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reuripotte · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alfred Molina as Dr. Malick
• identity (2003)
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when dr otto octavius said “love should never be kept a secret” and advocated for publicly accessible clean energy but also when he slammed spiderman into a wall w his arms and did that slutty cigar puff
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notpikaman · 11 hours
Tumblr media
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Concept: Sitting on one of the lab tables while Otto is tinkering. One of the tentacles comes over to you and just sort of hovers there right in front of your face. Naturally, you reach out to hold the claw and place a gentle kiss on the claw which causes it to spin widely and excitedly. Now the other tentacles are approaching you and they all want kisses. Now you’re just giving the sentient metal claws kisses and Otto doesn’t have his helpers. He’s a little mad until he turns his head and sees you doting on his tentacles and he’s unable to stay mad. You’ve always been able to find beauty and love in everything.
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lokipokey · 11 months
good fucking girl
† kinktober day 10 – praise kink + gagging
pairing: doc ock x apprentice!reader
warnings: 18+ only, praise kink, oral male receiving, gagging, brat tendencies, fingering, teasing, orgasm delay/denial, unprotected sex, age gap, size difference, the word sweetheart used as an endearment
word count: 1.4k
summary: working under nuclear physicist doctor otto octavius has you thinking about what it’d truly be like getting to work under him
note: if ur not already a doc ock thot then hop the fuck on !! it's a wild fuckin ride and there is also no way off
read me here or on ao3
Tumblr media
“Oh, sweet girl, look how good you take it,” the gravel in Doctor Octavius’s voice is much more prominent now, your lips gliding effortlessly down his shaft until your nose hits his stomach. “Good fucking girl.”
His hand finds its way into your hair as you kneel there before him, fisting a bunch of it at the scalp gently, desperately needing something to tie him down to reality as his hips met your mouth. Your eyes flit up to watch him come undone; he unravels above you at the unearthly feeling of your pretty lips wrapped around him like this.
You moan around him, the vibration sending you both spiraling. Your fingers haven’t stopped playing with your clit since you started sucking him off, his praises fueling the fire raging in the pit of your stomach. The size of this man, so thick and lengthy down your throat, was easy to imagine stuffed deep up your cunt, rutting into you over and over and over until you were seeing stars. You could feel your arousal seeping down your inner thighs. You hadn’t realized how touch starved you were until this man had put his hands on you, even in the most innocent way. The light graze of his hand on your lower back as he approached you from behind to take a look at your work’s progress, the nudge of his fingers against yours when handing a needed tool in the lab to him, the way the front of him would slide against the back of you when trying to work together in your shared lab space — all of it was gradually building up inside of you until you couldn’t even be in the same room as him without soaking through your panties. And to think he had no idea at the time that you had reciprocated feelings.
You slide back off his cock to take just his head inside your mouth, swirling your tongue around it before flattening it against his tip, licking a fat stripe while looking up at him through your lashes.
Otto sucks in a sharp breath, tightening his grip he has on your hair. A curse follows his shaky exhale. Maintaining his gaze, you take him completely down your throat again, essentially swallowing him, holding yourself there until you’re gagging around him. You can taste his precum on your tongue as you continue to repeat the motion, tears welling at your lids and saliva building at your lips and seeping down your chin. You watch as his eyes roll to the back in his head.
“Fuck, sweetheart, I — I’m gonna—”
Before he can finish, you pull off his cock with a wet pop, your eyes not leaving his reddened face. If looks could kill, the one he gave you in this moment would have dropped you instantly. A stupid grin takes full advantage of your lips.
“Mm, you have to be quiet, Doctor,” you hum softly, looking up at him from your position between his legs. “I can’t have all of Oscorp hearing this.”
Without hesitation, a metal tentacle irately wraps around your waist and slams you onto the lab table behind you. You find his eyes again, watching them flash with a new kind of lust, taking their time flitting down your body splayed and restrained at his hand before him. He slowly approaches you all the while, pausing when his eyes land on your sopping cunt. His tentacles reactively tighten at the sight, squeezing you hard in his grip. You can’t stifle the yelp in your throat, writhing in his clutch for a little leeway. You try to hide the grin toying at your lips.
Otto strokes the insides of your thighs as they rest open on the metal table. “Not so cocky now, are we?”
Your hips involuntarily buck toward him, desperate for his touch. You glanced down at his cock, so close to your entrance as he raked his palms up and down your thighs.
“My dear girl, you think you deserve my cock after what you just pulled?” he whispers, one hand drawing awfully close to your core, staring attentively down between your legs. “Ah, look at you, sweetheart…”
Gingerly, he starts rubbing big, slow circles on your clit. You gasp breathlessly, looking down to watch him play with you.
“Now tell me, darling…” Otto plunges two fingers inside you swiftly and in the same fluid motion pulls right back out, returning back to tracing circles on your clit. “What the fuck are we going to do with that mouth of yours?”
Panting, you buck your hips at the loss of his fingers, your body begging for them back. “Jesus fuck, Octavius — please!”
With a chuckle, his pace slows even more so. “I could do this all day,” his cock twitches against you and you groan, and he quickly picks up the pace. “Say my name.”
An unintelligible string of curses pour past your lips as your brain can’t keep up with his fingers. You become entranced in his pace, how quick and slick he’s toying with you, making you laugh internally at how easy it is for him to make your pussy drown in its own arousal. You moan out his name.
“Louder,” he urges, eyes not breaking from your face.
Replacing his fingers back inside you, he finger-fucks your cunt with quick, deep thrusts.
“Otto!” you scream, your eyes squeezing shut in pleasure.
With your feet up on the table, you use them as leverage to fuck yourself on his fingers. You can’t help how loud your noises have become with how desperate Otto has made you for his touch after all this time.
Several quick knocks on the door have you paralyzed in place as you shoot a look toward the entrance, hearing an alarmed voice yelling on the other side. You watch as an appendage flies to drill it shut, in addition to the back door, though nothing slows his pace.
With a smirk, he leans in closer to you. “Look who’s too loud now, darling.”
Below him, you throw your head back, gritting your teeth as he adds in his other hand to toy with your abused clit. It’s all too much for you now— you’re overwhelmed with pleasure.
“Fuck fuck fuck— I can’t— I can’t—"
“Can’t what, sweet girl?
After all this time leaving the lab with these thoughts in your head, these fantasies you believed to be only yours, going home to fuck yourself at the thought of him — you were here, his fingers deep in your pussy, wanting you just as much as you had wanted him.
Your moans go quiet as your eyes flutter shut, body ceasing movement. You were so close, so lost in the euphoria, a blurry haze took over your sight as you tried to look up at him. The only thing your mind could focus on was his hands on you. Touching you so good. Fucking you so good. Working you closer and closer to coming utterly undone.
Before you could stop it, right next to your high, all his contact was gone. Your head shoots up off the table, finding him and his cocksure grin peering down at you. Your face pulls into a tight-lipped grimace of wry amusement. “You cocky bastard.”
“What’s that? You want my cock?”
His hands quickly find your hips and in one quick motion plunges his cock as deep as he can into your cunt. Your scream surprises the both of you, your arms twisting free from his metal appendage and clutching onto his forearms as he fucks you relentlessly. Nothing could have prepared you despite how many times you had played it out in your head. He was so fucking thick, so big, filling you entirely… your body had gone numb as it rocked back and forth atop the table, the metal tentacle at your waist slamming you down onto his cock to meet his thrusts, as he overpowered you.
He stands so intimidatingly over you, captivated by the pretty sounds coming out of your mouth, fueled by the thought of his cock making you come unglued like this. His cock twitches inside you. “Come for me, my dear, you’ve done so well.”
With a guttural groan, you let go. Your walls squeeze him hard as he continues to fuck you through your orgasm, his hand on your clit slowing. You feel him release inside you moments after. Your head feels light, almost dizzy, as you lay there in awe. Your chest heaves with breathy moans, your eyelids heavy with euphoria.
“Mm,” his hands find the inside of your thighs again, stroking them in praise, his hips leisurely still meeting yours as you lay there breathlessly on the table. “Such a good girl.”
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little-spicy · 11 months
-Spiderverse Preferences-
What turns them on?
Peter Parker: Tobey Maguire
Tumblr media
Peter loves it when you wear sundresses, he loves when he can see your curves and see the sun shining down on your body when you two go out.
He can't help but imagine pulling your dress up and fucking you senseless, and then pulling it back down like nothing happened.
Especially when you can tell he gets turned on and you decide not to wear underwear. He'll go crazy.
Peter Parker: Andrew Garfield
Tumblr media
Peter definitely can't help but get turned on when you wear his clothes. He loves when he comes back to the apartment and see you in one of his T-shirt.
He doesn't know but seeing you wear his clothes reminds him that you are his. He loves to pick you up and put you on the counter, grabbing your ass as he kisses you.
Sometimes he'll hide your clothes just so you can wear his. Every time you wear his clothes it always leads to sex.
Peter Parker: Tom Holland
Tumblr media
Peter gets turned on when you have your hair down, he doesn't know why but he loves it when you keep it down.
You always have your hair up and so when you have it down, Peter just imagines grabbing it tightly as he fucks you.
Or when you have your hair down, he combing his fingers through your hair and saying nothing but sweet praises as he fucks you.
Norman Osborn: Willem Dafoe
Tumblr media
Norman gets turned on by watching you dance, when you think your by yourself and you dance like crazy is what makes Norman go crazy.
He loves seeing your body move and doesn't hate to see your curves and boobs move up and down.
It makes him imagine what he would do to you in the bedroom, though he wouldn't mind ripping your clothes right there and pounding into you without a second thought.
And he has.
Otto Octavius: Alfred Molina
Tumblr media
Otto gets turned on when your a tease. Obviously Otto's work is very important to him, so it's hard to get him to take a break.
So it'll usually start by kissing his neck, then escalating it to sitting on his lap, and if you really wanted his attention and he was alone in the lab you would come in topless.
It gets him riled up when he sees you desperate for him, and he won't complain when he takes you into his arms and puts you a table for a little break.
Which usually involves lots of moans and screams.
Max Dillon: Jamie Foxx
Tumblr media
Max can't help but get turned on when he sees you assertive. When someone says the wrong thing or does something rude, you coming in and defending you and Max makes him throb.
He loves having a strong woman being in charge, letting him know that he doesn't need to fight your battles, you can fight them on your own.
.After you finish turning into someone's worst nightmare Max immediately kisses you hard, he'll hold you tight and whisper "I'll definitely reward you for that later."
And he keeps his word.
Flint Marko: Thomas Haden Church
Tumblr media
Flint gets turned on by you singing, he loves when you are with his daughter and you'll sing her a lullaby.
Just seeing you with his daughter makes him imagine having more kids. He wouldn't mind having your belly full and with his kid.
After playing with Penny and taking her home, he'll talk about how beautiful you would look pregnant and definitely would go on a breeding kink with you.
You would definitely feel something in the morning.
Eddie Brock & Venom: Tom Hardy
Tumblr media
Eddie gets turned on when you give him a massage. He loves when your hands roam around his body and touch him in all the right places.
Venom gets turned on by praise so when you massage Eddie and tell Venom how he's a sexy hero, they go crazy.
They'll pin you down on the couch and won't stop fucking you until the sun comes up. Leaving you in a messy state and cream all over your thighs.
Hope you liked this! If you want to give me prompts or suggestions for another preference or one shot let me know! I do Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter! ✨✨
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oh-otto · 1 year
Tumblr media
A homemade meme for y’all
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horneewithpurpose · 7 months
Tumblr media
FUUUUUUCK- honestly, give me a villain ridden with guilt whos good at heart but can’t get out of villainy due to the voices in his head/his family/his motives and I’ll suck his dick SO FAST
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val-made-a-mistake · 1 month
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
summary: doctor octavius, your nuclear physics professor, catches you smoking on campus. instead of reporting you to security, he takes the opportunity to bring you back to his class and punish you his own way instead.
warnings: smut, teacher!au, age gap, oral sex m receiving, spanking, hair-pulling, embarrassment, mentions of orgasm control but no real orgasm control, sliiiight dubcon at first because reader is kept in the dark on how she’s gonna be punished, totally not originally written as a guilty pleasure fic for my irl english prof
word count: 2.4k
a/n: come on. did you really think i stopped being horny for this man?
As soon as the lecture had ended, you’d made what you hoped wasn’t an overly obvious beeline out of your classroom. You couldn’t help it: you hadn’t had a hit this morning, and now the rhythm that you’d previously established was totally off and you were embarrassingly, wildly desperate, driven half-insane by the seventy-five minutes it had taken to get through a complicated explanation of nuclear physics from Dr Octavius without the hazy contentment from your vape.
You almost sighed in relief as you caught sight of the gender-neutral bathroom down the hall: you shuffled inside in a hurry, already shrugging your bag off your shoulders so you could unzip and search for what you needed so badly—
Pressing your bag to the wall, your eager hand rifled past binders and papers and textbooks, diving deep into the bag until you found it.
Freshly filled and beautiful. Holy shit.
You stuck the vape into your mouth and inhaled greedily, filling your lungs for a moment before exhaling an enormous, satisfying puff of grape-scented vapour all around you. Like always, the aftertaste burned your throat in the best way.
As you waved away the residue clouds that hung in the air, the nicotine washed over you like a peaceful, calming wave, and you found yourself smiling in spite of yourself.
The bathroom was deserted, but you turned into the corner and sucked on the vape again, quickly pulling off as the taste of artificial grape burned in your throat—
“Y/N, you forgot your book in class,” Otto Octavius said, rounding the corner of the bathroom at exactly the wrong moment: it was impossible to hide, you choked on vapour and sent half of it prematurely pummeling down your throat, and half of it into the air.
You coughed violently and tried to hide the vape behind your back, embarrassment and panic rising in you all at once, but of course he’d already seen.
Otto’s face was impossible to read: his eyebrows had jumped up and his eyes had widened, you weren’t sure if he was surprised or…angry.
He definitely sounded disappointed, though. “Y/N, you know I have to bring you to security.”
Your mouth fell open but no words came out: with no other options, tears streaming down your bright red cheeks because of choking, you dropped the vape into his hand and awkwardly stared at him as he pocketed it.
You couldn’t help it: you crumpled under his stare.
“Pl-please don’t take me to security,” you blurted out.
(Not exactly the attempt at gaslighting him you had hoped for, but you tried your best.)
“You’re not going there yet, you’re coming with me to my room,” Otto inserted firmly. “You still need to get your book.”
You gulped and nodded rapidly. “Okay.”
The awkward walk back to his room was silent. You were trying not to cry out of panic, and at the thought of punishment, your blood had run so cold it felt like your heart had ceased to beat altogether.
Otto let you in first, and you couldn’t help but gulp again as the door smartly shut closed with a loud SNAP!
Hating not knowing what to do with yourself, you awkwardly sidestepped to your seat and put the book you’d left in your bag. Your panic was subsiding slightly into anger— anger at him or anger at yourself, you didn’t even know.
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
God, I hate myself.
The silence continued as Otto tossed your vape onto his desk and paused for a moment.
You weren’t sure if you were supposed to say something just yet, so you didn’t say anything. He broke the silence calmly.
“I won’t take you to security, but that doesn’t mean I won’t punish you.”
Your eyebrows quirked in confusion; you opened your mouth to speak. “Sir, I—“
“Did I not make myself clear?” Otto snarled, making you cower slightly. “Come here. Bend over my desk.  Pull up that little skirt for me, too.”
Incredulous, your heartbeat speeding out of control from sheer embarrassment, you hurried over and complied, wondering what the hell he was going to do with you.
An uncomfortable shudder crawled up your spine. Your stomach was buzzing with all sorts of uncomfortable feelings, but you couldn’t ignore the excitement within the fear.
You tried to keep your face straight as Otto lifted your skirt up to your hips, but for a few long seconds, nothing happened. Skin that you weren’t at all accustomed to showing was exposed in the rush of room-temperature air, and he was just…staring.
“Are you…just going to look?” you wondered aloud.
“No, I’m punishing you,” he told you.
You felt his hands on your butt first, fingertips slipping under your underwear delicately only to roughly tear it off.
You squealed slightly at that, biting your lip to keep it down, but he heard you and of course he laughed as his hand connected to your ass in a sharp SLAP!
Oh, god.
Another spank made you wince and lurch forward, but a pang of heat hit between your legs, too— you hadn’t expected to enjoy this so much, but after all the anticipation, you just needed him to get it over with.
“Ow,” you mumbled weakly.
You curled your hands into fists and shut your eyes, preparing for the next hard smack— you could already feel your stinging skin beginning to bloom pink— but instead of spanking you again, Otto lowered his hand to let his fingers slide over your pussy.
You managed to swallow your gasp but your legs were already quivering at his touch, betraying you: he was focusing on your clit, rubbing it gently, and you found your back arching of its own accord.
“What…I don’t…” you mumbled something incoherent, trying to keep yourself from squirming as you approached the edge of…something, but at first you didn’t know what it was.
Then it hit you.
Oh, no.
But before you could feel the telltale pleasure of heat pooling low in your abdomen, Otto withdrew his hand quickly and spanked you harsher than ever, making you cry out.
“J-just a little more, sir, please,” you begged.
“I’ll give you more, don’t worry,” he promised cryptically, and you felt his fingers dance across your pussy again.
You swore under your breath as he pushed a finger inside of you, just barely to the second knuckle, and did your best not to squirm.
Otto paused. “Just that makes you struggle?”
Your embarrassment felt electric in your stomach, but you shook your head rapidly, needing more, more, more, all of him that you could get.
“I need you,” you whispered.
There was a long moment of silence, and for a second you thought he was going to spank you again, but instead he withdrew his finger and said, “Get on your knees.”
Excitement hit you like a bolt of lightning and you got on the ground as fast as you could, craning your neck to look up at him.
You opened your mouth obediently as his thumb brushed your bottom lip. Sucking on his thumb gently almost distracted you from his other hand unzipping his fly, but you kept eye contact with him, needing to prove to him how obediently you could take this punishment.
“Close your eyes,” Otto murmured, and you closed your eyes softly, anticipation and need bubbling in your stomach all at once, needing this more than the vape he’d caught you with.
You couldn’t see anything with your eyes closed, but you felt him wrap your hand around his cock, so much warmer than the rest of him and growing harder in your palm.
You had to bite your lip to stop yourself from grinning. He felt…big.
“Just like that, baby,” Otto murmured as you experimentally slid your hand up his length, then slid it down. “Just like that.”
Another stroke, an electrifying beat, then you leaned forward and took the tip of him in your mouth.
You felt his salty precum smear on your tongue and it gave you courage to stroke him again, gently and tentatively— God, you really hoped you were doing this right.
You must’ve been, because suddenly there were two hands on the sides of your head, then Otto was pushing your mouth all the way down on his cock, making you gag as the tip of his cock barged into the very back of your throat.
Your eyes flew open and tears threatened to fill them, but he kept the hands on your head as firm as ever, forcing you to bob your head, making you choke and splutter around him as you tried to take it all.
You needed to come so bad, but first of all you needed to breathe.
Apparently sensing this, Otto pulled out of your throat and let you gasp for air for a moment, smirking as you blinked the tears out of your eyes.
“That’s how deep my cum will be when I’m done,” he told you, and he gestured over to the desk again. “Get up.”
You complied weakly, bending over the desk before he could tell you to, and unsurprisingly, his hand connected to your ass in a loud SMACK once again, but he shoved two fingers inside of you before you could even process it, effectively alleviating the sting that came two seconds later.
As his fingers delved in and out of you, he laughed quietly, making you glance behind you in confusion.
“That’s wet,” you heard him say from above you, jutting his fingers inside of you a little further. “You getting turned on by this, honey?”
You gasped incoherently in response, squealing a little when Otto made you arch your back by tugging on your hair, then forced his fingers inside of your mouth, making you taste how sweet you were.
“Sweet little thing,” he muttered, releasing you and shoving his fingers inside of your pussy again.
You inhaled sharply at the stab of heat in your abdomen, but when you glanced back at him, he was tasting your sweetness himself.
He caught you looking and smirked.
“I’m more than twice your age, sweetie,” he reminded you. “You shouldn’t be wet because of me.”
“Oh god,” you spluttered, “Please don’t say that.”
“Why shouldn’t I?” he responded. “Makes your little pussy clench.”
You knew he was right, but you still shivered. “God, please…”
“Bratty fucking girl,” Otto spat from above you. “I catch you vaping in the bathroom, I punish you, but you just want more, huh?”
“Yes,” you panted.
“What, you need to be fucked?”
You nodded as his fingers went deep inside of you, trying not to moan out loud as embarrassment burned in your veins.
“Need to be fucked raw?”
You spluttered, words failing you, but you arched your back and put your stinging pink ass on full display for him, a wordless confirmation of how badly you needed this, and holyfuckingshit you felt his fingers withdraw from you.
“Could watch this puffy little pussy drip all day,” he told you, but you were barely listening as you felt something incredibly warm breach your entrance: hard, big, and thick, and you felt your gut twist and the shame rise in you as he continued to push further, untill…
Your professor’s cock was inside of you.
“Fuck,” you whispered, your heart plummeting.
It took a few moments, but once he found his rhythm inside of you, his cock delved in and out of your pussy, it was mind-numbing heaven.
Oh. My. God.
You almost wondered how no one had caught you yet, looking around at the rows and rows of empty seats all around you, but nothing mattered as the sound of skin on skin filled the wide, empty room.
“Fuck, my whole class is gonna smell like you, honey,” Otto laughed breathlessly, and you clenched your eyes shut, trying not to moan so loud the whole of Empire State University heard you.
You were whining and gasping, clinging onto the edge of the desk he’d bent you over. “Please sir, please let me come!”
“Yeah, come for me, sweetheart,” you heard him say, and you whined as heat crashed through you, giving you what must’ve been the actual sweet release you’d been looking for ever since the lecture had ended, and you had to grin at the irony as euphoria raced through your brain.
You heard a gasped laugh from above you. “Consider that a treat.”
Your body was shaking, a live wire of this electric pleasure running through you, and for a moment your mind drifted away from the university entirely as Otto reached down to rub your clit, nice and firm to couple with the rhythm of his cock inside of you.
This was so wrong, but so good, and holy shit, you were already needing a next time.
Your head was spinning and you didn’t even want to think about the bare feeling of his cock inside you with absolutely nothing in the way, allowing you to feel absolutely everything, but it didn’t matter, you felt a hand in your hair and suddenly he was yanking you upward.
“Sweet little cunt,” he got out in a grunt, “Wish I could feel you squeezing me all day…”
To your dismay, Otto was already withdrawing from you— you were both running short on time, you realized.
“On your knees,” he said, and with your head spinning and your legs aching, you complied a little slower this time.
You knelt before him and took him into your throat, noticing his cock was significantly sweeter now that you’d had it in you, but you bobbed your head around him, leaning into it until you felt your gag reflex kick in. You didn’t even care, you gagged around him, sucking him to the best of your ability as filthy noises spilled from your throat and tears materialized in your eyes.
“Oh, fuck,” Otto choked, grabbing the crown of your head to push you down, and his cock pulsed in your mouth as the first shot of come went into your throat.
It was bitter, but you gulped it down eagerly. Knowing you were doing something right, you wrapped your hand around his cock as more drops shot onto your tongue, jerking him off to keep getting more and more from him, milking him for all he was worth—
Otto had to stop you by grabbing your hair and hand at once, laughing as he guided you off of him.
"That's all of it, sweetheart, you got it all— fuck…"
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angelofthenight · 11 months
You, in charge of watching the villain prisoners: not a lot of people realize this, but the jimmy neutron movie actually came out before the show did. almost everyone thinks the show was first
Doc Ock, completely confused: that’s interesting I would actually like to go home now though
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boop-le-snoot · 11 months
Tumblr media
⚡ Welcome to Bun's Cockstop! This is a place where I thirst over cute dirty old men! Most of my works can also be found on AO3 (here). This is my taglist!
⚡ My name is Bun/Bunny. I am a slavic/baltic afab agender queer gremlin and I go by any pronouns, however most of my writing caters to people who use she/her pronouns and possess afab body parts. I do take requests for nb/male reader stories & I have no problems with using neopronouns as well.
⚡ I do not write RPF (real person fiction). That said, any kind of drama mongering, moral policing and other purity culture bullshit is not welcome on my blog. At best, I will block you; if you annoy me enough, I just might be inclined to prove your opinion wrong (with citations).
⚡ I am pro-ship, pro-dark!fic, I think sex work is work, I don't support communism (and Russia! seriously, GTFO), I believe Johnny Depp and I support the death penalty for crimes against children. If you find yourself wanting to argue w/me about these topics, don't waste our time and block me.
⚡ I communicate in English and Russian and understand several more assorted languages. Don't be shy and say hello 😌 This is my Spotify, and this is what I look like! <3
⚡ My blog is meant for an adult audience. It will contain topics such as sex and various kinks, drugs, trauma, queer stuff and lots of rock-'n'-roll. All the things I post are tagged accordingly, therefore it is your responsibility to block the tags/blacklist the content you do not wish to see. You choose the content you consume & I am not here to babysit.
⚡ this is a post of marvel author recommendations, tony-stephen-bruce heavy
🌻 DONATE DIRECTLY TO UKRAINIAN PEOPLE IN NEED! EVEN $8 CAN HELP! Click this link - it's a charity set up by the Ukrainias themselves & it offers direct donations with maximum transparency.
⚡ masterlist below spoiler ⚡ stories marked with an asterisk* contain adult content ⚡
⚡ multichapter fics ⚡
party favours | tony stark x bruce banner x stephen strange x reader ot4) | explicit | ~120k words | completed
practical alchemy | witch!reader x established!ironstrange | explicit | in progress (hiatus until spring)
tony stark | doll parts | skin starving | butt dial? no, booty call* | degradation* (dubcon) | teasing tony | nerd fishing* | love letter* (dd/lg) | bad day* | trust issues | stitches | sticky sweet* |
helmut zemo | marmalade taffy* |
bruce banner | emotional support nerd* | bondage* | lab delights* | spoiled | blindfolds & edging* | you've seen the butcher* |
stephen strange | dr. feelgood* (as seen on tiktok) | touch me i'm sick* | spellbound* | brat & restraints* | aftercare | mean!dom* (gender neutral reader) | inappropriate use of the eye of agamotto* | selfship drabbles - oral fixation, more horny brainrot | spitfire* | dazed & confused* | year after year | the leg thing* | hand/size kink* |
sam wilson | bad touch* | violent delights* (content warning) |
loki | if life gives you melons* | bondage* (nb reader, they/them) | snow day* (male reader) |
natasha romanoff | hot wheels* |
wanda maximoff | caught |
bucky barnes | bother figure (daughter!reader) |
thor | idunn's apples | hired man* (dubcon) | beloved, bejeweled |
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nekovmancer · 11 months
Burning Desire
Summary: When Doctor Octavius finds out how silly your crush on him can get as he discover some scribbling on your paperwork, he can't help but be a tease. Warnings: dom!Otto x sub!reader, age gap, mentions spanking, oral sex (giving), semi-public sex, unprotected sex, creampie Pairing: Otto Octavius x f!reader Requested by Anonymous featuring prompt 26 "Focus only on me". MY REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Read the rules and make your request here
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Tumblr media
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Your hands were on my hips, your name is on my lips Over over again, like my only prayer ━━ BURNING DESIRE (Lana Del Rey)
You couldn't exactly remember the point where your rigorously professional relationship with doctor Octavius crossed not one, but too many lines.
The late nights working in the lab together surely was a great help to bring the two of you together. And things were quick to get heated… shame is on you who had poor control over your own desperate desires.
But who could blame you at all?
In your defense, it was hard to not treasure doctor Octavius. He was a wise, respectful scientist with an admirable passion for his work, and such a courteous and experienced man… of course you had developed a goddamn crush on him. How could you not?
At first, you thought of it as a mere childish platonic passion, those where you got yourself thinking how his surname would look on you… Y/N Octavius. Damn. It was too great to ignore. You had even scribbled it a few times on the edges of your paperwork, violently erasing the words whenever Otto came dangerously closer. Of course, you’d blame a miscalculation if questions were asked, and he was gentle enough to reassure you. Little did he know…
Surprisingly, you realized he seemed to fancy you as well. Octavius was the one who always brought you morning coffee, let his hand brush in yours longer than expected when you handed him something, or even made sweet commentaries on how beautiful you were, leaving you flushed and stuttering to reply a simple thank you. And if you still have any doubts despite his clear preference for you among his other assistants, well… they were extirpated the very day you fucked him on his desk.
Having sex with your boss and mentor wasn’t precisely ethical of you, so the relationship you developed, if you could call the thing going on between you two like that, had to be kept a secret. You love the stolen kisses, the nasty touches under the table, especially if someone's around which implies you have to keep quiet no matter how good it feels. And also those lovely small gifts Octavius would leave on your table, signing the notes attached to them as a secret admirer. His handwriting was unmistakable, and he'd always come up to you afterwards, asking if you appreciated the present with a cocky smirk that left no doubts he already knew the answer.
And speaking of the devil…
Octavius had just required your presence in his private study, which could be he wanting to lecture you over some mistake or have sex. Or both, actually. You happily followed him along trotting like a puppy on their owner’s trail, standing patiently in the middle of the room while Doc closed the door behind you, waiting for him to offer you a seat. Such as the obedient pet you were.
He chuckles lightly when he passes by you, fingers brushing on your shoulder as a gentle caress, “I was reading your reports… excellent, I must say. But something caught my eye,” Octavius proceeds to move away, sitting behind his desk. The ghost of his touch was still lingering on your skin when he grabbed a handful of papers, examining them with a smirk. “Just remind me of something… since when has your last name become Octavius?”
“Oh… fuck,” you whisper, biting on your lower lip.
In fact, a million times fuck.
Your dumb-ass must have forgotten to erase some of your silly scribbling. And Octavius, the bastard… of course he wouldn’t miss it and be so damn amused. And of course you were blushing madly, your face boiling hot as the reddish blush covered them, running down to your neck til the tip of your ears. Not that you already aren't pretty obvious about your crush, but… this was way too childish, too embarrassing.
“Well…” you swallow, frozen where you're standing. A cornered prey staring right into the eyes of their predator. You needed to recover something of your dignity, if it still had something to recover by this point. But thankfully, you knew just how to handle this matter flawlessly. “In my defense, I… I… plead guilty, sir.”
Octavius’ eyes darken when you called him sir, but you didn't avoid his lustful stare. Instead, you let his piercing gaze reach for the deepest part of your soul, even if he already knew where you’re trying to get. Of course you knew this single, yet powerful, word would snap something inside of him. And hopefully it would be enough to erase your dumb scribbles out of his mind.
You managed to keep yourself still besides Octavius' hungry look, strong enough to leave shivers of expectation running down your spine. Despite having all your clothes on, you somehow felt naked… exposed. Like his gaze alone could tear your clothes apart. And it only left you more aroused for what was about to come. Which meant your plan was going all too well.
Batting your eyes with an innocence that surely didn’t match your thoughts, you wait for him to say something, no matter how much you’d love to state he was even hotter whenever his dominant side was brought up between four walls. Pity he probably wouldn’t spank you for daydreaming about him. No… he was way too fond of your passion, to not say cocky, to punish you for it.
“What a cute little one you are…” he exhales, eyes now wandering over your form from head to toe. “Come here, kitten” doctor Octavius taps his lap, finally inviting you to have a seat, and it’s your turn to smirk shamelessly as you pleasantly obey. “Now tell me… what were you thinking when you wrote these?” He points to the writings of Y/N Octavius all over the paper’s edges, making the blush on your cheeks persist and your smile fade. At least those weren’t followed by a couple of hearts.
Oh damn… as it seemed, he wasn’t giving up. Plan B was lying, but you surely were far from being a good liar, and Otto wouldn’t be happy to notice you’re trying to fool him, especially since he was being a fucking stubborn one as if he couldn’t already read you like a book.
Plan C was smarter and safer, so you followed along.
“I was thinking about you… about us,” you bit on your lip again, letting your fingers trace the lines of your handwriting smoothly. One of Octavius’ arms surrounds your hips, bringing your body close to his chest. He was warm… his scent had this strong accent that smelled like smoke and coffee. And, mostly, he was beginning to get hard. “I am sorry. I should have erased this before handing you my report. It’s… ridiculous. I am sorry, sir.”
“Is it?” with his chin resting on your shoulder, Octavius’ breath was dangerously close to your neck. It felt so pleasurable against your skin… you shiver, swallowing the whimper you’re about to vocalize. Your restraining didn’t seem to please the doctor as he noticed, so he moves the hand on your waist to cup your breast, giving it a gentle squeeze, and you can’t hold back your moan despite how much you’ve tried to suppress it. At least, it wasn’t loud enough to betray what you’re doing behind closed doors. “I don’t think so. Why don’t you just tell me all about these thoughts of yours about us? I can bet they are not as pure as the look you have on your pretty face.”
Octavius leans to kiss your blushed cheek, his wet mouth proceeding to peck the tip of your nose, and then moving down to your already parted lips, waiting for his tongue to come in. You close your eyes as his face gets closer and closer, feeling your heart pound against your ribs. Arousal, shame, desire... the whole trinity burning on your lower stomach.
Doc’s warmish breath tickles the sensitive skin of your mouth, though he didn’t move to actually kiss you as you expected him to. He avoids your awaiting lips, reaching lower to pick at the skin of your chin not so gently. Teeth gripping at it until it leaves a wet, red mark on your face.
"Doctor Octavius…” you sob, your sly tone of voice almost reaching a plea. “Why won’t you kiss me? Do you wish me to beg?”
“Oh dear, you’re such a good girl… but I am afraid I can’t proceed until you answer my question. Maybe I should repeat it for you?” Octavius brings his hand to stroke your cheek, sometimes lowering his caress to smooth the bruise on your chin, and you lean to his touch.
Pouting, you try to bring your thoughts together as you take a deep breath to recompose yourself… and in the silence which follows, you can hear your co-workers gossiping behind the door as they pass by, and you can’t help but let your focus deflect to their conversation. Kinda impossible to not do so, since you’re the subject.
“I bet Y/N is screwed again. It's the fifth time in a row she's called to Doctor Octavius’ office this week.”
Cocking a brow, your lips bend over to display a bold smile as you mewl your question, “Did you hear that? Are you going to screw me, Doc?”
“Darling… focus only on me,” the caress on your cheek gets rougher when his thumb and index fingers press each side of your face, holding it and keeping your eyes on him, and him only. “Are we going through that rebellious phase of yours again? If that’s the case, maybe I should put you in line before proceeding with this conversation.”
You shook your head, lowered your eyes to the papers and tapped your index finger on top of your writing. Alright! Focus. Plan C was still running, “I… I have a better idea. Why don’t you let me show you just what I was imagining while I scribbled this all over my paperwork, Doc? I am sure this is going to put my mouth into better use.”
Because saying exactly what you’re dreaming of out loud would point an end to your thing with Otto, you were sure it would. Your relationship was made to be kept between four walls, to be a stroke to the ego and a carnal pleasure. It was not meant for those lovely poetry shit and such declarations as... the way you thought about him while you wrote his last name as yours.
In your daydreams you’d picture him as your partner. Officially. But it would be too much to ask of Doctor Octavius. Your boss, your lover... the first man you had ever loved, keeping the truth of your feelings as secret as your relationship with him. For now, you’d have only what you could have. Greed is dangerous, so you choose to drown in lust instead.
He let go of his hold on your face, smirking. “Fair enough. Show me, then.”
Kneeling before Octavius, you push his chair enough to give you some space between his legs. The bulge in his pants was still there, making your mouth water with the glorious sight of his covered length. Your hands caress his inner thighs from the top to the bottom, slowly reaching for his pant’s buttons. Octavius groans, and his fingers find their way through your locks, intertwining them as one.
A delightful sigh escapes from your lips, which you wet with the tip of your tongue, “You know something I can’t get out of my mind?” you purred, your eyes meeting his as you finally unbuttoned the trousers, lowering them with his underpants. His free cock had precum already leaking from its red tip, and it’s Octavius’ turn to sigh, the grip on your hair getting harder. “Your moans. It feels so good when I earn them,” you chuckle, rolling your tongue around his glans, tasting the salty precum dripping on your mouth.
Octavius’ head fell back, and he squeezed his lips shut to avoid a whine, which echoes on his chest. “Oh, of course… it’s a shame we can’t be loud,” you head motions to the door. Behind it, the other assistants kept their work, concentrated in their calculations and shit, and too oblivious to care for how long you were staying in the boss’ private study. “But I do think about it a lot…how intense they get when you’re fucking my mouth. Damn… you’re making me wet already.”
“I knew there’s nothing good coming from this dirty head of yours,” he muttered under his breath, the fingers gripping on the strands of your hair now too close to your scalp. Hurts so good it burns, and it indubitably makes you horny.
“Oh… I am no good when it comes to you” and without another word, you take his full length down your throat, until his tip reaches its depths. It’s a bold move that almost makes you choke, but the way Octavius' breath sharpens and he groans weakly… it’s worth it.
He pulls the strands of your hair so hard that you can feel tears forming in your eyes, yet you take the pleasurable pain as a hint to don’t stop moving. You suck on Doc’s cock, wet mouth wrapped around his throbbing length as he bucks his hips to move further inside of you. His cock filled your mouth entirely, muffling your helpless cries with every thrust of Octavius’ hips. You let him settle the pace, digging your fingernails on his bare thighs to steady yourself.
Octavius’ free hand then moves to your chest, where he slides it under your blouse to find your breasts, no bra obstructing the way to your hard nipples. The doctor’s eyes widen, and he pinches your nipples between his thumb and his index finger. “You little minx,” his accusatory tone nearly makes you laugh, but you just sucked him harder, twirling your tongue around his cock until his chair was creaking with restless movements and he was mumbling sweet nothing, his grasps on your hair and skin loosening and then unexpectedly tightening again.
“Oh darling, you have no idea of how much I’d love to fuck you for this entire lab to hear” Doctor Octavius grunts, pulling your hair backwards until his cock slips out of your mouth. You grumble at the absence of his manhood, but have no more complaints when his lips capture yours in such a heated, passionate kiss which makes your knees weaken. “But I’ll fuck you nonetheless. Let me just… make sure you’ll keep quiet.”
His big hand now comes up to cover your mouth. Almost half of your face to be honest, considering the man is huge. By any means, the pressure is enough to suppress any sound you could vocalize, as you figured out when you try calling out his name while Octavius helped you to get on your feet. “Hm? What is it, darling? I can’t understand you like that, you know?” he giggles, moving the hand obstructing your mouth away when he tenderly lays you on your back on top of his table, moving away the sweaty strands of hair stuck on your face. “Say it, pet.”
“Since you’re going to keep me quiet… cum inside of me, would you? Please.”
He clicks his tongue, an amused grin in display “It would be my pleasure,” Octavius gives you a gentle peck before covering your mouth again. “Now open your legs for me, pet.” Obeying his command, you spread your legs, supporting your upper body on your elbows so your face is still close enough to his when leans to you, your breath tickling the palm of the Doc’s hand which was still pressed firmly against your face. Octavius’ eyes are dark with lust, the blow pupils obscuring the sweet chocolate iris. “Good girl.”
With a single hand, he manages to get rid of your clothes, slowly but surely leaving you naked from head to toe. Octavius had kissed and teased your body with each removed garment, leaving dark hickeys covering yourself from between your breasts to down your pelvis. Your hard nipples were still wet from his saliva, the burning pain of the loving bites traveling along his kisses until they’ve reached your lower stomach. There weren’t butterflies there, but flames. They make your body hot in a fever-pitch, dampening your aching chore with the languishing fluids of your desire.
Octavius’ firm hand was still covering your mouth, not moving a single inch since he placed it there. Your hot, thick breath was making its palm sweaty, and the drops of salty sweat were dripping in your parted mouth, from where restless moans came from. Though, the best was to come.
He finally reaches that sweet spot of yours, aching for him to touch it. Octavius’ aquiline nose brushes against your clit before his lips gives it a luscious kiss, which leaves your inner thighs trembling. You buck your hips, a silent plea for him to give you more. Doc chuckles, withdrawing his face from your needy pussy. Your desperate cry is muffled. “Be patient, kitten. I’ve waited too… look what you’ve done to me.”
Clenching his free hand around his cock, Octavius inhales sharply before pressing it against your wet cunt. He slides his cock between your folds, moving it smoothly thanks to your fluids. Its head touches your clit over and over, electric waves running through your veins from each sloppy thrust. Your nails scratch the wooden surface of the table, your watering Bambi eyes staring right into Octavius’. It takes this mere glance for him to know you want him inside.
“My pet is so eager to take me,” he mutters, guiding himself inside of you. Your tense muscles relaxed briefly when his cock got warmed in the embrace of your walls, fulfilling your burning desire. Octavius’ hand around your mouth tightens to hush you, but your relieved moan is still quite soundly. “Oh, fuck. Fuck. You have the sweetest of the cunts. Has anyone told you that?”
His thrusts are painfully slow, but the motion is meant to be kept once the sound of your skins colliding was a bit too indiscreet. You grind your teeth, considering the idea of being fucked to the whole lab to hear dangerously tempting. Whining, you roll your hips to get Octavius’ attention, who gasps with the unexpected friction. “I know, dear… I know,” he sighs, lowering himself to kiss your temple. “Guess I’ve never taken my time to savor you, did I? Sneaking around made us too brief and rough. Shame on me.”
Doc unclasps the grip on your mouth, and you instantaneously gasp for air. Before you can say anything, though, his lips are crushed against yours. Octavius is demanding, his tongue hovers above yours and sets the dominance, twirling inside your mouth and swallowing your moans.You bring your legs to surround his waist, embracing it and bringing him closer to you. His thrusts now are deeper with each move from his hips, settling the pace which he follows with his tongue.
The slow pace goes from excruciating to voluptuous, reaching a sweet spot inside of you. Your moans echo through your chest, reverberating on Octavius' throat. Not only your legs, but now your arms embrace the Doctor’s frame, holding tightly on him as if your life depended on it. He parts the kiss to catch his breath, resting his forehead on top of yours. “Hush, kitten. You are doing so well… I’ll fill you with my cum in no time. ”
You shiver, the expectation bubbling in your stomach sending waves of blazing pleasure all over your body. The flames once licking your lower stomach were now crackling all over your body, announcing how closer you were to your high. You let your head fall back, landing smoothly on the table under you.
Octavius takes it as an advantage to maintain his control over you, keeping you pinned to the table by catching your throat between his fingers. You swallow thick, feeling a knot in your stomach slowly loosen… the overwhelming bliss pokes the deepest part of you, a slight warning it was about to erupt.
“Doctor Octavius…” your voice feels distant when you call for him, finding it hard to keep your eyes open. “I… I think I…”
“Shhh. It’s Otto, darling. I wanna hear you calling me Otto when you cum on my cock.”
You barely have the strength to nod as Doc places his thumb on your clit, rubbing it delicately in circular motions. The calloused skin brushing on your most sensitive nerves is enough to send a last shiver down your spine, which causes a heavy trembling from your head to toe. You hug Otto tightly when your orgasm collapses over you body, whispering his name over and over right in his ear. At first, it’s desperate. Then feverly passionate. It’s a prayer, a plea… your end and your beginning. Your everything.
Numb with pleasure, your mind goes blank as your walls clenched tightly around him. When you went down from your high, a panting and sweaty mess, Otto is digging his fingers on your buttcheeks as he finds the way to his own release. It’s another shot of ecstasy hitting you with no mercy. You squeeze your mouth shut as, satisfying his later promise, he fills you with his cum.
Still buried inside of you, Doctor Octavius kisses all the way to your shoulders through your collarbone. His soothing lips smooch all the dark bruises marked on your skin before they capture your mouth, kissing you with no rush. His fingertips gently caress your scalp, then your back, moving to your chest to cup your breasts. You can feel him smiling through the kiss, really taking his time to savor you...
You’re the one to part, running your thumb over his lower lip slowly to smooth the small bite you just gave it. You raise your eyes to meet his, feeling your heartbeat faster with how tenderly he was looking down at you...
“I love you.”
You blink. Repeatedly. Did you just hear him say…?
“Wait… what?!”
“I love you,” he repeated, smiling from ear to ear. “Dearly. I want to make you mine not only between those walls... I want you to be Y/N Octavius, you silly pretty thing. I love you. Just as much as you love me. And I knew it. All this time… I just wanted to hear you say it. I needed to be sure. Pardon me for…"
“I love you too,” you cut him off, breathlessly. If this was some sort of dream, you wish you’d never wake up.
Tumblr media
A/N: my second smut, yay! So, I had this first idea... which I had completely changed so maybe this piece only makes sense in my head? *faints* Feedback is always welcome and PLEASE give feedback I love to talk plus I am the most insecure petite thing you'll ever meet so- feedback. 🐱
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notpikaman · 11 hours
Tumblr media
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reuripotte · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alfred Molina characters + serious look
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dorkfilmz · 6 months
You: sneaking into your room through your window
Otto: wanna tell me where you were?
You: Uh… I was with Dr. Osborn?
Norman: *flicks on a light* wanna try again?
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dainty-fingertips · 2 months
Tumblr media
Ocktober day 8: favorite quote!! He’s looking at his wife who he loves very much (me it’s me guys actually I’m just off screen but I swear it’s me gu
“If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside… it’ll make you sick. I finally got lucky in love.”
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eupheme · 1 year
Tumblr media
Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus) x F!Reader
Rated E - 2.7k words
Tags: fluff, a little angst, mentions of wounds, feelings, fingering, PiV, spitting, age difference, tentacle restraints, softDom!Doc Ock
Contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home
“There’s some things I can’t change. Will never be able to. But there’s some things I can fix.”
There’s the clicking of metallic limbs, the icy chill you’ve come to recognize coming to rest below your chin, tilting your head up.
“Starting here.” He murmurs, and he’s leaning forward, his lips pressing against yours.
You were worried about him. You were always worried about him, the anxiety gnawing in your guts ever since you found him collapsed near the harbor. Shaking from anger and grief, it had taken hours of gentle coaxing and kind words to get him down the pier, and into the small apartment you rented just a few buildings down from the old abandoned laboratory.
You had holed up with him for days, cleaning the wounds on his back where the needles pierced his skin, where the metal chaffed his spine raw. It was a little… unusual - you had to admit it, but there were worse and stranger things in this world.
Otto was kind, you could sense it deep down, but there was an anger that would rise to the surface at times. Never at you, but at a memory, a part of his past you might never unlock. An enemy that only he could see.
He’s been gone for hours, and you've begun to imagine the worst. Otto’s been more riled up lately - disappearing for hours, coming back with scrapes and bruises, a wild look in his eyes. The empty space of that abandoned laboratory he rented was slowly becoming by filled with machines, and you didn’t know him well enough yet to know what he could afford, but it seemed like a lot.
Then came the muttering to himself, the slow creep of “we” into his vocabulary. You noticed it, of course you had, the way that “I’ll be back soon” gradually became “we’ll be back soon.”
The way you heard him answer questions you could not hear. It never seemed to turn off, only grow as time passed. Even in intimate, secrets moments between the two of you - the ice-cold arms winding around your limbs, pulling them spread-eagle on the mattress, his thick bulk between your thighs.
“We’ll be so good to you.” He’d sigh, tugging your thighs wider, your hips tilting until he’s grinding against that spot - your mouth open in a silent scream as you clench around him, “Take care of our dear girl, won’t we?”
But in those moments you didn’t care who he was talking to - just as long as he didn’t stop.
It’s late, the rain pounding on the roof of the apartment, the churning water outside smashing against the rocks. You’re in bed, the blankets pulled up, your knees against your chest as you watch the lightning arc across the sky, followed by a shattering burst of thunder.
But it’s not thunder - it’s the door, slamming against its hinges as Otto fills the doorway.
“Sweetheart.” He rasps, fingers clawing against the doorframe as he stumbles inside, his coat heavy and slick with rain.
Your feet are hitting the floor in a flash, but he’s already crossing the room to meet you, before coming to halt as you stand before him.
“Are you okay?” You ask, your eyes roving over him - something is off, something feels different -
“Yes, darling. I’m fine.” He looks at you like it’s the first time, discarding his glasses on the side table, his hand reaching out to touch your face, your lips.
“What happened?” You ask, your voice hushed, your heartbeat loud in your ears.
“I think…” He begins, but then trails off. Then his dark eyes are finding yours, “I think I was given a second chance tonight.”
Their sharp gaze turns cloudy, seeing something beyond you, “There’s some things I can’t change. Will never be able to. But there’s some things I can fix.”
There’s the clicking of metallic limbs, the icy chill you’ve come to recognize coming to rest below your chin, tilting your head up.
“Starting here.” He murmurs, and he’s leaning forward, his lips pressing against yours.
You don’t understand but you’re melting against him, fingers reaching up to twine into the leather lapels of his jacket, tugging to keep him close.
His hands move to rest on your hips, fingers kneading soft flesh, walking you backwards until you’re tumbling onto the bed. Otto sheds his coat, taking all but a second to drape it over a chair, to kick off his boots before he’s following you.
He’s bigger than you, taller and wider, your bed creaking with his weight as he moves on top of you. You roll beneath him, letting his thighs slot with yours, the weight of him welcoming as he leans down to kiss you again.
Otto’s mouth moves, worshiping your lips, moving to your chin, teeth scraping your jaw and then an earlobe.
You move against his bulk, your hips shifting until the seam of your leggings are catching just right, until the sharp spark of pleasure is lighting in your guts as cling to him.
“It’s like I’m waking from a dream,” He murmurs against your neck, his thigh coming to press and grind against your core, your fingernails sinking into his sweater. “But I was afraid that by waking, you’d be gone.”
“I’m right here.” And you pull his hand to your chest, lying it flat against until he can feel the thrum of your heart beneath your skin.
“You’ve always watched out for me.” He pulls back, the needy, grinding rhythm stopping, “I haven’t always been good to you, but I’m a changed man.”
Your head tilts up, your palm curving around the back of his neck to draw his face down, until his lips are pressing against yours, until your tongue is licking at the seam of his lips.
“Show me.” You whisper against his mouth, and that’s all he needs.
There’s six hands undressing you, pulling the oversized turtleneck off your head, the delicate tip of a tentacle unclipping your bra, another tugging the straps down your arms.
He’s pushing up on his knees with one hand, the other hooking fingers into your waistband, working with another metal appendage to tug the tight material down your legs.
The spark ignites into a flame - the ease at which he uses his arms to undress you making you ache, his thigh already making the soft spot between your thighs slick.
Otto watches you, spread out beneath him, body laid bare except for the scrape of lace covering your pussy. The metal creaks again, one long arm twisting until the closed, blunt tip is pressing down against your panties, inching forward until it’s bumping against your clit.
You moan, your hips jerking against the metal, until two more slide from behind him, their jaws opening wide to wrap around your thighs, pinning you down beneath him.
The tip runs another pass over your clothed slit, pressing more insistently now, a circling jerk when it reaches your mound, only to drag back down.
“Just look at you,” He moans, using the moment to pull the turtleneck from his shoulders, exposing the expanse of his bare, broad chest. “What am I going to do with you, sweetheart?”
“Touch me.” You whimper, your thighs jerking feebly against his grasp.
The tentacle makes a tight circle over your clit, and he smiles, “I thought I was, darling.”
Your whimper turns into a soft whine, “With your hands, baby, please.”
Otto groans at that, his fourth tentacle sliding beneath the band of your panties, the jaws opening to rip the fabric from your hips.
It’s not the first or last pair he’s ruined like that, and you can feel the hot pulse as he shuffles forward, his fingers sliding along your bare thigh to rest outside your entrance.
“You want me here?” He gently presses against your lips, the tip of a finger starting to slip inside.
“Please, fuck- Otto,” You’re begging now, with your eyes, with your lips, anything to get just a little more.
His hand shifts, his middle finger sinking inside to the knuckle, your moan of relief mixing with his as it starts to pump. You’re wet, thighs stained with arousal already, and it’s not long before he works a second finger inside, scissoring you open.
It’s all muscle memory, the way his fingers push and stretch a curl, until he’s pressing against that spot, his other hand coming to cup a breast, his thumb brushing over a stiff nipple.
“You’re always ready for me, aren’t you?” He’s said this to you before - his voice a harsh groan then, fingers tighter, an edge to his sharp movements.
But he says it in wonder now, looking at how you open up for him, the slick shine of his fingers as he pumps them in and out of you. The way you’re still here, after everything.
He thought you might be gone by the time he made it back. Maybe you still deserved to go, but before you did... he’d do this right.
The mechanical arm moves back into place, finding a rounded edge to rub against your clit, and he watches the way your back arches for him, the way you chant his name over and over.
You’ve missed him, and it’s too much, your face tilting so you can see him, your brows pinched as you moan, and you see it - the way he’s gazing at you, utterly entranced, the tight coiling in your belly about to snap.
“Don’t stop, I’m - I’m,” you’re babbling, needy and at the mercy of his fingers, the impending relief so close you can taste it.
“Come, sweetheart.” He almost pleads, needing this like you do, “Please, let me feel you.”
His fingers keep the same, steady pace, the circles at your clit so perfectly precise that it only takes that gasp of his voice to send you over. Your thighs flex under the metal arms, your moan loud as your pussy pulses around his fingers, the pleasure arcing up your spine.
He stays with his fingers buried in you until it’s too much, until you’re pushing him away with a huff of a laugh, your smile coming easier now.
The tentacles unfurl, and with shaking elbows you push yourself up, your fingers hooking in the loops of his belt.
“Can I?” You ask, but you know his answer, can see how he’s aching for you, the fabric pulled tight and tenting.
“Yes,” he breathes out, and then things shift with the way you whip his belt through the loops, fingers working the button and zipper.
Otto watches, completely at your mercy as you peel his trousers down his broad thighs, another tug freeing him completely.
His cock hangs thick and heavy between his thighs, the tip beaded with precum, and his whole body seems to clench when you reach out to stroke him.
Your fingers can barely wrap around as your hand pumps, and the low moan he makes when you pause to spit in your hand, lubing up your fist makes you clench down around nothing.
When your head dips to taste him, to run a tongue over the heavy vein, the curve of the tip, he curses, a long, drawn out “fuck” that seems to rumble from his chest.
He stops you when you go to fully take him in you mouth, not wanting to end the night just yet.
“How do you want me?” Otto asks, and it’s almost impossible to answer - you want him every way, all the time. How are you to choose?
But you manage, letting your fingers reluctantly drop, before turning yourself around on your hands and knees. Your back arches, thighs spreading as you lean forward to rest on your forearms, glancing back over your shoulder at him.
An invitation to continue.
He fists his cock, his other hand smoothing over the curve of your ass, dipping down to where you drip for him. Fingers run over your folds, collecting your release to slick his cock, a low groan in his throat as he covers himself in you.
The metal arms curl around you once more, stomach and thighs, the chill welcome against your hot skin. You can feel him line himself up, the blunt head of his cock pressing against your folds.
“Are you ready?” He asks, and you try to shift your hips back, to take more of him.
But he doesn’t push into you, instead his tentacles pull you back, impaling you onto his cock with a long, smooth motion. The stretch is familiar and sweet, your mouth open in a high moan as he fills up, tugging you back until your hips are flush with his, the curve of his belly pressing the swell of your ass.
Otto holds you to him, your fingers fisting in the sheets, thighs trembling at the fullness - waiting until you’re used to his size before he starts to move. A shallow thrust, and then another, until sliding himself almost all the way out, only to snap back into the tight warmth of your cunt.
Sometimes it’s those arms that do the work - he’d lean back, let them wrap around your hips and waist, lifting and dropping you down on his cock again and again until you’re whimpering and leaning into overstimulation. Or using them to hold you still, to warm his cock while he works, until he decides you’re ready for more.
But that’s not tonight. Tonight, he does most of the work, his hips setting the pace, rolling against yours until he find that spot again, the one that makes your eyes roll shut and your face bury in the mattress.
The pleasure is building again, the sounds of your moans and the wet squelch of your pussy taking him again and again filling the room adding to the fuel, and fuck - you know he’s going to make you come, this time around his cock.
He’s murmuring again, so low you can’t hear it over your moans, but it’s not to the “we” anymore. It’s to you.
How he never fully appreciated you. How you deserve someone who would, someone kinder and younger than himself. How if he was lucky, if there was a chance you’d stay, just stay, he’d make it up to you, a thousand times over.
For how could this be redemption, if you were not in it?
The tentacles tighten around your stomach, around your legs, helping pulling you back to meet his thrusts - but it’s his hands you feel, smoothing down your back, spreading you to watch where he buries his cock into you, how he stretches you wide around his girth.
It’s his hands that wind their way between your thighs, pressing and sliding against slick, soft skin, finding your clit and circling just right.
It’s his hands that bring to racing to the edge and then toppling over, his name a loud cry on your lips as the taut string snaps - as you clench and gush around his cock.
“Fuck. That’s it, that’s my girl.” He grunts, feeling the way you flutter tight and hot around him, causing his hips to stutter, causing even the rhythm of his mechanic limbs to fail.
“Christ, you feel so good coming on my cock,” Otto’s voice is low, rough and wrecked. “I’ve missed this, missed you-“
The bright bursts of light behind your eyelids start to fade, your limbs being heavy with your release. He’s not far behind, fingers gripping the flesh of your hips, his other limbs unwinding until it’s just you and him and the slap of his hips against yours.
“Sweetheart, I’m close,” He groans, and you can feel it, the way his thrusts turn shallower, pressing himself deep until he bottoms out. “Fuck, I’m going to come. Take it, take all of me-“
It’s only another thrust later before you feel him empty himself in you, the hot pulse of his cock within your walls, painting them with ropes of his release. Your name is like a prayer on his lips, a cry that pitches up at the end, his chest bending to press flush with your back, his face burying against your neck, his arm wrapping around you.
Otto stays buried in you, his thick thighs pressing flush with yours, his cock pressed deep until he stops leaking, until you’ve taken all that he can give.
You whimper when he pulls himself from you, but the arms are at work again, his body moving in tandem until he’s sitting back, propped up against the pillows, and you’re in his lap, curling into his thick chest.
Otto’s wide hands cradle your jaw, one thumb brushing the soft curve of your lip as you smile contentedly up at him.
“The power of the sun, in my palm of my hand.” He marvels, his eyes soft.
“I think I may have had it all along.”
Notes: I had a crush in 2004, and boy howdy it's stuck around
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little-spicy · 11 months
| Experimental |
Otto Octavius x Reader
WARNING: NSFW; Sex Pollen; SMUT 🔥🔥
Summary: When Otto experiments with a brand new substance, it doesn't go well. Y/N sees the big bad doctor in a whole new light.
A/N this gif 🥵🥵
Tumblr media
IT WAS A NORMAL DAY IN THE STARK INDUSTRIES LAB, Y/N was looking at documents Fury wants her to look at as she sat down at her desk in the lab.
"Hey Doctor Octavius, here's the file the Fury had with the stuff you've been dealing with." Y/N said and turned to the man as him and his tentacles were studying the substance.
"Thank you Miss L/N." Otto said to her and Y/N gave him a smile and he gave a nod. "Norman and Curtis took the day off, so I'll be working late tonight."
"Of course, I probably will as well with all these files Fury wants me to look at." Y/N said with a sigh. "I'm gonna need coffee."
Y/N got up from her chair and went over to the coffee machine, glancing every so often at the physicist.
Ever since Peter had accidentally brought men from other dimensions they had all begun trying to get their lives a little bit normal.
Norman, Otto, Max, and Curtis all worked at Stark Labs with Y/N as they were all interested in the advance technology and investing in their own research.
Flint actually had begun a flower shop with Clint, after hitting it off with Clint and his family and becoming an uncle of sorts.
Of course Strange was trying to figure out how to get them all home but in the meantime, all of them had a good life after being fixed and helped by Peter and Peter and Peter.
Y/N was introduced to all of them when Peter had given them a tour of the lab. Y/N was one of the top alchemists in Stark Labs, being friends along side Bruce Banner.
Peter had been able to get Pepper to allow the men to work in the labs as long as Y/N was there. Y/N agreed as she could see the men's talents and they were all happy that she agreed.
Though Y/N got along with all of them, Otto was the one that normally kept to himself.
He would indulge in the occasional conversation or two, but when he was focused on work, he would only be focused on that.
Y/N understood though she felt sometimes that it was personal, every time she would invite him to lunch or grab coffee he would always decline. Even if the others would come, Otto always declines.
Norman, Curtis, and Max all assured Y/N that he didn't hate her, it was just Otto being a grump. Y/N tried to believe it but she still felt a doubt in the back of her mind.
"So Doctor Octavius, do you know exactly what this substance is?" Y/N asked.
"I have no idea, but by the looks of it, it's not toxic." Otto explained, looking at bright blue powder.
On the last mission with Peter and Sam, they had gone into a hydra base and when they had gone into one of the rooms, there were rows and rows of a bright blue powder substance.
Peter and Sam got a couple of samples before they had to escape from Hydra agents. Bucky had seen it before but never knew what it did and this Fury put Peter's friends to the case and Otto was stuck doing the beginning of the work.
"I wonder why Hydra had so many?" Y/N asked and as she came in closer to look.
As Y/N came closer, Otto didn't notice her standing so close and when he turned, he accidentally drop the vial and it spilled everywhere.
"Dammit!" Otto yelled and Otto and Y/N stepped back as the powder blew up. Y/N moved to the other side of the room but it was too late, they both inhaled the sweet and sickly scent. "You should of watched where your going!"
"I'm sorry, there wasn't a distance printed on your back!" Y/N yelled back, holding her shirt up, covering her nose. "Dammit now we have to quarantine."
"What?" Otto asked, looking at her in anger.
"We don't know what this stuff is! We can't just walk out and assume it isn't a plague." Y/N said and looked up. "F.R.I.D.A.Y set up quarantine and let Fury know that we are in lockdown in Lab A."
"Of course, Miss L/N." F.R.I.D.A.Y said and suddenly all the doors looked and the windows were then laced in an electric shield. As Otto watched as they were put in lockdown Otto looked back at Y/N and glared.
"Listen we will be fine, there's always a protocol for this, why do you think there's a bedroom and bathroom in this lab?" Y/N asked.
"Incase you overwork or you decided to spend the night?" Otto asked.
"Okay that or incase you are exposed to a dangerous chemical." Y/N explained. "You'd be surprised how many times Bruce has dropped something on himself."
"So what? We just sit here?" Otto asked and Y/N shrugged.
"We can figure out what this is, the sooner the better." Y/N said and as she tried to approach Otto stopped her.
"You've done enough, thank you." Otto snapped and Y/N looked at him a bit hurt and went over to her desk as she saw Fury pop up in a video call.
Y/N sighed, already having enough anger toward her for the day. She sadly answered the call and an annoyed Fury showed up.
"What happened?" Fury asked as Y/N looked at him with a deadpan.
"The chemical Doctor Octavius was inspecting broke, I told F.R.I.D.A.Y to quarantine cause we don't know what we are dealing with." Y/N said. "We'll be fine, once we figure out what this is."
"No need cause we sent it to a couple of other people and Carol found out what it was." Fury said and Otto turned his head toward Y/N's computer. "Carol said it's an aphrodisiac, she remembered encountering it a long ago and had tried stopping a couple of smugglers getting it on Earth."
"Well somebody smuggled it in." Y/N said and Fury nodded.
"Yes but it's not as dangerous, Carol said it was used in different cultures and couples that wanted to be- to be-" Fury was trying to explain but Y/N could tell he was holding back.
"To be what Fury?" Y/N asked and Fury sighed.
"That wanted to be sexually active, it causes them to go into a sexual drive that you can't stop unless you do it." He said and Y/N's eyes widened and looked over at Otto and they both realized what was going to happen.
"You mean that Otto and I-" Y/N was cut off by Fury.
"Are gonna be in bed like dogs? Yes." He said. "Now we don't know how long it's gonna take for it to kick in, but just stay in there and- and you know what just do whatever- goodbye."
Fury ended the call and Y/N and Otto both looked at each other.
"Great! This is definitely how I wanted my evening to go." Otto seethed, his face full of anger and let out an angry huff. "Stuck in here with you."
Y/N felt her heart crack, the sound of venom in his voice and she looked down, and away from him. Her fists clenched and she tried not to breakdown.
"Am I really that bad?" Y/N asked and Otto looked at her, his anger fell immediately. "Am I really that awful?"
He looked at her as she had glossy eyes, she fought off the tears, not wanting him to see her cry.
"Don't Doctor Octavius." She said, using his professional name and opened the door to the bedroom in the lab. She shut the door harshly and a tear fell from her cheek.
She locked the door, not wanting Otto to come into the bedroom. She wanted him to suffer, of course she felt bad but it wasn't like she planned on getting them both exposed to a sex pollen.
She decided if she was going to be in the lab, she might as well get out of her professional clothes and grab the spares.
When she opened the drawer she found a couple of Stark T-shirts and they were big thankfully, and there were a few pairs of sweatpants.
But as she began to take off her clothes, she begins to feel hotter as she takes her clothes off. Letting the cool air hit her body and her nipples hardening from the cool.
"Fury wasn't kidding when he said the effects would kick in." She said and decided to strip, leaving her in only her underwear.
She didn't feel too bad as she laid on the bed, letting herself feel the cold air. But as she continued to stay in bed she could feel herself grow more and more sexually aroused.
She didn't know why but she just couldn't help it as she began to touch herself.
She immediately took her panties off and began to play with herself, the slickness coaxed her fingers. Hearing herself moan as she dove her fingers into her pussy.
She began to pump in and out of herself, the sound of gushing and moans filled the room as she felt pleasure in maturbating.
"Fuck." She moaned as she continued until she felt the familiar feeling in her stomach, her walls clamped on her fingers and her juices coaxed her fingers.
But as her orgasm began to fade, the heat came right back and even stronger.
"Oh god." She cried out and she heard the door handle jiggle.
"Dammit, Y/N please let me in." Otto urged, and she could hear he was struggling as well.
No matter how much she wanted to be fucked, she was too prideful.
"No, fuck yourself, literally fuck yourself." She said angrily, and began to masturbate again. She dove her fingers right in again, and Otto could hear it through the door.
"Don't make me fucking break down the door, we both can tell masturbation doesn't work." Otto seethed. "Its either you let me in, or I'm gonna break down the door and make you beg."
When Y/N heard that, she couldn't help but feel turned on and she didn't know if it was because of the pollen or if it was her own thoughts.
Y/N moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm coming, and as Otto heard her loud moans, he did as he said he would and ripped the door open.
His tentacles tore the door hinges off and as Y/N came, Otto held a hungry look in eyes when he laid eyes on Y/N.
She was spread over the bed, fully naked and he could see the cum on her fingers and thighs. She was wet and ready, and his cock was rock hard and throbbing with need as he stared at her.
She couldn't help but feel more arousal when she saw Otto in all his glory. He was naked and his cock was hard, dripping with precum, just waiting to be put in her.
Her mouth watered when seeing his cock, it was average length but he had such girth. She was surprised that it was that big and he smirked as he watched her look at him.
"Now, now, no need to be shy." He said and walked over to her and got into the bed. He looked over on top of her and she quivered in arousal and a bit of fear. "Your fucking mine now, dear."
He went down and began to devour her breast, sucking and nipping. Making Y/N hiss in pleasure, making her wetter if possible.
"You don't know how long I've wanted this." He said as he began to kiss down her chest. "How I've always dreamed to taste this pussy."
Her eyes widened at his confession, but said nothing as her mind was racing as she watched this man.
He kissed down her stomach, and onto her thighs, smiling as his face went down to her pussy. He inhaled her sweet scent and immediately came close to her pussy and began to lick, he did so gently, so teasingly that it made her whine.
His tentacles suddenly came forward and grabbed her wrists and ankles and made her spread out. Completely helpless as this man began to eat her out.
He flicked her clit with his tongue and she moaned out, and he smirked as he saw the affect he had on her.
"You seem all nice and wet for me, you told me to fuck myself but seems I just needed a fuck toy to help me." He said, and got on his knees and began to tease her with his cock. "I just need to fuck my cum into you, so you can remember who fucked you good."
He covered his cock with her slick and she cried out as she felt so empty.
"Please, please- I need this." Y/N pleaded, fight the tentacles restraints and bucking her hips.
"I need to hear you beg, my dear." Otto said. "You need to learn that my cock is better than your fingers."
"Please Otto, god, I want you- I need you to fuck me." Y/N begged. "I'll be good, I'll your good- ahhh!"
As Y/an begged suddenly Otto went fully in and thrusted into her pussy. They both moaned loudly at the feeling of being full and tight.
"So good." Y/N slurred. "Better than my dreams."
Otto raised an eyebrow as he heard her confession as well and he bent down and kissed her.
Her eyes widened and she melted into the kiss, his tentacles let go of her wrists, and her hands immediately went around his neck.
She kissed him back with lust and passion, moaning as she bucked her hips up. Otto pulled away and groaned, letting out a deep chuckle.
"You are driving me mad." He said and kissed her again, pulling his hips back and slamming into her.
She screamed out in pleasure as she felt him do it again, and again, and again.
"Oh god yes." She said as he began to thrust into her nonstop, one of her hands went down to her clit and began to rub circles.
She gripped his cock tight, feeling herself coming closer to her high.
"Fuck I'm gonna cum Otto." She whined and he laced his hand around her throat and gentle squeezed.
"Your gonna wait for me, your gonna cum with me because your a good girl, and a good girl would grip my cock and let me fill her up." He said and Y/N nodded, he other hand gripping his arm that was around her throat.
"Please, I want to cum, cum with me Doctor." She said and Otto felt more turned on when she called him that, he began to speed up.
The sound of skin slapping and the bed creaking roared in the room, but neither of them cared. They only focused on each other, and Otto could feel her click on his thighs as he pounded into her.
"I'm gonna cum, dear." He grunted. "Cum with me."
Y/N didn't need to be asked twice and with a jolt, screamed and felt the wave of pleasure wash over her. She shook and used both hands to grab Otto's face and smash her lips onto him.
He kissed her back and felt his ropes of cum coat her walls, he felt his dick cum and thrusted a few times to get it deep inside her.
They pulled apart and both of them were panting, the feeling of the sex pollen was cooling down.
Otto's tentacles let go off her ankles and he immediately pulled out and laid beside her. He draped an arm over her.
"So better than your dreams, huh?" Otto asked with a smirk, Y/N blushed and slapped his arm.
"Same could go for you." Y/N said and now it was Otto's turn to blush and she laughed. "Is that why you were-"
"Ever since Rosie- I- I thought I wasn't good enough, I didn't think you wanted a guy like me- so I kept my distance and waited for these feelings to- to-" Otto was cut off by Y/N kissing him softly.
"It's alright, this probably isn't how we both wanted to start out, coffee would of been nice." She said with a laugh and Otto pulled her close to his chest.
"I think this is way better than coffee." Otto said and she snuggled into him.
As they cuddled, the could feel the pollen's warmth coming back again. They both groaned as their embrace made it better.
"Maybe your right." Y/N said and got up on Otto quickly and stared down at him. "Maybe this is better than coffee."
Otto chuckled darkly and grabbed her hips and sunk his cock into her.
"Darling, you have no idea." He said and she moaned out.
Both of them cried out and were happy that they had the whole night of nothing but pure and ravishing sex.
Y/N was mostly happy that she knocked over that vial, because without it, she surely would of missed out.
Hope you liked this! If you want to give me prompts or suggestions for another preference or one shot let me know! I do Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter! ✨✨
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