tetratheripper · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ana Amari doodle.
Brush is Procreate Dry Ink.
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hellyeahpancakes · 16 hours ago
okay sorry not to post about overwatch but why did they. in overwatch 2. why'd they do that to Hanzo
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iridescentmyths · 13 hours ago
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My favorite type of Mercy fanart 💛
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oversalt · a day ago
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After a 2 year hiatus, I had to come back to post this
Wtf did they do to him? They ruined my boy
also fuck the new monetization system
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funktechnisch · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
i might not care about ovw anymore but you know what i do care about? roadrat
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mulberrycafe · 10 hours ago
Cole: I really hate rich people, but where’d the phrase stinking rich even come from? Having all that wealth sure as hell wouldn’t stink and from experience living with a rich person once, they sure as hell like cleanliness-
Junkrat: rich people used to be the only ones who could afford being buried inside churches, usually under the floors. Rich people could also afford perfume to sniff and cover up the smell of said bodies under the floor whereas the poor couldn’t. So, stinking rich. Honestly I thought it came from people in the French court just shitting in random corners or behind curtains.
Cole: how do you know these things???
Junkrat: I read.
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jellazticious · 10 hours ago
I can't believe they got rid of the rat in Junkrat
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angeltannis · 21 hours ago
I’ve said this before but since it’s relevant again I wanna reiterate that I firmly believe everyone should rip off the Overwatch characters and repurpose them into your own barely legally distinct OCs. Blizzard never deserved characters this promising. Pry open their lightning in a bottle and let it out for everyone to enjoy
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nitewrighter · 14 hours ago
D.va has a voice line were she says skill issue and im crying because I love it so much
D.Va and Junkrat I think tend to have the privilege of being able to go the most meta out of most of the cast, haha.
God I just spent the past 15 minutes looking at everyone's "Souvenir" animations and I'm loving how they were able to work in little parts of hero's kits or little objects we've seen them handle before into the animations--or we get to see elements of their personalities. Also Cassidy and Ashe's souvenir animations more or less match, and I LOVE how begrudging and grumpy S76 is for his animation--dude REALLY doesn't want to give you that GG.
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zieglerangela · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mulberrycafe · 9 hours ago
Genji: *fresh out of medbay for the first time, slowly shuffling along after Gabe, still getting used to his new legs* …
Gabe: *stops outside of Coles room* you’ll have your own room on the main base but for now seeing as you need to stay monitored you’ll be bunking with Cassidy. *opens the door revealing a small but comfortable room fitted with two beds and basic utilities*
Cole: *standing there holding a pillow he’d finished sliding the bedding onto* oh Howdy! Nice to meet y-
Genji: *walks to the bed and takes one of the pillows* … *sniffs it and sighs relaxing almost immediately smelling the homely scent* …
Cole: …
Gabe: …
Genji: sorry… it’s just… nice it doesn’t smell like a hospital in here…
Cole: oh, well, I’m glad!
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fearnelesbian · 14 hours ago
overwatch bad eyesight simulator
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yhrite · 4 hours ago
Shame Overwatch 2 didn’t get rid of that annoying bug where Hanzo and Genji
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theheroofoakvale · 18 hours ago
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acelacealex · a day ago
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is it though?
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mulberrycafe · 7 hours ago
Cole: happy emotional tears.
Soldier 76: *sobbing trying to hug a bunch of baby goats* I-I sh-shouldn’t have drank the whisky- I c-can’t protect them!
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nyanoraptor · 3 months ago
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a friend of mine has two framed pictures of winston
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