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ana-thedaydreamer · 2 days
Happy Thanksgiving ❤️
A little bit late for the celebration, I hosted a fanarts challenge for Thanksgiving on Instagram and wanna share at here too 🥰
Here r the 6 gorgeous characters
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thearcanagame · 6 hours
Tumblr media
Ever wanted to have Julian read to you? Join Shinorisu for a special cosplay livestream event! Enjoy a live reading of the new Julian tale and make decisions together. Thursday, December 1 at 1 pm PST on the Dorian platform!
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menniemons · 2 days
Obey Me! Characters As Teachers:
Tumblr media
Tbh not really a teacher vibe more like a principal or vice principal vibe
He's pretty strict what can I say?
Or maybe that substitute teacher that was way to harsh on everyone
But if he HAD to be a teacher I feel like maybe a math teacher or history teacher
I actually feel like he could teach multiple subjects but math and history stick out to me the most
I think he could be that type of teacher that actually engages with his students and gets them into doing their work
Or rather scares them into doing their work-
He's definitely strict though no matter what position he takes
I feel like this man would be an economics teacher
He could be good at subjects if he wanted to
And he's definitely versatile in them too
So I think he would be a fun economics teacher 
He would likely keep his kids engaged by telling them a story that relates to what they're doing or learning in class at that moment
But sometimes he would tell stories so he doesn’t seem like a bore or look old
He'll also probably give them tips that he learned by himself or his brothers (if they felt like sharing)
He'd be a good teacher because when it comes down to money suddenly he's a genius and an expert
Would want him as my economics teacher
Is this even necessary??
We all know this guy knows his way through technology
He coups himself in his room to sit at his computer to play games or watch anime
I feel like he would fit into computer science or digital art
Would be the type of teacher to make his kids to work his way
Likely a little uptight but it's okay since he'll make it up by having easy extra credit
The extra credit being a short essay on one of his favorite animes or why Henry is the best character to exist
Something along the lines of that-
English teacher is obvious but I feel like history would suit him too
Maybe even science?
As an English teacher he would make his kids write essays on a topic of a book he assigned purely because he loved it so much that he felt the need to make others read it
His students probably would learn to love some books since he reads everything he can get his hands on and shows it to them
If he gets a rowdy student in his class or a trouble maker don't worry because they'll be obedient after Satan takes them aside
If Satan gets the role as a history teacher be prepared because he'll just go on and on rather than shortening it
Would definitely drag things out because he would be so engrossed in them
This is kinda hard-
I guess health ? maybe psychology?
I feel like he enjoys teaching others about their body and their mind
And what's healthy for them
(Asmo baby I'm sorry but this is difficult)
He would definitely give them tips on how to be aware of others around them and how to read a room
Would teach students how to be respectful and responsible in different ways so their lives wouldn't be as difficult when the times comes
His is pretty straightforward
He's a P.E teacher
Would try and get his students to be more active and will try to get them to take care of themselves
Would also give them tips when or if they finally decide to try his exercises
You know? Like the basic, "Try to do it this way because it'll hurt if you do it that way."
I feel like his students would feel more comfortable around him so they can joke with him
Even if he's a little quiet and can seem intimidating we all know he's a sweetheart
Beel would be that one really cool teacher we all had at some point
I think he would be a type of elective teacher
Or maybe an assistant teacher?
Maybe to Simeon and Barbatos, we all know he loves Beel the most but I'm not gonna make him suffer through physical exercise
I feel like he would be the teacher to put rowdy brats down cause I think some students would take advantage of Simeon's kindness and Barbatos' patience and large class size
But I also but him as assistant teacher because I can't find something that'll suit him well
As much as he loves slacking off he will help students who need it and can't get the other teacher to help them at the moment
These keep getting shorter oh no
Would be annoyed at first by the kids but since they kept pestering him he caved in and started to enjoy their presence after a bit
Type of person who hates babies and toddlers but likes older kids because they can take care of themselves better and don't make as much noise
Wouldn't be a teacher but the principal, but not a scary one but a cool one that other's are attracted to
As scary as he looks, he loves kids and enjoys taking care of them
If one of the teachers couldn't find a substitute teacher he would immediately offer to take care of their class
People, not just students, love him
He's social, responsible, dependable, and charming
Like what else do you want?
Though when someone does need to be punished and they have to deal with Diavolo
They're never gonna talk about what happened to them with him
When he's not having to punish kids for being brats he's gonna be the coolest person
I'm gonna say culinary class/home economics
He would teach the biggest class because its helpful and fun
So he would have 2 teacher assistants
Luke and (sometimes) Belphie
Would teach everyone in his class how to sew and cook
He would teach kids how to cook balanced and healthy food
And he would let Luke teach them how to bake sweets and basic deserts
This duo would be so powerful in the kitchen
He would also make Belphie help those who are having trouble with minor things
Barbatos as a teacher would be so patient
I feel like he could also be a vice principal to Diavolo
A science teacher of some sort
He would probably scare the kids at first with his crazy ideas and experiments
Like terrify and scar them
“Yea my science teacher started multiple fires and taught us how to make explosives”
But he would then make his kids ease themselves into the same exact stuff
So now not only is Solomon a danger hazard
So are like 30 other kids
His classroom would constantly smell of something
Not even he knows what it is
Also his classroom has had the most fires in it than any other class
Or school
Has many stories of himself and students getting hurt in ridiculous ways
Scares the faculty and children because he and his kids are menaces
Simeon gives me music or art teacher vibes
He would love people's creativity being manifested in peaceful ways
A bob ross type of teacher
If he decides to teach art then he would be patient with his kids and push deadlines back for them
I feel like he would have a ton of people wanting his class but he takes the best and up and coming artists
A few of his students have probably because famous or had a hit song or artpiece
The faculty can't tell of they love or hate him
He's too positive and bright sometimes but they also adore him because of it
The only people that hate or dislike him either haven't met him or envy him
He also probably has a fanclub or some type of organization rooting for him
Likely a type of assistant teacher or an older student
Either way he would get the best grades ever so teachers don't mind if he's out and about
He would assist Barbatos or Simeon with their classes
And he would teach and learn a few things from both teacher's and their classes
(He is kinda hard to write for me)
Teachers probably love him because he's a model student and actually enjoys teaching others
Students love him sm, but there’s definitly people who don’t but won’t say a word
Because if they did, they would go missing for a few days.
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haruneseira · 2 days
Otome girls~
Tumblr media
I'm not very active around here because I'm in my last year of university so I want to focus on it 😖
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zealoussoulsandwich · 21 hours
How I Imagine The Obey Me Brothers Sleep:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lemme-just-oops · 2 days
Hello :D
I really like your writings alot and I wish i could stay to read it more. :')
I have a wish which is, will you write about how will Arcana Twilight mourn for our death? ^^
(This may contain unhealthy coping mechanisms, be warned!)
Alpheratz: Numb. Does not sleep, does not eat, does not move. He does not even cry, because he has no energy for it. Unable to even visit your funeral, even your grave in general.
Arcturus: His most intense reaction is when he learns about this. Asks everyone to give him time, where he isolates himself. It takes him a whole day to decide what to do. How to even mourn properly. He lost sheep before, but never someone he considered family. People realize he either smiles not at all, or way too much in a way to cope. He plants your favorite flowers on your grave.
Pollux: No one is allowed to mention your name anymore, because he just does not like remembering this. You were so close and suddenly, you vanished. You died. You are gone! And although he knows there was no other choice, he feels betrayed. If someone tells him to finally confeont his emotions, instead of denying your passing, he gets mad because he does not know. What is he supposed to feel? Angry that you left? Sad because he lost his closest friend? Scared because it might happen to others close to him? Happy because you don't have to waste your time with him anymore? Don't worry, he visits a therapist soon afterwards.
Sirius: He promised to be more sincere with the people he cares about, but he struggles. In fact, if he was there when you died, he would hide your corpse and transform into you, making everyone think he died/vanished. He knows the others would have chosen your life over his anyways, so he tells himself is that this was the right choice.
Spica: The ticking time bomb. He has no time to mourn yet, bevause he needs to take care of everyone else's safety first. His emotions are so deeply hidden, that people congratulate him for being so noble during the circumstances, even while he organizes the funeral. Even while he gives a speech, you will not hear him stutter or his voice shake. But as soon as he his back, that face of a leader drops. All those emotions he held back come back tenfold, flooding his sanity away for the next hours.
Vega: He lost you once, and although unrealistic, he hoped that you would live infinitely. But your premature end hit him hard. Gets irritated easily, but keeps his face stern. He learnt that showing feelings equals weakness, so he tries to avoid breaking down. Waves of sadness wash over him regularly, and he will avoid other people in that time. Regularly visits your grave with your favoeite drink, and will tell you all about the newest events. Always ends his visits with "Come home soon."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who would you choose?~
tap for a better quality
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calsburrito · 2 days
saw this tiktok and couldn’t help but think of scm
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6mmad · 3 months
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inspired by special treatment chat
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kqnai · 15 days
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thanks for the love on my last mammon doodle… here’s another little scenario i thought of today of mammon coming to ur room in the middle of the night bcos he had a bad dream
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laziikat · 2 months
I was playing an otome game when out of nowhere
Tumblr media
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ana-thedaydreamer · 8 hours
A little warm tone for winter
Tumblr media
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thearcanagame · 1 day
Tumblr media
We all know that fun with Julian means trouble, right? Get ready for another brand-new Tale! Available exclusively on the Dorian platform Thursday, December 1 at 8:00 am PST!
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novatheia · 2 months
POV: They broke into your room while you were changing.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Absolutely not me, with my terrible English and being unable to maintain constant art style through six images (눈‸눈)
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moiraimyths · 4 months
OUT NOW: The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe) DEMO
The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe) is a lore-rich and choice-driven romantic visual novel inspired by Irish mythology. Play as an Irish tenant farmer from the mid-19th century, whose path becomes inexplicably entwined with fairy affairs after getting robbed by the roadside and lured into the mythic and war-torn world of Tír na nÓg: A once unified land, now divided into the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Will you escape with your stolen belongings? Or does fate have something else in mind?
Approx. 3 hours of FREE game play 🎊
Six Romance Options (two men, two women, & two nb folk) 🌈
A gender-flexible MC ⚧️
Dynamic choices 🔀
Secrets 🤫
Tumblr media
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Also: We're holding a flirty sprite challenge in relation to the number of followers we receive on our pre-launch page! If we get to 800 before our Kickstarter launches in JANUARY, 2023, then all of he ROs will receive flirty sprite expressions!
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sapphireicecream · 3 months
Tumblr media
So I tried seeing if I could draw the RFA in the style of The Ssum CGs and here’s how it went lol
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