A group of many all moving as one.
Traveling deeper through the maze, you reached a door.
"He's somewhere in here, (y/n). Though, you may not like what you see. This half of the building is for our kind only. If anything you've seen before this point was too much. Too shocking, then don't go in." He warned. The smile that usually played on his face was gone, a serious look fit him now. His weight shifted as he started to pull away.
"You're not coming?" You asked, pulling his arm.
"No, (y/n) I'm not. You should see how this man really is for yourself. If you need me, I'll be out here." He whispered against your cheek before he disappeared into the merge of bodies.
You bit your lip before pushing the door open, closing it behind you.
The scenes here, were so very different than all the ones you'd seen before.
Men and women alike were tied, bound to beds. Being smacked, whipped, fucked.
You walked slowly, unable to fully process what it was you were seeing.
You bumped into a woman, she had blood running down her neck from two small puncture holes. Her wrists were tied above her head, legs spread and tied to the floor.
Her eyes were covered with a belt, and a strange ball in her mouth was held in place by a tie around her head.
It was intriguing, to see her like this. You felt a familiar tingle between your legs as you touched her breast, removing the small suction cups from her nipples and putting them in your pocket.
Those are now yours, you thought.
It didn't just smell like sex in here, as you continue walking, it smelled heavy of opium. It was so thick that you felt it wash through you. Not as strong as a hit of it would have been, but enough to ease your nerves.
You didn't get very many looks as you walked through this place, everyone was too deep in their fantasies to pay any attention to you.
That's when you heard his voice, coming from the corner of the room.
"Another...get me another.." He was breathless, and his words slurred. You didn't have to see him to know he was out of his mind on opium.
You peered behind the curtain that covered his voice, he was there. The sight of him made you gasp and pull a hand to your mouth.
He was covered in bites, drips of blood running down his naked body. He was kneeling on the bed, and a woman, shaking with pleasure was being untied from the baseboard as he sucked on a pipe, smoke pouring from his nose and mouth.
As she pulled herself off the bed you could see all of him, all of his naked glory.
The cock you'd only touched in the bath, and ridden through his clothes was there for you to view.
It looked painful as it throbbed in the air. A band had been placed around his cock, and another around his balls, making everything look larger, fuller.
You watched as another woman was tied up, watched as he thrust deep inside of her.
Envy, or something else, pooled between your legs as you watched him. He fucked like a wild animal, throwing his head back, mouth open as he groaned, you saw the light flash against the gold caps that had been placed on his fangs. You wondered if he'd chosen to do that, or if he had to wear them while he was having sex.
You knew that vampires would bite during sex, but this place seemed to be accepting of that. He'd been painted in bites himself. Why would he cover those fangs up?
Slapping her on the ass, rather hard, you watched as he pulled out of her. Her legs bounced as she was being untied. She practically fell off the bed when she stood up, legs still shaking uncontrollably.
You wanted to shake like that.
"Another.." He said again.
Your feet moved before you could think twice. Keeping your face down, and while he was busy drinking from a large gold cup, you quickly found your way to his bed. Sneaking in front of him as the woman at the foot of the bed started binding your hands to the bedposts. You'd positioned yourself as the last few you'd watched had, your face down, against the bed. Your knees took on all of your weight as your ass stayed in the air.
You felt him pull at the hem of your pants.
"Why the fuck are you dressed?" He slurred, annoyance thick in his voice as he ripped them off of you. He left your shirt, simply pushing it down the curve of your back as he ran his hands roughly against your skin. You prayed that your cap wouldn't slip off.
You waited, for what felt like forever for him to enter you. And when he did, you screamed. He wasn't gentle, he pushed into you with one thrust. Ripping the delicate, thin bit of your virtue in an instant.
He hissed when he did it, tightening his grip on your hips.
"Fuck, a virgin? Well, not anymore, eh?" He laughed leaning over you and spoke directly into your ear.
"Don't expect me to be gentle. You've been watching me fuck from behind the curtain. You knew exactly when you were getting yourself into when you climbed into this bed." You could see the light bouncing off his golden teeth as he spoke. You only nodded, turning your face to press it into the bed and away from his eyes.
"You'll be paid well for the blood on my cock, love. So lay there and take it nicely as the ones before, eh?"
He was fucked up, you heard it in the way he spoke, the way he slurred. And he was so close to you and didn't pick up on your scent at all.
POV: Thomas
God, this one is tight. I wonder if she'll cry. Should I go easy? Well, easier, on this one? She's already shaking and  I've not even started yet.
Fuck it. She wanted what she saw. So I'll give it to her.
Gripping her hips tightly, I slowly drug my cock out of her, well, nearly out of her, before shoving it roughly back in. The resistance of her tight walls clenching against my cock felt so good.
This virgin, she was going to make me cum. This will be the one I'll fill. The one I'll end my night on.
She moaned, a cute, whiny little moan as I thrust into her.
POV: 3rd Person
He was an animal as he took her. Her walls expanded to accept the unnaturally large girth of his cock. Rutting relentlessly deep into her he felt a gush erupt against his shaft, felt it drip from his tightly restricted sack as he slammed into her.
Her orgasm only intensified his lust as it made the most delicious wet slapping sounds. They were being watched, her moans of pleasure and pain too hot to be ignored. This made him feel even better, made him ache to dominate her more.
He dropped against her back, picking up her head from the bed. He shoved his fingers into her mouth, deep as she gagged around them. Her pussy clenching and relaxing in quick secessions as she gagged. Every flex of her pussy pulled him closer to his orgasm.
Ripping his fingers from her throat, he laughed a deep and moanful laugh as she took deep breaths. A lock of blonde hair fell from her cap and across her flushed face.
She ached with painful delight when his wet fingers, slick with her spit filled her ass one at a time. She groaned above everyone else, catching more eyes and attention. As he neared his peak, he grew selfish.
"Shut the curtains, and untie her hands, I'll hold her myself," he demanded.
His cock held still in her as his fingers worked her ass.
"You like that, eh?" He hummed in her ear.
The girl only nodded, her belly filling with anxiety as her hands were freed. She was worried now, worried he'd position her in another way, worried he'd see her face.
The curtains had been closed, and he instructed the woman that'd been tying up his partners to leave.
It was only the two of them now.
He pressed deeper into her ass as her pussy trembled in response.
"I said, do you like that?" He grunted at her. He wanted to hear her. Needed to.
"Yes!" She shrieked in a shaky voice.
Closing his eyes, and biting down on his lip, he yanked his hand from inside of her as she winced.
The girl heard the ripping of her shirt. A long, slow rip as he tore the back of it.
With her shirt now open at the back, he could see how her tits pressed against the bed as he looked down at her.
"Take it off. And give it to me."
She did as he said, pulling her arms out of the now ruined shirt. She didn't move much, keeping her face pressed to the bed as she threw it back to him.
"Open your mouth." His dick still twitched inside of her wet sex as his husky voice let forth another demand.
He placed the shirt in her mouth, she didn't fight it, though she was hesitant to lift her head much.
He held the shirt tightly, as she bit down on it. It rested painfully tight against her cheeks.
He knocked the hat from her head in one swift move of his hand, raining down the long blonde hair that had been hiding under it.
He smiled a toothy smile when he saw it, this was perfect to get off to. He could imagine it was his princess taking his cock now. He knew the smoke playing tricks on his mind was behind this girl's hair appearing so light. The only people with hair this fair around here were of course the Targaryens. And he knew his good little princess would be in her bed now, probably touching herself at the thought of him.
He grabbed a fist full of her stands, holding it in this same hand that held the shirt reins. A muffled whimper that was trapped behind the shirt tried to escape as he tightened his grip on her hair.
His free hand, grazed down the curve of her back as he snapped her head upwards.
Her legs still bent at the knee held her weight as they spanned between his legs. Her hands struggled to reach the bed as he pulled her up in a straighter position. When they reached for the bedpost, he spoke again.
"Put them behind your back."
She was good, she listened to him.
He gripped both of her arms at the wrist as he pulled her back more, her back arching more painfully than before. She was nearly against his chest now, suspended as he held her.
"Ready?" He whispered into her ear.
"Mhm," She moaned out from behind the shirt in her mouth.
He slammed into her again, tightening his grip as her body thrust forward.
The sight was everything to him, the curves of her body. It made his cock ache to release.
Hard slapping and whining flowed as he pumped his hips against her. She grabbed at his arm, just above the wrist as he held her hands back. Tearing the skin with her nails as he fucked her.
Then he was moaning, filling the air with the sounds of his pleasure as his body crashed into hers. His swollen cock beating inside of her, crashing into the soft bumper of her cervix. He let go of the shirt that bound her mouth, and her hands as he gave into the pulse in his balls, wrapping his arms around the girl's slender body he held her tightly against him, feeling her cum wetting his shaft again. His hard breath tickled her ear as he poured into her, the cum fighting past the bands around his sex as it shot deep into her body.
When he was done, he dropped her onto the bed. Still grunting from his high, he untied his dick, and sack carefully. He stood then and exhaled deeply as he reached for a pouch on the table.
The girl lay there, hair covering her face as she took deep breaths. The sound of clinking coins pulled her eyes as they poured next to her face. She didn't look up at him. Just lay there, exhausted as he paid her.
Without a word, he walked out. Leaving the girl that had given him so much pleasure, on the bed with her coin.
POV :(y/n)
"I knew I'd lost you to Shelby," Daemon said as he sat down on the bed next to you.
"I hear you took it well. Someone's mouth is running wild out there."
Daemon looked down at you, pulling your hair gently from your face, "Come, on. Let's get you home." He whispered.
You shook your head against the bed, "I can't. It hurts."
"Well of course it does. That wasn't the uh...easiest way to shed your virtue." He awkwardly looked around, genuinely feeling sorry for you.
"Don't tell him. Don't tell my father. I-I don't think Lord Shelby knew it was me."
Daemon picked up a blanket, wrapping you in it carefully.
"No, I suppose he didn't. He never would have done this had he known. To save you the embarrassment, I'll not speak a word about this." He lifted you easily as he carried you through the building. Your face was hidden under the blanket.
He snuck you back to your room, and lay you down in your bed, as he fished in his pocket for something.
The coins Lord Shelby had paid you with, he slipped into your bedside table.
"I don't fucking need that money, Daemon." You hissed. His lips twitched upwards as he pulled something else from his pocket. The suction cups you'd taken off that woman.
A twinkle laced his eye, "Found these in your pocket, I was going to help you dress but..well, your clothes were destroyed. However, I thought you may want these." He dropped those in too as you rolled your eyes, turning over in your bed.
"Goodnight, princess." He said, stepping to leave your room.
"Thank you," you whispered before he shut the door.
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castieltrash1 · 2 days ago
riding arthur shelby’s face for kinktober? pls and thanks bae <3
Tumblr media
kinktober day 3 → arthur shelby x f!reader; face-sitting, oral, dirty talk, mentions of arthur’s addictions
“Feels good, lovey?” The question comes muffled between your thighs, Arthur’s mustache tickling your skin with each word. Your hips twitch instinctively, desperate to feel his tongue against your cunt like it was just moments ago, but he only tightens his grip, holding you still. “Tell me,” he urges, voice husky with his thick accent.
You scoff, hoping the neediness you feel isn’t obvious in the way your body shakes. “Fuck off,” you say back, but the whimper in your tone doesn’t go unnoticed, and Arthur’s grin widens when you run your fingers through his hair and tug, to no avail. “Please?”
It hurts him almost as much as it hurts you - to be a tease and deny what you both want. Arthur had always been eager to taste you, ready to fall to his knees and pocket your panties at the drop of a dime; but recently, the desire had grown, turning into something deeper, darker. Instead of a smoke, he’d put you in his mouth. Instead of a fight, he’d make you cum. Instead of drowning his sorrows in whiskey, he’d savor your arousal coating his throat with the same bitter tang.
The only thing he’s addicted to now is you.
Arthur glances up at you mischievously and you can tell he’s still smiling by the way his eyes squint under his bushy brows. His breath is warm against your clit when he exhales softly, waiting, and you finally snap.
“Feels amazing,” you admit, with a flush, and then his tongue is back on you.
kinktober rules/requests ♡  
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