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urfriendlywriter · 2 days
gestures that gets me on my knees.
(feel free to use<3 the kisses ones are.. im- i-... yall better tag when u write these or else check under ur bed before sleep! :) )
lingering with your lips open, touching, but not kissing, and this one glance at their eyes and you say fuck it and pull at their collar to kiss them
heavily breathing after a kiss (damn ittitit)
gulping when they get a little too close
and not knowing how to talk or exist after they finish kissing you like they've been needing that kiss for a lifetime!!!
loosing your mind when they tilt your chin to look you in the eye
pulling them by their belt to kiss them>>
lazy kisses in the morning, that starts with a grunt as they pull you closer to them as you try to get up and lazily placing kisses all over face and ends with a hoarse whisper from them asking you to stay. fucjfuck
their mouth at your ear, whispering!!!
"give me a chance. to prove what i can make you feel." (ohmykgodks)
when they kiss you, hard, gripping, shaking breaths, fists in each other's clothes, against a wall, but they stop. and smirk, "you want that, love? i want cuddles though." and their grin is too wide, stupid and cocky and beautiful.
you're holding on by a thread and they sort of grin against your lips, mumbling, "just lose control, love."
that glance at your body with their eyes subtly widening, almost gulping as they take in your attire. fuck.
the lips are hot, soft, settling, nibbling and gasping, pulling onto each other for more and when you stop, they have their eyes closed, heavily exhaling, hair ruffled, and they look like the prettiest mess ever.
holding your hands above your head as they kiss you
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mirrorballseason · 2 days
Imagine your OTP#41
Person A: Person B does a lot of stupid things.
Person C: Like what?
Person A: For example, me.
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denofdreams-writerblr · 5 months
soft prompts to make you yearn
resting your head gently on their shoulder
them running their fingers through your hair
them gently tilting your chin
and looking into your eyes
so that your eyes lock in a deep gaze
placing a soft kiss on their forehead
interlocking your fingers while holding hands
back hugs back hugs back hugs
embracing them from a sudden hug from behind
and whispering in their ears, “i love you,”
soft kisses on both cheeks and tip of the nose.
cupping your face in their hands and them telling you, “you. you are the one i love.”
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mangocherri · 3 months
Injury prompts:
CW for mention of injury, blood and death
Tumblr media
Bandaging them up while you both tell each other about your day
Using your hand to lift up their face to check for any injury, when you notice how pretty their eyes are, causing you to blush
Scolding them for their reckless actions, while they look at you, smiling softly
Trying to hide your injury from them, but failing miserably once you faint right in front of them
Hugging them tightly, telling them how worried you were
Staying the night in case they need your help, being asked to sleep on the bed instead of the couch/floor
Helping them wash off the blood from their body
Carrying your wounded enemy on your back, taking them home to treat their injuries
Noticing some not-so-recent scars on their back while applying some ointment, asking them where they got it from
Dragging them to the nearest clinic since they're too stubborn to go get themselves healed
Tumblr media
"Stay still, I don't want to hurt you"
"Drink this. It'll help you heal faster"
"Go to sleep, you need rest"
"This might hurt a little..."
"Where does it hurt the most?"
"Is it a deep cut?"
"How long have you been hiding this?"
"You moron... Why are you so careless!?"
"Relax, it doesn't hurt that mu- Ow!"
"I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this"
"I don't know it was just... there when I woke up" || "...That's the best excuse you can come up with?"
"I promise I'm fine... I just need some rest that's all"
"I'm glad you're alright"
"I... thought I lost you..."
"Never do that again. Please"
"I'd hate to be a burden..." || "It's alright, (Name). I don't mind taking care of you"
"...Who did this to you?" || "Let it go (Name), it doesn't matter-" || "Yes, it does. Who did this to you?"
"You saved me...? And bandaged me up? Am I dreaming?" || "Yeah, well, I wasn't going to let you die just like that..."
"Are you okay!? Are you hurt!? A-" || "Calm down, it's just a scratch"
"Don't even try to get up" || "Watch me!" *stumbles and falls on the ground*
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rosettestrash · 4 months
first kiss prompts ~
dont be shy to use!! <3 sorry these are going to be cringe LMAO
a: "you're so pretty." b: *nervous laugh* "im what?" a: "i said you're so pretty" (a then proceeds to kiss b)
a is ranting about something, and b kisses them mid sentence to calm them down
slow dancing at the prom, then getting bored and kissing in the parking lot outside of school
person a turning around to leave, then person b grabbing them by the arm, twirling them around and kissing them.
"i'm so happy i could kiss you" "thanks"
kissing in the car as the radio blares, once they get together the song that was playing became their song (you can get creative maybe despacito was playing)
your otp is sitting together in silence and the tension is so terrible b just kisses a
person a wrapping their arms around b's waist and caressing their cheek with their finger, and then leaning into person b for a kiss
person b carrying a very exhausted person a to bed, then person a sleepily grabs person b's hand and kisses them. then proceeds to fall asleep
after the kiss, person a looks away, flustered, while person b laughs and kisses them more
on the contrary the "kiss me" DHEOHFWO
if you want to request something, leave it in my asks or the comments!! ill be more than happy to write something :)
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koishua · 6 months
→ enemies (to lovers) prompts
"fine, continue to act like you hate me."
"don't you dare look at me that way. not now, after every vile thing we've done to each other."
"i hate you, i hope you don't forget that after tonight."
"why can't we just let whatever this pointless rivalry is go?"
"oh really?" / "yes, really." / "lying doesn't suit you, sweetheart."
"last time i checked, you guys were at each others' throats. how come you're sending heart eyes every time you see her now?"
"i might not be the best at this thing, but like hell i would let you be better than me."
"this is a one-time thing only. don't let me being nice to you get to your head."
"well, well, well. look who's running back into my arms. i told you that i'm irresistible, didn't i?"
"i am not driving home with you, are you crazy?"
"i may not like you, but i'm not heartless."
"say goodbye to being first place, asshole."
"you sound pretty hot when you shut up."
"you know, i still don't really know why i used to despise you."
"happy second anniversary, honey. remember when you first dumped an entire bowl of soup on my lap?"
"the world could really use some of your silence right now."
"your opinion doesn't matter. next, please."
"it seems like i'm out of fucks to give, oops."
"i don't need your pity."
"there are only three things in this world i truly cannot stand: you, you, and you."
"any time something bad happens to me, you've always been there. are you cursing me or something?"
"take your time, darling. hell's happy to wait for you."
"fuck you." / "i'm flattered, really, but no thanks."
Tumblr media
free to share and use!
Tumblr media
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lucylichtenweg72 · 29 days
Somebody: so what is your favourite thing about Christmas? The food? Music? The Christmas movies? The decoration...?
Me: yes? *opens a christmas themed fanfiction*
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apollowritesstuff · 1 month
prompts for your fluff otp oneshots
Tumblr media
our families have been having an unspoken christmas lights competition since you moved here and now I’ve finally met my rival
every time you cook you set off the fire alarm so you know what I’m just going to teach you how to cook
sure, I used to be a regular, but I haven’t been to this coffee shop in two years so how the fuck do you still remember my order
we live in adjacent apartments and our bedroom are on the opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you cry, couldn’t stand it anymore and talked to you through the wall
I’m doing a sleepover with my friends and those fucks secretly picked your number for my prank call and I can’t really think when I hear your just-woke-up voice
constantly fighting for the best seat in café/library/whatever
i work in the campus cafeteria and every day I’m at work you stop by because apparently I make the best sandwiches but later we meet drunk at someone’s party and you introduce me to everyone as “the sandwich lady”
it’s been a long day for me and my friend and now you took our favourite lunch place by the western window
I just pepper sprayed you because I thought you were following me but turns our you live two appartments next to me and now you’re at my place because I insisted I take care of you but you just said I was pretty what do I do
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Merlin AU: Arthur first meets Merlin's family, which includes his mum, his childhood friends Will and Freya, his grandparents (Dragoon & Dolma) and older brothers Lancelot and Gwaine. Merlin has already told his family who Arthur is.
And Arthur, who is generally confident and good at greeting and charming people because he grew up surrounded by nobles, celebrities and rich ass folks, has his own club of fangirls and fanboys.
Had never been in a serious relationship until Merlin, so he thought he was ready, easy, he's introduced himself many times.
"I'm Bradley"
Cue in Merlin going what the fuck? Before laughing and kissing Arthur who is utterly mortified and Hunith just smiling and going along with it,
"Hello Bradley, welcome to the family."
Arthur is just done whilst hugging a giggling Merlin, and Dolma(standing with her grumpy hubby) cooing in the background at how cute Merlin and "Bradley" are together. Lol.
Source pic: Twitter
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sarunohadaki · 9 months
Established relationship OTP prompts!
Imagine your OTP…
1. Revisiting the place where they first met.
2. Going out to the movies.
3. Visiting a new place as tourists. (Suggest a place!)
4. Discussing their future together.
5. Visiting where A grew up.
6. Going on an expensive date together.
7. Going on a minimal-effort date together.
8. Renewing their wedding vows.
9. Discussing the topic of *maybe* getting married one day.
10. Dancing in the kitchen.
11. Discussing their greatest fears.
12. Meeting A’s childhood friend.
13. Talking shit about mutual friends/enemies/family.
14. Acting like an old married couple and others noticing.
15. Going through their bedtime routine.
16. Determined to try something new together, but hating it. (You specify what! A sport? A recipe? Watching that new show on Netflix?)
17. A has never seen B cry, so when they do, A struggles with how to react.
18. A and B make questionable decisions together. (Like microwaving raw eggs or spending their tax return on (a) decorative sword(s).) (Suggest a questionable decision!)
19. Touch-averse A letting B get some good cuddles in.
20. A introducing B to their family. (And dealing with the ensuing questions.)
21. A discovers B is jealous of a close family friend. A confronts B about it.
22. B is away on a work trip and calls A just to hear their voice.
23. A studies up on B’s hobbies with the intent of impressing them with their knowledge.
24. A and B get into a shouting match. (Then make up after some time alone.)
25. A dresses up just to try and get the other flustered.
26. A is sick. B is more than happy to look after (and spoil) them.
27. B is sick. A doesn’t know what they’re doing.
28. A gets into a bar fight and B steps in to help.
29. A and B babysit a child.
30. A and B move in together.
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daily-otp-prompts · 2 months
Person A: You're like, out of this world
Person B: God I wish I was
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urfriendlywriter · 13 days
gestures between friends to strangers turning into lovers :)
(feel free to use <3 can yall plsplsplssss tag when u write these, im such a suckerrr (requested by @sc3ne-l1v3s !) )
"oh wow- *practically fumbling to find words* you look.. grown." then immediately regretting talking ever .
walking into a café, secretly hoping they're there. and THEY ARE . better, if they're waiting FOR YOU.
"didn't you like this song before?" "you remembered." ✧。✰*♡
forced to work together and there's vivid tension all around you both
cramped in an elevator and they shield you. DAMN IT
^ "a-are you comfortable?" " *exhales, vividly turning red and avoiding their gaze* yea-yeah, yeah. I'm fine."
they do a little extra when it's for you. a very small gesture, but speaks loud
knowing much about the other, so you don't have to say a word when you're down, they just know it and they acknowledge it. (RISE YOUR STANDARDS YALL)
always bickering.
bickering as fun and they inch closer to you. eyes flickering down to those lips.
TENSION. and avoiding to acknowledge it. JUST BECAUSE.
"were you thinking about me?" "huh-" "because i can't seem to stop thinking about you."
gasping when they pull you closer to dance with them.
^ "god, I've always wanted to do this with you."
at that stage were y'all are whipped. simping for each other, but. BUT DENYING IT. BECAUSE YOU'RE AFRAID THEY'LL BECOME A STRANGER IN YOUR LIFE AGAIN.
listening to them talk about how they've been, while you realise, you are indeed in love with them.
"i can't be around you." "Why?" ".. you know why. you just fail to accept it. recognize it."
"i admit. I've had feelings for you ever since you forced me into becoming your best friend in third grade-" "Fourth grade, you mean. AND- WHY. DIDNT U TELL ME??"
"i can't leave. I've found my home in you, i won't leave."
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mirrorballseason · 11 months
Smut Prompts
"Is that my shirt?"
"Does that feel good?"
"Be quiet."
"Oh, yes. Keep doing that."
"What if someone hears us?"
"Have you ever done this before?"
"Use your words, baby."
"Do you need any help with that?"
"Fuck. You feel so good."
"That was...amazing."
"I want you to kiss every inch of my body."
"So...you wanna have sex?"
"Are you good?" "Never better."
"Don't tempt me."
"Did you come?"
"We really shouldn't be doing this right now." "Well, do you want to stop?" "No."
"Why should I wear anything at all if you're going to tear it off?"
"You look so beautiful."
"Do you want me to use my fingers?"
"I can't believe we just did that." "Why not?" "I don't know. Maybe because we're at your parents' place and they might have heard us."
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denofdreams-writerblr · 10 months
soft prompts for couples who aren’t together yet
hugs that last a little longer than they should
immediately looking at the other after telling/doing something funny in hope to see their smile
making playlists and mood boards for the other
trying to learn about the others interests
continuously denying others who think they are together
“no we are not together!! … at least not yet…”
finding similar fictional characters who shares the other one’s MBTI and enneagram type
trying to know little things about them by observing
always giving the utmost attention to the other if they are in a crowd
associating random things with them
getting matching key rings
hanging out together often
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mangocherri · 3 months
Love realization prompts:
Tumblr media
They don't smile/laugh often, but when they finally do, you feel your heart skip a beat
Waking up and finding yourself snuggled up with them on the couch, when it dawns upon you that maybe you do love them
They're doing something stupid, and somehow, you find yourself thinking that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with
They're going to go away soon. You're going through some of your old memories together, which is when the realization hits you (and you don't have much time left)
You find yourself unable to look away after seeing them in a fancy dress/suit for the first time
Reuniting after being separated for a while, realizing how much you missed their presence
Thinking about how they have all the qualities you'd like in a partner
While pretending to be in a relationship with them, you realize how much you wish it was real
Being worried that these new feelings might ruin their friendship
"I think... I'm in love with (Name)" || "Congrats on being the last one to find out"
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rosettestrash · 4 months
date ideas for your otp~
as always, feel free to use!!
fancy restaurant
mcdonalds at 3 am while A stares at B lovingly
staying home and watching awful hallmark romcoms. im all about the romcoms on this blog
karaoke night! A sings a love song for B
double dates where everyone ends up arguing. PLEASE I NEED THE DOUBLE DATES
going to the movies! an oldie, but a goodie
watching a horror movie together. B gets really scared, but acts tough for A, even if they keep clinging to A at every jumpscare
game night with friends!!
not a date but A falls asleep in bed with their head on B's shoulder while B reads a book and pets their s/o lovingly
PRE GETTING TOGETHER: going to place and listening to a new album of an artist they both like, but neither of them can focus because the other is really pretty
going to a concert together
going to a festival/coachella together!!
sitting in a car and getting drunk while eating gummy worms
going to a friend's wedding together and one of them catches the bouqet
going to a friend's baby shower/gender reveal party
being a plus one to the other's family reunion (awkwardness ensues)
going to a cafe and working, but constantly getting disctracted by how cute their partner is
thank you for supporting me, as always !! 💖
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