totalspiffage · 11 months ago
Workers at Paizo games (pathfinder, starfinder) are asking to be recognized as a union. They would be first union in tabletop games. There is no strike at the moment and the freelancers the company relies on to produce content are standing with their employed co-workers! This comes after allegations of unfair hiring, transphobia, sexual harassment, and unclean working conditions. Let's show support to the workers!
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khangi · 11 months ago
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Paizo has voluntarily recognized the union!
Next stop: contract!
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aleshakills · 11 months ago
I heard y’all like collective action
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wildnoutinwildemount · 3 months ago
Prepping a Starfinder one-shot for Free RPG Day and came across this gem in the Core Rulebook. Paizo says, "TRANS RIGHTS!"
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Happy Pride Month, y'all! 🏳️‍🌈❤️
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dr-archeville · 11 months ago
Over 30 employees of Pathfinder and Starfinder publisher Paizo Inc. today announced the formation of the United Paizo Workers union with support from the Communication Workers of America, the largest media labor union in the United States. United Paizo Workers is the first union of its kind in the tabletop role-playing industry.
“Unions have helped build a stronger working class in America and I’m proud to stand with United Paizo Workers,” said Paizo editor Shay Snow via press release. “I believe that when we all work together, we’re better for it. Unionization allows workers to have a seat at the table and ensures that our voices and concerns are being heard and addressed so that all of Paizo can move forward for a positive future.”
Based in Redmond, Washington, Paizo is one of the world’s largest publishers of tabletop role-playing games, often considered a direct competitor to Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast. In fact, the company was founded to publish the long-running, official D&D magazines Dungeon and Dragon before Wizards of the Coast declined to renew the licenses in 2007. Paizo subsequently began work on its own role-playing game, Pathfinder, publishing the paper-and-pencil adventure’s first book in 2009.
“Paizo runs some of the most successful living campaigns in tabletop gaming history, with regular players in more than 36 countries,” the United Paizo Workers press release goes on to explain. “However, despite this success, Paizo’s workers are underpaid for their labor, required to live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States, and subjected to untenable crunch conditions on a regular basis.”
The workers who have signed their names to the United Paizo Workers union announcement range from game designers and editors to software developers and engineers.
Paizo was heavily criticized earlier this year for the firing of Sara Marie, a 12-year veteran of the company who handled customer service and community management. Diego Valdez, who worked under Marie, resigned shortly after, blasting the company for the “cowardly nature” of Marie’s firing and its lack of “managerial competence and integrity” on his way out the door.
This all came to a head when former employee Jessica Price published a lengthy Twitter thread accusing Paizo executives of (among other things) sexual harassment, fighting against diversity efforts within the company, and firing Marie for pushing back against the toxic work environment these actions fostered. Paizo president Jeff Alvarez initially sidestepped these claims before promising vague improvements in a follow-up statement.
“These events, as well as internal conversations among Paizo workers, have uncovered a pattern of inconsistent hiring practices, pay inequity across the company, allegations of verbal abuse from executives and management, and allegations of harassment ignored or covered up by those at the top,” the Paizo union announcement continues. “These findings have further galvanized the need for clearer policies and stronger employee protections to ensure that Paizo staff can feel secure in their employment.”
United Paizo Workers is calling on the rest of the tabletop role-playing community for support in its efforts and urges Paizo management to voluntarily recognize the union ahead of negotiations.
“Changes have been promised, internally and externally, by the executive team,” the press release concludes. “However, the only way to ensure that all workers’ voices are heard is collective action. It is in this spirit that the workers of Paizo have united to push for real changes at the company.”
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libraryogre · 11 months ago
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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another-rpg-sideblog · 11 months ago
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Some more information regarding the situation at Paizo, this time with regards to it’s freelancers and their support of the new United Paizo Workers union.
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lich-loved · 10 months ago
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Human Paladin of Sarenrae - Ghoul Inquisitor of Pharasma
Sorry for the radio silence - I just turned in a big chunk of my Ph.D ! But I’m working on a big project - stay tuned !
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lizzorasaurus · 8 months ago
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Sarenrae more like SarenBAE (more like Saren-i’m-gay)
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haaaaaaaaaaaave-you-met-ted · 3 months ago
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Pathfinder: Crown of Fangs - Seltyiel by Wayne Reynolds
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erianaurasmithart · 4 months ago
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This piece was very popular with the Pathfinder 2e crowd
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khangi · 11 months ago
For reference on what’s happening with #UnionizePaizo
- they have 30+ people who have signed union cards already. This is over half of the 50 staff that is union eligible.
-due to this, they are calling for Paizo to recognize the union without calling a vote.
-if Paizo does not do this, a vote will be called, and only 50%+1 (so, approximately 26 people) are needed for the union to be recognized.
It is, obviously, beneficial for Paizo management to recognize the union without forcing a vote, as it shows a willingness to engage in a good way with literally their entire staff. To force a vote when a win is nearly guaranteed is saying something, and it’s not good.
We’ll see how it pans out in the next few days.
Follow the link here for information on how to send in a letter to Paizo executives, requesting they recognize the union.
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rileythehound · 8 months ago
Skill spamming an issue at your dnd table?
I recommend you do NOT raise the dc at sequential tries but instead use a failing forward description to allow the player to interact with the situation. This will allow them to change something to make the next skill check make sense. And it doesn’t have to be a one and done.
Picking a lock- A failed check happened as a GM I describe it as sticky. This will allow the player to try to clean the lock in some way to try again. I may even lower the dc.
Perception- a failed check. This one’s harder can can change based on circumstances. A busy street can be an issue when looking for someone. So maybe then player trying to get up on a box. Or maybe someone runs into them as they are looking around. But sometime there’s nothing to find meaning there is not dc to fail. But be fair with your descriptions.
This isn’t fool proof and take a lot of time and practice to develop a failing forward mind set and skill to describe it.
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dndeed · 5 months ago
Crit Role Miniature Rollout: C3E21 Fight at the Museum…
With Andrew Harshman
An archive and analysis of the minis used on CR.
Tumblr media
5th edition combat and 3rd degree burns, what a combination! I know from personal gaming experience how satisfying it is to unleash a dungeon trap on enemies. It is not especially humane, but it is especially cathartic to get to turn a trap around on the DM and the DM’s monsters. Good on Bells Hells, quite polite and decent of them to heal up the competition, very good sportpersonship being shown by this band of adventurers.
If ya can’t beat em, burn em, it’s time for Crit Role Miniature Rollout Campaign 2 Episode 21!
The List
Chest and Trove 5E Condition Rings
Mats by Mars: Green Hills Tabletop Play Mat
Mats by Mars: Shattered Soil Tabletop Play Mat
Dwarven Forge Dungeons
Dwarven Forge Castle Stone Stairs
Dwarven Forge Grand Vaulted Wall with LED Angled Torches
Dwarven Forge Dungeon of Doom
Dwarven Forge Dungeon of Doom Double Doors
Dwarven Forge Dungeon of Doom Vaulted Narrow Door Frame
Dwarven Forge Dungeon of Doom Straight Daises
Dwarven Forge Dungeon of Doom Curved Daises
Dwarven Forge Dungeons Floors with Stairs
Dwarven Forge Tiny Treasures Trove
Dwarven Forge Castle Builder Tower Stairs
Dwarven Forge Imperial Streets Roaring Lion Statue
Mantic Games Terrain Crate Tapestry
Mantic Games Terrain Crate Long Carpet
Halaster’s Lab Candles
Tomb and Traps Case Incentive Shield of Missile Attraction
Deadly Foes Dressing: Book of the Damned
Maze of Death Dressing: Altar
Crown of Fangs Dressing: Lectern
Deadly Foes Dressing: Candelabra
Pathfinder Maze of Death Dressing: Knight Statue
Arcknight Spell Effects
Custom Campaign 3 Party Minis
Blood War #08 Harmonium Guard
Icons of the Realms Monster Menagerie 2 #019 Half-Orc Barbarian
Baldur’s Gate Descent Into Avernus #35 Firbolg Druid
Monster Menagerie 2 #26 Clay Golem
Tomb of Annihilation #21b Tabaxi Hunter
Rise of the Runelords #04 Goblin Warchanter / We Be Goblins #04 Goblin Warchanter
Jungle of Despair #40 Serpentfolk Wizard
Assorted scatter terrain
Favorite Mini of the Ep
Tumblr media
Goblin Enemy Party Member Rise of the Runelords #04 Goblin Warchanter / We Be Goblins #04 Goblin Warchanter Mini images sourced from minisgallery.com
Love me some Pathfinder goblins. So iconic. Gotta make this my pick for best mini of the ep, just look at that delightful pigskin football dome. In fact, this sculpt is so good, they used it twice. Both paint jobs are solid. But I think I prefer the bright red eyes of the original Rise of the Runelords iteration.
Least Favorite Mini of the Ep
Tumblr media
Dragonborn Enemy Party Member Jungle of Despair #40 Serpentfolk Wizard Mini image sourced from minisgallery.com
My least favorite model of the ep simply because it perplexed me last ep. I psyched myself out. I thought I recognized it last episode, I even looked at the minisgallery.com image. Alas, I wasn’t completely sure, and I ended up listing it as “unknown”. Shoulda trusted my mini gut.
Anyway, on it’s actual merits, I like this folksy serpentfolk. Wearin’ a rustic serpent fit, complete with snaky sandals. Actually those are just scale stripes, but they sorta look like sandals. Unique, kinetic pose. Bright, pleasing paint. Furthermore, this model makes for an excellent dragonborn stand-in. And even better, a gold dragon born, not at all common. None of that orange dragonborn silliness the actual D&D branded prepaints default to. Gold star for this Pathfinder dragonborn- errr uhmm, I mean serpentfolk.
Closing Thoughts
Tumblr media
We got a warlock mini down. Laudna, don’t die on us (again). Another mini breakage, ouch. This episode we have confirmation that the party miniatures are resin printed, which explains the resin fragility. Matt specifically stated that the PC figures are 3D printed. Wowie, what a time, we truly are living in the miniature future. 
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miguelregodon · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pathfinder 2nd Edition Bestiary 3, Imperial Adult Dragons
illustrations for the Pathfinder Imperial Dragons on the 2nd Edition Bestiary 3. AD. Sarah Robinson
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eruvadhril · 3 days ago
It’s a shame that Book of the Dead came out in April, cos if it had released just a couple of months later, this Vampire ability would have definitely referenced a different creature:
Tumblr media
Both @aspie-atmo​ and I immediately went “No, wrong, it’s not like a spider, it’s obviously like a lizard.”
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another-rpg-sideblog · 11 months ago
Pathfinder Drops Phylactery From In-Game Terminology
Paizo has discontinued the use of the word "phylactery" in its Pathfinder publications due to the word's origins as an item used in real-world religious customs. In the most recent chapter of Strength of Thousands, Pathfinder 2E's current Adventure Path, Paizo noted that it would use the phrase "soul cages" to describe the physical item that a lich stores their soul in. Traditionally in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other fantasy tabletop games, the item was known as a phylactery.
In the table of contents to Doorway to the Red Star, Paizo explains their reasoning: "Starting with the lich Dwandek in this adventure, we're making a long‑overdue terminology change. The use of the word "phylactery" as the item in which a lich stores their soul is both inaccurate and inappropriate given the evil nature of liches and the word's connotation with real‑world religious practices. Instead, liches in Pathfinder Second Edition store their souls in objects called soul cages—an act that liches see as an ultimate act of defiance against the cycle of life and death. Liches consider their souls not as things to cherish, but as weaknesses that, once locked away in a cage, allow for eternal undeath. Apart from this change in name, the mechanics for how liches function remain unaltered."
Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz introduced what modern fantasy fans recognize as the lich in the pages of Greyhawk, the first-ever rules expansion for Dungeons & Dragons. Their version of the lich (which to that point was used as a generic synonym for the undead) was that of an undead magic user who retained their abilities from beyond the grave. Gygax expanded upon the lore of the lich in the original Monster Manual, specifying that liches were magic-users who through foul sorcery had conquered death by placing their soul inside an arcane box. Gygax called this box a phylactery, a word also used to describe a leather box worn by some Jews while praying that contained passages of the Torah. Many Jews alternatively referred to a phylactery as a tefillin, and the word "phylactery" is associated with a tefillin through the Greek New Testament. It's noted that subsequent descriptions of the phylactery in Dungeons & Dragons even went as far as to note that the box contained spells written on strips of paper, similar to how a tefillin contains passages of the Torah inside of it.
Because liches are depicted almost universally as evil creatures in Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy properties (some methods of becoming a lich involve the ritual sacrifice of an infant) and because the phylactery is usually depicted as an evil artifact, some have pointed out that using the word seems problematic. While the word phylactery has historically had other uses than as an item used in Jewish religious practices, at least some game designers have either consciously or unconsciously appropriated the tefillin when describing the item used to hold a lich's soul. Given how much Anti-Semitic imagery and symbolism crops up in fantasy literature either through ignorance or deliberate bigotry, Paizo's move seems reasonable and their new terminology makes a lot of practical sense.
We'll likely hear much more about soul cages, as Paizo plans to release Book of the Dead, a new rulebook covering the undead, next year.
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