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jihyo ( twice ) locks !
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jihyo // talk that talk mv 🎮
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JIHYO Talk that Talk (220904)
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cutest flower 🌻🌷
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Bust or Bust 2
Jihyo & Jisun x Male Reader
view in AFF
2,561 Words
view Part 1 here
A/N: It’s been close to 2 months for a new fic. Hope this doesn’t disappoint. I’m especially nervous writing a sequel to my best doing fic.
A/N 2: Thank you @midnightdancingsol and @v1ntrix for editing this piece for me.
Tumblr media
A break from your office means a break from most of your troubles. 
Although you're still here on teacher duties, officially, the club committee members handle the bulk of the work.
While Jihyo briefs the rest of the volleyball team on the summer training camp’s rules, Jisun grabs your hand and pulls you away from the group. 
A grin surfaces. Here we go again. 
Any resistance immediately flushes out of your brain, and lewd thoughts begin to take their place as you’re dragged across the grass patch and into the beach house.
Jisun pushes you onto a nearby chair and immediately straddles you.
No more teasing. 
No more seduction.
Both of you know what’s coming next. 
You grasp the back of her head and pull her in for a kiss. She returns it instinctively, prodding her tongue against your ever-eager lips. Finally, you accept her into your mouth and return her enthusiasm with your own. 
Your dick stirs at the prospect of delighting in her body.  You need to. That one afternoon with Jihyo and Jisun has made you want more. Sensing it from her intense gaze, you can tell that she needs you too. 
She reaches behind her neck to untie her top, causing it to drop and reveal her ample chest. You pull away from the kiss to admire the sight. Saliva builds up in your mouth in mere seconds, and you take a deep gulp. 
Your mouth then latches onto her neck, giving soft licks and sucks on her slightly sweaty skin before making its way down to her chest. Before you dip your head into Jisun’s breasts, you look up at her. You catch her deep in lust for you, and you know that there’s not much time to waste when Jisun has her body offered up to you. 
Your focus shifts back down, and you dive into her body. Like before, you start off on the left, covering the flesh with spit as you kiss and lick every square inch while your hand hastily grabs and squeezes the other breast. Then, with your mouth attached and suckling away on her left nipple, you turn to witness the jiggle of her right breast upon your harsh slaps.
You soothe the now-red skin with your mouth, sucking and tasting Jisun’s chest. But, with each soft gasp by your student, you fall deeper into sin and yearn more from her.
Jisun too, wants more from you, and she gets off you and onto her knees. She then peels off your beach shorts and reveals your erection that’s standing tall and aching for her. 
You grab hold of her breasts and sandwich your cock in between, indulging in the oh-so-familiar warmth. She dips her head, dripping saliva to lubricate the connection—once it’s sufficiently wet, she looks up at you with beady, needy eyes. You thrust your hips upwards, your tip hitting her chin. It prompts Jisun to tilt her head back down and stick her tongue out once more, this time focusing on licking your leaking precum. 
You want to cum and watch her cheeks puff full of your cum as some seeps out from the side and drips onto her tits. However, she has other ideas.
She rids herself of the last article of clothing—her skirt—and with a sway in her hips, walks over to the glass door. Jisun places a hand on the glass and pushes her butt outwards. She gives it a light spank before she spreads her cheeks apart, giving you a glimpse of her dripping pussy.
Turning back with a sultry smile, she whispers, “Fuck me sir.”
You rush to her, and your hands find their place on hers. Press your chest against her back, push her small frame against the glass, and let your warm breath tickle her nape.
You could be caught in the act at any moment. 
Your students are just sitting there. 
Yet the devil whispers to you, ‘Fuck them’.
You grab your cock, guide it into Jisun’s pussy and begin to fuck her. So hot and snug, you repeatedly drive yourself into her. Rest your chin on her shoulder; your soft grunts go straight into her ears while your eyes land on the young group in front of you, or rather, fixed on the large bright eyes of the club president. 
She’s looking back at you.
Jihyo’s staring at you.
Your heart pounds faster as you pound Jisun faster. Ignore Jihyo’s looks of jealousy for now; you’ll deal with her later. You turn Jisun’s face to you and make out with her once more. She quivers in your grasp, and her pussy pulsates around you. You know she’s close, so you put more strength into your hips.
A hard clench later, she moans across the empty house and cums all over you. You don’t let up your thrusts, maintaining the same force and pushing the girl to the limits. 
While coming down from her high and between pants, she turns to you: “Hurry up. Unnie doesn’t have much to say, and she can’t stall for long.”
No replies for her; you can’t hold back anymore either. You press yourself deep into Jisun and cum inside her. She mewls upon feeling your warmth inside her, and she tightens once more as if making sure you don’t leave her body until you’re properly drained.
You do slip out of her eventually, and both of you stumble back onto the floor. Jisun leans against your chest, and you stroke her hair during your recovery. Playful hands can’t resist a final fondle, and they reach over her shoulder and grope her breasts. After giving them a playful slap or two, you note the time and realize you really have to get back out to the team.
Both of you dress up as quickly as possible, and you see sweat prints all over the glass and dripping cum staining the floor. You hope it dries before anyone notices. At least no one other than Jihyo had noticed you and Jisun leaving the group for the past 10 minutes. Jisun makes a silent dash to the back of the rest of the club members while you pretend to have returned from clearing administrative matters minutes later.
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The team disperses from the rented volleyball court, leaving you and Jihyo alone. She gives you a sharp jab on your arm before giving you a piece of her mind.
“Are you crazy?! What were you even thinking fucking Jisun like that?”
“She, umm, dragged me back there. Nothing I could have done to stop her. You know how she can be.”
“Nothing you could do? You’re—Forget it!” 
Jihyo walks off in a huff, leaving you stunned at your student’s outrage. You’ve seen her angry at her teammates before but never this mad. Maybe you should have done your duty as the club teacher. Maybe you should have stopped Jisun. Maybe you shouldn’t give in to your lustful desires so easily.
Maybe you should have invited her. 
No! That’s not the point she’s trying to make.
Is it? 
You’re too dense; the post-nut clarity isn’t hitting you. 
You try to chase behind her, but she busies herself by discussing plans with the other committee members. You curse under your breath before deciding to talk to her another time.
In a blink of an eye, it has turned into the second last night of the summer training camp. The mini-holiday did some wonders for you. You feel a little more freedom despite doing the same old work and renting the beach court instead of the usual hall ones, indenting food from the nearby stalls and restaurants instead of the cafeteria.  While the girls pay most of their share, you burn a hole in your wallet when doing more than necessary. Anything for their enjoyment.
Yet the unresolved issues with Jihyo still bother both of you. While the rest of the club is enjoying the outdoor sun, you notice the forced smile that she puts on when with the others. You barely enjoy the sight of the girls playing on the beach as you frown the instant your eyes reach Jihyo.
You decide to take a walk down the shoreline, sipping your glass of cocktail while lamenting the inevitable return back to the office. At least your workload isn’t as heavy as some of the other teachers in the school. Plus, you have a decent stress relief mechanism.
Moments later, you spot a figure in the distance. They’re walking down the beach too and heading towards you. As they creep closer, light shines on them. It’s Jihyo.
Dressed in a thin white top and denim shorts, she’s simply enjoying the evening breeze just as you are. She forces a smile as she spots you too.
“Taking a stroll too, sir?”
You nod at the obvious statement before silence sets in. You lead her to a nearby bench and sit down together.  
Jihyo breaks the silence quickly. “Sorry about the other day, sir. I… don’t know what got into me. I was worried that you’ll get caught and… and something might happen to you.”
“I understand, Jihyo. I’ll be more cautious of the surroundings next time.”
She still avoids your gaze, staring at the night sky. “It’s just… you’re an amazing club teacher, and I don’t want Jisun or me to cause you any trouble.”
You hold her chin to make her face you and plant a soft kiss on her. “Don’t worry, Jihyo. It will be fine.”
She looks deep into your eyes before crashing onto your lips with much more passion. Pulling off her white top, she leans into you. 
“You owe me this.”
You bury yourself into Jihyo’s neck and gently kiss her while your hands find their way to her butt and begin to roam up her back. Finding the thin string at her neck, you untie it. Her bikini top drops, and her tits are now exposed for anyone to see. So much for being cautious.
Jihyo leans away from you and begins to slide down your body. Then, it’s her turn to worship your body, lightly kissing from your neck and shoulder down to your chest and abs. After she gets on her knees, a sly smile forms, and she begins to untie your pants before pulling them down.
Your already erect cock is immediately surrounded by the warmth of Jihyo’s mouth. With practiced intensity, she bobs her head up and down while her tongue wraps around your girth. You rest your head against the bench and shut your eyes for a moment, savoring your student’s blowjob.
However, it doesn’t last for long, not when there is more pleasure to enjoy. 
With your cock thoroughly soaked in Jihyo’s saliva, she looks up at you with a sly grin before wrapping your dick with her breasts. Unlike the many other slow and sensual titfucks she has given to you under your desk in the office, she does it fast. 
Your body heats up in the cold night, nerves going into overdrive as Jihyo tries to drain you of your cum. She’s doing a pretty good job at the moment, knowing what you like and having made you cum countless times.
You can’t help but let out a low groan minutes later. Your dick grows sore from trying to hold back your orgasm in an attempt to prolong the pleasure. Jihyo takes notice of your reaction, and she slows down.
Squeezing your cock between her tits tightly, she bends her head down to lick your tip. Afterward, she plays with her nipples, flicking and pinching them. Groping her own firm flesh, she stares into your eyes once more.
“Cum for me, sir.”
You twitch in her grasp before you release all over her chest. Jihyo shuts her eyes as spurts of cum paint her and drip down her body. Your powerful orgasm feels endless, and it takes your breath away. After the last shot, you sigh, relishing in the post-orgasm bliss.
But something tells you it’s not over yet.
When Jihyo recaptures your attention, she begins to spread your cum all over her tits. The thick globs of white soon become a thin layer. She licks her stained fingers clean before reaching to her shorts and unbuttoning it. Yet she doesn’t proceed further. 
Instead, she motions for you to come close. You oblige and get off the bench, capturing her cheeks between your palms and kissing her. Turn her body around and lay her onto the bench. You pull off her shorts, leaving her with just her bikini bottoms. 
As you begin to pull that off as well, you take your time, slowly teasing her with light strokes down her thighs. Upon tossing it aside, you take a few seconds to admire your favourite student’s body basking in the moonlight. Her already glistening pussy draws you in and you take up a position between her spread legs.
Grasping your recovered shaft, you press yourself against her pussy and insert yourself in with one smooth stroke. Bottoming out immediately, both of you fill the peaceful beach with a sharp moan. Draw yourself out and thrust back in again. Jihyo tightens as you repeat those actions, and a layer of her juices begins to form along your cock.
Her body rocks in tandem with yours. Her tits jiggle atop her heaving body as well and a hand moves from her hips up to her chest. You time your squeezes with your thrusts, causing her to shriek and her hold on you increases. 
Meanwhile, your hand that’s still on her hip creeps closer to her core. Easily finding the clit, you press onto it. Jihyo arches her back and rolls her eyes back upon the further stimulation. 
“I’m, ahh, I’m going to—“
She lacks the concentration to finish her sentence, but you catch on quickly. The hand groping her chest begins to slap it instead while the other rubs her clit hard. Her pussy quivers and her moans become louder and more frequent.
“Cum all over my cock.”
She lets go at your command. With a particularly hard grip around your dick, she lets go and floods you with her cum. You try to soothe her by rubbing down the sides of her body. After a couple of deep breaths, she seems to recover, and the glint in her eyes tells you that she wants your cum again.
Already sensitive from mere minutes before, it doesn’t take long for you to reach your peak for the second time of the night. Putting more power into your hips, you up the speed of your thrusts until you cum in Jihyo. While there’s lesser cum this time, Jihyo still hums in appreciation, and she stuffs two fingers into herself to prevent them from leaking out.
The cold wind hits you once again as all the heat and intensity of the sinful act dissipates. You lightly shiver, and Jihyo helps you dress back up before you do the same for her. 
“Thank you for tonight, sir.”
“No problem Jihyo. Sorry for stressing you out.” 
You give her a kiss one last time before ensuring she’s safe back at the beach house. You continue your walk down the beach, pondering the complicated relationship you have with your two students.
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Park Jihyo: A God Complex
Jihyo x M Reader
Genre: One Shot, Smut, Semi-Dom Jihyo
Trigger warning: Excessive use of god
WC: 3,284
Tumblr media
Only fate can explain how you find yourself inside the dorm of the Nation’s Girl Group leader, Park Jihyo. You are simply at the right place at the right time. Drinking alone at the same place the two Twice members are having a quick chill as well. They mastered the art of being incognito, you did not notice the two of them until Jihyo talked to you. You were surprised with yourself being able to hold a conversation with her and Jeongyeon. Maybe you have drunk enough. The conversation was smooth and it was not long until Jihyo offered to take you to her place. Of course, you have to come. Who would be in their right mind to decline.
Right off the bat, you noticed Jihyo’s aura. She had this very responsible character with her, maybe because of the years taking care of her fellow members. She comes to you as cold. You find it a bit intimidating but not off putting. It was a bit different to her unlimited energy in camera, competitive but in control. But you understand that’s just how it is being an idol.
“Are you nervous?” Jihyo asked you as she take her seat in front of you.
“A bit yeah, it’s not every day you get face to face with an idol. Let alone get dragged into her apartment.”
“Well you should be, you’re in front of a god.”
The statement surprised you. She is not called God Jihyo for nothing but you thought it is just an idol thing. You want to think that she was kidding around with you but her tone was so serious the word joke didn’t even make sense. Jihyo slips out of her hoodie. You assume that they went directly to chill after a schedule because what she wearing is a stuff of the wildest dreams.
Jihyo is rocking a tight tube, hugging her massive breasts. It is public knowledge that she is gifted but seeing it really closely, it surpassed even your imagination. She has a wonderful body. Boobs, hips, abs, ass she got it all and you know she is not afraid to flaunt them. You are already hard just thinking about what she is hiding inside.
“Do you want to fuck a god? No, wrong question. Do you think you can handle fucking a god?”
To be honest with yourself, you find the god thing quite cringe. Gathering a bit of confidence, you start to impose yourself.
“Damn Jihyo, that god thing. It needs to get fucked out of you.”
You immediately regret what you said.
“What did you say?” Jihyo was clearly ticked off.
You are left speechless. But it doesn’t matter because it seems Jihyo is not waiting for your reply. She stands up from her seat and walks close to you. Her tits appear to be so much bigger than earlier.
“It’s blasphemous to insult me. Good thing I’m merciful, if you ask for forgiveness.”
Her big round eyes stared you down. Giving you a chance to beg for mercy. To spare you from the punishment. Somehow you feel small in front of her. Maybe she is a god after all.
“I beg for mercy Jihyo, please forgive me.”
Your words elicit a smile on Jihyo’s lips.
“Pathetic. Take off all your clothes.” As Jihyo went back to her seat.
It was an order you could not defy. It seems that you are already under her spell. You discard your clothes one by one until there is nothing left. You now feel the air conditioning on your naked skin, it makes you shiver. Your dick is half hard.
“At least your dick isn’t that bad. I’m curious how will it perform.”
Jihyo takes off her baggy denim jeans. You admit it is a bit out of place in contrast to her tight top but it is so hot nevertheless. Her white panties are now on display. You noticed her pussy, fat as fuck. Next she discards her tube to see a strapless bra. Her huge tits overflowed the cups. Jihyo’s chest is full of marks from the tightness of her outfit and you could almost imagine it being marks made by someone. You could be right but only Jihyo knows the truth. The view and the thoughts on your mind are more than enough to make your shaft harden like a rock.
“I know you like what you are seeing. Come closer.”
You are not surprised that your body acted instinctively. Moving close to Jihyo with your dick completely upright.
“Stand here.” She signals you to stand on the sofa she was seating on.
“Gods don’t kneel.”
Following her instructions, Jihyo moved a little to give you room to stand. You found it hard to adjust yourself to match your dick to her mouth, but you made it work. In a bit of an awkward position but now your member perfectly lined up to her waiting mouth.
Jihyo does not wait long. She starts to lick the head. It is just the tip but the pleasure is already mind blowing. Swirling her tongue, she continues to please you. You are helpless, you don’t want to miss a single moment watching Jihyo starts to give you a blowjob but the feeling is just so good, you can’t help but throw your head back, close your eyes and moan.
She is now completely sucking your dick. You watch as your cock disappears inside her mouth only to feel her throat at the tip. You know she has done this many times, it is obvious in her ways. She even had the skill to play with your balls as she continues to bob her head. You lost count of how many times your cock was buried inside her hot, wet mouth. You can’t remember how many times she traced your length with her slick tongue. The blowjob is too much for you to process.
Your breath starts to get ragged and uneven. Jihyo knows you’re close. With that in her mind, she focuses on speeding up the pace. Being in and out of her mouth is one thing, but add in her huge and beautiful deep eyes that do not break contact. It is the catalyst that pushed you to the end.
“I’m cumming Jihyo.”
You maintain eye contact up until the point you unloaded in Jihyo’s mouth. Ropes and ropes of thick semen flowed right inside. She swallowed it whole like the god she is. She proceeds to lick and clean up your dick after. You want to fall down to your feet, but you don’t want to piss off the god that gave you the best blowjob of your life. So you stayed up regardless.
“Better than most. And you don’t taste bad I give you that.”
You are late to notice that she was giving you an evaluation. Good thing you passed.
“Kneel.” She ordered.
Deep down you are thankful. Your legs really need a break. Jihyo hooks her thumbs on her panties and takes it off in one fluid motion and throws the article on your lap. You are right, her pussy is so fat it makes a good snack.
“You have to be thankful, I’m going to let you eat my pussy.”
You are so turned on by the idea of feasting on Jihyo’s cunt that you immediately want to attack right away. Using all effort to calm yourself down, you stopped. If you’re going to eat the pussy of a god, you are going to give all you’ve got. Moving closer to Jihyo’s body, you plant a kiss on her tight abs. She was taken aback by your choice of place to start but you know she likes it. You continue to shower her stomach with kisses and before moving on, you stretch your tongue to lick her belly button. Her belly button is deep and you took no reservations in treating it like a hole, letting your tongue fuck her navel. Jihyo’s mouth was starting to twitch in pleasure.
Moving to her thighs, you take a couple of seconds to admire the view. It was thick, probably the result of all the years dancing. You kiss the sides of her legs of which Jihyo could not help but flinch. You do your best to avoid the actual lips, kissing and licking the sides. You are teasing a god, and you’re playing with fire. Sensing the need to remind you of your place, she clamps her legs to capture your head. She is clearly done with your antics.
“If I said you eat; you’re going to eat. Don’t make me wait.”
Her words are more like a threat, but you obviously are willing to obey. Jihyo instantly let out a loud gasp as you kiss her entrance. Her clean shaven pussy is well kept, it smells amazing. You already know that it has been fucked so many times but it still looks immaculate. Your tongue traced her slit from top to bottom. The idol grabbed a handful of your hair to anchor herself from the pleasure. You continue licking steadily increasing in speed. She is losing her mind by the work your mouth is putting in.
“Fuck that feel so good.”
Jihyo’s extended moans are like melodies to your ears. She is known to be a good singer, and indeed she is. She is able to make a good song out of just 'ooh'and 'aah'. You found out that she was most sensitive on the top part of her slit so you focused your efforts where it gives the most pleasure. Trying to push the limits, your fingers join the fray. Rubbing and teasing at first, then fully finger fucking her pussy. Jihyo is gyrating, her hips buckling waiting for your actions. You find her eyes when you look up to see her face, she is watching how you eat her. Without breaking eye contact mirroring what she did, you double the effort. Swirling your tongue, making good use of your lips and fingers. You are pushing Jihyo to her absolute limits
“Shit! Fuck! I’m cumming!”
She sandwiched your face yet again between her creamy thighs as she gushed wave after wave or her cum in your face. Jihyo is a squirter. Her hips moved up and down in the last moments of her orgasm, making a last attempt of contact with your mouth. She is panting, her chest rises and falls with every breath she takes. It is hypnotizing, seeing Jihyo flushed after an absolute high. Of course the view will trigger your cock back to life.
“You deserve a treat after doing that. I can be really generous to those who worship me right.”
She did not forget how to be a god even after the pleasure threw her overboard. Jihyo noticed your eyes are fixed on her breasts so she indulged you. She reaches for her back to undo the clasp of her tight bra. Her massive titties drop free in the absence of its captors. Big is an understatement. Jihyo is known to have one of the biggest boobs in the K-Pop industry and what you are seeing in front of you proves that. Her nipples, light brown sits on top hard and taut.
She caressed her breast with her hands, and you know she is teasing you. Jihyo is now fully naked. A scene you never thought to see in your entire life. Yet here you are watching her play with her tits. She signals you to stand up next to her. You are starting to really fall for her eyes. She takes your hands and places them on top of her boobs, it is the next order. Somehow it reminds you that you are both here because of lust and nothing more.
You are now free to grab and play with her boobs. You could not cup all of it with just a hand. It is soft, it is warm. You wonder how good it will feel to make them a pillow. Squeezing is not enough to worship her sublime breasts. You want to suck on them, and you will. However, one realization comes to mind. You haven’t got the chance to kiss her ever since you started the whole thing. So you gamble once again.
Jihyo is still watching you, letting you play and have your fill with her boobs. You take the chance to raise her chin with your fingers and go straight to her lips. You want to kiss her, you need to kiss her and you did. You expected to be stopped any second now. Luckily she didn’t and opted to kiss you back instead. It is never too late to make out even after you both have already cummed. The kiss was hot, your tongues played in each other’s mouth. There is now a mixture of your juices in the midst of all the kissing. Your dick returned to full erection and aching for an action again.
You hoped for action and action you will get. Jihyo pushed you to sit on the sofa and she promptly straddled you, looking really at home at your lap. You realized there is also one thing gods are bad at, and that is waiting. You both continue to kiss each other, touching places your hands can get a hold on to.
"You're not allowed to cum before me."
Her words send shivers down your spine, you worry if you could really handle it. However, all that worry is all but forgotten as Jihyo sinks your dick inside her. You have no words of how good it feels. Her pussy is warm and inviting completely to opposite to her cold and calculated demeanor. She starts to jerk her hips in and out, both of your thighs rubbing for an extra layer of pleasure. She rides your dick, and she is really good with it. Both hands on your chest, Jihyo is using your muscles to ride harder. Her tits sways and bounces adding to the things that overloads your mind. You're just holding for dear life.
"Does it feel good? Huh?"
The question caught you off guard, all this time Jihyo has this confidence that everything she did to you was good. So her asking for confirmation was a surprise but you are more than happy to answer her.
"Your pussy feels so good Jihyo."
Reaching for your hands, she directs both of them to her bouncing breasts.
"Tell me how much you want me." She demanded.
"I want you so much Jihyo, I want to fuck you all the time. You're so hot, and I don't I can get enough of you."
Her eyes found yours, blazing with lust.
"That's right! Want me, lust for me, worship me. I want you to masturbate to me when you got home."
"I worked hard for this body." The dirty talk was sending her to overdrive.
It is not long after that her back arches as her head throws backwards. Hips convulsing and cum pulsating at the same time, it feels like her juices are pushing you out. It was her second orgasm for the night and it hit her much stronger that the first. Her pigtails starting to unravel. Her eyes hazy in the atmosphere post orgasm. She spent a couple of minutes trying to regain herself and you take the chance to bury your face in her perfectly sculpted cleavage. Suckling each nipple one at a time. Luckily you survived it all without cumming. 
Then it dawned on you. You started to see cracks on her godhood. Her body was an issue in the earlier point of her career. She was always labeled as fat or chubby. Maybe she develops a kind of god complex because of that after she worked hard to become the hot woman that she is. Even receiving an enormous amount of praise, she still could not get enough. She wanted to be worshipped forever.
As Jihyo recovered from the heights of pleasure. She slipped out of your still throbbing cock; dragging out slick juices of her cum with it.
"You're proving to be a solid pick. Cum inside me, that will be your ultimate reward."
Jihyo lay down next to you pointing you to climb on top of her. But you had other plans, you want to worship this god your own way.
"Jihyo, can I worship you from behind?"
You noticed a smile on her lips. The first one of the night.
"I don't mind." As she flipped herself over, feet planted on the floor and offered her ass. It seems you will not really make her kneel even if it is the much comfortable position. But it does not really matter that much, you will worship her all the same. You position yourself and lined your dick on her pussy and plunged right back, feeling at home at her familiar walls.
Her curves at the back are a sight to behold. Using her hips as leverage to fuck her deeper, you thrust in and out without any reservations. It is lust filled, pleasure driven fucking. You relish at the scene where your dick disappeared inside her pussy, all the while Jihyo was becoming a wanton mess. She was muttering profanities in between wordless moans. She also mentions God as a god herself, maybe it was a higher god. You don' really know. You don't want to know. This god is enough.
"Oh God! Fuck me like that! Yes, like that. Worship my pussy just like that."
You could not fail to notice her bouncing tits even from behind. The urge to play with it overcomes you. You lifted Jihyo's body to stand further upright. Turning her head slightly to give you access to her mouth, while you got all of her tits for you to squeeze and play around. It was not the most comfortable position but with Jihyo's experience you made it work. The new position brings new kinds of sensations and pleasure as you continue to wreck her slick pussy. It was hot and you are now at the tipping point.
"I'm cumming Jihyo."
"Cum inside me. I want your thick cum inside me."
Those words are all that you need to her as the pleasure completely overflows. Her tight walls choked your dick to point that you could not hold any longer. You pushed your dick up until the hilt to make sure you deliver all your seed inside. You emptied yourself inside of her. Jihyo has reached orgasm the third time as your cum was pumping like a hose. You both flopped to the floor as your legs give in. Both of you trying to catch your breaths. That was by far the best sex you had ever in your life. Well what do you expect, you fucked God Jihyo.
Jihyo stood up with the mixture of your juices dripping from her entrance into her legs. She is basking in the afterglow of sex and she had her fill for the night.
"Clean up yourself and you can go out." She heads to the bathroom you assume.
You feel sad to be completely honest, thinking that you will not have this kind of opportunity again. However, feeling sad after being able to cum inside one of the hottest woman in the planet is not the best way to end your night. But before Jihyo could totally disappear, you hear her voice.
"Leave your phone number. Only I know if you will ever get the chance again to enter the gates of heaven."
You smiled. Maybe it will not be the last time after all.
A/N: I could not believe I finished this one in one sitting (expect grammar and spelling issues). I think I was simping for this Jihyo so hard so yeah. This is the second smut I wrote actually; after the smut chapter I wrote for Orange. I'm still learning the ways though, so apologies if this does not meet your standards. Thanks! You always rock.
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